Code No: NR410803


IV B.Tech I Semester Supplementary Examinations, February 2007 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING PLANT DESIGN & ECONOMICS (Chemical Engineering) Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 80 Answer any FIVE Questions All Questions carry equal marks

1. Make a material balance and quantitative flow sheet for synthetic gas process. Assume an operating factor of 95percent and a feed stock with an analysis of 84.6 percent C, 11.3 percent H2 , 3.5 percent S, 0.13 percent O2 , 0.4 percent N2 and 0.07 percent ash. (all on a weight basis). The oxidant in this process will be oxygen having a purity of 95 percent. Production is to be 8.2m3 /S. [16] 2. (a) In transferring the cost of chemical A to the inventory and cost-of-sales accounts, there is a question as to what price applies for the chemical A. What are the three basic methods for handling problems of this type? [6] (b) On Aug. 1, a concern had 10,000 kg of raw material on hand, which was purchased at a cost of Rs.3.00 per kg. In order to build up the reserve, 8000 kg of additional raw material was purchased on Aug. 15 at a cost of Rs. 2.80 per kg, and 2 days later 6000 kg was purchased from another supplier at Rs. 3.10 per kg. If none of the raw material was used until after the last purchase determine the total cost of 12,000 kg of the raw material on an inventory or cost-of-sales account for the month of August i. the current-average method, ii. the ”fifo” method, and iii. the ”lifo” method. 3. (a) Write about estimating equipment costs by scaling. [4] [3] [3] [6]

(b) The purchased cost of a 200 liters glass-lined, jacketed reactor was Rs. 8,350 in 1981. Estimate the purchased cost of a similar 1200 liters glass-lined, jacketed reactor in 1986. The equipment cost index for1981 is 721, and for 1986 is 798. The equipment versus capacity exponent may be taken as 0.54. [10] 4. (a) Derive an expression for the relation between amount of ordinary annuity and periodic payments for discrete interest compounding. [8] (b) An annuity due is being used to accumulate money. Interest is compounded at an effective annual rate of 8 percent, and Rs. 1000 is deposited at the beginning of each year. What will the total amount of the annuity due be after 5 years? [8] 5. Describe the different types of taxes with reference to any industrial process. [16] 6. (a) Draw plots of asset value versus service life for an equipment using: i. Double declining balance and 1 of 2 [8]

Code No: NR410803 ii. Combination method, and discuss each of them in detail.


(b) What do you understand by replacement value? How does it differ from market value? Explain clearly. [8] 7. Explain the following (a) Present worth. (b) Capitalised costs. (c) Payout period. [5] [5] [6]

8. Discuss the optimum design for mass transfer to determine the size of the coloumn and reflux ratio. [16]

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