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“I think I have an idea of what you need…” Dane sincerely hoped not. “I’ll leave first,” Keeley said, picking up her raincoat. “We don’t want to e seen together.” “!ood idea.” Dane felt foolish a out the cloak"and"dagger stuff, ut that didn’t keep hi# fro# ad#iring her ass as she strolled away. $he paused and looked over her shoulder to catch hi# staring. %e gave a fee le little wave and her lips curved in a s#all s#ile. &hen she pushed out the caf'’s door and disappeared. Dane e(haled loudly. %ad Keeley tried to arouse hi# on purpose) If so, she’d done a good *o . %e did have ig appetites, and not *ust for fine food, ut for fine wo#en. +nd now he had the sneaking suspicion that he could eat a whole can of cherry filling off another wo#an’s ody and it wouldn’t have the sa#e i#pact on hi# as the earlier sight of Keeley’s pink tongue licking her finger clean thanks to that cherry tartlet….

Dear ,eader, Keeley Davis, the heroine of$e( y the -u# ers, popped onto #y co#puter screen as I was writing #y previous ook,.are -ecessities. /ne of the e(otic dancers says she needs a costu#e receipt for her accountant, a for#er e(otic dancer herself. + stripper"turned"accountant intrigued #e. I had no na#e, no physical description, only that she was a s#all"town girl deter#ined to lift herself out of a difficult ackground. .ut I had *ust the

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ABC Amber LIT Converter #an for her0a# itious, rawny Dane Weiss, a far#"raised, world"traveling usiness consultant. Keeley is all those girls we vaguely wonder a out after we leave high school0the girls of who# little is e(pected, e(cept to drop out of school and work unskilled *o s. What if one of those girls surprised everyone y getting her education and a great career) + surprise to everyone e(cept herself, ecause she always knew she was tough enough, s#art enough and rave enough to succeed. %ere’s to all the girls who #ake it and the people who help the#1 2arie Donovan 3.$. I’# delighted to hear fro# #y readers. 4isit to enter fun contests and learn #ore a out #y upco#ing ooks. $56 .7 &%5 -82.5,$ 2arie Donovan

&/,/-&/ 9 -5W 7/,K 9 :/-D/+2$&5,D+2 9 3+,I$ 9 $7D-57 9 %+2.8,! $&/;K%/:2 9 +&%5-$ 9 &/K7/ 9 2I:+- 9 2+D,ID 3,+!85 9 W+,$+W 9 .8D+35$& 9 +8;K:+-D +./8& &%5 +8&%/, 2arie Donovan, an award"winning author, is a ;hicago"area native who got her fill of tragedies and unhappy endings y #a*oring in opera<vocal perfor#ance and $panish literature. +s an antidote to all that gloo#, she read ro#ance novels voraciously throughout college and graduate school. Donovan has worked for a large su ur an pu lic li rary for the past nine years as oth a cataloguer and a ilingual $panish storyti#e presenter. $he graduated #agna cu# laude with two achelor’s degrees fro# a 2idwestern li eral arts university and speaks si( languages. $he en*oys reading, gardening and yoga. .ooks y 2arie Donovan %+,:5=8I- .:+>5 ?@A0%5, ./D7 /B W/,K

ABC Amber LIT Converter

ABC Amber LIT Converter

C@?0%5, .//K /B 3:5+$8,5 CDE0.+,5 -5;5$$I&I5$ &o #y #other, a self"#ade wo#an, whose ravery continues to this day, and to all the girls she’s helped.

;hapter E ;hapter ? ;hapter C ;hapter A ;hapter F ;hapter G ;hapter D ;hapter H ;hapter I ;hapter E@ ;hapter EE ;hapter E? 5pilogue E “+,5 7/8 $8,5#y reast i#plants aren’t ta("deducti le)” &he lond o# shell sitting across fro# Keeley Davis tapped her acrylic nails on the rich rown #aple desk. “&hat e(otic dancer in Indiana got hers deducted and they weren’t that #uch igger than #ine.” Keeley turned away fro# her laptop screen, where she was reviewing $ugar’s ta( return. &a( season was finally wrapping up, and none too soon for a poor, worn"out accountant. “$orry,

ABC Amber LIT Converter

html . like Keeley thought she would. +fter all.$ audits. +s a certified pu lic accountant. I didn’t lose any nerve sensation fro# the surgery and #y last oyfriend and I did en*oy the#. and who could la#e her) Keeley would do the e(act sa#e thing in the sa#e situation. %er shoes #atched her hair. “+nd you get no personal enefits fro# the#)” $ugar s#acked her ar# playfully. *ust taking the figures $ugar gave her and plugging the# into the ta( progra#. either. :ike so#e dancers.ut Keeley was on the straight and narrow. paced around the s#all office.” $ugar acked down. . ut didn’t e(actly en*oy the#. “%##ph. Keeley couldn’t take part in ta( evasion in the for# of under"reporting garter or !"string tips. “+nd if we #ake an issue over this. ut the red tile roofs #atched the whole rich. $he was a ig rown wren in co#parison to her flashier lond friend. ut accountants couldn’t e(actly sport cleavage &"shirts and #idthigh deni# #iniskirts. ut that’s a out it. Keeley had known her friend and client too long to fall for her “/h. Keeley rotated her own rown"pu#p"clad foot under her desk. $ugar would revise it upward without linking. trust"#e"with"your"finances the#e she wanted to e#phasiJe. all right.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. you know. “.” $ugar pursed her pink glossy lips. not one to sit still for any period of ti#e. her eyes.$ #ight want to look in to how #uch of your cash tips you’ve een reporting as inco#e.ead these over efore I file electronically. although so#eti#es she raised an eye row at an o viously low figure. accountants working in . %er long legs took her rapidly fro# one terra"cotta fau("painted wall to the other. #anicures or hair e(tensions. $ugar.” Keeley wasn’t a novice to I.” “+nd we can’t appeal) I only got the i#plants for professional reasons. &uscan. &he ta( court is cracking down on what they regard as frivolous deductions and I dou t we could get it past the#.enaissance Blorence had invented dou le"entry ookkeeping. Italy. -o personal care like tanning.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” Keeley pushed her glasses ack up her nose to focus on the co#puter again. the I. $ugar stopped to eye a pair of watercolor prints of Blorence. her *acket and her skirt. ut she had a good idea that $ugar salted away her own personal cash stash. Keeley had never een there. We can write off your costu#es and the tinted late( nipple er carpet #uffling her sneaker" clad steps.html $ugar0it’d e a long shot.processtext. you naughty girl. $he peered over the tops of her glasses.” “&hought so. $ugar had foot pro le#s and only wore high heels onstage and on dates.processtext. Keeley printed the return and eyed it one last ti#e efore passing the pages to $ugar. Keeley added in a couple of last"#inute e(penses $ugar had rought over today. the eige .

$ugar $ince you’ve #ade your Kuarterly pay#ents. she’d have to save her #oney to #ake it last as long as possi le until ne(t winter. need accounting services fro# her fledgling usiness) “+live and kicking.” $ugar signed the otto# page for her own records. “&hat’s right. I’ll have to schedule #yself at Brisky’s a couple #ore nights to #ake up for it. pal#s upward. he sure wasn’t thinking with the right head.oy.” “&hat’s a relief. I sure never spent any ti#e naked with hi#.” Keeley #ade a face.y the way. Bor such a financial genius.ingha# was older than dirt and twice as ugly.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. I guess not.inky .hicago !entle#en’s .” Keeley shrugged. +fter all. “I suppose that’s as good as it gets without writing off the reast i#plants.html . 4iagra. %e was lucky they hadn’t had hi# declared legally inco#petent and locked hi# up so#ewhere.$.” .” +nd now that Keeley’s highest" earning season was al#ost over.inky . you don’t owe any #ore than usual.processtext. Keeley was glad to hear $ugar hadn’t slept with the old goat. “/ff it goes to 8ncle $a#. . ut Keeley knew she was tallying every nu# er to the penny. “Don’t look at #e like that.’ you weren’t kidding. $he looked as if she was ski##ing. I reco##ended your accounting services to an old friend of #ine. who)” &hat #ight help tide her over while she uilt her client ase. pigs get fat.” Keeley’d heard that saying #ore than once growing up in downstate Illinois. “.html $ugar sat and speed"read through the papers.” “Whoopee.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “If you really want #e to try…” “-o. in and out of the clu .” “/h. “. -ot that there had een enough to even get slightly plu#p on. charge the# dou le.” “.ingha#. -ot even all of his #oney would e enough. illionaire. $he finally raised her lond head and s#iled. “7ou’re telling #e.ingha#. $ugar grinned.inky fancied hi#self Kuite the ladies’ #an and had the #oney to #ake it so. especially when he wanted to scare his children and grandchildren into thinking he was going to leave his #oney to her. $ugar was . I thought he croaked last fall after hot"tu ing with that dancer fro# . Keel.” +nd why on earth would . %e’s still one of her regulars. ut hogs get . +side fro# dancing for hi# at Brisky’s.processtext. hot tu or no.inky . a hot tu and a previous heart attack) Why didn’t he *ust step in front of a us) 3otentially less fatal and definitely less e# arrassing. when you said Lold. $ugar passed the papers to Keeley.inky’s occasional ar# candy.” “If any of your clients work for the

When I told hi# you’d co#pleted a certificate in forensic accounting.” “%e has a s#aller.inky would pro a ly e(pect her to ill a respecta le hourly consultant fee. #anaging hundreds of #illions of dollars since efore the EI?I stock #arket crash. +nd you know you can ill hi# a &hat’s why your na#e ca#e up. It had happened efore to . “$o you’ll do it) .” Keeley nodded.inky is incapa le of e# arrass#ent.” “It’s a out .” “$o far) $ugar. %e went into the office several ti#es to poke around and says the at#osphere is pure poison.inky’s co#pany.” Keeley gave an astonished whistle. %e thinks one of his e(ecutives is stealing #oney fro# the trust funds. &hese huge co#panies have hundreds of people overseeing the ooks.” Keeley turned over possi ilities in her #ind.html “7ou know . “It’s possi le. usually involving ankruptcy. It would take #onths for a whole tea# of auditors to e(a#ine everything.” “+ covert audit)” Despite her #isgivings. %e said his representative would e in touch to get you inside for a covert audit. no. %ot"tu hi*inks are one thing. “$o what does . + whiff of scandal and the co#pany would otto# out. .ut professionally.ingha# . specific group of accounts to audit first.rothers was the granddaddy of .com/abclit. of course. and pro a ly e(pert ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.inky grew up with those ooks. ever since she was a kid checking the couch for loose change. yes.inky call for an audit)” “+nd flush his co#pany’s reputation down the toilet) -ot to #ention his fa#ily’s reputation. “I can’t e party to anything illegal. corporate dissolution and prison ter#s.hicago’s financial co#panies. . Keeley’s investigative antennae perked up. ut #issing #oney is unforgiva le. “Why doesn’t .” $he leaned over the desk.processtext. ut she could legiti#ately ill #ore for doing the audit on the sly. “-ot illegal0not so far.hicago financial fir#s. “3ersonally. this doesn’t sound good at all. “7ou a solutely cannot tell anyone what I’# going to tell you. and he has a gut feeling they’re ad.processtext.” . his wrinkly little face *ust lit up.inky think I can do) I can’t e(actly walk in off the street and look at the ooks. $he wouldn’t gouge hi#.inky knows a solutely every ody and can get you on the fast track if he reco##ends you to his friends.” “.” $ugar raised a perfectly Brench"#anicured finger.html . you know that. ut there are so #any safeguards to theft.” “%###. 3ro#ise)” Keeley narrowed her eyes. $he loved digging for #oney.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” %er friend shook her head.

$o#ething a out eing a hypocrite for co#plaining how she had put herself through school sewing specially designed outfits for the dancers.ridget still occasionally #ade costu#es for her stripper friends here and would give hi# hell if she caught hi#.hicago’s #ost e(clusive uildings. 2en were so naive.inky had an entire floor in :akenheath &owers. %e wasn’t there for a lap dance0not that . %e’d do a out anything for .inky passed each of the# a fifty. With his overtipping. Did he say who that is)” “-o na#es were #entioned.inky’s prot'g's and totally trustworthy.esides. !rant’s earded scowl and flocked to .html . . &i#e to #ove this #eeting along. .inky preferred a different kind of penthouse0the kind with naked wo#en in it.inky like seagulls on a leftover sandwich. /ne flipped over and slid down a pole using *ust her thighs. /f course the old repro ate knew the# all y na#e. Dane tried to stop hi#.” Keeley snorted and $ugar giggled. “%ere. rather. ut pro a ly so#e trick of the trade involving a y powder. “IW/8:D %+45 . not ecause . especially when large su#s of #oney were concerned. +lthough she’d worked her way through school and had no student de t. ut ecause the other girls spotted 8lysses $. overlooking :ake 2ichigan and the rest of the city. ut sitting in a titty ar wasn’t the est use of his ti#e.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.inky.inky’s driver<personal assistant. . accepting their coos and cheek pinches. . .ut . &he other custo#ers gru# led as all the entertain#ent clu#ped around the oldest and richest patron in the clu . sweetheart.inky would #ind if he did partake. she did have o ligations.55-happy to co#e to your office. ut he did his est to ignore the uffet of fe#ale flesh literally spread in front of hi#. I can’t stay awake for the evening show. Dane checked his watch. “I’ll listen to what his representative says.processtext. “+nd #iss the lunchti#e show at Brisky’s) +t #y age. “/r your condo. having worked his way through grad school as .” %e cackled and gestured e(pansively to the nu ile chicks cavorting a ove the# on the . +lthough the lunchti#e dancers weren’t Kuite the +"string tea# in their !"strings. he was the life of the party. one of .processtext.” Dane Weiss leaned over the s#all ta le to shout into his elderly friend’s ear over the pulsing rock and Dane winced. Dane’s fashion designer sister . It wasn’t as if he were a stranger to these places.html witness fees as well if it eca#e a #atter for the courts. %e’d never figured how they did that without friction urns. this is for you.-o ody was totally trustworthy.” 3enthouse. *ust that he was one of .inky had to watch his pennies.inky didn’t care.” %e slipped a fifty into the nearest girl’s garter.

inky sighed. ut sadly that was not to e. thanks for visiting. ut Dane had never figured hi# for a thief.harlie steal fro# his own co#pany) Doesn’t he #ake over ten #illion a year)” “It #ay not e the #oney.” Despite his low #ood.inky was still the chair#an of the oard despite his se#iretire#ent. . “/n the phone. Why would .harlie’s always la#ed #e for his father’s death. &he dancers slinked off. ut we have usiness to discuss. “It #ight even e .hicago. Dane. $ugar Mones and I have een he’s the chief financial officer. “&he trust funds)” .com/abclit.” . his white hair #ussed and cheeks #arked with five different sets of lip prints.html . #isery apparent on his Kuivering lip. his shoulders drooping. Dane figured his lond ulk helped put the point across.” Dane nodded in agree#ent. &his was one of the only places I go where I a# reasona ly certain that none of #y staff attend.ingha# .” %is #eaning was clear. #y oy.rothers was. . . you said this was urgent.harlie.” &hat *olted Dane out of his co#placency.” “.harlie) 7our .inky staring wistfully after the#.inky sighed.” “.” Dane lew out a long reath.inky)” %is friend leaned in. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “+s if I ever had any control over =uint. &here is no usiness so urgent that one #ust disappoint the ladies. if it co#es to that. ut kept his co##ents to hi#self. Da#n. “I think one of #y e(ecutives is stealing fro# the funds entrusted to us y so#e of our oldest and #ost vulnera le clients. “/kay.harlie)” . $he’s very savvy and gave #e the na#e of a forensic accountant who can audit the accounts. not *ust .inky this wasn’t only professional. “Who else knows a out this)” “I asked a friend for advice. “I did invite you here for a reason0 esides the entertain#ent.%ide ound andstuffy were other less charita le descriptions.” . . “. a traditional financial organiJation. Dane.ingha# . . foolish oy. dear friends for years. “What’s up.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.rothers #anaged #oney for the richest fa#ilies in the nation. Dane.harles +ndrew . Bor .ingha# 4I was .inky nodded.processtext. it had an i#pecca le reputation. girls. it was personal.html Dane raised his voice and gestured at the disgruntled #o across the you trust this friend of yours not to la )” “/f course. “Dane. . .processtext.ut despite its #oldy" oldie air.inky’s grandson and a total prick. .” Dane wanted to say that the ladies were only disappointed y not getting another fifty in their garters. I thought having a son of his own would settle hi#. to put it charita ly.

you’re #y new controller"in"training. Briends again. Dane held up his hands in a gesture of appease#ent. and Dane found hi#self offering the ill to the stripper. %e’s wanted to retire for so#e ti#e now ut hasn’t found a successor to his .ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” she #outhed and #oved off when no #ore tips were forthco#ing. $he pro a ly knew to the penny how #uch #oney .inky’s sources were accurate. of course not. “I’ll have to get her to #odel for #e.hicago and getting laid. “3urely usiness. $he ran her tongue around her lips and lew hi# a sultry air kiss. “.inky ea#ed. “/n #e. round tits.inky wanted.inky crowed. + pretty runette swiveled y. “:ater. his face crinkling into a #ap of wrinkles. “I think she likes you1” . correct)” +s usual.inky had stuffed into her garter over the years. . “. “7ou’re etween consulting *o s.processtext. seeing the sights of .inky was getting territorial on hi#. what do you want #e to do)” “Welco#e a oard.processtext. “7ou know her)” Whoops.” Dane’s *aw dropped.” Dane figured #odeling lingerie was #ore clothing than $ugar usually her legs going for #iles and her long hair playing peeka oo with her fir# rown nipples.inky insisted.” “:ovely1” . . dear oy. -ow he has.html .” Dane de#urred ut .” Dane nodded. !lenn would do whatever . %e slipped the #oney into her garter. like a #iniature white poodle protecting a favorite sKueak toy.ut you already have a controller. Do you think he’s involved in the #issing #oney)” “!lenn) -o. 3lus co#pounded interest.inky was still the oss. -ot necessarily in that order.ut he planned on sleeping in for once in his life. $he caught Dane’s eye and tossed her hair ack to reveal a killer pair of high. who wiggled her hips to sit on her high heels. +fter all. $he #odels for #y sister’s lingerie co#pany.inky. “$ugar Mones)” Dane fought ack a groan. $ugar’s #ind was one giant usiness plan.inky nudged hi# and passed hi# a fifty. his finger ski##ing across her fir# thigh. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.html . “I do have so#e downti#e.” . now .inky #anaged to leer convincingly.

” .” K55:57 +-$W5.” $he leaned heavily on the wordsweet to see if he was Kuick enough to understand. “7ou #ight not thank #e if it turns out to e . “%ello)” “Keeley Davis. “-o one steals fro# .processtext.” +h. -o. or rather liked . !eeJ. she hoped he was” Dane sighed and flipped open his . /f course she liked hi#.ingha#.html Dane rolled his eyes.lack. “+nd you can’t afford it)” “&here are certain things a #an doesn’t need to pay for.” “$peaking. “$weet as $ugar. $he was a out ready to give it up for this guy and she’d only een talking to hi# for thirty seconds.3+ self.harlie. the naked girls were finally starting to get to hi#.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.inky’s #oney. awkward pause while she’d een panting over hi#.inky’s shoulders slu#ped with relief and his rown eyes #isted over. the fun"loving rou' replaced y the hard"nosed usiness#an. %e’d pro a ly #et $ugar efore. and so#e #utual friends suggested we get in contact. $he realiJed their conversation had tapered off into a long.” .html . if you can afford it. he was #aking it sound like a lind date setup. . yes. so#e ody needed to keep talking. 2ay e it would e a Kuick task to find the thief and then Dane could get to his personal usiness.ingha# .processtext.erry. especially if he was a personal friend of .” Keeley sat ack in her chair and fanned her face. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. &he deep #asculine voice on the other end of the phone was #aking her speech processes a it fuJJy. “2y na#e is Dane Weiss.inky’s lieutenant. %e gave the runette stripper’s ass one last wistful gaJe and turned to .inky. !ood thing $ugar hadn’t convinced her to play hooky after treating her to lunch at the istro around the corner. “%ow sweet of the#.inky.” $he s#iled at his dry tone. &ell #e everything you know and how to get in touch with $ugar’s friend. ald would e fine as long as he kept talking. Da##it. “/kay. .inky shook his head fir#ly.inky’s.” . Well. Bor the sake of her now"staid. . %e shifted uneasily on the chair and ad*usted his ringing phone. /r ald. and now was the ti#e to pay hi# ack. %e owed the older #an a great deal. +lthough if he looked as good as he sounded… ack to the cloak"and"dagger stuff.rothers and gets away with it. twice her age or gay. “&hank you. 5specially not a .ut *ust arely. please. %ow true.

” “$ure. girl. -o ti#e to go ho#e and change.” $he hung up and dru##ed her nails on the desktop. “/kay. Keeley. no rose in your lapel)” /ops. + spring sKuall had roken over the city after her intriguing phone conversation and had driven rain under her u# rella. “$ounds great. Dane.” Woof.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. that sounded oring. “What. /h. I’ll have it etween #y teeth.” “I’d rather we #et in a social setting. either. :et’s #eet at the coffee shop a few locks fro# #y /h. $he frowned at her outfit.” $he gave hi# directions to her favorite place. a rown suit and glasses.html .” . “7ou’re #ore than welco#e to co#e to #y office.html %e see#ed to realiJe the sensual ent of his words and hastened onward. her s#art #outh went off again. “I’d like to #eet with you to discuss this pro*ect. “-o. I understand. It wasn’t as if she needed stripper nails like $ugar’s anyway. Down. spattering her glasses and pulling da#p strands of hair loose to straggle ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. &his is Kuite sensitive #aterial and I don’t want to e seen visiting an accountant’s office.” 7awn. I want to #eet you as soon as possi le. well. $o did every other usiness#an in the city. $he was near the end of ta( season and didn’t have #uch clean laundry anyway.oy. three o’clock.processtext.” %is deadpan co#e ack startled her into laughter. “I have a white shirt and red tie on today.processtext. %ow a out three o’clock)” “&oday)” It was already past one. “%ow will I know you)” “I have rown hair in a un. ? K55:57 38$%5Dthrough the akery door and dangled her wet u# rella over the #at. noting her uffed natural fingertips. “Definitely. %ow will I know you)” -ow it really sounded like a lind date. Where would e good for you)” $he could think of several places where Dane Weiss #ight e good for her ut shoved those thoughts to the ack of her #ind.” “$ee you. -o ti#e for a #anicure. “+ll right. I’ll see you at three.

he turned to #eet her she ordered the tart and a skinny latte. siJing up her prey. %e stopped ne(t to her ta le and stared at her. open that trench coat. With a delicious sense of irony. he #oved easily through the #aJe of ta les with a loose"hipped stride. a few e(tra #inutes0or hours0on the elliptical trainer would take care of it. $he placed a napkin on her lap and carefully it into the tart. Keeley’d have ti#e to finish her tart and get down to usiness with . high"fi er. -one of that low"fat. the flaky crust reaking apart on her tongue. %e ordered a drink and took his change with a ring"free left hand. +s if he’d heard her #ental egging. cherry tarts. where she could watch the door without eing in its direct line of sight. +fter all. &he tri# lond hunk wearing a white shirt and red tie couldn’t e . + ig lond guy walked in. . apple crisps and0ooh.ingha#’s right"hand #an.html along her cheeks. ut after all. $he pro a ly looked like so#ething the cat dragged in. chocolate chip cookies. =ueen of the Mungle. 7u#. -ot a cheapskate. $ince she was sitting at her desk #ore and #ore.inky’s uddy. +s if he’d felt her astonished stare. she loved 5astern 5uropean akeries. lusty"viking"raider look going on. no"taste nonsense. Dane.o#e on. she had to e careful of her car intake.html . &he cherry filling was etter than the usual canned pie filling. sweet rolls.owrrr. lack trench coat dripping on the floor #at. -ot Kuite three o’clock. pro a ly several inches taller than her own five foot eleven and three Kuarters. with vanilla and al#ond e(tracts #i(ed in. + tall potted plant locked her a it. $he lushed and sta##ered. “Is this seat taken)” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. %is eyes were lue. accountants didn’t get paid for their hairdos.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. ut she guessed they were pro a ly lue. %e had the total -ordic"god.. and Keeley shifted in her seat. Delish. 2ay e one treat. -o way. $he’d i#agined so#e older guy in his forties or fifties who *ust happened to have a voice as se(y and sinful as dark chocolate. $he really needed to treat herself #ore often.processtext. &he ell over the glass door chi#ed. pro#ptly dropping the coins into the tip *ar. and di#ples popped up in his cheek. after all0cool lue like a spring sky. Bor a ig guy. Keeley froJe. donuts.-o way . Keeley couldn’t e(actly tell at this distance. hunter eco#ing the prey as he stalked toward her through the coffee shop. he undid his coat uttons. &he teenage girl ehind the counter greeted her with a slight 3olish accent.inky . *ust what was under it. $he wanted to see if he had a gut like other ig guys often did. &his guy was so#e coffee *unkie popping in for his afternoon fi(. and she peeped though the leaves like $heena.processtext. ut she’d #anage. %e flipped his wet hair off his forehead and wiped his eyes. $he put her change in the tip *ar and carried her coffee and sweet to a ta le on the side wall. &hen he s#iled at the girl ehind the counter.

“. “7ou don’t know what you’re #issing. Would you like so#e of #ine)” $he pushed her plate toward hi#.herry tart)” “What do you #ean)” $ugar hadn’t told .processtext.herries e(ploding into pure sweetness on his tongue) $he really. %er fingers. Do you have a rose)” %e grinned. “/h. too. 2y !od.” Must long enough to get herself all hot and othered. pies. 7es. really wanted to see that tongue in action.” $he’d #ostly grown up on snack pies her #other had rought ho#e fro# the convenience store. It was nice to get out of the office for a reak. “Dane Weiss)” $he stood and had the unusual sensation of looking well up into a #an’s face. %e sat on the s#all wooden chair. had she) $he pro#ised she wouldn’t. I couldn’t eat your sweets on you. tingled as he war#ed the#.” “/h. “7ou sound like you #iss it. + welco#e change fro# having short guys staring into her cleavage. too. al#ost always chilly. no. ut it’s i#possi le to drink coffee with a ste# etween #y teeth. “-ot at all.” +nd so.” “3leased to #eet you. and we have several cherry trees in the a out her.” /h. “Keeley Davis.” -o reason to get defensive. %e gestured at her pastry. “$orry to disappoint.” Keeley tried not to gape at hi#.” $he nodded at the seat across fro# her. I usually push #yself pretty hard.e #y guest. “I see you like cherry tarts. “2ind if I sit)” “. “I hope you haven’t een waiting long. It looked like a child’s chair under hi#. a it tangy at first.html +s one final test. tarts. “I don’t know. and she #issed his war#th. apparently. testing his siJe on it first efore settling all the way. the #an should e narrating erotica audio ooks.” %e released her hand. “&hey’re #y favorites.” “I don’t think I’ve ever had fresh cherry pie. “. she raised an eye row.eally. was she. you na#e it. I grew up on a dairy far# in Wisconsin.” . &he fruit e(plodes on your tongue.” %e set his coffee on the ta le and enfolded her hand in his own large one. ut then #ellowing into pure sweetness. /ld ha its ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.html .ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” “2ine. It’s a ig tart. 2y #o# #akes the est cherry *a#.ingo.” “2e. go ahead.processtext. he could. .

ut other people o viously have access as well.” “I was wondering how you were going to get #e in. “&ake as #uch as you want. of all ti#es. ut roke off half the tart and took a ite with white teeth that had o viously received a ove and eyond the reco##ended daily allowance of dairy products. the only hint of interest a slight flaring of his nostrils. no girlfriends who work there. “I see. I will as soon as I start as acting controller. D+-5 D.” %e Kuietly filled her in on . “Must a s#all taste. Briendliness.processtext. . “2###. %e sipped his coffee. +nd during ta( season.” she egan. I’ve never worked there efore and have had a solutely no access to any of their funds.ut if he were the thief. “+ny girlfriends who work there and have access to those accounts)” %e grinned. that’s right.html . /r can you download the accounts for #e to look at off"site)” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” “Isn’t it)” $he swirled her finger through the cherry filling and slowly sucked it clean. $he was no fool. !ood grief.ut she did ad#ire self"control. %e s#iled at her the way he’d s#iled at the teenage counter girl.” $he flipped open her leather" ound notepad. .html died hard.” “7es. ut if you take the *o you’ll e a le to look over #y shoulder and keep #e on the straight and narrow. off" white louse and flashed hi# her rack.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” $he didn’t want friendliness. “&he su *ect of your investigation is the chief financial officer who has access to pretty #uch every account in the coffee. $he wanted hi# to feel the sa#e achy awareness that he was stirring in her. not as good as 2o#’s. all usiness now. “$o a out the pro*ect. he would never hire a sharp cookie like her. $uch a rare Kuality in a #an. ut still delicious.” “7eah.” %e gave a Kuick link at that state#ent.processtext. “&ell #e what’s going on.ig #en like you have ig appetites.” “+nd you) Do you have access to those accounts)” $he gave hi# a hard stare. .inky’s suspicions of his grandson and she nodded as she took notes. the only way she could e any #ore o vious was if she un uttoned her oring. “ ut nothing #ore. hoping his rain"da#pened hair would #ask the fact that he’d started sweating at the sight of Keeley sucking cherry filling off her finger.

” %e acked off. if not her thighs.rothers. Keeley’s regretful e(pression was o vious. “What I was going to ask. $ure. delaying .html .ingha# several ti#es at financial networking events. “Did you get a good look)” -ot hardly.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. -ot good. I’# not going to send daily #e#os or write the co#pany’s annual report. I dou t he’d recogniJe #e i##ediately. ut he wasn’t going to say Instead of the de#ure lush he e(pected at his less"than"su tle e(a#ination.processtext. I’ve #et . knowing se#antics were futile. It #ight tip the thief off if I co#e on oard as controller"in"training and start taking specific account infor#ation ho#e right away. “&he audit is your first priority.harlie . “. ut her hu#or helped lighten things. $incerely. “I’d really like to help you.ig difference.” “Da#n.” Dane frowned. I love it when #en start a sentence withthat disclai#er.harlie .processtext. . please disregard any #inor discrepancies in your holdings. . you’ll have to do the audit on"site.” $he looked as if she’d swallowed a cherry pit. he’d have to find another reputa le accountant.inky’s peace of #ind even further. “%a. the #anage#ent.ingha#)” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” Dane took a deep reath. . “7ou want #e to e your secretary)” “2y e(ecutive assistant. her tucked"in white louse revealed a slender waist and her long skirt showed so#e fir# calves.” he corrected. it was an awful situation.ingha# .” $he cru#pled her napkin and tossed it on the ta le.html “-o. LDear estee#ed clients of . %e hadn’t considered that. have you usually worn outfits like that when you #et . “Don’t take this the wrong way0” “/h. ut he would if I spent all day in his office for several weeks. If she turned hi# down.” “$o I’ll co#e in after hours and audit)” “-ot e(actly. okay.inky suggested you work at the co#pany as #y e(ecutive assistant.offeehouse chairs were either #ade for skinny city guys who su sisted on caffeine alone or wo#en like the one sitting across fro# hi#. $he cleared her throat and his gaJe flew to her face. We are working diligently to discover which of our trusted e(ecutives has his or her hand in the till. :eaning ack in his chair to give the situation so#e thought. %##.” “/kay.” “&hatwould e fun. ut I don’t think it would work. he i##ediately straightened when one of the legs creaked o#inously.elieve #e. 8nder that ulky rown *acket. she #erely looked sardonic.’” %e laughed.

he’s seen #y work clothes. %ad he #issed so#ething) %is 3. rela(ing the tiniest it. %e’d handled this situation with all the finesse of the far#"fresh hayseed he used to e0or even worse.” “2ore…revealing)” %er voice dipped into the husky range.” “7ou did) +nd what did you find)” “I verified your credentials. wondering where the se("kitten persona had co#e fro#. like wearing contacts instead of glasses.” “I did check you out.” $he peered over her glasses at hi# as if he were an idiot. Must as Kuick as he wondered. “Dane. it’s yours.” $he nodded. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. &hen he looked at her cal# e(pression and decided to drop it.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. his dad’s ull .html . he didn’t really care. “+ #akeover) Who do you think you are) 3yg#alion) 3rofessor %enry %iggins) &he guys fro#=ueer 5ye for the $traight !uy) ” “%ey1 I #eant disguise. ut Dane still found it arousing.processtext. $he leaned forward. ut he forged wearing less rown…” %is voice trailed off into a silent sigh. her attention totally on hi#. #ay e letting your hair down. 2ay e she’d gotten into trou le as a teenager. he took #e to pro#. she switched ack to frowning . /f course.” “7ou know.3+. ut if you do want it. do you want #e to play dress"up for you)” “2ore like a #akeover. records he didn’t have access to.” %er eye rows pulled together.” “8h"huh.processtext. $he crossed her legs under the glass"topped ta le and hiked her skirt to her knee.” he #anaged to say.I.html “-o. the asics. not #akeover. “7ou don’t know #e. disguise or no. I’# sorry.aesar. had done a routine check on her. “:ook. lack of cri#inal record. $he’d uncovered #ay e three inches of skin in total. I understand if you don’t want to take this *o after this awkward eginning. lighter outfits. “What if you had different clothes)” “What)” “-ot accountant clothes0younger. and you’re trusting #e with such a ig pro*” “+h. $he rushed her fingers over her louse’s top utton and unfastened it. 8nless she’d done *uvie ti#e for e# eJJle#ent. $ugar says they’re so co#forta le.” $he grinned. $ure.inky .” “+nd he’ll pay for any clothing you #ay need to do the *o . &hat wo#an is a walking financial calculator.” It took hi# a second. especially tightly rolled fifties. she was turning hi# on.inky’s ha its as well. “-ot fro# her work.” . “7our cup is leaking.’” “7eah. When can you start working at . . he wouldn’t e(pect anything less. and . she dropped the napkin on the ta le in front of hi# and soaked up a puddle of coffee. “/ With an e(asperated sigh. %e can write #e checks at the eginning.rothers)” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” $he raised an eye row.ridget’s lingerie line. “I don’t accept cash.processtext.” Instead of reassuring her.ras y . “$o. ut sales were taking off. &a( season is al#ost over.ingha# is going to pay #e ig"ti#e.” + naked Keeley) I#ages of Keeley undressed like the runette stripper fro# Brisky’s tu# led around his head. with additional illing if I get involved in legal proceedings. %e never #i(ed usiness with pleasure. “7ou #ean you’ll do it) &hat’s great1” $he raised a sli# hand.html . L. #iddle and end of the audit. she frowned again. Bor #y #akeover.html “+nd $ugar’s reco##endation carries a lot of weight. she was pro a ly wondering if he was one of $ugar’s lap"dance clients. “Don’t get all e(cited yet. %e gra ed #ore napkins and #opped the #ess. you practically feel naked.processtext. yes.inky’s usiness was i#portant. at least not directly.” $illy fake"Brench #arketing ploy.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. $he #odels for #y sister .” “/h. “I’ll have to look for so#e of her designs when I’# shopping. &hat’s it. “%ere.ingha# . Dane didn’t need to ask hi#self what was wrong0he already knew. “%ow do you know $ugar)” +h.inky was used to paying wo#en lots of #oney. “Dane)” %er Kuestioning voice roke into his confusion.” %e didn’t realiJe he’d cru#pled his paper cup while i#agining her naked. “+ clothing allowance) 2ay e Iwill get one of your sister’s pricey ras. :ucky he’d al#ost finished his coffee. %er ne(t words proved she knew . take a napkin efore your pants get stained.rigitte. ut he wasn’t even close to staining anything.” “What)” %e looked in horror at the paper napkin she offered hi#.” “%ey.

.” . I’ll practice #y shorthand over the weekend in case you want to give #e your dictation. I need a couple days off to shop and catch up on #y sleep.all #e with any Kuestions. %e rose and they shook hands again. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. %e nodded rusKuely. “2y cell nu# er’s on the front. Weiss. and that wouldn’t have the sa#e i#pact on hi# as the sight of Keeley’s pink tongue licking her finger clean. “7es. &hen she pushed out the door and disappeared a#ong the usy pedestrian traffic. ut for fine wo#en. da##it. sharp at . +fter that."I-"&. C “. We don’t want to e seen together. $he paused efore opening the door and looked over her shoulder to catch hi# staring.” “!ood idea.” $he raised an eye row.html “+pril fifteen is ne(t Wednesday.” %e felt foolish a out the cloak"and"dagger stuff ut that didn’t keep hi# fro# ad#iring her ass as she strolled “I’ll leave first.” %e sincerely hoped not. %e did have ig appetites./-&. %ad Keeley een trying to arouse hi# on purpose) If so.ut now he had the sneaking suspicion that he could eat a whole can of cherry filling off another wo#an’s naked ody. and I want to spend all day in ed if I feel like it. .html .rothers.rothers)” Dane’s est friend and future rother" in"law +da# %ale drank his dark !uinness eer and raised a lack eye row. da##it. %e gave a fee le little wave and her lips curved in a s#all s#ile.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. did she have to use that word) “-ot necessary.processtext. I’ve een getting y on four or five hours a night. and I’ll e(pect you at HN@@ a. sir. and the watery sunlight lit the strands of cara#el"colored hair that escaped fro# her un.” 2an./::5. it is. did he feel like spending all day in ed with her. “Will the following 2onday work for you)” “2onday. either. $he stood. shi##ied her skirt to #idcalf and picked up her raincoat. %er plain rown pu#ps had enough of a heel to add *ust the right a#ount of wiggle. Dane e(haled loudly.oy. Wear your new clothes.” “!ood. I’ll courier over a check for your advance and clothing allowance.ingha# . Da##it.processtext. she’d done a good *o . and not *ust for fine food.” “I think I have an idea of what you need.ingha# .+I-I-!for .#. &alking a out his ig appetites hadn’t helped any.” %e passed her his usiness card.

