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To: Chiefs of Staff, Media Advisers From: Director of Communications Date: 20 April Budget messaging Over the next

few weeks your ministers will be doing a lot of media. Whatever they are talking about the back-drop will be the budget and our commitment to return to surplus. We have successfully been punching through the message that returning to surplus is an economic necessity and that it will give head-room for the RBA to move on interest rates if it chooses to do so. ow we need to make a big effort to cut through to the public. We know from the groups that voters see surplus as an emblem of good economic management. We need all ministers to explain our achievement constantly ! and celebrate it. "abinet has agreed that ministers need to use the following language consistently from now on and right through to the post budget sell. #hese lines set out our case for surplus$ and the best attack on Abbott. We will face a concerted onslaught from the opposition ! we need to be disciplined and to outargue the opposition comprehensively. %lease make sure your minister uses them.

Surplus #here&s no clearer sign of a strong economy than a surplus. And we have delivered this despite the global crisis and despite the uncertainty of the current world economy. #his surplus means we now have a buffer in case the global economy gets worse. 't means we can protect (obs. We&ve steered the country though the )*" without going into recession and without the massive (ob losses of many nations overseas. We&ve delivered a surplus with targeted and responsible savings while protecting the frontline services Australian families rely on in health and education. And delivering a surplus gives the Reserve Bank room to cut interest rates if it+s necessary - and that+s good news for Australian families$ and businesses. A ott attac!

#ony Abbott is all negativity once again. We have a plan for Australian future and have delivered a surplus$. What do we get from #ony Abbott, #ony Abbott has nothing constructive to say -is un-costed promises will blow the surplus by ./0 billion. -e can only make deep cuts in health and education to pay for this