Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf Adaptation By Edward Maddalena

Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf

The two are in mourning over the loss of MARTHA’s mother. there’s no point to it. As GEORGE fidgets. GEORGE looks down and realizes that he has been doing exactly as MARTHA has said.EXT. GEORGE Dear. Neither says anything for a minute. MARTHA Well George? Whats the matter? GEORGE Well dear. . Every time you get nervous about something. GEORGE knocks on the door impatiently and begins to play with the button on his blazer absentmindedly. you begin to play with the buttons on your jacket. FRONT DOOR. MARTHA notices the nervous tic. your father called us and said he had to tell us something important. what’s the matter? GEORGE Everything’s fine dear. I’m worried about you. MARTHA I don’t know why were doing this George. He stops fidgeting and shoves his hands in his pockets.DAY MARTHA and GEORGE are waiting at the front door of MARTHA’S FATHER house. MARTHA George. Besides. As a brisk winter wind blows across the front lawn. a quaint two-floor colonial with a freshly cut lawn and flowers leading up to the path of the door. MARTHA shivers and moves closer to GEORGE. we should be here for him in his time of mourning. MARTHA is dressed in a black dress while GEORGE has on a pressed blazer with a black armband around his bicep. You and your father have never exactly had the best relationship and I’m just worried that your mothers passing will only make it worse between the two of you. Why would you think somethings the matter? MARTHA You can’t fool me.

MARTHA’S FATHER opens the door.2. It is clear that GEORGE is not actively participating in the embrace. MARTHA As long as he acts decent to me I promise that I won’t do anything to hurt your chances of getting tenure. We’re here exactly when we said we’d be here. His hair is mussed up and appears to just have risen from bed He seems surprised to see MARTHA and GEORGE standing on his doorstep. MARTHA is still holding on to GEORGE as she looks up and down at her father. its customary to phone ahead so that people can prepare. wearing slippers and a bathrobe. He must be vulnerable. GEORGE Martha. its 3:30 in the afternoon. . trying to understand his unkempt appearance. please do try and be polite to him. MARTHA Daddy. GEORGE pushes MARTHA out of their embrace and smooths down his suit to get rid of the wrinkles in it. I am up for tenure next month and I would hate for him to think less of me and hurt my chances of moving up in the university. But don’t get your hopes up. I’ll be civil to him as long as he is civil to me. As MARTHA wraps her arms around GEORGE. especially so soon after your mothers passing. if you’re going to come early. After all. Now come over here and give me a hug. MARTHA’S FATHER (mildly annoyed) You know dear. MARTHA turns to GEORGE and wraps her arms around him. MARTHA Don’t you worry about me. dear. She puts on a false smile. loosely tied around his waist. GEORGE does not move at MARTHA’s request. He was always miserable to me growing up and I don’t see why that should change now.

3. As GEORGE says this. MARTHA is looking around the room as a frown begins to form on her face. The living room has tall ceilings and red silk curtains surrounding the open venetian windows An ornate fireplace sits in the middle of the room with the embers of a fire still glower in the hearth. MARTHA’S FATHER (sighing deeply) Well. one which has lipstick on the rim. How have you been holding up? MARTHA’S FATHER (confusedly) Holding up? What do you mean holding up? Oh you mean since Martha’s mother died. MARTHA’S FATHER pauses and looks at MARTHA and GEORGE standing in front of him on the doorstep. GEORGE We’re sorry if we woke you sir. Of course I still miss her. It is evident that no mourning has occurred in this room in weeks. I guess as long as you’re here now you might as well come inside. INT. MARTHA’S FATHER’S LIVING ROOM. Don’t you think so dear? MARTHA (through gritted teeth) Sure dear. . I don’t see any point in you standing outside here like a dog. there is a half empty bottle and two glasses. whatever you say.DAY As GEORGE and MARTHA walk into MARTHA’S FATHER’s living room. MARTHA’S FATHER walks upstairs to get changed. Very good now that I think about it. Your father seems in high spirits. but I’ve found ways to make life a bit more bearable. On the mantle. GEORGE That sounds like a good plan sir. MARTHA’s face is contorted in a smiling grimace and GEORGE has begun fiddling with the button on his blazer again. GEORGE See dear. I’ve been good. it’s not that bad.