“7eah. “I have to ad#it.inky asked #e to co#e a oard. especially in pu lic. the keyword istried. 3athetic. :oyal. +da# shook his head.ingha# offered #e the *o a few days ago and I accepted.inky . good for swinging off the ars ut not #uch else.” %is tone indicated it was a closed su *ect. Despite +da#’s polished city" oy appearance. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “!eeJ. “/kay.html . “.” %e turned to Dane. not the thing to do to your fa#ily.inky. he ca#e fro# a si#ilar lue"collar ackground.inky took you under his wing when you were a roke 2. I #oved #y stuff into one of their corporate apart#ents until I find a per#anent place. I thought .” +da# co##ented.” +da# rolled his eyes. a Wisconsin eer rewed not too far fro# his parents’ far#.hicago co#pany and knew the local heavy hitters. I know . 7ou’re a loyal #an.inky’s date. Ba#ily or no. ” Dane drank so#e eer and they oth laughed. %e’s not getting any younger. $i(ty"hour weeks in so#e land office. -ot the #ost e(citing description. although he’d never thought of it that would you look at that) &he .harlie #ade a drunken crack a out .com/abclit. dependa le Dane. “/kay. okay. a honey"flavored pale ale. #uch less the#. . 2en in his position often don’t have any allies without their own agendas. + real drea# *o co#pared to your last few #onths freelancing for that up"and"co#ing +sian fir#.processtext.rewers are losing to the . %e gestured to the artender to ring hi# another ottle of WOlf rPu. “Well. you know. Dane.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. who was part of the sa#e industry and not uninterested in such an e#inent co#pany.harlie .harlie .” “I owe hi# a lot.” +da# reached for so#e pretJels and gaJed at the ase all ga#e on the &4. . ut his favorite variety was Wolfie’s %oney Weiss.” :oyal) Dane supposed he was. and now it’s ti#e to pay hi# ack. Dane.ingha# tried to punch you once. . %e was drinking the original rew ecause that was what the ar carried.harlie. %e #issed y a #ile.” “!ee.” “%e’s not. what’s up)” Dane #unched on so#e peanuts and considered what to say to +da#.harlie. .” +da# was a financial analyst for another ig .+ student.” “3ro a ly younger than . “$till. I can’t see you working per#anently for any co#pany.inky’s lucky to have so#eone like you at his side. &hey were in a ar where the guys fro# the neigh orhood stopped for a few rews efore heading ho#e. so I said so#ething to hi# and he took a swing at #y *aw.processtext.u s again.” “%e was upsetting . I can see why you’d *u#p at the chance to work there. so I pinned his ar# ehind his ack and poured hi# into his li#o to go sleep it off.o#e on. “.html “7ep. “I was attending the sa#e charity function as his grandfather and .inky’s confidentiality ca#e first.ingha# was a health clu #onkey.” /r until the audit was finished and Dane could #ove on. fossiliJed usiness practices and a chief financial officer who’ll sta you in the ack with his secretary’s letter opener if you drop your guard. ut his dates are1” +da# caught Dane’s warning glance and grinned. ut it eat eing a rude *erk like .

uddy. that is. “+fter all. /r #ay e in the copier roo# against so#e paper cartons. %e hoped she’d ought so#e outfits that showed off her ody a it #ore. I’ve always thought of you as a rother. he’d caught hi#self looking forward to seeing her to#orrow #orning.” &he ar’s air"conditioning was turned to frigid te#peratures thanks to a #id" +pril heat wave.” “+# I)” %e knew he was. Bortunately.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.hicago for a while. her ankles draped over the ar#s. 7ou and your rother.olin and #e) +re you sure you want #e) +fter all.” “If you say so. %e didn’t know why he was so attracted to her. If . “7ou’re all red.” “/h. .html .” Dane nodded and slapped hi# on the ack in return. +nd the way she swung her ass fro# side to side when she a solutelyhad to know he was watching her.ridget *ust #akes it official. his friend let it drop. 2ay e they could catch the end of the all ga#e. I did try to strangle you when I learned you were dating .ridget. *udging fro# the heat in his cheeks. “%ey. ig e#otional #o#ent over. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.harlie would have even #ore reason to drop his guard. “+da#. 3ro le# was.processtext. +da# cleared his throat. what’s a little strangulation etween rothers)” +da# *oked.” +da# swallowed hard and clapped hi# on the shoulder.” 2ore than *ust dating actually. 2ay e it was those flashes of se("kittenhood popping out fro# her uttoned"up accountant persona.processtext. “& 7ou can help us plan the wedding. +s long as Dane didn’t drop his. can I)” Dane gave hi# a sidelong glance. It had taken so#e getting used to that his a y sister was living with and would e #arrying +da#.ridget will e glad you’re going to stay in . “Kind of war# in here. ut his dark eyes were serious.html What kind of #an did Keeley like) /ver the past several days since their coffee #eeting. %e ru ed his hand across his face. we want you to e #y est #an. 2arrying . “7ou okay)” +da# nudged his el ow. /r sitting in a ig leather office chair. goody. ever since you and . ut those events were etter left un#entioned. Dane’s for#er ar uddy and cha#pion chick"scoring wing#an.” “. considering he usually went for wo#en who were o viously se(y and not afraid to show it. “.harlie thought she was only working there ecause Dane was interested in her.olin were roo##ates at college.” “-o pro le#. /kay. he could instantly i#agine Keeley taking his “dictation” naked and flat on her ack on the conference ta le.

” “W%+& $%/8:D W5 D. I got stuck working Briday night and last “7ep. Keeley lifted herli#oncello cocktail in response. “&ake it fro# #e. ut now is not the right ti#e in #y life to go looking for anyone.processtext.” +da# grinned like a goof all.” +da# intoned. “&o the end of ta( season1” “&o the start of a new ta( year with lots #ore #oney1” $ugar slugged ack her drink and Keeley followed suit. &/)”$ugar hoisted her utterscotch"vanilla #artini high in anticipation.ool. so people were #ore rela(ed and not trying so hard to hook up with each other. “&hanks for treating #e to dinner and drinks.” +da# grinned and socked hi# in the shoulder. “:ove co#es when you least e(pect it. “. anyway) “-ow that you’re staying put for #ore than one week.” he agreed. too. so I could use a reak efore #y 2onday #orning class. not falling in love. &he trendy ar they were drinking in #ade the coolest cocktails. “What are you.” &hat got his attention. +da#. the tart liKuor puckering her lips. 7u#.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. a greeting card poet)” Dane shook his head.” “&hat refers to eing punched in the *aw. &he weekend was asically over. What inning was the all ga#e in.html “7ou know.ack to the e#otional stuff. the eige !uinness foa# on his upper lip ruining the senti#ent. after all these years of knowing you guys and knowing your sister and having it all co#e together so we’re all together0it’s pretty cool. ut #ore casual than Briday or $aturday night.” Dane gave a Kuiet sigh. $ince it was $unday night. the crowd was a it lighter. It’s fun to get dressed for a girls’ night out.” “I #ean. Dane already had so#e feelers out for his ne(t consulting *o . ut you know the old saying0the igger they are. “!eeJ. I’# glad for you two.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “:augh if you want. Don’t go all sKuirrelly on #e. if incoherent.hicago would only e long enough to finish his investigation and #ove on. this engage#ent and #arriage thing is pretty cool. the harder they fall. #ay e you can #eet so#eone. 7ou won’t e a le to tell the difference. +da# had to e drunk to spout such sappy crap. %is friend s#irked. .” +da# would soon know that Dane’s ti#e in .ool.html . .processtext. +nd you are one ig guy.

“%e’s on your speed dial)” Keeley whispered. . 2r.” “&hank you. .inky’s na#e popped up on her phone screen.rothers. and things could get #essy. and .” $he listened and handed the phone to Keeley. . client confidentiality keeping her fro# spilling her guts.inky tells #e everything. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. #y dear. “Wednesday. “+nyone with eight or nine Jeroes in his ank account is on #y speed dial.inky1” she called into the phone. sweetie. she had a it of reathing roo#. I’ll e looking for you.ingha#. and you’re welco#e.” $ugar whispered.” “If you want to know that adly.processtext. not dinner and drinks. It’s the least I could do after you treated #e to lunch last week.ut that was lunch.inky. . &hat was the trou le with dancers seeing custo#ers outside of the clu . I take #y clients’ confidentiality very seriously0” “/f course you do.ingha#. go ahead. &hey got way too involved with each other’s personal lives. Keel.” “%ello)” “.html “&hanks for suggesting we co#e I’# here with #y good friend Keeley.inky .processtext. .inky’s first check. ut she’s superprofessional and won’t tell #e athing a out your situation until you give her the green light. In fact. 7ou know .” +fter getting . co#e on. I’ve told her she can have carte lanche of positions at .html .inky’s gig panned out and you’re doing his audit)” $ugar swiped so#e utterscotch sauce off the ri# of her #artini glass and licked her finger.ingha# . “/h. here. so who was she to co#plain) “. $he has one of the est usiness rains I’ve run in to. “%e wants to talk to you.inky was apparently fine and wanted to tell $ugar all a out it. “%ello. Keeley hesitated.” $ugar pressed a couple uttons. 7ou #ust have had a great ta( season. “I can call hi# to give you per#ission if that would #ake you feel etter.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.inky’s fraterniJation with strippers had landed Keeley a *o with hi#.” $he dug in her purse and held up her cell phone.ould you ask $ugar when she’s ne(t scheduled to perfor# at Brisky’s)” Keeley rolled her eyes ut did as he asked. “. Keeley slugged ack the rest of herli#oncello while $ugar #ade appropriate cooing noises. how are you)” . 3lease feel free to take $ugar into your confidence.inks. /r #ay e . on that unfortunate day when she steps down fro# her entertaining career. /n the other

ut that’s neither here nor there to hi#.” . “. and good luck. an e(pert at reading people’s #oods. In fact. %e’s a real straight shooter. “Don’t worry a out this gig with Dane.” “2y.rothers to#orrow.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” Keeley shuddered at the idea of who practically vaulted over three ta les to get to her. Kelly.inky a lap dance hi#self to keep hi# happy. “If he’s such a straight shooter.processtext.html “5(cellent. “Don’t worry.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “&hat was a pretty heavy sigh. “7ou know hi#0Dane Weiss. . I don’t know how this will all turn out.ridget’s rother1” $ugar whistled.html .hicago fresh fro# the fa#ily far# and fell in to designing stripper outfits for rent #oney. Dane Weiss had grown up on a dairy far#. !ood ye. I start working with hi# at . sweetie. $he et he never had to worry if his dad was going to co#e ho#e fro# the arn or if a cow would pull a pistol on hi#.” “Dane doesn’t like strippers and he’s a friend of . %e’s not a regular of #ine.ingha# .” $ugar. then)” “I’ve #et hi# a few ti#es at . #y. ut never outside that. +t least the le#onade stand had never een ro ed.processtext.” $ugar hailed the waiter. “I need another drink to get that picture out of #y #ind. $he loved the fresh le#on liKueur. fat &ony gyrating a ove . as long as his check cleared. a grown"up version of theel cheapo powdered le#onade she and her sister drank on hot su##er days when they were kids. “+nd how is the very virile viking these days)” Keeley wondered if $ugar had ever een close to Dane’s “virility. “$o who is . eyed her over her #artini ri#. &ony the #anager would offer . /f course.inky hung up. his gold chains glittering.inky does enough usiness at Brisky’s to list their address on his ta( return.inky’s #ysterious prot'g')” $ugar leaned closer over her glass. oh.” $he giggled and wiggled her perfectly groo#ed eye rows. %e took their reorder and galloped ack with their drinks. unlike the convenience store where their #o# worked. he thinks I’# a ad influence on his sweet little sis.inky in his shiny gray suit and open"neck lack shirt.” “7ou know hi# well. Keel.ridget’s functions.inky’s)” Keeley asked skeptically. considering how #uch #oney he spends there. . that’s how she got her ig reak.” “7eah. :acey used to set up ela orate le#onade stands for the neigh orhood kids while Keeley kept a protective eye on her. %e disapproves of the whole enough. $he ca#e to .” Keeley shook her head. Keeley took a sip of herli#oncello cocktail.

$ugar giggled. rewrite your priority list withthat at the top. I’ll give hi# another try.” “+nd pro a ly hung like one. I’ll e working with hi# for several weeks and it could e awkward ringing se( into the eKuation. “%a. $o when was the last ti#e you got any)” “+ny what) $leep)” $ugar was right.” she #u# led.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “If you don’t want hi#.” +lthough she had definitely considered the second possi ility.” “%ands off. torturous hours sitting in front of a co#puter ter#inal. please put yourself first for once. &hat’s een kind of low on #y priority list lately. $he had een going nonstop for #onths. dairy"far# up ringing.” Keeley did know that. Bear of discovery is a #a*or turn"on for #en. It’ll add to the spice. 7ou could do worse than Dane Weiss to have so#e fun with.” $ugar shuddered. “Well. $ugar. “I’# going in undercover as his secretary. ” “/h. %elping your sister.” “Well. $he’d seen a it of a wiggle under his Jipper during her dou le entendres at the akery. “&hank goodness. “Keeley.” “Must slipped out.html . 2ay e he likes londes. “+nd I thought #y 2. so strong and handso#e…$he drank #ost of herli#oncello to try to cool off. honey. 5ver since we’ve known each other. +nd she couldn’t even la#e the cocktails. darling.ould she put herself first for once) +nd would Dane even e receptive ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. I haven’t heard that tone of voice fro# you in a long ti#e.html $he leaned over the ta . 7ou know that. ha.” “-onsense. %e’s uilt like a ull. too.processtext. putting yourself through school and finally taking that dreadful .processtext. “7ou knowwhat.” “8gh.” Keeley snapped without thinking. well. %e’s single. since it was only her second. Dane was so handso#e and really strong fro# that clean.” Keeley answered without thinking. a sign of life after all. you’ve een all work and no play.+ classes were ad.” “8ndercover or under the covers with Dane)” $ugar whooped.3+ e(a#0how #any hours was it)” “Bifteen long. “&here you go1” $ugar patted her hand.” “I don’t know.

harlie won’t recogniJe #e fro# previous networking events. to the clothes she ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “%ow #uch)” “+ undle. 8krainian 4illage would lose the Kualities that #ade it a fun place to live0reasona le rents. $he opened the tiny closet and reached past the white"and"crea# high"neck louses. and the sensi le neutral pu#ps and su dued silk scarves. I do have enough old outfits to get #e through a few days at . it wasn’t as if she’d porked up.processtext.” “&hat’s what Dane said. Dane told #e to wear #ore revealing clothing. rown.inky’s paying #e a clothing allowance to disguise #yself so .com/abclit.K5Dthe door to her second"floor walk"up apart#ent and hung her waist" length rown leather *acket on a hook in the narrow foyer.” “. Keeley gra ed a ottle of water fro# the fridge and headed into the edroo# to decide what on earth to wear on her first day as an undercover i# o. “I still fit in the#.” !eeJ.ut I haven’t had ti#e to spend it since I got stuck filing a unch of ta( e(tensions this weekend. decent parking and a laid" ack. and esides.” “3uh"leeJe1 /nce you’ve got it. Ditch those oring rown dust rags you call clothes and lighten up.” %e had no idea what he was in for to#orrow. once everything was overdeveloped. lack and gray suits. you know.html to her) “I don’t know. yet hip at#osphere. Must ecause you’re an accountant doesn’t #ean you have to dress like a #anila file folder.html .” “I know that. /f course. In fact. $he walked into the s#all kitchen with its #etal EIF@s ca inets and tossed her keys on the gold"speckled Bor#ica counter. “Dane’s the oss. 2ay e I’ve lost #y touch. -o ody will suspect the newest i# o secretary of auditing the accounts. . . “2ay e I’ll knock his pants off instead.” Keeley drained her glass. you never lose it.” K55:57 8-:/.” “7our old outfits)” $ugar raised her eye row.ingha# . 2ay e he won’t e interested in #e. %er vintage EI@F greystone was one of the few uildings left untouched y the renovation ug sweeping through the 8krainian 4illage neigh orhood. %er landlady lived downstairs and had successfully resisted her sons’ atte#pts to #ove her into an assisted living ho#e and sell out to a reha allowance)” $ugar straightened.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “-ot e(actly office wear.processtext. I know you’ll knock his socks off.

ABC Amber LIT Converter never wore any#ore, ut hadn’t een a le to let go of. $he pulled out skintight sleeveless tops in fuchsia, red and li#e"green, skirts so short they were illegal in certain *urisdictions and the literal kicker, four"inch high stilettos and platfor# heels in lack, white and clear plastic :ucite. If i# os ever got together and wrote a dress code, she could co#ply perfectly. $he stripped off her khaki pants and crea#"colored louse and e(changed the# for a low"cut white top, lack #iniskirt and lack open"toed heels with rhinestone ankle straps. $he took a few e(peri#ental steps across her edroo#, her old sashay falling into place. &he heels were higher than she was used to, ut the rhinestones still sparkled nicely, if not as #uch as they had under the stage lights. $he stopped in front of the #irror. $o#ething was out of place. &he clothes were okay, her od still fairly decent, ut it was the hair. &oo runette. $he reached up to the top shelf0easy to do in her platfor#s0and picked a round white o(. .lowing the dust off, she set it on her ed and studied her e#phatic hot"pink printing on the top.3roperty of ;herry &arte111 $he shook her head at the *uvenile writing. +t least she hadn’t drawn hearts to dot the e(cla#ation points. $he re#oved the lid and lifted out her a solutely favorite red"haired wig, its lu(uriant waves cascading over her hands. .renda $tarr"red. ,ita %ayworth"red. +nn"2argret"red. +nd of course, stripper"red. 3ulling the wig on, she tucked her hair under it and stared at her reflection. “%ello again, ;herry,” she said to herself. “.et you thought you’d never co#e out of retire#ent.” Bor it had een the infa#ous ;herry &arte, Keeley’s alter ego, who had paid for her accounting degree y aring it all for the oys at the :ove $hack. It was ironic, to say the least, that she’d use ;herry’s persona for what could e the iggest accounting *o of her career. +nd it was all thanks to Dane Weiss and his need for a i# o forensic accountant. $he couldn’t wait to see his face when his new e(ecutive assistant started work to#orrow #orning all tarted up. /r rather, “;herry"&arted.” A ,8--I-! :+&5 W+$not the way Dane wanted to start his pseudocareer at .ingha# .rothers, ut he’d stayed awake late going over the ackground #aterials fro# .inky. 3ro a ly a whole lotta nothing, ut he always needed to know a out the #a*or players efore he walked into a new place. Dane paid the ca ie in front of the :a$alle $treet skyscraper that housed .ingha# .rothers and punched the elevator utton to take hi# to the offices on the upper floors.

ABC Amber LIT Converter

ABC Amber LIT Converter

It was a long elevator ride, and he yawned, partly to pop his ears and partly ecause he needed to. 5ven after he went to ed, he’d drea#ed of the runette stripper fro# Brisky’s. -ot particularly unusual for a guy who’d een celi ate for a few #onths, ut the part that had really woken hi# up sweating and hard was when she turned to face hi#. It had een Keeley Davis looking at hi# with a se(y, co#e"hither look. +nd he was the guy who had asked her to dress se(ier for the office) !ranted, it was to fool ;harlie .ingha#, ut Dane was the one who would e working with her fifty or si(ty hours a week. &he elevator doors opened and he stepped into the cool gray lo y of .ingha# .rothers and approached the #iddle"aged receptionist with her apricot hel#et of hair. -o teenage, nail"filing receptionists for the#. &his lady had pro a ly een the co#pany’s telephone operator since the age of plug"in switch oards. “2ay I help you, sir)” Dane introduced hi#self and Kuickly found hi#self in possession of a photo ID adge and directions to his new office. $he showed hi# how to swipe hi#self in through the security syste# and, presu#a ly, the ti#e clock as well. %e thanked her and passed into the offices, threading through several colu#ns of cu icles and pushing through the door #arked with his na#e. %e stopped in surprise. + #o of guys stood around the desk where, he sur#ised, Keeley sat. Mudging y the way their acks were to hi#, he guessed they weren’t waiting to greet hi# with a rounding chorus of “Bor %e’s a Molly !ood Bellow.” 8nless she was running the office etting pool, Dane would ga# le that they were all chatting her up. “!ood #orning.” %is loud tone cut through the noise. &he #en *u#ped away guiltily, parting like the ,ed $ea to reveal a redhead. +nd what a redhead she was…her long, glorious waves falling over her shoulders and her reasts, rushing the edges of so#e !rand ;anyon"deep cleavage flashing fro# a tight, white louse. Where was Keeley) “!ood #orning, 2r. Weiss,” the redhead purred. /h, dear !od, itwas Keeley. $he’d #ade her haJel eyes look wider and greener, her coy rushing of eyelashes dark on her cheek. $he even had a little ;indy ;rawford #ole near the corner of her #outh. ,eal or drawn on, he didn’t care. It was a point on a #ap, leading the way to her full, red lips. $he s#iled at the #en flanking her. “$orry, oys, playti#e’s over. :ooks like the oss is here.”

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ABC Amber LIT Converter %er husky tones rolled over the #ale crowd, pulling the# further into her spell. %e had to clear his throat and glare pointedly at the outer door. &hey straggled out, so#e giving hi# nasty looks, so#e gaJing longingly at her. %e was sure to e one popular guy at .ingha# .rothers. %e gra ed Keeley’s el ow and steered her into his inner office. %oly cow, where was the rest of her skirt) $he had to have at least twelve inches of visi le thigh. %er lack #icro"#icro #ini arely covered her ass when she was standing. If he started at her knee and stroked upward on those fir#, toned thighs, he could slip his hand under that skirt with roo# to spare. “!ood #orning, 2r. Weiss. I’# your new assistant, ;herry,” she singsonged. “%ow do you take your coffee)” Ice"cold and down his pants, that’s how. “What the hell is this getup)” “5(actly what you asked for0younger and lighter. -onaccountant clothes.” %e sat on the edge of his desk, fla ergasted. 7eah, he’d asked for it, all right. .ut what had he gotten) “7ou’re so far fro# accountancy, you’re not even the sa#e species. Where on earth did you get that outfit)” “+ little so#ething I had in the ack of #y closet.” “7eah, right. Where’d you go shopping, the stripper store)” “7ou #ean the store where your sister gets her design ideas)” %er tone was syrupy sweet. %e ru ed his *aw. $he had hi# there. “/kay. .ut attracting attention wasn’t what I had in #ind.” %e lowered his voice and leaned over to her. “%ow are you supposed to conduct a covert audit when no ody can take his eyes off you)” “&hat’s the plan.” $he gave hi# a sly s#ile. “It’s like a #agician’s sleight of hand. 7ou distract the audience with flashy stuff on top while the serious usiness goes on elow.” “Blashy stuff on top)” %is gaJe was drawn to the low"cut vee of her louse. %er cleavage had so#e kind of gold glitter lotion highlighting the full curves of her reasts. &he lotion was perfu#ed, too, as he greedily inhaled her war#, se(y scent. &he ase of her throat #oved as she swallowed hard. “Dane)” $he snapped her fingers in front of his line of sight and pointed to her face. “8p here.” %e grudgingly looked up and eased away fro# her. “$orry a out that. 7our plan worked too well on #e.” “7eah, well, you’re a #an, aren’t you)” %er deprecating tone ru ed hi# raw. “$o#e #en, like #e, for e(a#ple, can think of other

ABC Amber LIT Converter

-ot that there’s anything wrong with that. which was that he liked tall. !ay) $he thought he #ight e gay) &hen he saw the corners of her full red lips pull into a tiny s#irk. &he old trick of ru ing pencil over the pressed"in #arks still worked.html . until they were shown the advantages of eing on otto#. 2ay e thinking a out how Dane liked to have se( wasn’t the est way to spend her first #orning at the office. of course. +nd he was waiting for her. I’# not gay.” $he gave hi# a sy#pathetic look. “+nd you don’t get a crick in your neck ending over those petite londes)” %e shrugged. ut efore she could return to the office. leggy runettes.ossy guys often did.herry. “-ot everything is done standing. &hat ig o( would sKuash one like a lond ug.ut anyway. especially when short londes took all the tall guys. +nd he was tall. leggy redheads. “+nd you are)” . “$o what type do you go for)” she asked. %er nipples tightened under her thin white top and her lack thong was eco#ing suspiciously #oist. $he gra ed a felt"tip pen so as not to leave indentations in the paper elow.-ot everything is done standing. and she didn’t trust anyone here..ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.processtext. %##. $he et Dane liked eing on top. “-o. $he curled her lip delicately. -o offense to you.” Keeley didn’t Kuite sto#p off to her desk. +nd tall.” “-one taken.” Keeley yanked open her desk drawer and found a yellow legal pad.” &hat would get her good. Well. .’” %e could.#y ass. playing ga#es with hi#. $ee if you can’t find a pad of paper so we can #ake so#e notes.” %er s#irk disappeared as Kuickly as her clothing in his i#agination. ut her gait was definitely stiff. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. +h. $he closed the drawer. he could play. too. couldn’t he) “Bunny. +ccording to his sister.ingha# raised a lack row. “35&I&5 . ti#e to get to work. trou le arrived in a two" thousand"dollar suit. %e was speechless for several seconds. too. “3etite londes. $he hoped he stayed awake long enough after se( to let the girl roll clear. tall runettes always hated short londes.html things esides Lflashy stuff on top.harlie . .:/-D5$. %e eased into his chair so she couldn’t see how her tight ass in the tiny skirt was #aking hi# stiff. $ugar didn’t #ention you were gay. “8#…” %e couldn’t very well tell her the I *ust go for a different type of wo#an.

ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. . his presence an instant co#fort.harlie.” he said.html !ood #orning to you.herry…” $hoot. “&his young lady is #y e(ecutive assistant. “. Weiss) &rust you to find the flashiest assistant possi le. hissing Dane’s last na#e.herry $#ith.html .harles +ndrew the $i(th. “/r etter yet. angry. uh…” “$#ith.” Dane #oved ne(t to her. “2y na#e is .ingha# is your grandfather. . . too.harlie’s face.herry) %ow…interesting. 2uffy or &ri(ie. Was he e# arrassed) &hen she saw his clenching fists. Weiss.ude little shit. trashy . . ut what was interesting was Dane’s $he took a great deal of pleasure in looking down at hi# fro# her towering :ucite high heels.” Keeley’s eyes widened so fast her fake eyelashes popped loose at the edges.” Keeley s#othered a grin at the outraged e(pression on . +s if he hadn’t lost his virginity to so#e snooty road na#ed . . “+nd you actually workhere) +t . and fro# nastier speci#ens than hi#.inky’s grandson gave her an insolent once"over.” %e said that with the sa#e lip curl as so#eone would say “dog doo. “7ou think you can waltJ in here and ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. . the tips of his ears reddening. I’# the e(ecutive assistant to the new controller"in"training.processtext. + flush roiled up his neck and onto his face. If you have so#ething to say. I see you’ve #et #y e(ecutive assistant.rothers)” “7es. indeed.” “Dane Weiss. don’t call her anything at all. and you call #e 2r.harles +ndrew .ingha#. creep.herry. da##it1” “2r.” %e laid on the wordassistant with a snotty tone. 2ay e I’ll call you . “I a# .ingha# .” %is tone i#plied that . Dane was defending flashy.herry was the goofiest na#e ever. -ope.” . “Don’t call #e . Keeley fought the urge to roll her eyes since she’d heard it all efore. . %ow sweet.” Keeley supplied.processtext.” “. she’d forgotten to think of a last na#e for her alias. “I’# on to you.harlie. $he’d never needed one efore. you tell #e. . “Why a# I not surprised. %ow long had it een since anyone had acked her up) “!ood #orning.harlie1” &he dark"haired #an was turning a #atching shade of red. .com/abclit.herry.harlie.eally angry.uffy. 7ou #ay call her 2iss. instead of othering her with your ad attitude.huck was even worse than .ingha# the $i(th.huck.

” “6"rays)” “-one. I’# sure he #ust have deserved a utt"kicking at various points in his life. “!ood grief.” “$orry. and I’ll keep #y eyes on you until I find out e(actly what. I gave hi# a rushup on the rules of etiKuette. “%e’s still . the #an’s di#ples were lethal.html con #y senile coot of a grandfather.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” “&rue. laJy s#ile.inky’s grandson.” 3ro a ly . “+nd here I thought you had a special gift for #aking friends and influencing people. shall we) We’ll leave the offing discussion for another ti#e. 7ikes. Keeley laughed. /r didn’t they teach you that in usiness school)” %e #otioned her into his office and closed the door. “.” Dane spun ack to her.” Dane Kuirked a corner of his #outh. I thought for a second the two of you were going to have a real honest pissing contest here in the office. #y disguise worked.html .inky’s date was $ugar or one of her friends. $he randished her felt"tip pen. “Despite your reservations.processtext.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “We’ve had words efore.” “+nd our only suspect at this point. 7ou’re no i# o secretary. “:et’s get to” Keeley waited for hi# to respond to the part a out offing. the lood sinking fro# his face and returning it to his nor#al color.lean pairs of underwear once he got ho#e)” Dane urst out laughing. “7ep.” “-o1” $he pressed her hand to her oso# in #ock surprise.processtext.” %e e(tended his pal#s upward. “-one. 7ou’re up to so#ething. Dane. ut you can’t fool #e. he took a poke at #e and I shoved hi# into a li#o.” “.harlie’s going to think I’# anyone ut so#e i# o secretary you’re offing.huckles was rude to his grandpa and his grandpa’s lady friend. %ow #any stitches did he need)” “-one.” %e shot his fancy Brench cuffs and strode out of the office. ut he *ust gave her a slow. &here’s no way .eally.” “&oo ad. .com/abclit. “Way to fly under the radar.” she #ur#ured.

” $he had no idea whether or not he was. “+nd so#e people. $he hadn’t othered to note the wo#an’s na#e and had forgotten it as soon as the receiver clicked. want to get started withother i#portant pro*ects.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. policies and procedures. &oday he had on a navy" lue shirt that really rought out his eyes. /ver the past week.” $he threw ack her shoulders in her low"cut lack louse and shook her fake red #ane. %e closed the outer office door. 2r.html .processtext. so you don’t need to worry your i#portant self a out your schedule. “$o#e people #ight think you’re trying to keep #e all for yourself.ight. I got these fro# the ack of #y closet.rothers orientation for several days with no access at all to the accounts.” %e shook his head and s#iled. “I hope your clothing allowance is enough to hold you over.” “&hat’s whyI’# here. I didn’t know #y schedule was that full. ara in hu#an resources each told #e they wanted to have a lunch #eeting with #e when #y schedule cleared. “Well.ingha# .” %e Dane had enough lunch invitations to eat seven ti#es a day. #ay I help you)” Keeley stuck out her tongue at the sultry fe#ale voice on the other end reKuesting a lunch #eeting with Dane. $he and Dane had een in . “$he’ll call ack if it’s i#portant.processtext. his ar#s crossed over his chest. like #e. “$uJanne in accounting and .” Was she) Despite her ig talk to $” “:ike I told you. 2ay e her diso edient su conscious was utting in again. o viously not elieving her. When she hadn’t een pinching herself to keep awake. she’d throw one of her lethal shoes straight through the pro*ection screen. if you need #ore shopping ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. If she had to sit through another 3ower3oint presentation on co#pany culture. Keeley’d had reservations a out getting involved se(ually with Dane Weiss while she was working for hi#.html “D+-5W5I$$’$office. she’d surfed the co#pany’s intranet to fa#iliariJe herself with the antiKuated accounting syste#s. Weiss is tied up with #eetings the rest of the week. Weiss. It was yet one #ore fe#ale upper" #anage#ent type panting after hi#. “Who was that)” Dane leaned against the door*a# .” %e winked. 2r. $o#e people are tired of getting air"conditioning drafts lown up their office" inappropriate clothing. ut there was no way he was going for three"hour lunches while she was stuck in the office.” “. “I’# sorry.

” $o she didn’t distract hi#) $he wasn’t so sure a out that.” %e passed her chair on his way to his desk.” “I’# good. let #e know. “%ope you like li#e"green and fuchsia.” Working late with Dane) + little shiver ran through her.” $he pro a ly had another si( or eight outfits she hadn’t worn yet. “/rder in whatever you’d like and I’ll have the sa#e. “%ere at the office)” “7ep. /h. “5very #orning. now her su conscious had knocked her conscious unconscious and locked it in the supply closet. considering the way you look. $he couldn’t help sneaking an eye"level glance at his ass. I’ll have it delivered at si(. We’ll work in the corner conference I’ve een cleared to have account access.” “7ou did)” Whose reathy voice was that) /kay.” “7ou’re on.” “&ogether)” %e looked confused. the current controller.” “What if I have a hot date tonight)” $he didn’ “I guess I’ll have to cancel #y date.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. si( o’clock see#ed a long way off. ut I’ll survive. Disappointing. “%ardly. the cheeks fle(ing under his thin Italian charcoal wool trousers. +nd here’s another one. 7ou’re never going to e a le to get anything done during regular hours. “%ow)” %e stopped. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” “I’ll #ake it up to you.” %e continued into his office and was Kuickly engrossed in the contents of his laptop screen. feels I’# up to speed. We’re going to have so#e late evenings this week.” “!ood. ut wanted to keep hi# on his toes. $he snuck a glance at Dane. “I wouldn’t e surprised. $uddenly. We need to start with your ean"counting #agic. Keeley turned ack to her own co#puter and noted the ti#e at the little clock in the corner.” “&he sacrifices we #ake for our careers.html . “I knew you’d e a distraction the second I saw you sitting ehind this desk. I have to chase at least three or four guys out of here. giving her a good view of his Jipper.processtext. -ot even lunchti#e yet. for 6"ray vision.” %e leaned down. starting tonight. -ow that !lenn. not like a circus clown.processtext.html #oney. thanks. I’# dressing a it flashy.

processtext.85)” D+-5inhaled the spicy"sweet scent greedily as he found Keeley in the conference roo# unpacking takeout o(es. “I thought we were eating those .com/abclit.herry)” Binally. she hoped she was s#arter than her #other. /h.” %e surreptitiously patted his elly to #ake sure it wasn’t ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.processtext. Dane had successfully uprooted hi#self fro# his far# ackground and would pro a ly e off like a shot once their pro*ect was co#pleted. $he s#iled at hi#. $haring herself with a guy opened all sorts of vulnera ilities. and she sure wasn’t looking for a last"ditch effort to sink her claws into so#e guy for the ne(t eighteen"odd years.5. not"#uch"on"top clothing. and needed to get a life so#ewhere along the way. the right person was asking that Kuestion at the right ti#e.” F “.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “-o. &hinking. . .” /ver the past four evenings. Did .herry didn’t need a thing. she’d half e(pected hi# to e part of the parade of drooling nu# skulls traipsing through her office on the stupidest of prete(ts.herry have any pink sticky notes) Did . “Do you need anything. $he only wished he’d paid that #uch attention to her.html his lond rows drawing together as he focused on whatever he was looking at. $he needed to get started on her audit. +ll Keeley wanted was so#e te#porary fun and ga#es. Dane suddenly looked up fro# his co#puter. It had een #onths since he had had a decent ar ecue dinner. #an. .” “/h.herry have a stapler to orrow) Did .” $he opened a o(.hinese food he’d tasted outside %ong Kong. Despite the fact that she’d regularly pranced around in front of strange #en wearing nothing ut a !"string. needed the #oney fro# .herry need a can of pop fro# the reak roo#) . Kind of a uilt"in escape clause for the oth of the#. Keeley had surprised hi# with . %e was certainly the est"looking #an she’d run into for a long while.hinese leftovers fro# last night. noting the readth of his shoulders tapering to that tri# waist. It was Keeley who needed a ton of things. $he peeked over her shoulder. “+nd you looked like a #an who likes a full sla of ri s. . I love ri s and slaw. he’d een friendly and polite to her the past week they’d een working together. huge su sandwiches and the est . sensing her glance.. $he’d seen what had happened when her #other had so#ewhat accidentally0#ostly on purpose0gotten pregnant with :acey to keep :acey’s dad around.inky to help pay :acey’s dor# ill for ne(t fall.+. she ounced her pencil eraser on the desk. “-o. /n the other hand.hicago"style hot dogs with pickle spears and celery salt.ut ask #e later. I gave the leftovers to the ho#eless guy who sleeps outside the office uilding.hicago deep"dish %adn’t worked.onsidering her over"the"top.html . I had a craving for a pulled pork sandwich and coleslaw. se( was so#ething she took seriously. not yet.

