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Cal 7.92mm Mauser Rifle * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Beginning in the fall of 1871, Mauser Industrial‟s success started, when the German Army accepted the Mauser rifle as the primary firearm for the entire military establishment. Thanks to governmental support, Mausers quickly became very popular throughout the world, which in turn stimulated designers into constantly developing new and improved models of the basic weapon. The best of them is Gewehr 98, rifle which was unveiled in 1898. This was to become was a primary rifle of German army until the end of World War II. Advantages of Mauser rifles, while many, have the following outstanding features: The reliability of the bolt mechanism, and the precision workmanship that went into each and every weapon. These rifles were successfully converted into “sports and hunting” models which are still in widespread use today. Besides it was possible to shoot much stronger than standard 7.92 x 57 ammo. Reliability of the Mausers bolt locking system depends on three lockinglugs. Two in front lock the bolt socket on barrel inlet (prior to the rounds entry into the bore) and one in the rear of the rounds opening. It was standard four movement bolt. This system is uncomfortable for most riflemen to get used to – he must move whole arm to reload rifle. A better solution was introduced in Lee-Enfield rifle, where the rifleman used only his wrist to reload the weapon. That‟s why Mauser rifles never achieved the high firing rate of the Lee-Enfield rifles; those results were obvious on the battlefield when compared to the Lee-Enfield and the M-1 Garand rifle.

The first model of Gewehr 98 rifle was so-called “long rifle”. Whole length 125 cm (49,21 in); barrel length 74 cm (29,13 in). Soon developed was a shorter version, with 60 cm (23.62 in) barrel for artillery, cavalry and soldiers, whose primary task was not fighting “with rifle in hands”. In 1903 British and Americans developed their own “short rifles”, middle between “long” and “short” rifle – universal rifles. This idea was taken by Germans, what came about was the rifle 98 with an entire length of 94,5 cm (37,20 in) and barrel with length 43 cm (16,93 in), that soon replaced Gewehr 98 rifle and became the standard version of armament in the entire German army. The Rifle 98 was modified several times, what resulted in the model Kar 98k that was the standard rifle of Wehrmacht during WWII. It provides a non-removable magazine for 5 rounds cal. 7.92 mm; with a muzzle velocity of about 860 m/s. Mauser was used also by Polish Army as a standard rifle until 1939. Initially it was made in Warsaw, later in Radom. The Mauser 98k was a very popular rifle in German army. It was the final modification of Mauser 98 rifle, developed on 1898. The Mauser 98k was very similar to his predecessor, but his barrel was shorter – it was 60 cm (23.62 in) length; in 98 model it was 74 cm (29.13 in) length. In 1935 it became primary Wehrmacht infantry weapon. Production continued thru until the end of war with approximately 11 millions weapons produced in several versions. Minor modifications were made such as to the bolt but nothing significant was changed again. One of the most popular variations of this rifle was the sniper version which was equipped with either a ZF 41 or ZF 42. This version was popularized in the recent motion picture, “Enemy at the Gates”. The Mauser rifle has existed in many sport versions throughout the world, quite a few examples were brought home by the allied servicemen at the end of the Second World War. These were then modified for use by civilians for hunting purposes. The design of the safety is by far the simplest but by far the most reliable. It is among one of the safest rifles that exist even by today‟s standards. One of the other innovations was the cocked indicator for the weapon. It is obvious to a rifleman that the weapon is cocked, even in the darkest of nights. All one has to do is feel the rear of the bolt and if it is cocked the rear area

of the bolt is protruding. The safety itself consists of a handle or blade that is on the rear of the bolt assembly. It has three positions as you look at the bolt from the rear in the shooting position. With the handle full to the left the rifle is in the “firing position” with the handle in the vertical position the rifle is on safe, but the bolt can be opened to unload or reload the weapon. And when the handle is in the full right position the weapon is on full safety. In other words you cannot pull the trigger nor can you open the bolt. The two stage military trigger is also of exceptional quality. It is designed for the common soldier to learn his trigger and breathing control quite well. One of the lesser known accessories for this weapon was the grenade launcher adapter. This consisted of the actual launcher, which attached to the front of the rifle barrel, and the grenade launcher sight which aided in placing the rifle grenade on target. These items were carried in a leather bag normally on the left side of the soldier‟s waist belt. Thanks for translate going to Crow & my Friend Marvin !!

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Mauser 98k rifle build * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * The Karabiner 98k "Mauser" (often abbreviated "K98k" or "Kar98k") was adopted in the mid 1930s and would be the most common infantry rifle in service within the German Army during World War II. The design was based on developed from the Karabiner 98b, one of carbines developed from the Model 1898 mentioned before. The K98k was first adopted by the Wehrmacht in 1935 to be the standard rifle, with many older versions being converted and shortened as well as the design itself entering production. Made by Gewehren begrenzt In the name K98k, the first "K" stands for karabiner (carbine) and the second "k" for kurz (short). The "98" is derived from the earlier rifle's year of adoption (1898), though the carbine itself was adopted in 1935. The K98k is often confused as being the earlier Model 98 design; however, there are notable differences between them. The easiest to spot are its shorter length, and bent, rather than straight bolt handle. Less obvious are that it has different, simpler sights, and that is was a "universal rifle" for all parts of the Heer rather than having both Carbine and full length versions. The rifle has a bolt-action and uses 7.92 x 57 mm rounds (referred to as 8 mm Mauser). It has an effective range of about 700 metres, but when fitted with a high-quality scope, its range increases to 1,000 metres. The K98k has a 5 round internal magazine and is loaded from 5 round stripper clips that are inserted into a slot in front of the opened bolt and pushed into the magazine with the thumb. The empty stripper clip is then ejected from the gun when the bolt is pushed forward into position. A trench magazine was also produced that could be attached to the bottom of the internal magazine by removing the floor plate, increasing capacity to 20 rounds, though it still required loading with 5 round stripper clips. Over 14 million of these rifles were produced by various manufacturers. However, this number includes versions of the rifle other than the K98k. From 1950 to 1965, Yugoslavia produced a near-carbon copy of the K98k called the Model 1948, which differed only from the

German rifle in that it had the shorter bolt-action of the Model 1924 series of Mauser rifles. In addition, in 1953, the Spanish were manufacturing a slightly modified version, but with a straight bolt handle. Caliber Loading Length Barrel (mm) (mm) length (mm) Gewehr 98. Gew 7.92 x Bolt 1250 740 98 57 Rifle 98a Kar.98a 7.92 x Bolt 1100 600 57 Rifle 98b Kar.98b 7.92 x Bolt 1250 740 57 Rifle 98k Kar.98k 7.92 x Bolt 1110 600 57 Added info of Kar. 98k Max range : 2700 m Effective range : 400 - 500 m Rise speed of bullet : 755m/s shots per minutes : 10 naboi/min Barrel : caliber 7,92mm. Bolt: four-tact, slide-rotary, has 3 locking-lugs, two by the front of bolt – bolted in vertical position; and one locking-lug by the bolt sleeve, bolted vertically. Bolt has wide extractor mounted on special ring. In the bolt body are two slots that carry away gas in case of cartridge rupture. The bolt was bent approximately 90 degrees, but it was also seen with the straight bolt. Some have speculated that the straight bolt rifles were made using stocks of old style straight bolts from the first war, and that these rifles were primarily issued to rear area troops. There is some disagreement on that since; some photographic proof does exist showing some front line troops with the straight bolt rifle. Clip : Standard takes 5 bullets Trigger mechanism : Weapon type Weight Ammo (Kg) capacity 4.2 3.63 4.01 3.9 5 5 5 5

locked but you can reload rifle 3.Lock's : 1 1.ready to fire 2 3 Rifle Caliber Loading Lenght (mm) Barrel Weight Magazine type (mm) lenght(mm) (Kg) capacility Rifle 98k 7.locked 2.9 5 naboi 57 .92 x Bolt 1110 600 3.

Electrolysis . pre-NATO Germany.92 x 57 IS bullet was lighter.Home page . higher pressure cartridge with a . the 7. . China.Black oxiding .92 x 57 mm J designates the original cartridge with a .Short history of Mauser 98k .318 in) with improved ballistics.Other cleaning method's .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Short info . at the time the German printers were using a type of typography where the letter “I” looks like the modern day “J”.Photo gallery . and 8. which had a round-nosed bullet and was developed to be top-loaded via disposable clip in the Gewehr 88 (or Commission 88) rifle. and of course.92 x 57 mm JS designates the later. pointed.Info about page .92 mm Mauser cartridge's history.Mauser 98k Rifle . A highly efficient cartridge. but an "I" for infanterie (infantry). The 7. The letter "J" is not a J at all.Site map .92 x 57 IS.92 x 57 mm I. it is tremendously popular in European hunting.Other Models . The 7.5 x 55 mm.E-mail Some informations about Mauser 98k ammo * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * The 7. Egypt. former German African colonies. virtually every conceivable application. 7 x 57 mm and 8 x 68 mm S.Schematics . It was mainly used in the Axis rifles and machine guns.Mauser conditions . It shares an unusual similarity with the 9 mm Parabellum cartridge of being manufactured and used by both the Allies and Axis during World War II. its use continues today in former Yugoslavia. following the military practice. and extensive adoptation including Turkey.323 in) in diameter instead of 8. The letter "S" stands for spitzgeschoss (pointed bullet).Download .Message board . The 7. and it is a very widely-used bullet in European hunting. pointed")..Links . being used in the British BESA armored-vehicle mounted machine gun. and applications span well over a century. especially German and Austrian shooters. (IS is an abbreviation for Infanterie.323-inch bullet. the US/english word spitzer is derived from this German word. The IS cartridge was a further development of the 1888 cartridge. However. It continues in use today primarily as a premier sporting cartridge. Spitz or "infantry. loadings. it was adopted by Germany in 1905 as the 7. The newer cartridge allowed for far greater range and accuracy.Preservation .08 mm (.Literature .318-inch diameter bullet and moderate pressure limits. Now known in Europe and in the USA as the 7. alongside the similar cartridges 6. The European commercial arms standards body CIP (Permanent International Commission) designates two 8 x 57 mm cartridges.2 mm (. the 8 mm Mauser or 8 x 57 mm JS.Info about page author .Ammo .92 x 57 mm JS.

Phosphor mit Stahlkern used for MG 17 anti-aircraft B .2 mm  missile weight .37. Shell of standard Mauser ammo caliber 7.500 J  muzzle velocity .6.1 g PmK . the pressure limitation for this cartridge is taken from the older 7. Pierces for standard sS ammo: For pine wood 850 mm from length 100 m 650 mm from length 400 m 450 mm from length 800 m 100 mm from length 1. also known as 8 x 57 mm JS.323-inch bullet is fired in an "I" bore (.5 g  Pierce for stell is 20mm from 500m with 90 degrees.92x57mm .marker/strip lS .27 g  muzzle energy: 3.Spitzgeschoss mit Kern  length .8 g o ammo .2 mm o core .12.92 x 57 I and is limited to 37.37.SmK Leuchtspur .5 g  muzzle velocity .2 mm  missile weight .28.11.500 CUP (Copper Units of Pressure).12. However.5.Anti-tank  length: o missile .5 mm  missile weight .SmK Hartkern .schweres Spitzgeschoss  length .318 inch) rifle.lS Leuchtspur . This is done for safety. in case the .5 g SmK L'spur .observation SmK(H) .35 mm  weight: o missile .800 m For iron 10 mm from length 300 m 7 mm from length 550 m For steel 5 mm from length 100 m 3 mm from length 600 m Kind and parameters of missiles: sS .marker/strip  length .leichtes Spitzgeschoss .22.anti-aircraft  missile weight .700 J do 4.Beobachtung .925 m/s lS L'spur .The American standardizing body SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute) designates this cartridge as the 8 mm Mauser.755 m/s SmK .

Some dismensions Standard Mauser ammo pack And one more .

Belt packs for ammo .


Photo gallery .Site map .Schematics . 2. Good (like from Garret) condition .Literature .it have 75-98% of original black oxiding.Info about page author ..Other Models . Minimal steel destruction and corrosion.Other cleaning method's .E-mail Mausers conditions * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * This section has emerged in order to help with estimate of condition of rifle Mauser 98k or similar.Message board .Ammo .Electrolysis .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Mauser 98k Rifle .Preservation . Stock should look fine. All factory codes are in good shape.99-100% of original black oxiding.Short history of Mauser 98k .Black oxiding .Download . The serial numbers on all parts should match.Links . 1. .Mauser conditions .Info about page .Home page .Short info . Excellent (like from Store house) condition .

It's the most bad condition. Excavation .approximately 46-74% of original black oxiding. produce codes. . You can or cannot seen serial numbers. The serial number should be seen. 4.0-45% of original black oxiding. If stock exist it will be in really bad condition.3. like from water . You should see signatures and produce codes. The stock is in bad condition.


Info about page .Other cleaning method's .Message board .Photo gallery .Literature .Electrolysis .Short info . Wojciechowski..Ammo .Home page .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Preservation .Info about page author . Author Roman Matuszewski and Ireneusz J. TBiU (Typy Broni i Uzbrojenia . It's hard to find this book in .E-mail Literature about Mauser 98k * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * This is most popular in Polish book about Mauser wz.Mauser conditions . Mauser Bolt Rifles author Ludwig Olson.Schematics .98 rifle.Black oxiding .Links .Site map .Other Models .Short history of Mauser 98k .Weapon types and arming).Mauser 98k Rifle .Download .

This book is adviced by Mauser Jagdwaffen GmbH in Germany.Poland. It contains 360 pages. Publisher F. book about Mauser rifles. but it's really great book about Mausers rifles. Ball . Mauser Military Rifles of the World author Robert W.D. Another very interesting. Brownell & Son. and hard to find here.


29 .Site map .Photo gallery .German 98"b" .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .E-mail Other Mauser models * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Please choose from left menu model which you interesting in.Schematics . Other models from Mauser factory .Black oxiding .Other cleaning method's .Message board ..Electrolysis .Other models .Download .German Gew.Preservation .Info about page .24 .Links .Info about page author .Other Models .Short history of Mauser 98k .Home page .Polish wz.98 .Czech vz.Yugoslavian M48 .German 98"a" .Mauser KKW . to see addional detailed info about it.Short info .

98k) .Compare of few different models of Mauser (98. 98a.


Polish wz.Yugoslavian M48 .Czech vz.Other models .Electrolysis .Info about page .Schematics .Download ..Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Short info .92mm 8.Info about page author .98 .German 98"b" .Black oxiding . This modifications was used after in German 98k model.24 .Links .Message board .2mm 300m 2000m 4000m 1100mm 1420mm 600mm 3.Short history of Mauser 98k .29 .German Gew.24 Czechoslovakian production .Photo gallery . Barrel caliber Ammo caliber Lower range on sight Maximum range on sight Maximum range Lenght without bayonet Lenght with bayonet Barrel lenght Weight without bayonet Magazine contains Main view on Mauser Vz.Preservation .29 * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * This Mauser version was produced in Czechoslovakia's factory Ceskoslovenska Zbrojovka in Brno on the German license with some updates.24 7.Other cleaning method's .9kg 5 rounds Code on receiver Vz.Site map .Mauser KKW .E-mail Czechoslovakian Mauser vz.Home page .Other Models .German 98"a" .

Preservation .2mm Lower range on 300m sight Maximum range on 2000m sight Maximum range 4000m Lenght without 1100mm bayonet Lenght with bayonet 1420mm Barrel lenght 600mm Weight without 3. Radom and F.German 98"b" .92mm Ammo caliber 8. it's really similar to German model 98"a" Barrel caliber 7.E-mail Informacje na temat polskiego Mausera wz.Short history of Mauser 98k .Home page .Other Models .98 .Czech vz.Info about page author .B.Short info .Links .Message board .German Gew.Electrolysis .Mauser KKW .Polish wz.Schematics .Site map .29 .9kg bayonet Magazine contains 5 rounds Main view Mauser made in Fabryce Broni Radom .B.Black oxiding . Warszawa).Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Weapon Factory Radom .Other cleaning method's .Download .29 * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * It was produced in Poland factory (F.Other models .Yugoslavian M48 .German 98"a" .Photo gallery .24 .Info about page .

Code on receiver K29 .

29 .Black oxiding .3-3.Short history of Mauser 98k .Info about page author .Other Models .Links .German 98"b" .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .German 98"a" .98 .Mauser KKW .92mm 8.Yugoslavian M48 .Polish wz.Electrolysis .E-mail Yugoslavian Mauser model 1948 * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * It was almost German model 98k but the receiver was a bit shorter.Photo gallery .Short info .Czech vz..Other cleaning method's .Schematics .Home page .Info about page .Download .Site map .8kg 5 rounds .Message board .Preservation . Barrel caliber Ammo caliber Lower range on sight Maximum range on sight Maximum range Lenght without bayonet Lenght with bayonet Barrel lenght Weight without bayonet Magazine contains 7.2mm 100m 2000m 4000m 1100mm 1550mm 600mm 3.Other models .24 .German Gew.


German Gew.Czech vz.Black oxiding .Electrolysis .Info about page author .92kg 5 rounds .Preservation . 98 (from Ger. Barrel caliber Ammo caliber Lower range on sight Maximum range on sight Maximum range Lenght without bayonet Lenght with bayonet Barrel lenght Weight without bayonet Magazine contains Magazynek na 7.Other cleaning method's .Short history of Mauser 98k . This rifle used 7.Mauser KKW .Message board .Polish wz.German 98"a" .24 .92 x 57 ammo.Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling . It's really similar to 98k model but the barrel was longer and the sights was a bit different and older.36kg 4.Info about page .German 98"b" .29 .25m 1.. Gewehr 98).Yugoslavian M48 .Other models .Home page .Other Models .2mm 400m 2000m 4000m 1.Links .E-mail Information about Mausera Gew.77m 740mm 4.Schematics .Site map .Download .Photo gallery .Short info .98 rifle * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Gew.92mm 8.98 .


Yugoslavian M48 .. Buttstock .Short history of Mauser 98k .E-mail Information about Mauser 98a "98AZ" rifle * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * It was first prototype of Mauser 98k Main view on model 98"AZ" Main view on receiver and new bolt type.Info about page author .29 .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Short info .Other Models .Schematics .Other models .Other cleaning method's .Download .German Gew.Mauser KKW .Links .Message board .German 98"b" .Site map .24 .Black oxiding .German 98"a" .Home page .Info about page .Electrolysis .Polish wz.Photo gallery .Czech vz.98 .Preservation .

Belt mounting on buttstock Front side New model of sight Another main view .


Links .Site map .Other cleaning method's .Electrolysis . .Mauser KKW .Other Models .Schematics . It's connection between new modifications in 98k and good range of Gew.E-mail Information about Mauser 98b rifle * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * After First World War in Weimar Republic was first add as weapon for Reichswehr known as Mauser 98 model "B".Photo gallery .Info about page author .Polish wz.29 .German 98"b" .24 .Yugoslavian M48 .Short history of Mauser 98k .Czech vz.98.Info about page .Preservation .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .German Gew.German 98"a" .Short info .Download .Message board .Home page .Other models .Black oxiding .98 ..

29 . Caliber Barrel lenght Lenght without bayonet Lenght with bayonet Optical sight type 5.6mm (LR .Other cleaning method's .Electrolysis . after II WW.Other Models .Black oxiding .Preservation .Message board .22) ZF 41 . It don't have magazine.24 ..Polish wz.Info about page .Yugoslavian M48 . so it's just one shoot rifle with caliber 5.Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Info about page author .Photo gallery .Home page .Download . a little longer as 98k.Site map .German Gew.E-mail German training rifle Mauser KKW .Other models . from view very similar to Mauser 98k.22LR * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * This was alternative in time when Germany couldn't produce weapons.Short info .Schematics .Czech vz.Short history of Mauser 98k . In II WW times German soldiers uses it to teach how to use mausers. It was training rifle.German 98"a" .6mm.98 .Mauser KKW .German 98"b" .Links .



tanker version Accesories and belt View on the receiver with bolt .Info about page author .Other cleaning method's .Info about page .E-mail Other Mauser models * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Mauser M63 .Yugoslavian M48 .Home page .German Gew.Black oxiding .98 .Mauser KKW ..Photo gallery .Message board .Site map .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Czech vz.Other models .29 .Polish wz.Short info .Links .German 98"a" .Preservation .24 .Schematics .Download .Short history of Mauser 98k .Electrolysis .Other Models .German 98"b" .

Compare with Yugoslavian M48 Characteristic small sight .

Home page . To quick find code you looking for just use search function using "Ctrl+F" in your web browser. letter codes like (bnz) or Waffenamts like (WAa280). You find here numeric codes like (83). Sauer & Sohn Suhl J.Letter codes . If you find your Mauser code here it's the first way to identify your Mauser factory or where it was tested.P. Some quantities of produced Mausers: Start Code End S/N Quantity Year S/N S 42K 1726 5738a 15737 1934 S 147K 478 7656 7656 1934 S 42G 3526 2335 182317 1935 S 147/G 520 1654 75574 1935 S 147/G 8954 6048b Unknown 1935 S 147/G Unknown 5581g 17092 1935 S 27G S243G S 42 S 147 S 27 S 243 S 237 1558 962 1326 72 2695 2038 4337 3456 7671 6392z 8533t 3349b 5080c 1463a 3456 7671 256367 198514 23347 35077 11452 Factory Mauser AG Oberndorf J.Links .Mauser factory codes .Info about page .Photo gallery .Electrolysis .Black oxiding . It should give you approximately year of production or other basic info.P.Message board .Preservation . Sauer & Sohn Suhl Erfurter Maschinenfabrik 1936 ( ERMA ) 1936 Mauser AG Borsigwalde 1936 Berlin-Lübecker .P.Short history of Mauser 98k .Other cleaning method's . sometimes with letters (2938S). Sauer & Sohn Suhl J.Info about page author .Technical receipt Assembling/Disassembling .P. Sauer & Sohn Suhl Erfurter Maschinenfabrik 1935 ( ERMA ) 1935 Mauser AG Borsigwalde 1936 Mauser AG Oberndorf 1936 J.Site map .Numeric codes . This library is so much complete as many information i collect.Download .Short info .P..E-mail Mauser factory codes and Waffenamt's * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * In this section you can find various codes which you can find on Mausers receivers or other parts.Other Models . Sauer & Sohn Suhl Mauser AG Oberndorf J.Schematics . Most founded code is four digit serial number like (2938).

Sauer & Sohn Suhl Erfurter Maschinenfabrik 168339 1938 ( ERMA ) Erfurter Maschinenfabrik Unknown 1938 ( ERMA ) 176308 1938 Mauser AG Borsigwalde Unknown 1938 Mauser AG Borsigwalde Berlin-Lübecker 84692 1938 Maschinenfabrik Berlin-Lübecker Unknown 1938 Maschinenfabrik Berlin-Suhler 49359 1938 Waffenfabrik BSW 279078 1939 Mauser AG Oberndorf 199259 1939 J. Sauer & Sohn Suhl Erfurter Maschinenfabrik 135709 1939 ( ERMA ) 237661 1939 Mauser AG Borsigwalde Berlin-Lübecker 118780 1939 Maschinenfabrik Berlin-Suhler 53817 1939 Waffenfabrik BSW Berlin-Suhler/Gustloff9295 1939 Werke Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG.P. Sauer & Sohn Suhl Unknown 1939 J.P.P.P.P. Sauer & Sohn Suhl Erfurter Maschinenfabrik 131274 1940 ( ERMA ) Unknown 1940 Erfurter Maschinenfabrik .P. Sauer & Sohn Suhl Unknown 1938 J. 17426 1939 Steyr 415457 1940 Mauser AG Oberndorf 215188 1940 J. Sauer & Sohn Suhl Erfurter Maschinenfabrik 99265 1937 ( ERMA ) 80889 1937 Mauser AG Borsigwalde Berlin-Lübecker 46180 1937 Maschinenfabrik Berlin-Suhler 23780 1937 Waffenfabrik BSW 98002 1938 Mauser AG Oberndorf 251606 1938 Mauser AG Oberndorf 180413 1938 J.S 42 S 147 S 27 S 243 S 237 BSW S 42 42 S 147 147 S 27 27 S 243 243 S/237 237 BSW 42 147 ohne 27 243 237 BSW 337 660 42 147 27 ax 1064 1088 74 3040 2683 2492 67 126 127 9663g 5474 6047g 8153 5941i 5474 3491b 48 6337z 8975r 9274 897h 6184d 3782b 8011i 1631z 9849i 431s 6650i 8355q 4997k 6325r 7962d 4700h 9363d 199 9105bb 2106 9278t Unknown 1916 127 944 6571 1257 2562 833 1660 5567 2909 7691f 5722m 7684x 8791l 3822e 9295 7427a 5498qq 5209v 7434e 1287n Maschinenfabrik 256312 1937 Mauser AG Oberndorf 178458 1937 J.

ax/ar byf ce ce ar duv bcd bnz.P. Weimar Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG. 728 6043l 117836 1942 Steyr Waffen-Werke Brünn 1186d 2591i 92582 1942 AG Gustloff / Mauser AG 6394a 5510l Unknown 1942 Borsigwalde 4238 Unknown 1142336 1943 Mauser AG Oberndorf 8216 6567gg 326535 1943 J.P. Sauer & Sohn Suhl Erfurter Maschinenfabrik 3 3808i 93799 1941 ( ERMA ) 3462 1814m 121802 1941 Mauser AG Borsigwalde Berlin-Lübecker 906 9308r 179291 1941 Maschinenfabrik 176 3685q 163669 1941 Gustloff-Werke.P.P. 9724k 352n Unknown 1940 Steyr 4814 6474hh 336441 1941 Mauser AG Oberndorf 1005 613v 210592 1941 J. 145 8233 8233 1943 Steyr . Sauer & Sohn Suhl 4583 5004 110489 1942 Mauser AG Borsigwalde Berlin-Lübecker 4333 2428y 242404 1942 Maschinenfabrik 3225 8203p 158188 1942 Gustloff-Werke. dou. Sauer & Sohn Suhl 205a 664m 120652 1943 Mauser AG Borsigwalde 450 5138ff 315107 1943 Gustloff-Werke. 48 505n 130492 1940 Steyr Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG.P. bcd/ar byf ce ce ar bcd bnz bnz ( ERMA ) 510 8230t 198211 1940 Mauser AG Borsigwalde Berlin-Lübecker 2723 6553t 196534 1940 Maschinenfabrik Berlin-Lübecker 135 4431l Unknown 1940 Maschinenfabrik 9170 157n 130144 1940 Gustloff-Werke. Sauer & Sohn Suhl 8216 6567gg Unknown 1943 J. Weimar Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG. Weimar Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG. byf ce ax ar duv bcd bnz. Weimar Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG. 248 596u 217880 1943 Steyr Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG. Sauer & Sohn Suhl Unknown Unknown Unknown 1942 J.243 237 duv 337 660 bnz. 2005 9724k 109714 1941 Steyr ERMA / Mauser AG 8798l 9073m Unknown 1941 Borsigwalde 209 459nn 380421 1942 Mauser AG Oberndorf 3139 3339s 183321 1942 J.

bnz. Steyr Waffen-Werke Brünn AG Waffen-Werke Brünn AG . Weimar Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG. Weimar Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG. Steyr Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG. (Ruhne) dou. Steyr Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG. dot bcd bnz byf45 svw45 svwMB bcd bnz45 dou swp45 1502 7390 1926a 2875 1169 669 1253 4469 9542nn 9864u 811f 409502 1943 219843 1943 Unknown 1943 342330 1434219 1944 7309u 207289 1944 8101h Unknown 1944 99899 348081 1944 9529 175816 1944 Unknown 4917q Unknown 1944 1638 3360 3665 7626j 989 10377a 6690b 8357 4166q 141 43026a 6469 8676nn Unknown 1944 408636 1944 7333aw 621959 1944 8451 Unknown 1944 8268a 205591 1945 5593b Unknown 1945 11265c 29297 1945 91679 91679 1945 5935t 9079b 87685a 196625 1945 29712 1945 187684 1945 Waffen-Werke Brünn AG Waffen-Werke Brünn AG Gustloff / Mauser AG Borsigwalde Mauser AG Oberndorf J.P. Sauer & Sohn Suhl Mauser AG Borsigwalde Gustloff-Werke. Steyr Waffen-Werke Brünn AG Waffen-Werke Brünn AG Gustloff / Steyr-DaimlerPuch Mauser AG Oberndorf Mauser AG Oberndorf Mauser AG Oberndorf Gustloff-Werke.dou dot bcd ar byf ce ar bcd bnz bnz.

