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Iftari Offers in Lahore

As Ramadan came, all restaurants run for their Iftari offer and competition starts in between
them. Have a look at this year’s Iftari offers of Lahore and choose your restaurant. I’m writing
on them randomly without any sequence.


All you can eat @ Rs. 500/- (Dine in only)

Menu: Zinger, Chicken, Fries, Rice, Pepsi

Family Deal: 9 pcs Chicken + 1.5 liter Pepsi @ Rs. 750/-

Sehri Deal: Zinger + regular Pepsi @ Rs. 150/-

Family Deal can be also delivered to home but delivery will be during Iftar hour. Delivery phone
no. is 111-532-532
Any Meal during after one hour of Iftar will be @ Rs. 250/- (Medium Size)

Secondly ‘buy One get One free offer‘ on Rs. 85/- desert (which are Milk Shakes, Sundae and

Thirdly there is an Umrah Ticket prize daily.


1st Ramdan till 10th Ramadan: Buy One Get One Free (6 inch sandwich)

11th Ramadan till 20th Ramadan: Buy Two Get One Free (6 inch sandwich)

Offer valid from 7pm till 9pm and these offers are only for Garden Town, H-block DHA and
M.M.Alam Road branch.

Further they are going to start Sehri offer from 16th Ramadan which will be valid for only
Garden Town and M.M.Alam Road branch.
Pizza Hut

All You Can Eat @ Rs. 474/- (Dine in only)

Choose your Pan Pizza from Chicken Tikka, Chicken Fajita, Supreme and Hot & Spicy + Salads
+ Pepsi. This offer is till 10pm. Prices are subject to tax.

For Take away and delivery click on the second photo to enlarge and call to their Hot Line: 111-
Domino’s Pizza
Buy one Pizza and get a 50% discount on your second Pizza of same size but any flavor you

Address: Model Town Link Road and Y-block DHA.

For delivery call at: 111-366-466

Salt ‘n Pepper Village

Iftar Cum Dinner Buffet @ Rs. 790

Sehri Buffet @ Rs. 450/- (Only on Saturdays and Sundays)

Address: M.M.Alam Road Gulberg 3, Lahore. Phone # 35750735, 35875536
Salt ‘n Pepper Grill
Iftar Cum Dinner Buffet @ Rs. 750/-

Sehri Buffet @ Rs. 450/- (Only on Saturdays and Sundays)

Address: Gulberg 2, Lahore.

Ph# 35713551-2

Salt ‘n Pepper Golden Lotus
Iftar Cum Dinner Buffet @ Rs. 650/-

No Sehri Offer here

Address: 102-C-2, Gulberg 3, Lahore

Ph# 35771450-2

Important thing in all of the braches of Salt ‘n Pepper is that these prices are inclusive of Govt.
Freddy’s Cafe

Freddy’s Cafe is offering Iftar / Dinner Buffet @ Rs. 995/- (plus tax) and for kids up to 8 years
will be Rs. 895/- (plus tax).

They are offering a good range of food and importantly different type of food on their Menu
from all other typical restaurants. Foods seems to be tasty from their names on Menu; they are
attracting me to taste these dishes.

Click on second photo to see the complete Menu

Deal 1: Qtr Chicken + 1 sideline + 1 coke @ Rs. 249/-

Deal 2: Chicken Steak + 1 sideline + 1 coke @ Rs. 349/-

Deal 3: Half Chicken + 1 sideline + 1 coke @ Rs. 399/-

All prices are exclusive of taxes.

Iftar plus Buffet @ Rs. 549/- (plus tax)

They also have lots of dishes on their Menu. Click on the above Menu to see all the dishes
which they are offering for Iftari.

Address: M.M.Alam Road
This is one of the economical restaurant at M.M.Alam Road which gives tasty food. If you are
looking for any Iftari offer in Mirchi than you’ll be disappointed to know that they will be closed
for next seven days at least for renovation. Let’s see, they come up with what setup and
importantly with what Ramadan offer.

Address: M.M.Alam Road
Cafe Mondelano

Cafe Mondelano is offering Iftar Buffet @ Rs. 795/- (plus tax)

They are offering DUM PUKHT as their special dish; for complete Ramadan Menu click on
the above photo to enlarge. Address: M.M.Alam Road
Cafe Zouq
This is one of the favorite place for Cafe lovers. This is also close for renovation and will reopen
on 26th of August at Iftar time which means they will also give any Iftari offer which we’ll get to
know as they start it.

Student Biryani
Student Biryani is giving a real student Iftari package, less variety, less price but taste is terrific.
They have many offers for Ramadan which I’m categorizing below.

All you can eat (Iftar + Dinner) @ Rs. 375/- till 9 pm. This offer is for Lahore only.

Menu: Iftar, Chicken Biryani, Chicken Karahi, Fried Chicken, Salad, Raita, Kheer / Zarda,

Secondly they have given some other Ramadan offers for takeaway and dine in which can be
seen by clicking on the second photo of Student Biryani.

Iftar Box: This is a wonderful box which have 1 regular biryani, 1 samosa, 1 jalebi, 2 khajor
(dates), 1 banana, 2 pakora and this box is only for takeaway at the price of Rs. 99/-

For reservations and delivery; Call at 111-111-778

Address: Garden Town, near Barkat Market and Mughal-e-Azam Banquet Hall.

Address 2: Student Biryani, Fortress Stadium
Iftar + Dinner Buffet @ Rs. 599/- (plus tax)

Dinner Buffet @ Rs. 499/- (plus tax) and timings will be 9 pm to 12 am.

For Menu click on second photo and for reservation call at 5785596-7. If you directly wanna
go there than it is right next to Freddy’s cafe and opposite Nando’s Restaurant.
Gun Smoke

Gun Smoke offers Steaks and that kind of stuff. How a person like me can have a Iftari there.
But it is possible that many people would like to have Steaks in Iftari with strong flavors and
rude waiters.

All you can eat @ Rs. 699/- (plus tax) and they are offering Burgers, Sandwiches and Salad with

Address: M.M.Alam Road
Cafe Aylanto

Cafe Aylanto is offering Iftar party for a person @ Rs. 995/- (plus tax) They also have a different
sort of dishes on their Menu like Freddy’s Cafe but you can have them at Cafe Aylanto.

Address: M.M.Alam Road

Have wonderful Iftari and remember me in your prayers. As I pass through more restaurants I’ll
add their Iftari offers as well.