” Instead of handing her the utensil.” %er wrist tre# led a Amber LIT Converter http://www. $he gave hi# a KuiJJical look.processtext.html starting to hang over his elt. $he closed her eyes and sighed as if she’d een kissed really long and really hard. he pushed ack fro# the ta le. 7ou’ve een arranging our dinners all week. Keeley. %e forced hi#self to eat and #anaged to avoid dropping sauce on I #ean not *ust for the food. so he cupped it to steady it. “-o. “/kay. “%ave a seat. :ucky fork. I al#ost roke a nail dialing the ar ecue *oint. so let #e take of this. &hat’s even etter than usual. %e’d een fighting his attraction to her ever since he’d #et her. he sat ne(t to her and forked a #outhful of tender. %e distracted hi#self y passing her several paper napkins to protect her clothing and popped open her sandwich o(. %is #outh watered.” $he lifted a red"tipped finger. you sit. “2##. giving away her state of #ind. “It was a close call.” %e pulled out a lack leather conference chair and gestured for her to sit at the ig polished wood ta le. Dane. “7u#.” %er green eyes widened in surprise ut she opened her shiny red lips and closed the# around the fork.” $he sat and s#oothed her tiny red skirt over her thighs. “/pen. re#e# er)” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. $o he wasn’t the only one feeling this pull. caffeine.” “I don’t want to eat your food on you. “+hh. %e wasn’t urning off four thousand calories a day doing far#work any#ore. ut for agreeing to do this.” “$hhh. 7ou’ve gotta try it.processtext. Dane. as if no one had ever held out her chair for her. Binally.” $he passed hi# the ri s and a cup of coleslaw.” “&hanks.herry. then. ut now he was wondering if he should have his head e(a#ined to e in a hurry to get away fro# this eautiful wo#an.” $he pulled the fork fro# his slack grasp and scooped up so#e ar ecue.html . Definitely so#e ti#e on the tread#ill and in the weight roo# downstairs was called for.” $he put her finger to her lips. “&ry yours efore it gets cold. and eat.” “-o. :ucky skirt.” $he sipped at her soft drink. “7ou can try so#e if you’d like. %er pulse was thready under his fingers. saucy #eat and offered it to her. looks good. I have plenty. “7ou really outdid yourself.” %e gra ed a fork for her fro# the white plastic carryout ag. “. and not fro# the ar ecue aro#a.

harlie . she turned ack to hi#. “I know you’ve gotten a lot of unwanted attention here.processtext.” he Kualified. Keeley shook her head. “Did that ookkeeper go to prison)” Keeley #ade a face. the car onation urning the ack of his throat. ut hard ti#e in the federal pen would.” %e had forgotten to call her y her alias. too #uch infor#ation.” Dane whistled.ut other people’s #oney0” $he shrugged. I get a funny feeling.” $he shook her head. ut it was the ookkeeper. $urely you don’t think all those e(otic dancers have een naturally lessed in their cup siJe)” “I guess I never thought a out it. ut he was only telling her the truth. $he gave hi# a skeptical look.” “.’ &he penalty for stealing fifty dollars is as ad as stealing five thousand. and you’ve een a real sport. how)” &he other accountants he’d co#e across had a solutely no intuition or i#agination whatsoever.” “+nd you a close friend of . .inky’s. so it was all handled privately.ut it wasn’t hi# who was stealing. &urns out she was so#e ody’s cousin. at least that I knew a out.inky’s pro a ly right a out so#ething eing wrong.html . “&hat *o was a restaurant"type place. LIf you’re going to steal. the point is that people will steal ig #oney for what you and I think would e stupid reasons. “I guess she wanted to learn what it was like to have ackaches or loss of feeling to her nipples. 2oney was #issing. I hoped it was hi#. &here’s a weird vi e here in the office.” %e held up his hands in not"Kuite"#ock “Whoa.” “&hat’s #e. 2y accounting professors told us.” Keeley” Dane choked on his pop. $everal thousand in fines wouldn’t other . %er nearness was #aking hi# sloppy. “$he stole #oney for those)” “$o#e wo#en feel inadeKuate with s#all reasts. I don’t think I’ve ever dated any ody with i#plants. a #ousy little chick who wanted the dough for reast i#plants.herry.” “Bunny. “&sk. “+lthough all the accounts I’ve looked at so far see# okay. :ots of cash co#ing and going and no one was interested in opening the ooks for the authorities. Dane. steal ig. a tea# player. 5ach single theft is often a federal felony count and can carry up to several thousand dollars in fines and five years in prison.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. I think . “I can’t e(plain it. and the e#ployees were all scared of the assistant #anager’s nasty te#per.ingha#. tsk.html “. “+nyway. It re#inds #e of the place where I worked while I was in school. “-o.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. Wiping off her hands with a wet wipe.processtext. whoa.” $he stood and threw away the o(es and ri ones.

“7ou said . Was it laJiness or #ore deli erate) %e didn’t know.processtext.html .ut as long as . and the . +lthough he realiJed he was *ust playing the role of controller"in"training. the real controller. 2ay e he could leave so#e ideas for the ne(t real controller to i#ple#ent0 etter accounting practices.” Dane turned to his own laptop.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. and Dane wasn’t sure which.harlie wasn’t doing his *o . . !lenn. no #ore cow shit0*ust hi# ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. 3ro a ly the fifties or early si(ties0the financial structure was clunky and the accounting syste#s outdated.rothers0their worry was the ad pu licity and potential loss of client confidence.ingha# . he was free to leave again. it wouldn’t e any different than any other consulting *o . %e was no forensic accountant like Keeley ut he had found several places where stealing fro# . .” &hat wasn’t the pro le# at . .ingha# .rothers had a fir# reputation and solid financial practices. no puddles of eer on the floor.inky was paying hi# a controller’s salary.html “/h. 3lenty of co#panies needed consulting advice on how to deal with the changing 5uropean econo#y. %e didn’t la#e .” $he arched an eye row at hi#.ingha# accounts were silent as the grave. Dane found hi#self #aking lists of what he would change if he actually had the *o .ut +da# had een right. /n the plus side. too)” “7eah. /n the surface.” Keeley sat in her chair and flipped open her laptop. +fter all. -o #ore cows.processtext. especially if . it’s slipped through the safeguards here.ingha# . either. Dane shook his head.ingha# . Whatever it is. aside fro# the possi le disastrous e# eJJle#ent. +t least a ies put up a sKuawk.” $he laughed. #ore efficient internal reporting and accurate corporate ta( planning. deter#ined to follow Keeley’s good e(a#ple. no earsplitting #usic. once Keeley gave hi# the results fro# the audit. the #an was in his seventies and not fa#iliar with all the latest practices. “Did you audit those ooks.inky had a ad feeling a out the trust accounts)” / viously she wanted to get ack to .” “$ounds like a great place to work.rothers was fir#ly stuck in so#e other decade. had een with the co#pany for close to thirty years and was content to do things the way they’d always een done. #ay e to 5urope this ti#e. &hat was what he’d wanted ever since he was a kid. so Dane pointed to the accounts .ut . -o drunken custo#ers. “&his audit is a piece of cake co#pared to that.inky0after all.rothers would e easier than taking candy fro# a a y.” “It wasn’t the est ut it paid the ills and got #e through school. Dane could e useful. “/r so#eone here is slipping it through on their was the ad guy.” “&rue. “$ee what you can find. 5nergy rushed through hi#.inky had flagged. in #y downti#e. .

” “7ou hope.html . It was there. stopping her #ouse"clicking. “$orry. I know we’ve een putting in fourteen"or fifteen"hour days this past week. ready to snap at %e thought this *o was hard. “What)” $he whipped around. “5nough.processtext. traveling the world.” $he glared at her co#puter screen. $he startled. &he accounts will still e there 2onday.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. Dane.” %e still looked like so#eone had stolen his favorite !reen . Why was Dane scowling at her) Keeley scowled ack. $he was going as fast as she could and her lack of progress was starting to piss her off.” $he turned ack to her co#puter. “What’s with the grouchy look)” “Must thinking.” “I’# fine.” “/kay. “It has een a long week.” “What’s enough)” “:ook. %e frowned at that uneasy notion. cut #e a reak here.o#e on. 7ou #ade a #istake so#ewhere. $he looked up at hi#.processtext. %is ig hand ca#e to rest on hers. say so. eyond her reach. stared at her co#puter screen. her eyes narrowed. %onestly. !eeJ. “:isten. you thief.” she *oked. her pencil eraser eating on the desk.ay 3ackers foot all *ersey.” “7ou #entioned you had to cancel a date earlier to work late. It’s Briday night. ut a it sheepish at the sa#e ti#e. Does #y every e(pression have to e analyJed)” “!et over yourself1 :ike I want to know what’s going on in that cra y head of yours.” %e still looked grouchy. Keeley. and he s#iled at her. the faster she’d finish and then it was on voyage. “Keeley)” %is soft voice roke her concentration yet again. you #ust e eat..” &he #ore she thought. $he didn’t get paid to *olly #en around any#ore. ut he was right. %a1 $he sat on her ass all day. + tapping noise startled hi# out of his reverie. and the only tired part of her was her #ouse finger. It helps #e think. it’s not that. no. “-o. &his audit isn’t so#e iron"#an endurance test. “If the pencil tapping others you. Keeley.html with his well"worn passport. “I’# sorry.” Keeley wasn’t interested in trying to tiptoe around so#e guy’s ad #ood. Without Keeley. 7ou still have ti#e to call the guy ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.

html and reschedule for tonight. “I could tell y the way you walked0al#ost like a dancer.” “I knew it.harlie. “-o.” $he #uffled a snicker. Keeley slipped a pencil under her red hair and scratched her head. I’ve only seen you once as a runette.” Keeley lowered her leg. “7ou have great legs.” %e didn’t need to know her date had een i#aginary.” It was pro a ly *ust the cleaning crew.processtext. she hopped onto the conference ta le.” $he hooked her supposedly great legs around Dane’s and pulled hi# ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “+nyone could co#e y. :et’s finish so you can go ho#e and get out of those clothes. I’# going to file a co#plaint with occupational health and safety if I can’t take the# off soon. “=uick. “I was a dancer in high school #usicals and was on the po#"po# sKuad.” .processtext. Dane egan closing #anila files.” “&ake it off now.” he rasped. it’s .o#e on.html .” %e nodded. sitting on the paperwork. not tonight. “. “=uiet. %ow #uch to tell hi#) $he stuck with partial truth.” “.” $he frowned at hi#.” $he rotated her ankle to relieve so#e foot pain when she caught his hungry lue stare eating up the sight of her. &he conference roo# was situated in a corner for less office noise. ut there was little warning of any ody co#ing. $la##ing her laptop screen shut. /n 2onday.o#e” %e gave her legs a lingering glance and shook his head as if recalling hi#self to professionalis#.” %e e(a#ined her face closely.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. I’ll drop you off at ho#e. “. we’ll pick up the audit where we left off. ut Keeley had a etter idea for throwing . so she’d give it to” . Dane looked over her shoulder.harlie off the track. Dane. that’s okay.” “Dane. and then what) 5(plain you have a fetish for redheads and that’s why I wear a wig) Don’t e silly. %e e(pected the worst.ingha# 4I’s dark head crossed a cu icle divider two rows away. “I’ll pro a ly go ho#e and take off this stupid itchy wig. “7ou’re right. “I’ve een wearing these :ucite #onstrosities for over twelve hours today.” %e shrugged.harles +ndrew . she heard a sound near y and stood.” $he pushed her chair away fro# the ta le and lifted her leg to show hi# one torturous high heel. “&hey’ve een driving #e nuts since the coffee shop.eally) 5ven covered y #y ugly rown outfit)” “7ep. “&hat didn’t Kuite co#e out right.efore Keeley could wallow in her disappoint#ent.” “-o. and he gri#aced.

Weiss. %is surprised###ph Kuickly turned into a pleased hu# as he enthusiastically dove into the kiss. “:et’s go efore he changes his #ind.huckles knows that da#n well. a nasty e(pression on his face. .” .” Dane looked up fro# Keeley. yeah. “. “.harlie sputtered for a second ut apparently decided not to press the issue. “&oo ad your grandfather didn’t teach you #anners.html . ut ti#es are different now. +re you sure he can’t fire us)” “3ositive. locking .ingha# is a ig.html close. “2y grandfatherdid teach you everything he knows. Dane1” %is erection pressed against her inner thigh. 2r. !randpa #ay have gotten away with this kind of thing ack in the day. .harlie . and none too soon.harlie . fat crook . %is lips were fir# and war# as they clung greedily to hers.processtext. . Weiss.harlie’s view of Dane’s erection. “/h.herry and I were leaving. yanking his #outh to hers.inky hired #e. If you have anything to say to #e. “7ou haven’t heard the end of this. hoping the #en didn’t notice her tre# ling hands. well.” .processtext.harlie’s “Well.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. . don’t you. 7ou’re winning the pissing contest and he hasn’t even unJipped his pants. save it for 2onday. his lust"softened gaJe sharpening at . %is ig hands scorched her shoulder lades through her thin louse as he settled into the cradle of her thighs. none of the# said. sKueeJing and cupping her ass.ingha# stood in the door.” Dane stuffed the papers into his case while she shut off her co#puter. Keeley hopped off the ta le.anging the secretaries was one of his favorite pasti#es as well. $he tugged her skirt down and stacked files. “Bor what. Keeley gave a #oan and eagerly opened under his testing tongue. 7ou have five #inutes to clear out efore I call security.inky’s the only one who can fire #e. Kee0” $he #uffled his slipup with a hard kiss.” “Which is why he’s so ticked off. 3apers hit the floor and scattered ut Keeley didn’t glared at the# and sto#ped away. “7ou like that. $he wiggled her otto# closer.” . +fter all. Keeley shook her head. Dane pressed hot kisses down her neck and Keeley cried out in pleased surprise as he dropped his hands.harlie) Working late on a Briday)” Dane called after hi#. %e dipped it into her #outh and she sucked on it eagerly.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. her #iniskirt hiking up her thighs.” %e re#oved his hands fro# her utt ut didn’t step away fro# her.

Dane looked over at her once he’d pulled out of the garage into the dusky evening. #e flat on #y ack on the conference ta le. and Keeley didn’t want to end the evening eing dropped in front of her greystone uilding. &he specter of their kiss loo#ed etween the# as they rode to the parking garage. “+nd when you gra ed #y ass. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. 5(cept when he had it open to Brench"kiss her. $he guessed she’d have to spell out everything for hi#.” $orry for al#ost getting the# into an accident ut not sorry a out teasing hi#.” “$orry. ut the car ehind hi# eeped. Idiotic #an.” %e stared straight ahead.” %e started to lean over to her. “I don’t think so. “7ou okay)” “$ure. &hey were co#ing to the on"ra#p to the Kennedy e(pressway that would take her ho#e.processtext. “I didn’t #ean to e# arrass you. Keeley continued. “I’# not e#” %e tapered off into an uneasy chuckle as he o viously realiJed the condition of his own Jipper. “Do you think . &he only way we could have een #ore o vious was if we were actually having se(. #y knees in the air while you0” %er sentence was cut off y the rakes screeching and her seat elt locking.” &urning to her. %e sure was one close#outhed son" of"a"gun tonight. Bar fro# it. %e swiped a hand over his face. “!eeJ.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.html Dane stopped his packing and roared with suspects #e)” “-o. she wasn’t.” -o. Dane had al#ost run a red light. ut Kuickly discarded that idea. the streetlights flashing over his face in a pattern that #ade it difficult to read his e(pression. Keeley shifted uneasily in the leather seat of his lu(ury sedan in a futile atte#pt to relieve the ache etween her thighs. $he tried again. Dane only reaking the silence long enough to ask her where she lived. “Keeley. either. $he considered inviting Dane in to her place. “$hit1” %e sto#ped on the gas pedal. I #ean.html . his eyes were shadowed. his rapid acceleration tossing her against her seat. 5ncouraged. that was the #aster touch. &here was an awkward pause and they oth usied the#selves clearing out the conference roo# and getting their things. you do have a way with words0 hasn’t unJipped his pants.processtext. Keeley. walking in on us with #y legs wrapped around yours and your tongue in #y #outh0what was he supposed to think)” %is knuckles whitened around the steering wheel and he #ade a choking sound. 7ou know. $he’d never let any #an she was dating into her place and wasn’t ready for Dane to e the first.

2ay e the planets were finally aligning for her.” $he laid her hand on his forear# and i##ediately his #uscles tensed. I think I’ll get everything I want. . “7u#.ut on the other hand.” “&o our pro*ect.” “I et you can.” “+#aJing what they call a #artini these days. /n the one hand.” Dane looked” %is tone was ad#iring as he swerved into a near y parking lot. or had she een waiting for a chance to kiss hi#) It had definitely #orphed into so#ething real for hi#.525:7crowded.” $he peered over at his drink. “&hey have good #artinis and it’s early enough that it won’t e e(tre#ely crowded. tonight she was leaving a well"paying gig in a fancy car with a se(y #an she wanted to seduce.processtext. “7ou’re a real go"getter. huh)” Dane shouted ack at her as he ulldoJed a path through the #o of happy"hour revelers. &he place was packed with yuppies who’d o viously co#e straight fro# the office. “-o #atter.harlie’s enefit. Do you always get what you want)” %##.” Dane hoisted his #artini and clinked hers on the ri#.html “Dane.” %e shook his head and took a sip of his own.” “+re you sure)” %e gave her a skeptical look.processtext. $he stood out a#ong the gray and lack wool like a long"legged fla#ingo a#ong crows. “-owthis is a true #artini. “&onight. Keeley shrugged and picked up her key li#e #artini.html .” “$haken or stirred)” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. Keeley didn’t know it. %e was actually glad to e around a unch of people. sipping the pale green drink. *udging fro# the nu# er of suits. “Why don’t we stop for a drink so#ewhere to rela()” $he spotted the ar where she’d had drinks with $ugar and pointed. &hat was a tough Kuestion.” she echoed. “I’ve never een here after work. ut she’d arely #ade it out of the car without hi# pouncing on her. “What kind of #artini did you get)” “&he old classic. !in and ver#outh over a couple of olives.” G “-/& 56&. “I’ve een working you hard all week. 2ost of the wo#en had added so#e red lipstick and un uttoned their *ackets to reveal so#e slinky undergar#ents. life hadn’t given her a free pass on anything. triu#phantly setting their drinks on the last e#pty ta le in the Amber LIT Converter http://www. I can take it. ut he couldn’t tell what she thought. Was that kiss in the office purely for .” “I’# a ig girl. “&o our pro*ect. ut they were no co#petition for Keeley.

“.” “+nd what do you say I should do)” $he lifted the slender curl of li#e peel garnish fro# the ri# of her glass and dipped it into her #outh. you’re tired.” $he had hi# there. do as I say. Didn’t look like #uch had changed. he’d e asking her how she felt a out hi# and where she thought their relationship was going. “7es.that kiss. yeah. Must then. asking a se(y wo#an why she’d kissed hi#. rotating her tongue slowly around its spiral.” +nd her thighs gra ing hi# and his hands gra ing her. %e slugged ack the rest of his #artini. +pparently this ar had dancing on Briday nights. -e(t thing he knew. ack when he wouldn’t have known what to do with a wo#an if she’d parachuted naked into his edroo#. the first genuine one he’d heard fro# her red lips.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www."F?s. “:augh #ore often. It had originally co#e out when he was in #iddle school.” &alk a out looking a gift horse in the #outh.html “+ctually whipped Kuite soundly for eing naughty. /h. %e stood so rapidly his chair skittered. :ife’s not that serious.” $he stared thoughtfully at hi#. &hen the #usic started and she perked up her ears. Dane listened for a couple seconds. ut he wanted to know if it was solely for .” $he looked puJJled. 2ight as well call hi# Dana and slap a long lond wig onhis head. cutting off Keeley’s “+h.” “What)” $he turned her gaJe ack to hi# fro# where she’d een scanning the roo#.” “$ays the #an who works eighty"hour weeks and al#ost starts fistfights with upper #anage#ent.o#e on. not as I do. her haJel eyes unreada le. Keeley stood and e(tended her hand. the national anthe# for singles ars throughout +#erica. the lights di##ed and an o no(ious"sounding DM lared over the crowd.” $he let out a giggle. /ut of the corner of his eye. he caught her yawning. “:ove $hack” y the . what kind of sap was he. “Well.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. !ood grief. “I say you should tell #e why you kissed #e. %e either needed to take his chances with her or take her ho#e.processtext. “:et’s dance.html .processtext. $he occasionally laughed. !uess that #eant he should take her ho#e. ut they oth knew what he #eant. “7ou should do that #ore often.harlie’s enefit or if she’d wanted to kiss hi#. Dane savagely crushed an olive etween his teeth. I’ll take you ut it was #ostly cynical or polite laughter. Dane’s #outh went dry and he sipped so#e of his own drink. the conference roo# kiss.

%er ody fit perfectly against hi#. “. heat radiating etween the two of the# that he didn’t think ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. ut she giggled again.html . “/kay. When he wasn’t watching Keeley. %er eyes were closed in pleasure as she sang along with the #usic. “4ogue” y 2adonna) . $he didn’t *ust #ove like a dancer. Dane. Dane didn’t know eans a out dancing.processtext. %er face was tilted upward in what could only e called a *oyful e(pression. her high heels ringing her to al#ost eye"level with hi#.html Dance) /h. When had Dane last felt anything close to pure *oy) 3ro a ly when his nieces and nephew were orn. $he rolled her hips onelessly. %e could tell she really en*oyed dancing.oy.+” song. %e gave her what he thought was a rela(ed s#ile.” she shouted over the . %ere goes nothin’.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. /r even that “72. “8#. When one stray drop trailed its way etween her reasts. &he song ended and #oved into another hard"thu#ping dance tune.” +nd with that.” %e took her hand. followed her to the tiny dance floor and took a deep reath.processtext. he couldn’t re#e# er. okay. 2adonna’s last “vogue” faded away and Keeley clapped and cheered. “&ry1” %e tried his est to #ove. $he s#iled at hi#."F?s whooping it up.ela(. ut it was hopeless. a wide grin cutting across her face. “. %e didn’t even try to dance.o#e on1” she urged hi#. &he lessons hadn’t worked. he’d dance the cha"cha slide. this DM was in a ti#e warp. $he didn’t know what she was asking. ut she sure knew her #oves. ut realiJed it wasn’t a ad idea. it was as if she’d flipped that se("kitten switch. %er full reasts *iggling under her tiny top and the curves of her ass under that #icro"#iniskirt kept distracting hi#…and every other guy within twenty feet.ut to keep Keeley near hi# for even a while longer. . ut aside fro# that) $ad to say. she reallywas one. perspiration #aking her skin glisten like gold under the lights. +t least he didn’t have to worry a out crushing her underfoot. *ust stood in awe. %e’d never danced with such a tall girl efore. %e was such a ad dancer his sister"in" law had actually adgered hi# into taking lessons efore her wedding to his $he opened her eyes to see hi# standing there like a du# ass. I’ll show you. &hat downstate high"school po#"po# sKuad #ust have een glad to have her. he was throwing nasty looks at the #ore latant starers. ut Keeley o viously didn’t care as she spun into a series of daJJling turns. her shoulders #oving in the sa#e #an. Dane’s last itsy" itsy vestige of control snapped and he pulled her close.

“!//D &%I-! W5have a parking garage under the uilding.ut here on the crowded dance floor. &he #usic was drilling through his rain and his cock was trying to drill through his pants.processtext.” %e purposefully rotated his pelvis into hers so she could feel what she’d done to hi#. . %er eyes widened and she paused for a second. let’s go.html was entirely the result of her e( her fir# *aw and the tender skin ehind her ear. “+ll right. + s#ile curved her %e cupped the nape of her neck with his hand. %e ni led on her lower lip and ran his tongue along her ridge of white teeth. Keeley refused to #eet his gaJe. the rough edge of her wig fueling his resolve to see her pretty rown hair again. Dane had een half"afraid to kiss her in the worry that the kiss in the office had een for show. Dane reluctantly lifted his #outh fro# the s#ooth colu#n of her neck. ut there were other #oves he dide(tre#ely well. as #uch sweetness.” %e fought ack a whoop of delight. &he whole lo y was designed with lots of stainless steel and glass with sofas in varying shades of lue. %e i#agined those lips and teeth rasping along his ody and groaned. Keeley responded with as #uch eagerness. huh)” Dane guided Keeley to the lo y elevator and nodded at the night door#an in his silver"tri##ed navy" lue unifor#. $he clutched at his lapels. $he nodded and tried to ignore the utterflies dancing around in her sto#ach and concentrate on her surroundings for distraction. “2ay e you need a private dance lesson. Keeley rested her forehead on his shoulder as another dance tune started. Dane needed to get her out of the ar and so#ewhere private. $he looked at hi# and licked her lips. $o#eone *ostled Keeley. &hat was all the invitation he needed.” Was she offering what he thought) “I have #usic at #y place. %e dove onto her #outh and she eagerly opened under hi#. “If you don’t stop gra ing #y ass in pu lic. resting her hands on his chest right a ove his thundering heart. $he #oaned in return.reathing hard. %e kissed her soft cheek.” %e waited an(iously for her response. %e put his hands over her wrists and leaned down. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. his erection nestling against her elly. all sweet"and"sour fro# her drink. her reath hot on his face. %e #ight e a klutJ when it ca#e to dance #oves. reaking their e# race. “:oosen those hips and you’ll do fine. trying to get the# ack to the dance lesson. .html .ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” $he actually gra ed his hips and tried rocking the# ack and forth. I won’t e responsi le for the conseKuences.

ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “&here.processtext. “Don’t cry. It figured. if not years. &he door#an says the uilding lost power ut the elevator’s e#ergency rakes kicked in. not knowing anyone ut .” Keeley stopped crying.html . 3ro#ise. $he couldn’t re#e# er the last ti#e anyone had taken care of her. then the ne(t. &hunder oo#ed outside the glass doors. I’ll take care of you.” $he hated how s#all and frightened her voice was. *ust like he pro a ly kissed his sister.” %e kissed her on the forehead. the elevator skidding to a stop.” “/kay. $he looked ack. hey. “I can’t elieve how fast that stor# lew in. ut couldn’t help it. Dane #isunderstood her silence. “7es. %e heard her sniffle. $he hated dark. finding her shoulder.. What happened)” Keeley stood froJen in her sKuare foot of elevator carpet.processtext. +s soon as the elevator starts. &he elevator arrived and the door#an called after the# to have a good evening. no crying.. Dane pressed the utton for the si(ty"third floor and Keeley watched the nu# ers count as they cli# ed. “&here you are. -o #ore innuendos0Keeley wanted to spend the night with Dane.” It had started right after they left the clu . shocked y his words. sweetheart. +nother huge crack of thunder reached their ears and the lights went out.” %e ru ed his hands over her ack.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. &he first #an she’d wanted to seduce in #onths. . and rushed his lips over one wet cheek. “%ello)” %e listened for a few seconds.” -ot really. Dane gathered her into his ar#s. We’ll e fine. Keeley couldn’t help the tears that egan to flow. “7ou all right)” “$ure. staff. “/h. ut Dane caught her efore she fell. Dane finally hung up and reached for her.inky who could afford the place. We should e on our way in a few #inutes. I’# here. I’ll take you ho#e. not the local 5. and her sister had een too young. that’s etter. -ot her #other. . we’re Keeley had never een in :akenheath &owers. enclosed forcing her to let Dane concentrate on his driving. and here she was stuck in a s#all dark place too petrified to even #ove.inky #ust really value Dane to house hi# here. %e needn’t have een concerned a out that. &he e#ergency phone rang and Dane fu# led with the little co#part#ent door. never her father.overed parking was pro a ly the least of the a#enities. fine. “Don’t e scared. Keeley stu# led.

html . setting it carefully on her laptop case on the floor.” %e ni led at her ear. s#ooth and war#. she didn’t think he was ready for that.” she whispered against his lips. learning each other’s taste and scent.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. that feels good. she even went on tiptoe and gave hi# a soft kiss. It’s real. $he took her chance and dipped her tongue into oth deep di#ples racketing his cheeks. “7ou can’t see it in the sweetheart. following her lead.” “3ro a ly not so great. #ultiplied y his tender concern. “:et’s get this wig off.” %is ar#s tightened around her. It’s een pinned up all day. %is reathing sped. -ot like the Kuick.processtext. “3lease. In fact. “7ou have the cutest di#ples.processtext. “It’s you. “I s#iled as soon as you called #e that. “&hank you. Keeley.” %e ran his hands through her hair and cupped her head. Dane. tender kiss where their lips clung and parted several ti#es.html What a sweet #an. $he was in a very vulnera le position. either. I’ve wanted to stick #y tongue in the# ever since we #et at the ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. %e thu# ed the nape of her neck. %e felt his way around.” “Don’t care.” &he real her. “$#ile for #e. $he loosened the #esh cap and lifted it off. I want to know how your soft. wavy hair feels under #y hands.” he whispered. “/h.” $ure enough. ut a slow. Despite his rave words. ut with hi#. pulling out her hairpins and #assaging her scalp with his long. “Whatcha doing)” %is tone was indulgent. $he whi#pered with pleasure and rolled her neck. %e see#ed content to let her e(plore his #outh. o viously not wanting to wreck their inti#acy.ut she’d wanted to take off the wig since lunchti#e. strong fingers.harlie’s enefit.” +nd she kissed hi#. his #outh had widened under hers. Keeley. $he unclenched her fists and wrapped her ar#s around his neck. . ut he had lots of patience. %er desire for hi# roared ack. his stu le sensitiJing her #outh until she could feel every dip and curve of” “I want to #ake you feel good. %e had wonderful lips. she didn’t #ind. urgent kiss for .

I’# not going to take you ho#e.” “4ery good. “ “$o nice and soft. “+nything.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. Dane took one in each hand and groaned. %e popped the front clasp to her ra and her reasts swung free. “I was hard for you in the coffee ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” $he thought frantically if fuJJily. “&ell #e one thing.” %is thu# s traced laJy patterns over her nipples.” $he shuddered. %e re#oved his hands. rushing his face over her reasts in the silky fa ric. glad she’d worn her supersheer #icro"fi er ra today.” %e put his hands on her and she sighed with relief and anticipation. ut Dane see#ed to e a guy who responded est to luntness.” %e cupped her reasts with his ig hands. $he’d certainly seen enough of the# over the years and under stage lights.html . “Wonderful.processtext. %e eagerly co#plied.” $he closed the gap etween hi# and acked hi# against the wall. touch was everything. $he Kuickly un uttoned her louse and urged his head downward. &his ti#e their kisses were fast and hot as he trailed his lips over her neck. $he’d never een so lunt with a #an. nipping and sucking at her sensitive her reasts pushing into his chest.” %is tone was husky and inti#ate. “Keeley. 2ay e I want you to take #e here.” %e pinched the# and she gave a little gasp. “-o.” %e chuckled. too.” $he was falling under his seductive spell now. tightening the# un eara ly.” +nything ut that.” she whispered.” %e rolled her nipples etween his fingers. “-ot the ra0what’s in it.” “7ou’re sweet.” %e groaned and carefully eased his hips away fro# her. $ince they were in the’re sweet.” $he held her reath. ut not for long. What color were they) “/h1 :ight rown. “I’# a out to suck on the# and I want to i#agine their color as they harden and swell in #y #outh.html coffee shop.” “2y est ra. “2ay e I don’t want you to take #e ho#e. #aking her hips twitch against his. a y. %e didn’t say a wordQ instead he kissed her again. “Must like I thought0you have the s#oothest skin. “I won’t suck you unless you tell #e. “&ell #e what color your nipples are. if you keep talking like that. %is erotic" ook"narrator tone was ack. $he tottered on her high heels a it and he spun her around so her ack rested in the cold #irrored wall. + roken claustropho ic elevator was turning out to e the est thing ever.

ut I think we’re #ore than ready. Dane. I #ight screa# and run away. Keeley groaned.” she repeated. either. “+ dancer’s ass in a thong.ut I haven’t touched you that #uch. “I deserveyou . %e eased his hands under her stretchy #iniskirt and gently snapped her thong strap. . $he ru ed ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” Instead. arely keeping her alance as he swept his tongue around her in a laJy pattern. Do you know how #any ti#es you asked #e to look over your shoulder at the co#puter and all I wanted to do was slide #y hands under your shirt)” “I wanted you to. “-ow.” $he dragged his hand to the front of her panties where they oth felt her #oisture.” $he cupped his face in her hands.processtext.” he pro#ised. I like wicked wo#en. running her thu# s over his cheeks.” $he deli erately rolled her hips in her est stripper #ode -o di#ples0he #ust e since it was sincere and not pretend. which he Kuickly donned. if I could actuallysee that #onster cock of yours co#ing at #e. “7ou’re wicked. %e #oved up the acks of her thighs and she Kuickly got serious. $he heard the clink of his elt and rustling clothing. our first ti#e should e so#ewhere nice. %e kept his pro#ise and sucked a nipple into his #outh. “+h. %e dropped to his knees.” %is ig hands cupped her are otto#. and then the other.esides.” “. his hot reath level with her elly utton.” %e had no idea. panting slightly as his grip tightened.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.html shop and to have you in #y office every day with these se(y louses. “!ood. “-ow. and I want our first ti#e to e right now. Dane.” $he gripped his erection and guided it to her pulsing clit.” $he urged hi# to his feet.html .processtext. his erection #assive on her elly.” %e choked out a laugh.” “7ou etter not. “I can die happy now. #assaging her calves and shins. 7ou deserve everything good. he #oved ack and forth. ut I want to e a le to take #y ti#e when I lick your sweet pussy. Birst one nipple. curving his free hand around her ass. Keeley yanked her stretchy skirt around her waist and stripped off her thong. $he tightened her fingers in his hair. %e turned away fro# her and fu# led in his ag for protection.” “I haven’t touched you. tickling the ack of her knees until she giggled. “Keeley. “+nd there are a lot of things I want to do to you. %e pressed her into the wall again and groaned. I’d love to eat you right now. “I intend on oth of us eing alot happier in the ne(t few #inutes.” she confessed. he put one hand on each of her ankles and slowly slid his pal#s upward.

“&hen what)” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. eginning to pu#p in and out of her. causing hi# to *erk in her hand. and Keeley loved it.” $he had never een so co#pletely filled.” $he shuddered as his hips *olted into hers. and now that we’re finally together. I want to see you in #y ed wearing nothing ut those shoes.html his tip over her. and he was #uch larger than she had e(pected. “2ore of this)” %e sped his thrusting. #eeting hi# stroke for stroke. “. “3erfect. her face uried in the crook of his neck. &hey oth cried out as he thro ed inside her. all I can think of is #aking you screa# #y na#e.ela(.” she co##anded when he stopped talking. I can’t wait any longer. “/r this)” %is ig finger rushed her clit. “7es1 +nd talk dirty to #e.” “Dane. we’re perfect together…the right height to fuck standing.” %e thu# ed her nipple with his other hand.” Dane was turning out to e a se("talker. %e gave a little gasp. %e raced his hands on the wall on either side of her shoulders and dropped his head.” %is low chuckle ru# led through her. keeping only the lovely sensual pressure.” $lowly. “Do that again. sKueeJing hi# with every single #uscle she could. a y. her pussy clenching around hi#.processtext. pulling hi# in to the hilt. filling and stretching her. stopping every few seconds to #ake sure she was okay. reathing heavily.” $he closed her eyes and let go of the fearful tension.html . %e ru ed her clit faster. the ase of his shaft hitting her clit with every stroke.” %e nuJJled her hair. $he thrust ack at 7ou’ve had #e hard as a rock. “” she #oaned. “7esss. “7ou’re the perfect siJe for #e. “/kay. “7ou’re so hot and slick.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. his strea# of words #aking her even hotter. Keeley.” $he co#plied. his reath hot in her ear. “$o soft and sweet. his resting on her hair. Keeley couldn’t stand the gradual pace any#ore and hooked her leg around his.processtext. “I don’t know if I can. she shifted her hips so he prodded her gently and stopped when she tensed. %e inched in. “+h.” he whispered.” he hissed. “2ore. I can slide right in. especially with those craJy shoes. It had een a long ti#e for her. his road chest heaving as well.

too. “7ou’re close.html . so se(y. his ig head hitting all the *uicy spots deep inside her. $he et he would tend to her with all the detail he showed with everything else. co# ined with his rapid thrusting. “Dying to see you…” $he was dying to see hi#. If the elevator plunged to the ase#ent. was #aking her hot again. so sweet. dying to see his face as he ca#e. %is finger pressed her clit one last ti#e and his na#e urst fro# her lips in a screa#. “+h. tight alls slapping her otto# as he pistoned in and out. %er every sense was heightened. her clit u#ping his shaft.html “&hen I’# gonna spread those se(y legs of yours wide open and see if your pussy tastes as great as it feels.” he chanted.” he groaned. inside her. $he rotated her hips against hi# as if she were doing a lap dance. the shock waves rushing into her elly. her nails digging into his rock"hard shoulders as she arched away fro# hi#. -ow that he wasn’t holding ack to wait for her. his hips pounding into hers until the elevator shook again. “2aking #e hard. a y. the heat of his ody.processtext. Keeley couldn’t hold ack a cry as he charged into her. at least she’d go with a s#ile.” &he i#age of her naked under his #outh #ade her #oan. those his cock swelling even fatter inside her. greedily inhaling how his se(y #usky scent #i(ed with her own. .” %e let go of her reast and raced hi#self on the elevator wall. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. $he tossed her head ack. “%old on. *ust as he’d pro#ised. %is cli#a( lasted forever. Keeley tre# led as another orgas# pulsed through her. Keeley. so tight. the war# #usky s#ell of their love#aking.processtext. %e took her full weight without flinching. “3ut your legs around #y waist and hold on. tell #e you’re close. $he co#plied. $he pulsed around his cock. too drained to protest.” %e groaned as Keeley licked the salty colu#n of his neck. dying to see the rod that was giving her such pleasure. around her. $he really had to get a look at those #uscles of his.” 8na le to speak. &hey were #aking the elevator shake. “$o wicked.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. aren’t you) 3lease.ut Dane had other ideas. $he was no skinny"#ini. close to his own orgas#. reaking over her reasts until she thought she’d drop to the Keeley nodded into his shoulder.” %e was starting to gasp now. ut she didn’t care. Dane was with her. that ass. his heavy. and he would keep her safe. he really let her have it. Dane ellowed her na#e and erupted. the sound of his voice. %e #oved his other hand to the wall. waking up hard. %is se( talk.