Technical receipt Assembling/Disassembling .Numeric codes .Letter codes .Info about page .Preservation .Message board ..Site map .Other Models .Info about page author .Other cleaning method's .Mauser factory codes .Short info .E-mail Numeric codes which You can find on your Mauser 98k * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * .Links .Home page .Photo gallery .Black oxiding .Download .Schematics .Electrolysis .Short history of Mauser 98k .

155 on SG84/98 160 Unknown. Solingen. Nuernberg 94 (superseded by 'va'). Found on ammo components 25 Unknown. Found on small 154 arms components i ammo Believed to have been used by E. Found on ammo 152 Unknown. Geipel GmbH. Found on ammo 163 Unknown. Found on SG84/98 175 Nieznane. Found on SG84/98 176 Nieznane. Waffenfabrik Erma. Hannover-Empelde (replaced by 'emp'). Found on ammo 98 Unknown. Munitionsfabrik AG.G. Erfurt (replaced by 27 ayf). Haenel.u. prawdopodobnie 178 Gebr. Solingen. Nuernberg. Hoerster.P.u. Found on small arms magazines Dynamit AG. Found on SG84/98 177 Nieznane. Solingen. Munitionsfabrik AG. Gruenberg (replaced by 'auy'). u. Found on ammo Mauser-Werke AG. Solingen. Utendoerffer.u. Solingen. Found on 147 small arms 150 Unknown. Found on small arms 52 Unknown. Metallwarenfabrik. Found on small arms ammo i P08 guns 34 Unknown. alternatively Feinmechanische Werke. replaced by 'fxo'. Found on ammo components B. Found on SG84/98 Believed to have been Elite-Diamantwerk of Siegmar173 Schoenau bei Chemnitz. Found on small arms components 67 H. Found on SG84/98 Nieznane. Found on ammo. Heller. Berlin-Borsigwalde 131 (superseded by 'asb'). Found on SG84/98 174 Nieznane. Zuendhuetchen-. Solingen. Found on ammo 153 Unknown. Found on SG84/98. 69 Schoenebeck an der Elbe. & F. Karlsruhe-Durlach 28 (replaced by 'faa'). Znalezione na K98k rifles Deutsche Waffen. Found on small arms i ammo 132 Unknown. Found 120 on ammo. per the BCN . Metallwarenfabrik Neumeyer AG. Found on ammo Rheinisch-Westfaelische Sprengstoffwerke. Found on ammo 162 Unknown. Suhl.Kod. Found on ammo. Producent 14 Unknown. Solingen. Found on ammo J. Found on ammo Polte-Werke. Kabel. Found on small arms 122 components Deutsche Waffen. Suhl (superseded by 'ce'). superseded by 'ad'. Oberndorf on the Neckar (replaced by 42 'byf'). Patronen-. C. Erfurt (superseded by 'ax'). Sauer & Sohn. Nuernberg151 Stadeln (eventually replaced by 'dnf'). Found on ammo 172 Nieznane.

Strausberg. Unknown. Huck. Found on ammo chargers Dynamit AG. Found on ammo. Found on ammo Unknown. Found on ammo chargers Unknown. superseded by 'eej'. Unknown. Belsig (superseded by 'hld'). Znalezione na ammo. i chargers Westfaelische Metallindustrie. Rothenburg an der Saale (superseded by 'fb'). Finow. Found on ammo. Found on ammo Berlin-Luebecker Maschinenfabrik. Found on SG84/98 Nieznane.181 184 185 186 198 207 208 224 237 238 239 240 242 243 244 248 249 265 270 274 287 315 316 327 334 337 340 345 346 359 369 370 379 382 397 398 400 405 Hugo Schneider AG. Teubert. Found on . Found on ammo Unknown. Breitungen (replaced by 'eba'). Found on ammo. Found on SG84/98 Unknown. Found on SG84/98 Finower Industriewerk. Found on SG84/98 Mauser-Werke AG. Berlin-Borsigwalde (superseded by 'ar'). Found on ammo H. Found on ammo Unknown. frequently confused with '379' Scharfenberg u. Note that Pawlas says this is the code for Gustloff Werke. Weimar Metallwerke Silberhuette. Found on small arms. Solingen. Schmidt. Solingen. Nuernberg (superseded by 'eom'). Found on ammo Unknown. Oderta (replaced by 'bne'). Found on ammo Metallwarenfabrik Treuenbrietzen. Unknown. Found on ammo Unknown. Leipzig (superseded by 'wa'). Found on ammo Unknown. Durlach (superseded by 'dnh'). ireasberg (superseded by 'hhw'). Unknown. i chargers Unknown. Riemberg?). Found on SG84/98 Nieznane. Nieznane. Found on SG84/98 Unknown. Found on ammo i fuses Unknown. Found on ammo. Found on small arms components Unknown. Found on SG84/98 Unknown.Sch' (J. Lippstadt (eventually replaced by 'dom'). Found on ammo chargers Unknown. Found on K98k rifles Unknown. Found on small arms components Maerkisches Walzwerk. Found on ammo Metallwarenfabrik Odertal GmbH. Found on SG84/98 'J. Luebeck. Found on ammo chargers Mansfeld AG. Solingen. Found on K98k rifles Unknown. Found on ammo. Found on ammo Unknown. St. Found on ammo. Found on ammo.

Found on ammo. Found on small arms Unknown. Found on ammo Unknown.413 414 416 417 423 442 452 457 480 490 491 635 660 757 925 945 959 963 ammo. Austria (superseded by 'bnz'). Found on ammo Munitionsfabrik Woellersdorf. Steyr. Zella-Mehlis (superseded by 'ac'). run under the supervision of Mauser-Werke AG. Found on ammo i chargers Unknown. Found on ammo Allegedly used by a factory in occupied Czechoslovakia. Found on small arms Unknown. Found on ammo chargers Unknown. Found on small arms Waffenfabrik Bruenn AG. Found on ammo Carl Walther. Found on ammo Unknown. Found on ammo Unknown. Found on ammo chargers Unknown. Found on small arms Unknown. Found on small arms . Czechoslovakia. Found on ammo chargers Unknown. i chargers Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG. Found on small arms magazines Unknown. Brno. Found on ammo Unknown. Wien. Unknown.

Idar-Oberstein Hermann Schubert.Numeric codes .Site map . Sudeten Germany Waffenfabrik Bruenn AG.Info about page . Erich Frank.Electrolysis . Rauch u.Download . Bellot). Soehne. Schnitzler. Neumuenster Junker u. Dusek Waffenerzeugung. Prag Mannesman-Roehrenwerke. sometimes wrongly associated with Waffenfabrik Bruenn AG. Bellot.. Nuertingen August Winkhaus. Vereinigte Oberschlesische Huettenwerke AG Waffenwerke Bruenn AG. Thuringia Brause u. Soerensen u. Schmidt. Jennewein u. Saxony Metallwarenfabrik Geba.Other cleaning method's .Black oxiding . Wrsovice plant.Links . Breslau Metallwarenfabrik Gebr. Gapp. Baden Union Sprengstoff.Photo gallery . Stollberg. Neustadt Koch u.E-mail Mauser factory codes. August Wagner.und Metallwarenfabrik AG (formerly Sellier u. Oppeln near Nachod. this is a trademark associated with Aba-Werke Alig u. Koester. Wrongly associated with German military stores. Komotau. Zittau / Sachsen. Rheinli F. Prague). Glauchau. Karlsruhe.Letter codes . Baumgaertel (see 'fqx') Friedrichsthaler Eisenwerk. Czechoslovakia .und Zuendmittelwerke.Other Models .Info about page author . Zuendhuetchen. Muenster Unknown.Home page . Friedrichsthal (Saar) Deutsche Metallwerke. Co. Prague Obenhuetten. Schoenebeck on the Elbe William Prym. Kirschau in Sachsen. Frankenthal-Plomersheim (Iron i metal products) Carl Walther. Weinstrasse.Short history of Mauser 98k .Message board . Czechoslovakia Mitteldeutsche Metallwarenfabrik. Alt-Berum Munitionsfabriken (formerly Sellier u. most was found on receivers * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * aaa aac aak aaj aak aan aar aaw aba abb abc abh ac acu ad adc aek afb afu ai aj ajf ajn ak C.Mauser factory codes . Zella-Mehlis. Iserlohn Patronen-. Prague.Technical receipt Assembling/Disassembling . Czechoslovakia Metabowerk Closs.Schematics .. Ruh AG. Vlasim.Preservation .Short info .

Signalwerke. Hasper Eisen.u.u. Werk Wuppertal-Ronsdorf.. Bielefeld Otto Grusen u. Dortmund C. Gablonz / Schlag. Otterburg u.1943 Deutsche Leucht. Berlin-Wilhelmsruh. Hirtenberg. Leipzig Mannesman-Roehrenwerke AG. Co. Ulm Langbein-Pfannhauser-Werke AG. Koenigshuette Maschinen. Metalwarenfabrik [sic] (ammo). GmbH. iersen.akp akv al am ama amh amj amn amo amp an i anj anx anz ap apc aqe aqk aqt aqx ar arb arl asb aso asr asx at atb atl atr atw aty Deutsche Roehrenwerke. Koenigsberg Mauser-Werke KG. Beutemueller u. Buende in Westfalen Hans Buellman-Werke. Waldeck-Kassel plant Dortmund Hoerder Huettenverein. Steinfurt. Bretten-Baden Magdeburger Pumpenfabrik. GmbH. HamburgLangenhorn Hoesch AG.u. Komotau. Signalmittelwerk. Co.1942-3 Deutsche Waffen..u. Dr. Schweinfurt HAK Hanseatisches-Kettenwerk GmbH. Berlin Miele u. Niederdonau Herdfabrik Imperial GmbH. Co. HagenHaspe Hydrometer AG. Munitionsfabriken AG. Magdeburg J. Co. Neuwied plant Mauser-Werke KG. Feistel AG. Feistel KG. Sudetengau Waggonfabrik L. Sachs. Strube..u. Hannover Deutsche Kabelwerke. Often wrongly identified as GustloffWerke. BerlinBorsigwalde Fichtel u. Breslau. renamed Prager Aktiengesellschaft fuer Berg und Huettenwerksgesellschaft in c. Czechoslovakia Kloeckner-Humbold-Deutz. Otto Eberhardt Patronenfabrik. ireashuette Bergmann Elektrizitaetswerke AG. Tegel plant (Eventually replaced by 'hhg') Mauser-Werke. Berlin-Borsigwalde Vereinigte Oberschlesische Huettenwerke. Dr. Dortmund plant Kloeckner-Werke. BerlinCharlottenburg Gustloff Werke. Sudeten Germany Koenigs-Laura-Huette. Stahlwerk. Magdeburg) Rheinmetall-Borsig. Werk Radotin bei Prag. Neckarsulm. DuesseldorfLierenfeld Berg und Huettenwerksgesellschaft. Magdeburg-Buckau Deutsches Leucht. Poensgen plant. sometimes wrongly associated with Continental Caoutchouc Co. LuebeckSchlutrup . formerly L. Witten plant. added to the code lists in c. Armaturenfabrik. Div. Werk Wuppertal-Ronsdorf J. division of Polte. Kienzle-Uhrenfabrik AG. Ruhr Maschinenfabrik fuer Massenverpackung.

Si.. Rudolf Jahr. Arnstadt Vereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke AG (VDM).Erfurter Maschinenfabrik B.. Eisen GmbH.. subsequently renamed VDM-Halbzeugwerke GmbH. Aue in Sachsen Moritz Perthel.u. after c. Werk Genthin The Yale u. Co. Zweigniederlassung Carl Borg Messinghalbfabrikate. Werk Reinickendorf Kupfer. Cologne-Ehrenfeld Metall u. Geipel GmbH. Gera Carl Hoffmann.und Presswerk. Gera Vereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke AG. Altena. M. Langenberg.prawdopodobnie confused with 'bnz' A. Co.. Iserlohn. Velbert Union-Gesellschaft fuer Metallindustrie. Geislingen (Steige) Feinmechanische Werke GmbH. Netersen. Selve. Zweigniederlassung. Guss.. Co. Diehl. Oskau Friedrichshof Preuss u. Nuernberg Metall-. Magdeburg Polte-Werk. Company. Nuernberg Monheimer Ketten. Elektrotechnische auc aue auf auj auu aux auy auz av ave avk avm avt avu awj awl awt ax axq axs ay aye ayf ayg ayk aym ayr az azg azy ba baz bb bc bcd Guteoffnungshuette Oberhausen. H. div. Ruhr Wuerttembergische Metallwarenfabrik AG. Rokycany plant. Sterkrade plant Mauser-Werke KG. Hatrase. of Polte.u. Metallwarenfabrik AG. Heinrich. Grueneberg Polte-Werk. Becker u. Co. Towne Manufacturing u. Metallwaren-Industrie Poetz u. North Erfurt Berndorfer Metallwarenfabrik Arthur Krupp AG. Berlin Maschinenfabrik Sangershausen AG Sundwiger Messingwerke. Rheinli Wilhelm-Gustloff-Werke. Brackwede-Bielefeld Rheinhuette GmbH (Formerly Beck u. Altena Siemens-Schukert-Werke AG. von der Becke KG) Netersener Maschinedfabrik. Erfurt Erfurter Laden Industrie. occasionally mistakenly identified as Adam Gerhard Motorenwerke.). Werl plant. Magdeburg Silva Metallwerke GmbH. Messingwerke AG. Laue u. Wiesbaden Silva-Metallwerke GmbH. Erfurt Julius Maurer. Weimar . VDM-Halbzeugwerke GmbH. Oberstein an der Nahe M.1943. Czechoslovakia Polte-Werk. Sils van de Loo u. Reichenberg Olympia Bueromaschinenwerke AG. Pilsen. Zweigniederlassung Basse u. Doebeln in Sachsen Ruhrstahl AG.u. Werdohl. Werk Amstetten Alois Pirkel. Monheim-Duesseldorf Patronenhuelsen. Westphalia (formerly Gebr. Erfurt ERMA . Froendeberg.

Thuringia Pittler Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik AG. Moravia.. Berlin Bruenner Waffenfabrik AG. Ung. Hans von Schwartzenberg u. Dresden Sprengstoffwerke Blumau AG. formerly Maschinenfabrik Naniel u. Berndorf. Co. possibly confused with 'bcd' Ernst Leitz GmbH. Soehne (see 'bkp') Oskar Krieger GmbH. Dresden E. Iserlohn. Lederwarenfabrik. Sudeten Germany. Co. Gartzer Schraubenwerk GmbH. Duesseldorf-Grafenberg Metallwerke Lange AG. Schumacher. Austria MIAG-Muehlenbau und Industrie AG. Arnsberg. Muehlheim.u.bch bck bcu bd bda bdq bdr bdy be bed beh bej bek bf bfn bg bh bj bjm bjv bk bkp bkq bky bkz bl bla blc bln blp blr blu Augsburger Federnfabrik.. Bautzen Carl Zeiss. Herborn Deutsche Roehrenwerke AG.. Graz (later renamed 'Simmering-Graz-Paucker AG. Military Division. Ruhr New York-Hamburger Gummiwaren Co.. Kirsten. Werk Zastavka bei Bruenn und Segen Gottes (Rosice) bei Bruenn Boehmische Waffenfabrik AG. Werk Graz'). Werk Deutz. Braunschweiger Lutherwerk. Leuner GmbH. Georg Oberploederl. Czechoslovakia Johannes Schaefer. Wuppertal Roehrenwerk Johannes Surman GmbH. Bodenbach / Elbe Uhrenfabrik Villingen Ehrhardt u. Boehler u. Plattierwerke Hindrichs Auffermann AG. Oberhausen.und Waggonbaufabrik AG.. Leipzig Berndorfer Metallwarenfabrik. Prague. Leipzig Richard Ehrhardt.. Czechoslovakia Neibecker u. Westphalia Kloeckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG. Lueg. Kreiensen / Harz' K. Koeln Boehmisch-Maehrische Kolben-Danek AG.u. Leibnitz in Steiermark Grazer Maschinen. Jena Brueder Assmann. formerly Krizik-Chaudoir-Metallwerke AG. Vysocan plant. Bodenbach plant. Braunschweig. Mende u. R. Versmold Gutehoffnungshuette. G. Zweigniederlassung Edelstahlwerke. Lederwarenfabrik. Magdeburg Hensoldt-Werk fuer Optik und Mechanik. Poessneck. Brod plant. Wolf AG. Arthur Krupp AG. Prague Metall-..often mistakenly associated with Burgsmueller u. Wetzlar Maschinenfabrik Buckau. Bruenn. Urbanovsky GmbH. Soehne GmbH. AG..sometimes wrongly associated with 'Gewehrfabrik Burgsmueller u. Blumau near Felixdorf . Walz. Koffer. Augsburg Brueninghaus. Gartz / Oder Radio H. Hamburg Gebr.

Inhaber Karl Binder. Wien Frank'sche Eisenwerke AG. Boskowitz. Black Forest Richard Rinker GmbH.und Telegraphenfabriks AG.blx bm bmb bmd bmf bmj bml bmu bmv bmz bn bnd bne bnf bnz bo boa bod bot bp bpd bpr bpt bq bqo bqs bqt br brb brd brg bsv bt bte btk btn buc Michael Seidel. Mechanisch-Optische Werke AG. Zirndorf bei Nuernberg AEG-Allgemeine Elektrizitaets-Gesellschaft. Wien Roli Brit. Georgen.W. Vereinigte Armaturen. Annaberg in Erzgebirge MAN . Co. Kuhnke GmbH. Vienna. Nuernberg Metallwerke Odertal GmbH. Saxony Rheinmetall-Borsig AG. Schmidt. St. Saxony Telefon. Kunststoff-Verkaufs GmbH. Austria Ing.u. Mueller. Goerz GmbH. Eugen Mueller. Reichertshofen Max G. Soemmerda Minerva-Naehmaschinenfabrik AG. Soemmerda plant. Olmuetz Hensoldt u. Berlin Metallwarenfabrik Reichertshofen. Berlin Friedrich Krupp Grusonwerk AG. Doebeln in Sachsen Toenshoff. Pyrotechnische Fabrik. Co.Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nuernberg. Neu-Ulm / Donau Carl Kuntze. Laufwerke GmbH. Kapsch u.und Eisenindustrie AG. Iserlohn Metallwerke Windelsbleiche near Bielefeld . Co. Magdeburg-Buckau Frank u. Soehne. Kuestrin N. Odertal Metallwerk Wolfenbuettel GmbH. KG. Kiel H. Austria Mathias Baeuerle. Heeresbedarf. Werdohl Ernst Goesser. Penig. Niederscheld / Dillkreis Otto Honsel. Iserlohn HAGENUK-Hanseatische Apparaetebau-Gesellschaft Neufeldt u. Soehne. Doebeln. Wetzlar Hans Roemer. Adolfshuette. Glashuette in Sachsen C.und Maschinenfabriken AG. Abeteilung Zaehlerfabrik. Wien Johannes Grossfuss. Metall. Fabrik fuer Lederwaren u. Sattlerwarenfabrik. Nuernberg Maehrische Stahl. Locierwarenfabrik. Goeke u. Czechoslovakia AEG-Allgemeine Elektrizitaets-Gesellschaft. Horn in Lippe Radiowerk Horny AG. Steyr. Troisdorf Tedloff-VAMAG. Nuernberg plant.P. Neheim Otto Goessel u. Nikolaus Eltz. Wien Metallwerke Neheim. KG. Wien Venditor. Wolfenbuettel Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG..

Pilsen. Wien B. Pohlmann u. Czechoslovakia Bochumer Verein fuer Guss-stahlfabrikation AG. Zella-Mehlis.Berlin-Anhaltische Maschinenbau AG. Wohlleber u. Austria M. Meissen Bayrisches Kabelwerk. Riffelmacher u. Brackwede in Westfalen Friedrich Krupp AG. Hannover-Brink Mitteldeutsche Stahlwerke AG. Dessau Brinker Eisenwerke Max H.Vereinigte Zuender. Feinmaschinen. Optische u. Camerawerk Muenchen . Gewehrfabrik. Stettiner Schraubenwerk. Abteilung Stabfedernfabrik. formerly Max Groten. Metallwarenfabrikation. Wien Minerva Radio. Wetterburg. Roth bei Nuernberg Ernst Grunow. Kloenne. Wien Theodor Bergmann u. Henrichshuette-Hattingen Aktiengesellschaft vormals Skodawerke. Poli Genossenschafts-Maschinenhaus der Buechsenmacher. Dortmund HANOMAG-Hannover'sche Maschinenbau AG vorm.. Annener Guss-stahlwerk. Hannover Mauser-Werke KG. Hammerwerke. Co. Georg Egestorff. Hamburg-Altona Rothmueller-Mewa.und Stahlwerke GmbH. Thuringia IG-Farbenindustrie. Stettin Fritz Wolf. Essen Rheinmetall-Borsig AG. Mueller. Muenchen Aug. Co.. Ferlach. Co. Duesseldorf BAMAG . Bochum VZK . Kabelwerke AG. Kattowitz. Witten Johann Schaefer. Groeditz / Riesa Ruhrstahl AG.u. Maier KG. W. Lauchhammerwerk.. Guss-stahlwerk. HessenNassau Ruhrstahl AG. Witten-Annen Ruhrstahl AG. Engelhardt AG.buh bv bvl bvv bw bwc bwn bwo bwp bwq bwr bwx bxb bxe bxm bxn by byc bye byf byg bym byq byr bys byw bzt bzz Roechling'sche Eisen. Otto Fritz. Oberndorf on the Neckar Johann Wyksen KG. Abteilung Automaten. Wetzlar Dr. techn.u.

Co. Lederwaren. Tyrolit. Gebr. Boehlerwerk bei Waidhofen an der Ybbs. Wattens. Nagel-Werk. Stuttgart-Wangen Vereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke AG. Austria Kodak Aktiengesellschaft Dr.). Niederdonau Gussstahlwerk Carl Boennhof KG. Co. Berlin Auwaerter cag cau cbl cbr cby ccb ccd ccx cdc cdg cdo Vereinigte Deutsche Nickelwerke (formerly Westfaelisches Nickelwalzwerk Fleitmann. Westphalia DEMAG.. Schwerte. Ruhr Swarowski. Lederwarenfabrik. Zweigniederlassung Sueddeutsche Metallindustrie. Wetter Optische u.u. Nuernberg W. Goerlitz Kern. Westhofen. Glasfabrik u. Hugo Meyer u.. Waffen.. Feinmaschinenwerke. Co. AG.. Stuttgart Theodor Bergmann u. Munitionsfabrik. Co. Klager u. Boehler u. Co. D. Bubeck KG. Wetter / Ruhr Stahlwerke Bruenninghaus AG. Witte u. . Tyrol.

