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13% THE SOLID ROC) (G) 41 13& HE ABIDES (Ab) 42 14' REDEEMED (Ab) 42 141 NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD (G) 42 142 #ESUS" THE LIGHT (Ab) 43 143 WHEN WE SEE CHRIST (Eb) 43 144 WHITER THAN THE SNOW (Eb) 43 145 ALL HAIL #ESUS( NAME (G) 44 14! AT THE CROSS (Eb) 44 14$ THE GREAT I AM (Ab) 44 14% ALMOST ERSUADED (G) 45 14& NO DISA OINTMENT (Eb) 45 15' HA Y DAY (G) 45 151 ONE OF THEM (Ab) 4! 152 I(LL BE LISTENING (Ab) 4! 153 THE HOMECOMING WEE) (G) 4! 154 #UST AS I AM (Eb) 4$ 155 EACE IN THE VALLEY (Eb) 4$ 15! GREAT IS THE LORD (Bb) 4$ 15$ I(VE ANCHORED IN #ESUS (Bb) 4% 15% BEYOND THE SUNSET (Eb) 4% 15& A CHILD OF THE )ING (F) 4% 1!' HOLD TO GOD(S HAND (G) 4& 1!1 THE DAY OF REDEM TION (Ab) 4& 1!2 ONLY TRUST HIM (Ab) 4& 1!3 ONE DAY, (C) 5' 1!4 SWING LOW" SWEET CHARIOT (F) 5' 1!5 WHEN THEY RING THE BELLS (F) 5' 1!! WHEN WE ALL GET TO HEAVEN (C) 51 1!$ THE OLD RUGGED CROSS (Bb) 51 1!% WHERE HE LEADS ME (F) 51 1!& WONDERFUL (Ab) 52 1$' WHERE COULD I GO* (G) 52 1$1 WONDERFUL EACE (Ab) 52




1 Songs of Worship 1 ON LY BEL IEV E (C) Fear not, little flock, from the cross to the throne, From death into life He went for His own; All power in earth, all power above, Is given to Him for the flock of His love. CHORUS Only believe, only believe, All things are possible, only believe; Only believe, only believe, All things are possible, only believe. (Lord, I believe . . . ) (Lord, I re eive . . .)

(!es"s is here . . . ) Fear not, little flock, He goeth ahead, Yo r !hepherd selecteth the path "o m st tread; #he waters of $arah He%ll sweeten for thee, He drank all the bitter in &ethsemane. Fear not, little flock, whatever "o r lot, He enters all rooms, 'the doors being sh t;( He never forsakes, He never is gone, !o co nt on His presence in darkness and dawn. 2 AMA ZI NG GRA CE (Ab) Ama)ing grace* How sweet the so nd, #hat saved a wretch like me* I once was lost, b t now am fo nd, +as blind, b t now I see. #was grace that ta ght m" heart to fear, And grace m" fears relieved; How precio s did that grace appear #he ho r I first believe* #hro gh man" dangers, toils and snares, I have alread" come; ,#is grace hath bro ght me safe th s far, And grace will lead me home. +hen we%ve been there ten tho sand "ears, -right shining as the s n; +e%ve no less da"s to sing &od%s praise #han when we first beg n. 3 TH EY COM E ( Eb) #he" come from the .ast and +est, #he" come from the lands afar, #o feast with the /ing, to done as His g est; How blessed these pilgrims are*

-eholding His hallowed face, Aglow with light divine; -lest partakers of His grace, As gems in His crown to shine. CHORUS Sin e !es"s has set #e $ree, I%# happy as heart an be; &o longer I bear the b"rden o$ are, His yo'e is so s(eet to #e. )y so"l (as as bla ' as night. *"t dar'ness has ta'en $light; &o( I sho"t the vi tory, +or !es"s has set #e $ree. I look on the great white throne, -efore it the ransom%d stand; 0o longer are tears, no sorrow is known 0or death in that goodl" land. $" !avio r has gone before, 1reparing the wa" for me; !oon we%ll meet to part no more #hr time or eternit". #he gates of that hol" place !tand open b" night and da"; 2 look to the 3ord who 'giveth more grace,( +hose love has prepared the wa". A home in those mansions fair His hand hath reserve for all. For the wedding feast prepare, 2be"ing the gracio s call. I LOVE HI M (C) &one from m" heart the world and all its charms; 0ow, thro gh the blood,


O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 2 I%m saved from all alarms; 5own at the cross m" heart is bending low; #he precio s blood of 6es s cleanses white as snow. CHORUS I love Hi#, I love Hi# *e a"se He $irst loved #e And p"r hased #y salvation On Calvary%s tree. 2nce I was lost, and ,wa" down deep in sin; 2nce was a slave to passions fierce within, 2nce was afraid to tr st a loving &od; - t now I%m cleansed from ever" stain thro gh 6es s% blood. 2nce I was bo nd, b t now I am set free; 2nce I was blind, b t now the light I see; 2nce I was dead, b t now in 7hrist I live, #o tell the world aro nd the peace that he doth give. $ "% EE T H O& R O' #RA YER (Eb ) !weet ho r of pra"er, sweet ho r of pra"er, #hat calls me from a world of care, And bids me, at m" Father%s throne, $ake all m" wants and wishes known; In seasons of distress and grief, $" so l has often fo nd relief, And oft escaped the tempter%s snare, -" th" ret rn, sweet ho r of pra"er.