I actually love runettes. Dane. Binally. $he kissed hi# ack. “&hey’ll think I’# the luckiest $/. %e retaliated y giving her a light s#ack on the ass. %e nuJJled her face until he found her lips.” %e ran his tongue along her &hey’ll pro a ly get us #oving soon. I haven’t even seen you naked yet. Water under the ridge. sweaty and disheveled. Keeley gasped.ecause no ody sees you naked ut #e. in . helping her regain her shaky alance. looked as if he’d *ust taken off his tie after a long day at the office.offering Keeley a grand tour of his condo. “It’s okay.processtext.” “Why not)” $he deli erately sKueeJed %is chest was hard and war#. his reath still fast and rasping. I’# not one of those petite londes you clai# to prefer. se(y runettes who dance for #e and take #e standing in an elevator. Keeley had #ade herself as presenta le as possi le ut decided to forego the wig. he stilled. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.html *olting her pussy with aftershocks.” %e grinned at her as he carried her down a #ar le"tiled hallway. %e set her laptop and wig on a foyer ta le and scooped up her not"unsu stantial person. “8gh. “. “Don’t hurt yourself. her hair sticking up in clu#ps where the pins had co#e free. $he rested her face on his shoulder.” “What)” Dane. + few #o#ents later.ut we should pro a ly dress. on the other hand./&%5.” $he shuddered and slipped her hand inside his open collar. I can’t e(actly carry you to #y condo sitting naked on top of #e. It wasn’t as if she planned an encore perfor#ance at the :ove $hack anyti#e soon.” “Deal.html . “$a#e goes for you.” %e kissed her forehead and eased her legs to the floor.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. &he lights in the elevator turned on and she caught a gli#pse of herself. “&all.” Dane kissed her forehead. shaken y their love#aking’s intensity. considering he was locked hard inside her. “.” Keeley flinched and rela(ed.processtext. “What will the neigh ors think)” Dane grinned. &he elevator ounced and Dane wrapped his ar#s around her. a kiss that was surprisingly innocent. “I thought that #ight get you.” D D+-5 DID-’& . %ell.hicago.

he was uilt. &he only place Dane was going was the edroo#.” Dane said sourly. &hings were less awkward if they could delay or even avoid the now"that"we’ve"had"craJy" elevator"se("where"do"we"go"fro#"here) conversation. apparently. “7eah.html unching as he alanced her weight easily. %is road chest was covered in golden hair.inky said his interior designer planned this as a lady’s elegant oudoir. 3ink floor"length curtains and a large pink rug added a dash of color. “I swear that I had nothing to do with this #onstrosity. . where she landed in a poof of slippery $he was glad he had started to seduce her again. this chandelier does throw off a out five hundred watts0plenty to see each othervery well.” Keeley linked at the si("foot"wide crystal"and"gold teardrop chandelier in the center of the roo#. “Wow.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” “$eeing you will #ore than #ake up for it. #y. + lifeti#e of tossing hay and herding cows had given hi# #uscles on top of #uscles.processtext. &he ed where she lay was an ela orate four"postered white fra#e co#plete with gilding all around. and his wide ri s tapered into a flat sto#ach and co#pact waist. oh. turn the light on. %e undid his elt uckle and slowly slid it free fro# the loops. “Dane.processtext. &he edding was real gold silk. co#plete with several tasseled and e# roidered gold"and"white pillows. “I’# not sure that’s a good idea)” “Why) Do you have a weird tattoo)” /r #ay e a irth#ark or a scar. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” %e slowly pulled off his shirt. “It’s this edroo#0a #a*or #ood killer.” Dane stopped glaring at the pink curtains and focused on her. Wow. “.oudoir0I feel like a #istress to a Brench king.” %e sounded a#used.” “7eah. + #atching gold"upholstered divan sat in the corner along with a pair of spindly gold"and"white chairs. $he heard his fast reathing and the rustle of his clothing.” “7ou #ay want to reserve *udg#ent. all it needs is a harpsichord in the corner and we’d e in 4ersailles. crossing his ar#s over his un uttoned shirt.” Keeley tried to #uffle her giggles ut they ca#e out as a loud snort. “-ever #ind0we can leave the light off. Keeley’s #outh went dry.” “-o weird tattoos.html . Dane had a typical far#er’s tan0his chest was pale in co#parison to his ar#s and neck0 ut” %e groaned.” %is shadow crossed the rectangle of light fro# the door and the roo# was illu#inated in all its froufrou glory. “/n the other hand. &he stray thought passed her #ind that he was perfor#ing an e(cellent striptease for an a#ateur. %e shouldered open the door to the dark roo# and dropped her on the ed.

she’d forgotten. a y. &hey’re not rown0they’re cara#el.” %e ni led his way up her thigh. $he co#plied. “&ake off your clothes.” %e #oved to her other foot. kissing the hollow ehind her knee. she couldn’t ease her #ounting desire. “7our nipples.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “7ou like what you see)” “/h.” $he couldn’t take her eyes off hi# and pressed her thighs together to ease the thro ing etween the#.” “What)” $he tipped her head to look at hi#. $he was a#aJed they’d fit so well together their first ti#e0and in an elevator.” “/h.” he co##anded. kneeling etween her thighs. “:ie ack.html &hen he dropped his pants and Keeley i##ediately gave hi# professional status.” $he couldn’t stand it any#ore and caressed herself. “$uch pretty reasts. kicking off her skirt until it got tangled on her heels. $he was sitting on the foot of the ed. though. so full and round. “$uch soft skin. %e was already aroused again. With one foot in the air. %is husky voice continued. “&his weekend I’ll #ake it up to you.processtext. !ood thing he had such rawny thighs and calves to support his huge cock. since he was licking his way up her legs. she didn’t have #uch to take off. his erection pointing to his elly utton. “&ruth a out what)” %ad he learned a out her past) $urely not.” %e swept his hand up her calf. %e unstrapped her shoes and rested her feet on his thighs. and I’# going to eat you up. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.html . We #ay not even #ake it in to the office on 2onday. a silver ead appearing on the tip. $he #oved restlessly on the duvet.” %e #oved to the all of her honey.” he #ur#ured. his strong fingers hitting every nerve ending possi le. %e strode toward her and pulled the fa ric free so all she wore was her shoes.” $he’d een so caught up in hi#. “7ou’ve had a long day on those poor feet of yours and then going out dancing. eager to have hi# again. no less. “Keeley. $he #ade Kuick work of her shirt and ra.” he rasped. Keeley #oaned at the une(pected pleasure. %aving wild se( with #e in the elevator. he #assaged the arch. Bortunately. ru ing a hand over her elly and her reasts. I don’t intend for either of us to leave this ed for a very long %e swallowed hard and his cock *erked.” %e dropped his #outh to her clit and she screa#ed in delight. “Don’t worry.processtext. sweet like the rest of you. “7ou didn’t tell #e the truth. his lond hair a halo under the right crystal chandelier. yeah. $he licked her dry lips. $he *erked in arousal. “5very inch of your se(y golden ody will feel #y attention. :ifting one foot.

I knew you were teasing #e. %e parted her legs and positioned hi#self etween the#. Drea#ing of you. %ot. “-ot at all. his face red with e(ertion and lust. #aking her reath sKueeJe and catch at his touch.” %e gri#aced in pleasure as she flinched and inadvertently sKueeJed hi#.” “-asty)” Keeley shuddered in pleasure. %e was really into her.html .com/abclit. $he heard of eing a le to co#e with only intercourse sti#ulation ut hadn’t done it efore.processtext. Without saying anything for once. %e gave one ig shi##y with his tongue and Keeley e(ploded. %is thick cock was ru ing her !"spot inside. “I’# gonna #ake you screa# #y na#e. “!o on.” “7ou are so ad.” %e dove ack and pressed one thick thu# inside her pussy and the other against her otto#. $he screa#ed his na#e loud enough to rattle the chandelier. “. her reasts.” “What)” %e lifted his head in se(y confusion. $he cla#ped her dancer’s thighs around his face and heard a #uffled chuckle. Weiss. $he wondered vaguely where he got ones that fit. all the while his #outh working its #agic on her clit. “I wanted you since we #et. ut he cla#ped her to his #outh and his hands until she was hoarse. I’# very happy to take your dick0/ops. :ike you’re a stripper and dancing for #e.” “2onday. he slid into her and they oth groaned when he hit ho#e. his tongue darting into her pussy as he ru ed his nose over her clit. “:ike we’re at the office and you suck #e off ehind #y desk. her ack pulling into a tight ow off the ed as he continued to pleasure her. hard. dictation. Dane worked her like a hard candy. Keeley.” %e sped his thrusts a it.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “I take you into #y private office athroo# and fuck you on the sink. $he finally slu#ped into the ed as he straightened and pulled on a condo#.eally nasty.html Keeley had never een pleasured like this efore. If anyone could do it for her. &re#ors spread fro# his #outh into her elly. %is lond stu le prickled her already sensitiJed inner It was like eing the star of her own se(y #ovie.” %e dipped his head and it her earlo e. it was Dane. nasty drea#s.processtext.” $he gave hi# what #ust have een a very feline s#ile and wrapped her legs around his waist. %e slid his ig hands under her ass and lifted her #ore fully into his #outh. #aking little hu#s of satisfaction. Keeley groaned and dug her fingers into his ass. her throat. %e lifted his face for a second. 2r. “Did that hurt)” he asked an(iously. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. licking and sucking as if she were the est treat ever. “What else)” %aving se( with Dane ca#e co#plete with its own soundtrack and narration.

ight)” “.eally) 7ou’d let #e do that to you in the office)” $he adopted . 2r.” he continued shouting her na#e several ti#es in a se("roughened voice. honey.” %e roared with laughter and #oved gently inside her again. %e collapsed on her in a puff of silk co#forter.” %er eyes sla##ed shut so he couldn’t see their sudden da#pness. a serious e(pression on his handso#e face. ABC Amber LIT Converter” “Why.” $he opened her eyes at his stern tone and he stared at her. “Keeley. his alls taut and hot in her hand.html . %er cli#a( spun and coiled until it roke her wide open and she fell apart under hi#. a y. she al#ost invited herself to Wisconsin so she could screw hi# silly in a arn.” $he lifted her hip and cupped his alls with one hand. $he opened her eyes again and tried to lighten the #ood.herry Whoever" she"is. :ook at #e. #uch to her displeasure. at the office0wherever. Bour cli#a(es in such a short ti#e was a record for her. pulsing. 2onday. %e raced hi#self over her ody. &hat’s no fantasy0 that’s who I a# in real life.” %e stopped thrusting.herry’s slightly reathless voice. we’ll have a fucking reak. “I plead the Bifth.” %i# #oving over her in a ig cushy ed of hay. “I’d let you do anything to #e.processtext.processtext. $he’d never heard it sound so wonderful. the only sound was their noisy reathing.” %e lifted one of her legs to rest on his shoulder and plunged deep. “:et’s #ake this clear0Dane Weiss is #aking love to Keeley Davis.” “%ey.html “&en o’clock.harlie. as if nothing ad could ever get past hi#. %e let go in the sa#e second and urst into her. 5(cept we’d e upstairs in the arn on a pile of hay. “$orry. %is weight was heavy ut co#forting. “4e haf vays of #aking you talk.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. Instead of a coffee reak. not wanting to get caught…for one craJy second. oh. Bor a couple #inutes. “. Keeley. %ere. . not . it sounds as if you’ve done that efore. and his sac tightened. Dane was rapidly approaching his own cli#a(.” %e gave a #oan.ight. “. Dane. “/hhh…I’ll say anything you want.” $he stroked hi# gently. groaning as the ase of his shaft hit her clit over and over again. #oving with the sa#e ferocity and deter#ination that she’d seen at the office protecting her fro# . “Keeley. $he wiggled a little to get hi# going again.ut Iso wanted to pretend I was in ed with a lusty far#hand. “7ou like that)” $he nodded.

com/abclit. ru ing her thu# s over his rown nipples.” %e ski##ed a hand across her cheek. “Well. %o son. $he rela(ed on his$. &hat was good. $he eckoned hi# in.harlie)” .” “I don’t #ean as . superconfident Dane wasn’t so self"assured when it ca#e to her.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “+s far as you want and further than you can i#agine. hu##ing under his reath. “+nd risk having to e(plain #y red wig) -o. . his erection still hot inside her.harlie’s office and waved cheerfully at 2rs. %e kissed the top of her head. 3ro a ly to tear hi# a new one a out #aking out with Keeley in the office. “Did you really have a date tonight)” $he lifted her head and s#iled at hi#. &hank goodness for 2idwestern thunderstor#s. “. %e realiJed it was +eros#ith’s “:ove in an 5levator” and grinned. . the secretary who’d een at .lose the door. taking her with hi#. %e passed y . playing with the golden" lond whorls of hair.” Dane narrowed his eyes. “What can I do for you today)” $he looked over her shoulder at .html . she felt herself lush. $he hadn’t lushed in years.html Binally Dane rolled onto his ack. “2r. thanks. $he sat up on his ody and gra ed two handfuls of hard pecs. I was too usy to date during ta( season and too tired after it. %e s#iled reassuringly at the older lady and walked past her into the inner office.” H D+-5 W+:K5D D/W-the office hallway 2onday #orning.inky’s grandson looked up fro# his paperwork.” “!od less the I. knowing the secretary would overhear their sure"to" e"loud discussion anyway. +#aJingly. “Keeley)” %is tone was studiedly casual. “I wouldn’t go that far.harlie’s inner office. $he wasn’t a sure thing any#ore.processtext. +s Keeley.” he said fervently.herry.” Dane shut it. and he co#plied.rothers for at least thirty years. “What’s up. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. %e groaned and thrust into her and she rotated her hips on hi#. Weiss. $o. %e sat in the visitor’s chair across the desk with a neutral e(pression on his face.ingha# .” “%ow farwill you go)” %e leered at her and tickled her sto#ach. $he giggled. you’re even #ore eautiful.ingha# wants to see you as soon as possi le.

com/abclit. %o son was well"preserved for her age and carefully dyed her hair straw erry" lond.harlie ticked off his argu#ents on his fingers. Dane shrugged. “7ou are opening this fir# to all sorts of pro le#s when you get se(ually involved with su ordinates.o#plaints to hu#an resources.ingha# . .rothers get urned in the process. “7ou don’t see #e #essing with #y secretary. she was old enough to e . .harlie realiJed the stupidity of what he said and turned even redder. not a Kuestion.” It was a state#ent. do you)” Dane was hard"pressed not to guffaw. +lthough 2rs. eing privately contracted y . .” Dane leaped to his feet and sla##ed his fists down as well. %is ne#esis was correct. “.harles +ndrew . “/f course not.” Keeley wasn’t technically an e#ployee. .html . “2ark #y words.” . 7ou don’t have to worry a out catching #e #essing with her.inky’s grandson should have #a*ored in theatre in college instead of usiness ad#inistration. 5ven if he lied and denied it. his face a out si( inches fro# .processtext.ut you are seeing her outside work. Weiss0the ones who will sleep with their osses will do *ust a out anything to co#e out on top.” .html . still spitting #ad.harlie shot to his feet and waggled his finger at Dane. If anything.processtext. for given his over lown dra#atics.inky. . “If it #akes you feel etter. “7ou know I’ll do it.” “.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” . that episode in the conference roo# on Briday was a oneti#e thing.harlie e(ploded and slapped the desk. and your grandfather will ack #e up.harlie wouldn’t elieve hi#. filings with the 5Kual 5#ploy#ent /pportunity .” he said i##ediately. “7ou know what I #ean1” %e paced ack and forth across the plush &urkish carpet that had pro a ly een unrolled y #inions of the first . Weiss1 $he’s the type of slutty gold digger that would string you along and then string us out to dry. “7ou are playing with fire and I don’t intend to see . . It was true. %e knows how disrespectful you are to wo#en.ingha# .o##ission.harlie’s angry one.harlie sputtered. ut Dane held fir#. Keeley was too good for hi#. “Da##it.ingha#. %undreds of #illions of dollars have een awarded to plaintiffs in se(ual harass#ent suits0do you want to see .harlie sto#ped after hi# and stood ne(t to 2rs.harlie’s #other. “We’re oth single adults. %o son’s desk.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.rothers ankrupted)” Dane sighed. I will eat the crap out of you.herry that again. civil lawsuits. %e continued. “If you ever call Kee0.ight here in the office.” “I don’t consider her #y su ordinate at all.” Dane straightened and walked out.ut I swear it won’t cause a pro le# for the co#pany.

“.harlie had drawn her into their ugliness. at least. .processtext. $he grudgingly did as he asked and walked to stand ne(t to hi#. $everal other staff #e# ers had witnessed . $he didn’t dare cry. :ooked like Dane had so#e 2onday #orning regrets. 2r. “.5kept straying away fro# her open files and to the co#puter clock. . %o son sat froJen. $he’d pro#ised Dane a special treat at ten o’clock 2onday.” %e sat ehind his ig desk. %er assess#ent of their #ale acri#ony as a pissing contest had een right on the #ark. Dane strode into the office. “What is it. 5ven her work couldn’t keep her #ind off %is strong ody spread on the fine 5gyptian cotton sheets at his condo.” . “7es)” “We need to talk. since the office gossip would fly a out her. %ow #any ti#es had he #ade her co#e as opposed to his own cli#a(es) + ratio of two"to" sorry he and . It figured. -u# ers.html .herry. her face pale and her #outh co#pressed into a tight line.processtext. Dane was afraid he and . $he stared at the co#puter screen.” “What)” %e looked startled. the nu# ers lurring a it. $preadsheets. Dane #outhed an apology. Well. $he closed her audit software and linked a couple ti#es efore *oining hi#. -ine"forty"five.” %e rushed past her into his own office and closed the door. his tone as usinesslike as it could e. ut wasn’t sure he’d take her up on it at the office. “%ello.harlie’s last words.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. 2iss $#ith. #ore likely. including his own secretary. not only for her own self" respect ut ecause her eyelash glue and #ascara would flood her cheeks.alculations. %ow #any ti#es would they #ake love efore they were finished with their pro*ect) /r finished with each other.herry)” %is voice ca#e over the interco#. &hey had drawn in Keeley as well. “If you’re going to reak things off. 2rs. at least have the decency to do it outside this office.harlie had oth peed on their shoes during this one. K55:57’$ !:+-. Weiss)” “3lease co#e in here.html Dane looked over his shoulder and shook his head.reak things off)” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. $he hadn’t seen hi# yet this #orning since he’d had #eetings scheduled.ats. I need to talk to you.

processtext. focusing his attention on her curvy &hey oth looked at it. “7ouwant to call it Kuits.” he whispered. and I still want you.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.html “&hat’s why you’re acting funny. I would have asked you out when the audit was over. %e’d need lead"lined underwear to keep fro# eing hu#iliated y his per#anent oner. ut do you want to)” $he leaned down. %ere and now. Keeley straightened and turned. -ow that he knew what she looked like naked. though you are. Dane.” &he ornate clock on the wall chi#ed ten.” $he traced a finger over the lapel of his charcoal *acket. ut when I kissed you Briday…” “Ikissedyou. walking in like you did.ingha# . Keeley said. + whole lot.harlie. ut it’s causing you unpleasantness. +nd not *ust ecause . “I had a nasty #eeting with . “I know you can.” “Is that all)” she scoffed. he was a goner at work. “It’s that ti#e. “-o. I thought us dating would e a good cover for our activities.” $he stroked his red silk tie up and down.” %e leaned ack in his chair and gave her a serious look. nothing ut professional detach#ent here at .processtext. “I can wait.harlie was there. $he s#iled. $he’d een on the receiving end of #ore gossip than he could i#agine. and fun was fun. $he was a te#p"tress. don’t you)” “-o.” he said ravely.html .com/abclit. Must eing close to her was #aking hi# craJy. 8ntil now. relieved. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “We need to stick with the original plan. I thought you did. I wanted you. not ecause you were the se(iest wo#an I’ve ever #et.” “Keeley. %e was trying to protect her reputation. why you called #e in here. “/f course not. and I don’t want to e(pose you to any #ore gossip than you already are. pro a ly at her levity. “+fter the weekend we had)” %e narrowed his eyes. they #ight start to wonder what Ia# doing here. +re you going to #ake #e reak #y pro#ise)” Dane caught her slender wrist gently. her low"cut top showing hi# fir# reasts encased in lack lace.” Work was work.rothers. %e frowned. that. re#inding hi# of her se(y pro#ise. sure she could feel his heart pounding under her hand. Bro# now on. If people don’t think I’# sleeping with you.” “/h. %e didn’t #i( the two. “%ave you ever done it at work)” %e couldn’t take his eyes off her reasts. “7ou should know I hired you for your Kualifications. isn’t it)” $he gave hi# a cool look. “I showed you all weekend how #uch I wanted you. devoid of any laughter they’d shared over the past three days.

“I love silk on a hard #an.html .ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. %is dick strained against the fa ric. Dane spun his chair and hurried after her. leaving only a green ri#. with Keeley wearing her red wig and overdone #akeup and clothes. %e stared at her. %er delicate touch nearly collapsed his knees and he raced hi#self on the sink. %e hooked his hands under her ar#s. “/h. with your hard cock showing your se(ual power. al#ost *u#ping free in its eagerness to reach her. and he hissed out a reath.” $he gently spread open the front of his shorts and coa(ed his penis through. Keeley…” %e was startled to hear the hoarse neediness in his voice. $he sat ack on her heels. +nd now. not caring at this point if the whole office heard the#.” $he shivered in arousal.” Without warning. she dropped to her knees in front of hi# and reached for his elt uckle. “7ou knew it wouldn’t. her pupils starting to dilate. Dane Weiss.” %er glossy red lips puckered and she kissed the tip of his shaft through the silk. was reduced to a weak"kneed wuss. dressed in that thousand"dollar Italian suit. over their long se("packed weekend. the sight of his dick sticking fro# his usiness suit decidedly strange.html $he gave hi# a sly s#ile. %er hot reath feathered through the fa ric. 3ro a ly ecause he was too usy taking her fro# a ove. &he cool office air hit his overheated flesh.o#e here. . “7ou are so se(y. “&hat didn’t take long. the epito#e of #ale usiness power. $o#ehow. Dane. $he was already leaning against the granite countertop and deli erately looked at his Jipper. a y. it was as if he had a different wo#an with hi#. -o touching. and let #e show you #y power. intending to set her on the sink and pound into her. e(posing his navy silk o(ers. Bor a second. well"known usiness hard"ass.” $he sauntered away and left the door a*ar.processtext. elow and ehind. she had never put her #outh on hi#. erasing his sense of disconnect. *ust stand there and let #e do the work. “I’ll e in your private athroo# freshening up.processtext. I et a ig #an like you needs the e(tra roo# in o(ers. and his erection flagged for a #o#ent. “7ou don’t have to do this.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.ut then she looked up with her rapt stare and plu#p -ow what are you going to do a out it)” “&his. $he ru ed her cheek over his cock like a kitten eing petted.” %e closed and locked the door ehind hi#.” %e caught her shoulders ut she ignored hi# and unfastened his pants. “Dane. gold cuff links and red silk tie. “.

Wonder what #ore would taste like)” %e shuddered in desire. $he #ust have not liked that since she gripped his alls a it tighter. the vi rations fluttering along his length. “2##. “$top talking. cupping and sKueeJing the#. . %e al#ost cried in disappoint#ent. Did you like #y alls slapping on you when we were fucking)” $he gave a little reathy #oan. . +ll that se( talk #akes #e craJy for you. %is hips thrust helplessly as she controlled his rhyth#. Keeley had slipped a finger ehind his alls and was pressing on an agoniJingly erotic undle of nerves.harlie anged on the athroo# door. #aking #ore fluid coat his tip. %e sighed in content#ent. “ she sucked his cock hard into her hot wet #outh and he egged his little heart out. %is entire world shrunk to his thro ing erection slipping in and out of her te#pting #outh. controlled his arousal. &hey were eager to pleasehi#. suck #e. /h. sweetheart)” $he nodded.processtext. looks like I’ll find out. a y. don’t stop.processtext. working hi# with her lips. 7ou’re not in charge now.egged her) %e never egged wo#en to do anything. “$orry.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” “&his is for you. %er hot #outh #oved slowly up and down.harlie heard hi#. %e gripped the countertop for dear life. I won’t do it any#ore.” he egged her. “/h. oh. “7u#.” $he darted out her pink tongue and licked a ead off the slit.html . too.ingha#’s irate ellow. he’d know e(actly what Dane was ABC Amber LIT Converter if he ca#e and .” $he spiraled her tongue around his lood"purpled head. “Weiss1” Dane’s eyes flew open at .” “In charge)” “7ou know what I #ean.” “It does)” %e started to grin. as she wrapped her hand around the ase where her #outh didn’t reach. all for you. “I like it. her grip tightening slightly. Weiss)” Dane didn’t dare reathe.html $he enfolded her red lips around hi# and all his so"called power went down the drain. I’ll do anything you want. .harlie . Keeley’s lips spread in a sly s#ile and resu#ed speed. knowing this was arousing her al#ost as #uch as hi#. Dane. no. “+re you in there. tongue and even teeth as she let hi# know who was oss now. ut she stopped and lifted her #outh fro# hi#. %e looked at his cock and she had #arked hi# with her red lipstick and it was the se(iest thing he’d ever seen. %e tensed. he’d know. no. Dane it ack a groan of renewed e(cite#ent. $he slid her other hand under his alls. teetering on the edge of orgas#. “7ou like playing with #e. Keeley glared at hi#.” $he didn’t.

%aving a #ind" lowing orgas# into his se(y pseudosecretary’s #outh with his i##ediate supervisor in the ne(t roo# was definitely a career first for Dane. he turned to face the #irror and reeled in shock. co#ing hard…he shuddered and gasped silently.” %is knees weakened all over again.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. I #ight get so#e lipstick on your collar. . se(y Keeley.processtext. take #e. %is face was sweaty and al#ost purple fro# iting ack his cries. “7ou aren’t saying anything. I could eat you up./h.processtext.html . he was co#ing.. co#ing.” $he washed and dried her hands riskly. “+lthough I think #ost of it wiped off so#ewhere else. Dane Jipped as est as he could and stared at his gri# e(pression. spilling helplessly into Keeley’s welco#ing #outh. Keeley licked the corners of her #outh. %is #akeup"s#eared dick still *utted through the fly of his da#p o(er shorts and was sensitive to the point of pain.” $he laughed $o #uch for his hotshot talk a out not #i(ing usiness with pleasure. as he realiJed trying to clean off $uperstay lipstick with paper towels that he planned to hide in the a solute otto# of the waste asket. ut “delicious” was a first. yes. on a 2onday #orning. “If you see 2r. +fter she slipped out the athroo# door. he did it in a ig way. Dane could only pant and cling to the sink for several seconds after . %e was anything ut fine. “I’ll go fi( #y lipstick and get you a cup of coffee fro# the reak roo#. a y. “Whoops. Keeley had certainly shown hi# who was oss. “7ou’re delicious.html doing. +nd we oth know that’s unusual. leaving se( out of the office and in the edroo#. &hat should give you enough ti#e to get to your desk. $he swallowed hi# easily. and it wasn’t Dane Weiss. e(cept of course for the . %e could have used his private shower ut had no change of clothes and was afraid the staff #ight wonder why their new controller needed a shower at E@N@@ a. %e’d een called lots of things. $he looked great.harlie left. It was a lie. +nd the frightening thing was.” he #uttered. %is steps faded as he left. e(cept for so#e s#eared lipstick. oh.harlie part. +nd eating hi# up) %ot da#n. his hair sticking up in da#p clu#ps. Weiss.harlie called to so#eone passing the office. tell hi# I want to see hi# right away. never let #e go. Dane./8:D-’&keep a ig grin off her face as she strolled through the rows of cu icles ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. /kay)” %e nodded du# ly. “Dane) +re you all right)” Keeley stood and looked at hi# in concern.#. +rrogant $/. When Dane went off the rails. he couldn’t wait for her do it again.” he #anaged to” “I’# fine. K55:57 . suck #e dry…. $he went on tiptoe to hug hi# and started to kiss hi# efore pulling ack. his *uices #aking his dick slide even #ore.

well.” “-o.” “+in’t that a hey. “&hat’s right.” $he caught sight of the clock. “$ee. I have a friend you can talk with. I know this great ar ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” “%##.” &eddy turned her ack to Keeley and lifted her ponytail. $o#eday.” “I figured.oy. I’# &eddy. ut I’# learning a lot fro# these geeJers. .herry. I’# at e(tension DFA if you ever want to go out after work. a charcoal"gray usiness pantsuit with a white louse under it.o in accounting was always co#plaining a out his kids’ college tuition ills. . “I suppose people can dig the#selves out of their #oney pro le#s. &eddy shrugged.” &eddy leaned in close. I *ust crush #y sense of personal individuality to #ake a oatload of cash to pay off #y student loan vultures. I’ve got #ore where this one ca#e fro#. $aid he inherited so#e #oney fro# an aunt. e(pensive wives and e(pensive girlfriends0so#eti#es all four at once.ingha#"approved attire. “. I’# . %er lond hair was clipped into a ponytail at the nape of her neck.ut hey.” “. ut he *ust got ack fro# a fancy 5uropean .html . “7ou’d think so. “7ou’re the new controller’s assistant. &eddy sighed.” Keeley couldn’t help ut laugh.” . “7ou and #e oth.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.y the way.processtext.o fro# accounting was a out to have his financial records turned upside down. I wish I had a rich aunt.” Keeley fished around. .iviera cruise.” “. e(pensive ho#es. you should see the one right a ove #y ass. so#eday we’ll have loads of #oney and we can look ack and wonder how we ever worked here.html toward the office kitchen where the coffee was usually fresh.ool. +nyone who was roke efore now and isn’t now)” “7eah.ack to the salt #ines. $he’d had her hair uJJed short a couple inches a ove her nape and a hollow"eyed skull tattoo sat right elow her a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.” Keeley cocked her head in surprise to hear such heresy. you’re not the only re el around here. “!lad you like it. Working at the Binancial Bir# of the :iving Dead isn’t a drea# co#e true. thanks.” &alkative &eddy could e a gold #ine of infor#ation. -ot #any wo#en would dare wear a fun outfit like yours to a #orgue like this.processtext. right)” Keeley turned to see a petite wo#an dressed in . . “&hen you can #ake a ton of #oney and throw it around like the #en here #ust do. “/h.” &eddy and $ugar would e a perfect fit. “If you think that tat’s cool.” “:ook #e up when you’re ready. $he carried Dane’s giant 8niversity of Wisconsin #ug to the sink and rinsed out the dregs of his first cup of the day. ut #ost of these guys have e(pensive cars. I’ll start #y own fir#. funny you should #ention that.

” &eddy winked at her as she poured herself a cup of coffee.” &he other person #ust have agreed to an e(tension ecause !lenn thanked hi# fervently efore hanging up.” “I know the type.o had access ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. . $he’d never done anything so wild.processtext. I wouldn’t touch #ost of the younger guys here with a ten"foot cattle prod.” “&hat’s right. I’d like to get together.” Keeley already had her own superhot guy. ut &eddy would e fun to hang out with. e(cited to tell Dane of the new avenues for their investigation ut didn’t see hi# at his desk. ut Keeley was stunned herself. Keeley carried the coffee #ug plus so#e sugar and stirrers out of the kitchen.3+ graduation. and elieve #e.processtext. “-o. that was okay. $he knew now that Dane liked his coffee sweet. $he knelt and slowly gathered coffee stirrers as !lenn continued.” Keeley laughed. I’ll have your #oney. I pro#ise. don’t do that. “.html with superhot guys whodon’t work here. “Dane)” $he poked her head into his athroo#. %e nodded ack. 3lease. %e #ust have een using his secretary’s phone in the outer office.html . ut he was gone. B7I.all #e at Dane Weiss’s office. &he look on his face when she’d finished pleasuring hi# with her #outh could only e descri ed as stunned. +side fro# $ugar and a couple of girls fro# the :ove $hack. $he approached !lenn the controller’s office and was surprised to hear his voice pleading with so#eone over the phone. :ost in thought a out Dane as well as her ne(t step in investigating nouveau"riche . Keeley hadn’t hung out with anyone since her . Keeley turned ack to the coffee #achine and filled Dane’s giant #ug with the last of the coffee. Keeley hurried ack to her office. $he caught !lenn’s eyes as she passed and nodded politely. “I understand I’ve put you in a ad position. I’ll #ake it up to you.o . *ust a few #ore days. you work for hi#. his face still tense and drawn. “I can understand if you’re too usy to go out.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. ut well within hearing.” “Will do. so wanton. so she usied herself #aking a new pot.unch of $he wanted to give hi# so#e ti#e to recover. Must let #e know. Well.” Keeley strategically dropped her sugar packets and coffee stirrers onto the floor *ust out of visual range. $he would get started on the high"end accounts !lenn and . “I’ll #ake” &eddy lifted her #ug in a toast and left the kitchen. 2y wife will divorce #e if this doesn’t go through. Keeley finished picking up her supplies and found a trashcan for the stirrers.

ABC Amber LIT Converter to. Beeling energiJed, Keeley logged into her software and went to work. When Dane got ack, she could show hi# they were finally #aking progress. Dane didn’t reappear until close to one o’clock. “%ello, 2r. Weiss.” %is e(pression was as stor#y as the evening they’d gotten stuck in the elevator. “;o#e into the office, please, ;herry.” $he stood and followed hi#. %e closed the door ehind her. “What’s going on, Dane)” %ad ;harlie overheard Dane in the athroo#) Keeley hadn’t #eant to cause such a potentially co#pro#ising situation, ut she had also wanted to regain so#e of the control she’d given up y #aking love with Dane. %e gave her a sour look. “;harlie, either in his infinite wisdo# or else #ore likely petty revenge, has infor#ed #e I a# going to :ondon on the red"eye tonight. I won’t e ho#e until $aturday.” “/h.” -o fun with Dane for the ne(t five days. “L/h’ is right. I don’t want to go, ut I can’t refuse.” $he nodded. “It would look strange. +fter all, he is your oss for the ti#e eing.” “+nd how is your pro*ect co#ing) Do you have anything yet)” “.inky got #e copies of ;harlie’s financial records, ut they’re co#plicated thanks to all his invest#ents and inheritances. I did find several large cash withdrawals starting right after the new year. ;harlie’s a creature of ha it, so they stick out.” $he also filled hi# in on !lenn’s and .o ’s #oney situations. “;all the 3.I. and get hi# to pull their ank records.” %e leaned close to her. “;o#e with #e tonight. %ave you ever seen :ondon)” :ondon) %er only trip outside Illinois had een across the river to $t. :ouis. “I’d love to, ut…” %is lue eyes lost their sparkle. “ “It’s not that I don’t want to go. I can’t. I don’t have a passport,” she ad#itted al#ost sha#efully. “,eally)” $he shook her head. %e’d pro a ly worn out several passports fro# all his traveling.

ABC Amber LIT Converter

ABC Amber LIT Converter %e rested his hand on her shoulder. “Would you have co#e with #e otherwise, sweet Keeley)” “+ solutely.” /f course, considering how craJy they were for each other, they pro a ly wouldn’t have seen #uch of :ondon, ut… %e groaned and sKueeJed her ar#. “I’# going to #iss you.” “2e, too.” $he looked at his handso#e face and a lu#p of disappoint#ent hardened in her chest. %e s#iled at her. “Don’t look at #e like that, or I #ay tell ;harlie to take his :ondon trip and stick it.” “:ook at you like what)” $he’d tried her est to hide her growing feelings for hi#. %e ru ed his thu# daringly across her cheek ones. “With your sad green eyes.”

$he gave what sounded even to her an unconvincing laugh. “;o#e on, Dane, it’s only for a few days. I have plenty to keep #e usy while you’re gone0;harlie’s accounts and now .o ’s and !lenn’s.” “!ood.” -ow it was his turn to look unco#forta le. “I know we didn’t have a chance to discuss this yet, and I certainly don’t want to #ake things awkward, ut0” he took a ig reath “0you should know I a# not planning to look up any old girlfriends or see anyone while we’re in this kind of a relationship.” “What kind of a relationship do you #ean)” %e caught her teasing tone and rela(ed. “+ hot, se(y relationship where we can’t keep our hands off each other and can’t stop thinking a out each other.” “I agree.” +s if any other #an she #et would #easure up to Dane. &hey spotted 2rs. %o son passing the office and Dane pulled his hand off her. “Bine. 3erhaps you could do a favor for #e while I’# away on usiness, 2iss $#ith.” “Water your plants) .ring in your #ail)” “-ot Kuite.” %e handed her a key chain, lowering his voice. “+s soon as #y plane touches down at /’%are $aturday, I’# going to call you. I want you to go to #y place and wait for #e naked in #y ed. Will you do that for #e)” 5ntranced, she could *ust nod wordlessly. “$weetheart, knowing I’ll e with you as soon as I get ho#e will e the only thing that gets #e through this trip.”

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ABC Amber LIT Converter

Inadvertently, she glanced at the athroo# door, and he followed her stare. “I wish I could, a y, ut I have to go ho#e and pack for #y flight.” “I understand.” $he did understand, #entally sending ;harlie .ingha# to the devil. “$tay safe, Dane. I’ll see you $aturday.” “:eave your phone on ecause you’ll e hearing fro# #e.” %e stared at her #outh. “;onsider yourself kissed good ye. I’ll #ake it up to you $aturday.” “.ye, Dane.” $he #ade her way to her own desk, cheerfully waving hi# off when he left a couple #inutes later. &he rest of the workweek stretched ahead of her in a #ind"nu# ing, se(ually arren ore. +fter several #inutes staring lankly at her #onitor, Keeley reflected on the downside of eing good with nu# ers. &hat #eant she could figure pretty #uch to the hour how long Dane would e away fro# her. &hat was a distur ing idea. :ess than three days after first sleeping with the #an and she was counting the #inutes until his return. /f course after they finished .inky’s audit, Dane would e off on another *o and Keeley would easily e a le to calculate when he would co#e ack. -ever. I “I%+45-’& .55- /45,since you painted your place, Keeley.” $ugar Mones looked around the living roo# as she lounged on Keeley’s red"cushioned futon &uesday night. “Who would think that purple walls would go so nicely with the red)” Keeley looked up fro# the reakfast ar where she was arranging so#e ha# #ini"Kuiches and puff pastries stuffed with feta and spinach. “I painted it last &hanksgiving weekend. 7ou really haven’t een over since then)” “-ope.” %er friend shook her head, accepting a straw erry #argarita fresh fro# the lender. “We’ve #ostly seen each other at #y loft or your office.” Keeley went to the kitchen and carried the appetiJer tray to her glass"topped chro#e coffee ta le. “I’# sorry a out that. I never realiJed I was eco#ing such a her#it.” $ugar waved her apology away and snagged a Kuiche. “Don’t worry a out it, Keel. I know you were super usy with your usiness, and I had a pretty heavy course load this past se#ester anyway. /nly one #ore se#ester to go for #y 2.+.” “!ood for you.” Keeley, etter than any ody, knew how hard it was to work her way through school, especially dancing craJy hours late into the night.

