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Matrix Energetics Working with Matrix Energetics For years my work has been based on using clear intention

to help make changes, whether its on a physical, mental, spiritual or emotional level. I introduce this concept in many of my workshops. Showing people how setting firm intention is one of the most powerful things you can do. I would often tell people "thoughts are like arrows in-tention." So what is your intention? This question is invaluable because it changes awareness at a very deep level. Matrix Energetics pulls together some of the modalities I already use and adds a big fat cherry on top!! Working from the 'heart field' instead of our head means we can access even more heart centred awareness. Scientific studies have shown the heart field is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the whole body, sixty times greater than the brain. Working with Matrix Energetics has changed my beliefs even more about 'what is possible' because of the changes that I have seen with clients and on a personal level! What is Matrix Energetics? Matrix Energetic is a consciousness technology based on quantum physics. "It is a vehicle for transformation." As human beings we are all made up of electrons and photons (light and information). During the session I use focussed intent, drop down to the heart field and simply observe. Using this strategy we can change the way the electrons show up and so change the pattern. Whether the pattern is showing up as an ache or unhelpful thoughts its just the same, just a pattern that can change. Rather than getting stuck in the problem or issue Matrix Energetics opens the door to new possibilities. By using tools like 'Two-Point' and 'Templates' the old patterns collapse at a quantum level. Changes happen instantly and the effects ripple out for days and sometimes weeks later. As the Matrix Energetics Practitioner I access the right brain even more. This helps to open up to millions of possibilities through the creative side of the consciousness. Without analyzing or judging, just simply observing and taking notice of where my intuition takes me.

How does Matrix Energetics work? The list goes on I work with you, so I do expect you to participate in your own development and growth. Often a new awareness comes about during this transformational stage. As with many areas of my work I give clear strategies to help facilitate change. Of course with any energy work one can never guarantee a specific result, but something always changes. As a Matrix Energetics practitioner I never give medical advice or treatment. If you are receiving medical treatment please continue doing so. Always contact your health care professional before reducing or changing your medication. How do I receive a Matrix Energetics session? Just contact me by email or phone giving brief details of what you would like to work on and I will contact you as soon as possible. You can receive Matrix Energetics in-person either while standing, sitting or lying down on the couch. Or you can receive a Matrix Energetics session by skype or phone. We arrange a convenient time for us both depending on where you are in the world (choosing a time where you can be uninterrupted and relaxed). At the appointment time you phone me and we start the session. Although it might seem strange not being in the same room while receiving a ME session, the distance makes no difference at all. How does Matrix Energetics work? Quantum physics is a branch of science that studies and describes the reality at the atomic level (molecules and atoms) and the sub atomic (electrons and photons etc.) level of matter. A particle is what we perceive as matter. A wave is a disturbance in some type of substance like air or water for example. In Quantum physics circles, there is a very well known experiment called Double Slit Experiment by Dr Werner Heisenberg / Thomas Young. They discovered things that we perceive as having mass are a waves of information or possibilitiesuntil we observe it or measure it.

The act of observing or measuring, changes the behaviour of electrons. Combining this with other tools taught by Richard Bartlett (founder of Matrix Energetics) brings about unlimited possibilities for transformation, healing and change. What are the benefits of Matrix Energetics? Every person has a different experience of Matrix Energetics and every time you have it it's different as we are working on different levels and issues each time. Many people say they feel very calm during and after the session as well as experiencing some profound changes. A gentle light touch is applied while standing, sitting or lying down. The client often feels and experiences a subtle wave like motion as the 'wave function' collapses. Sometimes clients feel very relaxed and may feel like they have dozed off to sleep for a few moments. Matrix Energetics can help change many issues: Reduce or eliminate pain and discomfort Speed up healing after operations Change old physical / emotional patterns that may be hereditary Change perception of whats possible Enhance relationships and communication Increase confidence and self development