!weet ho r of pra"er, sweet ho r of pra"er, #he 8o" I feel, the bliss I share, 2f those whose an9io s spirits b rn +ith strong desires for th" ret rn* +ith s ch I hasten to the place +here &od, m" !avio r, shows His face, And gladl" take m" station there, And wait for thee, sweet ho r of pra"er. !weet ho r of pra"er, sweet ho r of pra"er, #h" wings shall m" petition bear #o Him whose tr th and faithf lness .ngage the waiting so l to bless; And since He bids me seek His face, -elieve His +ord and tr st His grace, I%ll cast on Him m" ever" care, And wait for thee, sweet ho r of pra"er. ( OH ! HO % I LOVE )E "& " (Ab) #here is a name I love to hear, I love to sing its worth; It so nds like m sic in mine ear, #he sweetest name on earth. CHORUS Oh, ho( I love !es"s, Oh, ho( I love !es"s, Oh, ho( I love !es"s, *e a"se He $irst love #e. (I%ll never $orsa'e Hi# ... It tells me of a !avio r%s love, +ho died to set me free; It tells me of His precio s blood; #he sinner%s perfect plea. It tells me what m" Father hath in store

for ever" da", And tho gh I tread a darksome path, "ields s nshine all the wa". It tells of 2ne whose loving heart 7an feel m" deepest woe, +ho in each sorrow bears a part, #hat none can bear below. * %H EN TH E RE +E EM E+ G ATHE R (G) I am thinking of the rapt re in o r blessed home on high, +hen the redeemed are gathering in; How we%ll raise the heavenl" anthem in that cit" in the sk". +hen the redeemed are gathering in. CHORUS ,hen the redee#ed are gathering in, O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 3 ,ashed li'e the sno(, and $ree $ro# all sin; Ho( (e (ill sho"t, and ho( (e (ill sing, ,hen the redee#ed are gathering in. #here will be a great procession over on the streets of gold, +hen the redeemed are gathering in; 2 what m sic, 2 what singing, o%er the cit" will be rolled. +hen the redeemed are gathering in. !aints will sing redemption%s stor" with


their voices clear and strong, +hen the redeemed are gathering in; #hen the angels all will listen, For the" cannot 8oin that song, +hen the redeemed are gathering in. #hen the !avio r will give orders to prepare the ban; et board, +hen the redeemed are gathering in; And we%ll hear His invitation, '7ome, "e blessed of the 3ord,( +hen the redeemed are gathering in. , OH ! I %AN T TO "EE HI M (Ab) As I 8o rne" thro gh the land, singing as I go, 1ointing so ls to 7alvar", to the crimson flow, $an" arrows pierce m" so l from witho t, within; - t m" 3ord leads me on, thro gh Him I m st win. CHORUS Oh. I (ant to see Hi#, loo' "pon His $a e. -here to sing $orever o$ His saving gra e; On the streets o$ .lory let #e li$t #y voi e. Cares all past, ho#e at last, ever to re/oi e. +hen in service for m" 3ord, dark ma" be the night. - t I%ll cling more close to Him, He will give me light; !atan%s snares ma" ve9 m" so l, t rn m" tho ghts aside; - t m" 3ord goes ahead, leads whate%er betide.

+hen in valle"s low I look toward the mo ntain height, And behold m" !avio r there, leading in the fight. +ith a tender hand o tstretched toward the valle" low; & iding me, I can see, as I onward go. +hen before me billows rise from the might" deep. #hen m" 3ord directs m" bark, He doth safel" keep. And He leads me gentl" on thro gh this world below; He%s a real Friend to me, 2 I love Him so. - 'E ELIN G " O M&C H BE TT ER (') Feeling so m ch better talking abo t this food old +a", Feeling so m ch better talking abo t the 3ord; 3et%s go on, let%s go on talking abo t this good old +a", 3et%s go on, let%s go on talking abo t the 3ord. #he devil he don%t like it, talking abo t this good old +a". #he devil he don%t like it, talking abo t the 3ord; !o, let%s go on, let%s go on talking bo t this good old +a", 3et%s go on, let%s go on talking abo t the 3ord. 1. TE ACH ME ! LOR+ ! TO %AI T (') #each me, 3ord, to wait down on m" knees. #ill in Yo r own good time Yo answer m" pleas; #each me not to rel" on what others do, - t to wait in pra"er for an answer from Yo .

CHORUS -hey that (ait "pon the Lord, shall rene( their strength, O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship -hey shall #o"nt "p (ith (ings as an eagle. -hey shall r"n and not be (eary, they shall (al' and not $aint; -ea h #e, Lord, tea h #e, Lord, to (ait. #each me, 3ord, to wait while hearts are aflame, Help me h mble m" pride and call on Yo r name; /eep m" faith renewed, keep m" e"es on #hee, Help me be on this earth what Yo want me to be. 11 HALL EL &) AH! %E "H ALL RI" E (Bb) In the res rrection morning, +hen the tr mp of &od shall so nd, +e shall rise, < Hallel 8ah* = we shall rise* #hen the saints will come re8oicing And no tears will e%er be fo nd, +e shall rise, < Hallel 8ah*= we shall rise. CHORUS ,e shall rise, ( Hallel"/ah0 ) ,e shall rise0 ( A#en0 ) ,e shall rise0 ( Hallel"/ah0 ) In the res"rre tion #orning, ,hen death%s prison bars are bro'en, ,e