Merz-Werke. Mark Rohrbacher Lederfabrik.Velten plant. Thale. Eisengiesserei u. Werkzeugfabrik. Finow. Bielitz / Oberschlesien Franz Lipowsky.u. Vienna Westfaelische Anhaltische Sprengstoff AG. cob Netzschkau. Gleiwitz Union-Fabrik chemischer Produkte AG. Odenwald cl Metschke. Werk Apolda cpo Rheinmetall-Borsig AG. Berlin-Marienfeld cpp Rheinmetall-Borsig AG. Sundern. Linden cja Gebr. Maschinenfabrik. Frankfurt. Ruhr ckl Eisen.. Suhl. Berlin cmz Zuenderwerke Ernst Bruen. Sohn. Oranienburg cf plant cg Finower Industrie GmbH. Zweigniederlassung. Velten on the Main Theodor Bergmann u. Herstal. Munich ckc Deutsche Eisenwerke AG. Saxony coe Luebecker Maschinenbau-Gesellschaft cof Waffenfabrik Carl Eickhorn. Suchy. Maschinenreparatur. Auto. Co. sometimes mistakenly identified as cjn 'Junghans. Niederdonau Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre. Solingen con Franz Stock. Brienburg / Havel cpn Rheinmetall-Borsig AG. Sauer u. Huettenwerke. cko Michelstadt. Munitionsfabrik. Wien. Berlin cmw Dr. Stockerau. Westphalia ce J.u. Thuringia Karl Budischovsky u. Berlin cdv Metallwarenfabrik Ludwig Maybaum. Soehne. Josef Poeschels Soehne. Waffenfabrik. chh Hannover plant. Liege. Berlin cpj Havelwerk GmbH. Berlin plant clg Ernst Melzig. ch Belgium chd Deutsche Industrie-Werke AG. Harz Huettenwerk. Rudolf Hell. Breslau plant cpq Rheinmetall-Borsig AG. Werk Stolzenhagencmg Kratzwieck / Pommern cms Konrad Lindhorst. Stark u. Co. Linn Krupp-National-Registerierkassen (cash registers) GmbH. Ing. Schramberg / Schwarzwald cjg Bartelmuss u. Zella-Mehlis. Soehne. Main cow Wintershall AG.u. Muehlheim. cnd Berlin plant Netzschkauer Maschinenfabrik..u. Liegnitz cma Vereinigte Oberschlesische Huettenwerke. Guben plant cq Warz u. Spritzgusswerk. Schramberg' (see 'cja') ck Metallwerk Neumeyer. Junghans AG.P. Thuringia . cgn Rohrbach cgt Josef Stefsky. cdp Bernau plant. Berlin cos Gebrueder Merz. Waffen. Maschinen. Karl. AG. Oesterreichische cey Lederindustrie AG. Berlin-Spiau Deutsche Edelstahlwerke AG. Krefeld.

Holthaus AG. succeeded by W. Co.. stamping plant. Leer. Muellrose near Frankfurt on the Oder Vereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke AG. Manstadt division. Co. Waffenfabrik. Lederwarenfabrik. Berlin Emil Busch AG.) B. Frankfurt-Hedderheim WKC Waffenfabrik.. Schwietzke. Berlin Maschinenfabrik F.. Optische Industrie. Co. Troisdorf Eisenwerke Gaggenau GmbH. Stahlwerk Krieger. Gotha Kloeckner Maschinenfabrik.W.. c. Maerkische Werke. Friedrichs u. Lederwarenfabrik. Finowfurt plant.u. Madgeburg Britzer Eisenwerk Paul Szubinski.. Geissler. Co. Goch. see also 'cva'. Werk Hedderheim. Berlin-Steglitz Paul Weyersberg u. Stahlbau GmbH. Co.u. Waldenburg. Koeln. Rathenow . Berlin. Leipzig Kienzle Uhrenfabriken AG. Melle plant. Hannover Emil Adolff. Schwenningen on the Neckar Gustaf Genschow u.1943 'Phy-We'-Physikalische Werkstaetten AG. Lederwarenfabrik. Fronberg Otto Sindel. Opitz.. Altwasser. drop forge plant. confused with the 'crs' mark of Paul Weyersberg Maschinenfabrik B.u. Greiner u. Dinklage (Vechte / Old. Goettingen R. Reutlingen Eisenwerk [sic] Gesellschaft Maximilianshuette. Halver Christ u. Fuess. formerly J. Silesia Koelner Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik von Wilhelm Quester. Koffer. Duesseldorf Pollux. Gruenberg in Schlesien Zwickauer Maschinenfabrik. Brienburg Roechling-Buderus-Stahlwerke. Sasse. Duesseldorf-Oberhausen Moll. Britz Kreis Angermuende Saechsische Maschinen. Rheinli Maschinenfabrik Becker u. sometimes . L. Lederwarenfabrik.cqd cr crm cro crs crv crw csa csq csx cte ctf ctg ctn cts ctu cty cue cuf cuy cuz cva cvb cvc cvg cvl cvs cvv cwb cwg cww cxa cxb cxd cxe cxg cxh cxm cxn Pranaefa-Werke GmbH. Wilmsmann GmbH. Coswig plant Karl Weiss. Zwickau in Sachsen Roechling-Buderus-Stahlwerke. sometimes mistakenly identified with Hanseatische Werksta etten fuer Feinmechanik u. Solingen Wald Boeckhoff u. Solingen Fritz Werner. Optik. Gaggenau. Solingen Zier u. Berlin Zeschke Nachf.G. Rhein Gothaer Metallwarenfabrik GmbH. Unterwellenborn Eisenwerke Gesellschaft Maximilianshuette.. Zueschner. Breslau J. Braunchweig Ruhrstahl AG. Thuringia. Dinklage Kreis Vechta / Oldenburg Brienburger Eisenwerke Westfaelisch-Anhaltische Sprengstoff AG. iron mongery division. Gebr. Co. H. Plant II. Hofmann GmbH. Baden Carlshuette Maschinen.G. Schraubenfabrik GmbH. Holthaus. Optische Industrie. Ludwigshafen.

Hannover (after 1943.) Mannesmann -Roehrenwerke.u. Metallwarenfabrik Wilhelm Weckerle. prawdopodobnie a misreading of 'cxn' Heereszeugamt. Sonneberg in Thueringen. Militaereffekten-Fabrik. Berlin-Spiau Saechsische Guss-stahlwerke Doehlen AG. Stahlwerke Freital / Sachsen Maschinenfabrik Steubing u. Berlin-Marienfelde H. Burgsmueller. Auerbach Robert Larsen.. Hirtenberg. Abteilung Stahlbau. Berlin SUMAK . Gewehrfabrik. Eichen Kreis Siegen Metallwarenfabrik Spreewerk. Sohn. Rostock.. Braunschweig Unknown. Frankfurt Bleiwerk Goslar Schwelmer Stahl. Brienburg Junkers. Solingen . Schichau GmbH. Often mistakenly identified with Dynamit AG (see 'dbg') Louis Siegel.u. Werk Hannover') Kaemper-Motoren AG. Rempt of Suhl Gebr. Boehler.Sueddeutsche Maschinen. Berlin Emil Kirst. Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen Voigtlaender u. Eisen-Giesserei Gustav Schubeis. Abteiling Maschinenfabrik Werk II. Duesseldorf plant. Geschosswerkstatt. Liegnitz Ludwig Braun. Sohn AG. Waldbroehl. Pokorny u. Koenigsberg F. Waffenfabrik. Mecklenburg Friedrich Offermann u. Luedenscheid Huettenwerk Siegerli AG.cxq cxw cyd cyh cyq cyw czf czm czn czo czq czs dah dar daz dbg dbh dbk dc dde ddt ddx de dea dec dej dev dfb dgb dgl dgz dha dhn dhp djf dkk dla dld dlu Liegnitzer Eisengiesserei u. Fabrik fuer Leder u. Co. Austria Ewald Luenenschloss. Weidhausen bei Coburg. Koenigsberg in Preussen Brennabor Werke AG. Rath Richard Rinker GmbH. Austria Georg von Goelln GmbH. Stettin 11 Klaus Nueske.. Suhl Georg Stamm u. Hofmann. Kreiensen-Harz Draht-Bremer. Abteilung Koenigsberg Werkstatt B. Stoffwaren. Bensberg Karl Barth. Kapfenberg. Co. Rheinli Kromag. Maschinenfabrik Teichert u. Soehne. Friedrich Krupp AG. Unterwellenborn / Thueringen Dynamit AG. Dessau Metallindustrie Schoenebeck AG. Sometimes wrongly associated with Remo-Gewehrfabrik Gebr. Dueneberg Plant (formerly Alfred Nobel u. Schmalkalden in Thueringen Nottebohm. Elbing. Neubrienburg in Mecklenburg Uta-Werkstaetten Uta u. Stettin. Abteilung Eichener Walzwerke. Wittekind. Militaereffekten-Fabrik. Niedersedlitz Bezirk Dresden Gustloff Co. Hildebrit GmbH. Schwelm in Westfalen Kelle u. Lederwarenfabrik. Co. 'Krupp Stahlbau. Schoenebeck on the Elbe Eisenwerke-Gesellschaft Maximilianshuette. Frankfurter Maschinenbau.

Kofferfabrik.J. Schmalkalden in Thueringen Ing. Sattler u. Peine Auto-Union. Farbenindustrie AG. Metallwerke GmbH. Durlach plant.u. Metallwarenfabriken') Borck u. Black Forest Westfaelische Metall-Industrie . u. Villingen. Theodor Stiebel. rolling mill. Prerau plant.G.-Ing.. Speigelau / Bayersicher Wald I. Frankfurt Gebrueder Sachsenberg AG. Waldhausen. Bruchmann. u. M. Nuernberg Fritz Werner.dma dmk dmo dms dmy dn dna dnb dnf dnh dnv dnz dom dot dou dov dow dox dpf dph dpk dpl dpm dps dpu dpv dpw dpx drh drv drz dsb dsh dsj dsx dta dtf dtu dtv Herres Munitionsanstalt u. Baden Fahr AG. Komotau. F. Spezialfabrik fuer Militaerausruestung. August Schwer u. prawdopodobnie a misreading of 'dnh' Rheinische-Westfaelische Sprengstoff AG.. Reinert. Stockach Schwarzwaelder Apparate-Bauanstalt. Chemnitz Nuernberger Schraubenfabrik GmbH. Berlin . Lippstadt Waffenwerke Bruenn. Czechoslovakia Waffenwerke Bruenn. Metallwaren. Prague WAMA Metallwerke Johannes Ahner. Tschenstochau Eltron. Goerz plant. Dessau-Rosslau C. F. Bad-Neustadt / Saale G. Dr. Czechoslovakia B. Seibel. Mettmann / Rheinli (later 'W. Saxony C. Thiele GmbH. Soehne. Dipl. Ruhla Zeiss-Ikon. Berlin-Zehlendorf Zeiss-Ikon. H. Seibel. Stadeln plant near Nuernberg Rheinische-Westfaelische Sprengstoff AG. Geschosswerkstatt. Leder. Ensink u. Podbrezova plant. Bystrica. Czechoslovakia Waffenwerke Bruenn. later HASAG-Eisen. Pinneberg . GmbH. Stuttgart Gebr. Neheim-Huesten (after 1943 only) Poldi-Huette. Werk Prerau / Protektorat' in 1943) Waffenwerke Bruenn. Co. Zeithain Ilseder Huette. Found on ammo components Mettmanner Britanniawarenfabrik W. Berlin-Marienfeld Unknown. Dresden Zeiss-Ikon. Inh. Autogen plant. Plasser.. Mittweida.F. Cologne Elektro-Feinmechanische Werke Preh. Bruenn plant. Ruhla Eisenhuette Tschenstochau. Wsetin plant. Otto Gehrckens.u. Oberlungwitz. Ohrdruf. Gewehrfabrik. Goldschmidt. Thuringia C. Saxony Roechling-Buderus. Wetzlar A. Czechoslovakia (renamed 'Opticotechna GmbH. Czechoslovakia Waffenwerke Bruenn. Janecek. Schlothauer. Berlin-Tempelhof Alexier Beck. Sudeten Germany Union-Werk AG. Riemenwerke.

Kraft AG. eba Breitungen ebd Fatra AG. Wuppertal-Elberfeld ecv Vogel u. Triberg Kuerbi u. Innsbruck dym Runge u. ebf Niederschelden Maschinenbau u. Metallwarenfabrik. Vienna F. Galkowsky u.. dye Co. Often dwm mistakenly identified with the well-known DWM trademark of Deutsche Waffen. Ing. Niggeloh. Schuelcke. Saalfeld Johann Froehlich. Kladno plant. Duisburg-Hamborn Erste Alpenlaendische Pyrotechnikfabrik Ed.. Pyrotechnische Fabrik.u. Radevormwald in Rheinprueussen . Bahnbedarf AG. Lippstadt Scharfenberg u. Babelsberg eah Stahlwerke Brueninghaus AG. Elbing Schoeller u. Weihrauch. Pyrotechnische Fabrik. Frankfurt am Main Dr. formerly Orenstein u.u. Werdohl plant dza Bleiwerke Dr. Berlin-Schoeneberg dzw Metallwerke v. Werk Spiau i Werk Babelsberg (after c. Werdohl in Westfalen eec Gebr. Werksleitung Luedenscheid. Co. Buehler Nachfolger. Teubert GmbH. Iserlohn edy Gebr. Boehme u... Dresden edg J. Luebeck plant Adolf Knoch AG. dxs August Thyssen-Huette AG. Schichau GmbH. Zschopau plant. Aude u. Saxony Deutsche Waffen. eed sometimes mistakenly confused with Weihrauch ('eea') . Mumitionsfabriken of Berlin. eaf Reipe. Charlottenhuette plant. Luebeckedq Schlutup edr Sachsenwerk Licht u. Werk dwc Minden in Westfalen Liefergemeinschaft Dornbirn. Solingen edk Auto-Union AG. Moehringen ecd Carl Lippold. Luchenwalde eea H. Henckels. Napajedl / Maehren Huettenwerke Siegerli. Schlegel GmbH. Czechoslovakia Spindel. Ludwig Rigger. Mueller. Hamburg dzl Optische Anstalt Oigee. Werdohl eak Deutsche Werke Kiel AG ean Lippstaedter Eisen. Markdorf in Baden ecc Oskar Luenig. Lederwarenfabrik.u. Gerlach GmbH. Zella-Mehlis edz Pickhardt u.. Co.u. Kielblock.dun dut duv dvc dvr dvu dvw Poldihuette. ebk Koppel. Finow Mechanoptik-Gesellschaft fuer Praezisionstechnik. Munitionsfabriken AG. Dornbirn. Kaulfuss. Zwillingswerke. Rathenow dyq Deutsche Edelstahlwerke AG. Pitschmann u. Neudorf Berliner-Luebecker Maschinenfabrik. Nuernberg edw Karl Metzler GmbH. Spinnfluegelfabrik AG. Radeberg eds Zuendappwerke GmbH. 1943 only) eca Oskar Fischer GmbH.A. Metallwerke.

later known as 'Enzesfelder Metallwerk AG' H. Friedrich Meuthe GmbH. Wolfsburg Westfaelisch-Anhaltische Sprengstoff AG.G.. Dornheim AG. Huettenbetrieb AG. Rheinli A. Empelde plant Willi Stiefeling.). Oberlind. Wissner AG. Rauch. Munich Steubing u. . Bonn Maerkisches Walzwerk. sometimes mistakenly associated with 'eqf' Karl Boecker. Ulm an der Donau Lieferungsgemeinschaft westthueringische Werkzeug. Soennecken. Graslitz. Erlangen Optische Werke G. for whom Stiefeling may have been a subcontractor. Heine u. Dinkelmeyer of Nuernberg . Metallwarenfabriken GmbH.u. Rodenstock. Faudt. Co.. note: code books say 'deleted. Lederwarenfabrik. Berlin Ringsdorf-Werke KG.. Werk Enzesfeld / Niederdonau. note: often identified wtih Carl Zeiss i Zeiss-Ikon.u. Schwenningen am Neckar Jahresuhrenfabrik GmbH... Germany Krieger u. Schweinfurt Metallwarenfabrik vormals H. Huettenwerk Falvahuette in Schwientochlowitz. Voehrenbach Schuerhoff u.. Treibriemenfabrik (driving belt mfr. Boehler u. August Pfeffer.u. Bismarckhuette A G' . Lederwarenfabrik. district Potsdam Deutsche Star-Kugelhalter GmbH.. Metallwarenfabrik. Staussberg. Kreis Kattowitz. Berlin .eef eeg eeh eej eek eel eem eeo eet eeu eev eey egy eh eky elg emh emj emp emq emu enc enz eom eov eox epf eqf erg erm ern erv eso etb etl ety eue X. Berlin Dynamit AG (formerly Alfred Nobel u.G. Waldbroehl. Soehne. Roederhof plant Ing. August Schatz u. Werk Brotterode / Hessen-Nassau Selve. Sohn. Betriebsgruppe Bismarckhuette. see under ern' W.Kronbiegel. Co. Co. Nuernberg Mueller-Schlenker Uhrenfabrik. Burg Bezirk Magdeburg Volkswagenwerk. Co. Leipzig Gebr. Huch. Fr. Soemmerda. Minitionsfabriken AG. Eckhardt. Sudeten. Rudolf Fischer. Werk Koetzling Fritz Hofmann GmbH. Tembach-Dietharz / Thueringen Metallwarenfabrik Treuenbrietzen GmbH. Munitionsfabrik.). Braun. Mehlem-Rhein Otto Reichel. Uhingen in Wuerttemberg Adalbert Fischer. Thuringia Trierer Walzwerk AG. Schwenningen am Neckar G. Triberg / Schwarzwald Interessengemeinschaft fuer Bergbau u. possibly confused with 'eea' i/or 'eeo' F. Doeppert.. AG. Dinkelmeyer. Kitzingen Possibly W. Saxony Deutsche Waffe... Gevelsberg . Inh. Posen plant Ulmer Schraubenfabrik C. later 'Koenigs. Werk Elsnig Georg Allgaier. Schmalkalden in Thueringen Fr.

Magdeburg-Buchau Vereinigte Leichtmetallwerke. Nordhaeuser Maschinenfabrik AG. Rudolf Danhardt. Audi plant. Klingenthal in Sachsen Rana-Werke. Thuringia Rietberg-Werke. Schwerte.. Suedharz Deutsche Waffen. Nordhausen Stolberger Metallwerke AG (formerly Asten. Lederwaren u. Co . Lynen u. Schweinsburg in Plauen F. Schleicher). Augsburger Waagenfabrik. Klardorf in Oberpfalz Oskar R. Co. Co. Erzgebirge Optische Praezisionswerke GmbH. Hameln (Weser). Kreis Mies. Sometimes mistakenly associated with Skoda-Werke. Munitionsfabriken AG. Sohn. van de Loo u.A. Tambach-Dietharz in Thueringen Roetelmann u. Zwickau in Sachsen Lies-Lieferungsgenossenschaft des Tischlerhiwerks im Lieshiwerksmeister-BezirkWestfalen GmbH. Berlin Maschinenfabrik Tannwald. Mehlhorn GmbH. Blankertz. Foerde plant Unknown. Stolberg Dynamit AG (formerly A. Lederwarenfabrik. Skodawerke. Donauwoerth Metallwerke Wihofen. Cologne Auto-Union. Hamburg Mansfdel AG. Berlin-Zehlendorf Schmidt. Koenigsgraetz: 'ews' Metallwerke Holleischen. Berlin' Clemens Kreher GmbH. Warsaw. Marienberg in Sachsen Union Gesellschaft fuer Metallindustrie. Saale Mansfeld AG. Hannover-Linden . Werk Oranienburg bei Berlin Boehmische Waffenfabrik. Reutenhau Post Winkelsdorf / Nord Maehren Heidenreich u.u. Sils.KG. W. Rothenburg plant. Kranz u. Werk Koeniggraetz Franz u. Tannwald / Sudentegau (renamed 'Tannenwalder Textilwerke AG' in 1943) Bernhard Bruns. Bielefeld Heintze u. Augsburg Maschinenfabrik Donauwoerth GmbH.eug euh eun euo evv evz ews ewx exd exp exq exs exw exx eyd fa faa fb fc fck fco fcv fd fde fe fee feh fer feu ffo fko fkx flp fnh fnk fnq fpx fqn Lengfeld. Harbeck. Hettstedt. Salzgitter Akteingesellschaft vorm. Erste Deutsche Stahlfederfabrik. Meinel-Scholer. Karl Voegels. Karlsruhe Mansfeld AG. Prague Adolf Hopf AG. Bad Zwischenahn in Oldenburg Gustav Sudbrack. Co. Nobel u. Anger u. Alstedt plant. Sudeten Germany Semprex-Werk. Budenberg. Werdohl in Westfalen Schaeffer u. Ludwig Pfisterer. Rietberg in Westfalen Sendlinger Optische Glaswerke GmbH. Dortmund.. Poli C. Sometimes wrongly associated with 'Hans K ollmorgen Optische Anstalt. u. Joehstadt in Sachsen Bergbau AG. Gamaschenfabrik. Strakonitz plant. Westphalia Krone Presswerke GmbH.).

Dietrich. Kassel Gebr. Hagen. formerly Skodawerke. Co. Roechling. Optische Anstalt. Praezisionspressstuecke (precision stampings). Altenburg in Thueringen Kuhbier u. Suhl Hans Kollmorgen. main office.u. Westphalia Albin Scholle. Finow Wagner u. Inh. Co. Vesta-Naehmaschinenwerke. u. Berlin-Britz Hugo Bauer. usually mistakenly identified with 'Ruf u. Solingen-Wald Ewald Witte u. formerly E. Dresden Fritz Kiess u.G. Kupfer. Eisenach (chassis plant) C. Wipperfuerth Karl Hepting u. Solingen Waffenfabrik Heinrich Krieghoff. formerly Westfaelisches Nickelwalzwerke Fleitmann. Czechoslovakia Vereinigte Cartonnagenfabriken Meyer u.. Maehrisch-Schoenberg L.u.. Waffenfabrik. Werk Spiau. Gravieranstalt. Sprottau-Wilhelmshuette Assmann. Koenigshuette.O. Reidel-E. Theodor Seibod. Nachf. Stosberg. Kartonnagen-Fabrik Richard Popper. Salzwedel Norddeutsche Maschinenfabrik GmbH. Radebeul near Dresden Ing. Leder. Muehlhausen Heinrich Sudhaus u. Zeitz Frost u. Optische Anstalt. formerly Skodawerke.D.u. Kattowitz. Co. Leder. Magdeburg Draht.u. Muehlhausen in Thueringen Otto Stephan. subsidiary of Polte. Saalfeld Eisen. Schwerte / Ruhr J. Guertelfabrik. Berlin Optische Anstalt Sallfeld GmbH. Breslau.u. OS Aktiengesellschaft fuer Cartonnagenindustrie. Suhl Deutsche Edelstahlwerke AG.. Werk Dubnica Wilh. Willy Dietzel. Laurahuette. GmbH. Velbert Gust. Strube GmbH. Lederwarenfabrik. Co.G.fra frp fsx ftc ftf fue fuu fva fwh fwr fwz fxa fxo fxp fyd fze fzs ga gal gaq gau gb gbc gbd gbv gcd gcw gcx gcy geu gfg ggb ggk ghf ghp ghx gil gjd gjh Himmen u. K. Magdeburg Aktiengesellschaft. Co. Prag Rudolf Conte. Haenel. main office. Metallwarenfabrik GmbH. Baldauf GmbH. Krefeld. Marienberg / Erzgebirge Sometimes claimed to represent 'Auto-Union. Witte u.u. Iserlohn Vereinigte Deutsche Nickelwerke AG. this is a misreading of 'gll'. Berlin Aktiengesellschaft. Waffen. Fabrik fuer Lederwaren. Remscheid Stahlwerke Harkort -Eicken GmbH. Suhl Hirsch. Soehne. Jaehnel.. Imhaeuser. Adamsthal plant Waffenfabrik Hoeller.u.. Koenigshuette u. Offenbach on the Main . Messingwerk AG. Co. Olpe / Westfalen Goehring-Hebenstreit. Karl Brettschneider. Papier. Co. Stuttgart I. Co. Fahrradfabrik. GmbH. Assmann GmbH. de Haagen AG. Emaillierwerke Wilhelmshuette (iron i enamel works)... Lederwarenfabrik.

Moebel-Fabrik. Pyrotechnische Fabriken. Betrieb Loewen') S. Krueger. Gelsenkirchen Staeding u. Velbert. Berlin Rahm u. Co. C. Michera. Rheinli Walter Schuermann u. Pulver. Meysel Nachfolger. Dralowid-Werk. Monceausur-Sambre. Schwaebisch-Gmuend Steatit-Magnesia AG. Idar-Oberstein H. Weipert / Sudetengau Loch u. Belgium (operated by Rheinmetall-Borsig AG as 'Niederlassung Luettich. Teltow Wilhelm Schellmann. Leipzig Gebr. Vlotho-Bonneberg . Otto. Belgium J. Engelsdorf Gustav Bittner. Louvain. Aue. Werk Spiau. Saxony August Ruppel. Hamburg Gebr. Budabest. Optische Industrie.. Niedersedlitz / Sachsen Stepper u. Hungary Werner D. Stueckfaerberei u. Co.. Suedharz Auto-Union AG. Zurich. Lederwarenfabrik. H. Dresden-Loebtau Deutsche Edelstahlwerke. Hettstedt. Belge des Mecanique et de l'Armemente. Breslau.. Nuernberg Gebr. Kampmann.F. A. Bielefeld Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik Oelikon. Wellner. Apreturanstalt. Bochum plant Hans Dinkelmaeyer. Lederwarenfabrik. Pohl.gjk gk gll gmo gn gon gpe gpt gqm grk grz gsb gsc gtb gug guj gum gut guy gvj gvm gxx gxy gyf gyo gyu gyx gyy gyz gzf Budde u. Lederwarenfabrik. Reichenberg Gladitz GmbH. Lederwarenfabrik. Prag Elektro-Mechanik GmbH. Switzerli Ruhrstahl AG.u. Berlin-Steglitz Bergisch-Maerkisches Eisenwerk. Eisfeld GmbH.. Kuehn. Weeren. Wueppertal Mansfeld AG. Klinge. Kaiserslautern plant Aug. Co. Lederwarenfabrik. Hartenberger. Co. Inh. Marktheidenfeld Hugo Aurig GmbH. u. Czechoslovakia SA del Ateliers de la Dyle. Guentersberge plant Ungarische Optische Werke AG. Buehrle u.

