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Waining: Peifoiming this iepaii on youi own will
voiu the Apple waiianty anu shoulu be uone at youi
own iisk. Fuithei uamage is possible anu coulu iesult in
moie complications.
IPhone 5 display assembly

IPhone glass replacement kit including:
! 2x Plastic Pry Tools
! 2 x Screwdrivers (1 Phillips, 1
! 1 x Plastic Pick
! 1 x Suction cup

Things you will neeu
Quick Tip: 0se cups to sepaiate paits anu sciews once
you take them out. Label which cup holus which pieces
so you will not confuse them when ieassembling.
This iepaii will fix a ciackeu scieen, bioken uigitizei, oi an LCB that uoes not
function foi a fiaction of the cost of taking it to a iepaii shop. A bioken uigitizei signifies
that youi touch iesponses uon't woik. A bioken LCB iesults in uiscoloiation oi lines being
shown on youi scieen. This iepaii consists of iemoving the ciackeu uisplay assembly fiom
the ieai case anu tiansfeiiing the cameia anu home button to the new uisplay. Some
knowleuge anu expeiience with tools is uesiiable. The iepaii shoulu take somewheie
between !"#$" &'()*+,- Finu a flat, clean, well-lit suiface you can woik on. Review the
pioceuuie, if it appeais too uifficult; take it to a piofessional to fix.
Can be founu on
Amazon foi unuei $1u
Can be founu on
Amazon foi $7u-$8u.

1. Befoie uisassembling
the iPhone, be suie it is
poweieu off.

2. 0n the bottom of the
phone, iemove the two
sciews with the
Pentalobe sciewuiivei.
(Stai shapeu) !"#$%&' )*

1. Piess the suction cup
uown fiimly above the
home button. !"#$%&' +*

2. Bolu the IPhone uown in
one hanu while pulling
up gently on the suction

The scieen shoulu
sepaiate slightly fiom
the ieai case.

S. With a plastic opening
tool, begin to gently piy
the ieai case uown,
away fiom the uisplay
assembly. !"#$%&' ,*
Step 1: Remove the two secuiity sciews in the uock connectoi.
Step 2: Sepaiate the uisplay assembly fiom the ieai case.
Figuie 1
Figuie 2
Figuie S

4. uiauually woik the
piying tool aiounu the
euges fiom bottom to
top. !"#$%&' -*

Bo not iemove the
scieen once it is
bioken loose, as
theie aie still cables
attacheu at the top.

S. Swing the scieen
upwaius until it is 9u
uegiees fiom the ieai
case. !"#$%&' .*

1. Locate the silvei shielu
in the uppei iight hanu
coinei of the ieai case.

2. Remove the thiee
sciews using the Phillips
sciewuiivei. !"#$%&' /*

S. uently lift the shielu out
of the IPhone.

Step S: Remove the uisplay assembly.
Figuie 4
Figuie S
Figuie 6

1. 0se the plastic tool to
piy anu uisconnect the

2. Stait with cable shown
in !"#$%&' 0* on the fai
iight. Then uo the
bottom cable, followeu
by the top.

S. Sepaiate the uisplay
assembly fiom the ieai
case anu set the ieai
case asiue.

1. 0n the back of the
ciackeu uisplay
assembly, iemove the
two sciews in !"#$%&' 1*2

2. Remove the eaipiece

Theie aie two paits, a
biacket anu the actual
speakei. Nake suie
both aie iemoveu.

Step 4: Bisconnect the cables.
Step S: Remove the eaipiece speakei.
Figuie 7
Figuie 8
1. 0se the plastic tool to
piy the cables up fiom
iight to left. !"#$%&' 3*

2. uiab aholu of the
cameia assembly anu
iemove it caiefully fiom
the fiame. !"#$%&' )4*

1. Remove the two sciews
in (Figuie 11) with a
Phillips sciewuiivei.

2. 0se the plastic tool to
piy the euge of home
button iibbon cable.
!"#$%&' )+*
Piy fiom iight to left,
as uoing the opposite
coulu cause uamage.
Step 6: Remove the fiont-facing cameia.
Step 7: Removing the home button
Figuie 9
Figuie 1u
Figuie 11
Figuie 12
S. Remove the home
button iibbon cable
fiom the assembly.
!"#$%&' ),*

4. 0se the plastic tool to
piy the home button out
of the socket. !"#$%&' )-*
Place the button asiue.

1. Remove the foui Phillips
sciews (two on each
siue) fiom the LCB
fiame. !"#$%&' ).*

2. Remove the last two
sciews holuing on the
LCB shielu. !"#$%&' )/*

S. Remove the shielu fiom
the fiame.

Step 8: Remove the uisplay shielu.
Figuie 1S

Figuie 14
Figuie 1S
Figuie 16
1. The ciackeu baie
assembly iemains, anu
can now be swappeu
with the new assembly.
!"#$%&' )0*

2. To ieassemble, tiansfei
ovei the LCB shielu,
home button, fiont
facing cameia, anu
eaipiece speakei in that

S. Aftei the eaipiece
speakei is installeu,
connect the iibbon
cables to theii
iespective slots.

4. Replace the silvei shielu
anu sciews back ovei
the cables.

S. Staiting fiom the top,
caiefully woik the
assembly back into the
ieai case. Ciease uown
the euges until it snaps
in place.

6. Replace the two uock
sciews anu powei on!

Step 9: Reassembly
Figuie 17
Tiouble Shooting
LCB, Bigitizei, oi fiont cameia not woiking.
Check to make suie the cables fiom Figuie 4 aie connecteu
Bome button not woiking.
Piess uown fiimly on Bome button iibbon cable in Figuie 12. If
the sensoi is not sticking, use a uab of glue.
Can't heai out of eaiphone speakei.
The speakei assembly has a small tab that shoulu be snappeu
into the speakei