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Suite 750 . One Embarcadero Center Telephone (4i5) 956,4800 . S a nF r a n c i s c o C,A 9 4 1 1 1 * 3 6 5 i )

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December 11.





Mr. Charles E. Vose

Seni nr Tlentr|- rr Ci l. rr

Al- { -nrna rz uv! rtgJ

One Frank H. Ogawa pl.aza, 5tn Fl_oor Oakland, California 946L2 RE: Request for Public Records RUANO v. ALTA BATES, eL al. A l a m e d a C o u n t . y S u p . C t . C a s e N o . : R G 1 3- 6 9 2 5 2 4 Our File No. t 't95-4158

Dear Mr. Vose: W e r e p r e s e n t A I t , a B a t . e s S u m m i t .M e d i c a l C e n t . e r , d e f e n d a n t . i n t . h e a b o v e - c a p t , i o n e d m a t t e r j - n w h i c h w e undersLand you represent t.he City of Oakland. Pursuant to the California Public Records AcL, California Government code s 5250 et se., we hereby request. copies of t,he following document,s wit,hin the possession and control- of t.he city of Oakland: A11 documents dated from ,January I, 2003, to the present maint,ained by the city of oakland, and any of its divisions incl-uding the Public Works DeparLment, t.hat. relate or refer to tree inspection and/or maintenance and the inspection and/or repair of the sidewalk(s) aL or wit.hin 100 feet of the properties l-ocated at 3012 and 3100 summit. street. oakland. california, including, but not limited t.o: 1. A11 inspection records, field notes, reports, photographs, rnvoices, charts, and maps referring to the above ref erenced properties ; AII arborist. field notes, reporLs, photographs, j_nvoices, charLs, and maps ref erring to any and all trees l_ocat.ed at or within 100 feet. of the above referenced properties;


City of Oakland pRA Request December 11, 20L3 Paqe 2

Alr of

records relating t.o t.he inspection trees locat.ed at. or within 100
nroneffics IJrvye!ursD, 'j nlrrdina r rn ruJUqJ-Ifg

and/or maintenance feet of the above

nrri-aa , f -n _fms/

fE ef nrr\ -- e ! !e E f! e sr ErLl l

= .' ll _ ' ll _ o*l*d d I l ._i _

r a! v 'rh rs r1v uc ,

r .n * ,r *l m ,',d.pS




A11 pruning tree records, f iel_d notes, report.s, photographs, invoices, charts, and maps referrj-ng to any and all t,rees l-ocat.ed at or within 100 feet. of t.he above
ref rr y rr vn yn v ro r f aq u r is D


All- contracts f o r i n s p e c t . i o n a n d , fo r m a i n t e n a n c e o f t r e e s located at or within 1oo feet. of the above referenced

rrrnnarle + v p ,

i aa


6 .

A11 invoices for inspect.ion andfor rocated at or within loo feet of

nrnnar+a, a g r iv u .

malntenance of Lrees the above referenced

7 .

All- documenLs indicating aIl Lrees within 100

rrrnrrarle & v u

t,he cit.y of oakland owned any and feet of t.he above referenced

i ae


AIl document,s t,he City of Oakl_and assumed responsibillty for maintenance of any and all trees within 100 feet of t.he above referenced properties; Al-l incident report,s andf or personal injury claims relating or referring to trees located at or within 100 feet of the above referenced properties, including but not rimited to t.hat of L]NDA RUAlIo, plaint.iff in Lhe above-captioned mat,; 10 Al1 records relating t o t . h e i n s p e c t . i o n , m a i n t . e n a n c e , a n d , fo r repair of sidewal-ks rocat.ed at or within 100 feet. of t.he above referenced properties, including but not r-imited to all fiel-d notes, forms, reports, diagrams, correspondence, photographs, invoices, charts, and maps; A l l - c o n t r a c t s f o r i n s p e c t , j - o n , m a i n t e n a n c e , a n d . fo r r e p a i r o f sldewalks located at. or wit.hln 100 feet. of the above
ref crenr"ad


nrnr rarlvye!