GEORGE Now Martha. MARTHA Cleaned? That’s a pretty weak excuse. Look closer. . Perhaps he just sent them to be cleaned. He is not successful. Some floozy’s been here partying it up with my father. MARTHA (muttering under her breath) I can’t believe it. He got rid of every picture of the two of them. Look above the fireplace! Remember the pictures of them that would sit there? Where are they? GEORGE goes over to the fireplace and looks at the bare mantle. GEORGE Don’t cry dear. How could he do something like this. there’s a bottle on the mantle. GEORGE (inquisitively) How could he do what dear? MARTHA Open your eyes and look. I told you he didn’t stop caring. He must have been having a real good time without her. look. MARTHA (angry) Look George. MARTHA goes over to the mantle to look at the bottle and sees the lipstick stained cup. lets not jump to any conclusions.4. Just face it. hes stopped mourning her. She clenches the glass in her hands and begins to sob gently. GEORGE walks across the living room and picks up a picture frame from the table next to the sofa. not even a month later. look I found a picture here. As MARTHA says this. Not even a month later. GEORGE then goes over to the windowsill in a vain attempt to find photographs.

that’s not my mother..b.. GEORGE turns around to see who is MARTHA (accusatory tone) Who are you? SUZANNE It would appear that I’m the busty blonde bimbo in that picture. then who is it exactly? MARTHA I don’t know George. GEORGE Charlie? Picture? What exactly are you talking about? SUZANNE Let me explain. GEORGE (confusedly) Well then if that’s not your mother. SUZANNE places her handwith its freshly manicured red nails on MARTHA’s shoulder.busty blonde bimbo? What? SUZANNE I’m the woman in the picture with Charlie that you’re holding.. MARTHA walks over to the table next to GEORGE. She was never a blonde in her life.b. As MARTHA and GEORGE discuss the picture SUZANNE. I have no idea who that busty blonde bimbo is.. MARTHA’S FATHER’s girlfriend begins to make her way into the frame behind MARTHA and GEORGE. MARTHA George. GEORGE (confusedly stuttering) I’m sorry. I helped ease his pain. I started work at . At first only her shadow is seen on MARTHA and GEORGE’s back.. but when MARTHA says "busty blonde bimbo". Charlie and I have been seeing each other for a while and when his wife died. the b.5. But I’ll tell you this much. The camera should be over the shoulders of MARTHA and GEORGE as they have the ensuing discussion.. MARTHA shrieks loudly and jumps upwards in fear.

MARTHA’S FATHER Ah! Martha. . MARTHA’S FATHER Martha you’re being ridiculous. To be honest. as the kids say. Shall we all sit down and have something to eat? GEORGE Yes. but it would appear that the cat’s out of the bag. He seems surprised to see MARTHA and GEORGE and SUZANNE in the same room. SUZANNE the university last week as his secretary. As SUZANNE finishes explaining who she is and how she knows MARTHA’S FATHER. It would seem that we’ve all been taken a bit aback by the circumstances. GEORGE goes to sit down on the sofa. MARTHA’S FATHER comes downstairs in a tweed jacket and slacks. Would you care to explain it again. we’re still having a little trouble understanding whats happening here. Besides who I choose to date is up to me and me alone. I had hoped that I could introduce her to you two at a more convenient time. He’s been dating this floozy over here ever since my mother died. It’s like he never even cared about her. SUZANNE I think it was just the initial shock of meeting me so soon after your mother has died. MARTHA (angrily) Open your eyes George. SUZANNE Charlie could you help me out in the kitchen? SUZANNE and MARTHA’S FATHER go into the kitchen. George I see you’ve met Suzanne.6. Suzanne is an old friend of your mothers. GEORGE Sir. that would be a good idea.