Janecek. Lederwaren u. Berlin . Metallwerk Froedenburg on the Ruhr. Osterrode. Waffenwerke. Lahr-Dinglingen in Baden Ing. Eisenach plant Heinrich List.). Militaer. Hamm plant Pulverfabrik Hasloch. Berlin Eugen Zerver. Harz Ernst Beutler. Stanzwerk (leather works i stamping). Lerch GmbH. Hasloch on the Main Alfred Schwarz AG. GmbH. Prague H. Feuerwehrausruestungen (military i firefighting equipment). Metallhalbfabrikate.u. Co. Elektrotechnik u. Steglitz Georg A. Ulm Dynamit AG (formerly A. Nobel u. Teltow u. Becker u.ha ham has hbg hbu hck hdk hdt hdv hen hew hft Wieliwerke AG. Co. Mechanik. Remscheid-Reinshagen Maerkischer Metallbau. Oranienburg Optische Werk Osterrode GmbH.. F.

W.u. Herrenwald plant Elite Diamantwerke AG. Eisenwerkhuette. Federnfabrik. Lederwarenfabrik. Erbe AG. GmbH. Berlin Gebr. Voelkingen Kimnach u. Freilassing / Oberbayern H. Schulte. Tegel plant Gebr. Boehme. St. Walter KG. Stalhwerke GmbH. Optische Industrie. Selterhof plant Zieh. Nagelfabrik GmbH in c. Sebaldushof plant Metallwarenfabrik Treuenbrietzen GmbH.F. Metgethen. Junghans AG. Schmoele. Nuernberg Metallwarenfabrik Treuenbrietzen GmbH. Gustav Burmester. Metallwaren. Brienburg an der Havel Schluermann u.. Duderstadt plant. Offenbach on the Main Krafft u. Lederfabrik. East Prussia Dr.. ireasberg. Bad Kreuznach Karl Braun KG. Schwenningen plant Westfaelisch-Anhaltische Sprengstoff AG. Motz u. Westphalia Fritz Wengels. mistakenly listed as 'Astra Werke. Co. Siegmar-Schoenau bei Chemnitz. Schuell. Co. G. Nibelungen plant.. Rau u. Kiel plant i Tannenberg plant C. Brunn. Hamburg Friedenauer Technische Werkstaette GmbH. Rosenthal / Erzgebirge Roechlingsche Eisen. Menden Deutsche Versuchsanstalt fuer Luftfahrt. Pyrotechnische Fabrik u.u. Schmalkalden in Thueringen Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG.u.u. Maschinenfabriken AG.. 1943) Albert Ackermann Nachfolger. Harz M. Wien Polte Armaturen. a misrepresentation of 'hlv' H. Werk Hessisch-Lichtenau Maury u. Co. Esser. Schrauben-. Chemnitz' (correctly 'l') Gebr. Fabrik fuer Heeresausruestung. Valentin. Ruhla / Thringen Joseph Schwarz Sohn.. Berlin-Alderhof . Iserlohn in Westfalen Presswerk GmbH.u. Signalmittelwerk (fireworks i pyrotechnics). Austria Metallwerke Silberhuette GmbH. Stanzwerk (wire pulling i stamping).A. Langer. Koenig u. prawdopodobnie a misreading of 'hlb' Lilpop. BerlinFriedenau Union Gesellschaft fuer Metallindustrie. Hemer in Westfalen (renamed 'Hemersche Schrauben. Chemnitz R. Froedenberg plant Rheinmetall-Borsig AG. Co.hgs hgu hhc hhg hhj hhr hhu hhv hhw hhx hhy hhz hjg hjh hkm hla hlb hlc hld hle hlu hlv hly hnx hre hrk hrl hrn hta htg htl htq hwd i j ja jan W. Grosshartmannsdorf in Sachsen Louis Ulbricht. Pich u. Thiel-Seebach GmbH.. Co. Sils van de Loo u. Kaiserslautern Karl Ackva. Koeln . u. Dueren. Kiel. prawdopodobnie a misreading of 'hla' Gesellschaft zur Verwertung chemischer Erzeugnisse mbH. Loewenstein AG. Warschau. Schleusingen C.

Saxony Wilhelm Bri. Suhl Gerhardi u. Belgium Wezel u.. Renchen plant. Baden Gebr.. Zweigwerk Koethen Gustav Genschow u.u. Taschenfabrik. Anhalt. Junghans. K. Theodor Simoneit. Berlin Metallwerke Zoeblitz AG. Westphalia Hugo Schneider AG. Remscheid . Chatellerault. Stahl. Fabrik fuer Heeresausruestung (factory for military equipment). Naumann AG. Ausruestungsgegenstaende (equipment). Nachtrag]. BerlinSteglitz Junkers Flugzeug. H. Budapest. Sudetenli Optische Werke Ernst Ludwig. Co. Tuetemann. Luckenwalde Erste Nordboehmische Metallwarenfabrik. Weixdorf. Vienna Wessel u. Berlin-Charlottenburg Heinrich Kopp. Hannover Eisenwerke Steele. Essen-Steele Dresdner Koffer. Ingolstadt Deutsche Lederwerkstaetten GmbH. Luedenscheid / Westfalen (often wrongly idendified with Hensoldt) Continental Gummiwerke AG. Zoeblitz S. Olbernhau-Gruenthal / Sachsen Gustav Reinhardt. Dr. Maschinenfabrik AG..u. Staatliche Eisen-. Lederwarenfabrik. Leipzig Danuvia Waffen. Steinweg u. 1943 [lt. Adolf Roessler. Tavaro. Mainz Heeres Zeugamt. Munitionsfabriken AG. Motorenwerke AG.jba jfp jfs jhg jhv jkg jkh jlj jln jme jmh jnh jnk jnw joa jrr jrs jry jsd jse jtb jtt jua jut jvb jvd jve jvf jwa jwh k ka kam kaw kbg A.A. Niezel. Optische Mechanische Instrumente. Junghans. Wunderlich Nachf. Dresden Erwin Backhaus. Berlin-Neukoelln Dr. Budapest. Dresden Gebr. Vienna Hermann Herold. Lederwarenfabriken. Treibriemenfabrik (driving belt factory). Ungar. Steinweg. Lederwerk. 7. Ghent. Wagner. Karl Leiss. 'HASAG Eiwen. Budapest Karl Busse. Inh.u. Freiburg Manufacture Nationale [Staatliche Waffenfabrik]. Niedereinsiedel. R.u. Luedenscheid. France Firma Luch u. Poli (from c. Hungary Vereinigte Wiener Metallwerke. Waffen. Karl Heinichen. branch office. Metallwerke GmbH') Weber u. AG. Heidelberg Moritz Stecher. Hungary Koenigl. Pirmasens Armeemarinehaus Berlin. Inh. AlstadtHachenburg Metallwaren. Co. Werk Skarzysko Kamienna. Mueller. Sonneberg in Thueringen F. Maschinenfabrik.u.u. Neuerbourg.

Le Creusot. Koblenz Emil Busch AG. Budapest Herdfabrik Scholtes. Sening. Kruppamuehle plant F. Frankfurt am Main. Detmold. Warsaw plant. Co. Co.F. Rathenow. Germany Deutsche Sprengchemie. Sudeten. Klietz plant Hartmann u. Yugoslavia Gesellschaft zur Verwertung chemischer Erzeugnisse mbH. Elsass Lignose AG.Dansk Industri Syndikat AS 'Madsen'. Augsburg Dynamit AG (formerly Alfred Nobel u. Casack u. Bad Warmbruenn in Schlesien. Hamburg. Kopenhagen Askania Werke AG. sometimes confused with 'kwm' Ernst Hilker u. Montagestelle. sometimes misread as 'kyn' or 'kyo' . Changed c. Braun AG. Idar-Oberstein Gamma Feinmechanische u. Junghans. sometimes confused with 'kun' J.. Eisfeld GmbH. Csepel-Budapest. Kruemmel plant. Co. Kieselbach plant Josef Junker. Bruenn Staatliches Arsenal. Sometimes mistakenly listed as 'Yugoslavian state arsenal. Co. France Ungarische Metallplattenindustrie AG. 1943 ('lt. 1943) Emil Nitzsche Moebelfabrik. Lederwarenfabrik. Levallois. Nachtrag') to 'Doerris FuellnerMaschinenfabriken AG' Rudolf Fissler KG. Italy Donau-Flugzeugbau AG. Paris Gebr. Sarajevo ('kfa') DISA .W.. Junghans. sometimes misread as 'kwc' Fiat SA. Turin. Braunau plant. Berlin-Friedenau Graphische Werke Saarbruecken AG. Diedenhofen in Westmark. Inh.. Werk Kriewald (renamed ['lt. Saarbruecken Wilhelm Stern. sometimes misread as 'kru' Manufacture Nationale d'Armes de Levallois. 7. Posen Papierwerke Adolf Brit AG. Berlin Philips Gloeilampenfabrieken. Budapest Jiranek u. Werk Kunigunde Steyr-Daimler Puch AG.. Froendeberg / Ruhr Gebr. Werk Kaufbeuren Gesellschaft zur Verwertung chemischer Erzeugnisse mbH. Boehmisch Kamnitz / Sudetengau . Sarajevo..). Often mistakenly associated with Emil Busch Optische Industrie ('krq') Messerschmidt. Poli H. Brienburg Lignose Sprengstoffwerke GmbH.F. Optische Werke.. Exbruecke. Optische Werke.A. Werk Kaufering.kce kdj keb kfa kfb kfg kfk kjj kjl kkd kkn klb kle klg kls koz kqd krd krg krj krl krq kru kry ksb ksm ktz kum kun kur kus kvu kwc kwe kwm kwn kye Schneider u. Eisfeld GmbH. Werk Graz Fuellnerwerk GmbH. Hilversum Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG.Nachtrag'] 'Sprengstoffwerke Oberschlesien Gmbh' in c. Co.8. Wenzel Jiranek. Eulau ueber Bodenbach J.

Paris Societe d' Optique et Mechanique de Haute Precision.7. pyrotechnische Fabriken vorm. Karl Knauer KG. Weiersmueller KG. August Jockers. Mundus. Jena Servotechna AG. Gruenstadt Kugelfabrik Schulte u. Heinrich Zeiss. 1943 ['lt. 'Astra. Bellot). Dammerkirch plant Thonet u. Anhalt.A. 'Intreprinderil e Metalurgie. Optique et Precision de Levallois. Lechfeld u. Brasov' Rogifor.. Dueren Zuchthaus (penitentiary) Coswig. pyrotechnische Fabriken vorm. Renamed in c. Bukarest (Ruemanien). Hiels AG. Depyfag GmbH. Bistritz am Harz Astrafabrik. Wolfenbuettel Munitionsfabriken (formerly Sellier u. Kronstadt (Ruemanien). H. Tente. Werk Neumarkt / Oberpfalz (renamed Deutsche Pyrotechnische. Gastingen Lennewerk GmbH. Levallois. Litzmannstadt Optische Werke Osterrode GmbH.7. The marks of this furniture manufacturer are sometimes associated with optical equipment. Co. Prague Hermann Detjen. Kronstadt (Ruemanien).u.kyn kyo kyp kza kzn kzu l la lac lae lax ldb ldc ldn ldo lge lgs ljp lkc lkm lmg lmq lpk ltm lwg lww lwx lwy lyf lza ma mdr mhk Astra. Rheinli Chr.Nachtrag']. 1943 ['lt. Dumitru Voina. Renamed in c. G. Werk Cleebronn (Deutsche Pyrotechnische-Fabrik from 1943 onward) Sprengstoff u. Aue.owing to confusion with 'lae'. Lange AG.Nachtrag']. Veitsberg plant. Polska Mauser-Werke AG. Freiheit near Osterrode Huet u. Paris Metallurgia Werke AG. Depyfag GmbH. u. Saxony Vereinigte Leichtmetallwerke. Arm ament si Munitiuni.Fabrik in 1943) Heinrich Schumacher u. Werk Berlin-Malchow (renamed Deutsche Pyrotechnische-Fabrik in 1943) Sprengstoff u. Brasov' Voina. on the basis of a misreading of 'lmq' Carl Zeiss. Nuernberg O. Paris O. Lechfeld u. Fabrica de Armament.. Motoane. The marks of this breeding station have been mistakenly identified with optical equipment . Chemnitz Duerener Metallwerke. Depyfag GmbH. Lechfeld u. Bukarest' Emil Niethammer. Prag Gebr. Altena Sprengstoff u. Cie. Fabrica Romana de Vagoae. Subsequently renamed 'Rumaenisch-Deutsche Industrie. Bad Muenster am Deister. Villingen . Lettingen bei Urach Ernst Fischer.L. Stuttgart-Vaihingen Kienzle Uhrenfabrik GmbH. Radomsko. Inh. pyrotechnische Fabriken vorm. Bonn Metallwerke Schwarzwald AG. below. Karlsruhe plant Metallwerke F. Societate Anonima Romana.P. Co.. Rosner.

Buersten. Skodawerke. Krupp AG. Finow Union Gesellschaft fuer Met. Ziegner. Gewehrfabrikanten. Eisenkonstruktionen. Metallwerke GmbH. Frankfurt on the Main VDM-Luftfahrtwerke AG Heddernheim. Hispano Suiza. Prag Schmolz u. V Gurein plant. Co. Vienna Deutsche Sprengchemie.. Wuppertal-Langerfeld Unidentified. reportedly Found on small arms VDM-Luftfahrtwerke AG Heddernheim. Breslau Kabelwerk Wagner KG. Soemmerda plant Koenigs. Werk Mariupol / Ukraine Metallwarenfabrik Hubert Pruente. Duesseldorf Klockner-Werke AG.u.u. plants in Warsaw i Prague Luftfahrt-Apparatebau GmbH. Berthawerk AG. Black Forest Unknown.mhv mjr mkf ml mnf mng moc mog moo moz mpp mpr mpu mpv mpy mrb mrd mrf mws myx na nas nb nbe nbh nbr ncr ndn ndr nea nec ned nfw nfx ngk nhr nmn nn nrh ntf Finow Kupfer. Fried. Ind. Spremberg. Switzerli Wlaschimer Mascinenfabrik GmbH. Geneva. Frankfurt on the Main Johan Springer's Erben. Wissen Fr. Oranienburg Metzenauer u. Junghans AG. Neuss plant. Werk Gross-Heilendorf in Ostsudetenli . reported on ammo Johannsen u. Tschenstochau plant Friedr. Prague Fried. Neheim-Huesten Krupp-Germaniawerft. Messingwerke AG. Leibfried. Luedenscheid. Krupp. MaxhuetteHaidhof Metallwerk K. Wuppertal Rheinmetall-Borsig AG. Kiel-Gaarden Heinrich Bluecher. Fabrik techn. Jung.. Bickenbach. reported on ammo Hasag. Sindelfingen plant S. Essen Berlin-Neuroder Kunstanstalten AG. Bismarckhuette AG.. Westphalia Gebr. Georgsmarienhuette Osnabrueck Aktiengesellschaft vorm. Essen Walther Steiner.u. Messingwerke AG. Boeblingen.A. Duesseldorf plant Eisenwerk Gesellschaft Maximilanshuette. Schramberg. Sils van de Loo u. Moschwig plant Kloeckner-Werke AG. Berlin Rheinmetall-Borsig AG. Thorn plant Trierer Walzwerk AG.u. Walzwerk BismarckhuetteOS (rolling mill) Unidentified. Soemmerda plant Westfaelische Kupfer. Eisen. Often mistakenly identified as a 'Balkan factory under German supervision'. Werk Prag-Smichow Huettenwerke Siegerli. Essen. Krupp. Krupp. Suhl Waffenwerke Bruenn AG. Berlin Rheinisch-Westfaelische Munitionsfabriken GmbH.

pla Unknown. pmq Paris. Unterluess plant Gustloff-Werke. Kopenhagen. in the Reichswehr period. William Prym. Reinsdorf plant. pvf Optische Werke C. Also sometimes mistakenly p identified with 'Ruhrstahl AG.Societe Francaise des Munitions. Metallwalzwerk. pmu Unknown. France Polte Armaturen. Reichert.. Luedenscheid Albert von Heede. r Found on ammo. Neufeld u. pcdp which are believed to have been made by Polte i loaded by Bergmann. headstamps Karl Walther. but actually a 'PTV' ptv monogram applied by the Zeugamt der Polizeischule fuer Technik und Verkehr. Meinigen plant Eduard Hueck. Found on ammo. Associated with annumtion components. Kiel-Neumuehlen Rheinmetall-Borsig AG. Kuhnke obn GmbH. Italy. Associated with munitions.u. Priorei Hanseatische Apparatebau-Gesellschaft. Found on small arms qrb Pirotecnico di Bologna. . Magdeburg. Sils van de Loo. Rheinau. Peterswaldau Union Ges. Rheinli. Allegedly 'Gevelot. Found on small arms components qnw Unknown. Vienna Unknown. See 'p' i 'cdp' separately. prawdopodobnie in Solingen. Osnabrueck Harburger Gummiwarenfabrik Phoenix AG. Berlin.nwk nxc nxr nyv nyw oa oao Heinrich List. Found on ammo.. Elsass Jan Hubalek. Otto Eberhard. Found on SG84/98 pyy dating from 1945. Found on ammo headstamps. Found on small arms. Possibly a subsidiary qve factory in Czechoslovakia Westfaelische-Anhaltische Sprengstoff AG. Valence oss Gebr. Found on ammo pjj headstamps. Reichenbach plant ocw Heinrich List. Found on ammo. Involved with ammo qa production. Bachert. Oderberg plant oes Karl Diehl. Karlsruhe-Muehlburg oxo Teuto-Metallwerke GmbH. Found on ammo headstamps. headstamps. pmt Unknown. Paris' . pmf Unknown. Berlin-Steglitz odg Deutsche Sprengchemie GmbH. Co. Prag Anschuetz u. Stollberg. Staatliche Munitionsfabrik. headstamps. Brackwede'. Werk Pragoyd Sabechtlitz oyj Ateliers de Construction de Tarbes. later renamed 'Polte-Werke'. fuer Metallindustrie. Maschinenfabrik AG. Sometimes confused with a letter code. Zella-Mehlis. qlv Unknown. Thuringia. Auschwitz ols plant ona Boulonnerei Calibree.

Found on ammo headstamps i flame-thrower igniters Rheinmetall-Borsig AG. & F. Oberndorf on the Neckar. components Unknown. Bruenn. Found on ammo headstamps Unknown. Czechoslovakia.). It either superseded or supplemented 'byf'. Nuernberg. Found on small arms components. Soemmerda. Found on ammo. . Found on ma³ych arms An unidentified subsidiary of Waffenwerke Bruenn AG. Found on ammo. A supplier of cartridge cases Unknown. Found on small arms components Unknown. Eveking AG. Found on ammo. Berlin-Borsigwalde. Found on optical equipment Unknown. Metallwerke Neumeyer AG. Erzeugnisse. Stadeln bei Nuernberg. headstamps Unknown. Found on small arms Westfaelische-Anhaltische Sprengstoff AG. Found on ammo components Gesellschaft zur Verwertung Chem. Found on fuses Karl Zeiss. possibly located in northern Czechoslovakia Unknown. Found on shell cases Unknown. primers Pre-1939 trademark of Sellier & Bellot in Prague Believed to be a subsidiary of E.u. Found on SG84/98 manufactured in 194445 Unknown. See 'tpn' above Osnabruecker Kupfer. Osnabrueck. Troisdorf plant. allegedly manufactured in a Czechoslovakian ma³ych arms factory operating under German control Kabel. Allegedly used on ammo made by Polte-Werkem AG in Duderstadt Unknown. Found on small arms Mauser-Werke. Found on ammo. Found on small arms components. Found on ammo components Unknown. BerlinNiederschoenweide. Solingen (see also 'asw'). Found on small arms components Unknown. Found on bayonets i ma³ych arms components Dynamit AG. Werk Reinsdorf. Nobel u. primers Duerener Metallwerke AG.ra rde rdf rfo rhs rln rtl s sb sgx she sta suk sup svw swp t ta thg tjk tko tpk tpn tvw ua unt uxa va vs w Deutsche Messingwerke.u. Co. Jena. Found on ammo. Znalezione na ammo. headstamps i cannon shell cases Unknown. C. Hoerster. Found on small arms manufactured in Czechoslovakia Rheinische_Westfaelische Sprengstoff AG. Munitionsfabriken. Lambrecht plant.u. Found on small arms ammo Dynamit AG (formerly A. Drahtwerke AG. Believed to be a subsidiary of the Karlsruhe-Durlach factory of Deutsche Waffen.

Hugo Schneider AG. See 'wa' Hasag. See 'wa' Hasag. Meuselwitz plant. Found on ammo. See 'wa' Hasag. Leipzig. Budapest. components . Nagyteteny plant. Ilsenburg. Found on ammo. Hugo Schneider AG. See 'wa' Hasag. Langewiesen plant. August Wellner u. See 'wa' Hasag. Metallwarenfabrik AG. See 'wa' Hasag. Hugo Schneider AG. Thuringia. Hugo Schneider AG. Thuringia. Found on ammo components Waffenwerke Bruenn AG.wa wb wc wd we wf wg wh wj wk wm wn wtf x xa y ya z zb Wolfratshausen plant. Found on fuses Possibly used by Rheinisch-Westfaelische Sprengstoff. Hugo Schneider AG. Zuendhuetchen. Found on ammo. See 'wa' Hasag. components Jagdpatronen. See 'wa' Hasag. Taucha plant. Povaska Bystrica (?). Oberweissbach plant. headstamps i cannon shell cases Hugo Schneider AG. Found on ammo. Jaeger. Found on ammo. Found on ammo. See 'wa' Hasag. See 'wa' Hasag. Hugo Schneider AG. Hugo Schneider AG. Saxony. Thuringia (Often confused with 'wm'). Eisenach plant.u. Dermbach plant. components Kupferwerk Ilsenburg AG. primers Hasag. Hugo Schneider AG. Hugo Schneider AG. Schlieben plant. Altenburg plant. Harz. Luedenscheider Metallwerke. Sohn. Luedenscheid. Abteilung Lampenfabrik. Kielce plant. Berlin-Koepenick. Found on ammo components Saechsische Metallwarenfabrik. Poli. Aue. Dermbach plant. i primers Busch u. Hugo Schneider AG. See 'wa' Unknown. Hugo Schneider AG.

Electrolysis . Thüringen (337) : (K98k : 1940) -Gustloff-Werke. Suhl. Sachsen (i) -Astra Werke.E-mail Technical receipt called Waffenamt's * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * WaA Factory which checked Mauser with this code 1 -Berlin-Suhler-Waffen und Fahrzeugwerke. Steyr (bcd/bnz) : (K98k : 1944) -Elite Diamantwerke A. Chemnitz.Black oxiding .Download .G.Message board . Thüringen : 1934 11 -Maget.Other Models . Suhl. Maschinen-u. Berlin O27 : (1934) 6 -Simson. Nordrhein-Westfalen (fng) : (Gewehrgranatgerät) -Ruhrstahl A.40) -Gustloff-Werke.Info about page ..45) -Gustloff-Werke. Militäreffekten-u.Photo gallery .. Weimar. Sachsen (L) 3 -Heinrich Krieghoff Waffenfabrik. Thüringen (BSW) : (K98k : 1937 .Home page . Suhl. Weimar/Steyr-Daimler-Puch.Links . Thüringen (337) : (K98k : 1939 .G. Weimar.Preservation .Technical receipt Assembling/Disassembling .Numeric codes .G. Gerätebau GmbH.Short info . Brackwede bei Bielefeld.Letter codes . 67. Thüringen (fzs) : (FG42) 4 -Berlin-Suhler-Waffen und Fahrzeugwerke. Werk Weimar.. Berlin-Tegel (cra) : (MG 42 : 1942-45) 13 -Anker-Werke A.39) -Berlin-Suhler-Waffen und Fahrzeugwerke / Gustloff Werke (337) : (K98k : 1939) -Gustloff-Werke.Info about page author . Presswerke Brackwede. Holzmarktstr. Thüringen (bcd) : (K98k : 1941 .Schematics .Site map .. Thüringen (k) -Otto Sindel. Suhl. Weimar. Werk Weimar.Mauser factory codes . Bielefeld. Siegmar-Schönau bei Chemnitz. Thüringen (BSW) : (K98k : 1937 . Lederwarenfabrik. Suhl.39) -Berlin-Suhler-Waffen und Fahrzeugwerke.Other cleaning method's . Suhl. N-W (avk) : (K98k barrels) ..Short history of Mauser 98k . Werk Weimar. Thüringen (936) : (MG 34 : 1940) -Luck und Wagner.

Alt-Moabit 73. Siegmar-Schönau bei Chemnitz. Reichenbach GmbH. Militär-u.G. Päwesiner Weg. Lederwarenfabrik.G. 103/107. Berlin-Charlottenburg (jme) : (41-42) -Becker & Co. Berlin C 2 (emj) : (1926) -Nähmatag. Österreich (cag) -VDO-Tachometer A.W. Co K. Inh.14 -Armeemarinehaus. Wattens.G. Elsterwerda-Biehla. Lederwarenfabrik. Frankfurt am Main. Brandenburg (fuq) : (1942 . Berlin O 34 : (P 08 holster : 1926) -Gustav Reinhardt. Berlin NW87 (cmr) : (1941-44) -Robert Larsen. Tirol. Berlin C 2 (emj) : (1940 . GmbH. Deutscher Offizier-Verein. Berlin SW 68 (dde) : (1941) -Linnemann. . Sachsen (P181) : (1939) 23 -Hans Römer. Ulm/Donau. 19. Lederwarenfabrik. Fabriken für Militärausrüstungen. Baden-Württemberg (awt) 22 -Elite Diamantwerke A. Fabriken für Militärausrüstungen.42) -Hawig. Rheinland-Pfalz (hjg) : (1939) 18 -Elsterwerdaer Fahrradfabrik.. Pose. Suhl-Ulm : (1940) 20 -Gustav Appel. E. Berlin-Spandau (cnx) 21 -Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik A.42) -Gustav Reinhardt. LinnemanSchnetzer..43) -Adalbert Fischer. Baden-Württemberg (lhl) 25 -Remscheider Hobelmesser-Fabrik.G.G. Feuerwehrausrüstung.44) -Friedrich Schäfer. Kaiserslautern. Leipzig. Dresden. Berlin C 2 (hft) : (1942) -Cottbusser Lerderwarenwerk Curt Vogel K. Westfalen (fug) : (41 . Lederwarenfabrik... Leder-u.. Brandenburgstr. Josua Cort Sohn.. Cottbus. Brandenburgstr. Berlin SW 68 (jsd) : (1941) -Swarovski D. Boxhagener Str. Ahlen.. W 13 (hek) : (1941) -Fritz Werner A. Schulte-u..84/98 : 1934) -HASAG. Glasfabrik und TyrolitSchleifmittelwerke. Berlin : (1927) 19 -Krafft-u. 16. Inh. Hauswirtschafts-Maschinen GmbH. Brandenburg (n) -Adalbert Fischer. . GeislingenSteige. Sachsen (S/173) : (SG. Berlin-Marienfelde (dmy) : (Gewehrgranatgerät) 16 -Kimnach & Brunn.. 24-26.G. Maschinenfabrik. Berlin SW68 : (1937) -Wunderlich A. Nähmaschinenteile A. Sachsen (a) -C. Nordrhein-Westfalen (hly) -Westfälische Waffenfabrik. Wehrausrüstungen. Bleichstr. Fabrik für Heeresausrüstung. Königstr. Schüll.. Donau (bml) : (P 38 Holster : 1942 . Düren. Neu-Ulm. 72-73. Spezialfabrik für Ketten und Drahtwaren.G.G. 72-73. Hugo Schneider A. Fabrik für Heeresausrüstung.

