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Demonstrating Customer Value

Six Sigma in Action:

A Six Sigma in Action summary offers an example of the value a Six Sigma project can bring to a customer.
Master Black Belt: Steven Bonacorsi

Six Sigma in Action: Server Backup Solution

Customer Profile 90,000 seat $32B pharmaceutical company based in New York City Business Problem & Impact

Baseline: Server Backup Errors

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Measure & Analyze

Over 60% of errors were due to sharing violations. Root causes included open file agents that were not installed, directories that should be excluded being included and NT services that were in conflict with the server platform.

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Improve & Control

A Visual Basic application was implemented in which log files from all servers are automatically read and consolidated. This included installation of open file agents and automated scripts to eliminate defects by stopping certain services and restarting after backup completion.

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Control Data for ARCserve Backup
Successful 4000 3500 95 3000 111 103 95 146 185 150 Unsuccessful

Total # Backups

2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 Sep-00 Oct-00 Nov -00 Dec-00 Jan-01 Feb-01 Mar-01

Backup success rate improved from 61% to 96%, which resulted in a savings to the client of over $60K in server management productivity.

They {ITS} often come to us with recommendations, and we implement their suggestions because we know that they understand our business and our needs. - Senior Client Business Technology Manager

Percent of Total

Customer was experiencing a server backup failure rate of 39%, putting them at risk for loss of critical business information and operational productivity