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Lauren Ramirez and Lauren Cookley December 6, 2013 NHD Project r!

"rijal#a $ Period % &omen'( )u**ra+e Proce(( Pa,er -.e t.eme o* t.i( year'( .i(tory *air i( /Ri+.t( and Re(,on(ibilitie(0! &e ,icked t.e to,ic o* /&omen'( )u**ra+e0 to *ocu( on in order *or our ,roject to corre(,ond 1it. t.e t.eme! -.e ri+.t to #ote i( an im,ortant ri+.t e#ery citizen (.ould be able to .old, and in a time 1.en 1omen 1ere not +ranted t.i( ri+.t, it 1a( t.eir re(,on(ibility to *i+.t *or it! any 1omen ,rote(ted and ,icketed *or year( u, until t.e 12t. amendment 1a(

,a((ed in 1212 and rati*ied in 1220! 3*ter decidin+ /&omen'( )u**ra+e0 1a( an im,ortant to,ic 1e 1ould like to (.are 1it. t.rou+. a ,roject, 1e .ad to decide ty,e o* ,roject 1e 1ould com,lete! 4ot. o* u( .ad taken com,uter( cla(( and 1ere com*ortable 1it. 1eb de(i+n, (o 1e decided a 1eb(ite 1ould be a +reat 1ay *or u( to ,re(ent our in*ormation in an or+anized *a(.ion! &e be+an our re(earc. immediately a*ter decidin+ on our ,roject ty,e! &e created inde5 card( 1it. reliable ,rimary and (econdary (ource( 1ould .el, u( to in*ormation about our to,ic! 6nce 1e .ad created a *e1 (et( o* note card( and .ad a better under(tandin+ o* our to,ic, 1e decided to make an outline o* 1e 1anted our 1eb(ite to look like! &e created di**erent 1eb(ite tab( 1ould brin+ t.e u(er to ,a+e( includin+ in*ormation on .a,,ened be*ore, durin+, and a*ter t.e ,a((in+ o* t.e 12t. amendment, 1.ic. $a( 1e di(co#ered t.rou+. our re(earc.7 1a( t.e mo(t im,ortant e#ent in t.e &omen'( )u**ra+e o#ement!

6nce 1e .ad created an outline, 1e .ad a better idea o* .o1 1e 1ould arran+e and or+anize our in*ormation! &e t.en 1ent to t.e NHD 1eebly 1eb(ite in order to +et our ,roject (tarted! -.e (te, by (te, in(truction( ,ro#ided on t.e 1eb(ite 1ere u(e*ul in creatin+ our ,roject, many layout and de(i+n o,tion( 1ere o**ered to a((i(t u( in creatin+ a ,roject 1a( bot. (tyli(. and 1ell or+anized! &e took t.e idea( 1e .ad on our outline dra*t ,a,er, and 1e tran(*erred t.em on to t.e 1eb(ite! 6nce 1e 1ere able to (ee our idea( laid out #i(ually, it 1a( ea(ier *or u( to rearran+e in*ormation and better di(,lay our data in a ,ractical manner! 3t t.i( ,oint, 1e .ad a dra*t o* a 1eb(ite included #a+ue in*ormation and ,ro#ided a ( +eneral idea o* 1e 1anted t.e reader to learn! 8t 1a( clear * 1ork 1ould need to be ,ut into t.e ,roject! &e a+reed to meet at t.e library a*ter (c.ool one day (o 1e could 1ork on * ad#ancin+ our 1eb(ite! 3t t.i( meetin+ 1e did a lot o* re(earc. .el,ed u( to turn our ,roject *rom a rou+. dra*t into a ,re(entable *inal ,roject, t.i( included addin+ (e#eral media element(! 3*ter all our .ard 1ork, t.e ,roject 1a( *inally ready *or ,re(entation!