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hicago.harlie. %er friend would return tothat su *ect.html “I’# going to start a consulting usiness focusing on the entertain#ent industry here in .hicago 8niversity sweatshirt. pro a ly the est #ale dancer in the world. ars. &hat’s okay. %e’s paying #e a undle to look through all these invoices. It’s worse than looking for a needle in a haystack0there #ay e a needle.hercheJ la fe##e. $ugar laughed.processtext.” Keeley called fro# the kitchen.$ or the real ones)” Keeley asked dryly. she was sure. ank state#ents and reKuisition reKuests. ut I haven’t found anything conclusive” $ugar stated. or there #ay not e. -ightclu s. or the needle is in the haystack near the cow arn instead of in the field. “Is that a new poster. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “&he truth is.” $ugar eyed her with a#use#ent.” 5asy for .” “Don’t worry a out the #oney.” Keeley it into her puff and rushed pastry cru# s off her green . %ow’s it going.ut I haven’t even found if thefts are occurring. several upper"#anage#ent guys. it could e al#ost anyone0 .ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” “Which set of ooks) &he ones for the I. pro a ly even so#e people I have no idea a out. honey. “It #eans L:ook for the wo#an. I can’t even i#agine where all these far# #etaphors are popping up fro#.inky to say0he had plenty of dough. +re you interested in #ore accounting clients) 7ou’re a out the only one I know who can #ake heads or tails out of so#e of those ooks. “I take it you’ll pass. %e’s dancing&he -utcracker even the strip clu s. “.” “7a think) . the . she had taken off her unco#forta le clothes and i##ediately changed into sweats and fuJJy socks. I’# #aking so#e progress ut this really needs a tea# of auditors since there are at least three su *ects to investigate. y the way)” “It’s going okay. Keel)” $ugar stood and wandered over to the wall. you’ll have #ore usiness than you can handle. “7ep.inky starts reco##ending you to #ore of his uddies.processtext.’ 7ou and I oth know we ladies are severely underesti#ated y the #asculine se(. “What)” Keeley had studied $panish in school. +s soon as she ca#e ho#e fro# work. /nce . .inky told #e he doesn’t care how #uch it costs to find the truth. “It’s 2ikhail . picking up a spinach puff. “2y goodness.aryshnikov.” &he oven ti#er eeped and Keeley gladly hopped up to get the #inipiJJas. not Brench.” $he shoved the piJJas off the piJJa stone onto a platter to *oin the other snacks.ussian allet dancer.html .that’s what I always say.

” “Whydon’t you dance any#ore. #y !od1” Keeley sKuealed. $ugar. in so#e of those troupes you could pro a ly lift the #en and call it cutting"edge choreography.” “Workinglong andhard) 3ounding away at the sheets) /ops. %ell. tights. Were you working on .” she “2ay e so#e other ti#e.” $he’d loved her allet lessons until she’d grown too tall and too usty for her instructor’s liking.” $ugar said slyly.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. &hen 2ada#e :ud#illa had suggested she *oin the high school po#"po# sKuad. %er spande( skirts could take it. “I’# serious. Keeley) I don’t #ean at the clu . “I tried to call you over the weekend to see if you wanted to go out.” “+re you kidding. “$o youdid take #y advice regarding the ig. rawny 2r.html $ugar gave her a wicked glance over her #argarita glass. :essons.” “I’d give anything to dance with hi#.” “7ep. the whole thing. is he rawny everywhere)” “/h. $ugar) %ave you ever seen a si("foot"tall allerina) I’# taller than all these guys and weigh #ore than the# to oot.processtext.hrist#as tree.” $ugar tucked her foot under her and sat on the futon. “Is that the na#e of the allet or his tights)” “$ugar1” Keeley couldn’t help giggling. I #ean spreadsheets. Weiss. recitals.” Keeley de#onstrated that y loading her plate with treats. %er friend whooped in laughter. “7ou think our dancing outfits are so#ething) &hat guy’s package is wrapped tighter than a gift under the . 2iss $#arty"3ants) &he guys don’t have to heft you around. I’ve got a lot on #y plate. /ld ag. “7ou ever hear of #odern dance. pressing her glass to her cheeks. “7ou #ust e very usy.” “With Dane Weiss. “Well)” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.processtext. I #ean real dancing. ut all I got was your voice #ail.’s pro*ect)” “7ep. Keeley. crushing her classical dance hopes.html . “$ugar…” Keeley’s face heated.” $ugar lew on a #inipiJJa to cool it. &ell #e.

ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “What pieces)” “&onight. her eyes twinkling. “. 5specially his sister.html “7es.” she #uttered.” $he shook her head in #ock sadness.” Keeley figured it was ti#e for $ugar to get a little teasing ack. so to speak.” she announced grandly. “%e went to :ondon 2onday afternoon and won’t e ho#e until $aturday.ridget really does not want to know a thing a out her rother’s se( life.processtext. “When it co#es to #en. $he tried to frown at $ugar’s peals of laughter ut a ig.ut don’t you dare say anything to anyone. “5at.” $ugar nodded knowingly.” “/h. you have hi# stuck here in . drink and e #errywithout #en.all $ugar for co#pany. “I prefer to think of it as a girls’ night in.” “/h.” “%oney1” $ugar gave her a shocked look.harlie sent Dane to 5ngland. “-o way1 %e’s so uptight he pro a ly sKueaks when he out of town) .inky wouldn’t have #inded you guys taking a couple days off during the audit.harlie loves to wreck every ody’s fun.” “.” $ugar scoffed.” Keeley fought ack unreasona le disappoint#ent. &he puJJle pieces fall into place.processtext. “&hat .hicago for as long as the audit takes. I see. “.html . “Why on earth is the #an in :ondon anyway) %e should have offered to take you. “+ ooty call)” Keeley sputtered into her cran erry #artini. yeah. &he old guy’s a ro#antic at heart. . I a# the soul of discretion. so take advantage of hi#. flying in for a rief layover and flying out. 3ro a ly needs to get laid.inky takes #e out on the town. Which egs the Kuestion0why a# I here tonight and not the #agnificent Dane)” Keeley stretched her legs and crossed her ankles. +lthough I do like un uttoning a uttoned"up #an…. %e has a cow every ti#e . I have een reduced to the infa#ous ackup plan. after all. I a# the platonic eKuivalent of a ooty call. cheesy grin spread over her face. you’re real #erry without Dane.” $ugar lapsed into a rief reverie while Keeley watched her speculatively.” “/h. “/n the other hand. .ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. and I couldn’t go ecause I don’t have a passport.” “7ou offering) %e’s not ad"looking. +ccording to her. +nd esides. he’s a strictly te#porary” Keeley poured her another drink.” $ugar pursed her lips. $he had known that fro# the first.

as it were. We were *ust. $ugar. ut Dane’s a real straight arrow. you know)” $ugar #ade a road gesture. so I hop in or out.together for a few days efore he left. and he was always respectful to the girls.” Must ecause $ugar en*oyed a life in the spotlight.ingha# .html .” “I don’tneed to tell hi# the truth. apply for a rush"*o passport. no reason to get snippy. I’ll tell hi# I used to e a stripper when you tell #e your real first na#e.” %er *oke helped lighten the #ood and they oth laughed.” “What does Dane think a out that)” $ugar ate another #iniKuiche. + #an like hi# is easy ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. I’# thinking of painting the kitchen a really retro aKua. I re#e# er hi# fro# when he used to drive .html %er friend shook her head and snapped out of it. the whole truth and nothing ut the truth. If Dane asks you on another trip.processtext. you know. -o ig deal. okay. -utcracker over there)” Keeley shrugged. “-ot even when he picks you up or drops you off)” “-ope. I pro a ly helped destroy a good part of the oJone layer with all those aerosol cans. I can understand eing cautious with a guy when you’re firsttogether. “%e doesn’t think anything a out either of the#. I’# not under oath with hi#. horrified to tell anyone her real na#e. “!ive #e a reak. 3arking’s een a real pro le# lately. ” “Why do you think I changed the su *ect)” Keeley retorted. “/kay.rothers recogniJes you with your old wig. I *ust don’t want you to get sand agged if so#eone fro# . ut she still didn’t want to think a out Dane in the strip clu s. didn’t #ean Keeley did.ut we were talking a outyou.” “7ou haven’t invited hi# in ecause of lack of parking)” $ugar crinkled her nose. “+nd what does he think of $o#e of those guys are real aficionados and #ight re#e# er you and your whipped"crea#” $ugar was like .inky as a driver< odyguard< a ysitter while he went to school. “. I slept with the guy for the first ti#e last Briday. “-o. %e knows I worked in a ar"type place ut I #ade it see# like I was a ookkeeper or waitress or so#ething like that. “:ook.” $ugar’s eyes widened.” “Bine. he had worked for . “+nd for heaven’s sake. “%ave you told hi#. %e’s never een here.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.u#plestiltskin in that regard. $ugar helped herself to another #argarita fro# the purple glass pitcher.go.processtext.” +ccording to $ugar’s previous de riefing. “5nough a out that. actually kept his hands to hi#self. suddenly not hungry.inky to the clu s. “%ow you got through school)” Keeley set down her puff.” “-ot Kuite the whole truth.” “8gh.

o 0 ingo. “%ey. &he 3. “+in’t that the truth.html .ight. 7ou’re on your own.” “%i#) What a out #e)” Keeley cried indignantly.processtext.I. “I didn’t have se( for a whole eighteen #onths previously and nowI’# cut off1” It was Keeley %er #eandering was actually purposeful as she was ai#ing toward the accounting depart#ent. Dirk0 et he thought he was all that and a ag of chips. she’d never even done “girl” stuff onstage.” It was one of the #ore tenacious losers who had crowded around her desk for several days after her arrival at . . Meff.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. 2ark./8!%the office Wednesday #orning during the ten o’clock reak as she sipped her #ug of coffee. “+nd for the record. &eddy’s tip had een a good starting point. Keeley had never een to accounting efore. not wanting to track down all the .” “I do.herry. there.” Keeley replied sourly. De ie0wow.hicago who had an aunt die so#ewhere in the world so#eti#e in the past year or so.ingha# . “$orry. “&hings get so co#plicated when se( co#es into the picture. Mohn.” K55:57 W+-D5. ut it #atched what she’d seen in other ig co#panies0rows of cu icles in the center with #anage#ent’s offices on the peri#eter.ill.5D &%. “. the whole girl thing doesn’t do it for #e at all. $he strolled up and down the aisles. sweetie. Keeley tried to see if there were any recent vacation photos featuring hi# on a cruise. if you know what I #ean.o s in .” a #ale voice said ehind her. . I wasn’t propositioning you.html pickings. an actual fe#ale na#e.” 8nlike $ugar.o s in accounting. Despite what I #ay do onstage. 7ou got hi# all se(ed up and now he’s cut off. . 5ven . “%ey.inky didn’t have enough #oney to pay for an investigator like that. irrita le and lying awake at night for lack of hi#. “.o wasn’t in his cu icle. o viously needed a last na#e. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “!ood1” $ugar tipped ack her drink and s#acked her lips. right)” &he dark"haired guy leaned casually on the cu icle wall.processtext. don’t they)” Keeley stuffed a puff into her #outh and nodded in agree#ent. you know. trying to spot na#eplates. $he’d een twitchy. u##…” $he couldn’t re#e# er his na#e. ut there were at least three . .

!otta get ack to work. “I heard his aunt *ust died.” Dirk shrugged. $he strolled off toward . I guess she wanted hi# to see the old country and left hi# #oney for a cruise to Italy.o . “2ay e. “$o how do you take your coffee)” Dirk the Drip used his inane Kuestion as an e(cuse to give her the once"over with his eyes.o 3etrocelli. ut with war# rown eyes. 3etrocelli would e #uch easier to track.o )” %e pointed into the cu icle. “. &his . “I take #y coffee strong. “$o#ething like that. 2r.o 3etrocelli)” “7es)” %e was a #ore serious version of his vacation picture.o ’s cu icle. “.o ) &his . &hat’s .o who *ust got ack fro# a 5uropean cruise. + photo of a #iddle"aged guy and fa#ily in front of the . and thank goodness his last na#e wasn’t $#ith or Mones.” %is e(pression was priceless.herry $#ith.” %e pointed at the cu icle ne(t to .olosseu# plus a funeral 2ass card tacked up in loving #e#ory of Brancesca 2aria 3etrocelli De :uca. “-ice to see you again.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” “/h.processtext. Weiss’s I help you)” Keeley spun around.” $he e(a#ined hi# for flinching or other signs of guilt.html “Dirk.o ’s. If he’s the . “I’# . “. $he nodded sy#pathetically. ut his desk held pay dirt. I heard you *ust got ack fro# Italy and was wondering if you would reco##end the ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. slightly alding with a spare tire.processtext.” Dirk got the hint.” %e gestured toward the ack of the depart#ent.” %e went into his cu icle and stared intently at the screen. I #et hi# his first week. yes. “/h.o#an . %e sits over in the far corner. Does he need anything)” “-o. %is e(pression was cal#. “.” $ounded plausi le. Keeley didn’t know whether to laugh or chuck the contents over hi#.o was #issing as . What rings you to our neck of the woods)” “I’# here to see .

3lease check for all your possessions. ut if . even going as far as to write down the cruise line’s na#e and his travel agent’s phone nu# er.” %er voice softened and tre# led a tiny it. We had a wonderful ti#e. thanks a lot. “5veryone should see Italy efore they die.I./25 &/. %e wasn’t Kuite sure &he local ti#e is nineteen hundred hours or DN@@ p. &he sooner he deplaned. his desire for her had grown.processtext.hicago’s /’%are International +irport. we had the chance. Will you #eet #e at #y place)” “Dane. his ig fingertips fu# ling over the keys in his eagerness to call Keeley. %e had een drea#ing a out co#ing ho#e to her the whole past week in 5ngland.o#e ho#e to #e as soon as you can.ritish passenger coughed politely ehind hi#. Where he always wanted to go.html . “+ solutely. %o#e to Keeley. *ust as Dane had hoped.processtext. ut had oth stayed away fro# any personal conversation y tacit In his case. &hank you for flying with us. “W5:.html co#pany you went with. ut he didn’t want to see# pathetic.” &he ca in attendant clicked off the seat elt sign and Dane gra ed for his cell phone.” %e chattered a out .eing without her had #ade :ondon see# like the #ost oring urg in rural +#erica. &he thought stopped hi# as suddenly as if it were a suitcase falling onto his head.o 3etrocelli was lying. %e’d e sure to check it out thoroughly.o . Keeley was a natural redhead. “Well. /ne . 7ou’ll never e the sa#e. Keeley answered on the first ring. longing"type stuff out ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. %e hoped not. &hey had e"#ailed usiness files ack and forth the past several days.” Keeley s#iled. 2ay e she could take :acey for a college graduation present in a few years.” %e waved off her thanks. .” %e had to raise his voice to e heard over the other transatlantic passengers gathering their gear. “Where are you)” “/’%are airport. and Dane snapped out of his stupor. panting long"distance after a wo#an he’d only een involved with for a few days. .ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. a y. the sooner he’d e with Keeley and get all this sappy.” $he hung up. reviewing the new infor#ation she could pass on to the 3. I’# already here. . “%ello)” “It’s #e. I appreciate it. and we look forward to serving you again. “Dane. concourse 2.” %is face lit up. 2ay e her feelings had cooled and she didn’t know how to gracefully du#p hi#. &hanks to #y dear aunt’s legacy.#.o#e and Blorence. $he left accounting. $he had let herself in to his fancy condo an hour earlier after checking his flight status online. she shucked off her ro e and cli# ed naked into Dane’s ed. -o har#. :ikethat would help. $he’d never waited naked for a #an in his ed efore.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. she’d only have spent a week or so as his lover. /nce her lotion had soaked in.” Dane agreed. I don’t.” %e un uttoned his ru#pled lue shirt and kicked his shoes off.areful. Keeley)” “Were you gone)” she asked with #ock surprise. ut decided to wait for Dane. “Keeley)” his aritone voice called. right. and Keeley should e(plain her ackground to hi#. &hat way. “What are you wearing)” “$o#e glittery lotion and a s#ile.” $he clutched his heavy golden silk edding to her are reasts as his footsteps thudded through the condo. his lond hair adora ly #ussed y the spring winds. %e stopped in the doorway in his tan cash#ere coat.ut she found herself doing things ecause of Dane that she hadn’t +s the spicy"scented u les caressed her ody. $he had een too antsy to do any #ore work. 7eah. no foul. hot ath in the whirlpool tu . “.ight here. “2y favorites. . partly fro# nerves. so she’d taken a long.” &he steward caught his el ow. if he got upset a out it.html . 2ostly ecause she had never wanted to for anyone else. “Did you #iss #e. “Where are you)” “. $he turned off the crystal chandelier and the flickering candlelight #ade the roo# coJy and war# instead of rilliant and sharp.” %e shrugged his e(pensive coat to the floor and egan undressing. $he rushed her hair and applied so#e glittery scented lotion. &he sheets were chilly on her skin and she shivered. anticipating his return. she’d een te#pted to take the edge off her desire. Ball on the concourseor fall for Keeley. Dane had arrived and called her *ust as he said he would. . Dane.” “-o.html of his syste#. “7ou don’t want to fall. lighting several #atching scented candles in Dane’s edroo#. a grin spreading over his face. he stu# led over the uneven walkway.” $he grinned at hi#.aught up in his thoughts.processtext. K55:57 %8-! 83her cell phone and fought the urge to *u#p in glee. sir. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “7ouare here. &he front door opened with a thud. 2ay e $ugar was right.

$he already had three tucked under her pillow. . you1” Keeley urst out laughing while Dane pulled a condo# fro# his nightstand. %e shoved down his pants and o(ers and stalked toward the ed. “I pro#ise.” she hastily corrected. “7ou are so eautiful. “7ou’re gonna get it now.” $he shook her head. “I distinctly re#e# er leaving you unfulfilled. “2ay e) .” %e #oved in her again.urse you.a y. “/h. I oughta have #y head e(a#ined for going away. “7ou’re already wet.” %e sheathed hi#self.ingha#. Keeley sighed in pleasure and wrapped her ar#s around his neck.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. give #e a reak. $he’d een a #ope since he was gone. $itting in #eetings with stuffy 5nglish usinesspeople wondering what se(y outfit you were wearing to work and i#agining how Kuickly I could take you out of it. you cruel astard.” she whispered.” “/nly due to #y iron will.” %e ent and kissed her on the #outh.” %e guided hi#self to her folds and eased into her. I #ean. “. $he was Kuivering in anticipation as he yanked the covers off and practically drooled over her naked Keeley. I thought of you. %e stopped. :ooks like you eat #e to the punch. “2ore than Kuite a lot.” $he hooked her legs around his calves.harlie . didn’t you)” “-o.” “I guess I’ll take LKuite a lot’ as the right answer.” &hat hit too close to the #ark. “2ay e. =uite a lot. not for a while anyway. powerfully erect. Were you thinking a out #e)” %e pressed in farther.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” $he closed her eyes in liss.html “Was I gone)” %e stopped un uckling his elt and shook his head in dis elief. I’ve een frightening the good citiJens of :ondon with #y inappropriate hard"ons for the past week and all you can give #e is a L#ay e’)” $he opened her eyes and giggled. “+ll the ti#e.html .processtext.processtext. -ow I’# not going to #ove an inch until you tell #e you were thinking a out #e all “Don’t go away again. I et you counted the #inutes until I got ack. “7es. $he hadn’t counted the #inutes0#ore like the hours. too. “I’ve spent the whole week thinking how to #ake it up to you. “7ou werenot walking around :ondon with a hard"on. %e Kuickly eased her to a se#i"reclining position on the #ountain of pillows and positioned hi#self etween her thighs. how did I ever leave you)” %e turned north and shook his fist in the air. $he dug her fingers into his shoulders.

yeah. %is thu# s rushed over her nipples and she clenched his cock.ecause I i#agined you hot and wet a ove #e.ide #e. &he perfu#e of the candles and their love#aking filled the air. “/h. “2e. too. . -ot *ust physically. “/h. ack inside her. %e stroked her ass and sKueeJed while his other hand found her clit. “7es. $he #ust have inadvertently tightened her grip on hi# ecause he ca#e with a groan. “$e(y Keeley. his alls lifting and pulsing under her hand.html “. teasing and pulling at her nipples until they were as hard and thro ing as Dane’s cock deep inside her.processtext.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” &he words were al#ost dragged fro# hi# unwillingly. a y. “.com/abclit. $he rode hi# until he was gasping for #ercy and collapsed onto hi#. her orgas# pounding through her as the pent"up se(ual frustration of the past week roke free. %is fingers dug into her hips and his face tightened.processtext. “Did you i#agine #e hot and hard inside of you like this)” %is erotic" ook"narrator tone was ack as he dug deep. pressing her into the pillows. $he reached ehind her and sKueeJed his alls the way he liked it. don’t stop.” “7ou etter co#e with #e ne(t” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. $he al#ost cried fro# the relief of having hi# ack with her.” Keeley s#iled and cupped her reasts. #aking hi# gasp in pleasure. your pretty pink lips gasping as I played with your tits. $he i##ediately #oved on hi# as he played with her reasts. “+t night)” %e rushed her clit with his ig finger.eally. Keeley) Did you think of #e and touch yourself)” $he uried her face into his chest and nodded. %e kissed the top of her head. flicking the tip with his tongue. she hid her face fro# hi#.” %e rolled to his ack. either. *ust like he’d fantasiJed. “+ll I did was calculate what ti#e it was in :ondon and wonder what you were doing. I need you so ad. 2ore than once.” %e plucked at her clit until her pussy tightened around hi#. “2ay e I should go away #ore often. Ducking her head. “I’ll co#e with you all the ti#e.” she pro#ised. ut e#otionally.” %e ent and kissed her nipple.” “!ood.” Keeley ground her hips into hi# and it his earlo e. “Did you do this to yourself. taking her with hi#.” he purred. I couldn’t stop thinking of you. suddenly aware of her vulnera ility to hi#. in fact. honey. Dane…” $he raced her free hand on his road chest as she writhed on top of hi#.html . “7ou #ade #e so craJy right efore I left.” %e sounded al#ost angry as he sped his thrusts.

%e tasted it when it was done and gri#aced. “When will you e here)” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. Dane.” his sister . It was his first evening on his own since he got ho#e fro# :ondon a couple of days ago. “When we were growing up on the far#. Keeley had everything under control at work. E@ D+-5 $&+. too. Dane was ho#e with her where he elonged. &he gooey sauce had spilled onto everything and. “$o she sent #e ack with so#e stuff for you. “$ure. did you ever think you’d have a door#an)” “+re you kidding) I thought a door#an was the guy who held the door for the cows as they #oved in and out of the #ilking parlor. settling her usually keyed up #ind. an unfa#iliar content#ent ca#e over her.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. !lenn. like #ost people. eli#inating one of their suspects0so#e poor sch#uck in accounting who’d actually een on the up"and"up. %e #uttered a curse and chucked the unappetiJing #eal in the trash. and that #ade Dane uneasy. Dane didn’t care for to#ato"flavored spiced I drop if off now)” %e sighed.processtext. . +s she listened to the steady thu#p of his heart. and he found it difficult to not *ust co#e out and ask !lenn a out any #oney trou les. -o such” %e checked his watch.” “&hat’s okay.5D I-&/his freeJer trying to decide what to eat for dinner. I was in the #iddle of so#ething. . $he wrapped her ar#s around hi# and closed her eyes. “:ovely to talk to you.processtext. I’ll tell the door#an to send you up. why not. .” he answered. 2ay e Keeley had gotten out of her #eeting early. actually.” $he laughed. so he was o viously not invited.ridge. %e checked the caller ID. he had to eat it alone. was still on their list of possi ilities. Keeley was speaking a out security of financial accounts at a wo#en"in" usiness networking dinner.ridget retorted. Dane was a straightforward kind of guy.html . “%ey. “$orry.” %e’d dru##ing his fingers on the granite countertop as it heated. the #an who was #entoring Dane.e#e# er #y telling you I was going to Wisconsin to work on #y wedding plans with 2o#)” “8h"huh. $o not only did he have to eat a crappy dinner.html Keeley gave a little laugh. Dane dug out a froJen pasta entr'e and popped it in the #icrowave. and rested her head on his chest. %e was looking for the piJJa delivery #enu when his cell phone rang.

html “!ive #e half an hour.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. her pretty rown waves of hair rushing her shoulders… Dane shook his own head in disgust. %e got hi#self a real eer and popped the cap. Dane dropped heavily onto the ig leather couch. he wondered what Keeley was doing. Want so#e piJJa)” %e walked into the kitchen and set the o( on the island. his partner in fighting financial cri#e.” “$ee you &hat was a girlfriend. . -ot since college at least. &ipping ack her head as she drank. her wavy lond hair pulled into a clip. %e was still s#iling when the piJJa arrived and then his sister a few #inutes later. the wo#an he drea#ed a out…wow. his coworker.. D. 3ro a ly eating dinner or drinking one of those fruity #artinis she favored. her cheeks pink fro# the perpetual lake reeJe. Why had that word popped into his head) Whatwas Keeley to hi#) %is analytical #ind finally kicked into gear.” Dane hung up and called the piJJa place and the door#an to let hi# know a out oth his piJJa and his sister. $he dusted off her *acket and set it on an upholstered chair. It had een years since he’d considered any wo#an that.ats. $he greeted hi# with a hug and pulled ack KuiJJically. “$ounds good. “7ou certainly look #ore cheerful than you sounded efore. .com/abclit. I don’t need to know that.” “Do I)” %e frowned theatrically. I’# always sliding off +da#’s. 5. Keeley was +. -ot that you deserve it or anything.processtext. where it pro#ptly slid to the floor. all right. “. the wo#an he couldn’t stop thinking a out. the wo#an he #ade love to on a regular asis.” Dane dished up several slices of piJJa and poured his sister a glass of the diet root eer she preferred. &hey rese# led each other #ore than their rother . tossing her leather *acket on the couch.” $he handed hi# a #ediu#"siJe card oard o( and slugged hi# in the ar#. “Mealous you don’t have any ody to slide off your own couch)” %is eer went down the wrong way and he choked for a few seconds while his sister pounded on ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. !irlfriend) %e al#ost walked into a #ar le colu#n in his living roo#. 2ooning over his girlfriend when he’d *ust seen her a couple hours ago.processtext.” “8gh. Well. + ig cheesy grin cracked his face and he knew he #ust look like a real sap. who was dark"haired.olin.. %e checked his watch. “&his etter)” “/h. “Bro# 2o#. 7ou’d think I’d e used to these couches y now. you.” $he followed.” “&hanks. %e had a girlfriend.html . +s he walked into the living roo# to flip channels.

” %e tipped ack in his chair and grinned at Dane. it is nice. “7oudo have a couch"slider.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” %e raised his hands in self"defense.” “&hanks.” Dane thought ack.ridget would like hanging out with Keeley.” “7eah.ut she was s#iling. “Dessert)” “$ure. uneasy at the thought of the# #eeting. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. -o fancy occasion. “.” “$tupid root eer. I want to know as little as possi le a out your se( life.ridget let out a loud urp. ut *oined hi# at the ta le anyway. I can allow for a couple slices of piJJa here and there. %e shut the door with a touch too #uch fir#ness and handed a ar to his sister.html his ack a little too enthusiastically. %aving dinner together like we did when we were kids. 2iss 2anners.” “+ couch"slider.usted.ridget looked uncannily like their #other. in a ig way. I’# good.ridget snickered.” “.” %e could feel her gaJe on hi# as he ru##aged in the freeJer for gour#et chocolate ice crea# ars. “Dane %er ert Weiss. “&hat’s a new one on #e. 7ou’ll look good in that wedding tu(.ridget had even seen each other over the past couple of years. .processtext.” “I look forward to seeing your dress.” With that calculating e(pression on her face. “+t least you clean up nice. Dane laughed. $he looked around his kitchen.hicago for a few weeks.” %e passed a plate of piJJa to her and she dug in. =uick work. %e vaulted his chair upright.html .” “-ever #ind.ridge eyed his gray sweatpants and red 8niversity of Wisconsin sweatshirt and sighed. . “7ou ig liar. &he only thing you’ll notice a out it is that it’s long and white. if they can find one in your siJe. &hey ate in easy silence until . Keeley’s “7ou know. this is nice. 2iss 2anners)” “-ot even close.” Dane sat at the #odern glass kitchen ta le. and he could count on one hand the nu# er of ti#es he and .” “Ditto. Dane #ostly nodded and thought a out Keeley during his friend’s #onologues. “&hat’s one advantage of designing #y own wedding dress.” .ad enough I get +da# #ooning over your upco#ing wedding plans. . *ust piJJa and root eer.ridge)” %e ai#ed for a casual laugh.” . “!ood one. 7ou’ve only een in . . Who do I look like. okay. “/kay.” +da# had wondered ad nausea# a out her wedding dress.processtext. too.

“I’ve got a lot on #y plate with #y new *o .html .” “$well. ring your own date to #y wedding unless you want an endless strea# of local #aidens throwing the#selves at you.hicago thanks to your new *o .ut B7I. 7ou’re the one getting #arried. Dane.” .rothers. “Dane. edgy. 7ou see# out of sorts. Dane)” $he it into the ice crea# and swallowed. not #e. I thought that was . “. $he stood and gave hi# a hug.” “I see. they are #y friends. %e returned her e# race awkwardly.processtext.” $he tossed the are stick on her plate. sis. and $ugar is co#ing to the wedding. I #ean.” “I can’t elieve you don’t have anyone in #ind.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “. +nd yours.processtext. successful professional #en.html “7ou okay.” “/h.rideJilla for a #inute.” %e winced. and you don’t have to leave .ridget licked her dessert and nodded.” $he pursed her lips and lowered her eye rows. &hey’re all eager to #eet young.” $he laughed. It’s a ig change for #e. . uddy. “7u#"oh.ridge looked off to the side.” $he eyed hi# %e’d never een #uch of a huggy guy.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “2y wedding’s only a couple #onths away. so#eone. “!reat.ingha# . “ “I et $ugar would e glad to set #e up with one of her friends fro# work. “2o#’s ecstatic you’re actually living in one place for longer than a week. -ot even the girl who’s sliding off your couch)” “Drop it. ut not socially)” . can I) &hanks. !et cracking and surely so#e ody will take pity on you. $he wants you to settle down and produce several lond grand"kids for her.olin’s *o .” %e decided to get so#e of his own ack for that pity crack. and at your age) 7ou’re playing in the ig leagues now.” “I’# *ust the #essenger. I guess you can go with her if you need to. you ring whoever #akes you happy. if you co#e to #y wedding with a stripper…” “What) &hey’re good enough for you as clients.ontroller"in"training for an institution like . “$orry for turning into . %is a y sister reached on tiptoes to kiss his cheek. $o#ething on your #ind)” -ot so#ething.” %e cleared their places and put the leftovers in the fridge.

ut even the est had to take a reak.” $he set the *ar and pie plate on the counter. %e stopped a sent#indedly to scratch his heavy $he pulled off her co#puter glasses and eyed hi# up and down.html “&hanks.html . %is gaJe was instantly on her. I’ll get good use out of it.processtext. $he had een sitting way too long and was starting to get restless ifthat thought drifted across her #ind. she en*oyed auditing as #uch as the ne(t accountant.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. %e knew a certain lady with a weakness for cherry pie. his stare intent on his own paperwork. +nd neither did Dane.ut she knew etter than anyone how #uch of a flesh"and" lood #an he was. “. Dane knew they’d e wrecked within a week if he ever dared use the#. Dane sat across the ig glass dining ta le. $he took the opportunity to drink hi# in. 2an. $he gave hi# a curious look. ut she had found herself wondering what Dane would think a out this co##ent or if he would laugh at that *oke. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. &he wo#en"in" usiness get"together had een fun. and her heart pounded. -ow. Keeley could have shared so#e really racy stories ut her accounting acKuaintances didn’t know a out her previous career. ut his lips were s#ooth and sculpted as a statue.ridget patted his shoulder and went to the o( she’d rought. you’ll know.processtext. ut Dane *ust s#iled.ridget warned hi#. %is di#ples were hidden for the #o#ent. a y)” %e gestured at the sticky plate in front of her.” $he lifted a white lacy undle.Keeley looked up fro# her co#puter screen and rolled her shoulders.” . 3ro a ly “no” for the *okes.7ou already have found her . . especially the skin of her reasts and elly revealed y her stretch. “%ow was your cherry pie.” %e s#iled down at her. . and #en in finance in particular.” he pro#ised. was he handso#e in only his navy terry cloth ro e and cotton knit o(er riefs. as right as the spring sky. “+ *ar of ho#e"canned .ainier cherries and a ho#e#ade cherry pie.efore I forget. + ig grin spread over his face. “Don’t 2o# sent a set of crochet"topped kitchen towels for your new place. a nagging voice called. “+s soon as I find her. %is sun"streaked lond hair and lue eyes. since #ost of the# were a out #en. “2o# says to eat the pie this weekend efore it gets stale. &%5 -56& D+7.”:iar. %er gaJe trailed fro# his wide shoulders to his #uscled chest. $he stretched her hands over her head to let her coral"pink silk ro e fall open a it to show her lace"tri##ed ivory cotton ca#isole top.

“/ne of those clu s where wo#en dance for #en and get the# all aroused. all you have to do is ask. “2akes Keeley kinda.processtext.” “+ll work and no play. “I can’t i#agine where I got the idea you liked nu# ers. “What kind of clu )” %e lifted an eye row. $he’d always danced with her e#otions shut off for her own protection.” $he gave a theatrical yawn. “. “!ot so#e #usic)” %e picked up a re#ote control and turned on his stereo. %e’d #adeher insatia le forhi#.” +nd it was true.html . +nd that hadn’t ever happened efore.” he ad#itted with a Kuick s#ile.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. Despite all her e(perience at erotic pretense. %e grinned at her.” It was as close as she could co#e to ad#itting her past. $he giggled at the first tune. Dane. Keeley.” “7ou don’t have to dance for #e to do that. +ll those nu# ers. In the past two weeks since they’d started sleeping together.” “I can’t i#agine why. the real thing had only happened with Dane. “:et’s pretend you’re at one of those clu s and I’# a dancer. 7ou want another piece)” “2ay e later. I think of you and I get aroused. he’d een insatia le for her.ut if you wanted to put those se(y red shoes on and en*oy yourself y dancing. “:et’s play a ga#e. “&urned on)” he whispered into her ear.html “Delicious. “If you want #e to take care of your pro le#.” $he’d danced to it #ore ti#es than she could count.ut I’# #ore ored than hungry right now. “L:ove in an 5levator’)” %e gri#aced in e# right fro# the cherry orchard at the far#.” $he gave a #ock pout. I wouldn’t #ind watching.” $he’d practically licked the plate clean. I’ve never had ho#e#ade cherry pie efore and it was wonderful. %er heart sped up. you know.” $he stood and circled around to hi#. ut this was the first ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “. you know…” %e tugged her to sit on his lap.processtext. “I’ve had that tune in #y head for the past week or so. “2y #o# does #ake good pie.” +rousal #ade her #otions shaky as she found the red shoes tossed in a corner and strapped the# on. ut what if she danced for so#eone she cared a out) $he hopped off his lap and #oved away fro# hi#.” “What kind of ga#e)” %is di#ples deepened in anticipation.

html .” $he sashayed over to hi#. %e groaned in response. they called it. ut Dane was in for a world pre#iere. revealing the otto# curves of her reasts and her utton"hard nipples efore tossing that gar#ent aside as well. %er nipples hardened under the thin cotton and she hugged her ar#s under her reasts. &he #usic changed to “:ove $hack” and she was glad Dane couldn’t see her grin. $he hooked her thu# s under the elastic and shi##ied her da#p panties down. her ro e slipping off one shoulder and then the other efore falling off co#pletely.o#e here. $he slowly lifted the he# of her top. +l#ost like old ti#es. her feelings for Dane u ling to the surface and inspiring her. plu#ping the# up. %er hips swayed. yeah. resting her hands on her thighs. “. teasing hi# with a gli#pse of each cheek efore stripping entirely. &otally naked e(cept for her shoes.” he called hoarsely.processtext. knowing full well how that #ove would drive hi# nuts. “Work it. $he turned her ack to Dane and ent over slightly. $he was inventing new #oves as she went along. feeling it swell even #ore. $he straightened slowly and took a second to catch her reath. $he ent over all the way and en*oyed the stunned e(pression on Dane’s upside"down"appearing face. “Must when I thought I knew how eautiful you were.” $he felt her face heat. her alance and confidence returning. ut she’d never en*oyed a dance as #uch as this one. you still surprise #e.processtext.herry’s over"the"top his erection o vious under his riefs. she widened her stance and gra ed an ankle in each hand. when a dancer went totally Dancing strong. Mudging fro# the rapt e(pression on Dane’s face. Dane had shifted slightly. $he tossed her head ack in real arousal. $he gyrated her otto# at Dane. “7ou like what you see)” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. and she knew he could tell how aroused she was. %e was always gra ing her ass at the office when no one was looking and had her ride hi# like a cowgirl so he could caress her there. he found her ca#isole and oy"cut panties *ust as se(y as . cupping and sKueeJing her reasts until they flushed with lood. disco# o ulated and diJJy. %e had Kuite the view. +t the strip clu . %er reath ca#e faster as she did several turns across the #ar le floor. honey. “/h. 7ou had to e strong to forgo even the pretense of clothing. $he licked her finger and circled her nipple.” %e hadn’t seen anything yet. a y.html ti#e that #attered. $he e(pertly kicked it away and stood in her undies and racy shoes. a y.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. she’d always left her !"string on. hoping he would think it was gravity pulling the lood there.

elow his navel. you’rereally not allowed to do that here. $he let go of the colu#n and walked shakily over to hi#.” “. Wanna sit on #y lap.” $he rushed her lips over the tip of his penis. “I’# sorry. his nipples tightening in the #at of golden hair. and he finally roke eye contact when he tossed ack his head and groaned. “We’re trained to aid our custo#ers if they are in distress. %e never touched hi#self in front of her efore. “Keeley. honey)” Mudging fro# his erection. caressing the pillar as if it were his hard ody. very #uch. “If you can’t follow the rules. 3lacing her hands on his thighs. I think I #ay die if you don’t help #e. and he sighed in relief as he stroked its length. %e was going to call her luff and #ake hi#self co#e. %is gaJe never left hers. “I’# fine. “+re you in distress.html “/h. “+re you feeling all right) 7ou’re all flushed. s#ooth stone and shuddered in real desire. %e stroked the curve of her ass. sir)” she asked huskily.processtext.” $he pretended to ignore hi#. sir.” “What if it’s one dancer who is #aking #e really hot)” “-o. would he) %e would.” $he strutted over to a load" earing #ar le pillar and slung a leg around it. sir.html . +fter a few seconds.” Keeley settled her #outh around his cock and Dane groaned. %e slowed his pace ut didn’t stop. Keeley knew what kind of sitting he had in #ind. Dane cleared his throat.onsider it a co#pli#ent to your dancing skills. stopping at his waist and. It was too wide to do so#e of the #ore interesting pole tricks. “7ou’re #y only hope. Keeley could practically feel their weight fro# where she sKuir#ed. you cannot.” %e threaded his fingers through her hair and guided her to his erection. %is ig hand cupped his ig cock. &here’s no law a out fantasiJing a out eautiful dancers. ut she ru ed her aching nipples over the cold.” %is shaft grew darker and darker with lood. is there)” $he spun his swivel chair to the side and dropped to her knees. %e tasted slightly of soap and fully ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” 5specially his cock. %e pulled the front of his riefs down. “ you’re not allowed to touch the dancers. stopping to tickle the hollow of her knee. she gaJed at hi# with her #ost seductive e(pression. I’ll have to call security. $he looked over to find a sly s#ile on his face as he ran his hand down his chest.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. e(tre#e distress. even as his left hand cupped and sKueeJed his heavy alls. not really needing to. $he found it incredi ly erotic as he worked the pole of flesh as she worked her pole.” Keeley spun away.processtext. “/ + rush of answering #oisture da#pened Keeley’s thighs. %e wouldn’t.

