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Deploy Image Cycletime

BMW Account

Project Leader:

Charles Vitellaro Add Project Leader Function Here

Master Black Belt: Steven Bonacorsi

Start Date:

September 11, 2002

Six Sigma in Action Deploy Image Cycletime

Customer Profile 1500 seat Marketing and Sales HQ for BMW company Business Problem & Impact Process Capability Before
Deployment of new equipment taking to long. Customer deploy Image cycle time is on average 45 min. and can take a max of 1 week due to no account ID, vacations or travel. BMW users are not setup for their start date creating a loss of productivity. Mean 61.8 min 1.5 Z_ST

Measure & Analyze

Data Collection: Speed to unpack, setup, image, and deploy. The existing process sigma was 1.5 Root Causes: Slow image time and imaging one unit at a time.

Improve & Control

Setup new image server with 24 port switches and three workstation area with keyboard, mouse and monitor switches.Server setup as stand-alone (not on BMW Network) and running at 100 Mps. Trained 5 engineers in using Ghost via server imaging and improve process.

Process Capability Analysis for Cycle Time

Process Capability After

Mean 1 min
USL LSL 46.0000 Target Mean Sample N

Process Data

Within Overall

* *

6 Z_ST

0.5804 24

StDev (Within)


StDev (Overall) 0.0063091


Potential (Within) Capability Cp CPU CPL Cpk * 2182.16 * 2182.16 * 0 10 20 30 40 50

After the project, the customer saved US$170K, or 30%, as a result of reduced end user downtime.
Cpm Overall Capability Pp PPU PPL Ppk

Observed Performance * PPM < LSL PPM > USL PPM Total * 0.00 0.00

Exp. "Within" Performance PPM < LSL PPM > USL PPM Total * 0.00 0.00

Exp. "Overall" Performance PPM < LSL PPM > USL PPM Total * 0.00 0.00

A Savings of US$170K in 2003!

2399.68 2399.68 *