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Example analysis of for, by Compli.


Examined Competitor: Founded 2009 Current Marketing Strategies: TV Commercials- The Bing Challenge Bing Rewards- Gives points to users for searching. Points can be used to purchase goods. Incorporation into Xbox One1 Incorporation into Opera browser and Firefox2 Scroogled Campaign3 ...after watching a Scroogled ad, the chance of a viewer recommending Google to a friend falls by 10 percent. The chance that they recommend Bing rises by 7 percent after watching the same ad. New Milestones and Products by Bing This Quarter: Released Bing 2.0 for iPad (12/11/13)4 Implemented into Firefox (12/10/13)5 Bing Maps preview launched (12/05/13)6 Renewed partnership with (11/1/13)7 Redesigned logo and search page (9/17/13)8 Added high-res popouts to its video search (9/4/13)9

Current Complaints and Concerns: Accused of copying Googles search results10 View Bing sucks if life stream11- Lack of brand loyalty In several comparative tests, though, I found Google either equaled or, most of the time, beat Bing in delivering the best collection of relevant results12

Bing Strengths: Visually beautiful Often delivers equal results to Google13 Deeply Integrated (as mentioned) into systems such as Opera, Xbox One and 360, and Firefox Quality video, image, and news portals

Traffic Tidbits: (Source: Current Global Rank: 20 US Rank: 10 Market share: 18% (Google- 70%) Current bounce rate: 35.6%, Page views per visitor: 5.15, Daily time on site: 3:49 (16.6%, 20.54, 18:52 for Google) Most popular browsing location: School Most popular in: United States of America 6.74% come from Google Google first site visited 5.6% of time Total sites linking in: 134, 083 (3, 884, 048 for Google)

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