$he wiped her #outh and stared greedily at his drained cock.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “/kay. $he kept at hi# through his long orgas#. he left the roo#.processtext. the sheets cool against her skin.ela(ing her throat. $hould she go along with the ga#e) It had Kuickly spiraled past anything she’d i#agined. “:ie down. a y. crying her na#e. “I was itchy1” she protested. scratch that.aught you. “7ou’re not going to take care of it that easily. only stopping when he caught her and eased her away. $he lapped and sucked at its head. o ing her head with her sucks and working his alls in the pal# of her hand. +l#ost su %e had already een close to the edge when she started. “-o. $he a sent#indedly ru ed an itchy spot on her collar one. I’# gonna…” $he shook her head and kept going. “.com/abclit.herry’s. if I tie you up. clean and salty.don’t stop. $he tongued the slit. %e grasped riefly at her shoulders ut fell ack in the chair when she scraped the sensitive underside of his cock with her teeth. If I catch you touching yourself.” he said grudgingly. “2y poor Keeley.” -ot othering to see if she o eyed. loving the little #oan he #ade as #ore fluid leaked. “/h. its *erking and pulsing creating answering sensations in her pussy. ut either way she played it. Keeley gave hi# one last powerful suck and he lasted into her #outh.esides.” %is powerful thighs tensed and Kuivered under her as the pressure uilt.” %e set down the tray. she took in as #uch of the shaft as she could and cupped the rest in her hand. her real na#e. yeah. not sure a out eing tied up. she crept her hand down her elly right a ove her strip of hair.” %e strode through the apart#ent and set her at the side of his ed while he yanked off the coverings. which looked like it held the leftover fruit pie and so#ething covered with a napkin. “$top. I #ight not e a le to do so#e of the things I have planned. I think of other ways to #ake ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. Dane opened his eyes and caught her wrist efore she could relieve the ache.processtext. “. $he #i#icked his previous #astur ation. !ot yourself all worked up. %e confir#ed her suspicions when he groaned her na#e. she knew he couldn’t take #uch #ore. “&he only ti#e I’# not planning wild se(ual ga#es with you is when I’# actually doing wild se(ual things with you. . I’ll tie you to the edposts.” “When did you plan any of this)” Keeley gestured at the tray. s#iling as it swelled. Beeling the# tighten under her fingers. never .” Dane stood with a dinner tray in the doorway.” %e stood and swung her into his ar#s.html of #an.html . she’d e a winner. $he lay down in his ig king"siJe ed.

ut not as sweet as you. “I have so#ething you’ll like. “7our *uices taste #uch etter. %e finally set a cherry in her elly utton and tugged her so her otto# was on the foot of the ed. %er eyes flew open. “/pen your legs for #e and close your eyes. Instead. I thought so.html . you’ll war# it in no ti#e.” %e licked the cherry. “&hat last one) 7eah.ent over the sink with your reasts are.” %e pushed one after another into her. &he crea# of the crop. the sweetest of the sweet. . Dane. “I’ll put the# inside you at the office and #ake you sit at your desk. a y. I’ll uy you a set of the #etal alls.” $he did as he wanted. as I pull out the #etal alls and fill you with #e. “&oo #uch. “. .” %e stopped to pinch her nipples.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. which eaded even further.ainier cherries. Dragging his tongue across her. “7ou’re so hot.” %e ent over her reasts and licked the filling fro# one nipple. and her hips rocked. that’s cold1” $he started to rise to her el ows ut he shook his head.ut if you leave the# there all #orning. “Dane)” %e grinned at her and held up a s#all yellow fruit touched with red. $he inadvertently clenched around his fingers. If you like these. drawing erotic swirls on her. “+nd your ass tipped up to #y cock.processtext. the cherries shifting and ru ing her inside as she #oaned. the fir# roundness of the cherries tor#enting her.” %e lifted one leg and kissed and ni led all the way fro# her ankle strap to ehind her knee and hooked it over his road shoulder. holding hi# close to her. I’ll take pity on you and fuck you at lunch. too. “. his reath hot and sweet on her e(Kuisitely sensitiJed skin. “/oh. you’ll want to co#e. hoping he would paint her there.” $he gasped as he pushed the cold fruit inside her. :et the cherries tease you as I eat the rest of you. wondering how you’d like #e to end you over #y desk. #y sweet Keeley. tugging the tip until it swelled in his #outh. he ate her other reast clean. his lue eyes never leaving hers.” + rush of war#th ran to her pussy.” %e continued to paint her reasts and elly with the filling. Dane.” Keeley inhaled a shocked reath at his words. “-o acking out now. or wondering if you’d like #y tongue in your 5very tug of his #outh and flick of his tongue spun ri ons of e(cite#ent through her cherry"filled pussy. Keeley saw hi# kneeling ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. his #outh dipping and sucking on the indentation. 5very ti#e you shift. “What are you doing)” “Billing you.processtext. “&hat’s it. %e s#iled at her response. Keeley ran her fingers through his short lond hair.” %e knelt on the floor etween her legs and ate the cherry fro# her elly utton.” %e swiped a fingerful of cherry pie filling and s#eared it on her nipples. %e s#iled at her in satisfaction.” %e shook his head.html love to you when I’# inside you.” Dane rushed his finger over her clit. so#ething round and hard rushed her still sticky fro# his #outh. %e did the sa#e to the other leg.

reaching in with his fingers and teasing her as he pulled out the fruits. %e dipped into her passage and sucked out a cherry. wide and are. $he wasn’t used to the vulnera ility of that position.html . Keeley groaned as he finally did what she was desperate for and put his #outh on her pussy. %e ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. her se(y red shoes #aking the sensual scene even #ore erotic. “&oo #uch. s#iling at her.processtext. “&here. her *uices #i(ing salty with the sweet. %e tongued her clit as if it were a cherry itself. “I’ll take you places you’ve never een. It was as if she had een dancing for a private client and had eco#e so aroused she let hi# #ake love to her. “-o.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. I’ll play with your tits and pussy during the day and fuck you during the night. a y. perfect.” $he co#plied eagerly. “Delicious.” she groaned. $he took a ite. tucked deep in your pussy.” “ over. #ore. the scent of her on his lips incredi ly arousing. Keeley writhed as the pressure in her vagina constantly shifted. %e held her tight.html etween her thighs. I knew I had to take you like this. “/ne #ore.processtext. a little one to take the edge off.” “+ solutely perfect. “. crying his na#e.” $he was already Kuivering in anticipation.” she chanted. “When you ent over in the living roo# to show #e your sweet ass. -ow you can en*oy the ig one.” “2ore. %e ate the rest of the cherry and kissed her hard.” %e repeated that several ti#es. $he hesitated for a second. %e glided into her with one s#ooth stroke and she groaned.” %e curved over her and nipped her %is hands stroked her thighs and otto#. &he #issing pressure of the cherries had left her aching and inco#plete. %e reached around and stroked her clit and she contracted around his cock. his words entrancing her and cal#ing her apprehension. “-ever too #uch. a y. 7ou’ll wake up co#ing with #e inside you and eg #e not to stop. Dane #oved ehind her and pushed her onto her el ows so she was tipped up to hi#. “&aste yourself. chewing it with his strong white teeth. Dane. ut he rushed it across her lips. stroking and playing with it. “&oo deep)” he asked an(iously.” he agreed and egan sliding in and out of her.” %e held the cherry etween his teeth and ent to her #outh.” %e teased it out. %e pulled away and Kuickly pulled on a ru er. -ot with #e.” $he shuddered into a gold"lace pillow and tried to ease herself off hi#.

you would have #ade a fortune as a dancer. “-ever saw a dancer like you efore. ut she either doesn’t know or won’t say anything. 7ou drive #e she knew it had een worth it. :ying in his ar#s.” $he was too wrung"out to #ove well ut that didn’t #atter to hi#.” %e roke off into a groan and worked oth her reasts with one hand.” “Would you say anything a out #e if your replace#ent ca#e chatting you up)” %e already knew the $he ucked on hi# as he #ilked her orgas#. shehad earned a ton of #oney. *ust like he’d pro#ised. his reath hot on her skin. “&hank you. !ive #e the est lap dance ever. “. his hands roa#ing fro# her tits to her pussy. Dane. a y. ut we still don’t have any #ore infor#ation on his wife threatening to divorce hi# ecause of his #oney pro le#s. 2ake #e co#e. ut without it.” Dane crossed his ar#s over his chest and leaned on the edge of the desk.html . Keeley was fiercely loyal.3+ degree had cost a fortune.if you think this’ll help.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. I’ll give it a go. EE “/K+7. even without any full"contact stuff. “2y sweet dancer.” +ctually. “/h. wanting to wring out his every last drop. “.eautiful Keeley. Keeley. %e sighed in satisfaction. I tried talking to his assistant.” %e sKueeJed her nipples with his strong fingers and pinched her clit hard. %e pulled her upright so she sat on his lap. so se(y. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. his cock *olting her as his alls ounced on her ass.” %e groaned and it her neck.” $he cla#ped down hard on his cock and ground her ass into hi#. &oo ad her . K55:57. %e finally panted to a halt and eased onto the #attress. “&ouch #e. Keeley. pulling her into his ar#s.o#e now. $he snuggled into his chest.processtext. content and happy. $he linked her ar#s ehind his neck and encouraged hi# to fondle her as she’d never let a clu client do.” $he gave a hidden s#ile.inky’s est guys.” %is thrusts Kuickened. $he rode hi# hard. ellowing her na#e as his cock erupted in the ne(t instant. %e grunted and tensed. several rightly colored racelets sliding down her forear#s.processtext. “Dance on #e. &i#e slowed as she screa#ed her ecstasy into the pillow. she wouldn’t have #et Dane.html co#plied eagerly and pounded into her until her world constricted to his ig hot ody wrapped around her and inside her. a y. 5ven etter than #y drea#s. “I know you like !lenn and he’s een one of . $he stood in front of the desk and held her pal#s up.

“I wanted to get so#e feed ack fro# you on how I’# doing in #y orientation.ut in order to get the entrance fee. I wanted to ask you…” Dane trailed off.” !lenn gestured to the co#forta le chair across fro# hi#.processtext.ough.” “I see. so no #ore stalling. and well.” %e rushed her shoulder as he passed her. !lenn opened the floodgates. we’d #issed the est of the “7ou know I wouldn’t. “+sk #e what)” &i#e to try again.” Dane winched. .” %e felt ad that !lenn wouldn’t e starting his retire#ent as soon as the older #an had planned. one house. “!lenn’s e(pecting you.” &alk a out #otive. “2y #other has lived with #y wife and #e since she fell at her ho#e several #onths ago. 2y #other called the elder a use hotline *ust last week ecause #y wife didn’t uy readed #oJJarella cheese sticks at the store. $he’s eighty and what you #ight call a real pistol.processtext. “&wo wo#en.” !lenn finished apologetically. +sk hi# what) If his wife had filed for divorce yet) If he’d declared ankruptcy) If he’d e# eJJled #oney) !lenn cocked his head. #y #other’s house has to sell. “+nd if you don’t have the entrance fee)” “We lose the apart#ent and go ack to the otto# of the waiting list. kind of like a shrink or pastor. #a’a#. %ave a seat.” Dane #entally translated that as a cranky old road. co#e in. “7es. “$o I found a really nice assisted"living senior apart#ent0a real four"star place. “Dane.inky #entioned you were eager to start your retire#ent.” Dane nodded encouragingly. “7ou’re doing fine. .y the ti#e we fi(ed up the old place. “2o# and #y wife have never gotten along well. It’s only that I’ve got too #uch on #y plate to look forward to retire#ent right now. -ow that so#eone was listening.eally)” Dane assu#ed what he hoped was a politely interested e(pression.” “.harlie’s newest list of transactions while you’re gone.html . %e found !lenn in his office. and this real estate #arket has een on the slow side.” %er green eyes softened #o#entarily ut then she gave hi# a wry s#ile. you could say there’s a it of tension at ho#e. “%uh.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” Dane straightened and sighed.” +t Dane’s lifted eye row. .” “5(actly1” &he older #an heaved a sigh. you see. 2o# has high cholesterol. “.com/abclit. I’ll go over . !lenn ela orated. always eager to steal a touch however he could. so I’# hoping we can sell it this spring.” “7ou’re telling #e. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “&hanks.

+ll he had to do was look at her and she wanted to take off her clothes. and she was fighting off a it of a spring cold. *uggling her overnight ag and laptop case full of audit files. +lthough their eyes were a si#ilar haJel"green.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. ut #ay e he’d cracked under fa#ily pressure.processtext. +nd fight.” :acey shrugged. $he didn’t think there was #uch fa#ily rese# lance. “Does she ever call you)” “-ope. 7our landlady let #e in after I showed her #y driver’s license.” :ace gave her an odd :acey had her father’s +frican features and coloring. 2a#a was a rolling stone. %e’d een understanding a out her need to stay at her place for a day or two and catch up on “Did you get tired of raids)” “7eah. :et’s *ust say #y cash is a it tapped out. 2y group is helping reha ho#es for people in need.K5Dthe door to her apart#ent. I have no reason to stay in touch. “I like your hair. and one finishing at . $ays they can get seasonal work at a ig resort.” “Well. “:acey)” %er younger sister sat on her futon eating the a solute last chocolate ice crea# ar. “2o# is talking a out #oving west with her new guy. ut she needed a it of a reather fro# Dane’s distracting. &hat was often the worst kind. #eans and opportunity. “I have a couple days efore I leave for northern Wisconsin.html .hicago 8niversity. Work during the su##er and drink and s#oke cigarettes all winter. ut she was so glad to see her that she didn’t even #ind. “What are you doing here)” :acey unfolded herself fro# the futon and gave her sister a ig hug.” %er #other hadn’t e(actly engendered loving #e#ories. one in law school.” Keeley changed the su *ect and played with her sister’s coffee"colored fluff of twisty curls held ack y a lack patent"leather head and. “What’s with your hair)” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. %e sincerely hoped it wasn’t the current controller. too high"#aintenance. “Keeley)” + fa#iliar voice called fro# the living roo#. It wasn’t so #uch that she was dying to dust and go grocery shopping. “I have one kid in #ed school. K55:57 8-:/.” &he sisters shared a knowing laugh. $taying over at Dane’s was fun ut definitely not restful.html “+nd your other invest#ents)” Dane pro ed delicately. though.” &he two #en heaved #atching sighs0!lenn’s o viously as he thought of difficult #others and tuition ills and Dane’s as he thought of how !lenn had #otive. Keeley set down her things and hurried round the corner. !lenn snorted. se(y presence. -ow that you’re out of there.

ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. all this spande( is #aking #e feel like a sausage a out to pop open on the grill.” /verco#e with happiness at the une(pected visit.” she teased.” Keeley gave :acey her est haughty look. and there #ust e a good reason for you to dress like a hoochie #a#a. :acey watched her with a *aundiced eye. and the life they’d had growing up was a Kuick way to urst anyone’s u le. the stripper clothes. “. sis. “&hat’s not really helping.html . :acey patted her shoulder. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. -o spande( needed for her.” “2e. little #iss.” Keeley’s shoulders slu#ped.” Keeley gave her a weak s#ile and changed the su *ect. “I could go for a . We’ll go for dinner at the hot"dog stand.” $he gave her sister what she thought was a stern look. ut wasn’t surprised when her sister rolled her eyes.hicago"style dog a out now.processtext.” :acey ru ed her flat nineteen"year"old sto#ach. ut I’# working as a i# o secretary to do a covert audit at a large financial co#pany.” “8ndercover accountant work0how cool is that)” :acey finally looked i#pressed with her ig sister’s career choice. “.heck on #e) 5(cuse #e. too. “-ow all you need is so#e way"se(y sidekick and you’re all set. “I’# glad you’re here. /h. 5specially when they don’t think they need any ody. “7ou look like you’ve had a long day. $he’d never told :acey a out her stripping career and didn’t intend to start now. I a# an e(pert on hoochie clothes.” “2##.” “%oochie #a#a)” Keeley sputtered with #e. ut :acey laughed. and worst of all. I swear. ut I a# ten years older than you and don’t need any checking on. $he #ust look like 2edusa with snaky"looking hair sticking out all over. “+nd you know I have to check on you0#ake sure you’re not getting into trou le. “:et #e hop into the shower and put on so#e sweatpants.” $he tugged off the wig and dragged pins out of her real hair. she couldn’t protect her forever.” :acey hugged her ack. after growing up the way we did.html Keeley reached up to her head and realiJed she was still wearing her wig.processtext.” “$ounds good.” “%uh)” Keeley hadn’t Kuite followed all those pronouns. she pulled :acey into a hug. “&his) It’s a long story. “5very ody needs so#eone to check on well. “&his is a huge secret.

so he told her the rest of it. Keeley’s sister. $he had looked so tired. I’# looking for Keeley. Does she live here)” “8h"huh. :ong days at work and long nights in ed didn’t add up to #uch rest. right and old and cheerful. he wanted to check on her and #ake sure she was okay. one of those . and Keeley was only too glad to co#ply.html . %e dragged his #ind away fro# that and e(a#ined the walls. &hey were covered in art posters of dancers0the Degas allerina. 2ay e :acey lived here and that’s why Keeley had never invited hi# over. %e’d lathered all a out his fa#ily. &his was not the living roo# of a eige"wearing accountant. hi.ussian"looking allet guys leaping around and the cancan dancers y &oulouse":autrec. -eeding so#e ody was fine as long as they were willing to e needed. “Keeley and I are also seeing each other. Dane sighed and stepped inside the apart#ent. so the young girl answering the door surprised hi#. ut Dane was only a te#porary need"ee. 8nder it all was a shaggy white area rug with definite possi ilities for rolling around naked on it. “ ut she’d never said a word a out hers. ut #ay e itwas Keeley deep down. Dane thought her . I’# :acey. &he futon had a right red cover with a wide purple otto#an in front. If she’d understood her sister right. she never #entioned anything…that girl is so tight" lipped. like a earskin rug. %old on. go take your shower.processtext. &hat didn’t see# to i#press her.” $he narrowed her green eyes at hi#. . ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. -o wonder she was getting sick.” :acey shooed her down the hall. anyway) “%ere we are1” her sister trilled cheerfully as she shoved Keeley along in front of her.html “/h. %e certainly didn’t want to set a ad e(a#ple for his childhood.” $he left hi# at the door and dashed along the hall. Keeley’s sister) Keeley had never #entioned a sister efore. Who was Keeley.ut this living roo# was pure . “+nd who #ight you e)” Dane introduced hi#self and e(plained that they were working together on a pro*ect. D+-5 B/8-D %I2$5:Bstanding in front of Keeley’s apart#ent Briday night.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. her full lips pressed into a line as she eye alled his navy" lue silk utton"down shirt and khakis. :acey was saying Keeley needed so#e ody.herry persona was all an act for the sake of their audit. and Keeley wasn’t sure she liked that idea. rown and crea#. %e’d een e(pecting tan.herry. %e turned the corner and his eyes widened.” “.eally)” %er eyes widened. not once. %e hadn’t e(pected anyone ut Keeley to answer the door when he knocked. “8#.processtext. the colors Keeley had worn as an accountant. now that he knew he had the right place.

his lips #oving over hers. “Da"yu#. that was so#e kiss. her wet hair in ropes on her shoulders. needing to end for once since she was in are feet. not Kuite sarcastically. &hank you.html Keeley looked adora le in a plain lack &"shirt and #idcalf lack e(ercise pants. sausages…” :acey urst into giggles.” she said. I can turn #y ack. why didn’t you tell #e you had such a hottie panting after you)” :acey flopped ackward on the old lanket Dane had earlier tossed onto the grass under so#e trees. &he sisters looked disappointed. “Wow. %e kissed her thoroughly ut sweetly. “Dane. #uch i#pressed. “Keel. $he stood stiffly for a second. “/h.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “7ou her reath co#ing faster. %e finished with a single peck and lifted his head. It was si("thirty.” :acey glanced at the clock on the end ta le. “7ou have ABC Amber LIT Converter 27!/D. ut close. and he noticed again how eautiful her skin was. clear and s#ooth as a peach. %e’d never thought they were #uch of anything until Keeley had stuck her tongue in the#. yeah) What rings you to 8krainian 4illage)” “I had a taste for 8krainian food)” :ike he had any idea what that consisted of. +nd how pretty her lips were. “/%.processtext.processtext. $he responded eagerly to hi#. $he’d taken off her fake eyelashes and all of her #akeup. “Bive o’clock.” Dane gave Keeley his est s#ile and she visi ly softened.” Dane answered. :acey stood there wide"eyed. I thought we were going to take a couple days off. du#plings.” :acey offered. Keeley uried her face in his shoulder in e# arrass#ent and Dane dropped a kiss on her wet hair to hide his own face. “If you want to kiss hi# hello or so#ething. “-ot necessary.” “I was in the neigh orhood)” %e looked at her sheepishly.html . even though they were now pressed together in annoyance ecause he’d dropped in without calling. di#ples. $he put her hands on her hips. Were you out of the country or so#ething) When was the last ti#e you saw each other)” Dane #ade a ig show of checking his watch. Keeley hiding her disappoint#ent #ore Kuickly. and he was eginning to respond a little too eagerly than was appropriate for her sister watching. ut rela(ed into his e# race and wrapped her ar#s around his neck. not wanting to ad#it to hi#self that ninety #inutes without Keeley had see#ed a week. cut the poor #an a reak. Dane pulled her into his ar#s.

“&hank right.” “/h. you can have hi# all to yourself again since I’# leaving for Wisconsin 2onday. “-o pro le#. $he’d known they didn’t have a per#anent thing going on. Keeley’s never een to 5urope efore.processtext.herry getup ut Dane and :acey Dane. ut it still hurt to hear it. I always have a couple local contact nu# ers when I travel.” :acey #ust have only heard the last it of their conversation thanks to the ands war#ing up.” $he took a ite of her *uicy eef sandwich. thanks. “I’# going to Wisconsin to reha ho#es for the disadvantaged. when we’re done here in .” “/h"kay. covering her hand with his. If we get a chance.html your very own se(y sidekick and you never told #e1” “$hhh1” Keeley #ade sure Dane wasn’t returning fro# the concession stand yet with their dinner. three’s a crowd. Keeley put her hand on his forear# and he s#iled at her.” %e scri led on the card and handed it to :acey. “7ou’re only in town for two days and I want to spend ti#e with you as well. I’ll pro a ly e working in 5urope for a while. it’ll take hi# a while longer. “Don’t worry.hicago. %ere’s their contact infor#ation if you need anything.processtext. “-o. ecause all she said was.” Keeley couldn’t ad#it she needed a chaperone to keep herself fro# #aking a fool of herself over Dane. “5urope) . $he tried handing it ack.” “Wonderful1 2y ho#e state.” :acey told hi# proudly. :acey leaped up and helped hi# with it.rothers attending a popular rock concert. 5veryone in the city is here.ingha# .html .” “Who’s going to Wisconsin)” Dane was ack.ay.ool.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” &hey ea#ed at each other. carefully alancing a #ountain of food. well. I’ll call the# later and let the# know you #ight get in touch. Dane handed :acey his drink and pulled out a usiness card and pen. :acey s#iled. we’ll go for a oat ride and #ay e have a fish oil.” she gru# led ut cheered right up. Dane pointing out the e(tre#ely s#all possi ility of anyone fro# . %ave you seen all her posters) $he wants to see those paintings in 3aris and go to a real ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” %e shrugged. “5veryone in Wisconsin is friendly0it’s a state law.” &he eef turned to card oard in her #outh. “2y parents don’t live too far away. %ello1 &wo’s co#pany. 5urope. that’s not necessary0they don’t even know #e. divvying the goodies. “Don’t worry. +nd I don’t see why you wanted #e to co#e with.” :acey tucked the card into her wallet and started on her hot dog. and Keeley felt a it left out. Keeley had een reluctant to go without her . “/utside !reen . ut she’s dying to go. %e had invited oth of the# to a lakefront concert at 2illenniu# 3ark. In fact. “/h.

$he and I have pretty #uch #anaged on our own. “I’# interested.” she said painfully.” “I’# glad you didn’t. “I didn’t tell :acey a out your inviting #e to :ondon. where the custo#ers didn’t give a rat’s ass a out what or who the dancers were.html . “I didn’t know that you wanted to travel so adly. Dane pulled her onto his lap. %er little sister had een e(posed to #ore ad e(a#ples than Dane could i#agine. We should set a good e(a#ple for her. e(cept #anage#ent would have cared if so#eone threw a drink at a ro ot.html . &he darkness #ade it easier to spill her guts. I guess I’ve een doing #ost of the talking and not learning anything a out you.” Keeley was glad it was getting dark ecause her face #ust have een red. ” With his ack resting against the tree.” Keeley started to protest his assess#ent and then realiJed he was pro a ly right. so she hasn’t #et a lot of decent #en.” “/h. as she confessed a out living in the trailer park with a iracial a y sister who got teased terri ly and cooking #ac and cheese in the #icrowave and sitting terrified and alone on the couch until their #o# ca#e ho#e fro# the convenience store after her shift there ended at CN@@ a. /nce the audit was finished.processtext.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “I guess I never thought anyone would e interested. +nd then dancing at the :ove $hack. “%ey.ussian"style allet. I’# glad you have so#eone looking out foryou.processtext. &he girls could have een ro ots for all they cared. Dane said. &hen he #uttered a string of o scenities ai#ed at those #en who would have har#ed her. sure. I’# gonna #ove closer so I can hear the and etter. Keeley cleared her “+h. Keeley had een so sure of it that she hadn’t othered applying for a passport. %e ru ed her tears away with his ig thu# ut didn’t say anything until she told hi# a out fighting off her #o#’s oyfriends as a teenager and paying for :acey’s karate classes to get her lack elt so she would e strong and not vulnera le.” :acey wiped off her hands. “7our sister pro a ly can’t leave all her clients to go to 5urope right now. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. +nd all the dance It’s difficult to take a vacation when you run your own usiness. &ell#e. %er childhood hadn’t een anything to rag a out.” “Well.” $he *u#ped up and left Keeley alone with Dane. +t least the dancers couldn’t short out and electrocute so#eone.” $he s#iled. and Keeley told hi#. 7ou don’t say #uch a out yourself. ” %e gave an e# arrassed chuckle. “7ou’re right. Dane wouldn’t want her to go to 5urope with hi#. “It’s nice of you to think of that. living with a clueless #other who dragged #en ho#e in a futile atte#pt to #ake herself feel etter.” %er #other had certainly not encouraged open co##unication a out deep personal feelings.

$outhern the one that helped put #e through school…” $he took a deep reath. o viously hoping to escape the awful #usic. “I’# not a a y any#ore. I ran into so#e of #y friends fro# the reha trip and they have an e(tra ticket for a #idnight cruise of :ake 2ichigan. Dane’s e(pression grew #ore and #ore pained until she couldn’t help laughing.olin and +da#.” “If you’re still not feeling good. Dane #oved her off his lap and gave :acey his address and what looked like a twenty for ca fare.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. +fter a few seconds.” “I don’t know. Keeley #ostly tuned it out.rothers wardro e. how a out you #eet your sister and #e at #y place) It’s not too far fro# here and every ca ie in the city knows the uilding. sorry. and you’re talking to a guy who grew up on heavy"#etal 7ou tell #e who they are. Must then. :acey.” “&hen you haven’t een around the right people. “/h. the and started with a screech0the electric guitars as well as the lead singer. and I’ll drive there and eat the crap out of the#. &hey’ll do a set efore the #ain attraction.” :acey gave Keeley what #ight have looked like a s#irk in etter light. “I’ll call #y rothers .” Dane intervened efore Keeley could give her sister a #uch"needed attitude ad*ust#ent. sis. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. ready to e(plain the origins of her .” &hey were ganging up on her anyway. we could go to #y place and watch a #ovie.” he offered. :ace gave her a cheery wave and trotted off to #eet her friends. so#ething she’d learned to do at the clu . ig sis)” “Bine. &hat’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever offered to do for #e. “&hat okay. “%ey.” she fretted. Dane. “I suppose I haven’t. and the three of us will drive to $hit urg.” “/h. and I do have that lack elt in karate you paid for.html Keeley. !i##e a reak. sweetheart. “-o. :acey put her hands on her hips. &hese guys are *ust rust. “Keeley1 Dane1” :acey urst ack into their inti#ate dark cocoon.” %e kissed her forehead. 7ou and Keeley can have #y guest roo# for the night.” “&hey’re the front and. Do you #ind if I go) I’ve never een on the lake efore.ingha# .html . &hat *o I had.” “What)” %e was deadly serious. and teach the# that real #en don’t #ess with little girls. “-ot en*oying this)” %e shook his head.processtext. 7ou’re not fa#iliar with the city and you #ight have a hard ti#e finding a ca . stopping when she saw Keeley sitting on his lap.

:ike she was one to talk. We won’t do anything you’d e e# arrassed for your sister to walk in on. and…” %e shuddered. what’s up) &hat sounded sad. “7ou are looking at the king of #icrowave popcorn. I’ve had a long week. and it was right for her to do his wide shoulders to her as he filled a couple glasses with ice. 7ou practically needed an electronic engineering degree to run the thing.ond #ovie is playing on pay"per"view.ond it is. huh) !ood choice. &hat’s why I left. “Do you need any help)” “2aking #icrowave popcorn)” %e slanted a grin at her while pulling out the fancy sliding pantry shelves. “Dane.” “3oor What else is there to eat when you’re alone in a hotel roo# watching any #ovie you can find)” %e popped a ag in and pressed a couple uttons. with her own college education and right future ahead of her. “.” she co##ented without thinking.html “2y sister could co#e ho#e anyti#e. taking his hand. the new Ma#es .processtext. her #o# had een per#anently checked out #entally.html . I’ve only seen the trailer0do you want to watch it)” %e was in the kitchen fi(ing so#e snacks and called. “-ot so#ething I care to repeat. Keeley would e the #a#a ird kicking her a y out of the nest so she could try her wings and soar. “7ou have indeed.” %e raised their interlaced fingers to his #outh and kissed the#. “%opefully I’ve helped you put that out of your #ind. “%ey. %e helped her to her feet and stood.” “&o Wisconsin) Don’t worry. “Keel. and the only person she could count on was her little :acey. :acey would leave her. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” K55:57 B:I335D /-Dane’s enor#ous flat"screen television. though. %e shrugged. %e turned to her. $he was used to loneliness. $he sighed hard enough to ruffle Dane’s hair across the roo#.” she cooed. -ot so little any#ore.” she warned hi#.” %e laughed. it’s pretty ta#e there.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” “. “$ounds lonely. I accidentally dropped in on #y sister and her fianc' once.processtext.ond.” Keeley wandered ack into the ultra"#odern kitchen and leaned on the chilly granite countertop.” “Must thinking a out :acey going off on her own. ut she #anaged to find so#e good channels. %er dad had left efore she was orn. too.

com/abclit.” he called.’ ecause it’s a pale ale. $he returned his kiss. “-o. +side fro# a client lunch or dinner with $ugar.” %e ent and kissed her. “&heir loss is #y gain. “+re all the #en in . I #ean in general. I think the popcorn’s starting to urn.” %e cupped her chin and tilted her face up to his. What do you want to drink)” !lad for so#ething to do.processtext. “&he rewery’s not too far fro# where I grew up.hicago lithering idiots) Do none of the# see how eautiful you are) What a nice person you are)” “&hat’s sweet of you. $o#e of her a# ivalence #ust have co#e through in her response ecause he roke off the kiss.processtext. 2y rother and sister and I all need each other and I dou t that will change. it’s #e and the #icrowave for co#pany.” $he shrugged. :ike you.” “.” $he shifted the ottles to see the different varieties and stifled a laugh. Weiss.” It wasn’t. We have our own lives now and she doesn’t need #e any#ore. nothing. Keeley opened the stainless"steel fridge.html “-o.ool.html . -othing #uch in there ut chip dip and several ottles of eer. “I have the world’s largest collection of single"serving froJen dinners. LWeiss’ is the !er#an word for Lwhite. I think we’re good. ut I’ve een too usy with school and starting #y accounting practice. “&his eer is called L%oney Weiss.” “7ou sure)” “+ solutely. $he gra ed two ottles and closed the fridge. ut all the ti#e knowing he would soon e off to 5urope or wherever and his kisses would only e a #e#ory. they only #ake that in spring and su##er. “What did you find)” %e ca#e toward her with a ig owl of popcorn.” %e started to flush.” “Wisconsin i#port. Keeley. checking the popcorn. sweetly. &he pale eer had an interesting na#e.’ $ounds sweet and tasty to #e. “/f course she still needs you. “What)” %e crossed to the #icrowave in two ig strides and shut it off.” %e #oved closer to her and rushed a strand of hair away fro# her face. softly.” “-ow I have a hard ti#e elieving that. “8#. $he wiggled the ottles at hi#. ut she’ll always need you.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “Is that a !er#an i#port) I’ve never heard of it.” %e frowned. “7eah.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. u#. 2r. 2ay e not for a a ysitter. you #ust have Kuite an active social $he pulled away. +nd when :acey’s not around. “What’s wrong)” he whispered against her lips.

“-o.” she #oaned. ending over so her reasts swayed near his face. . “Do youwant #e to e your honey)” %e yanked her close.processtext. I wonder if you’re thinking a out #e. al#ost #ade #y alls fall off until you let #e #ake love to you. %e ni led her neck. “When we’re apart.” %e it her ear. Keeley gasped.ut #y sister…” “$he’ll e on the lake until #idnight and the door#an will call first anyway.html “+re you #y honey. wanting to accept that hard. “-ow. Dane.” %e shuddered in desire. Keeley. I’# on irth control and tested. pinning her wrists ehind her with one strong hand. “$weet and sticky all over you)” “7es.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. When you’re near #e. #aking her arch her pelvis against hi#. “2##. :et’s #ake love0” her tongue stu# led across the unfa#iliar words “0without anything etween us. “-ot as sweet as you. 7ou’ve got #e twisted up in knots.ut ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. %is other hand slipped under her shirt.” Instead of taking another drink. Weiss)” -ow the tips of his ears reddened. and I haven’t een with anyone in a while. “. %er pussy clenched. $he followed his e(a#ple.” $he took a deep reath. raw and earthy in the kitchen’s glea#ing sterility. “I’ll do whatever you want.” Dane swallowed a #outhful and took the ottle fro# her.” $he didn’t want hi# to go “&hirsty)” $he tipped so#e eer into his #outh and drank so#e herself. “&hat.” When she waved the# teasingly.” Keeley was a out to co#e *ust fro# his se(y words. the sight of his work"hardened #uscles captivating her as usual.” %e teased and pinched her nipple. her #outh suddenly dry with nerves. hot invitation. he plucked the# fro# her hands and set the# on the ta le.” %er eyes flew open. “&he thought of #aking love to you.processtext. 7ou know that.” %e let go of her and stripped off his clothes until he stood naked and aroused. Dane. ut he set the owl on the counter. $he walked over to Dane. her nipples peaking instantly. $he had seen that done with other girls at the clu ut had not allowed it herself. #y sweet Keeley. %e sat on a chair and spread his thighs. right)” “I’# healthy. I can’t keep #y hands off you. &he eer was light and tasted of honey.html .com/abclit. “We’re oth okay. co# ined with how da#n se(y you are. “3ut down the eer ottles. unerringly finding her nipple. too. sweet. he poured the icy eer over her reasts. eingin you without any arrier…I’d do anything for that. 2ake love) %e was pro a ly trying to e ro#antic. his cock pointing up invitingly. I’ll go get so#ething fro# the athroo#.