P..G. Dornblüthstr. 1938 41 -Gustav Genschow & Co. Thüringen (147) : (K98k : 1938 . Dresden A21. Sohn.G. Anton-WeckStrasse. Sauer-u. 43) -Mauser Werke A.84/98 : 1939 . Haenel. Suhl.40) 33 -Simson. Suhl. Marienthal bei Schweina (csr) : (SG. Gewehrfabrik. Werk Borsigwalde.84/98 : 1943 . N-W (ddl) : (SG. Maschinen-u. Waffen und Fahrrad-Fabrik.G.. Forsthofstr. Waffen und Fahrrad-Fabrik. Suhl. Thüringen (fxo) : (P 08 magazines . Lübeck. BerlinBorsigwalde (bcd/ar) : (K98k : 1942..44) -Fritz Werner A. Bielefeld. 6.. Nürnberg-O. Abt. Lederwarenfabrik. Lübeck. Heeresbedarf. Werk Borsigwalde. Marienthal bei Schweina : (SG. Thüringen (122) : (MP 38 :1940) -C.44) 26 -Berlin-Lübecker Maschinenfabrik Bernhard Berghaus. late) -Gustav Genschow & Co.... 12.G. Dresden-Löbtau. Werk Borsigwalde. Schl. Lederwarenfabrik. Werk Remscheid.Holstein (S/237) : (K98k : 1936-38) -Berlin-Lübecker Maschinenfabrik Bernhard Berghaus. Berlin SO 36 (cmx) : (K98k barrels) -Gustloff Werke. Suhl. Weimar / Mauser Werke A. Heller GmbH.G. Suhl. 11/13. Schleswig-Holstein (237) : (K98k : 1938) -Berlin-Suhler-Waffen und Fahrzeugwerke. Fabrik für Lederwaren-u.. Taschen-Fabrik Carl Heinichen. early) -Berlin-Suhler-Waffen / Gustloff Werke (337) : (K98k : 1939. BerlinBorsigwalde (243) : (K98k : 1938 . Suhl.44) 38 -Max G. Thüringen : (1937 .. 2-6. Thüringen (ce) : (K98k : 1941 . Werk Brünn 42 -Dresdner Koffer-u.. Klinge.44) -J. Müller. Lederwarenfabrik. Sachsen : (1937) -Gebr. Postfach 74. LederwarenFabriken..G.P. Bayern (bmd) : (44) 39 -Rheinmetall-Borsig. Heller GmbH. Werkzeugfabrik.. BerlinBorsigwalde (ar) : (K98k : 1941 . Sauer-u. BerlinBorsigwalde (S/243) : (K98k : 1938) -Mauser Werke A.Remscheid.G.G. Papenbergerstr.40) -Gebr. Westerwald (jhg) -Walter Schürmann & Co. MP44 : 1941 .40) -J.84/98 : 1941 . Thüringen 37 -C. Sohn. Lützowstr. Haenel. Bouchéstr. Sachsen : (1936) .40) -Mauser Werke A. Nordrhein-Westfalen (dlv) : (1941) 29 -Richard Ehrhardt.G. Thüringen (337) : (K98k : 1939. 38. Pössneck. Berlin W 35 (crv) 27 -Deutsche Edelstahlwerke A. Altstadt-Hachenburg. Nordrhein-Westfalen (gut) 43 -Waffenwerke Brünn A.45) -Gebr.G. Werk II. Gewehrfabrik. 37. A.

-Walter Krause. Budapest. Dalsheim. Industriestr. 50.. Suhl. Chemnitz. Bromberg : (1938) 44 -Auto-Union A. Thüringen (S/147K) : (K98k : 1934) 50 -J.P.G. Kitzingen. Lederverarbeitungs-Industrie.. 8. Berthold Geipel GmbH.84/98 : 1935) -Solingen (S/239) : (SG. Österreich (cft) : (1941) 49 -Berlin-Lübecker Maschinenfabrik Bernhard Berghaus. Erfurter Maschinenfabrik. Erfurt.84/98 : 1935) 63 -Mauser Werke K. Bäckerei-Maschinen. Stahlwerk. Rheinhessen (fsk) : (P38 holster : 1941) 46 -Berlin-Suhler-Waffen-u. Österreich (cgu) : (40) -Paul Klopfer. Rösslerstrasse 10.& A. BadenWürttemberg (S/42) : (K98k : 1936 .G. Braunschweig (arr) : (1941) 58 -Femaru-Fegyver-Es Gepgyar R. Nordrhein-Westfalen (hvg) 57 -Braunschweigische Blechwarenfabrik GmbH. Jos.42) 62 -Solingen (S/172) : (SG. Sachsen (dmo) -Philipp Merkel.43) 47 -Karl Budichovski-u... Solingen-Gräfrath (edg) : (1942) 51 -Erma.38) -Mauser Werke K. Metallwarenfabrik.G. 1-7. Söhne Österreichische Lederindustrie A. Döppert. Ungarn (jhv) : (P. BadenWürttemberg (42) : (K98k : 1938 . BadenWürttemberg (S/42G) : (K98k : 1935) -Mauser Werke K. Wehrmakteffekten. Treibriemenfabrik.G. Oberndorf-am-Neckar. Wien 65. Oberndorf-am-Neckar. Jörgerbadgasse. Bayern (cgn) : (1941) -Stolla's Söhne.84/98 : 1934) -Solingen (S/178) : (SG. Poeschl's Söhne.37(u) : 1941 . W.G.K. Werhmachteffekten.7.G. Thüringen (ayf) 54 -De Limon Fluhme & Co.. Schleswig-Holstein (S/237) : (K98k : 1936) -Berlin-Suhler-Waffen und Fahrzeugwerke.39) . Düsseldorf. Wien. Stolla. Berlin-Spandau (cyq) : (P38 : 1942 .. Fahrzeugwerke / Gustloff Werke (BSW) : (K98k : 1939) -Spreewerke GmbH. Sauer & Sohn. Henckels Zwillingswerk. Rohrbach Ob. Zietenstr. Floriangasse. 54. Möbelfabrik. Wien 107.. Freiheit 4 . Schneidwarenfabrik u.-D. Lübeck. Österreich (cey) : (1940 41) -A. Bayern (erg) : (1940) -Rohrbacher Lederfabrik.. Suhl (BSW) : (K98k : 1938) -Mauserwerk A. Berlin-Borsigwalde (S/243G) : (K98k : 1935) -J.. K. Oberndorf-am-Neckar.T.. A.

7 cm Flak : 1938) 76 -Ceska Zbrojovka.27(t) holster : 1941 . Werk Strakonitz bei Prag (fnh) : (CZ 38. Hospitalstr.41) -Böhmische Waffenfabrik A. Postf..40) -Heinrich Krieghoff. Prag-Nusle II. 74.84/98 : 1934 . Werk Povaszka Bystrica.657(n) : 1941 . Tschechoslowakei : (P. Tschechoslowakei (dsh) : (K98k barrels) 77 -Industriewerke Arba Gmbh.29/40 : 1939) -Steyr-Daimler-Puch A. Pössneck. Radom. Lederwarenfabrik..44) . Drammen. Metallwarenfabrik. Werk Genthin (P345) : (3. Giesserei om Teinitz a/S.. Thüringen (bdr) : (1942) 66 -Heinrich Krieghoff.84/98 : 1934) 72 -E. Werk Brünn. BadenWürttemberg (42) : (1938 ..45) -Anton Jellinek & Sohn. Zietenstr. 54.35(p)) -Steyr-Daimler-Puch A. Stahl-u.27(t) holster : 1939 .35) 80 -Waffenwerke Brünn A. Pössneck. Thüringen (fzs) : (P 08 : 1940 . Österreich (bnz) : (K98k : 1940 .39) 84 -Kongsgerg Vapenfabrik.G. Werk Strakonitz bei Prag.-Waffenwerke Brünn A. Tschechoslowakei : (P. Polen (lyo) : (P. Radom.G. Werk Brünn. Slovakei (dou) : (K98k : 1942 ..45) 83 Mauser Werke KG.Erfurter Maschinenfabrik.44) 78 -Solingen (S/178) : (SG.. Werk Steyr. Erfurt (S/27) : (K98k : 1937. Polen : (P. Tschechoslowakei (945) : (G. P.G.27(t) holster : 1939) -Böhmische Waffenfabrik A. Oberndorf-am-Neckar. Suhl. P.G. Norwegen : (M1894 rifle. Polen (ndk) : (P 38 holster : 1944) -Erma.Erfurter Maschinenfabrik. Zietenstr. Österreich (660) : (G. Waffenfabrik. Werk Steyr.G. N-W (S/155) : (SG.44) -Waffenwerke Brünn A.35(p) : 1940 . Winterhoff & Co. Lederwarenfabrik. Tschechoslowakei (swp) : (K98k : 1945) 65 -Richard Ehrhardt. Leder-Fabrik. 38) -Erma. Werk Brünn..G.45) 86 -Richard Ehrhardt. Limanowskistr. Remscheid : (1940) 73 -Silva Metallwerke GmbH. Thüringen : (P 08 : 1934 . Solingen.42) 68 -E & F Hörster.44) -Kromolowski & Shöne. Thüringen (bdr) : (1942 .. Lederwarenfabrik.. GrossMeseritsch. Berthold Geipel GmbH.. Tschechoslowakei (dot) : (K98k : 1943 . Postfach 74. Erfurt (27) : (K98k : 1938) -Fabrika Broni Radom. Strakonitz bei Prag. 69. Berthold Geipel GmbH. Tschechoslowakei (oub) -F. Waffenfabrik.33/40 : 1940) -Waffenwerke Brünn A. 25.G. Kattenbergstr. Janecek Waffenfabrik. Petrikau. Suhl.G. 54.

Cottbus. Reutlingen. Neu-Ulm (Donau) : (1936) -Hawig. 62..38) 96 -Hommelwerke. Metallwerke GmbH. Solingen (S/177) : (SG. Abr.G. Solingen. Koffer-u. Brandenburg (fuq) : (1938) 95 -Weyesberg. Kirsten. Lederwarenfabrik. B-W (gfg) : (1941 . Boxhagener Str. JdarOberstein. GmbH. Sachsen (bdq) : (1939-40) -Hans Römer..84/98 : 1935 . Hasenbergstr. Werk Skarzysko-Kamienna. Nordrhein-Westfalen 98 -Hans Dinkelmeyer. Berlin O 34 (krm) 101 -Auwaerter-u.G. 27. Wernerstr. Cottbuss. Fabrik für Heeresausrüstung. BadenWürttemberg (nka) : (Pistolen holster : 1943) 102 -Carl Ackva.88 -F. Kirschbaum & Co. Wehrausrüstungen.35) -Spreewerke GmbH. Freiheit 4-7. Boxhagener Str. Lederfabrik.. Berlin NW87 : (1940) -Carl Hepting & Co. 16. Berlin NW87 (cmr) -C. Mannheim. Bouchéstr. B-W : (1934-36) -Auwaerter-u. Brandenburg (fuq) : (1940) 94 -Frost & Jähnel. Gürtelfabrik. Berlin O 27 -Cottbusser Lederwarenwerk Curt Vogel KG. Herder & Sohn.. AltMoabit 73. 67. Koffer-u. 16. Lederwaren-u. Berlin O 34 (cny) -C.J. Sportartikel-Fabrik. Markneukirchen.. Nürnberg.. Wehrausrüstungen. 62. Brandenburg (fuq) : (1938) -Gustav Genschow & Co. Rheinland-Pfalz (gqm) : (1944) 100 -Cottbusser Lederwarenwerk Curt Vogel KG. Seschke : (1935) -Otto Sindel. Koffer-u. Schlayer A. Metallwarenfabrik. Rüdesheimerstr. Hauswirthschafts-Maschinen GmbH. Militäreffekten und Lederwarenfabrik.42) -J. Werkzeugfabrik. Cottbuss. Bad Kreuznach. Stuttgart-Feuerbach. Lederfabrik. Lederwarenfabrik.43) -Markneukirchner Metallbearbeitungs GmbH. Holzmarktstr. AltMoabit 73. Pose. NWestfalen (S/184) : (SG. Metallwarenfabrik. Breslau 1 (ftc) -L. Stahlwaren-u.84/98 : 1934 . Taucha bei Leipzig. Lederwaren-u. Wernerstr. Berlin SO 36 : (1939) -Hawig. Hauswirthschafts-Maschinen GmbH. 12. Bayern (gyo) : (P 08 holster : 1941) -Lock und Hartenberger. Hasenbergstr. Wernerstr. Bubeck K. Eisen-u. 31. Sachsen (adb) 89 -Cottbusser Lederwarenwerk Curt Vogel KG. Stuttgart (cdg) : (1940-41) -Ehrhardt-u. Berlin-Spandau (cyq) : (P 38 : 1942 . Bubeck K. Pose. Stuttgart.G. 62. Schlossohle 7/9. Polen (kam) : (1941) . 31. Lederwarenfabrik. Rheinland-Pfalz : (1934) -HASAG.

Lüttich (Liège) Belgien (ch) 104 -Auer-Gesellschaft A. Werk Magdeburg. Werk Orianenburg. Erfurt (S/27G) : (K98k : 1935) 118 -Elite Diamantwerke A. Niedereinsiedel. Dresden A21. Lübeck.P.P.84/87 : 1934 . Dresden A21. Sudentenland (jvd) -Carl Heinichen. Erfurter Maschinenfabrik Berthold Geipel GmbH. Zietenstr.G. Werk Magdeburg. Lederwarenfabrik. Sachsen : (1934) 106 -Erste Nordböhmische Metallwarenfabrik. Sohn. Suhl. Sauer-u. Gewehrfabrik. Sohn. Neu-Ulm. Thüringen (S/147G) : (K98k : 1935) -J.P. Lederwarenfabrik. Suhl. Suhl. 11/13.103 -Hans Deuter. Bayern (bmo) -Fabrique Nationale d'armes de guerre (F.. Sauer-u. Koffer-. Sohn. Solingen. Augsburg. B-W : (1934) -Polte. Lübeck. Dresdner Koffer-u.G. 54. Berlin N 65 (bws) 105 -Carl Heinichen. Abr. Baden-Württemberg : (1939) 108 -Carl Heinicken. Adolf Rössler. Stuttgart. Sachsen (S/173) : (SG.35) -F. BadenWürttemberg (S/42) : (K98k : 1935) 109 -Polte. Suhl. Herder & Sohn. Sachsen-Anhalt (aux) : (1941) 112 -Gustav Genschow & Co. Sachsen : (1934) -Mauserwerk AG. Oberndorf am Neckar. Taschenfabrik. Sachsen (joa) : (41) 107 -Auwaerter & Bubeck K. Dresdner Koffer-u. Sauer-u. NordrheinWestfalen : (1939) .G. Bouchèstr. Sauer-u.. Sachsen-Anhalt (P) : (1936) -Hans Römer.35) 121 -Karl Barth. Poltestr.G.N. Dornblüthstr. und Fichtestr. Taschenfabrik. Stahlwaren und Werkzeugfabrik.P.P. Berlin SO 36 : (1936) 114 -Berlin-Lübecker Maschinenfabriken. Koffer-u.84/98 : 1934 . Gewehrfabrik. Militäreffektenfabrik.. Eppelheimer Str. Heidelberg. Gewehrfabrik. Dresdner Koffer-u. Sohn.. Thüringen (S/147K) : (K98k : 1934) -J. Fabrik für Heeresausrüstung. Dresden A21.. Rucksack-u. Gasglühlicht. Thüringen (S/147G) : (K98k : 1935) 116 -Berlin-Lübecker Maschinenfabriken. 12.G. 11/13. Sauer-u.. Schleswig-Holstein (S/237) : (K98k : 1936) -J. Sohn. Dornblüthstr. Donau : (1936) -Schnellpressenfabrik A. 5-7. 11/13. Thüringen (S/147) : (K98k : 1936) 117 -Erma.). Siegmar-Schönau bei Chemnitz. Suhl. Waldbröl. Gewehrfabrik. Dornblüthstr. Taschenfabrik. Hasenberstr. N-W (S/177) : (SG. Thüringen (S/147K) : (K98k : 1934) -J. A. Poltestr. Gewehrfabrik. 31. und Fichtestr. Schleswig-Holstein (S/237) : (K98k : 1936) -J.

Nordrhein-Westfalen (byf) : (K98k : 1941 . VK. Oberndorf-am-Neckar (under French control) (svw mb) : (K98k : 1945) -Mauser Werke K. Pössneck. Oberndorf-am-Neckar.N.. 74. Nordrhein-Westfalen (byf) : (Gew. Boxhagener Str. Inh. Militär-Effekten-Fabrik. 31. Lederfabrik. Wuppertal-Barmen.40) 127 -Ewald Lüneschloss. Solingen. Wehrausrüstungen. Bad Kreuznach.. Lengefeld/Erzgebirge. Nordrhein-Westfalen (dlu) (1940-41) -Moll Lederwarenfabrik. Koffer-u. 54. 16. 16. 11/13. Lüttich (Liège).. NordrheinWestfalen : (1939) -Gebr.N. Pose.G.G. 2-6. Oberndorf-am-Neckar (svw) : (K98k. Taschen-Fabrik Carl Heinichen. Sachsen : (1936 . Sachsen : (1938) -Otto Reichel. Nordrhein-Westfalen (S/42) : (K98k : 1935) -Mauser Werke K. Lüttich (Liège). Rheinland-Pfalz : (1934) -Hans Deuter. Berlin O 34 (cny) -C. Wehrausrüstungen. Goch. Sachsen : (P 08 holster : 1936 39) -Ernst Thielenhaus. Lederwaren-Fabrik.45) -Mauser Werke K. Rucksack-u.38) -Dresdner Koffer-u. Anton-Weckstr. Erfurter Maschinenfabrik Berthold Geipel GmbH.G. P 38: 1945) -Mauser Werke K. Rudold Fischer. Bad Kreuznach.). Thüringen (bdr) : (pistolen holster : 1941) 138 -? (S/239) : (SG. Rheinland-Pfalz : (P 08 holster : 1934) -Auwaerter & Bubeck K. Co. Waldbröl. Rüdesheimerstr.G. Oberndorf-am-Neckar. Bayern : (1934) -Richard Ehrhardt. Postf. Belgien (ch) : (1942) . Lederfabrik. Dresden A 21.98. Lederwarenfabrik. 41M : 1941 . Zietenstr. Lederwarenfabrik. B-W : (1934) -Hans Deuter.). Augsburg. Dresden-Löbtau.. Stuttgart. Rudolfstr. Berlin O 34 (krm) 140 -Fabrique Nationale d'armes de guerre (F.84/98 : 1935) -C. : (1939 .G. Belgien (ch) 142 -Karl Böcker.F. Berlin-Borsigwalde (ar) : (K98k : 1944) 136 -Karl Ackva.123 -W. Boxhagener Str. Hasenbergstr. 27.. Am Markt. ornblüthstr.42) -Mauser Werke K. Bayern (bmo) : (1939) -Mauser Werke K.G. Rheinland (cxb) : (P 38 holster : 1941) 132 -Erma. Pose.. Klinge. Oberndorf-am-Neckar. Koffer-. Nordrhein-Westfalen (ffr) : (1941) 143 -Fabrique Nationale d'armes de guerre (F. 2/4. 27. Lederwaren-Fabrik. Erfurt (S/27G) : (K98k : 1935) 135 -Karl Ackva.. Koffer-. Maschinenfabrik. Lederwarenfabrik.G. Augsburg. Rucksack-u. Rüdesheimerstr. Lederwarenfabrik.

Thüringen. Ungarn (jhv) : (Gew. Leipzig. Österreichische Lederindustrie A. 11/13.) 150 -E. Kirsten.41) -Gebr.G. 19. Koffer-u. Bautzen. Waffenwerk Suhl. .41) -E. 11. Margarethenstr. 23.G. Bayern (erg) : (1942) 155 -? (S/245) : (SG. Dresdner Koffer-u. Humboldstr. Waldbröl. Lederfärberei. Junghans A. Beretta.39) 159 -E. Nordrhein-Westfalen (act) : (1944) 178 -Gebr. Rheinland-Pfalz (jkh) -I K B : (1940) 182 -Frost & Jähnel. Taschenfabrik.G.G. Krüger. Ohrdruf. Humboldstr. 23. Koffer-u.. Fabrik für Ausrüstungen aus Stoff u.44) 161 -Auwaerter-u. Co. Schwarzwald (cja) 179 -Carl Busse. Polen (ftc) : (Star B holster : 1940 . Hasenbergstr. Lederwarenfabrik. Lederwarenfabrik. Schramberg. Heeresausrüstungen-u. Treibriemenfabrik. Leuner GmbH.38 holster : 1943 . Suhl.. Leipzig 22. Sachsen (bcb) : (1941-42) -Albin Scholle.. Kitzingen.. Stuttgart. Lederwarenfabrik u. Breslau 1.145 -Karl Barth. 23. Militäreffektenfabrik. Bautzen. Sachsen (joa) : (41) 170 -Ehrhardt-u. B-W (cdg) : (1940) 162 -P. Bubeck K.. Planistzstr. Dresden A21. : 1942) 147 -Budischovsky Karl & Söhne. (dbf) : (KKW 22Lr.1935 pistolen) 163 -G. Ruhfus. NordrheinWestfalen : (1939) -Deutsche Lederwerkstätten GmbH. Zeitz : (1938 . 35-36. Italien : (M.44) 173 -Metallwaren-Waffen-u. 98/40 : 1941-44) 175 -A.43) -Lock und Hartenberger Metallwarenfabrik. IdarOberstein. Taucha bei Leipzig. Sachsen (bdq) : (1941) -Otto Graf. Schlossohle 7/9. Sachsen : (1939 . Döppert. Pirmasens. 31. Schlossohle 7/9.J. Dornblüthstr. Sachsen (bla) : (1941 . Bautzen. Österreich (cey) : (1940) 148 -Gustloff-Werke.G. 3.39) -Gebr. Humboldstr. Leuner GmbH. Rheinland-Pfalz (gqm) : (MP 40 mag. Leuner GmbH. Sachsen (hsu) : (Sauer & Sohn M. Sattlerwarenfabrik. Wien. Gardone. Thüringen (dtu) : (1939 41) -Carl Heinichen.G. Sachsen (bla) : (1942) 154 -A. Sparfeld. Ensink-u. Rheinland-Pfalz (jln) : (1942 . Leder. Breslau 1. Budapest IX. Kurfürstenstr. Mainz. Weissenfelser Str. Spezialfabrik für Militärausrüstungen. Polen : (Star B holster : 1938 .40) -Frost & Jähnel.G.84/98 : 1937 . Neuss/Rhein. Maschinenfabrik A. Lederwarenfabrik.

G. Thüringen (dtu) : (1941) -Friedrich Offermann-u. Ohrdruf... Wöllküche 20/24. Heidelberg. Heidelberg. N-W (ewx) : (P08 holster : 1942 . Militäreffektenfabrik. Inh. Baden-Württemberg (avx) : (K 43 magazine) 210 -Moll.d. Rheinland-Pfalz (gmo) : (P 38 holster : 44) -Südmetall A. Köln. Polen (kls) : (MG 42) -Carl Eickhorn Waffenfabrik. NordrheinWestfalen : (1940) 186 -Karl Böcker. Lederwarenfabriken.42) -G. NordrheinWestfalen (eqf) : (Pistolen holster :1941 . Waldbröhl. BadenWürttemberg (S/42G) : (K98k : 1935) -Mauser Werke A. NordrheinWestfalen (dla) : (1940. NordrheinWestfalen 190 -Auwaerter & Bubeck K. Treibriemenfabrik.43) 211 -Mauser Werke K. Postf. Mussbach a. Goch. Hasenbergstr. NordrheinWestfalen : (P 08 holster :1938) -Karl Böcker. N-W (dta) : (P08 holster : 41. Waldhausen.44) -Karl Böcker. Spezialfabrik für Militärausrüstungen. Lederwarenfabrik. Österreich (bnz) : (P. 74. Lederwarenfabrik. Treibriemenfabrik. Lederwarenfabrik. Breslau 5. Nordrhein-Westfalen (cxb) : (P 38 holster : 1942 .44) 183 -G. Lederwarenfabrik. Bruchmann.Waldbröhl. Ensink-u. Baden-Württemberg : (1936) 203 -Franz Cobau. Baden-Württemberg (jvf) : (1941) -Hohmann.Kofferfabrik. N-W (dkk) : (1942 .44) -Franz-u. Waldbröhl. 40..J. Co Spezialfabrik für Militärausrüstungen. Co. M. Stuttgart. Niedersachsen (cww) : (P 08 holster : 1942) 201 -Wilhelm Brand. Oberndorf -am.35(p) holster : 1943 . Rheinland-Pfalz -Rahm & Kampmann.44) -A.G. Waldbröhl. Solingen. Lederwarenfabrik. Ohrdruf.Freiburgerstr. Bensberg. Werk Kaiserslautern. Werk Warschau. Waldbröhl. Karl Voegels. 36.42) -Karl Weiss. Berlin-Borsigwalde (S/243G) : (K98k : 1935) .G. Eppelheimerstr.. Eppelheimerstr. Thüringen (dtu) : (1941) 185 -Karl Böcker. Dworska 29. Lederwarenfabrik. Fabrik für Militärausrustungen. Pössneck. Lederwarenfabrik. Lederwarenfabrik. Steyr.G. Ensink-u. Lederwarenfabrik. 31. Polen (grz) : (1944) -Steyr-Daimler-Puch.G.Lederwarenfabrik. 40. Thüringen : (1937) 189 -Steyr-Daimler-Puch A..J. Köln. Sattlerwarenu.. Kaiserslautern. Koffer-u. B-W : (1939) 195 -Karl Barth. BerlinReinickendorf-Ost (kpm) 204 -Wilhelm Brand.Neckar. NordrheinWestfalen : (1940) -Richard Ehrhardt.Söhne.. Braunschweig. Lederu.