MARTHA’S FATHER and SUZANNE come back from the kitchen. MARTHA (furiously) Do you know what these are George? GEORGE Now dear.7.. She walks behind the sofa and picks up a pair of women’s underwear. holding a tray with hastily thrown together crackers and a block of cheese. would you please not bring it up? MARTHA (angrily) Given the circumstances. As MARTHA goes to say something. . but given the circumstances.? Given the circumstances?! MARTHA goes to say something else. as to not let her father and SUZANNE see she has found them.. and not even a month after my mother died! GEORGE Look dear. please don’t go jumping to conclusions. MARTHA How can you think about sitting down at a time like this. if that’s alright by you my dear. It can only end badly for us. I was thinking about sitting down. but instead spies something behind the sofa. I know you probably think that. MARTHA furtively hides the underwear behind her back. Don’t you see it? GEORGE (resignedly) Don’t I see what dear? MARTHA That the two of them are together. MARTHA What do you think that you’re doing? GEORGE (sarcastically) Well.

It has been an exciting month for you. whats the book about? GEORGE I’d rather not say right now. SUZANNE looks between the other three and decides to break the tension. GEORGE warily eyes MARTHA and MARTHA’S FATHER to gauge their hostility. I’m sure you haven’t had much time to go shopping with all that’s happened in the last month. SUZANNE But George. MARTHA’S FATHER angrily looks at MARTHA. MARTHA’S FATHER (sarcastically) I hope this is good enough for my little princess. Charlie tells me you’re working on a book. but it looks like we’ve haven’t been to the store in a while. It’s almost done. Sorry it took so long. GEORGE Of course sir. I’d rather have it done then show it to you. MARTHA (sarcastically) Yes daddy. SUZANNE Is it any good? MARTHA (Incredulously) Any good? Any good? Of course its good.8. SUZANNE We’re back. In fact. MARTHA stares daggers at her father. its fantastic! MARTHA’S FATHER Well George. Nothing is said for a moment. you absolutely have to tell us what its about. GEORGE Yes. hasn’t it. as everyone eyes one another. . SUZANNE So George.

Suzanne is the head of a big publisher. MARTHA’S FATHER (angrily) I’ll tell you this. one of the boys orders bergin. MARTHA’S FATHER Good.9. MARTHA’S FATHER Now that’s enough out of you. She’s perfect for you daddy. GEORGE (protesting) But sir. And in the bar. Let’s hear about it George. MARTHA’S FATHER Yes son.. I actually will tell what my story is about. which has left her quite well off.. why?!? MARTHA’S FATHER I’ll not have something that scandalous published under the . MARTHA (sarcastically) Beautiful and rich. As GEORGE tells his story the expressions on SUZANNE and MARTHA’S FATHER’s faces turn from amused to shocked. its the story about a few young boarding school chaps who go to a bar to drink. This actually happened to me. GEORGE (hastily) You know what.. There’s no way I’m going to publish this story. MARTHA’S FATHER (shocked) What type of a story is that? GEORGE This is no story. GEORGE Well. which greatly amuses everyone. Then later on in the story he kills his father while driving..

please don’t. George I invited you over today to tell you that I’m planning on getting married to Suzanne. That’s a good one. I absolutely disapprove. Not today MARTHA’S FATHER Yes. MARTHA’S FATHER university name.. . MARTHA’S FATHER Martha. That’s the reason I had them come over today.. Ha. I think it could.10. MARTHA’S FATHER Think of what publishing that story would do to my reputation. MARTHA I know what’s going on with you and Suzanne here. MARTHA You disapprove. MARTHA’S FATHER takes a pause to gather himself. MARTHA’S FATHER What are you blabbering on about? Can’t you see we’re having a conversation. Sit down and listen! SUZANNE (pleading) No Charlie. Imagine what that would do to the schools reputation! GEORGE But sir. MARTHA’S FATHER (curtly) Now that’s enough out of you. SUZANNE Going on? What do you mean going on? MARTHA I know that you and my father are seeing each other.

I don’t give a damn what you think. MARTHA’S FATHER Well frankly. . MARTHA I don’t approve of this. MARTHA I knew it! I knew you were seeing her! I can’t believe you MARTHA’S FATHER That’s none of your concern. It’s my decision and mine alone. Not one bit. MARTHA storms out of the room.11. What I choose to do is my own business. GEORGE gets up and shoots MARTHA’S FATHER a dirty look as he walks out after MARTHA. A moment later the front door is heard being slammed.

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