Southgate Neighborhood Council November 13, 2013 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. ESD 101 Meeting Room, 4201 S.


Meeting Minutes
7:00 PRESENTATION – High Drive Improvement Project - Julie Happy (presenting on behalf of Jan Quintrall) • High Drive Redesign • Came to neighbors with project 20% designed. • Divided into two segments: 29th to Manito Blvd and Manito to Hatch Rd. • “Signature Status” for this project. • Improve pedestrian safety and bike accommodation • Maintain parking for trail system • Reduce combined sewer overflow • Pavement/Water Main Replacement • Combined Sewer System will have storage facilities at Browne St., Lamonte St., and Hatch St. • Design Options – 3 to start and taken to people in the neighborhood • A new Option 4 was developed • Segment 1 • Varying width asphalt trail instead of 8’ concrete sidewalk • Bike lanes on both sides • Natural buffer strip and parking where topography allows • Segment 2 • 6’ sidewalk on bluff side only • Parking provided on bluff side between Manito and Skyview • 4’ planting strip on bluff side • Bike lanes on both sides • Segment 2b • No parking • 4’ buffer strip on bluff side • Bike lanes on both sides • Truck traffic: Semi’s not allowed now, signage going up • Speed Limit – currently 30, traffic study in the spring will assess traffic calming of new design before lowering it. • Crosswalks – nothing concrete yet • Roundabouts – nothing planned now, take up lots of space. 29th and High Drive is most likely candidate…10 years from now. • Construction to start spring 2014 and run through summer 2015 in two phases. • Feedback still being taken for a couple more weeks (2 weeks from Jefferson meeting). • Q&A • Paul Kropp – Can you please walk through all the features of the current option 4.

What is the current option doing to manage stormwater. A: Segment 1 will use existing medians as swales and maintain the trees. Current design is 2’ deep to meet the runoff needs. Buffer strip will vary from 0’-3’ and the trail will vary from 6’-8’. • Segment 2a will have parking since there are no cross streets • Segment 2b will have no parking. Buffer strip will have irrigation for homeowners. • Some neighbors were concerned with narrow lanes. Some had comments related to power pole placement in or near sidewalks.

7:30 NEIGHBORHOOD BUSINESS Approval of Minutes – please refer to website above for posted minutes. • Approved as written Treasurer’s Report Approval • Same as last month Spokane Police Resource Officer – Lt. Dave Richards • Lt. Richards is now the Southside Precinct Captain. HQ is East Central COPS building (old convent). Will have 1 detective and 2 NCOs in our precinct. Community Assembly Report – Shelly O’Rourke • Worked on goals for Community Assembly Waste Management – Andy Hoye • Oct. 8th a new interlocal agreement b/w city and county were discussed. Tipping fee staying at $107, so no real changes for us as far as charges. Pedestrian & Trails (PeTT Committee) – Paul Kropp • In 2014 PeTT will work on better supporting the integrated project concept. Earl Small has resigned as our representative. Looking for a new Southgate rep. City will be setting future priorities in 2014, it is critical that our neighborhood have a rep. They meet the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Neighborhood Planning Update – Land Use Committee • LUC met on Friday, Nov. 8th. Discussed many issues • Update on ISP Implementation o Final FINAL version has been approved by Planning Director o Planning Director drafted a memo outlining the implementation of the ISP that includes neighborhood review of any new project plans int eh Dstrict Center • A resolution has been drafted by Councilman Snyder to prod the city to follow published design guidelines and standards and make sure projects in the DC follow these guidelines. • Ted and Kerry will make updates to the memo and resolution • City clarified that they are charging SEPA mitigation fees

• Ted gave an update on Target permitting and the Transportation Tours. Announcements • Lincoln Heights DC Planning Workshop is 5-7pm at ESD 101 on Wed. Nov. 20th. • Jackie Caro introduced herself as our ONS rep. She is responsible for 6 neighborhoods and will come to our meetings quarterly or more if we request it. • Ted told everyone about the comment period for Horizon 2040 ending on Nov. 16th • Ray Tansy told everyone about E-lerts from the Spokane Police Department. Nomination of Officers for 2014 • Chair – Ted Teske • Vice Chair – Teresa Kafentzis • Secretary – Teresa Kafentzis • Treasurer – Ray Tansy • CA Representative – Shelley O’Rourke • Elections will be held at the December neighborhood council meeting 8:00 Plan • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • PRESENTATION – Dan Buller from City of Spokane Ben Burr Trail Improvement Presented to the East Central neighborhood. Proposed project runs from Underhill Park to Liberty Park Old interurban railroad grade Included in Comp Plan alongside Fish Lake and Centennial Trails Project has been under consideration for approx. 20 years ECNC asked city in 2005 to pursue money to improve the trail Capital Programs applied for a received federal transportation funds. One requirement of the funds was the city pave the trail and create it at a certain width (10’ min., 12’ preferred) Project is in early phase of design and the city is currently soliciting public input Connections will be added to downtown bike network (on E. 3rd St.) and to Centennial Trail st 1 segment is the existing gravel portion between Liberty Park and Underwood Park To connect to Centennial Trail you have to go along Hamilton Embankment and there is ROW that needs to be obtained MLK Blvd will be extended on the south side of the river to tie in to Trent via Brown’s Building Supply Ben Burr Trail will be aligned with MLK bike lanes Funding Agency Requirements: o Applied for a “Shared Use Trail” o Paved o 12’ ideal, 10’ minimum o 12’ rationale is for ease of passing b/w bikers and peds and to allow for easy 2-way traffic o 2’ shoulders on each side

o 14’ total width minimum o protective railings where there are sharp dropoffs. o Construction in 2014 • Send your comments to: or visit on benburrtrailimprovements/ • Carolyn Jacobs, East Central resident who lives adjacent to the Ben Burr Trail o Said neighbors were shocked at the proposal and that there was no communication b/w city and neighborhood. They have been using East Central Community Development funds to improve trail since 1981. 2000 were the latest trail improvements. She wants the natural aspect of the trail maintained as much as possible. She encourages us to walk the trail before we make our comments. The East Central neighborhood plan calls for bike trails connecting their parks • Andy Hoye spoke about riding this trail recently. Thought it was “very cool and impossibly neat”. He entered off of Hartson, not a good bike access; he went around through 3rd Ave and Liberty Park instead. Fiske is really steep at the east end of existing trail. Andy said where the concept falls apart is getting from 11th and Fiske to the Southgate neighborhood. Andy has completely changed his mind, the trail doesn’t connect to downtown or the South Hill • Comment deadline: another month, December 13th or so • Kerry asked about if they could make the connection to the far south hill? • The money is all or nothing, we could reapply, but it could take another 20 or 30 years. • We can’t push to the south with this money, plus there is nothing but homes to the south. • Bruce Gage from East Central said the best connection from downtown is SE Blvd. But if you go down through Perry you can connect via Pittsburgh stairs above Liberty Park • John Kafentzis asked why would you not want to encourage more people to use this public trail? The paving on the south end of Ben Burr Trail in Southgate allowed a more diverse group of people to use the facility.

8:30 Adjourn 2013 Officers: Teresa Kafentzis, Chair Ted Teske, Vice Chair and Secretary Ray Tansy, Treasurer Shelley O’Rourke, Community Assembly Representative Eligible Voters must meet by-law criteria of: Residing in, owning property in, or owning a business within the SNC boundaries

Have attended two consecutive meetings prior to this one Voting membership lapses on the sixth successive unexcused absence

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