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Notice of Special Accreditation Investigation December 11, 2013

VIA EMAIL AND FAX Mr. Chris Lewis, Board President Members of the Board of Trustees Prime Prep Academy P.O. Box 535426 Grand Prairie, TX 75053 FAX (817) 840-5999

Ms. Rachel King-Sanders, Superintendent Prime Prep Academy 4400 Panola Avenue Fort Worth, TX 76103 Subject: Prime Prep Academy Charter School (220-818) Financial Management Practice Governance Health, Safety, and Welfare of Students

Board of Trustees and Ms. Sanders: This notice serves to notify the Prime Prep Academy of a Special Accreditation Investigation to be conducted by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and amends the December 3, 2013 notice to include an onsite investigation. The Commissioner of Education has authorized this investigation in response to complaints and to answer specific questions about Prime Prep. Allegations and Description of Complaints Health, Safety, and Welfare of Students The charter school may not have complied with criminal history record reviews. Students may not be served proper meals in accordance with National School Lunch Program, a federally assisted meal program. Financial Management Conflicts of interests may not be fully disclosed and part of the charter school and TEA records. The charter school may have expended state funds for unallowable activities. The governing board, management, and other personnel may not have processes in place to provide reasonable assurance regarding financial reporting and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Time Stamp: 12/11/2013 4:01 PM

Texas Education Agency Notice Special Accreditation Investigation Prime Prep Academy (220-818)

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Teachers may not be highly qualified under No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requirements.

Governance The governance information in TEA records may not be current and accurate. The board meetings may not be held as announced. General Procedures By this notice, TEA has initiated a Special Accreditation Investigation. The investigation team will gather information from a variety of sources. The investigation team will conduct its activities onsite and through desk reviews. The onsite component may include interviews, observations, inspection, evaluation, and collection of records. The Superintendent and board members will receive a preliminary report of the investigation findings and have an opportunity to respond before the report is finalized. A full explanation of the agencys complaint investigation procedures is enclosed for your reference. Requests for Information The investigation team initiated its requests for information on December 3 (financial records) and December 5, 2013 (employee roster). Subsequent requests for information will be made during the course of the investigation. Authorities This investigation is conducted under the following authorities:

Texas Education Code (TEC) 39.057(a)(14) as the commissioner otherwise determines necessary. TEC 39.057(a)(4) in response to established compliance reviews of the district's financial accounting practices and state and federal program requirements. TEC 39.056(a) conduct on-site investigations at any time to answer any questions concerning a program, including special education, required by federal law or for which the district receives federal funds. TEC Chapter 44 Fiscal Management Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Chapter 97, Subchapter DD, Preliminary Reports and Informal Reviews.

Referral to Other Agencies During the course of this investigation, TEA may discover matters that may warrant immediate attention or identify concerns that are not within its jurisdiction and authority to investigate. TEA will make referrals to the proper agency, as deemed necessary.

Texas Education Agency Notice Special Accreditation Investigation Prime Prep Academy (220-818)

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Confidentiality and Public Information Requests Please note that until TEA finalizes its investigation report, the information used, created, or maintained to create the final report is treated as confidential audit working papers. The TEA will seek to withhold them from public release in accordance with the Texas Public Information Act. We request your full cooperation and timely responses in this investigation. I will serve as your point of contact; therefore, please direct any questions or concerns to me at (512) 463-9342 or Please direct any media inquiries to our Communications Division at (512) 463-9000. Respectfully,

Emi Johnson Investigations Enc. TEA Investigation Procedures CC: Office of the Commissioner, TEA Chief Deputy Commissioner, TEA Accreditation, TEA School Finance, TEA Office of Legal Services, TEA Governmental Relations Office, TEA Communications Division, TEA