i aa



A l l i n v o i c e s f o r i n s p e c t . i o n , m a i n t e n a n c e , a n d , fo r r e p a i r o f sidewalks locat.ed at or wit.hin 100 feet, of t.he above

rafaroncarl ^Yr I,- Jpertl_es

Cit.y of Oakland PRA Request. December 11, 20!3 Paqe 3


All- incident reporLs andf or personal injury cl-aims relating or referring to sidewalk (s) located at or within 100 feet of t.he above ref erenced propert.ies, including but not l-imit.ed to that. of LINDA RUANO, plaintiff in the abovecapt.ioned; Atl documents indicating sidewalk (s) within 100 properties; t.he city feet. of of oakland owned the t.he above referenced


A11 document,s indicating t.he cit.y of oakland assumed. responsibility for mainLenance andfor repair of the sidewalk (s) within 100 feet of the above referenced
nrnnarte + e u ,

i ae


Al-1 document.s to a public right, feet of the above referenced properties; Al-l- documents
arn r! a rd u/ / o \J r eE ny : d . r !' i r

of way within and


o uf ! : or.rl\t/y

to the
tLo _


le - rlr -e ra n r rrlJ ^J ' '-l _ L iU a yq

r ^$ LIrf L I . iJ _ a FI (J Way

n i Ln vn rr pn ur ! l- L_

aI L l 't r n li rn ru \ ,lrirn .L IY







1J-LrI " J LF I n I( o Jt L

I lit m I l l Ji_ ted Le(I

a : o r r e_ s_n re r .o , .n . *r_l.c 1C

phot.ographs, invoices, 18.

and f orms;

A1r report.s of the City of oakland Right of way Depart.ment relating to t.he area within 100 f eet of the above referenced properties ; A11 correspondence between the Cit.y of Oakland and Sutter East Bay Hospit.als, doing business as Al-ta Bates Summit Medical Center, t.o the trees and/or sidewalk(s) wit.hin 100 feet, of t.he above referenced propert,j_es; Alt Not.ices sidewalk (s)
ref ercncprl



senL by t.he city of andf or trees within

t-rrr n vr t/ ea r rli Da a uru

oakl-and relating to the 100 feet of t,he above

rr nr d q u


A11 records relating placement, to the inspection, maintenance, and/or repair of traffic regulation signage locat,ed at. or within 1,00 feet of the above referenced propert.ies, including but. not limited to ,'No parking,,
5 I \ l I I b .

Please make t.his informat.ion available within t.en days after receipt of this l-etter, pursuant t,o Government. code s 6263. To the extent t.hat the city cl-aims t,he right to withhol-d any record , or port.ion of any record, please descrj-be with specificity each and every record or portion that. is being withhe1d and the claimed reason for exemption, citing t.he exact language of the public

City of Oakland PRA Request December .1-1, 201,3

Pase 4
Records Act on which you rery for t.his particular record. Cal. Government. Code S 6255. If possible, please provide any reasonably carrronrl - ry l qvre a, e non-exempt portions of documents that contain information t.hat is exempt. from disclosure under the l_aw. cal. Government,Code S 6253. we agree to pay any fees for t,he direct cost of copying properly assessed in accordance with Government. Code Sect,ion 6253. rf you det.ermine t.hat. the requested documents will be voluminous (i.e., exceeding 9500 in copying costs) and that it, may be easier or less expensive Lo make some or all of the documents availabl-e for copying by an out.side copy service, w would be wil_linq to
a r Y l n d ^ e !!urryv f n r ! v! n ^ ^ t t i - ^ e vyJ rrry 1 - * ' p y ^ , , ^ 1 p uch

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rf you have any quest,ions regarding this request, please do not hesit.ate to conLact t.he undersigned. Thank you f or your att.ent.ion and assist.ance in this matter.
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