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popular KBS TV show
“Misuda,” or “Chatting with
Beauties” has written a book
on her experiences in Korea.
Although the book is said to

Young Koreans be positive in tone, anony-
mous Korean netizens have
pummeled her online, taking
issue with some passages in
the book.

look to Ireland, Vera Hohleiter, the 29-year-
old German, said she wrote
some comments in the book
“Schlaflos in Seoul,” or

U.K. for school “Sleepless in Seoul” that have
been taken out of context.
Regarding the purported
“criticism of Korea” in the book
that has netizens here in a
By James Hendicott is more important now than rage, she said on her website:
other things.” “I do not know where they got
DUBLIN, Ireland — “As a There are other benefits too, that from, but certainly not
little girl, I always had an im- though: “In Korea I earned from my book.”
age of England as a place about 1 million won a month. The book is only available in
where people wear top hats For that I’d have to work 40-45 the German language.
and dandy suits, and walk hours a week, minimum. Here Korean media has picked up
around umbrella in hand,” said I can make double that, and I on the story, quoting one
Kim Do-young. only have to work 20-30 hours anonymous Korean netizen ex-
“I always believed there was a week. Of course, the price of tensively, as is normal here, as
something out there in a for- living in Ireland is higher, but their primary source.
eign country, just waiting for whether I spend the money or Hohleiter’s blog can be seen
me.” not — at least to some extent at
At 26 years old, Kim lives by — is up to me.” The blog in particular has
the motto “seize the day,” and Having lived with his par- become a venue for netizens to
has only returned to her native ents right up until his move to express their consternation. It
Korea twice in over ten years. Ireland, Ham met a host of do- has received nearly 200 post-
She’s one of an increasing mestic challenges head on. “I ings, about 190 more than
number of young Koreans look- have to make meals, wash what would be considered nor-
ing to expand their horizons on dishes, wash clothes, clean my mal for her.
foreign shores, seeking a differ- room ... in Korea, my mom did On it she wrote: “Since I
ent type of education and a all of that. I miss my family. now know the idiosyncrasies
slower-paced lifestyle. Things are not easy at home, of Korean internet users, I
Kim chose the United and I miss Korean food and had already expected such an
Kingdom — and the industrial friends too.” incident. I have basically no
town of Coventry — as her new Overall, however, Ham problem if someone who has
home. seems to enjoy his new life. read the book and under-
As the geographical center of “Dublin’s very cosmopolitan. stood it says that he does not
England, Coventry is mocking- I speak to people from many like. I am also aware that
ly nicknamed “the car park of countries every day, and I have some passages may sound
Great Britain,” and Kim ad- to speak to them in English. negative from the Korean
mits she sees it a little like a Sometimes I don’t want to, but perspective.
“black hole.” in the long term it’s always an “The German and the
“For the locals, it’s the center opportunity and a great bene- Korean sense of humor are
of the earth,” she adds. “But fit. At first I used to freeze PHOTO CHALLENGE — Weekly winner — just very different. What
you can get almost anywhere when I tried to talk to people in A wet evening in Seomyeon, Busan. German readers have a good
in a day, and the Cotswolds the street. In my first week I Sam Wigginton laugh at, Korean readers
and other scenic farming areas walked into someone, and I would probably not find fun-
are within easy reach.” couldn’t think what to say. ny. But those who have not
After going through school, “He said sorry even though even read the book cannot
university and now entering I knew it was my fault. I judge it.”
employment in the United
Kingdom, Kim concedes “the
longer I stay, the less likely it is
I’ll ever go back to my home-
think the people here are
very kind, gentle and polite.
I’m no longer afraid to talk to
foreigners. I have changed
my life, and my personality.
Film or digital? It’s all economics One of the nicer anonymous
posters wrote on her blog: “If
you don’t like everything about
Korea, just leave.”