"es.ra e that (ill pardon and leanse (ithin. +e shall meet Him in the air. In the res rrection morning. +e shall rise. +hat can avail to wash it awa"? 3ook* #here is flowing a crimson tide. . 12 %EA R A CR O%N (Ab) Am I a soldier of the cross. gra e. +e shall rise. +ill "o this moment His grace receive? 1 ZI ON /" H ILL (Ab) #here waits for me a glad tomorrow. $ st I be carried to the skies 2n flow%r" beds of ease. +e shall rise. #here where the -lood of the 3amb was spilt. So#e day. I%ll camp pon the other side. ( Hallel"/ah0 ) (e shall rise. And all the bells of heaven ringing. &race that e9ceeds o r sin and o r g ilt Yonder on 7alvar"%s mo nt o tpo red. +hile others fo ght to win the pri)e. and all m" wand%rings will be o%er. . !in and despair like the sea waves cold.ear a ro(n. And I shall go to d(ell on 2ion%s hill. (e shall (ear a ro(n In the ne( !er"sale#. CHORUS So#e day beyond the rea h o$ #ortal 'en. And when I%ve passed this vale of sorrow. . Increase m" co rage. #hreaten the so l with infinite loss. (e shall (ear a ro(n0 1es. 13 MA RVE LO&" GRA CE (') marvelo s grace of o r loving 3ord. -lessed tho ght it is to me. And o r loved ones we shall see. +ho so freel" died for me.ra e that is greater than all o"r sin.shall rise. matchless grace. +e shall rise.ra e. 5ark is the stain that we cannot hide. -he (heels o$ #ortal li$e shall all stand still.ra e. +e shall rise. . . Freel" bestowed on all who believe. +hiter than snow "o ma" be toda". &race that is greater. < Hallel 8ah* = we shall rise. And shall I fear to won His ca se.( !ome da" m" labors will be ended. And sailed thro gh blood" seas? Are there no foes for me to face? $ st I not stem the flood? Is this vile world a friend to grace #o help me on to &od? ! re I m st fight if I wo ld reign. sweet Home. A follower of the 3amb. . And all earth%s broken ties be mended. Yo that are longing to see His face. . O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship $ CHORUS . grace ntold. < Hallel 8ah* = we shall rise.od%s gra e. And I shall sigh and weep no more. < Hallel 8ah* = we shall rise* I shall see m" blessed !avio r. #o o r home so bright and fair. In the res rrection morning.od only 'no(s /"st (here and (hen. gra e. -e"ond the shadows of the tomb. $arvelo s. And (hen the battle%s over. < Hallel 8ah* = we shall rise* +hen o r fathers and o r mothers. 1oints to the @ef ge.od%s gra e. +e shall rise. +hile saints are singing. the $ight" 7ross. !ome da" I%ll hear the angels singing. +here gates of pearl swing open wide. (e shall (ear a ro(n In the ne( !er"sale#. A . < Hallel 8ah* = we shall rise* And be carried p to glor". (e shall (ear a ro(n0 1es. 'Home. < Hallel 8ah* = we shall rise. ! pported b" #h" +ord. I%ll bear the toil. infinite. 2r bl sh to speak His 0ame? CHORUS And (hen the battle%s over. end re the pain. In the res rrection morning. 3ord. +hat a meeting it will be. (ear a ro(n.

+e%re marching thr Imman el%s gro nd. +e%re marching thr Imman el%s gro nd. 3eads against the foe. and make it wholl" #hine. ON %AR+! CHRI" TIA N "OL+I ER ( Eb) 2nward 7hristian soldiers* $arching as to war. +or )y sheep 'no( )y voi e. . self and pride. -hey abide in the $old. 3ord. -hey love )e be a"se I have #ade the# )y hoi e. F lfill #h" +ord. where once I b rned with shame. And the path that I take. $" sheep know $" voice. $a" speak their 8o"s abroad. we that love the 3ord. #he hill of Bion "ields A tho sand sacred sweets -efore we reach the heavenl" fields. #r" me. know m" tho ghts. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship ( 1( CLEA N" E M E (') !earch me.od. 7hrist. And go not astray. And the cool sparkling stream. *ea"ti$"l. Fill m" poor heart with #h" great love divine. . $" sheep know $" voice. 6oin in a song with sweet accord. +ith the cross of 6es s &oing on before. #hen let o r songs abo nd.ith the ross o$ !es"s . .t a stranger%s voice do the" not know. And all the night of gloom be past.oing on be$ore. 1* MY " HE E# 0NO % MY VOICE (Bb) $" sheep know $" voice. #h" +ord declares #ho wilt s ppl" o r need. #o fairer worlds on high. !ee if there be some wicked wa" in me. Forward into battle. start the work in me. !end a revival. For I will be with them alwa"s. $" sheep know $" voice And come at $" call. And the valle" of death. and know m" heart toda". -he bea"ti$"l ity o$ . #hr which I shall lead them some da".e%re #ar hing "p(ard to 2ion. 6oin in a song with sweet accord. And ever" tear be dr". And all life%s b rdens will be lifted. 2 3ord.!ome da" the dark clo ds will be rifted. &rant m" desire to magnif" #h" 0ame. 3ord. +here beside its still waters I lead. CHORUS )y sheep 'no( )y voi e. $a" speak their 8o"s abroad. #o fairer worlds on high. 2r walk the golden streets. . And the past res of green. . I pra". I h mbl" plead. and th s s rro nd the throne. take m" life. $" sheep know $" voice. the ro"al $aster. And th s s rro nd the throne. m" passion. and make me p re within. 3ord. 1. . !ee. 7leanse me from ever" sin. I praise #hee. C . 3et those ref se to sing +ho never knew o r &od. and set me free. I now s rrender. in me abide. His banners go* CHORUS On(ard. And let o r 8o"s be known.t children of the heavenl" /ing. 2 Hol" &host. for cleansing me from sin. And they $ollo( )y all. bea"ti$"l 2ion. For blessing now. CHORUS . #ake all m" will. And day by day. #he da" of rest shall dawn at last. Christian soldiers0 )ar hing as to (ar. 2 !avio r.e%re #ar hing to 2ion. +here I lead them so often to feed. 1$ %E/ RE MAR CH IN G T O ZI ON (G = 7ome. Fill me with fire. 2 &od.t no danger nor harm 7an to ch one of them. -efore we reach the heavenl" fields. #he" follow wherever I go. revival comes from #hee.t children of the heavenl" /ing. 2r walk the golden streets.

