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Dont forget the Dec.15 Stocking Stuffing and Pot Luck event at Serbian Trinity Hall next Sunday at 5:00. Bring an entree, salad or dessert. Come out for a fun evening! Let Ann Damaschino know that you will attend. Ph: 838-9060 ~~~~ st We will not be having meetings on December 24 and 31 . So, please make a special effort to attend our last meeting of 2013 -- next week. No speaker, just Holiday fun!

DECEMBER 10, 2013

NEXT MEETING: December 17 A Holiday Fun Meeting Bring Your Spouse or Friend Greeter & Invocation : Angelo Costanza

We were entertained by the Supertonics singing group from Campolinda High School. The five attractive young ladies sang a delightful selection of Holiday favorites. Then the old man of the Club, Cliff Dochterman, gave a 2013 rendition of a poem which described the special day when the real Santa Claus visited Moraga Rotary. It was good and long but unfortunately the parts which were good were not very long and the parts which were long were not very good. But he was the only local poet who was free.

Dec. 15 Stocking Stuffing and Pot Luck at Trinity Hall at 5:00 pm Dec. 24 No Meeting enjoy Christmas Eve! Dec. 31 No Meeting Happy New Year! Jan. 6 -- Monday 5:30 -- Nite at the Races Committee at Dochtermans home *Jan. 7 -- Program to be Announced **Jan. 14 Visit of Rotary District Governor, Steve Lack Tuesday evening meeting everyone please attend for a special meeting! *Regular Tuesday Noon Meeting ** Second Tuesday Evening meeting at 6:00 pm


Rotary Clubs around the world are joining in huge disaster relief efforts in the Philippines. Moraga Rotary has approved two $1000 Shelter boxes. Thousands of Shelter Boxes are already being used by the refugees. The boxes include a huge tent, sleeping bags, cooking utensils, basic tools, a stove and other essential equipment which will serve a group of 10 persons for many months. Several hundred dollars have been collected to cover the cost of a third box. Contributions are still being accepted!

VISITORS & GUESTS We were pleased to see Ann Damaschino, Joyce Ellenberg, Mary Caburi, Marilyn Simonsen, Suzann Costanza, Libby Schoemehl, Leslie Lynch, Pam Reneau, Dan Martin, Marie Sottile, Ron Schopke, Pat Tidmarsh, Pat Malaga; also Honorary Club members: Sue McCaffrey, Linda Campbell, and Lou Roessler; also Jose and Marcela from the Orinda Club.

This is such a magical time of the year. The air is filled with songs of the Season; children have Christmas anticipation, bright glitter covers trees and shopping malls. We all seem to greet people on the street and share smiles and laughter with ease. It is a time of gift giving. It is the Holiday spirit! What a happy time! On the other hand, for some people it is the most difficult time of the year. For many seniors, or those in our aging population, it is often a period of loneliness and depression. Loneliness doesnt mean that a person is totally alone or in a solitary living situation. Many elderly people may be living in a senior center or in a family situation or with a partner but still experience the feeling of loneliness. They might feel that their life is over, or perhaps they dont want to be a bother to anyone, or even that their life has little relevance thats a form of loneliness. The fact is that during this Season our nation spends a great deal of time and attention to our youngest

The annual Moraga Rotary Christmas and Holiday dinner was held in the beautifully decorated Miramonte Gardens Club House. Each table was decorated by attractive hand-made mosaic candle bricks prepared by President Nora Avelar, with assistance of Marcela Avelar! Libations were generously served by Jose Avelar, who somewhat willingly stepped in to fill the glasses! The invocation was given by the ever-ready Herb Wehmeyer. In a drawing for the table decorations, there were six winners: Gary Irwin, Barb Bruner, Tony Schoemehl, Al Simonsen, Ron Schopke and Yelena Mucovich.

generation but woefully short in caring for the elderly. I suggest that this is a place where Rotarians might give a little more thought to their relationships with parents and friends in the elder age groups. Nothing substitutes for a personal visit or inclusion in family gatherings. Sure, everyone is busy with Holiday planning during this hectic time, but a short visit with an elder friend, a shut-in or a relative is a priceless gift. Senior centers and elder care units have many Holiday and Christmas events but a chance to have a visit to a family gathering or to a restaurant lunch is a special treat. You seldom realize how important it is for older people to have a little change in their daily routine and a bit of new conversation. It could be their finest gift. Generally, we think that Rotary service has to be a project to touch the lives of hundreds but just small acts of kindness and thoughtfulness can also be just as significant. Those are gifts only you can give!

MORAGA ROTARY BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2013-14 President.Nora Avelar President-elect . . ... Debbie Roessler Past President...Frank May Secretary.........Kevin Reneau Treasurer....Lad Lynch Community Service Chair..Barbara Bruner New Generations...Rich Render International Service ChairTony Schoemehl Rotary Foundation...... Lad Lynch Public Relations Gary Irwin Membership...Debbie and Frank Director at Large.John Erickson Director at Large...Cliff Dochterman President, Rotary InternationalRon Burton District Governor, 5160.Steve Lack Assistant District Governor.Jose Avelar
Newsletter Editor for December Cliff Dochterman

Rotary International Theme for 2013-14 ENGAGE ROTARY, CHANGE LIVES


I just received a personal letter from Santa Claus: Im writing this letter to tell you That taxes have taken away, All the things that I value My workshop, my reindeer, my sleigh. So, Im making my rounds on a donkey Old and tattered and slow So, if you dont see me this Christmas, Ill be out on my ass in the snow. Your friend, Santa Claus


Jan, 6 (Monday) Nite at the Races Committee Meet at Dochterman home at 6:00 Jan. 14 Official Visit of District Governor Steve Lack Feb. 5 -- Annual 5 Club Lunch at Rossmoor Mar. 15 A Nite At The Races Fundraiser! May 10 Moraga Community Faire

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