But even after 10 years Now I feel brave, I believe I The Photo Challenge is spon- film cameras as much as 10 or As digital is the preferred
there are still things she miss- can do anything.” sored by Hyosung Camera 20 (or more) years old that func- method of storing and sharing
es. “I’m surprised how little The cosmopolitan streets of (English: 010-7203-9599) and tion as new, and often for less images, you can further save in
fish English people eat, consid-
ering all four corners of the
English-speaking Western
Europe, it seems, are a new
Babo Shirts (www.baboshirts.
com). Winners of the weekly com-
than $500. In contrast, advanc-
ing digital technology renders
the film arena by forgoing phys-
ical prints and getting your neg-
country are surrounded by the
sea. I miss my family of
refuge for Korea’s enthusiastic
youngsters to seek out an edu-
petition receive a 50,000 won
store credit at Hyosung Camera A 35mm film camera is cheap-
the modern DSLRs obsolete
quickly: A good film camera will
atives processed straight to CD.
I don’t know the definitive an- presidential
course, and I’ve had to tone cation in languages and cul- and a Babo Shirt. To take part er than the equivalent digital. A last you a lifetime, while that swer to this question, but seen
down my spice-loving palette.
At the end of the day, though,
ture, with many looking in-
creasingly likely to stay put.
in the competition, simply up-
load your photo at
comparable digital camera will
set you back in excess of a couple
state of the art digital you
bought the other day is junk in a
in that light, the costs associat-
ed with shooting film don’t seem
people are the same in terms
of living.
As Kim puts it, “I could
write a book about it. Every
hotoclub — Ed.
of thousand dollars, whereas a
good film camera is considerably
few years. In terms of value for
money combined with longevity,
quite so great. It’s certainly food
for thought. extended
“They eat, they work, they day’s an experience. I still cheaper. However, you can still the film camera would appear to So all things considered, eco-
watch TV, they laugh, they cry, have problems sometimes. By Aaron Raisey pick up excellent DSLRs for less be the best option. nomically speaking, which is The Association for Teachers
they go to the toilet and they Like at university, when a than $1,000, but because the im- The digital camera has the ad- the better option? The justifica- of English in Korea’s elections
sleep. The difference is that in friend told me a professor was The great debate since the ad- age sensor is smaller than 35mm vantage of lower running costs. tion for the purchase of many committee will be accepting
Korea everything happens going on sabbatical. vent of digital photography is on- film image quality suffers as a After all, the ongoing purchase of expensive DSLRs is the claim self-nominations for president
faster with ten times the inten- I confused the word with going: Which is superior, film result by comparison. rolls of film combined with pro- that “we’ll save money on film until Saturday.
sity. In Coventry you get to do ‘Sabbath,’ and said I didn’t photography or shooting digital? Don’t misunderstand, the im- cessing and printing costs con- and processing,” but as we’ve The original deadline for the
everything slow.” know the professor was Over the next couple of weeks age quality you get from con- spire to make shooting film a just seen over the long term, nominations was Friday, as re-
Of course most expats do in- Jewish. But we all laughed we’ll look at the pros and cons of sumer and pro-sumer DSLRs is high maintenance endeavor, this argument isn’t necessarily ported in Friday’s Expat
tend to return home. about it. I still think the each, and hopefully have a better still very good (actually better in while these costs are non-exis- founded on facts, and you may Living. ATEK’s election com-
Ham Ryul-suk — a former biggest challenges are yet to handle on each medium as a re- some areas), but when directly tent shooting digital, right? Well, just be better off with an inex- mittee chose to extend the
Gwangju resident — chose come, but at the end of the day sult. Probably the best way to do compared to a 35mm print, the yes. But think about what you pensive 20-year-old film cam- deadline until noon Saturday
Dublin, Ireland as his destina- I wouldn’t change it for the this is compare different areas of difference in quality is unmistak- would spend on keeping up with era. because only one nomination
tion, and sees himself as a world.” photography and image quality, able. We’ll look at the issue of im- technology — buying several ex- Next week, we’ll look at the was received, according to an
more short term resident. “I using the SLR style camera as age quality in a couple of weeks. pensive DSLR cameras over the question of how easy it is to use e-mail sent to ATEK members
expect to stay two or three the common denominator. The option that the film cam- years — against a single inex- film cameras vs. digital. In the this weekend.
years,” he says. “Until I’m sat- To contact the author, go to This week we’ll compare some era presents that digital does pensive film SLR plus film and meantime, head over to the If only one nomination has
isfied with my English level, I costs associated with owning not is the second-hand pur- processing. Seoul Photo Club on Flickr. been received in time for the
probably won’t leave. English — Ed. cameras. chase. You can pick up a used How does it stack up? ( new deadline, that person will
become ATEK’s president, the
e-mail said.