%H EN O& R LOR + "HALL C OM E (G) 1 when pon the clo ds of heaven. #he great I A$. At the sign of tri mph.e%ll sing the vi tor%s song at last. His glorio s name in ever" land shall honored be.ith ar#or glea#ing. I$ . &o b ckle on the armor &od has given "o . we are treading +here the saints have trod. the +a". -he $ight is on. the tr mpet so nd is ringing o t. there%ll be praying. #he tri mph of the right will soon appear. /ingdoms rise and wane. +hen o r 3ord shall come again? : +ork and pra" till 6es s calls "o . +ill the world be glad to see Him. 7rowns and thrones ma" perish. &ates of hell can never . . the 5oor. #he bow of promise spans the eastern sk". and olors strea#ing. ! preme #hro gho t . 1. old stor". 2h. 2n to victor"* Hell%s fo ndations . 2 +ill his coming bring re8oicing? 2r will it bring tears and pain? Are "o read" to receive Him. -lend with o rs "o r voices In the tri mph song. #he fight is on.t the 7h rch of 6es s 7onstant will remain. b"t be not (eary. &lor".&ainst that ch rch prevail. la d. and vict%r" will ass re. Help to gather in the grain then with 8o" "o %ll meet the !avio r. #hen F . 2ne in charit". +e have 7hrist%s own promise. All one bod" weD 2ne in hope and doctrine.LE T/" TAL0 AB O& T )E "& " (Bb) 3et%s talk abo t 6es s. #his thro gh co ntless ages $en and angels sing. -he right and (rong engage today.od be $or "s. the dawn of peace is nigh. #he 3ord of lords. the 3ife. 2. there%ll be pain. Ento 7hrist the /ing. -here%ll be sorro(. 2f His precio s blood%s atoning. +hen o r 3ord shall come again? CHORUS -here%ll be singing. And in his strength nto the end end re. 6ehovah leads. And $a e to $a e in stern array. how he gave His life on 7alvar" #o save a wretch like me. CHORUS -he $ight is on. 3et%s talk abo t 6es s $ore and more. I heard abo t His groaning. 3o d "o r anthems raise* 2nward. . How a !avio r came from glor". iver At the sho t of praise. then 7hristian soldiers.3ike a might" arm" $oves the 7h rch of &od.hen o"r Lord shall o#e again. and honor. -here%ll be sho"ting.ternit". . aro se "e soldiers brave and tr e. -here%ll be (eeping. #he /ing of kings is He. then. his banner o%er "s. 7hrist shall come to earth again. -rothers. 21 TH E 'I GH T I " ON ( C ) #he fight is on. O Christian soldiers. #he 3ord is leading on to certain victor". !atan%s host doth flee. "e people* 6oin o r happ" throng. lift "o r voices. 22 VICT OR Y IN )E "& " (Ab) I heard an old. #he #r th. . O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship * -rothers. *e strong and in his #ight hold $ast. #he 3ord of hosts is marching on to victor". +hen o r 3ord shall come again. +e are not divided. +hen o r 3ord shall come again? 4 +ill "o 8oin in lamentation? 2r the angel%s glad refrain? +ill "o help His people crown Him. #he morn will break. #he cr" '#o arms( is heard afar and near. +hich can never fail.

in !es"s above. #ake me. )y Savio"r. #ake all m" sin awa". CHORUS I s"rrender all. I will ever love and tr st Him. Fill me with #h" love and power.ith His redee#ing blood. And all of m" worr" is vain. If shadow or s nshine or rain. CHORUS O vi tory in !es"s. And griefs aro nd me spread. be"ond that blest heavenl" shore. 2bsc ring the brightness of life. All to 6es s I s rrender. I heard abo t His healing. #he $aster so gentl" will lead s awa". I s"rrender all.( And somehow 6es s came and bro ght #o me the victor". If 6es s walks close to m" side. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship . 3et me feel the Hol" !pirit. 2 r lord will ret rn to this earth some sweet da". take me now. 0o matter what evils betide. He pl"nged #e to vi tory. #r l" know that #ho art mine. how he made the lame to walk again And ca sed the blind to see.I repented of m" sins And won the victor". tho gh the tempest ma" blow. +ipe sorrow%s tears awa". 6es s. 7ome and heal m" broken spirit. 2 ma" m" love to #hee. 2$ I "& RRE N+ ER ALL (Eb ) All to 6es s I s rrender. 2 r tro bles will then all be o%er. and changeless be. 23 MY 'AIT H L OO 0" &# T O TH EE (Eb) $" faith looks p to #hee. 2f His cleansing pow%r revealing. on$iding in His great love. make me. All to -hee. All to Him I freel" give. And then I cried. !avio r. I know that he safel" will carr" me thro gh. In His presence dail" live. All to 6es s I s rrender. And some sweet da" I%ll sing p there #he song of victor". #ho 3amb of 7alvar". I hard abo t a mansion He has b ilt for me in glor". A living fire* +hile life%s dark ma)e I tread. 0or let me ever stra" From #hee aside. I give m"self to #hee. #ho gh tempest ma" blow and the storm clo ds arise. '5ear 6es s. And the old redemption stor". #y blessed Savio"r. #he $aster looks on at the strife. As #ho hast died for me. He so"ght #e and bo"ght #e . +ro# all har# sa$e in His sheltering ar#. I s"rrender all. Abo t the angels singing. 2 let me from this da" -e wholl" #hine* $a" #h" rich grace impart !trength to m" fainting heart. CHORUS Living by $aith. -e #ho m" & ide. +h" sho ld I then care. #he 3ord I know r leth o%er ever"thing. H mbl" at His feet I bow. warm. And I heard abo t the streets of gold -e"ond the cr"stal sea. $orever. I%m never alarmed at the overcast skies. !avio r divine. 3et #h" blessing fall on me. 2 LIVI NG BY ' AIT H (Eb) I care not toda" what the morrow ma" bring. 1 re. 0ow I feel the G . -r"sting. He loved #e ere I 'ne( Hi# And all #y love is d"e Hi#. All to 6es s I s rrender. 3ord. +orldl" pleas res all O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship forsaken. *eneath the leansing $lood. 0ow hear me while I pra". I%# living by $aith and $eel no alar#. All to 6es s I s rrender. -id darkness t rn to da". $" )eal inspire. wholl" #hine.