Bernhard Berghaus. Sauer-u.84/98 : 1938 .37) 221 -Gebr. Siegmar-Schönau bei Chemnitz (S/185) : (SG. Heller GmbH. Waldbröhl.G. Oberndorf am Neckar. Waldbröhl. Berlin-Borsigwalde (S/243) : (K98k : 1936) 214 -Gebr. Sachsen : (SG.37) 220 -? (S/178) : (SG. Gewehrfabrik.P. Sachsen (rdf) : (1943) 236 -Karl Böcker. Lederwarenfabrik. Altenburg.. K43 : 1944 .44. Gewehrfabrik. Siegmar-Schönau bei Chemnitz. NordrheinWestfalen (S/42) : (K98k : 1935) .84/98 : 1934 .G. Siegmar-Schönau bei Chemnitz.84/98 : 1936 . Sohn. Siegmar-Schönau bei Chemnitz. Leipzig W 31. Wollkücke 20/24.. Brandenburg (ejc) : (1942) 225 -Westfälisch-Anhaltische Sprengstoff A.-Mauser Werke A. Lübeck (duv) : (K98k. Thüringen (e) : (1942) 223 -Preuss. Sachsen (d) -Karl Heise. Nordrhein-Westfalen : (1936) -Westfälisch-Anhaltische Sprengstoff A. Maschinenfabrik.84/98 : 1937) -Elite Diamantwerke A. Leipzig Böhlitz Ehrenberg. (WASAG).G. G41W.G. Schleswig-Holstein (237) : (K98k : 39-40) -Berlin-Lübecker Maschinenfabrik. Lübeck. 107-111. G/K43 : 40-44) -Berlin-Lübecker Maschinenfabrik.45) -J. Sachsen : (1939) 229 -? (S/238) : (SG. MP 44 magazine : 1944) -? (LU) : (K98k floorplate : 1943) 216 -Elite Diamantwerke A.84/98 : 1936) 217 -Biedermann & Czarnikov. Bernhard Berghaus. Thüringen (147) : (K98k : 1938) -? (qnw) : (K98k Winterabzug : 1942 .. Köln..84/98 : 1935) 234 -Karl Böcker. Suhl.84/98 : 1934 .37) -Berlin-Lübecker Maschinenfabrik. Lübeck (qve) : (Gew. Brehmer.G. Sachsen (f) -Hermann Köhler A. Lederwarenfabrik. Sachsen (i) : (SG. Nähmaschinenfabrik. Lederwarenfabrik. Thüringen (S/147) : (K98k : 1936 . Rüdersdorf bei Berlin.G. (WASAG).P. Werk Reinsdorf. Suhl. Leipzig-Plagwitz. Marienthal bei Schweina (S/178) : (SG.43.39) -Elite Diamantwerke A. Werk Reinsdorf.84/98 : 1941) 219 -? (S/242) : (SG. Berlin : (1936) 218 -Elite Diamantwerke A. Sachsen (rdf) : (1943) 227 -Westfälisch-Anhaltische Sprengstoff A.G.G.G. NordrheinWestfalen : (1936) 241 -Mauserwerk A. Bergwerks u. Werk Reinsdorf...38) -J. Bernhard Berghaus. Sohn. Hütten A. Sachsen (S/185) : (SG. NordrheinWestfalen : (1936) -Franz und Karl Voegels. Sauer-u. Karl Heinestr. Maschinenbaugesellschaft..G. (WASAG).G..

Kattenbergstr.84/98 : 1938) -Clemen & Jung. Hörster. N-W : (SG. Bayonne. N-W : (SG.37) -E. Hendaye. Metallwarenfabrik. Guernica.84/98 : 1937 . Stahlwaren und Werkzeugfabrik.40) -Berg & Co. Sachsen-Anhalt (ab) : (Reinigungsgerät 34.84/98 : 1936 . Stahlwaren u.84/98 : 1938) -F. Châtellerault. NordrheinWestfalen : (SG.39) -Alex. N-W (S/155) : (SG. Hörster. Nordrhein-Westfalen : (K98 bajonette : 1937) 251 -Manufacture Nationale d'Armes. Stahlwarenfabrik. N-W : (SG. Magdeburg.. Frankreich : (Mod.243 -Mundloss A. Solingen. NordrheinWestfalen : (SG. Frankreich : (Unique) -Société Alsacienne de Constructions Mécaniques (SACM). Eibar. vormals Alfred Nobel & Co.40) -Richard Herder.84/98 : 1935 . Abr.84/98 : 1937 . N-W : (SG. & F.. 1935A) -Star Bonifacio Echeverria S. Nordrhein-Westfalen : (SG. Solingen.84/98 : 1941 ..40) -E. .84/98 : 1937 . Werk Förde : (Glühzünder 28 : 1938) 250 -F. LMetallwarenfabrik. Höller.84/98 : 1937 . Solingen. Solingen..37) -? (S/242) : (SG. Stahlwarenfabrik.39) -Ernst Pack & Söhne.39) -Remscheider Hobelmesser-Fabrik.84/98 : 1936 . Waffenfabrik. Herder & Sohn. N-W : (SG. 41 . Solingen.W.A.84/98 : 1937 .84/98 : 1938. Abr. Herder & Sohn. Solingen. N-W : (SG.40) -WKC. Solingen. Spanien : (Astra 300) 253 -? (S/172) : Solingen.. Waffenfabrik GmbH. N-W : (SG. Nordrhein-Westfalen : (SG. & F.37) -? (S/176) : Solingen.84/98 : 1937 . NordrheinWestfalen (S/175) : (SG.G. Waffenfabrik. Hörster. Stahl u. Kattenbergstr. B) -Unceta y Compania S. Abr.39) -F.84/98 : 1936) -Carl Eickhorn. Solingen..84/98 : 1938 .39) -Carl Eickhorn. Solingen. & F.84/98 : 1936) -? (S/178) : Solingen.. Stahlwarenfabrik. 6169. SG. Solingen.44) -Manufacture Nationale d'Armes. Ritterstr. Stahl u. Nordrhein-Westfalen : (SG.A. Stahl u.G.42) 247 -Dynamit A. Solingen-Ohligs. Josua Corts Sohn. Coppel. Waffenfabrik..84/98 : 1934 .84/98 : 1937) -E. Solingen.. N-W : (SG. Postfach 1254.84/98 : 37 . Solingen. Metallwarenfabrik. NordrheinWestfalen : (SG.84/98 : 1937 . Frankreich : (MAB) -Manufacture d'Armes des Pyrénées. N-W : (SG. Frankreich (jwh) : (SG. Kattenbergstr. Solingen. Spanien : (Star mod.37) -? (S/174) : Solingen.

Werk Reinsdorf.42) -Erma. Leder und Riemenwerk. Sohn. Thüringen (27) : (MP 40 magazine : 1940) -Erma.J. Erfurt. Goch.Remscheid. Sauer-u. Erfurt. Fabrik Berlin-Neukölln (cnd) : (1943) 255 -Anton Reiche A. Eichborndam. N-W : (SG. Langenhorn 1. Erfurt. Leder und Riemenwerk. Nähmaschinenfabrik.G. Sachsen-Anhalt : (SG. Lederwarenfabrik. Gewehrfabrik. 44) -Ewald Lüneschloss Militär-Effekten-Fabrik. Nordrhein-Westfalen: (SG. Waffenfabrik. Erfurter Maschinenfabrik Berthold Geipel GmbH. Solingen. 41) -Mauser Werke A.. Pinneberg.. S-H (dtv) : (Walter PP holster : 1940 . Suhl. Werk Borsigwalde. Hamburg (asr) : (1942) 272 -C.. Werk Borsigwalde.42. Eichborndam.. Pinneberg. Schwerte / Ruhr (fer) . Berlin-Borsigwalde (243) : (K98k : 1938) -J. Erfurt. Lederwarenfabrik. Erfurter Maschinenfabrik Berthold Geipel GmbH. Co. Thüringen (ce) : (K98k : 1942 . Sachsen (rdf) 279 -G.43) -Erma.84/98 : 1938 . Altonaerstr.P.G.44) -Carl Weiss.40) -P.84/98 : 1940) 254 -National Krupp Registrier Kassen GmbH. Erfurter Maschinenfabrik Berthold Geipel GmbH.40) -Erma. Erfurter Maschinenfabrik Berthold Geipel GmbH. Thüringen ?? (qlv) : (MP 44 magazine : 44) -Feinmechanische Werke Gmbh. Weyersberg & Co.40) -Mundlos A. Erfurt. Spezialfabrik für Militärausrüstungen.38) -Erma. Erfurter Maschinenfabrik Berthold Geipel GmbH. Nordrhein-Westfalen (cxb) 271 -HAK Hanseatisches Kettenwerk GmbH. Erfurt. Thüringen (ax) : (K98k : 1940. Thüringen (ayf) : (K98k : 1940 . Erfurt.G. Magdeburg-N. Nordrhein-Westfalen (dlu) : (P 08 holster : 1943) 280 -Erma. Thüringen (27) : (K98k : 1938 .. Thüringen (dtu) : (1941) -C. Berlin-Borsigwalde (S/243) : (K98k : 37-38) -Mauser Werke A. Thüringen (S/27) : (K98k : 1936 . Militärabteilung Jena (blc) 270 -Moll. Solingen. Otto Gehrckens.G. Ensink-u..84/98 : 1938 . 25. Braunschweig (cww) : (1942) 282 -Metallwerke Wandhofen GmbH. Otto Gehrckens. Erfurter Maschinenfabrik Berthold Geipel GmbH. Blechemballagen. Schleswig-Holstein (dtv) : (1941) 275 -WASAG. Dresden A 27 (ctd) 262 -Carl Zeiss. Thüringen (ayf) : (MP 40 magazine : 41 . Ohrdruf.

Metallwarenfabrik. Markt 40. Berlin SO 36 : (1936) -Franz und Karl Voegels. 27. Solingen : (1937) 358 -Carl Walther A. SG. Ostpr. Goch. Nähmaschinenfabrik.. Nordrhein-Westfalen : (1937) -Carl Weiss. Niedersachsen : (1937 . Bouchéstr. Köln. Lederwarenfabrik. Metallwerke. 12..G. Rheinland-Pfalz (hjh) : (1939 . Mainz. Lederwarenfabrik. Lederwarenfabrik. SA (ab) : (Reinigungsgerät 34. Bruchmann. Nordrhein-Westfalen : (1936) 357 -F. Nordrhein-Westfalen (cdf) : (1944) 320 -Auer-Gesellschaft A. A. Nordrhein-Westfalen : (P08 holster : 1939) 330 -G. Korb-und Lederwarenfabrik. Wesel am Rhein. Köln. Schwab. Meinerzhagen. Hannover. Westfalen (gfa) 319 -Wesmag. 12.. Kofferfabrik. 11. Waffenfabrik. Nordrhein-Westfalen : (1937) -Meinel-Scholer C. Strasse der S.40) -Carl Busse. Werk Orianenburg (bwz) -Clora Atemschutzgeräte Schleich & Co. Magdeburg-N. Sattlerwaren-u. BadKreuznach. Sachsen-Anhalt (cox) 323 -Aldabert Fischer. Lengefeld.A. Lederwarenfabrik. R-P (jkh) -Gustav Genschow-u. Fabriken für Militärausrüstungen. Co A. Gmünd (crt) 321 -Otto Ernst Busch. Braunschweig. Fabrik für Ausrüstungen aus Stoff-u.41) -Franz und Karl Voegels. Wollküche 20/24. Rüdesheimerstr. Inhaler Rudolf Fischer. 12.G. Braunschweig (cww) : (1942) 300 -Otto Reichel..84/98 : 1942 .G.. Abr. Lederwarenfabrik. Bouchéstr.. Klingenthal. Niedersachsen : (P 08 holster : 39) -Ruffel & Borns. Passier & Sohn. Eiseleben.G. Breslauer Str. 169-173. Polen (clg) : (FN-HP holster : 1943) 289 -Carl Weiss. Herder & Sohn. Liegnitz. Jng. Sachsen. (euh) : (Gewehrgranatgerät 34) 313 -Mundlos A.. Berlin SO36 (jhg) : (1941 . Sattlerwarenfabrik. Co A. Stahlwarenfabrik.G.: (1942) 286 -Carl Ackva. .G.38) 337 -Gustav Genschow & Co. Lederwarenfabrik. Waldhausen. Bouchèstr. Hannover 1W.42) -Ernst Melzig. Weseler Maschinenbau GmbH. Köln. Zella-Mehlis. M.. Leder. Berlin SO36 : (1938) -Gustav Genschow-u. Erzgebirge (eue) : (1939 . Werk Guttstadt. Lederwaren. Lederwarenfabrik. Niedersachsen : (1936) -A. Lederwaren.44) 314 -Otto Fuchs. Lederfabrik.. Gasglühlicht. Kurfürstenstr. und W. : (P 08 holster : 38-39) 327 -Moll. Wollküche 20/24.

Finkenwalde Bez. Köln. SA (ab) 445 -Albin Scholle. Militär-Effekten- . Werk Kettwig. Weissenfelser Str.G. Wollküche 20/24. 3. Fabrik für Heeresausrüstung. Koffer. 12. Lederwarenfabrik.G. Waffenfabrik. Nordrhein-Westfalen : (1939) 383 -Hans Deuter. Sportartikelfabrik. Thüringen -Franz und Karl Voegels. PPK : 1939 . Köln. Lederwarenfabrik. Lederwarenfabrik. Rheinland-Pfalz : (1940) -Deutsche Lederwerkstätten GmbH. Thüringen (ac) : (K98k. Fritz Henseler. Braunschweig.. . Bouchèstr. LübeckSchlutup. 3. Pirmasens. Polen : (1940) 416 -Deutsche Lederwerkstätten GmbH. Zella-Mehlis. Kaiserslautern. Thüringen (ax) : (K98k : 1941) -Feinmechanische Werke.. 25.40) -Carl Walther A. Rheinland-Pfalz (jln) : (1941) -Kimnach & Brunn. Braunschweig. Rucksack-u.42) 455 -Henseler & CO. Nähmaschinenfabrik. Nordrhein-Westfalen : (1936) -Gustav Genschow & Co. Rheinland-Pfalz (hjg) : (1940 . Pirmasens. Haenel. Kaiserslautern.G. Louis Strube A.G.. K43 : 41 . Berlin-Borsigwalde (ax/ar) : (K98k : 1941) -Carl Walther A. Jng. G. Magdeburg. Magdeburg-Buckau (anz) : (1942) 439 -Mundlos A. Augsburg... Waldbröhl. G. Nordrhein-Westfalen : (1936 . Fabrik für Heeresausrüstung. Bayern (bmo) : (P 38 holster : 1941) 387 -Karl Böcker. Niedersachsen (arr) : (Reinigungsgerät 34 : 1943 ..G. Waffenfabrik. Erfurt.-Westfälisches Kunststoffwerk GmbH.40) -Franz und Karl Voegels. Köln. Erfurt / Mauser Werke. Altonaerstr.41. Berlin SO 36 : (1936 . Sachsen-Anhalt (fsx) : (P38 holster : 41 .43. Bayern : (1939) 406 -Polte Armaturen-und Maschinenfabrik A.G.. Rheinland-Pfalz : (1939) -Kimnach & Brunn.G.41) 428 -Maschinen-und Armaturenfabrik vormals C. Magdeburg-N. Lederwarenfabrik. P 38. Margarethenstr. Munitionsfabriken A. Suhl.Thüringen (ac) : (1943) 359 -Feinmechanische Werke GmbH. Zeitz. Augsburg. Lederwarenfabrik.45) -Carl Weiss. Thüringen (ac) : (K98k. Zella-Mehlis.G. Nordrhein-Westfalen (ewx) : (1941) 392 -Braunschweigische Blechwarenfabrik.. Schleswig-Holstein (edq) 367 -Franz und Karl Voegels. Lederwarenfabrik. Wollküche 20/24. Margarethenstr. Nordrhein-Westfalen (acb) : (1944) -Schultz & Co.37) -C. Niedersachsen (cww) : (1943) 400 -Rheinisches. Waffen und Fahhrad-Fabrik. Wollküche 20/24. Lederwarenfabrik. A. Stettin. Sachsen (P) : (1938) 411 -Lederwerk Sedina Joachim Schell.45) 360 -Deutsche Waffen-u. .

44) -F. Ritterstr. NordrheinWestfalen (fze) : (SG. Rheinland-Pfalz (gqm) : (K98k buttplate : 1944) 497 -Johannes Grossfuss. Wolfgang bei Hanau/Main. N-W (clc) : (SG. Augsburg. Metallwarenfabrik. N-W (cul) : (SG. Solingen. W. Hessen (ojx) : (1945) -Otto Stephan. Solingen. Solingen. Postfach 29.43) 500 -Gustav Appel. Waffenfabrik. Metallwarenfabrik. Stahlwarenfabrik. N-W (fnj) : (SG.. Maschinenfabrik. Waffenfabrik GmbH. & K.44) -Remscheider Hobelmesser-Fabrik. Brüder Knotek.84/98 : 1942 . Waffenfabrik. Mühlhausen. Thüringen (gaq) : (1942 .84/98 : 1942) -WKC Waffenfabrik GmbH. N-W (ddl) : (SG. Neu-Ulm.W.. Döbeln. Leder und Lederwarenfabrik. Nordrhein-Westfalen (ffc) : (SG.84/98 : 1943 . Sachsen (bpr) : (1941 .84/98 : 1942 . Nordrhein-Westfalen (crs) : (SG. Stahl u. Bayern : (1939) 469 -Meinel Scholer C. NordrheinWestfalen (cof) : (SG. Kattenbergstr.84/98 : 1943) -Alex Coppel. Solingen-Ohligs. (euh) 480 -Lock und Hartenberger. Bayern : (1937) 456 -Otto Stephan.84/98 : 1942 . Solingen..Solingen. Stahl u. Neu-Ulm.44) -Richard Herder. Stahlwaren und Werkzeugfabrik. u. 6169. Kattenbergstr.45) -Ernst Pack & Söhne. Mülhausen. Abr.. Solingen.84/98 : 1942 . Josua Corts Sohn. Metallwarenfabrik.Fabrik. Stahlwarenfabrik.43) -H.. IdarOberstein. MG34) -F.44) -Carl Eickhorn. N-W (asw) : (SG. & F. Hörster. Fabrik für Heeresausrüstung. Remscheid.84/98 : 1942 . Solingen.44. N-W (sgx) : (SG. Nordrhein-Westfalen (agv) : (SG. Polen (fsc)] : (1943) 513 -Deutsche Kunstlederwerke Wolfgang GmbH.38) 504 -Mikrofona. Metall-u. Solingen- .43) 468 -Schultz & Co. Solingen. Berlin-Spandau (cnx) : (1937 . Lackierwarenfabrik.84/98 : 1944) -F.W. Bayern : (1939) -Hans Römer. Postfach 1254. Waffenfabrik. NordrheinWestfalen (cqh) : (SG. Meseritsch.44) -Clemen & Jung. Donau. Herder & Sohn. Solingen. Klingenthal.84/98 : 1944 . Hörster. Sachsen (brg) : (1940 . Höller. Schmidt. Sa. Leder-und Lederwarenfabrik. Metallwarenfabrik.44) -Paul Weyersberg & Co.84/98 : 1943) -E. Döbeln.84/98 : 1942 . Metallwarenfabrik.. Prag XIII-Strasnice (fsb) [Wal. Stahlware u. Solingen. Thüringen (gaq) : (MP 44 magazine : 1944 519 -Berg & Co.

Döppert. MP40 : 1940 .24t. Lüttich (Liège).41) . Frankreich : (P. Heeresbedorf. Militär-Effekten-Fabrik.G. Forsthofstr. 29/40 : 1939 . Müller. Werk Steyr.39) 590 -Gustav Appel. 1935A) . Zeichengeräte. (bmd) : (1941 . Maschinenfabrik. Nürnberg O.625(f) : 1940) -Société Alsacienne de Constructions Mécaniques (SACM). Müller. Gew. Forsthofstr. Chatellerault. Österreich (660) : (K98k. Frankreich : (Mod. Fabrik für Lederwaren-u.42) -Max G.). Werksleitung Lüdenscheid. Gasschutzgeräte.? (IKB) : (P. Nordrhein-Westfalen (cvl) : (SG. Fabrik für Lederwaren-u. Nordrhein-Westfalen (ddl) : (1943 . Nordrhein-Westfalen (byf) : (K98k. Berlin NW 7 (cme) : (1941) 542 -Wessel & Müller. Werk Povaszka Bystrica. Bernh. Dräger. Kitzingen.98. Sommerda. Dr.G. Lübeck. Beschlagfabrik.40) -Mauser Werke K. Nürnberg O.G. Werk Steyr. (bmd) : (1942) 649 -A. Heinr.Wald. Oberndorf-am-Neckar. P 08 : 1939 . Slovakei (dou) : (Gew. Nordrhein-Westfalen (dlu) : (1941) 642 -Boehme und Co. Bayern (erg) : (P 08 holster : 1941 . VK.84/98 : 1944) 533 -Drägerwerk.44) .45) 640 -A. Österreich (bnz) : (K98k. Berlin-Spandau (cnx) : (Reinigungsgerät 34) 595 -Rheinmetall-Borsig.. Solingen. VermessungInstrumente. Heeresbedorf.G. 37.-Holstein (byd) : (Gas-mask : 1944) 537 -Remscheider Hobelmesser-Fabrik Josua Corts Sohn. Döppert. Bayern (erg) : (1941) 655 -Mauser Werke K. Wichmann. Jng.G. Treibriemenfabrik.. 37.44) 538 -Gebr.. Werk II. Oberndorf-am-Neckar..? (pyy) : (SG.41) 613 -Fabrique Nationale d'armes de guerre (F. Kitzingen. Luckenwalde (jvb) 547 -Dürkoppwerke A. u. P 08 : 1941) -Manufacture Nationale d'Armes..84/98 : 42 .. Schles. Remscheid.40) -Steyr-Daimler-Puch A. Werk Minden. Belgien(ch) : (1940 .G. Bielefeld : (SG. Treibriemenfabrik. Thüringen : (1939) 607 -Waffenwerke Brünn A..84/98 : 1938 . Nordrhein-Westfalen (dwc) 648 -Max G. VZ24 : 1940 .42) 641 -Ewald Lüneschloss. Nordrhein-Westfalen (42) : (K98k.N. Päwesiner Weg 19.39(t) holster : 1940) 623 -Steyr-Daimler-Puch A.

. 14-16. Anton-Weckstr. Sachsen : (1939) -Carl Heinichen. Lederwarenfabrik. Waldbröhl. Stuttgart-Feuerbach. 11-13. Hessen (cos) : (MG Gurtkasten : 1940) -Jean Weipert. Frankfurt am Main. Ind. Abt. (jvd) -F. Fabrik feiner Reisartikel. Offenbach am Main.44) -Friedrich Offermann & Söhne. Gebr. Dresden-Löbtau. 11-13.. Taschenfabrik. Sachsen (gxy) : (1941-44) -Heinrich Thiele A. Lederwarenfabrik. NordrheinWestfalen : (1939 . Lederwaren-Fabrik. Luisenstr. Lederwaren-u. Westfalen (dej) : (MG Einführgurt) 721 -Karl Barth. Lederwaren-Fabrik. Offenbach-am-Main. Waldbröhl. ReimscheidVieringhausen -Karl Böcker. Fabrik feiner Reisartikel. 16. Waldbröhl. Kriegs-u. Hessen (jhz) : (1942) 706 -Erste Nordböhmische Metallwarenfabrik.G.& Eisen-Giesserei Gustav Schubeis. Bensberg.40) -Vereinigte Beckersche Werkzeugfabrik.. 2-6. Nieder-Einsiedel (Dolni Poustevna). 2-6. Dresdner Koffer-u. Dornblüthstr. 2-6. Dresdner Koffer-u. Pössneck. Dresden. Sachsen : (1939) -Gebrüder Klinge. Sachsen (gxy) : (1944) 710 -Siemens-Schuckert A. Lederwarenfabrik. Militäreffektenfabrik. Goch. Merz. Dresden A21 (joa) : (1941-43) -Gebrüder Klinge. Fabrik für Lederausrüstungen u. Taschenfabrik. Schiffau. Anton-Weckstr. NordrheinWestfalen : (1939) -EZGJ : (P. Sachsen (cea) : (1942) 707 -Carl Heinichen. Militäreffektenfabrik. Nordrhein-Westfalen : (P 38 holster : 1937 . Lederwaren-Fabrik. Schwelm. Offenbach/Main. Bayern (gfg) : (1942) -Maury & Co. Dresden-Löbtau. Dresden A21 : (1934) 708 -Gebrüder Klinge. Adolf Rössler.663 -Jean Weipert. Lederwaren-Fabrik. Hessen (hlv) : (P 08 holster : 43 44) -Merz-Werke. Offenbach/Main. Dornblüthstr. Thüringen (bdr) : (1941) -Carl Hepting & Co. Dresden N6.G. Hessen (jhz) : (Visierschutzkappe : 41-42) 668 -Rudolf Conte. Nordrhein-Westfalen : (1940) 723 -Josef Moll. Reiseartikel. Dresden-Löbtau. Hessen (gjh) : (1940 42) -Richard Ehrhardt. Anton-Weckstr. Gürtelfabrik. Bernardstr.27(t) holster : 1943 . NordrheinWestfalen (cxb) : (1941) 727 -Karl Barth. Grosse. Elektromotorenwerk Berlin-Siemensstadt (azg) -Schwelmer Stahl. Lederwarenfabrik. Leder-u. Tschech..