” they oth said in unison. if the girl on the eer ad looked like you. gasping every ti#e she hit otto#. pouring and sipping the eer over her until the ottle was e#pty.processtext. you’ll like it. %e tensed under her as she rushed his cock with her nail. and laughed. $he arched her spine. giving hi# eager access as he #ade love to her reasts.” %is fingers dug into her thighs. he penetrated her there. Keeley. %e slipped a finger inside her. Instead of swallowing it. lapping drops off the tight uds. %is alls were tight and war# on her ass.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “+ll for #e. so she put her pleasure in his hands and #oved even faster. only for #e.” $he used her strong thighs to lever herself up and down his pole. silky s#ooth and slick with oth their *uices. %e eagerly lifted his head and licked the rivulets. sending hot strea#s of desire to her pussy. teasing and playing with her clit until her legs weakened. . %e spread her even wider. I would have drunk too #uch to ever get through school. #aking her sKueal. “7ou’re ready for #e. “7ou’re so hot.html . $he stopped for a second at the unfa#iliar caress. !onna die if you don’t #ove on #e. Dane chuckled in the ack of his throat. and she was spread wide open. the fat head indenting sharply to the thick shaft. Keeley gra ed on to his shoulders. &hey groaned. too.ela(.com/abclit. he took a #outhful of her. she couldreally feel hi#. he ran oth hands over her ody as if he couldn’t get enough of touching her. $etting it on the countertop with a clink. swallowed and repeated it with her other nipple. %e swirled his finger in her #oisture and gently teased her otto# opening.processtext.” %e spread her thighs and dove into her liKuid center. . plucking at her clit at the sa#e ti#e.” $he did trust hi#.old eer licked off a hot wo#an. Dane #oved his hands around fro# her reasts and cupped her ass. “$weet Keeley. playing with the cleft and dipping lower. “. &ight and wet. 5ncouraged. catching her reath as he took another #outhful of eer. $he groaned and shuddered a it when he caught her !"spot.o#e get #e. ut he coa(ed her on. his cock *erking in ti#e to her own pulsations. &rust #e. rotating it slowly.html there was so#ething ele#entally lascivious a out having a se(y #an eco#e drunk off her ody as well as eer. Without the condo#. “I swear.” $he positioned herself over hi# with each foot on either side of the chair and sank are inch y delicious are inch until they fit like a key and lock. Keeley #oaned at the une(pectedly sharp feeling. &he cold car onation fiJJed on her sensitive nipple. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.

Keeley was in a #ellow #ood now and hadn’t wanted to watch the tension"packed Ma#es .” “I’ve always thought that was a du# title. $he nodded. his fingers #oving in rhyth# with her. “/h. Keeley.” E? K55:57 . honey.processtext. %e actually doesn’t have a ad “%##.” one of his #ore popular songs that #i(ed !er#an and 5nglish.html “/h. %e kissed her open. “&ake #y honey. :ightning shot fro# her clit all the way to her ass. Dane. “/h1” “.processtext. caught up with the dou le penetration of his are flesh. not saying anything for once. %e swelled even farther inside her.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” she cried.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.ond flick. ru ing his tongue along hers. &hey were oth showered and fully dressed in anticipation of :acey’s return and had polished off a second owl of popcorn. “I love it. “&hat’s how to en*oy #y honey. &hey were a #ess.” %e sighed in satisfaction. + wooden heart) $ounds like a carved knickknack you’d find in one of those gift shops with all the cuckoo clocks. Dane. “%oney. %e uried his face etween her reasts. I love ad girls. #y sweet honey Dane. I’# a really ad girl.” $he was swa#ped with lust e(tending fro# her clit all the way ack.” he groaned. her head tossing ack and forth. Keeley)” “I a#. a y. ut not with hi#.I.” %e sucked her nipple hard into his #outh and she roke apart on top of hi#.all #ehoney when you co#e. *ust #aking several lusty groans.html .!. dance naked for #e. covered in eer.” %e sla##ed up and *etted into her. .” Dane looked up riefly at the &4 and returned to nuJJling her neck. &his is the one set in !er#any. Keeley kissed the racing pulse at the ase of his throat and laughed. “7ou like it)” he rasped. $he fell onto his chest and stuck. “/h. let #e suck eer off her tits.” 5lvis egan to sing “Wooden %eart. “&hat’s how to en*oy a Wisconsin %oney Weiss. are cock. /nly a ad girl would let #e do this.:I-5Dagainst Dane on his huge leather couch. $he was idly flipping channels instead. gasping #outh. %e gave one last roar and slu#ped onto the kitchen chair. +re you #y ad girl. I’ve seen practically every 5lvis #ovie ever #ade. “I wanna hear you talk for once. $he was spread wide open and should have felt vulnera le. sweat and se( *uices. look.lues is playing. her pussy sKueeJing on every inch of his long. oh1” %e trapped her onto his cock and finger as she chanted his na#e over and over. his hot seed athing and overflowing her as she cried out at the unfa#iliar sensation.

or cold to hi#. /h. I didn’t know you could sing like that. Dane started singing along in a pleasing aritone voice. Keeley could understand a few words fro# its si#ilarity to 5nglish. $he loved :acey with all her heart and always had.” “+nd what were the verses you sang)” “/h.” %e spread his ar#s wide. $he so#eti#es felt she was cut off fro# people.” “&ell #e. ut #issed al#ost all of it. tickling his neck and sides.” “/h. ut Dane continued. a wooden heart was not easily roken.” -ow she was intrigued. ut it was o vious she wasn’t othering hi# at all.” %e slipped his hand under her shirt to caress her elly.” “$o you speak it)” %e nodded. ut for once. yeah)” $he did her est. though.” “!o ahead.” $he rolled over to face hi#.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. %e s#iled s#ugly at her. “I have a rother. “-ot gonna work. a it cold. I learned real Kuick to not e ticklish. she had loved her #other once upon a ti#e. never een in love. surprise. Keeley wasn’t paying attention to his touch. she’d never loved a #an.” %e shrugged. . “/r I’ll tickle it out of you. “Dane.” “3ro a ly dance and sing0surprise. “:et’s see what 5lvis is going to do now.” “I told you0#ore of the sa#e. “2y #o#’s #other was orn in !er#any and #y dad’s side of the fa#ily was $wiss. singing a couple #ore verses softly into her ear. I think the girl in the #ovie is eing wooden. + wooden heart. 5lvis stopped. a sister and a out seventeen cousins.” %e turned ack to the &4.processtext. or so#ething. . $he sy#pathiJed with the girl in the #ovie. his ears turning pink. “What do the words say)” “&he first verse 5lvis sings is a out how he has to leave his girl to go find his fortune ut he’ll co#e ack again for her.html . even under the ar#s of his &"shirt.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. #ore of the sa#e.ut sisters aside. -ot like “7ou haven’t seen !er#an knickknacks ’til you’ve co#e to Wisconsin. sure. ut her negligence and indifference had pretty #uch killed any affection. “&ell #e what you sang to #e. so our fa#ily were regular #e# ers of the local !er#an heritage clu . +fter all.processtext. When 5lvis ca#e to the !er#an refrain. settling her etween his thighs. “Why aren’t you ticklish)” %e finally laughed.esides.

” %e went to open the door for her sister. %e actually liked her sister and wasn’t #aking nice with her to please Keeley. “!et dressed.” “I’# fine. dark secrets I can tickle out of you)” %e crept his fingers up her ri s. %ad Dane even realiJed what he said) Did it even #ean anything) +fter all. Keeley) Do you have any deep. eager to drop the su *ect of deep. “!et your utt up here and stop e# arrassing your sister0she’s red as a eet.” “+re ya sure)” %e increased the pressure and speed. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “-ope.processtext. “We’re *ust kidding you ecause we love you.” “/h.html . “7ou’re #ore than fine. Dane. starting another lush for her. $he laughed so hard she lost her reath. running his hands all over her ody.html “/h. cuJ I’# co#ing1” Keeley pressed her hands against her urning cheeks and Dane roared with laughter.” %e caught her hand and kissed it. una le to tell hi# anything. he had lu#ped hi#self in with her sister in the whole “love” ver . watching Dane’s indulgent e(pression as s#all"town :acey goggled over his condo. #aking her giggle. “7ou’re as ad as she is. co#e on.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. %e went over to the interco# and the door#an announced they had a 2iss :acey Davis co#e to visit and should he send her up. Keeley followed ehind the#.” “%ow a out you. Keeley. huh)” Dane wiggled his lond rows y’all. dark secrets. “$top it1” $he swatted hi# in the ar#. ut the condo uJJer rang. In a last"ditch effort to get away.processtext. :acey #ust have taken the receiver away fro# the door#an ecause her cheerful voice rang out. :acey laughed uproariously and hung up.” $he s#iled at hi#. it’s pro a ly #y sister. “/ur tickling #atch does have its advantages. she rolled off the couch onto the rug.” %e ent his head to kiss “7ou okay.” $he gave hi# a Kuick hug and he stood and helped her to her feet. “!ood thing she didn’t get here earlier. catching his weight on his ar#s efore he landed on her.” %e settled his ody over hers. %e ushered her sister in as an honored guest. “/h. sweetheart) I didn’t #ean for you to do that.” “Weare dressed. chatting with her and giving her the grand tour. leaving Keeley shell"shocked in the #iddle of the lu(urious foyer. you little snot1” Keeley called. %e followed. her hand ouncing har#lessly off his icep.

+ll of a sudden.” “Does not. -ow there was a second.” %er sister rolled her eyes. “%ere’s so#e of those chewy granola ars. :acey saw one of the fifties and her eyes widened.” Keeley tucked a few twenties and fifties into a Jipper pocket on her sister’s ackpack.” Keeley sKuawked in protest. “/h.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. and you know it. this is#y #oney. -ow here’s so#e #oney for that fish oil or oat ride you were talking a out. %er e(pression turned sly. does to.” “Does to.html .” :acey held up her hands in placation. I didn’t think anything #ade you lush0and now a #an does) 2ust e so#e hot lovin’ going on.+25 /8&fro# her apart#ent kitchen where she’d een packing so#e nonperisha le snacks for :acey to eat while on the reha *o site. I don’t know how you get these ideas. Dane gave Keeley a s#ile of such sweetness that her own wooden heart cracked right down the #iddle. so#e trail #i(. :acey wasn’t the only person Keeley loved. does to.” “Does to. “$o does that #ean you’re only using hi# for se()” “:acey Mo Davis1 7ou are the #ost. not his. “I don’t want to take all your #oney on you.” “!ood grief. cuJ you look at hi# the sa#e way. yellow and red apples. %onestly. I don’t know0cuJ he looks at you like he *ust walked out of the $ahara and you’re an ice crea# sundae)” “%e does not.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” “7ou’re welco#e. sorry. +nd Keeley *ust knew she would wind up with so#e very painful splinters. 8nless Dane gave it to you)” “-o. not cli# ing 2ount 5verest. . Must then.processtext. I’# re#odeling houses. the a solutely #ost outrageous girl…” Keeley sputtered to a stop while :acey fell onto the futon laughing.ut thanks. raisins and cheese crackers. I’# #aking a undle on this consulting *o and I don’t need any #an to give #e anything. Keel. geeJ. “We only started seeing each other a few weeks ago.” “/kay. “:ook at you lush. Dane I’# not taking any #oney fro# Dane. K55:57 .

are you gonna #ove in together) /r even get #arried)” “:acey. “-ope. I had so hoped that once you started college.” “+nd Dane’s the starting Kuarter ack. well.” “I a# not using you as an e(cuse1” &he accusation stung. sweet guy panting after too. things are co#plicated. nice. please.html . he wants to leave for 5urope to do so#e work over there. not yet. 7ou’ve never een in love efore. “+nd you can et I’ll e the pickiest chick you ever #et.” :acey shook her curly head. “+nyway. sleep and reathe college. “Dane and I. I have #y clients to keep #e usy. Wow. “7ou’re full of #ore ull than Dane’s fa#ily’s far#. -o second"stringers for #e. $he’d *ust finished looking over !lenn’s accounts and he looked clean. “I’# sure I don’t know what you’re talking a out.” K55:57 $&. “$top. We’re in the #iddle of that tricky audit and after that.I.” “7ou would. would you) +nd has a guy like that co#e along for you)” Keeley hoped not. “+# I)” %er sister nodded.ullshit1” :acey e(ploded.” “. sugar. +ccording to the 3. :acey pursed her lips ut didn’t say anything.’s report and Dane’s latest chat with the older #an.” “-ow that you know.” Keeley sat cross"legged on the flokati rug.processtext. “%e’s uilt #ore like an offensive lines#an. ut to each her own. &ell the #an how you feel. sis. #y !od0youare in love1 Does he know that) I’# sure he loves you. and of course you. cut it out.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. Don’t lie to #e0are you in luuuuve)” Keeley stiffened. go tackle that #an and ring hi# to his knees. his #other’s house had sold and she was safely ensconced in her new ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” $he gave what had to e a weak s#ile at :acey. “/h.processtext.html Keeley assu#ed a haughty e(pression. “If I had such a hot.” %er serious tone #ade :acey’s eyes widen.” $he laughed. you would grow in wisdo#0” $he roke off into a shriek as :acey tickled her around the waist. :acey still had three years of college to go. 7ou’re #y top priority. -ow. “7our du# "ass clients) %aven’t they ever heard of e"#ail and file attach#ents) +nd #e) I live three hundred #iles away and eat. whose e(pression was growing stor#ier and stor#ier as she listened. “I’# not #eaning to. :acey giggled.” Keeley said drea#ily. I’d e all over hi# like white on rice./D5through the office first thing 2onday ut I will not let you use #e as an e(cuse for wi#ping out on this great thing you have with Dane. I love you #ore than any ody.

Keeley perked up her ears and sat. Which was pro a ly why +#anda %o son had een insistent on seeing her. ut decided she’d e waiting forever. %o son’s desk while she waited for her to offer her first na#e in return.inky’s well"known penchant for d'class' da#es such as herself. either at her calling theT er " osses y their first na#es or at . %ow’re ya doin’)” If she’d had gu# she would have cracked it. &he four"inch clear :ucite heels actually had little e# edded colored lights that flashed with every step. ecause I ran into the old sweetie yesterday and he told #e how I rightened up the place. Keeley. %o son’s open office.” “Which 2r.” 2rs.ingha# .inky.harlie .ingha# asked #e to talk to you a out your work attire. &hey were tacky even for a stripper. “&he elder ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. in that skirt. Keeley didn’t la#e her and had actually avoided looking in the #irror that #orning herself. please. .ingha# .ingha#) . 2r. If you can. 5veryone does.herry. purposely dangling her Kuestion. &he skirt was longer than her usual . Keeley couldn’t have picked a etter pair of shoes for her little tRte"S"tRte with . huh) “/’t e . Dane said !lenn was practically giddy with relief. on the other hand.” “Bine. %o son’s #outh disappeared into a thin line. 2rs.html apart#ent. “. looked up fro# her co#puter and visi ly lanched. .ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.rothers corporate culture. “%iya.ingha# had pro a ly ordered the older lady to talk so#e sense into her a out what was appropriate and what wasn’t. 2rs. call #e . wasn’t giddy a out her upco#ing #eeting. . sit.html . . + sarcastic side.herry learn #ore a out the .com/ was up to.” Keeley looked at a few fra#ed photos of old ladies on 2rs.” 2rs. &oday she was wearing a leopard" print skirt along with a gold la#' top that would have see#ed cheesy on a EID@s disco dancer.harlie’s e(ecutive assistant.harlie) .processtext. Keeley had no intention of changing her look ut wanted the chance to snoop a out what .processtext. “What did you want to see #e a out)” she asked.rothers attire ut had a slit in the ack going up into outer space. %o son was looking at her skirt as if it were a real leopard a out to pounce on her.” she #uttered. unthinka le for an environ#ent such as this one. “3lease. %o son had e" #ailed her Briday to set up a #eeting to “help . Keeley knocked on the door*a# and entered 2rs.herry. %.” 2ore like take her to task for her clothing and rather o vious affair with her oss. 2rs. “2iss…$#ith.herry. $he shook herself and recovered slightly. %.

ingha# doesn’t co#e to the office regularly. “I guess that’s part of his *o .” 2rs. “I haven’t een wearing pants or *eans or anything casual like that. “It’s ad for office #orale when e#ployees are over"fa#iliar with their e#ployers.” Keeley s#iled.html . &he older lady pursed her lips.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. :ives can e ruined for #uch less. dear) 7ou have Kuite the theatrical flair. “Ba#ilies torn apart. I was looking for a *o and he hired #e. %o son nodded s#ugly.” /uch. “/h.processtext. girls like #e)” Keeley let so#e of her own anger spill into her voice.” 2rs. I think you know plenty a out #oney. It’s not like I’# an accountant or anything.” %##.” “Did you for#erly work in the entertain#ent field. “What do you #ean)” 2rs.” Was the older lady atty) “&hat’s what you’re ai#ing for.html so perhaps he is not acKuainted with what we consider usiness wear. . I don’t know too #uch a out this finance stuff. “I could tell.ut how) “&he only thing I know a out #oney is that having #ore is etter than having less.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.ut Dane isn’t #arried. Weiss efore co#ing here) I know he #ade a special reKuest to ring you a oard. %as he #entioned why)” Keeley shrugged ut wondered a out her asking. isn’t it) Dane Weiss will never #arry you.” “&hank you. which was hitting too close to the #ark. nosy now) “2utual friends introduced us. and he doesn’t have any children. %o son raised an eye row and tried a different tack. .” %er thin lips tightened even further. 7ou can always tell.” “+h.” Keeley nodded and tried to look stupid. “Whaddya #ean. “2r. children hurt.” Keeley thought this was a it over"the"top ut was intrigued. &his old troll was why Keeley didn’t go around telling people how she’d worked her way through school.” $he couldn’t resist that inside *oke. “What)” %ad she lown her cover already) Dane was not going to e happy. %o son stared at her. Weiss has een going through the accounts. &hey never not answering her Kuestion. you know. “Did you work for 2r.” “. with girls like you.processtext.

and she’d had plenty of work confrontations at the strip clu . $he had thought a out it a couple ti#es.” she whispered ack. or he would have pegged her for sure. .” “Burrowed)” $he felt for herself. “We’ve never #et.ingha# sat across fro# Dane. although $ugar speaks very highly of you. “.” “2r. Don’t listen to #e.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “7ou’ve got that scowl that tells #e you’re thinking hard a out so#ething. $he gave an unladylike snort. /nce he’s tired of you. 7ou’ll have to ask .ight. “What do you know a out her)” “$he’s een . %o son.” “I don’t scowl.inky very well could have seen her act at the :ove $hack.” . %o son had an a( to grind so#ewhere in her past. her outlandish outfit like acon in front of a dog. I’d keep #y r'su#' updated. the way you thought a out eing an astronaut or winning the lottery. $he snapped her ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. Keeley linked in surprise and let herself out. 7ou can screw your oss si( ways to $unday and see how far it gets he #eant wrinkled. I’# not interested in #arrying Dane. you’re history.” %e lapsed into a reverie. Dane eckoned her to his side. “It’s a far# word. o viously replaying his #ental highlights fil#. !ood thing she wasn’t naked with a can of whipped crea#. using her real na#e. $ugar. “%ave we ever #et. she hoped. If I were you.inky.processtext.” &hat wasn’t Kuite true.html .ut I don’t know #uch #ore than that.” $he ent over to get his attention. oth #en standing when she ca#e in. %o and parts of her did the *o . Keeley plastered a s#ile on her face. %is wrinkly face lit up at the #ention of her. 8gh.harlie’s secretary forever. of $ugar only.” she said under her reath. .” %er atte#pt at distraction worked.” $he pointedly turned ack to her co#puter. “7eah.” %e ran a finger etween her rows. %ad she slept with a oss and had the roof fall in on her head) $he turned the corner into her own office and found *ust the person to ask. installing a few counter#easures of his own.inky eyed her avidly. o viously seeing through Keeley. . “.” “I need to know #ore a out 2rs. . &he private investigator had co#e through that #orning and swept for surveillance. “What’s up)” he whispered.inky . it gets all furrowed.ingha#. Dane introduced the# in a low voice. $o tell #e what you’re thinking. #y dear) 7ou see# terri ly fa#iliar. &hat it of friendly advice had een a out the #ostunfriendly advice she’d ever received. even worked for his dad.ight here.html “2rs. you do. 2rs. “+h.processtext.

“Does she have any reason to want to hurt this co#pany)” Dane snorted. “+fter .” &hat really got his attention. “2rs. We fought terri ly. ski the tallest #ountain. especially since #y own secretary had overhead +#anda ragging a out how #uch #oney she would have once she #arried =uint. I told =uint to co#e on oard or I would cut off his #oney. ut Keeley continued.harles +ndrew the Bifth. %ard to e a slacker rich oy without any letting . “2r. his shoulders slu#ping. .eckless in his sports0he would ride the wildest horse.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” $he sat ne(t to hi#. %o son) Why)” Did he sound cagey. “%er) . I had +#anda transferred into the accounting depart#ent to get her away fro# hi#.” &he older #an stared off into space and swallowed hard ut continued. . 2r.” Keeley nodded.html .ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.inky finish the story to which they all could guess the ending. too. productive.processtext. +fter that. =uint was a wonderful oy. “I can’t think it’s possi le. Dane caught her eye and shook his head. +pparently +#anda had developed a taste for the *et"set life thanks to #y son. %e had nothing to prove. I egged hi# to ease up.inky sighed. =uint sounded like a real *erk.” . who wore a puJJled e(pression. Mulia. he was happy here. %o son. “$o =uint #oped around the offices until he hired I suppose you could say I won. ut reckless.” %e turned to s#ile at Keeley.html fingers in front of her reasts and pointed to her face. Keeley. swi# the roughest seas.ingha#. “!o on. $he was pretty angry underneath her pri# facade. he would e one of those professional Le(tre#e’ athletes and not have a thing to do with .” “+#anda %o son worked for #y son . 3oor slackers didn’t have #uch fun. or was it *ust her) $he looked over at Dane.processtext.ut that wasn’t how it worked thirty years ago.” $he ignored hi#.ingha# .harlie was orn. I need to know #ore a out 2rs. who# we called =uint. “&ell #e.” Keeley #ur#ured. and going ho#e to his wife. Dane coughed to cover a laugh. and . +nd if he chose to take his secretary on usiness trips.o#e on. ut I’# not so sure. Binally he agreed to wait si( #onths to try to work things out with Mulia for . . $he su sided grudgingly.harlie’s sake.ingha#. who were we to o *ect)” “&a("deducti le. “If he were a young #an today.rothers.harlie at night. “Wonderful. “=uint ca#e to #e a out a year later and told #e he was going to leave his wife for +#anda. . ut yes.

” $ure he had.” Dane’s voice ru# led across the desk. and…” .:I5. who returned to his fa#ily and had a tragic accident efore she could win hi# ack.inky’s hand. +ccounting.” Keeley winced and patted . too. -o ody ever got over losing a kid.ingha#)” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. . . “5ven so.raJil efore you even linked. %is e(ecutive assistant was whispering into her cell phone. there y losing hi# forever. nothing ut sincerity shining fro# his eyes. Killed instantly. “$o she was transferred away fro# her #arried lover. she’s *ust a secretary. huh) “=uint took his fa#ily to $witJerland for .%+. o viously not considering the situation fro# a fe#ale point of view. +l#ost sorry. Keeley al#ost felt sorry for the foolish girl +#anda %o son had een to pin =uint .processtext. “I’# so sorry. I’ve had decades to co#e to ter#s with it. her ack turned to hi#. I a# not going to steal your #oney and eco#e a fugitive. %o son)” $he spun to face hi#. I don’t care if you think it’s fake or not0*ust find out a out her. “It was a long ti#e ago.” $he flipped the phone shut and #uttered a word that Kuite frankly shocked hi#.inky looked nervously at Dane.” .html Keeley whipped her head around.I-!%+2poked his head out of his office. #y dear. “7es. “7es. “2rs. “:ike I’#*ust a secretary) I’ve found so #any gaps in the safeguards.” &he #en stared at her. !et ack to #e +$+3.ut donot underesti#ate her ecause she’s an older wo#an. #eeting Dane’s surprised look.processtext.inky. $he is a wo#an who lost forever the #an she loved ecause ofyou. “. ut not Kuite.” %e grasped her fingers. $he sighed.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. the unusually harsh lines of her face settling into a cheerful e(pression. $he wouldn’t have the foggiest idea how to steal fro# the co#pany’s trust funds. .html .ingha# as her #eal ticket out of the typing pool. “-o.hrist#as.inky sighed. Keeley was turning the possi ilities over in her I could take a illion dollars and e in . “What etter way to have her revenge than to wreck your co#pany and put your grandson in *ail)” . “%e hit a patch of ice on the lack dia#ond run and went headfirst into a tree.” $he pointed at hi#. I already told you the na#e. I’# sorry. . %e cleared his throat.” $he turned on Dane.

” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.rothers for thirty years or #ore. “&hey’re all at least .harlie laughed at the idea of the redheaded i# o e# eJJling anything.herry was a condition of 2r.” “I hate the guy’s guts.herry stays on. . she has an accounting ackground. “. “I tried #y est. ut . 2r.” “Do you want . and so is !lenn.ABC Amber LIT Converter despite so#e of his cash transactions recently. how did your chat with 2r. 8#. I’ll do #y est to protect .” %er nostrils flared. Weiss’s e#ploy#ent arrange#ent with #y grandfather. yes. if not older.o fro# accounting is clean. “+ strong possi ility. /h. ut his assistant didn’t see the hu#or. well. I’# afraid . “$o what’s the co##on deno#inator of all the account holders)” Dane flipped through the pages she’d printed for hi#. so unless so#ething egregious co#es up.inky to his li#o. Keeley was sorry to e the earer of ad news. .harlie to e the ad guy) .html “Well.inky’s age. Weiss replace her.inky was a ig oy and knew the high stakes they were playing for. 7ou #ay have to de#and that 2r.processtext.processtext. Weiss is Kuite attached to her.ecause I don’t think he is. &hat was nothing new.ingha# .egretfully. thanks.” . “D/ 7/8 . $he’s een here long enough to learn everything.harlie successfully choked down his laughter. %i# de#and anything of Dane) -o.html .5+::7 &%I-K2rs. ut . although I don’t elieve she has enough rains to steal a o( of paper clips.” “Bair enough.herry. ut she insists on eing totally inappropriate for our office.” “What else)” “&hey’ve all een clients of .inky doesn’t deserve the disgrace. . %o son’s the thief)” Dane sank into his desk chair after walking a shaken .inky fro# the fallout.” %e shrugged.” “$o#ething egregious)” “/ viously if she were caught e# eJJling fro# the client accounts. and she has the #otive. “If he is guilty.” Keeley held her felt"tip poised a ove the yellow legal pad. we could fire her.” .” “We’ll see. Weiss’s assistant go)” “+h. he liked having all his li# s attached. as if she’d s#elled so#ething ad.

&his one has five thousand a #onth to +dult %o#e .” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.inky)” %e nodded. as far as I know.are of .” Keeley wrote oth of those on her pad. and in fact four are on an around"the"world cruise and have not een in . “&hese and these0” he pointed at several na#es “0are living in assisted"living apart#ents or nursing ho#es. “I’# not sure who’s actually using ho#e health care. “Dane.inky know the# personally)” “2ost of the#. this one has five thousand a #onth to +dult %o#e .” $he Kuickly found two sets of pay#ents0one to +dult %o#e . $he shivered. +fter hanging up.processtext.are of .” “$upposedly)” %e lifted a row. $he scrolled though the payees. as if he were going hunting. for fifty"five hundred.” Dane’s lue eyes widened with surprise. the total a#ount adds up to etween one"point"five and two #illion dollars a year. “+side fro# . taut and fierce.” $he had the software tally the health"care e(pense category.hicago and a second to different ho#e"care agencies for varying a#ounts0 pro a ly the legiti#ate e( running over the list of na#es with .html “/kay.hicago.are of .are of . %e #ade the call.” “I can tell.hicago for the past si( #onths. old people have e(pensive health"care ills. his e(pression growing even gri##er.are of .hicago. he passed her a piece of paper. &hese other ones have a solutely no need for ho#e health care.inky. “+dult %o#e . they wouldn’t even Kuestion it. if we assu#e all those pay#ents are fraudulent.” Keeley did a Kuick calculation. &he co#puter popped up a total a#ount that #ade her his face set in an e(pression she’d never seen. hoping she never saw it directed at her. 5ach client is eing illed etween fifty and seventy"five thousand dollars a year for likely none(istent services. “$o does this one0only here.inky’s one of the last that’s still active in society. $he stared at Dane.are of .an you call . .processtext. “Dane.hicago supposedly takes care of all ut three of these clients.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” Keeley clicked fro# one client’s file to another on her laptop with her other hand. &hey all would have een heavy hitters on the elite social scene thirty or forty years ago.html .” “I’ll check who re#ains on the list. “7ou look through the papers0I’ll check the co#puter files. re#oving the o vious doctor’s office visits and hospital stays.hicago0it’s the only co##on deno#inator. . the rest of the# have ho#e health care. &he trust ad#inistrator would authoriJe the #oney0after all.” “+nd with the siJes of the trust funds. “Does .hicago)” %e nodded. +dult %o#e .” “&o +dult %o#e .

ut if you lose. and get hi# on her.inky if he got caught. “Bine with #e.are pay#ents.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. .” “$o he’s never cared for anyone elderly.I.harlie . and they add up. the one who# . %er tacky heels sank into the plush carpet as she paced. %ow could he)” “%ow could he)” Keeley echoed. never paid the ills for the#. “7ou’re on. ut he’s s#art.html “/h. “I et you five #illion dollars. $he *u#ped to her feet. &hat stupid. “&hree years ago is when .” It #ade her sto#ach flip to say it. Don’t forget 2rs.” “7ou et #e anything)” %e looked at her skeptically. Keeley1” Dane threw his hands up in frustration. not even after his heart attack. his grandfather’s co#pany and his grandfather’s friends. “!ive or take a couple hundred thousand. Why would he think of ho#e health care)” “I don’t know. the scorned #istress of =uint . “$he pro a ly cared for an elderly relative and saw how easy it would e to steal that kind of #oney.inky ever needed it)” %e shook his head. Is he the type of guy who can do that)” “$ure. doo#ed son)” $he stopped and ent to Dane.” “What does he know a out ho#e health) %as .” she half"heartedly I’# holding you to your et. “-ow I’ll et you anything it’s her.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. Bive #illion dollars total.” “+ #illion kisses) &hat’ll take forever.” “!ive or take a couple hundred thousand)” Dane groaned. greedy astard1 %e knew what this would do to . resting her hands on the ta le.inky sent toaccounting to get her away fro# his poor.ecause he’s a *ackass who wants to screw over his grandfather. Dane. “-o. $he pointed at her co#puter screen. “&hat #uch) %ow long has this een going on)” Keeley wanted to go co#fort hi# ut forced herself to search ackward for the start of the +dult %o#e .” Dane looked stricken.ingha#.” %e finally s#iled. “+t five dollars a kiss. the pay#ents are s#all.processtext. %o son. “&hree years ago. %ow could he get on oard and start e# eJJling right away) %e would have had to plan this all #onths in advance for the ghost payrolling.html . “. #y !od.” $he slapped the ta le. he #ay e a creep. “7eah. regular and reasona le. !et enough victi#s. una le to look any longer at the #issing #illion"dollar"plus figure on her co#puter screen.all your 3. %is regular household help was enough. .how could he) It doesn’t #ake sense.processtext. knows his way around finance. Dane winked at her and flipped open his phone.” “&hen he’s not the only one. +fter Keeley.inky and the oard appointed .B/.” %e cupped her neck and gave her a Kuick kiss.

rewers have dropped nine straight.” “. “Keeley’s not a stripper. “-ope. too)” +da# ackpedaled at Dane’s” Dane snapped. “Well.processtext. “$he’s $ugar’s friend) Does she dance at Brisky’s.ut #aking stripper clothes…I’ll drink #y eer now and shut up. and they oth knew it.” It would take torture to #ake hi# ad#it to a uddy that his Keeley was sweet as honey and twice as delicious. “7ou don’t need #e for that0sounds like you’ve already found so#eone.html .o#e on. Dane.ite #e. if you and she are still together in “%57. look at where your sister got her start. Did you #eet her at . “.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” %e dragged out the last word teasingly as if they were still in school. you can ring her ho#e to Wisconsin for our wedding.rothers) I didn’t think they hired anyone under the age of si(ty. “$ugar’s accountant) I think she #ight know .” It was a weak co#e ack.” $ince the .ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” +da#’s eyes widened. I #ean.” Dane shrugged. $ugar introduced us.” “/kay.” “2ay e. %e was a private kind of guy and esides. Dane looked up fro# where he’d een grinning at his ottle of eer. “:ook at you.ridget. %is friend guffawed.ed as a eet.processtext. spill. Dane fudged the truth a it. I #ean.ingha# . “-othing. $o it #ust e a wo"#annn. $ugar’s accountant. sorry.” “&hank you.what’s with the goofy s#ile)” +da# slugged Dane’s shoulder as he found hi# in the neigh orhood tavern they oth en*oyed. and it can’t e the 3ackers ecause it’s off"season for foot all. she’s an accountant. . it can’t e ase all ecause the . he and Keeley were *ust having so#e fun while their pro*ect lasted. wondering what in the world he #eant.” 8nfortunately. +da# dropped into the stool ne(t to hi#. Dane felt the lush creeping up his neck and ears.html Keeley linked in shock and fled across the roo# to her laptop. “I didn’t #eet her at work. D+-5.ingha# audit was still confidential. “-ot that there’s anything wrong with that. “Well. -ot stripping.” +da# signaled to the artender for a eer as well. . still not eager to trot Keeley out for his sister’s approval.” %e wrinkled his lack rows.

!ong.” “I guess if you loved her. we are clanging gongs.” she said riskly. Binally +da# roke the silence. -ot that you can tell your sister that. 2o# and Dad would love her.oy. Dane wished he’d never roached the su *ect.” Dane responded pro#ptly and glared at +da# when he laughed. it wouldn’t e nuts. %e pressed his lips together as the evidence #ounted and pushed the interco# utton on his desk. and +da# hooted. too1” Must then a #etallic crash ca#e fro# the ar’s kitchen. nice. though.I. can you co#e in here)” “. Without it.are of . ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “2arry Keeley) +re you nuts) 7ou’ve got weddings on the rain again.processtext. D+-5 B:I335D &” %e stood and patted Dane’s shoulder.” +da# watched hi# for a #inute and shrugged. eautiful. Dane flinched again.elieve #e.html Dane flinched. I’#not in love with her. $tuck forever in one place. I can understand if she’s not the type of girl you ring ho#e to 2o##a. “Would that e so terri le)” “What)” Dane’s eyes widened. $he even gives #ost of her #oney to her younger sister to help put her through college.” +da# drank his eer and stared ahead +#anda %o son.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. When will you see her ne(t)” “$even"forty"five tonight. +ll of us #arried and settled down.html . now you’re white as a sheet. I’ve een in that oat.” “&hanks a lot. &ake care. “:ove’s the thing. Keeley’s great. ro. “. “/h. /kay. had couriered over regarding the investigation into +dult %o#e . “.” “It’s not that.” “:ove) Who said anything a out love)” “7ou’rethe guy sitting in a ar with a sappy look on your face. $he’s s#art./8!%the packet of papers his 3.ridget. can it.” “$o what’s the pro le#)” “&hatis the pro le#. “I have to go #eet .herry. .hicago and its possi le owner. &hey’d start planning#y wedding for ne(t su##er.e right there. “+nd how #any #inutes until then)” +nother seventy"five #inutes. uddy1” Dane called after hi# sarcastically. “+nd you can stop #isKuoting your wedding $cripture readings to #e.

” “.com/abclit. living eyond her #eans.” “. “7ou called it right0I guess you win our et. When can we take the evidence to . co#e on in and close the door. .inky and his grandson and this is the est way she can screw the# over. “&he investigator had these dropped off. I have the 3. %e has a oard #eeting in :ondon. and he groaned. /nce I start. .processtext.html .” $he stood and paced across his %er lack skirt ended several inches a ove thepiUce de r'sistance.” “/r a #illion kisses.” + sly s#ile spread over her face. and now we have to wait. “/h.ooty indeed.” “%e’d e *ealous ecause he doesn’t #easure up. en*oying how her lush covered her lovely reasts.html Dane had no idea how Keeley did it all0a co#plicated secret audit plus enough of her e(ecutive assistant duties to not raise any eye rows. talk to #e a out spreadsheets or so#ething nu#erical.are to #ake a et on that)” %e shook his head ruefully. $he flipped through the papers and laughed triu#phantly. I wouldn’t want to stop. hi.ats1 +ll that work. a pair of thigh"high lack leather oots with skinny heels that #ade her look like a pirate Kueen. “Itold you it was her. “$he’s een ripping off the clients for two years. oh.inky)” “-ot for a couple of days. I have a #eeting with . I’# not #ade of stone. “-o. Keeley. &oday she was wearing a hot pink top that should have clashed with her wig.” %er hot green gaJe #et his and fell to the glea#ing wood e(panse of his desk. +nd did you see the na#e on the usiness license for that phony ho#e health"care agency) $he loathes .processtext. Dane)” -othing she should take care of at the office. %e tried not to whi#per. &ake a look.harlie in five #inutes and I don’t want to scare the poor guy.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.I.” %e s#iled at her.” $he gave hi# a peculiar look at his ver al slip ut did as he asked.” he #ur#ured.o#e” $he re#e# ered and started to lush. “7ou’ll have to take an I/8 for now.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. so I guess two days won’t #ake a huge difference. $he appeared in the door and his #outh grew dry. “+hoy0I #ean. “. so he flew over there last night. his cock hardening at the #ental i#age of her flat on her ack. Bive #illion dollars. “What’s up. and his staff tailing +#anda in case she tries to leave town. oots wrapped around his waist as he pounded into her. ut didn’t. “/h. $he was a#aJing. 7ou know I’d lose right now. &he #ysterious cash transfers. don’t look at #e like that.” %e passed her the packet. $he was so s#art.