7harmed b" the world%s delight. It leaves o r home so lonel" and drear. CHORUS +ill #y (ay every day (ith love. (ith a song and a s#ile. 3et me never in darkness rove. I am resolved to go to the !avio r. A few more da"s to labor and wait% #oils of the road will then seem as nothing. yet I love thee still. blessed 3ord. CHORUS Oh. 'ILL MY %A Y %I TH LOVE (Ab) 3et me walk. !es"s. As we sweep thro gh the bea tif l gate. greatest. 1H . and I%ll travel no more.t abide in m" home above. . 5eath will never molest me in that cit". . to the sad and the lone. live in the s"nshine. +ill #y (ay every day (ith love. I shall look on its bea t" in the morning +hen I reach that cit" on the hill. Fill m" wa" ever" da" with love. 2h.hen I rea h that ity on the hill. 2* 'AR TH ER AL ON G (') #empted and tried we%re oft made to wonder. Let #e go all the (hile. I%ll not leave thee. Faithf l till death said o r loving $aster. in the wa" #ho hast gone. /eep me close to the side of m" !avio r and & ide. I%m invited to come home to that cit". +hile there are others living abo t s. +e%ll nderstand it all b" and b". /eep m" path free from wrath. #hen do we wonder wh" others prosper. !oon the race will be o%er. I am resolved to follow the !avio r. Fill m" wa" ever" da" with love. #hen He%ll sa" nto me. Hasten so glad and $ree. 2. 2. +arther along (e%ll "nderstand (hy. things that are nobler. As I (al' (ith the heavenly 3ove. blessed /ing. thro"gh the ages. CHORUS +arther along (e%ll 'no( all abo"t it. &iving cheer ever"where. #y brother. He is the 8 st one. +hen He comes from His home in the sk". all the wa" to the shore.e%ll "nderstand it all by and by. 3iving so wicked "ear after "ear. #hings that are higher. For the +ord sa"s. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 1. '+hosoever will. +hen we see 6es s coming in glor". Fill m" wa" ever" da" with love. glor" to His name* 2( %H EN I REA CH THAT CITY (Ab) 2n the top of $o nt Bion is a cit" And the earth with glor" it doth fill.sacred flame. the 8o" of f ll salvation* &lor". '+ell done. Cheer "p. +hen I reach that cit" on the hill. highest. #hese have all red m" sight. +hen death has come and taken o r loved ones. and m" so l satisfied. .( And I%ll find there a mansion for me waiting +hen I reach that cit" on the hill. He hath the words of life. He is the tr e one. #r"ing dail" to perform his will. 3eaving m" sin and strife. CHORUS I (ill hasten to Hi#. -ho% a pilgri#. that ity on )o"nt 2ion. I (ill o#e to -hee. 0ever leave me l"ing cold and chill. 3eading straight to the land above. then we shall meet Him in that bright mansion.I AM R E" OL VE+ (Bb) I am resolved no longer to linger. 3et me sing. And I%ll enter to live p there forever +hen I reach that cit" on the hill.( p "onder. 0ever molested tho gh in the wrong. +h" it sho ld be th s all the da" long. !o I%ll sta" here ntil m" !avio r calls me.

od. #hro gh eternal ages let His praises ring.od are gathered ho#e. 2vercoming dail" with the !pirit%s sword. I%# standing on the pro#ises o$ . Standing. 0ew heights I%m gaining ever" da". 32 BY AN+ BY! MOR NI NG COM E" (') +e are often tossed and driven on the restless sea of time. witho t dela". plant #y $eet on higher gro"nd. +e are often destit te of the things that life demands. !tanding on the promises of &od. present cleansing in the blood for me.t He g ides s with His e"e and we%ll follow till we die. thirst" hills and barren lands. friends. -o nd to Him eternall" b" love%s strong cord. and who will go with me? 7ome. +or (e%ll "nderstand it better by and by. !tanding on the promises of &od. as m" all in all. *y $aith. '3ord. li$t #e "p and let #e stand.( CHORUS Lord. standing. #a ght b" the -ible. &lor" in the highest I will sho t and sing. In that land of perfect da". !tanding on the promises that cannot fail.( 31 "TAN +IN G O N THE #R OM I" E" (Bb) !tanding on the promises of 7hrist m" /ing. lead me on to higher gro nd. A higher plane than I have $o"nd. And catch a gleam of glor" bright. Heed what He sa"eth. #rials dark on ever" hand.hen all the saints o$ . plant m" feet on higher gro nd. and we cannot nderstand. +here do bts arise and fears disma". For we%ll nderstand it better b" and b". !tanding on the promises I now can see 1erfect. All the wa"s that &od wo ld lead s to that blessed 1romised 3and.Faithf l and tr e each da". !till will I enter in. #ho% some ma" dwell where these abo nd. '3ord. . . !tanding on the promises of 7hrist the 3ord. hidden snares often take s nawares. !till pra"ing as I%m onward bo nd.e (ill tell the story ho( (e over o#e. 3eaving the paths of sin. I want to scale the tmost height. 3ist%ning ever" moment to the !pirit%s call. +e%ll walk the heavenl" wa".t we%re tr sting in the 3ord. when the mists have rolled awa". foes ma" beset me. +e will nderstand it better b" and b". . . m" aim. I am resolved. +hen the howling storms of do bt and fear assail. do what He willeth. And o r hearts are made 11 . !tanding on the promises of &od. !tanding on the promises of &od. and according to His +ord. 3. HI GH ER GR O& N+ (G) I%m pressing on the pward wa". !tanding on the promises of &od. I am resolved to enter the kingdom. is higher gro nd. Friends ma" oppose me. !tanding on the promises I cannot fall. @esting in m" !avio r. standing.t still I%ll pra" till heav%n I%ve fo nd. CHORUS Standing. #emptations. !omber skies and howling tempests oft s cceed a bright s nshine. on heaven%s table land. +e will nderstand it better b" and b". !tanding in the libert" where 7hrist makes free. -" the living O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 11 +ord of &od I shall prevail. +ant of food and want of shelter.od #y Savio"r. CHORUS *y and by (hen the #orning o#es. Standing on the pro#ises o$ . $" pra"er. Lord. He is the living wa". . $" heart has no desire to sta". led b" the !pirit.