All general members of

An Ulsan bar that also acts as community center ATEK are eligible for presi-
dent. Interested members
must submit a resume de-
tailing their experience
By Jason Teale When an Ulsan English closely at the end of the bar you in Ulsan explained how ‘the that has created a healthier en- usually resulting in lively dis- teaching English in Korea,
teacher was raped in her apart- would see, not a tip jar for Bench’ has become more of a vironment for expats coming to cussions. as well as other relevant ex-
ULSAN — A bar isn’t usually ment on July 7, a meeting was servers, but a collection jar community center than a bar. Ulsan. Recently, Hazel Smith from perience and a short mes-
a place where you’d expect to held to help women protect stuffed with money to help out “It helps foreigners touch base, Over the years MacDonald England became co-owner of the sage explaining why they are
find a thriving and positive com- themselves and a portion of the this Korean family. as well as release tension,” he has organized many events for bar to allow Troy to focus on his the best candidate. This in-
munity atmosphere, but the proceeds from the evening’s English teachers head to says. Macdonald helped him the community. The annual new family. Hazel has been a formation will be viewed by
Benchwarmers Bar in Ulsan is sales went to help fund her re- Benchwarmers for support learn how to interact with his triathlon - which brings togeth- member of the Ulsan communi- all general members during
one of those places that defies turn to South Africa. It was and to develop a connection to fellow teachers in order to make er the expat and Korean com- ty for some time now and is do- the voting.
common stereotypes. Since MacDonald who was called the community, said a better environment, not only munities — typically involves ing her part to maintain the “We’re excited about the
opening its doors down a narrow upon to assist when this horrify- MacDonald. As a 10-year vet- at school, but for his new life in soccer, volleyball, and Frisbee, strong sense of community spir- election,” said Jason
alley in Ulsan’s “old downtown” ing event occurred. “I am usual- eran of Ulsan he’s ready with a Korea. and is a great way for everyone it at Benchwarmers. Thomas, a member of
Seongnam-dong district, it has ly only a phone call away”, Troy wealth of advice to anyone “Our culture is a process of to let off steam. While expat bars flourish ATEK’s founding board said
become a pillar for the expat said in reference to his efforts to who needs it. learning from one another,” The Korean staff at the Bench across Korea, with many popu- in a previous interview with
community, providing home- help people. In response to the recent in- Zach adds in relation to what is always willing to offer valu- lar ones in every city, the staff at Expat Living. “A lot of people
cooked meals and valuable ad- When a Korean family was flux of public school teachers to he has learned from spending able insight about their home Benchwarmers has put in a have worked hard to estab-
vice to those who seek it. feeling overwhelmed by med- Ulsan, the staff at time at Benchwarmers. On country which goes a long way great deal of extra time and ef- lish the association, and the
What sets this bar apart from ical bills for their child who Benchwarmers provided a night weekend nights you’ll see a mix in helping foreigners under- fort to make sure the expat com- founding board was pleased
others in the area is its commit- had been diagnosed with of information for the new of expats and Koreans min- stand Korea a little better. munity feels at home in Ulsan. to be able to pass responsi-
ment to the community, which leukemia, Benchwarmers, teachers, and is planning to gling over plates of hot wings The actual bar at bility for leadership over to
owner Troy MacDonald insists along with other expat commu- hold another session. While and poutine — a Canadian spe- Benchwarmers often looks more members.”
is the backbone of his popular nity groups, stepped in to raise there is little profit gained from cialty of French fries topped like a conference table than a See Jason’s website at For more information, visit
night spot; Benchwarmers is money to help ease the pres- these nights, he said, the benefit with cheese and gravy. It is platform for drinking; this is To reach or sent an e-
different from your average ex- sure. to the teachers is great. these interactions, along with a where MacDonald and his staff him, e-mial contact@jasonteale. mail to
pat bar. In fact, if you were to look Zach, a public school teacher community-minded approach offer their advice to newcomers, com — Ed. (