“+re you usy after work today)” &he sight of her footwear re#inded hi#0he wanted to play pirate with her.” “%is #other is a stripper)” Dane roared with laughter. where was Dane) ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. :acey had co#e ack to . “I learned where . %e ackpedaled. &hey hadn’t een around since Dane had #arked his territory.” Dirk fro# accounting s#irked.inky over the years.processtext.herry the secretary had to drag her utt in at eight.” “%i.html “/kay. great.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. ut . &hey turned and grinned when they saw her. $he could have gone to the papers.ingha# heir.hicago late $unday and had kept her awake telling the stories of her Wisconsin adventures. so he knew he’d said the right thing. “-ot that she’s a ad person or anything.harlie .html .harlie has a son)” “+pparently he’s a out seven #onths old. and he couldn’t #iss the glea# in her eyes. $even o’clock. so to speak. a feature dancer at %ot to &rot !entle#en’s .” “Where)” &he devilish e(pression on her face clued hi# in that it was pro a ly a good story. Kentucky.ingha#’s cash has een going for the past several #onths. “.” Keeley gave hi# a sour look. :ucky :acey could sleep ’til noon if she wanted. that’s helping. $he shook her head.” Dane’s *aw dropped. $he traced .” Keeley’s e(pression lightened.+!!5Dherself into the office two days later.” Keeley eckoned hi# closer.rothers We site and the oy passed a D-+ test. “+fter all the grief . .harlie through the . ut didn’t #ove.” &he other #en sniggered. Wear those oots and prepare to e oarded.” K55:57 D. or rather used to “We thought you were a sweet cherry.harles +ndrew . like any good #other.harlie’s given . “&hat #oney is going for the care and raising of . “5(cuse in :ouisville. Dane. “What)” $o#ething had gone wrong. he gets stuck with a stripper for the #other of the .com/abclit. so she #ust hold her son’s well" eing first. ut #ay e you’re a tart.processtext.ingha# . the crowd of losers was flocking around her desk again.ingha# the $eventh.herry. /h. knowing her affection for $ugar. “2y place. %is #other is.

7ou lucky dog. &he re#aining #en dispersed Kuickly at the sight of the *erk’s lip pouring lood. “:ook. “. who easily locked it and laid into Dirk with a fist of his own.” Dirk acked away. &he photo had her in her red wig. “Dane. and we were a#aJed to see it was you. “$o#e ody left this naughty photo in the #en’s roo# this #orning. are you all right)” %e shook his head and snorted without looking at her. 2ost of the hangers"on slunk away. a"da oo#. you thon"of"a" itch1” Dirk lisped. and Dirk left the office.” Dane reddened with rage ut his voice was still low and steady. I’# not going to ask you again.html . the lettering read. “Weith. “ you’ve got your very own stripper. Keeley approached Dane cautiously.html Dirk continued. Weiss. the streaks of lood a savage contrast to his fine cotton cuffs and gold cuff links. Keep it. whipped crea# sprayed on her reasts and !"string and two #araschino cherries perched over where her nipples would e. Keeley sagged with relief as Dane ca#e striding toward her.” &he #en laughed and #ade cracks a out her ody and wondered aloud what she looked like under the whipped crea#. It’s as close as you’ll ever get to a real wo#an anyway. the :ove $hack’s newest sensation.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. %is sidekick started singing.oo#" a"dah oo#.” Dirk dropped the poster and punched wildly at Dane.processtext. “What the hell’s going on here)” Dane’s aritone ellowed through the office. I et she sure knows her #oves when she goes0” “$hut up and give #e that poster. ut she hadn’t even felt this e(posed dancing #ostly naked at a strip ar. “Why) 7ou already know what she looks like under whipped crea#. “Dane) $weetheart)” $he had never called hi# y any endear#ents in the office efore. .” Dane randished his clenched hand. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. ut the ringleader randished the poster. “!et lost1” $he hated how her voice shrilled.” %e randished a full"color poster. It was an old pu licity photo fro# the :ove $hack that she had allowed the# to take efore she wised up to the ga#es so#e #en played.processtext. “!et your ass out of here or the ne(t one’s to your nose. waving it in front of Dane’s face. she thought she’d gotten rid all of those photos. as he was staring at the poster on her desk.herry &arte. and the office swirled diJJily around Keeley.

I didn’t. . 7ou’re all right.” “+ little) Keeley. I danced naked for #en. I’ll take care of it if you shut up and hang up. “&hat really is you)” %is face sagged. they were co#pletely out of line.” Dane sla##ed the phone. “2y rules.processtext.” Dane winced guiltily.” “It’s stirring up trou le all right. aren’t you)” %is #uscles fle(ed and unched under his suit *acket. “I thought it #ight e one of those co#puter"altered things posted to stir up trou le.processtext. “7our…posters…are everywhere in the office0all the athroo#s. $o #uch for Dane.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. I’ll take you down in the freight elevator and you can take the rest of the day off. If I didn’t want to do achelor parties. “7ou’re the one who was under attack. &here’s no way you can stay here today. I’ll walk out the front door.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. #araschinos.herry &arte. . “7es.html . so usting you in the chops won’t #ake any difference to #e and I’ll derive intense pleasure fro# it. took their #oney. I didn’t. lunchroo#s. &he phone on her desk rang. . “$o what) I’# used to it. +nd don’t tell #e you’ve never een a custo#er ecause Iknow you have. and he answered. . %e couldn’t handle the fact she’d een a stripper. copy roo#s. $ee)” $he pointed to her old photo. %is #eeting ran “Why are you asking #e if I’# all right)” %e straightened and spun toward her. &hat was #e a out seven years ago. and I was their top act.e#e# er that place I worked to put #yself through school) It was the :ove $hack strip clu . Whipped crea#. “-o.” %is tone was cool and i#personal. I’ve already punched one guy today. ut it’s real. the whole it. Keeley didn’t need to ask what that was a” $he couldn’t stand that poisonous poster. %er shoulders sagged. and was glad to do it.harlie . “:ook. 2iss . ut I still have #y pride. Dane listened for a few seconds and cut hi# off.” “What) +fter all the grief you got with your #o#’s pervert oyfriends) %ow could you do that)” “2y ter#s1” $he sta ed a thu# into her reast" one. Must a little scared. I #ay have taken off #y clothes for #oney. don’t other taking #e in the freight elevator. If I didn’t want to give so#e scu# ag a lap dance.ingha#’s angry voice lared.inky won’t e ack until to#orrow. ignoring the ache uilding underneath.

chucking the# across the roo#. ru “+re you hurt) Did you get fired)” ing sleep fro# her eyes.e#e# er when I was starting high school and you ca#e to visit) 7ou still had that old clunker of a car and the ackseat was a #ess. “%ey.” Keeley started to cry again.processtext.processtext. so I figured you were okay with it. “&ell #e.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “I wondered why you would have so#ething like that in your car. followed shortly. I’# not who you think I a#. “/h. all right. $he flung herself on the ed and urst into tears.” $he was sick of deceiving Dane.html .rothers. Keeley. a sy#pathetic e(pression on her face.ut you never said a word. sick of deceiving her loyal sister. Keeley could only shake her head and weep into her unco#forting co#forter. :acey shook her head in dis#ay and sat ne(t to her. BlooJy red hair. “7ou didn’t see# any different to #e.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. Dane. not *ust her ody. “What) %ow long have you known)” “+ out five years now.” “&he :ove $hack)” :acey nodded and Keeley shifted onto one el ow and it’s #e. gently re#oving her hair pins and ru ing her scalp. spidery"looking fake eyelashes and clothes that would #ake a whore lush. what’s wrong)” :acey stood ehind her in the doorway. &hey had a picture on the We site0I recogniJed you despite your wig and. Dane’s favorites. $he had a fresh wave of tears. Is it Dane)” /h. +re you eating yourself up over your e(otic" dancing *o )” Keeley propped herself on her el ows and gaped at her. “&alk to #e. sick of deceiving herself that she was actually going to e so#eone so#eday. $he tiptoed past :acey’s sleeping for# on the futon and #ade it into her edroo# efore gli#psing herself in the pier #irror.” :acey sat on her heels and sighed.” Dane had een the second. “.” :acey flipped her onto her ack with a #artial arts #ove. What did a girl fro# a trailer park e(pect) Wine and roses) 2ore like eer and dandelions.:5to keep her co#posure all the way ho#e and up the stairs into her apart#ent. it was Dane.html K55:57 W+$ +. &hat she would actually e valued for herself as a whole person. “It’s outfit. “I’ve done things I’# not necessarily proud of.ingha# . “7ou were the one person in the world who I never wanted to find out. it’s everything. so I checked it online. “. %er strappy red heels.” “:acey.” she egan painfully.” %er sister pulled her into a hug. “-ow. hey.” :acey shifted to a cross"legged position on the ed. u#. $he yanked off the wig and eyelashes. 7ou offered #e five ucks to clean it and I found a flyer fro# that place in the city. realiJing it pro a ly had een the sa#e raunchy pu licity photo that was currently #aking the rounds at . sis. that clu .

“7ou should have stopped sending #oney ho#e to #e for karate.” “-o. “&hat’s why you’re crying.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. $ee#s all the local perverts have their own grapevine. ut :acey *ust laughed. “&he look on his face. as you put it.” “+nd no #ore secrets etween you and Dane.” “/h. “/ne did try to other #e. . “I called putting her thoughts into words for the first ti#e.sis.” Keeley stared at her. “7ou never told #e any of that1 %ow could you keep #e in the dark)” “:ike you did.” :acey gave her a wicked s#ile. “&ouch'. I auditioned and never looked ack. :acey. aghast. /ne of #y friends worked at the :ove $hack and convinced #e to apply.” Keeley needed a second to follow that sentence ut had to agree with it. I didn’t trust 2o# not to keep ringing losers around who #ight have othered you. and the cops arrested hi# and took hi# to the hospital0so#ething a out a fractured laryn(. sis)” Keeley finally laughed.” “+nd all #y #oney was going for ooks and tuition at the city college. &hat’s why I never wanted you to co#e visit #e. +fter that.” %er sister stroked her hair.” Keeley pushed away fro# her sister and peered into her green eyes. “I had een living in a neigh orhood even worse than the trailer park. I got a *o as a cocktail waitress at a regular ar.html Keeley rela(ed into her sister’s e# race.processtext. :ike he has any right to *udge #e.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. Keel. isn’t it) 7ou kept the e(otic dancing a secret and he was all shocked and you pro a ly got all angry with hi# and now you’re all upset ecause you think you’ve lost hi# “$o all your karate #oney was well worthwhile.” “2akes sense. “7ou needed those self"defense classes.” Keeley gasped.” $he sighed into :acey’s shoulder. I would have understood. al#ost a #atch for Keeley’s own.html . :acey wrinkled her row. like they did #e. Keeley. “$o you two never actually had the chance to discuss anything)” “%e hustled #e out the door like so#e one"night stand the #orning after. /nce I learned how #uch #oney she #ade.” $he riefly e(plained the unpleasant events of the #orning.hicago is pricey. -o #ore secrets etween us. I gave hi# a knife"hand chop to the throat and he passed out on the floor. e(cept for not eing honest a out it with you.” $he patted Keeley’s hand. 2o#’s social life took a definite downturn. :acey.” :acey gave her a stern look. “Iwas okay with it. %e’s pro a ly spent #ore ti#e in strip clu s than I have.

let #e hog the ed…” $he stopped. “%e rought #e ho#e#ade cherry pie and ru ed #y feet after a long day in those awful shoes. %e looked around the ta le and saw . “Do what I say.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.ut the guy so#e slack. he had no idea you were dying to travel and see allet perfor#ances. you idiot1 %onestly1” $he rolled her eyes. “Dane tried to dig deeper. “%ow’s he supposed to accept you for who you are) 7ou never showed hi# who you are. “$ee)” :acey poked her in the side.” :acey stated. her eyes wide. “%e’d never een here to your apart#ent.rothers conference roo# the ne(t day.” “-o.processtext. “I kinda figured you had #ore going on than good"night kisses.html “$ounds like all hell was reaking loose and he wanted to get you clear of it. “&henyou do whatI say and talk to the #an. Keel.” Keeley felt her face heat. :acey *ust giggled. Dane was heartsick that he’d screwed up things royally with Keeley and inadvertently e(posed her to ridicule y letting her #asKuerade continue.” Keeley sniffled. and she urst into giggles. and you hadn’t worked up the guts to tell hi# a out . you’re in love with hi#.harlie’s worried one. not what I do.” I& W+$ + !. %o son was ABC Amber LIT Converter Bace it.” Keeley slu#ped onto the edge of the ed. 3opped popcorn for #e.inky’s haggard face and ./83that #et in the .html . “%ow could I e in love with a #an who can’t accept #e for who I a#)” :acey shoved her so she fell on the #attress. 7ou wi#ped out.I2 !. $he’d let that one out of the ag. “. 2rs. &he corporate counsels and private investigator wore serious e(pressions. It’s ti#e for you to are your soul now. “+nd wouldn’tyou e shocked if he told you he’d worked his way through school dancing naked for achelorette parties)” Keeley stared agape at her.” “Is Dane worth opening yourself up or was he *ust uttering #e up to get on your good side)” “-o. &he only thing that . I’# not.harlie knew was there had een a #a*or accounting not your ody.” Keeley frowned. +fter all.ingha# .processtext.” %er sister waggled a finger at Keeley. he’s always like that0calls his #o# every week and is est #an at his sister’s wedding this su##er. to find the real #e. ut you’re right0I chickened out. &he i#age of Dane in a leopard"print !"string eing screa#ed at y drunken rides was too #uch for her.herry &arte.

. Dane fired the opening salvo. Keeley saw Dane settle ack and take charge of the decidedly frosty at#osphere. Keeley was not there. 2en al#ost always #issed that. “7ou’re right. ut she hadn’t returned his call. sending accusatory looks their way. “!entle#en. %e gestured to Keeley. &he last I saw of you was in that poster. “Why don’t we get started)” &he door opened and Keeley entered.herry. “2rs.html there as well. I got stuck in traffic. %is lue stare lasered through the older wo#an. along with fashiona le ut sensi le lue heels.!o get her .processtext. ostensi ly to take notes. %e couldn’t wait any longer for her. “$orry I’# late.herry)” + crafty e(pression ca#e over her face.” Dane inter*ected. “+nd youhave #et Keeley Davis.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. With Keeley there. +#anda %o son was good. Keeley dou ted if the #en could see it. who was sitting ne(t to hi#. Keeley s#iled. when you were wearing nothing ut so#e whipped crea# and a s#ile. “I don’t elieve I’ve had the pleasure.inky and . .inky hired to audit the trust funds. he could pull this off. -ot . ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” “7ou pro a ly wouldn’t recogniJe #e without #y red wig and #iniskirt.” . “%iya.” Dane suppressed an inappropriate grin.harlie and 2rs.ingha#’s grandfather entrusted the# to hi# to care for since they elong to his elderly friends. $he’s the forensic accountant .” “2e) 2r. Why) Is so#ething wrong)” %er faded eyes widened inKuisitively. e(cept for the calculating glea# hidden deep in her eyes.ut not Dane.” “+ forensic accountant)” 2rs.harlie shuffled uneasily. we know a out you and the special group of trust funds. $o#e of you #ay have already #et her. ut she looked as if nothing in the world othered her. apparently. %e’d left a #essage a out the #eeting on her voice #ail. “.” Keeley infor#ed her. &he role of loyal e(ecutive assistant fit her perfectly.html . %o son looked at her lankly.harlie’s assistant with the sa#e cool e(pression and didn’t waver. . &oday she wore a well"tailored yet classy navy" lue usiness pantsuit with a white louse underneath. %o son’s row wrinkled politely. Keeley had to %o %o son. 2rs.” “&hat was nothing ut a photo #anipulation designed to e# arrass her. %ow’re ya doing)” Dane rela(ed a it in his chair. this is Keeley Davis. she silently cheered. and not the uttoned"up eige Keeley he’d first #et. %e viewed .

ut Keeley detected a crack in her facade and rought out the pry ar.” &he . so I #ade sure 2rs. I knew they were i#portant to you. -ot fro# #e.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. I was a poor trailer park kid who paid #y way through school as an e(otic dancer.” Keeley announced and saw a s#all flinch.” 2rs. “$o#ething was rotten in the state of Den#ark. purposely using the wo#an’s first na#e to psychologically level the playing field. as well. #y !od. +#anda. . “2e)” %e thunked a thu# into his chest.are of .” $he gave the older wo#an a hard stare.rothers. the co#pany has a right to conduct periodic ackground checks.harlie in dis#ay.ard said.hicago. “7ou should have done your ho#ework” %e pulled out another sheaf of papers. “$o you ad#it it.” . $he passed copies of her audit results to .harlie.” Keeley narrowed her eyes and threw down the gauntlet. so I rought Dane and Keeley in to discover if the young prince was the thief.harlie.inky’s long"standing friends.” %is anger deflated. %o son gave her a twisted s#ile. “/h.inky looked at hi# pleadingly.” “. . and according to federal regulations. . “3lease. several of his friends are either too well or too sick to reKuire ho#e health care.ut all the suspicious accounts were directly under your ailiwick.” Dane chi#ed in. “/ur investigator found several large regular ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.” she said.inky in delight and .” the older wo#an said pri#ly. 2aking sure people aren’t funneling #oney where it shouldn’t e funneled. “/f course. a ghost payrolling co#pany.processtext. yes we can. not stealing it fro# . “I earned #y #oney honestly. “$tealing fro# friends) . %o son here…kept an eye on the#….ingha# .com/abclit. and certainly not fro# so#eone tell #e what’s going on)” .”I was too careful. -o #ore lies. his chair tipping ackward. %ow unusual here in .ingha# here.” .harlie looked etween the two wo#en. “&hat photo’s real. as you #ust have known when you dug it up to e# arrass #e.processtext.inky and .hicago.ecause you specifically gave the# to #e1 +ll your old cronies and their widows to look after. I so hoped it wasn’t you.inky sighed. as the .html Keeley rested her hand on his forear#. “+ctually. “+dult %o#e . $o there was no legiti#ate reason for the# to #ake pay#ents to your ghost payrolling co#pany. “+s part of your e#ployee agree#ent with . Dane. . +#anda scoffed. Did I set the fo( to guard the henhouse)” “I’# sure I don’t know what you’re talking a out. “-o. “7ou thoughtI would steal fro# our clients) I’# no godda#n thief1” . ut you can’t tie #e to anything. “+ccording to 2r.harlie olted to his feet.html . “/ooh. her e(pression s#irked.ingha# #en yelped.

+#anda) -o ody #entioned that a#ount. . “3ay ack our clients and I won’t prosecute you. according to .processtext.harlie. . +nd father. well…” . “!ive up. 7ou saw how #uch cash people were willing to pay to stay in their ho#es and took despica le advantage of that.ingha# illions #ore likely. it was #ore than an affair0I loved hi#1” Keeley rolled her eyes. “5ven if I had stolen five #illion dollars. “Don’t what) Don’t tell your grandson the truth)” $he whipped around to Keeley. :oved the .” “What)” &he crack widened. 7ou’ve lost. “. “I inherited so#e #oney fro# #y #other when she died a few years ago.inky spread his hands helplessly.inky stared at Amber LIT Converter http://www.html . and you haven’t looked at the papers we gave the .” “$orry. “-o.” “+d#it it. “7ou and #y father) 7ou had an affair.” “$o)” $he shrugged. I’# so sorry. where do you think it would e) 8nder #y ed) +ny decent e# eJJler would have opened offshore accounts for this very purpose.ingha#s.harles .html transfers into your personal account.inky’s for#er secretary.” Dane’s eyes narrowed and a cold s#ile crept across his face. thanks to Dane’s sharpness. precious little .” Keeley shook her “:ook what you started. casting a nervous look at . I never wanted you to know.harlie de#anded.ingha# .” . didn’t you)” “-o.” $he shuddered theatrically.harlie snapped his head around to the wo#an he’d thought had een loyal to hi#. you little tart. what’s she talking a out)” .rothers using a ho#e health"care sca#.processtext. “Don’t you think I already know that) I lost thirty years ago.” &he older wo#an pursed her lips and laughed with a nasty hysterical edge.harlie.ingha# the $i(th should know the truth a out his grandfather.” “Don’t0” . his face sagging. “Didn’t you say it was five #illion)” “-o.” Keeley shook her head.” “Whata out #y father) %e passed away thirty years ago. +ll this truth"telling. +#anda and your father. “%ow did you know it was five #illion dollars. !randfather. +d#it you stole the #oney. “!od for id.inky. the only thing you got fro# your #other was the idea on how to ilk .” $he shrugged. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. +#anda.inky said.

ABC Amber LIT Converter

+#anda clasped her hands to her louse. “=uint and I were soul #ates. I fulfilled hi# in a way your #other never could.” ;harlie sla##ed a fist onto the conference ta le, #aking the papers rattle. “7ou leave #y #other out of it1” $he ignored his out urst and continued, “$he was wrapped up in you, you little astard, so your father turned to#e. We were planning our new life together when he was tragically killed.” $he gave a dra#atic so . .inky looked shell"shocked and ;harlie was a out to pop a lood vessel. Keeley stepped into the reach. “-o, that’s not true. =uint du#ped you. :eft you. Kicked you to the cur . +nd for what) 2oney. &he .ingha# #oney. .inky here wanted his grandson to have an intact fa#ily, so he threatened to cut off =uint’s party" oy funds. =uint never loved you enough to epoor. ” +#anda’s face cru#pled and she uried it in her hands. “.ut… ut…I can’t elieve that she would wait all these years for pay ack.” ;harlie dropped into a chair. “Do you have any real proof)” Dane silently slid a piece of paper over to hi#, a sy#pathetic look on his face. ;harlie read the paper, his e(pression slu#ping into lines of anguish. “&he usiness license to +dult %o#e ;are of ;hicago,” he said dully. “2andy =uinton, proprietor.” %e stared at the older wo#an. “2y father wouldn’t give you his na#e, so you stole that, too.” “=uint always called #e 2andy.” +#anda coolly stared at hi#. “.ingha# .rothers owes #e, and you would have kept on paying if it weren’t for this slut with #ore oo s than rains.” Dane growled deep in his throat. Keeley stood and leaned over the ta le to +#anda, their faces inches apart. “Birst of all, a wo#an who had an adulterous affair is in no position to throw stones. +nd second, I #ay have nice reasts, ut I have even etter rains. 2ore than enough to catchyou. ”

K55:57 $:I335D /8&while .inky, Dane and the lawyers were discussing the repercussions to the co#pany. $he desperately wanted to talk to Dane, ut now wasn’t the ti#e. $he took the elevator to the lo y and was pushing her way through the revolving doors when she heard Dane call her na#e. “Keeley, wait1” %e ran after her. “Dane.” %er heart thu#ped. $he hadn’t planned this, she wasn’t ready for hi# despite her rave

ABC Amber LIT Converter

ABC Amber LIT Converter talk with :acey. “Don’t they need you upstairs)” %e shook his head. “7ou and I have done our part. &he rest is up to .inky and the legal staff.” $he looked along noisy, usy :a$alle $treet, heart of the financial district and where she’d always wanted to e. .ut :a$alle $treet was no place for laying her heart are. “Do you want to go for a drink)” %e shook his head. “I’ve had enough of eing trapped inside. :et’s catch a ca to the lakefront for so#e fresh air.” $he agreed. 2ay e the natural eauty would oost her courage. Dane hailed a ta(i and soon they were walking along :ake 2ichigan. %e tipped his handso#e face up to the clear lue sky. “+h, #uch etter. $o#eti#es I wonder why I picked a career that keeps #e inside #ost of the ti#e.” “Whydid you pick usiness consulting, Dane)” $he shed her suit *acket in the hot 2ay sun, and Dane gallantly carried it for her. “I love the puJJle of it,” he e(plained. “Biguring out what, or who, should go where. What to do with a co#pany.” %e laughed. “3lus, #y fa#ily would tell you I’# too ullheaded to easily work for anyone else. %ow a out you)” “I love order.” $he put her words together carefully, knowing they would reveal so#ething a out her she’d never shared efore. “I guess ecause I grew up in chaos. +nd I was a cha#pion couch"diver. +ny change that fell etween the cushions went into #y piggy ank and I even had an old check ook register to add every coin.” “+n accountant in the #aking.” Dane glanced at her. “$o what happens when so#ething co#es along to overturn your sense of order)” :ike a certain gorgeous Wisconsin financial consultant) $he wanted to take his hand ut was unsure how he would react. $he decided to talk usiness instead. It was always safer. “&hat #eeting this afternoon was certainly chaotic. Do you think .inky will prosecute her)” Keeley asked. “2##, I dou t it. %e’ll pro a ly pay ack the accounts hi#self.” Keeley gaped at hi# and laughed. “I guess five #illion’s a drop in the ucket for hi#.” &he lake reeJe tossed her hair, her real hair, and she was glad for its coolness on her scalp. $he wouldn’t throw away her wig, ut would e perfectly happy to keep it in the closet for a long ti#e. “+ s#all price to pay for peace of #ind. %e doesn’t want all the sordid details a out =uint to co#e out, for ;harlie’s sake.” “+nd for the co#pany’s sake,” Keeley re#inded hi#. “If word got out, the clients #ight panic.”

ABC Amber LIT Converter

ABC Amber LIT Converter

“&hat, too,” Dane agreed. “.inky offered #e the controller position on a per#anent asis. I told hi# I’d think a out it.” $he gri#aced. “Why would you want to work there) It’s stuck in the EIF@s and you can’t think ;harlie .ingha# will e any happier to work with you after what he learned today.” Dane #oved off the wide concrete path and pulled her to a tree"shaded ench, away fro# #arauding icyclists and Joned"out *oggers. %e rested his el ow on the ench’s ar#. “I’# considering taking the *o so I can stay here in ;hicago.” %er heart flipped in her chest ut she forced herself to cal#ly ask, “Why) &o e near your sister and her fianc')” “-o, Keeley.” %e took a deep reath. “$o I can e nearyou. ” “2e)” she whispered, shocked despite all her hopes. “7es, you.” -ow that he’d said it, he rela(ed his shoulders and took her hand. “What do you say to that)” %e tugged her close. $he pressed her face into his war# chest and inhaled his wonderfully fa#iliar scent. “Keeley, sweetheart)” %e held her face, his lue eyes a dead #atch for the horiJon. “What do you think) Do you want #e around)” “Bor how long)” “%ow long do you want #e)” %e kissed her gently. “7ou have to know I don’t think less of you for your dancing gigs. !od knows I dropped at least enough #oney in those places to pay for so#e girl’s te(t ooks.” $he giggled at his *oke ut grew serious. “Dane, the look on your face when you saw the poster, though.” “Keeley, I’d walked in to see a #o of #en hassling you and that scared #e. I al#ost tore the# apart and then I saw a photo of you wearing whipped crea# and two #araschinos. 2y #ental state was not the est at that point. +ll I could think a out was #aking sure you were so#ewhere safe, and that wasn’t .ingha# .rothers.” “&hat’s what :acey said,” she ad#itted. “$he told #e to cut you so#e slack.” %e grinned. “7our sister’s one s#art cookie. .ut how could she not e) 7ou raised her, didn’t you)” “3retty #uch,” she ad#itted. “We had each other, and that was enough.”

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” %e nuJJled her ear and whispered.ut now she’s grown. “.” %e swallowed hard.html .” $he grinned at hi#. I want to go with you. Keeley. and I’ll co#e ack for ta( season. I’ve only een to two states0Illinois and 2issouri. why a# I always crying around you) I never cry this #uch. waiting for her answer. don’t you. “I love you. +nd I need you.” “/h.” “-ot even Wisconsin)” he gasped in #ock horror.” $he pulled ack in shock. I *ust didn’t ad#it it ecause I didn’t want to need anyone.processtext.processtext. %e was as serious as she’d ever seen hi#.inky’s *o . “&hen for goodness’ sake.” %e threw ack his head and Amber LIT Converter http://www. “2arry #e.” %e covered her face in passionate kisses. don’t take .” “. it’s een uilding with every thoughtful gesture you #ade.html “. 5ver since the coffee shop. I love you. If you still want to travel. “7ou’ve haunted #y drea#s since we #et. 2y clients can e"#ail #e their accounting $he swiped at the #oisture. Dane. too. Keeley. %e plunged his fingers through her hair and kissed the top of her head. a y.” &heywere right together. I want every ody to see how right we are together.” “We’ll fi( that ecause I want to take you ho#e to #eet #y fa#ily. every ti#e you loved #e. so she took a deep reath and gathered her soggy courage. Dane. “-ot even Wisconsin. I can’t stand to e away fro# you. and you need #ore. lurring his features into a watery silhouette.” %e held hi#self very still. Keeley. I want your sister to walk you down the aisle while #y rothers stand with #e. and he nodded.” $he was safe. “/nly one condition. “It’s #ore than need. &hat’s why. “What)” “7ou a solutely have to let #e give you so#e dance lessons for our wedding reception.” &o her e# arrass#ent. “Darn it. leaving the# oth reathless and aroused.” ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. Keeley) 7ou need #e.eally) 7ou want to travel with #e)” “Dane. /therwise it will look like I’# dancing around you like you’re a strip clu pole olted to the floor. and I wake up to find reality even etter. “I thought we could announce our engage#ent.a y. e(a#ining his e(pression for any hint of *oking.” “7ou are always safe with #e. you can use #e for your pole anyti#e. tears filled her eyes.

html .processtext. “:oretta.” $he tickled hi# in the ri s.o#e on. “Well.” “+nd I love you. ut that was okay. “Is that a fa#ily na#e)” “If you #ust know. $he. I’# *ust grateful #y full na#e isn’t :oretta :ynn Davis.” “Keeley…” %e gri#aced.” “%er ert)” $he stifled a s#ile. had picked the# up easy as pie and had i#pressed his fa#ily with #uch #ore than her dance skills. . #ore solid than the oulders lining the shore and #ore powerful than the waves crashing the each. their love as soothing as the cool lake reeJe and as co#forting as the war# sun a ove the#. feeling as if she were floating a#ong the tops of the trees ut still fir#ly with Dane.e#e# er our et) 7ou owe #e a #illion kisses. “.olin and +da# had een sure to point out he in no way deserved her.ridget stood on the edge of the dance floor laughing with her new hus and. “2y grandfather’s na#e. Despite the hard work leading to . Keeley…What’s your #iddle na#e)” he prodded. Dane %er ert Weiss. .ridget’s wedding reception. I’# not sure I can #arry a #an without knowing his #iddle na#e. Keeley nodded and laughed. then. every single #e# er of his fa#ily had taken the ti#e to pull hi# aside at so#e point to co#pli#ent #y #other is a country #usic fan and I was na#ed after :oretta :ynn. .ridget.” “:oretta)” %e it his lip ut those cute di#ples showed his a#use#ent. too. “. $he sighed.” “Deal.” $he sealed it with a kiss. you know I’ll see it on the #arriage license.ridget’s wedding in their Wisconsin ho#etown. “I love you. %e was her rock.” he #uttered. ut you never did tell #e your #iddle na#e. of course.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. /f course. . 5pilogue “%+4I-! + !//D &I25)”Dane called to Keeley as she whirled y in his father’s ar#s at . I guess I etter get started. her eyes sparkling. %e knew that they were grinning too #uch to kiss and rested their foreheads against each other. not #inding in the ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.processtext.” “I’ll never #ention it again as long as you never call #e %er ert. “%er ert. “I love you. Dane Weiss.o Weiss was the undisputed local polka king and had eagerly offered to show a trained dancer like Keeley the steps. Borever.html $he laughed and laughed in delight.” she teased hi#.” .

and that was good enough for hi#. “Dane.” “+nd I love you.” Keeley pulled hi# to his feet and threw her ar#s around his neck.ridget’s wedding was over.” $he gasped and covered her #outh. “:isten. “It’s lovely. is that right) 7ou were singing the sa#e thing in !er#an) %ow you would always co#e ack to #e and you’d always e true to #e)” “7es.” “$he’ll look forward to it.html . Dane Weiss.” he confessed as he slipped it on her finger.’ Dane. honey. you sang this to #e the night I fell in love with you. “&hanks for letting #e dance with your girl. I stay true to you. when the grapes are ripe on the vine.” “+nd you cracked #ine. and while so#e perfor#ances were a it avant"garde for Dane’s tastes. “. “:isten to this part. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. “It’s a cognac"colored dia#ond with white dia#onds around it in a gold and. son. he could tell she en*oyed herself i##ensely. 2y sweetheart. +t least that’s what the *eweler said. #y ride you’ll e and then it’s yours I will e.ut you told #e we’d go ring"shopping after . “I love you.” %e kissed her in giddy relief.html least Keeley was getting all the attention.hicago. “LIn a year. Dane1” $he clutched his hand. &he andleader caught Dane’s eye and nodded.:ie er $chatJ.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www.’” &he and’s singer egan singing an 5nglish translation of the original folk song that Dane had given hi# and Keeley’s eyes widened as she understood the words for the first ti#e. “&hey’re playing LWooden %eart.processtext. “7ou’re as good as those professional allroo# dancers on &4 that Dane’s #o# likes to watch. When you cracked #y wooden heart. Keeley had *oined a #odern dance troupe.” $he pulled the ring out of its lack velvet” $he s#iled at Dane’s dad.” %e patted her shoulder. Dane. Keeley Davis.” “I couldn’t wait any longer.” %e took her hand and pulled her over to a Kuiet corner. . &he polka and wheeJed to a finish and Dane’s dad returned Keeley.” %er eyes filled. only noticing the #usic had stopped when he heard a giggle ehind I’ll ask the and to play another polka later on so I can dance with little :acey. Keeley. “/h. I picked it ecause the stone is war# and eautiful0like you. i’ lei dir treu. %e would have paid #uch #ore if necessary. o viously pleased her sister had found easy acceptance.” Dane knew what the third verse would say. “. &he and started playing his special reKuest that had cost hi# a couple of twenties slipped to the leader.o#e on.” %e dropped to one knee and popped open the ring o( he’d secretly carried fro# .e #y ride efore the year ends. I’ll stay true to you always.

/ntario 2C. “Welco#e to the Weiss fa#ily.html “I think it worked. “Keeley and :acey.” $he hugged the# oth with her cushiony. usiness esta lish#ents.” &he tears flowed freely after that and even Dane linked a couple e(tra ti#es. and Dane ad#ired Keeley as she tossed ack her head and laughed with sheer *oy. “/h.” he finished and ducked as she was engulfed in a #o of fe#ale relatives.5. ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. and any rese# lance to actual persons. 2o#. photocopying and recording. ??F Duncan 2ill . “I told you.” %e slugged +da#’s shoulder. places and incidents are either the product of the author’s i#agination or are used fictitiously. . two #ore daughters for #e1” “&wo)” %e was #o#entarily confused.anada. hanging ack in e# arrass#ent. we * drea#s and longings were wrapped up in that eautiful. :acey was first to hug and sKueal ut his seKuin"clad #o# was a close second.+. co#forting ar#s. “I gave Keeley her engage#ent ring. girls. CKI.html . events or locales is entirely coincidental. u#…” she trailed off. 7ou’ll have to call #e 2o# now. is for idden without the written per#ission of the pu lisher.oad. or in any infor#ation storage or retrieval syste#. -a#es. wonderful. of course.opyright V ?@@H y 2arie Donovan.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. living or dead. and he knew she would #ake all of the# co#e true. $he #et his gaJe and lew hi# a kiss. now known or hereafter invented.” +da# ad#ired his new wife.” I$. u#. :oveis the thing. “We. :ove’s the thing. ro. $o #uch for privacy. +ll rights reserved.processtext. “$o#ething in your eye)” +da# had sidled ne(t to hi#. characters. 5(cept for use in any review. +da#. #echanical or other #eans. including (erography.” his sister stage"whispered. Dane. Don 2ills.-N IDH"E"A?GH"EDH?"C $56 .ooks $.$ . “$hut up. Keeley let go of hi# as if he were suddenly electrified. &his is a work of fiction.7 &%5 -82. &his edition pu lished y arrange#ent with %arleKuin .processtext. and his new rother"in"law slugged hi# ack. se(y wo#an. the reproduction or utiliJation of this work in whole or in part in any for# y any electronic. “7ou +ll Dane’s hopes. %arleKuin 5nterprises :i#ited. for once you’re right. Dane groaned.

www.anadian &rade 2arks /ffice and in other<readerworks ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. Bor #ore infor#ation a out .html W and &2 are trade#arks of the pu lisher. the . &rade#arks indicated with W are registered in the 8nited $tates 3atent and &rade#ark /ffice.processtext.ABC Amber LIT Converter http://www. Inc.eaderWorksW$tandard ?.com/ About this Title &his e.ook was created using . please visit us on the We produced y /verDrive.html .eaderWorks.

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