3( "H O%E R" O ' BLE "" IN G (Bb) '#here shall be showers of blessing. He will lift "o b" His love. 3ove so might" and so tr e. all will be there. @ock of Ages. '#here shall be showers of blessing. 0ow as to &od we%re confessing.ach one receiving 8 stl" his d e. Sho(ers o$ blessing (e need. sinI cleansing blood. +hile I draw this fleeting breath. -e saved toda". And behold #hee on #h" throne.ver to Him I%ll cling. *"t $or the sho(ers (e plead. 7ome.( 1recio s reviving again. #hese for sin co ld not atone. )er y drops ro"nd "s are $alling. . -illows His will obe". -e of sin the do ble c re. !prinkle "o r so l with the blood of the 3amb. cleft for me. love li$ted #e. And I will pass. !impl" to #h" cross I cling. Love li$ted #e0 Love li$ted #e0 . #ho m st save. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 12 6 dgment is coming. From the waters lifted me. And I will pass. paid all His d e. great compassion* 2 bo ndless love* 2 loving kindness. 3et me hide m"self in #hee. Hide in the saving. that will He do. 5ied for the sinner. will pass over "o . In His blessed presence live. He%s the $aster of the sea. In m" hand no price I bring.hen nothing else o"ld help.t the $aster of the sea.( !end them pon s. He "o r !avio r wants to be. Far from the peacef l shore. that toda" the" might fall. CHORUS Sho(ers o$ blessing. All He has promised.ver His praises sing. And we wonder wh" the test when we tr" to do o r best. 6es s completel" saves. $erits m" so l%s best songs. 33 ROC0 O ' AGE" (Bb) @ock of Ages. . 3ord* Have 12 . will pass over "o . too. 2ver the hills and the valle"s. '#here shall be showers of blessing. Jer" deepl" stained within. !inking to rise no more. All m" heart to Him I give.hen nothing else o"ld help. !ent from the !avio r above. !o nd of ab ndance of rain. . !ave from wrath and make me p re. Heard m" despairing cr". #o Him belongs. 7hiefest of sinners. And I will pass. CHORUS Love li$ted #e0 Love li$ted #e0 . +ash in the fo ntain opened for sin. 3et the water and the blood. 3$ LOVE LI'T E+ ME (Bb) I was sinking deep in sin. +hen m" e"es shall close in death. . will pass over "o . Faithf l. 7o ld m" )eal no lang or know.t we%ll nderstand it better b" and b". +hen I rise to worlds nknown. loving service. 7o ld m" tears forever flow. '#here shall be showers of blessing. 3 %H EN I "E E T HE BL OO + ( C ) 7hrist o r redeemer died on the cross. From #h" wo nded side which flowed. and #ho alone. &rant to s now a bleed for man" a tho ghtless word or deed. and now honor #h" +ord. cleft for me. 0ow as on 6es s we call* 3* HA VE TH IN E O%N %AY! LOR + (Eb) Have #hine own wa". #here shall be seasons refreshing. 2 t of the angr" waves. look above. . faithf l and tr e* Find peace and shelter nder the blood.( #his is the promise of love. 0ow safe am I. 2 3ord. 6es s will save. And I will pass.( 2h. love li$ted #e. 3et me hide m"self in #hee. !o ls in danger. 2h. will pass over "o .

nded the tro bles and cares of the stro"land. +on%t it be wonderf l there? #here where the tempest will never be sweeping s. !avio r divine* Have #hine own wa". And it told #h" love to me. -" the pow%r of grace divine. the s pernal 2ne. I pra"* 1ower. #here are heights of 8o" that I ma" not reach. #ill I cross the narrow sea. Have #hine own wa" 3ord* Have #hine own wa"* !earch me and tr" me. +ash me 8 st now.on%t it be (onder$"l there. alwa"s. +on%t it be wonderf l there? CHORUS . since I let m" !avio r in. 0ow the" pass me b" nknown. adoring the matchless eternal 2ne. +ell.#hine own wa"* #ho art the 1otter. I have heard #h" voice. 3ord* Have #hine own wa"* Hold o%er m" being. nearer. blessed Lord. the" sa" m" life is r ined. +hen I kneel in pra"er. And a lot of friends went from me. and the" sa" I%m o t of st"le. Have #hine own wa". O (on%t it be (onder$"l there4 +alking and talking with 7hrist. #ill all shall see. 7hrist onl". $o ld me and make me After #h" will. I a# sealed. And m" will be lost in #hine.t I ling to rise in the arms of faith. I a# sealed by His Spirit 3ivine. +RA % ME NEAR ER (Ab) I am #hine. +on%t it be wonderf l there? 1raising. CHORUS I a# #ar'ed. !"st (hat I a# everyone see#s to 'no(. Help me. Yielded and still. 3et m" so l look p with a steadfast hope. ! rel" is #hine* #o ch me and heal me. And I gained far more glor" since &od made me over new. +on%t it be wonderf l there? . 3iving in me* O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 13 3. for I had s ch plans one da". nearer. all power. #ar'ed. -o the ross (here -ho" hast died. I comm ne as friend with friend. -o -hy pre io"s bleeding side. #here are depths of love that I cannot know. #ar'ed.od0 Hallel"/ah0 A#en0 I a# His. toda"* +hiter than snow. and with #hee. #ar'ed. when the" once passed with a smile.t I know what I s rrendered when I promised I%d go thro gh. sealed. I a# #ar'ed no( (herever I go. 0ow the" sa" I%m ver" foolish. #ill I rest in peace with #hee. 3ord. And be closer drawn to #hee. I am the cla". +hile I am waiting. blessed Lord. 2 3ord. #ar'ed. $aster. CHORUS 3ra( #e nearer. O glory to . Having no b"rdens to bear4 !oyo"sly singing (ith heart5bells all ringing. . As in #h" presence H mbl" I bow. 3. +on%t it be wonderf l there? 1 %I NG " O' A +O VE (Eb ) 0oah had drifted 2n the floods man" 14 . sealed. I a# #ar'ed. and m" talent thrown awa". 3ord. nearer. the p re delight of a single ho r #hat before #h" throne I spend. And the" cannot nderstand it. 2h. 3ra( #e nearer. . m" &od. 3ord* Have #hine own wa"* +o nded and wear".I AM M AR0 E+ (Ab) I have lost m" rep tation since I t rned m" back on sin. +on%t it be wonderf l there? ! re that forever the 3ord will be keeping s. Absol te swa"* Fill with #h" !pirit. and I 'no( He is #ine. . %ON/ T I T BE %ON +ER' &L 1 (Bb) +hen with the !avio r we enter the glor"land. 7onsecrate me now to #h" service.