Lederwarenfabrik.G.A. N-W : (P 38 holster : 1939-40) -Friedrich Offermann & Söhne. NordrheinWestfalen : (1940) -Josef Moll. Nordrhein-Westfalen (eqf) : (P 38 holster : 1941) -Gustav Genschow. Waldbröhl. Niedersachsen (eqr) : (41 .39) -Carl Weiss. Strasse der S. Söhne. Alstadt-Hachenburd. Erfurt (S/27) : (K98k : 1935) 749 -Gustloff Werke. & F. Sattlerwarenfabrik. Niedersachsen (cww) : (1941 . Weimar. Donau.. Niedersachsen : (1937 .. Hannover 1W. Sachsen : (1939) -Hans Römer. Lederwarenfabrik. Leder-u. Abt. Dresden-Löbtau. Goch. Solingen. Zietenstr. Stahl u. Leder-u. Ferlach/Kärnten. Fabrik für Heeresausrüstung. Nordrhein-Westfalen : (1940) -Ewald Lüneschloss. 2-6. Kattenbergstr. Lederwaren-Fabriken.. Lederwarenfabrik. Hannover 1W.40) -Karl Böcker. Söhne.. Anton-Weckstr. Westerwald (jhg) -Ewald Lüneschloss. Erfurter Maschinenfabrik. Braunschweig.84/98 : 1941) 764 -Bayerische Motoenwerke GmbH.42) 751 -Vogel und Noot A. Werk Weimar. Niedersachsen : (1939 . Niedersachsen : (1939) -G. N-W (S/155) : (SG. Lederwarenfabrik. Müztale. Metallwarenfabrik.45) 750 -G. Sattlerwarenfabrik. Bayern (bml) : (P 38 holster : 1940-44) . Lederwarenfabrik.42) -Carl Weiss. NordrheinWestfalen (cxb) : (1941) -Friedrich Offermann & Söhne. Strausberg Bezirk Potsdam (eej) : (1943) 788 -Gebr. Strasse der S. Klinge.84/98 : 1935) 787 -Märkisches Walzwerk GmbH.A. Solingen. Hammerwerk.40) -Carl Weiss. Lederwarenfabrik. Nordrhein-Westfalen (dlu) : (1941) -Josef Moll. Solingen. Thüringen (bcd) : (K98k : 1941 . Hörster. N-W (dkk) : (P 38 holster : 1941) 730 -Carl Weiss. Lederwaren-Fabrik. Lederwarenfabrik. Passier-u. Lederwarenfabrik. Passier-u. Lederwarenfabrik. Thüringen (337) : (K98k : 1940) -Gustloff Werke. Werk München (jgz) 777 -E. Wartberg im Mürztale (daq) : (1943) 757 -Maschinenhaus der Büchsenmacher. Militär-Effekten-Fabrik. Weimar. Braunschweig. Niedersachsen (cww) : (1941 . Bensberg. Werk Weimar. Goch. Berthold Geipel GmbH.. Österreich (bym) : (SG. 54.42) 742 -Erma. Militär-Effekten-Fabrik. Bensberg.. Neu-Ulm. Braunschweig. Braunschweig.

N-W (ddl) : (SG.84/98 : 1940 . Solingen.. Höller. Solingen.42) -Herder. Brandenburg/Havel (cpj) : (1941) 882 -Havelwerk GmbH. N-W (clc) : (SG.84/98 : 1940) -F. Breslauer Str.. Friedr. Österreich (98E) : (MP 40 magazine : 1940 . N-W (fkx) : (P 38 holster : 1943 .815 -Steyr-Daimler-Puch A. Polen (clg) : (FN-HP holster : 1944) 868 -Jean Weipert. Österreichische Lederindustrie A.84/98 : 1940 .42) -Carl Eickhorn. N-W (fnj) : (SG. Solingen..84/98 : 1940 . Kattenbergstr. & F. Polska : (P. Stahl u.42) -Gustav Sudbrack. Solingen. Solingen. Bielefeld. Brandenburg/Havel (cpj) : (2cm-Flak 38 : 1941) 883 -Clemen & Jung. Wien. 46-49. Rheinland (hey) : (Y riemen : 1941) -Stahlwerke Brüninghaus A. N-W (ffc) : (SG. Co. Postdamer Str. Gamaschen-fabrik.. Baubeschlagfabrik.G. Offenbach am Main (jhz) : (P 08 holster : 1942) 869 -Lieberknecht & Schurg. 46-49. Inh.35(p) : 1939 44) 843 -Wagner GmbH. Österreich (cey) : (42) 823 -Fabryka Broni. Werk Graz.41) -A. Werk Vorhalle. W. Esslingen am Neckar (ayc) 863 -Dörken & Mankel. Coburg (gce) : (1941) -Metallwarenfabrik Mylau GmbH. Postdamer Str.G. NordrheinWestfalen (cof) : (SG. Etuis-Fabrik. Söhne. Lederwaren-u.G. Hörster. Postfach 1254. Werk Graz. W. Waffenfabrik GmbH. Remscheid. Radom. Solingen .84/98 : . Coppel. Österreich (kur) : (MP 44 magazine : 1944) .84/98 : 40) -Richard Herder. NordrheinWestfalen : (SG. Fabrik feiner Reiseartikel. Stahlwarenfabrik..44) 878 -Havelwerk GmbH. Abr. NordrheinWestfalen (fze) : (SG. Sachsen (gca) : (1941) -Walter Schürmann-u. HagenVorhalle (jgh) : (Spatenleder : 1942) -Ernst Melzig. Waffenfabrik. Mylau/Vogtland. N-W (asw) : (SG. Solingen.G.? (tbv) : (MP 44 magazine) 820 -Karl Budischovsky-u.84/98 : 1941) -Remscheider Hobelmesser-Fabrik Josua CortS Sohn. Höller. Sohn. Westfalen (hao) : (1943) 866 -Colla. Lederwaren.84/98 : 1940 . NordrheinWestfalen (cqh) : (SG. Grünewalder Strasse. Lederwarenfabrik. Abr. Tiggemann & Co. Voerde .41) -Steyr-Daimler-Puch A. Liegnitz (Legnica). Nordrhein-Westfalen (gut) : (1941 .. Solingen.41) -F.84/98 : 1941) -E. Velbert. Waffenfabrik. Mankel.. Bielefeld. Stahlwaren u.. Schlossfabrik. Rud. Waffenfabrik. Metallwarenfabrik. Stahlwaren und Werkzeugfabrik.

Herman Göringstr. Mährisch-Schönberg. Donau.84/98 : 1940 . Sachsen (gxy) : (1942) -Hans Römer. Sachsen (wa) : (Gewehr-Sprenggranate : 1944) A44 -Merz-Werke. (cgn) : (pistolen holster : 1943-44) -Ernst Melzig. Österreich (cey) : (1942) -Anton Muzik.84/98 : 1939) 918 -Gebrüder Klinge. Polen (clg) : (FN-HP holster : 1942) 927 -Carl Busse. Werk Povaszka Bystrica. Leipzig O 5. N-W : (SG... NordrheinWestfalen (crs) : (SG.1940 . Rohrbach Ob. Rheinland (cos) : (1941 . Wien VI/56.G. Lederwaren-Fabrik. Stahlwarenfabrik. Ritterstr. Mainz.-D. Liegnitz (Legnica). Rheinland : (1940) -Merz-Werke. Waffenfabrik GmbH. 24(t) : 1941 . München. Waffenfabrik GmbH. Dresden-Löbtau. 11. Rheinland-Pfalz (acw) : (K 43 magazine) .42) -E.41) -WKC. 47. Kurfürstenstr. Tschechoslovakei : (VZ 24 : 1941) -Waffenwerke Brunn.84/98 : 1940 . Solingen. Bayern : (HSc holster : 1942 .. Poesckl's Söhne. Gebr. Österreichische Lederindustrie A. Werk Povaszka Bystrica. Frank am Main.42) A68 -Markneukirchner-Metallbearbeitungs-GmbH. Sattlerwaren.42) 920 -Karl Budischovsky-u. Lederwaren. Frankfurt am Main. Öster. Karl Brettschneider. Lederwaren. Pack.41) -Paul Weyersberg. Ferlach/Kärnten.G. Breslauer Str. 20. Liegnitz (Legnica). Tschec. Fabrik für Heeresausrüstung. Neu-Ulm.44) -Genossenschafts Maschinenhaus der Büchsenmaker. Merz. SolingenWald. Bayern (bdt) : (1943) 930 -Ing.45) A98 -Gold-u. Söhne. Breslauer Str. Nürnberg. Tschechoslovakei (dou) : (K98k : 1942 . SolingenWald. R-P (jkh) : (1942) -Salewa. Polen (clg) : (FN-HP holster : 1941) A10 -Hugo Schneider A. Wien. Waffenfabrik. Sachsen (adb) : (Visier für Gw. Nordrhein-Westfalen (cul) : (SG. Gebr. Postfach 29. Fabrik für Ausrüstungen aus Stoff-und Leder. Österreich (jor) : (pistolen holster) -Rohrbacher Lederfabrik. Jos. Lampenfabrik. Solingen. Tschechoslovakei : (Gew. (gcx) : (P 38 holster : 41-42) 938 -"Akah" Albrecht Kind. Merz.42) -Waffenwerke Brunn.84/98 : 1941) 886 -WKC.) A80 -Waffenwerke Brunn. Markneukirchen. N-W (cvl) : (SG. Gr. Anton-Weckstr. (bym) : (SG. Lederwarenfabrik GmbH. Werk Povaszka Bystrica. Postfach 29. Jdar-Oberstein.. Thalkirchnerstr. G. Bayern (bml) : (1941 . Silberscheideanstalt.61-69. 2-6.84/98 : 1943-44) 965 -Ernst Melzig. Liniengasse 14.

Waffenfabrik.. Metallwarenfabrik. Suhl. Echeverria S. Guernica. Adolfshütte. Bismarckhütte A.45) B66 -Ernst Melzig. Würbenthal/Sud. Nordrhein-Westfalen (awj) : (K 43 magazine) B79 .G.G. Polen (eph) : (Gas-mask container : 44) C39 -Auer-Gesellschaft A.G. Thüringen (fzs) : (Signalpistol.G. Niederscheld/Dillkreis (bte) : (MP 40 magazine : 1941 . Frankreich (MAB) D29 -F. Annweiler (ggm) : (Eierhandgranaten 39 : 43) D42 -Lederverarbeitungs-Jndustrie Walter Krause. Waffenfabrik. Eibar. Herman Göringstr. Kopenhagen. Spanien : (Star B pistolen) -Unceta Y Compania S. Thüringen : (P..G.. Ullrich Söhne A. Spanien : (Astra 300 pistolen) -Manufactures d'Armes des Pyrénées. Mainzerhofplatz.. Oberschönau. Heidestr. Polen (gnh) : (Gas-mask filter) C86 -Frank'sche Eisenwerke A.24(t) holster : 1940) Luft 2 -Heinrich Krieghoff.. Thüringen (ghn) : (MP 40 magazinlader : 1940) -Königs-u. Frankreich (Unique) -Manufactures d'Armes de Bayonne.Nieznane B87 -Auer-Gesellschaft A. Werdau. Annweiler Email-u. (gcb) : (K 43 magazine : 1944 ...A. Liegnitz. Tschech.G. Grohmann & Sohn.A. Gasglülicht. Niederscheld/Dillkreis.. Bayonne. Metallwarenfabrik.. Hendaye. Werk Orianenburg. Bromberg (jqh) Luft 1 -Heinrich Krieghoff. Reitergasse 13-15. Rheinland-Pfalz (gqm) : (MP 44 magazine) B17 -Karl Brettschneider. Suhl. Thüringen : (pistolen holster) -Heinrich Krieghoff.. Velbert.41) . FG 42) Luft 4 -BSW/Gustloff : (K98k : 1939 . Sachsen (com) B43 -Olympia Büromaschinenwerke A. 71. Suhl.G.45) C6 -Dansk Jndustri Syndikat. Werk Danzig.. Hüttenwerk Silesiahütte in Rybnik. MetallWerke. Dänemark (kfk) C10 -Carl Ullrich & Co. JdarOberstein. Lederwaren. Berlin N 65 (bwz) : (Gas-mask filter : 1943) B92 -Ad.42) B39 -Mafa-Werk GmbH.. & Co. Metallwarenfabrik. Polen (clg) B78 -The Yale & Towne Mfg. MährischSchönberg.-Loch & Hartenberger. 20. Waffenfabrik. Tschechoslovakei (gcx) : (1942) B37 -Frank'sche Eisenwerke A. Hessen (bte) : (MP 44 magazine) D20 -Star Bonifacio. Erfurt (aye) : (G/K 43 magazine : 1943 .

Lederwaren-Fabrik. Brandenburgstr. Berlin SW 68 (jsd) : (P 37(u) holster : 1942) . Kläger & Cie.. Berlin N 58 (cdc) : (P 37(u) holster : 1941-43) -Georg Lerch GmbH. Lederwaren-Fabrik. Lederwarenfabrik. Leipzigerstr. Berlin SW 68 (jsd) : (P 37(u) holster : 1942) Luft12 -Georg Lerch GmbH. Pappelallee 78-79.Luft 7 -Kern. Brandenburgstr.. Leipzigerstr. Berlin C 2 (hck) : (pistolen holster : 1941) -Gustav Reinhardt.. Lederwaren. Lederwarenfabrik.. Berlin C 2 (hck) : (Walter PP holster : 1941) -Gustav Reinhardt.

.Schematics .Site map .Other Models ..Links .Message board .Bolt disassembling .Download .Home page .E-mail How to disassemble and reassemble Mauser 98k * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * This section contains complete receipe to disassemble and reassemble your Mauser 98k rifle.Photo gallery .Other cleaning method's .Rifle disassembling ..Electrolysis .Info about page author .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Black oxiding . For less shape like excavation you will need more attention and work to disassemble your rifle.Info about page . This receipe is fine for Mausers in good shape. So just have a look. .Short history of Mauser 98k .Preservation .Short info .

Download .Preservation .Other Models .E-mail How to Disassembly / Reassembly the Mauser 98k bolt * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * This movie shows how to disassembly the bolt (3.Photo gallery .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Black oxiding .Short history of Mauser 98k .Info about page author .Site map .Rifle disassembling .Info about page .DivX (unfortunately i record only polish version) ..Short info .Bolt disassembling .Home page .Message board .95MB) .Links .Schematics .Other cleaning method's .Electrolysis .



Check to see that the magazine is empty. This pin must be depressed in order to remove the front barrel band. 2.Rifle disassembling . To disassemble the Mauser 98k. The long spring has a raised surface just aft of the front barrel band. Notice that the front sight is drift adjustable. Notice that it is connected to the narrow rear barrel band by a steel bar that is actually a long spring located between the barrel bands on the right side.Download .Info about page . Notice that the front barrel band has a locking pin on the right side. Otherwise you need a hammer. 2.Message board . remove the wide front barrel band. 3. This will prevent scarring the wood or metal of the rifle. Do so by using a pair of large pliers or. General statement for disassembly / reassembly.Home page .Other Models .Black oxiding . or vertical position.Short info . Open the bolt and remove it from the rifle by opening the bolt release lever located on the left rear side of the receiver. To begin: Remove the front sight hood. Its purpose is to enable the unlocking of the barrel bands.Info about page author . It is a spring-steel sight-hood that fits in grooves on both sides of the front sight base. You may choose to get an inexpensive front sight-adjusting tool that we can supply.Short history of Mauser 98k . Next. preferably vice-grips. Engage the raised surface of the long spring and encircle the stock just behind the barrel . Remove it by tapping it forward with a piece of wood and it will move forward until it „snaps‟ off.Links . Insulate the jaws of the vice-grips with heavy cloth or a piece of leather.Other cleaning method's . you work from the front of the rifle toward the rear and to reassemble. you work from the rear toward the front.Site map . It makes fine windage adjustments a snap.Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling . Remove the cleaning rod by simply unscrewing it and pull it straight out.. Lift the safety lever to the upright.E-mail How to Disassembly / Reassembly the Mauser 98k * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * The first steps to take are safety oriented… 1. punch and another pair hands to make windage adjustments.Preservation .Photo gallery .Electrolysis .Bolt disassembling . the chamber is empty and that you can see that the barrel is unobstructed inside.Schematics .

You can see the trigger guard and floorplate. Next. Now tap the front barrel band forward with a piece of wood. It will only move about 1/8”. Be careful to notice that the pin is a one-way pin. floorplate. They are NOT interchangeable. turn the rifle over. It will lift right off. DO NOT use a screwdriver!) and depress the plunger in the hole at the rear of the floorplate. Do so by using a small round piece of wood (like a wooden pencil. Lock the vice grips in this position. Grasp the trigger guard and lift it out of the stock. Lift out the whole follower assembly. It will resist you because it has a spring-clamp that you can see that holds it . If you wish. It is held in place by two large screws and two locking screws. Lift the stock away from the action and barrel. exert a strong rearward motion also about I/8th of an inch and the floorplate will release from the trigger guard. They only go on one way. It will come straight out. remove the trigger guard. With a piece of wood. Relax the vice grips. The front lock screw goes only in the front locking hole and the rear lock screw only goes in the rear-locking hole. you may remove the bayonet lug. NOTE: Be aware of which end of the zig-zag follower spring holds the floorplate and which end holds the follower. Do not use a metal tool. Tap it all the way off. Do so by using a small punch and tap it out from the left side to the right until it comes out. Remove the locking screws and remember where they came from. 3. remove the upper handguard. Next. It will come forward easily. Slide the follower off the spring and do so with the floorplate. Next. They look alike but they are not. Remove the front and rear screws from the trigger guard. Do so by first removing the screw located in front of the rear sight. Holding it depressed. Otherwise you risk feeding failure(s). tap the rear barrel band forward until it comes off. grasp the long spring and lift it out. spring and follower. Exert enough pressure until you see that the locking pin is out of its hole in the front barrel band. It will work properly in only one direction so remember which way it fits by marking the „lead‟ end of it with a red marker. Tap the bayonet lug straight forward and it will come right off. It has a sling slot on the left side. Remove the floorplate. Grasp the rear underside of the upper handguard and push it straight away from the barrel. remove the rear barrel band. The barrel assembly will them be free of the main stock assembly and will be laying right in front of you! Next.

Once out. . Naturally it doesn‟t „rotate‟ very much. . The spring is the trigger return spring and without it the rifle will fail. It controls the relationship of the trigger guard to the to the barrel. You can‟t see them until you remove the bolt release assembly. therefore you can‟t lose it. You can replace the combat trigger with a special hunting / competition trigger assembly that we can supply. but not always. Do not lose it! It is vital. Next…if you wish. The spring is small and easy to lose. It is normally not removed. The equivalent front spacer is actually „built-in‟ to the front of the trigger guard. you may take out the trigger assembly. you may take off the bolt release assembly. It has a small coil spring that lives in a small cavity in the trigger frame. It is located on the left rear of the receiver. The new trigger assembly is fully adjustable while combat triggers are not. It is held in place by a pointed screw and it fits through two raised lugs built in to the left rear of the receiver. comes out of the stock with the trigger guard screws. The hinge pin comes out easily but still must be driven out with a small punch. it is that well designed. The special spanner wrench is available from us. This spacer is very important. All Mauser models work the same way. The spanner wrench is needed to remove (and replace) the round plate because it is tightly threaded onto the recoil lug. Do so by driving out the trigger hinge pin around which the trigger „rotates‟. The new trigger assembly will „drop-in‟ in place of the old trigger assembly. 4. the trigger frame and assembly will literally fall out of the receiver. The recoil lug remains in the stock. Next…if you wish. Overcome the spring-clamp by pushing the rear of the upper hand guard loose as mentioned above and lift it free of the barrel. Now everything is exposed for cleaning or for „dropping-in‟ a sporter stock (that we can supply). It is easy to damage the front of the upper handguard while it is free of the barrel because the front of it is thinner than the rear part. About 10 degrees. fit its two prongs into the corresponding holes and turn the plate counter-clockwise until it backs all the way out. It is also expensive to replace so be careful. It is expensive to replace. drive the recoil lug straight out of the stock with a small piece of wood. Once out. you must also replace it during reassembly. Notice that there is one cylindrical spacer associated with the rear guard screw that generally. You may remove it from the stock if you wish but it is normally not necessary. Congratulations…you have now detail-stripped the Mauser Model 48. With the wrench. If you choose to remove it. Just remove the screw in the normal fashion and lift off the assembly but don‟t lose it. On the right side of the stock you will see a round plate with two holes designed for a special spanner wrench.

Do so by sliding it onto the front of the stock and reinstall its retaining pin. Reinstall the upper handguard. Test the movement of the trigger and make sure that it does not bind in either direction. Make sure it is spring powered and swings and returns freely. Make sure the main-screw spacers are in place and reinstall the trigger guard with the main screws and put the small locking screws in their correct place (the same holes from which they were removed). Start from the rear and work toward the front. You will need the special spanner wrench to properly lock it down. Reassemble the follower onto the follower spring taking care to install the correct end of the spring into the follower bottom. Make sure that the plunger „clicks‟ audibly into position. Make sure that the sling-slot of the rear barrel band is on the left side of the rifle. Attach the bolt release assembly onto the receiver locking it in place with the pointed screw. Turn the rifle over.To reassemble the rifle… …simply work in reverse. The bayonet lug does not „see‟ the upper handguard but the wide front barrel band covers its base. Reassemble the floorplate onto the other end of the follower spring. Insert the rear part of the long locking spring under the rear barrel band within its slot in the stock. Reinstall the receiver / barrel / trigger assembly into the stock. with no drag. Then reinstall the entire follower assembly into the magazine well. Notice that the floorplate has two hook-like surfaces that engage the magazine well. 6. Tap the rear barrel band back as far as it will go making sure that it butts up against the wall of the stock and upper handguard. Reinstall the bayonet lug. The spring must be depressed low enough to be sure the front barrel band can slip over the small pin on the front of the spring. It locks the . Reinstall the front barrel band onto the stock and upper handguard. The trigger-return spring is built-in to the new hunting / competition trigger assembly and is not a separate part. You must use the vice grips again in order to depress the raised surface of the long locking spring. Reassemble the recoil lug back into the stock if you removed it. You will be overcoming the little spring-loaded plunger that you depressed to remove the floorplate. Restore the original trigger assembly onto the receiver making sure that the spring rests in its cavity and the hinge pin is put properly in place. Hook the front one first and then depress and slide forward the rear part of the floorplate. Leave the bolt out of the rifle at this time. Reinstall the rear barrel band. Snap the clamp over the rear of the barrel making sure that it „goes home‟ securely.

Relax the vice grips. Make sure the safety is in the upright.front barrel band solidly in place. Install the bolt assembly into the receiver. Tap it on with a piece of wood. Force the rounded edges into the grooves and then tap it all the way on with a piece of wood. Make sure your rifle is coated with a light coat of high quality gun oil. Reinstall the front sight hood. Do NOT use a screwdriver. 7. vertical position. Congratulations…you have now properly reassembled your rifle . It must fit into the grooves on either side of the front sight base. There is a special tool that will grasp the hood and allow you to easily „spread‟ the hood so that you can easily slip the hood onto the front sight base. It is a strong spring-hood. Also make sure it goes all the way to the wall formed by the upper handguard and the stock.

Rifle 98k .Info about page author .German 98k stock .98 stock .24 .Rifle vz.Gew.Polish wz.Links .Stock .Others ..Other Models .Short info .Parts .Home page .Info about page .Other cleaning method's .Short history of Mauser 98k .Download .Photo gallery .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Bayonets .Sniper models .29 stock .Stock copies .Preservation .Czech vz.Site map .Black oxiding .E-mail German stock * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Standard stock made for Wehrmacht : Buttstock Buttstock .Portugal Mauser .24 stock .Factory stamps .Message board .Electrolysis .Rifle wz.Schematics .29 .Rifle M48 .

Inside view Upper and lower band .

Stock from booth sides Buttstock .

Whole stock Upper band Buttstock .

View on the receiver Wehrmacht stock .

German stocks in best condition

Upper band

Butt stock

- Home page - Short history of Mauser 98k - Short info - Other Models - Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling - Photo gallery - Stock - German 98k stock - Polish wz.29 stock - Czech vz.24 stock - Gew.98 stock - Stock copies - Parts - Factory stamps - Bayonets - Rifle 98k - Rifle vz.24 - Rifle wz.29 - Rifle M48 - Portugal Mauser - Sniper models - Others - Electrolysis - Other cleaning method's - Preservation - Black oxiding - Schematics - Download - Links - Info about page author - Info about page - Message board - Site map - E-mail

Polish Mauser wz.29 stock * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Front side of stock

Main view of Polish Mauser wz.29

Upper band of Polish Mauser

Front side of stock

Main view

Another buttstock

Right side view

Left side view

- Home page - Short history of Mauser 98k - Short info - Other Models - Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling - Photo gallery - Stock - German 98k stock - Polish wz.29 stock - Czech vz.24 stock - Gew.98 stock - Stock copies - Parts - Factory stamps - Bayonets - Rifle 98k - Rifle vz.24 - Rifle wz.29 - Rifle M48 - Portugal Mauser - Sniper models - Others - Electrolysis - Other cleaning method's - Preservation - Black oxiding - Schematics - Download - Links - Info about page author - Info about page - Message board - Site map - E-mail

Czechoslovakian stock * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Czech stock model

Inside of stock

Czech stock with few dismensions

Back side Belt holders Upper wood part .

Buttstock .

Some stock dismensions .