Matrix Energetics As a Naturopathic Doctor, I have learned many valuable techniques to help people heal naturally. In the course of my practice, I noticed that people sometimes did not respond to these efforts, or did not heal completely or permanently. My quest to help people access deeper healing and personal transformation has led me to the study and practice of Matrix Energetics. Matrix Energetics was developed by Chiropractor and Naturopathic Doctor Richard Bartlett. By accessing a state of infinite potential where he was able to break free of the barriers of the mind, and then bringing others into this state by connecting with them using a gentle, light touch, he found people were able to heal themselves in astonishing ways. Positive change often showed up in other areas of their life as well, such as work, relationships, and finances. When

he realized that this was a reproducible phenomenon, Matrix Energetics was born. In order to understand what was happening, Richard Bartlett became a student of quantum and scalar physics. He realized that Newtonian physics was too limiting and didnt allow for transformation of this kind. In the paradigm of linear physics, healing takes time, but with Matrix Energetics he observed instantaneous healing. According to the observations of quantum physics, the smallest known unit of matter is a photon, which is a unit of light or energy. This means that when you look at physical material your desk or your arm and peer beyond the atomic level, everything, including your body, is essentially light and energy. In this state instantaneous transformation is possible, because matter is not matter, but a probability cloud. One of the things I appreciate about Matrix Energetics is that it is scientifically based; in fact its not even referred to as energy healing but a transformation tool. It is not about running energy, because in that paradigm, healing still takes time. With Matrix Energetics, we are accessing what is known in quantum physics as the zero point field the field of infinite possibilities where everything exists as a set of probability outcomes. There we can intercept an event (such as a trauma or a condition) when or just before it occurs and observe the outcome as different. This can result in observable changes at the physical level. Our body always wants to return to perfect health, but our belief systems hold us locked in conditions. By moving into our energy state where mental beliefs dont play a role, our body effortlessly starts to move back towards perfect health. In order to be open to learning this consciousness technology, I needed to climb out of the box of Newtonian physics which severely restricts outcome possibilities. As I began to witness patients accessing transformation for themselves, I realized the significance of this new paradigm for healing. I have to admit that when I heard the story about Richard Bartlett healing his broken leg in a way that could not be explained by conventional medicine, I found it difficult to imagine, until a woman requested a session with me the day after she had broken her arm. I held a session with her, letting go of the need to heal her arm, and just followed what showed up. A week later she told me that when she went for her one-week checkup at the fracture clinic, they took her cast off. She had accessed a much more useful configuration of photons!

These changes often occurred in people who did not respond to other forms of treatment. I recall the case of a woman who had experienced acid reflux for 20 years that had not responded to medication. After a session which elicited a shift associated with age 10 on her timeline (noticeable because I observed an energetic sensation there while counting backwards from her present age), she recalled a serious injury due to a fall at that age. She later reported that the reflux problem was gone. In my practice I begin almost every case with Matrix Energetics. Once a Mom asked me whether Matrix Energetics could help her 13-month-old infant, who was in good health, but had been unable to sleep more than 2 hours at a time since birth. The Mom was very sleep deprived. After a session with the infant and Mom together, the child slept 4 hours that afternoon, then 13 hours through the night, waking only once. Subsequently, the child slept 8 hours without waking each night. I do not know of any other approach that would yield such results. On a lighter note, Matrix Energetics can help us have more fun (which is often just what the doctor ordered)! While doing a demo session with a colleague, I asked her if she would like to set an intention for the session. She replied that she would like to score a hat trick. I didnt know exactly what that was, but I suspected it had something to do with hockey, since she was an avid hockey player. The next day I heard that she had scored two goals in her hockey game after our session, so I inquired and found out what a hat trick was. (For all of you non-hockey fans, it means to score three goals in a game.) Two-thirds of a hat trick wasnt bad, I thought. But then two weeks later her team had a tournament in the U.S. She scored a hat trick and her team won the tournament! She said she couldnt stop laughing when she did it! When using Matrix Energetics, we access the field of infinite possibilities through the powerful energy field of our hearts, where we are able to experience miracles and co-create our reality. Transformation is possible there because we are playing by a different set of rules. We are deciding to behave as a set of photons, as light and information, and by changing the information that is given to a pattern, we can change that pattern. The practitioner facilitates access to this field of unlimited potential with the client, and together they can choose a different, more useful outcome.