CHORUS So#e thro"gh the (aters. CHORUS 1es. I feel like traveling on. t"rned the (ater into (ine. I feel like traveling on. Faith wasn%t forgotten -" the Father above.od gives a song.7 #he disciples came to land. I feel like traveling on.tis sweet to s p with 6es s all the time* CHORUS 6Co#e and dine. 6es s. In a manger of ha". On the (ings o$ a dove. 3et others seek a home below. I feel like traveling on. +hich flames devo r. So#e thro"gh the $ire. For the $aster called to them. &od gave him His sign 2n the wings of a dove. so rich and so sweet. &od leads His dear children along. s(eet love.twill be a glorio s sight. !ometimes in the valle" in the darkest of night. I feel like traveling on. 2. and !atan 1: . 2.t not from above. Its glittering towers the s n o tshine. A sign $ro# above. . '7ome and dine. #ro bles he had some.od sends do(n His p"re. or waves o%erflow. bread and fish pon the fire. )y heavenly ho#e is bright and $air. I feel like traveling on. I feel like traveling on. so#e thro"gh the $lood. th s obe"ing 7hrist%s command. 0or pain.7 1o" #ay $east at !es"s% table all the ti#e. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 1$ So#e thro"gh great sorro(. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 1 CHORUS On the (ings o$ a sno(5(hite dove. 6 o#e and dine. I feel like traveling on. . He invites His chosen people '7ome and dine. #h s He satisfies the h ngr" ever" time. -o the h"ngry alleth no(. I $eel li'e traveling on. +here the water%s cool flow bathes the wear" one%s feet.da"s. &od leads His dear children along. o r !avio r 7ame to earth one da". . b"t . &od leads His dear children along. He was born in a stable. He (ho $ed the #"ltit"de.t not from above. !oon the 3amb will take His bride to be ever at His side. Entil that blessed home I see. &od leads His dear children along. green past res.( +ith His manna He doth feed and s pplies o r ever" need. He searched for land In vario s wa"s. 3 CO ME AN+ +I NE (C) 6es s has a table spread where the saints of &od are fed.7 the )aster alleth. 2 I 'EE L LI0 E TR AVELIN G O N ( G) $" heavenl" home is bright and fair. . #ho% sorrows befall s. !ometimes on the mo nt where the s n shines so bright. In the night season and all the day long. All the host of heaven will assembled be. #hat heavenl" mansion shall be mine. #ho gh I have s ffered In man" a wa". 6Co#e and dine. . GO + LEA+ " &" AL ON G ( Eb) In shad". I $eel li'e traveling on. I cried for healing -oth night and da".( there the" fo nd their hearts% desire. &od gave s His sign 2n the wings of a dove. nor death can enter there. b"t all thro"gh the *lood. He gave me His sign 2n the wings of a dove. I $eel li'e traveling on. #ho gh here re8ected. all the saints in spotless white. #he 3ord has been so good to me. And with 6es s the" will feast eternall".

And a# pers"aded that He is able O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 1( -o 'eep that (hi h I%ve o##itted Unto Hi# against that day. sowing seeds of kindness.7 I know not how this saving faith #o me He did impart. #ill 6es s came to me. I know not when m" 3ord ma" come. #he light that came to me. I have blessed peace with m" 3ord so near. +aiting for the harvest and the time of reaping. I sweet comm nion find. $ LEA NI NG ON LA" TI NG ARM " (Eb) +hat a fellowship. &od leads His dear children along. Sin e the Savio"r $o"nd #e. what a 8o" divine. @evealing 6es s thro gh the +ord. * I 0N O% %HO M I BEL IEV E+ ( Eb) I know not wh" &od%s wondro s grace #o me He hath made known. #hro gho t eternit". And with the s nlight of His love -id all m" darkness flee. And in the s nlight of His love I reap the golden grain. er. Sa$e and se "re $ro# all alar#s. I cross the wide e9tended fields.e shall o#e re/oi ing. And leave the world behind. I have had the s"nlight o$ His love (ithin. leaning. &od leads His dear children along. I know not what of good or ill $a" be reserved for me.oppose. too' a(ay #y sin. how sweet to walk in this pilgrim wa". eternit"%s da". what have I to fear. And billows . leaning. I know not how the !pirit moves. Awa" from the mire.( . At night or noonda" fair. +hat have I to dread. s"nlight in #y so"l today. bringing in the sheaves. 7reating faith in Him. 3eaning on the everlasting arms. !oon I shall see Him as He is. !owing in the noontide and the dew" eve. #ho gh clo ds ma" gather in the sk". . 3eaning on the everlasting arms. Leaning. 2h. what a peace is mine. I%ve s nlight in m so l. Leaning on the everlasting ar#s. CHORUS S"nlight. bringing in the sheaves. 0or wh". CHORUS Leaning. +hat a nd me roll. I press with hol" vigor on. 2r 'meet Him in the air. 0or if I%ll walk the vale with Him. nworth". &od leads His dear children along. 3eaning on the everlasting arms. defeat all o r foes. S"nlight. BRIN GI NG IN THE "H EA VE " (Bb) !owing in the morning. 1> . 3eaning on the everlasting arms. However dark the world ma" be. CHORUS *"t 6I 'no( (ho# I have believed. &od leads his dear children along. #hro gh grace we can con. Awa" p in glor". bringing in the sheaves. ( "& NL IG HT (Eb) I wandered in the shades of night. 2f wear" wa"s or golden da"s. +e shall come re8oicing. 7hrist in love @edeemed me for His own. +hile walking in the light of &od. I 8o rne" o%er the plains. 0or how believing in His +ord +ro ght peace within m" heart. 3eaning on the everlasting arms. and awa" from the cla". 3eaning on the everlasting arms. s"nlight all along the (ay. 2h. CHORUS *ringing in the sheaves. 7onvincing men of sin. -ehold the brightness of His face. how bright the path grows from da" to da". -efore His face I see.