- Home page - Short history of Mauser 98k - Short info - Other Models - Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling - Photo gallery - Stock - German 98k stock - Polish wz.29 stock - Czech vz.24 stock - Gew.98 stock - Stock copies - Parts - Factory stamps - Bayonets - Rifle 98k - Rifle vz.24 - Rifle wz.29 - Rifle M48 - Portugal Mauser - Sniper models - Others - Electrolysis - Other cleaning method's - Preservation - Black oxiding - Schematics - Download - Links - Info about page author - Info about page - Message board - Site map - E-mail

Long Mauser Gew 98 stock * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Compare of Mauser model 1888 (up) and 1898 (down)

Main view

New stock for Mauser Gew. 98

Gew. 98

Gew 98 with cleaning rod

View on receiver with bolt

Another main view

Zoom on receiver

Few photos showing Gew. 98

Another view of receiver

Front band with bayonet mount

Front band with cleaning rod

Code on stock and belt mounting

Another main view

Gew 98.

Front side of stock

New model of Gew. 98 stock

Top view on the receiver

View on bolt

Short info .Barrel with receiver .Electrolysis .Home page .Black oxiding .Sights .Bolt . . barrel.Portugal Mauser .Other cleaning method's .Bayonets . This section contain photos of random parts like: bolt.Short history of Mauser 98k .E-mail Mauser 98k parts * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * In this galleries I collect many photos with mauser parts.Preservation .Download .Message board . receivers.Site map . and many more.Magazine and others .Rifle 98k .Info about page author .. all metal parts without stock.Rifle vz.Others .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Factory stamps .Sniper models .Rifle wz.Photo gallery .29 . After all you can find here almost all metal parts what Mauser 98k contains.Links .24 .Rifle M48 .Info about page .Schematics .Stock . Galleries are divided on most interesting parts od Mauser rifle.Parts .Other Models .


Links .Magazine and others .Download .Other Models .Portugal Mauser .Electrolysis .Site map .E-mail Mauser 98k bolts * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Mauser 98k receiver with bolt Bolt safety catch .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Info about page author .Preservation .Short info .Others .Barrel with receiver .Rifle vz.Black oxiding .Rifle 98k .Rifle M48 .Factory stamps .Stock .Parts .24 .Home page .Other cleaning method's .Message board .Photo gallery .Schematics .Sights ..Bolt .Rifle wz.Sniper models .Info about page .Short history of Mauser 98k .Bayonets .29 .

Bolt extractor Partialy disassmebled bolt Zoom on safety catch .

safty catch. bolt sleeve .Take a look on Mauser bolt condition Front of bolt with extractor Cocking piece.

9463 .New bolt sleeve Safety catches German bolt nr.with 75% of oryginal black oxiding. .

Bolt in the best condition Mauser 98k bolt parts .

Bolt body. front of bolt. hand holder .

rear view .Excavation Mauser 98k bolt .

Austria . Steyr.Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG.Another side view Bnz 1945 .

Oberndorf on the Neckar Dot 1944 . Bruenn plant. Czechoslovakia .Waffenwerke Bruenn.Byf 1944 .Mauser-Werke KG.


Site map .Bolt .Short info .Schematics .Bayonets .Factory stamps .Home page .Other cleaning method's .Rifle wz.Magazine and others .Sniper models .Rifle M48 .Black oxiding .Other Models .Message board .Others .Portugal Mauser .Preservation .Sights .Links .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Electrolysis .left side view Upper view .Rifle 98k .Short history of Mauser 98k .24 .E-mail Photos of receiver with barrel * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Standard Mauser 98k receiver .29 .Photo gallery ..Rifle vz.Stock .Info about page .Barrel with receiver .Parts .Info about page author .Download .

Front view (you could see screw for barrel) Another receiver Mauser receiver from 2000 year .

Some sniper Mauser receiver Holes for scope mounting .

Hard to see old text "Germany" Front view of receiver Main view .

Side view Serial number with code Mod98 on Mauser 98k receiver Bolt stop and spring .

Receiver .

Mauser 98k receiver Byf 1943 nr.Mauser-Werke KG. 1217 . Oberndorf on the Neckar Aproximately 50% of oryginal black oxiding: .

Mauser receiver with bolt and magazine View on bolt. extractor and receiver Barrel Another barrel Main view .


Barrel with receiver .Bolt .Parts .Sniper models .Electrolysis .Short history of Mauser 98k .Rifle wz.Others .Download .Magazine and others .Bayonets .Info about page author .Schematics .Preservation .Other cleaning method's .Rifle 98k .Stock ..Black oxiding .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Rifle vz.Photo gallery .Other Models .Short info .E-mail Standard Mauser 98k sights and other * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Standard German Mauser sight in usefull condition German sight .24 .Site map .Info about page .Factory stamps .Links .Sights .29 .Home page .Message board .Portugal Mauser .Rifle M48 .

And another one Front sight cover .

Scope mounting Sight holder from Czechoslovakian Mauser vz.24 .

24 Code (Z .vz.24 Czechoslovakian Mauser) .Front sight of vz.

24 .24 Front sight vz.Rear sight from Mauser vz.

Long Mauser 98 Like before .Sight holder Mauser vz.24 sights Sight from Gew 98 .

And side view .

Rifle vz.Stock .Electrolysis .Preservation .Info about page .Others .24 .Bolt .Parts .Home page .Bayonets .Site map .Schematics .Rifle wz.Sights .Rifle M48 .Message board .Links .Short info .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .E-mail Magazine and other Mauser parts * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Barrel cover Original cleaning rod Random parts .Black oxiding .Download .Other cleaning method's .Magazine and others .Sniper models .Portugal Mauser ..Rifle 98k .Barrel with receiver .29 .Photo gallery .Info about page author .Factory stamps .Short history of Mauser 98k .Other Models .

Random bolt parts Front sight cover Magazine for 5 rounds .

Magazine Another side view Front band .

Disassembled excavation Mauser Excavation barrel in bad shape Magazine spring .


Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .29 .On receiver ..Message board .Download . First include factory stamps on receiver .Schematics .Portugal Mauser .Sniper models .Electrolysis .Stock .Links .Others . In second one You can find technical check codes called Waffenamt.Short history of Mauser 98k .E-mail Factory stamps on various Mausers parts * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * In this gallery You can find various photos of popular Mauser 98k factory stamps.Info about page author .Rifle 98k .Black oxiding .Waffenamt codes .Parts .Home page . .Preservation .Rifle wz.Rifle M48 . Gallery is in three parts.Other Models .almost all producer codes. And the last gallery contains all unsorted factory stamps on various parts.Other cleaning method's .Factory stamps .Bayonets .Short info .Others .Info about page .Photo gallery .Rifle vz.Site map .24 .


E-mail Factory markings on receiver * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Fabryka Broni Radom .Portugal Mauser .Rifle M48 .Others .Other cleaning method's .Rifle 98k .Rifle Poland) FB Warszawa 1926 .On receiver .Schematics .24 .Info about page author .receiver (Radom weapon factory .Photo gallery .Links .Info about page .Short history of Mauser 98k .Home page .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Bayonets .Preservation .Download .29 .Electrolysis .Short info .Site map .Other Models ..Stock .Waffenamt codes .receiver (Warsaw weapon factory .in Poland) Example factory code .Message board .Rifle wz.Black oxiding .Factory stamps .Others .Sniper models .Parts .

Factory code on receiver Receiver Another marks on receiver .

Steyr. 41 SS code .Receiver with bnz.Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG. Austria .

Bruenn plant.Dot 1941 .Waffenwerke Bruenn. Czechoslovakia SS markings .

Sniper version bcd 44 .Mauser-Werke AG. Weimar Receiver S/243 from 1937 year . BerlinBorsigwalde .Wilhelm-Gustloff-Werke.

Receiver with byf 1943 code - Mauser-Werke KG, Oberndorf on the Neckar

Receiver wihth propably CE code from 1942 year - J.P. Sauer u. Sohn, Waffenfabrik, Suhl, Thuringia

Here you can see serial number and Kar 98. markings

Some code on german Mauser 98k receiver

Code on long Mauser Gew. 98.

Caliber markings on Gew 98

Caliber with most popular code "Danzig" on Gew. 98

Receiver with old german eagle.

Top view on Gew. 98 receiver

Mauser Oberndorf warrenfabrik - receiver of Gew 98. Caliber 7,90mm

Rifle vz.Rifle 98k .Waffenamt codes .Others .E-mail Waffenamt codes * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Rear sight Front band Few waffenamts on receiver .Links .Rifle M48 .Home page .Preservation .Info about page .24 .Other Models .Rifle wz.On receiver .Short info ..Photo gallery .Portugal Mauser .Electrolysis .Schematics .Parts .29 .Factory stamps .Short history of Mauser 98k .Message board .Others .Site map .Info about page author .Bayonets .Black oxiding .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Stock .Other cleaning method's .Sniper models .Download .

Mauser Werke KG.Waffenamt on receiver WAA81 Waffenamt on stock WaA83 . Baden-Württemberg (42) : (1938 . Oberndorf-amNeckar.39) .

Just like before .

Photo gallery .Factory stamps .Other cleaning method's .Other Models .Bayonets .Rifle M48 .24 .Black oxiding .Portugal Mauser .On receiver .Rifle vz.Download .Links .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Rifle 98k .Stock .Short history of Mauser 98k .Electrolysis .Site map .Polish Mauser Bolt holder .Others .E-mail Many other Mauser 98k codes * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Bolt holder .29 .Waffenamt codes .Preservation .Others .Parts .Info about page author .Sniper models .Short info .Schematics ..Info about page .Home page .Rifle wz.Message board .

Cocking piece Stamp on magazine .

magazine and barrel .Magazine Bolt.

Rear band Front band .

Trigger .

Others .Parts .Schematics .Short history of Mauser 98k .Home page .Factory stamps .29 .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Download .Short info .Message board .German .Links .Photo gallery .Rifle M48 . .Info about page author .Other Models .Stock ..Black oxiding .Other cleaning method's .Rifle vz.Preservation .Electrolysis .Others .Sniper models .Bayonets .Site map .Rifle 98k .Rifle wz.24 . or Czech.Polish .E-mail Bayonets used with Mauser 98 and 98k * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * This gallery including photos of various bayonets made in Germany or Poland and many other countrys like Yugoslavian.Portugal Mauser .Info about page .


Rifle vz..Bayonets .Sniper models .E-mail Polish bayonet for Mauser 98k called "Perkun" * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Main view in case Like before.Other cleaning method's .Others .Stock .Others .German .Portugal Mauser .Electrolysis .Short history of Mauser 98k .Factory stamps .Rifle M48 .Schematics .Preservation .Links .Other Models .Home page .Info about page .Parts .Short info .Black oxiding .Download .24 .Message board .Rifle wz.Rifle 98k .Photo gallery . but from other side .Site map .Polish .Info about page author .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .29 .

How hand-holder looks Factory stamps on hand-holder Cutting edge .

Front of bayonet case Backward side of bayonet case .

Polish Army) . (Wojsko Polskie .P.Bayonet with case Stamp W.

E-mail German bayonets used with Mauser 98k * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Bayonet fot Mauser 98k (German model) German bayonet with wooden holder.Schematics .Others .Portugal Mauser ..Photo gallery .Other Models .Other cleaning method's .Download .Info about page .Rifle vz.Site map .Polish .Message board .Preservation .Others .Rifle 98k .24 .Info about page author .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Short history of Mauser 98k .Electrolysis .Rifle wz.Short info .29 .German .Links .Black oxiding .Home page .Bayonets .Parts .Sniper models .Stock . Bayonet case with belt .Factory stamps .Rifle M48 .

holder. .

Sniper models .Site map .Info about page .Photo gallery .Electrolysis .Rifle wz.Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Short history of Mauser 98k .24 .Home page .Other cleaning method's .Rifle M48 .24 Czech bayonet vz.Parts .German .24 with bayonet case.Download . Czech bayonet with case and belt holder .Others .Message board .Black oxiding .Rifle 98k .Factory stamps .Links .Other Models .Rifle vz.E-mail Other bayonets models * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Czech bayonet vz.Stock .Schematics .Info about page author .Others .Preservation .Polish .Bayonets ..Short info .Portugal Mauser .29 .


24 .E-mail Mauser 98k * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * In this gallery you can find Mauser 98k photos. Last one shows many others conditions which couldn't be selected. New mausers are complete ones with almost 100% of black oxiding and good looking stock.Parts .29 .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Photo gallery .Preservation .Portugal Mauser .New Mauser 98k .Bayonets .Rifle M48 . which this site is dedicated.Site map .Rifle wz.Other cleaning method's .Excavation .Other Models .From Garret .Short history of Mauser 98k ... Third gallery shows excavation mausers which can be found here in Poland.Others . Second ones are mausers found many years after war in homes.Links .Info about page .Home page .. . including self collected Mauser with other parts.Stock .Short info .Rifle 98k .Black oxiding . So lets take a look.Rifle vz. I partial this gallery in diferent conditions.Schematics .Others .Sniper models .Factory stamps .Message board .Download .Electrolysis .Info about page author .


Rifle wz.Excavation .Rifle M48 .Preservation .Message board .Electrolysis .Sniper models .Photo gallery .Stock .Short history of Mauser 98k .E-mail Mauser 98k just like new * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Mauser 98k Mauser with it's inventory Kar 98k .Others .24 .Site map .Download .From Garret ..New Mauser 98k .Bayonets .Factory stamps .Rifle vz.Others .Schematics .Info about page author .Other Models .Short info .Portugal Mauser .Rifle 98k .Other cleaning method's .29 .Links .Parts .Black oxiding .Home page .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Info about page .

The box with Mausers captured after war with Russian Soldiers Photo from museum .

Another rifle 98k And more Mauser with grenade launcher .

Mauser 98k Byf 1941 Very good looking Mauser 98k the same as before Another one .

Two standard types of German Mauser stocks Mauser 98k rifle with belt .

Main view with accesories View on bolt and receiver Buttstock Rear sight Bolt .

Waffenamt and serial number Top view on bolt and receiver With added bayonet Mod 98k .

Brand new receiver for Mausera 98k Top view on bolt in receiver Another side view German Mauser 98k .


From Garret .Others .Schematics .Other cleaning method's .Short history of Mauser 98k .E-mail Few Mausers 98k in "garret" condition * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Main view of Mauser 98k Loaded magazine Bolt and receiver Closed bolt .24 .Rifle wz.Stock .Site map .Parts .New Mauser 98k .Black oxiding .Rifle M48 .Portugal Mauser .Message board .Others .Rifle 98k .Download .Links .Other Models .Home page .Rifle vz.Info about page .Info about page author .Factory stamps ..29 .Bayonets .Short info .Preservation .Photo gallery .Sniper models .Excavation .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Electrolysis .

German 98k with bayonet in "garret" condition With mounted bayonet Rear sight .

Open bolt in receiver Top view .

(See how this Mauser was deactivated pos war) .Closed bolt bolt in receiver Bolt in receiver.

Whole metal parts Front sight .

Other cleaning method's ..Links .Rifle 98k .Sniper models .Rifle M48 .Message board .Bayonets .Preservation .Site map .24 Receiver with bolt Receiver Vz.Parts .Factory stamps .Schematics .24 main view Another Vz.24 * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Mauser vz.24 .Home page .Photo gallery .Others .29 .Info about page .Black oxiding .Electrolysis .Download .Stock .Info about page author .BRNO Factory markings .Portugal Mauser .E-mail Czechoslovakian Mauser Vz.Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Rifle vz.Short info .Other Models .Rifle wz.24 .Short history of Mauser 98k .

Receiver with bolt stop and bolt stop spring Open bolt Vz.24 in main view .

24 in main view .Receiver factory markings Another vz.

Good look on stock with bayonet .

Other cleaning method's .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Other Models .Home page .Short history of Mauser 98k .Download .Info about page .Electrolysis .Rifle wz.29 * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Beautiful Polish eagle on top of receiver Main marks with serial number Buttstock .Portugal Mauser .24 .Rifle M48 .Parts .Links .Site map .Rifle 98k .Rifle vz.Black oxiding .Factory stamps .Preservation .Info about page author .E-mail Polish short Mauser called wz.Stock .Message board .Photo gallery .Short info .Sniper models .Schematics .Others .29 ..Bayonets .

Barrel caliber 7.Bolt hand holder Some view on magazine (you can see serial number) Main view on Polish Mauser wz.90mm .29 Codes on receiver.

Rear band Bolt in receiver .

Front sight Rear sight (lenght from 300m to 2000m) Closed bolt in receiver Main view Mauser made in Radom .

Codes on stock "FB Radom 1930 year" code on receiver .

Code on receiver K29 Buttstock Bolt disassembling hole .

Typical front sight cover for polish Mauser Main view .

29 .E-mail Yugoslavian Mauser model wz.Rifle M48 .Bayonets .Others ..Stock .Preservation .Electrolysis .Rifle 98k .Rifle vz.Black oxiding .Factory stamps .Portugal Mauser .Short info .Other cleaning method's .Info about page .Message board .24 .Sniper models .Home page .Download .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Site map .Parts .Schematics .Rifle wz.48 * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Model M48 with bayonet Two M48 Main view Another M48 with other stock Model 48 with bayonet and holding belt .Other Models .Photo gallery .Short history of Mauser 98k .Links .Info about page author .

Factory codes on receiver Yugoslavian factory markings M48 Main view Stock made in other material Another M48 with accesories .

Another main view A little diferent model M48 M48 disassembled .

Serial number 3199.Rifle wz.Photo gallery .Stock .Info about page author .Info about page .Links .Black oxiding .Short history of Mauser 98k .Short info .Portugal Mauser ..Rifle vz.Home page .Other cleaning method's .Other Models .Rifle M48 .24 .Electrolysis .E-mail Portugal Mauser 98k in great shape from 1937 * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * This is German Mauser 98k made for Portugal in 1937.Download .Schematics .Site map .Preservation .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Rifle 98k .29 .Factory stamps . View on bolt in receiver Main view .Message board .Others .Parts .Sniper models .Bayonets .

Factory stamp on receiver and Waffenamts Rear sight .

Factory stamp on receiver Buttstock Rear view .

Factory stamps on buttstock .

Receiver with factory codes .

Front bands .

Buttstock View on bolt .


Home page . 5.Schematics .Rifle vz.Download .Preservation .Other Models .E-mail Mauser 98k sniper models * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * 1.Message board .Scopes .Sniper models .Photo gallery .29 .Electrolysis .24 .Rifle wz.Portugal Mauser .Bayonets .Rifle 98k . 4.Links .Short info .Rifle M48 .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling . 2.Factory stamps .Other cleaning method's .Site map .Info about page author .Black oxiding .Others . .Info about page .Parts . 3.Stock .Short history of Mauser 98k .. 6.

Mauser 98k with with 4x czech scope. Mauser 98k with Ajack 4x scope. 5. 7. 6.5x zeilfenrhor 41 (ZF 41) scope. Mauser 98k in sniper version Mounting on side of receiver with screws Sniper Mauser with cleaning rod and ammo . Mauser 98k with 1. 2. 8. 4. Mauser 98k with ZF 4x scope. Mauser 98k with Ajack 4x scope. Mauser 98k with 4x Dialytan scope. 3. Mauser 98k with 4x Dialytan scope. 8.7. 1. Mauser 98k Czech production. production Gustloff Werke. Production Gustloff Werke. Model Kreigsmodell.

Scope mounting for SS .View from other side BNZ scope mounting on receiver.

Standard mounting (see waffenamts) Scope mounting on side of receiver was mounted with three screws. Another side view (see waffenamts) Short scope mounting ZF-41 type scope mounting .

Mauser 98k with scope .



Photo gallery .Black oxiding .Rifle 98k .Rifle M48 .Rifle vz.Electrolysis ..24 .Stock .Rifle wz.Sniper models .Parts .Home page .Download .E-mail Scopes used with sniper Mausers 98k * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * II WW Scope Disassembled scope ZF41 Scope .Portugal Mauser .29 .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Info about page author .Others .Message board .Short history of Mauser 98k .Bayonets .Other cleaning method's .Factory stamps .Preservation .Info about page .Other Models .Schematics .Links .Short info .Site map .Scopes .


Bayonets .Stock .Preservation .Sniper models .Info about page author .Site map .Factory stamps .Black oxiding .Parts .Links .E-mail Some Mauser modifications and other photos * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Mauser 98k with cleaning rod and ammo Scope mounting or receiver Magazine with 5 ammo rounds .Portugal Mauser .Message board .Photo gallery .Short info .Home page .Rifle wz.Short history of Mauser 98k .Rifle 98k .Other Models .Rifle M48 .Download .29 ..Electrolysis .Info about page .Schematics .Other cleaning method's .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Rifle vz.24 .Others .

cleaning rod and bands .Disassembling bolt with use buttstock-hole Barrel.

Loaded Mauser Mauser 98k bolt (with ammo) .

Bolt top view Another receiver Mauser 98k with pack of ammo .

Cleaning rod and front band Rear bolt view .

Some "home made" modifications .




Before / After .

Hunting Mauser Gew.98 .

* ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * Required Material: .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Photo gallery . .Thing you want to clean (see the photo) .Site map .Other cleaning method's .Some plastic vessel (not metal) and large enough to fit the item you are cleaning .Preservation .Download .Links .Short history of Mauser 98k .Schematics .Two power cords (the best types are the alligator clips.Short info .Salt or NaOH.Black oxiding . . best one to have is with a voltage control.Home page ..Other Models .) A piece of iron to act as an electrode (do not use anything other that scrap due to the fact it will be destroyed during the process!). . .E-mail Electrolysis – cleaning finds.Info about page author .And at least the capability of producing at least 1 to a maximum of 7 amps.Info about page .Power supply (or car battery charger) 12V.Electrolysis .Message board .

It‟s good to clean you‟re your item with a metal brush from time to time to help speed along the process. so it‟s really important to insure that your workspace is properly ventilated. The entire process will take anywhere from a few hours up to few days. . bubbles will flow from electrode and the item you are attempting to clean. The easiest is water. as to cause serious bodily injury. You have to be careful to not blow out your power supply. If use NaOH. Now you have to prepare electrolyte. Again experience will be the judge. so you must be sure that you made your connections properly. you must quickly change the polarity (+ and -). If they are flowing from electrode. If they are flowing only from clip. It‟s probably all for this subject… If you have any questions. you should see a flow of bubbles. everything is OK. because it is not caustic. Whereas. this process will take a long time. It‟s very important to provide good contact point so be sure to scrape away some of the rust to allow a good point of contact. It is also recommended to replace the electrolyte from time to time. If bubbles are flowing from the entire object you are cleaning. please mail me. depending of rust intensity and current you are using. Now connect the negative terminal (-) to the object you are attempting to clean. This process gives off oxygen (that which accelerates rusting). place the electrode (+) and your item you want to clean with the electrode (-) connected. NaOH is extremely caustic. The best electrode is some active metal such as iron or zinc. so you must insure your work space has adequate ventilation! Procedure: Connect cables to your power supply. but removes paint! CAUTION: This process produces HYDROGEN.Electrolysis doesn’t removes original oxide. Connect the positive (+) to your electrode (keeping in mind again that it will be consumed during the process). it will be quicker. If intensity is low (~1 A). and polarity is correct. on item you are cleaning it will give off hydrogen. You have to dissolve so much salt as you can. Table salt is safer. on the subject the intensity of the current that you are applying. Now. They cannot be in direct contact with each other! Turn on the power. Pour into it some table salt (NaCl) or NaOH. so remember YOU HAVE TO BE VERY CAREFUL!! Once you have prepared the electrolyte. you must check the point of contact. From the item you are cleaning. Past experience has shown that the optimal intensity is 7 A per 100 cm2 of area. If intensity is higher (>4 A). (Hydrogen and oxygen is very explosive).

hit close to the rear screw until rear screw won‟t be loose. Using the hammer. Next. with the magazine facing upwards. This. . By utilizing this procedure you will save original screws. and most importantly you minimize the chances of damaging your rifle. screwdriver. To unscrew the front screw. After you bend it back you knock out the front screw with a hammer (using this procedure you shall break the second guard screw). Do it like the magazine won‟t accost the trigger and turn it few times (unscrew). Now remove the screw cover – its thin sheet metal. in my opinion is better option. Procedure: turn the rifle over. than sawing and drilling screws off. you must bend the magazine (close to screw).How do you remove rusted screw from the magazine in Mauser 98k? Tools required: hammer. By the way should break small guard screw. pliers. grasp the screw with pliers (between magazine and bolt chamber) and unscrew it.

Download ..Short info .E-mail Various usefull schematics * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * In this section i collect all schemes i can found which shows Mauser 98k including it building or dismensions. You can find here some more schemes with Mauser ammo or many interesting things connected with Wehrmacht. .Schematics .Short history of Mauser 98k .Mauser 98k .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Electrolysis .Other cleaning method's .Message board .Others .Links .Home page .Site map .Photo gallery .Info about page .Other Models .Preservation .Black oxiding .Info about page author .


Info about page .E-mail Some usefull schematics of Mauser 98k and more * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * 1.Site map . Mauser kar 98k and bolt. Mauser 98k in parts (English Version) .Schematics .Electrolysis .Black oxiding .Short info .Download .Others . 2.Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling ..Other Models .Home page .Other cleaning method's .Short history of Mauser 98k .Info about page author .Photo gallery .Mauser 98k .Message board .Preservation .Links .

. Mod 98.3. Schematics part 3 4.

5. Scheme of Mauser 98 (Spanish language) 7. The names of part's 8. A photo from german book with Mauser 98 load instruction . 6.

9. Mauser parts . How bolt is moving 10.

Electrolysis .Site map .92x57mm 2. Ranks in german army on world war two (WWII) .Mauser factory codes Assembling/Disassembling .Black oxiding .E-mail Other usefull schemes connected somehow with Mauser 98k * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * 1. Ammo from Mauser .Links .Info about page author .. Ammo 3.Short history of Mauser 98k .Info about page .Schematics .Short info .caliber 7.Other Models .Message board .Photo gallery .Preservation .Download .Other cleaning method's .Home page .Others .Mauser 98k .

Mauser gun from 1912 (article in english) ."Broomhandle" .Infantry/Aviation/Navy 4. German uniforms 5.