+ith its cr"stal tide forever. So#e golden daybrea'. glorio s da"break. .ather (ith the saints at the river -hat $lo(s by the throne o$ . $or #e. &oodIb"e forever to earth%s dark night. #here 6es s saves me and keeps me clean. sowing in the shadows. +hen o r weeping%s over. He%ll sho"t the vi tory. 2h. +e shall come re8oicing. -he bea"ti$"l. golden da". !ome glorio s morning all will be peace. 2n the bosom of the river. +here bright angel feet have trod. bringing in the sheaves. CHORUS So#e golden daybrea'. . I 1A . Fearing neither clo ds nor winter%s chilling bree)e. Flowing b" the throne of &od? CHORUS O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 1* 1es. !oon o r pilgrimage will cease. And provide a robe and crown. $. . !ad hearts will gladden.od. +here the !avio rI/ing we own. +e shall come re8oicing. -" and b" the harvest and the labor ended. schoolda"s all done. &oing forth with weeping."O ME G OL+ EN +AYBREA 0 (Ab) !ome glorio s morning sorrow will cease. precio s fo ntain that saves from sin* I am so glad I have entered in. what a meeting. +e shall meet and sorrow never. bringing in the sheaves. 6es s will come. Heartaches all ended. what a da"break that morn will be. bringing in the sheaves. . 3a" we ever" b rden down. 6es s I%ll see. &lor" to His name* CHORUS . battles all (on. $or yo".*ringing in the sheaves. And low in the pit where m" sins dragged me down. 2n the margin of the river. #here at the cross where He took me inD &lor" to His name* 2. all shall be bright. !aints whom death will never sever 3ift their songs of saving grace. $irror of the !avio r%s face. !owing in the s nshine. . to this fo ntain so rich and sweet. 6es s so sweetl" abides within. +ashing p its silver spra". At the smiling of the river.lory to His na#e0 . 3oved ones nited eternall". !oon we%ll reach the shining river. "H ALL %E GATHE R AT RIV ER (Ab) !hall we gather at the river. !es"s (ill o#e. bringing in the sheaves. #ho gh the loss s stained. $1 GL OR Y TO HI" NAM E (Ab) 5own at the cross where m" !avio r died.e shall o#e re/oi ing. 2h. Heaven will open. All the happ". He will bid s welcome. like Him to be. 7hanged in a moment. 0o tears nor cr"ing shall dim o r e"es. o r spirit often grieves. !oon o r happ" hearts will . 7ast th" poor so l at the !avio r%s feet. brea' thro"gh the bl"e. #here to m" heart was the blood applied. sowing for the $aster.0eath the glor" of the throne. 5own where for cleansing from sin I cried. (e%ll gather at the river. So#e golden daybrea'. &lor" to His name* 7ome. the bea"ti$"l river. . &lor" to His name* $2 HE BR O&G HT M E O&T (Eb) $" heart was distressed . and be made complete. &race o r spirits will deliver. iver +ith the melod" of peace. 1l nge in toda".neath 6ehovah%s dread frown. 2h.lory to His na#e0 -here to #y heart (as the blood we reach the shining river.lory to His na#e0 I am so wondro sl" saved from sin. +e will walk and worship ever. there in the skies.

And there ma" I. 6es s never fails. I%ll praise him till all men his goodness shall see. #he melodio s songs of the blest. +e will offer o r trib te of praise. to sin no more. . 3ies silent in the grave. $$ OH ! %HA T #R ECI O& " L OVE (') 2h. #hen in a nobler. I%ll praise m" @edeemer. I%ll sing #h" power to save. I%ll sing of his wonderf l merc" to me. And redeem s b" His &race. . I%ll sing of salvation at home O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 1. +e shall sing on that bea tif l shore. And o r spirits shall sorrow no more. tho gh vile as he. -" da" and b" night its sweet notes I will raise. For the glorio s gift of His love. +ho tenderl" bro ght me o t to golden da". #ho d"ing 3amb. He gave me a song. $( )E "& " NEVE R 'AIL" (Ab ) 6es s never fails. $" steps were established and here I%ll abide.t 6es s never fails. +ash all m" sins awa". And shall be till I die. For the Father waits over the wa". . what precio s love the Father Had for Adam%s fallen race. #ill man" shall hear the tr th and tr st in &od. #o o r bo ntif l Father above. -e saved. to sin no more. #ill all the ransomed 7h rch of &od -e saved. In the s(eet by and by. 3ose all their g ilt" stains. He set #y $eet on the Ro ' to stay. 3ose all their g ilt" stains. -e saved. And the blessings that hallow o r da"s. stammering tong e 3ies silent in the grave. @edeeming love has been m" theme. #ill all the ransomed 7h rch of &od -e saved. &ave His onl" !on to s ffer. to sin no more. +ash all m" sins awa". @edeeming love has been m" theme. He p"ts a song in #y so"l today. And b" faith we can see it afar. 3ies silent in the grave. 3ose all their g ilt" stains. stammering tong e 3ies silent in the grave. 0o danger of falling while here I remain. And sinners pl nged beneath that flood. +ash all m" sins awa".e shall #eet on that bea"ti$"l shore. CHORUS He bro"ght #e o"t o$ the #iry lay. $* BATTL E HY MN O' RE# &BLIC (Bb) 1C . And shall be till I die.e shall #eet on that bea"ti$"l shore. $ TH ER E I" A 'O &N TAIN (C) #here is a fo ntain filled with blood.%er since b" faith I saw the stream #h" flowing wo nds s ppl". +hen this poor lisping. I%m happ" and free. to sin no more. Heaven and earth will pass awa". +hen this poor lisping. sweeter song. who has resc ed me.twas a new song of praise. . 5rawn from Imman el%s veins. +ash all m" sins awa". And shall be till I die. . 3ose all their g ilt" stains. And shall be till I die. And sinners pl nged beneath that flood. A song o$ praise. CHORUS In the s(eet by and by. tho gh vile as he. #he d"ing thief re8oiced to see #hat fo ntain in his da". hallel"/ah0 He placed me pon the strong @ock b" His side. $3 "% EE T BY AN+ BY (G) #here%s a land that is fairer than da". . 0ot a sigh for the blessing of rest. And there ma" I.t stand b" His grace ntil the crown I gain.cried to the 3ord from the deep mir" cla". $" heart%s overflowing. #o prepare s a dwelling place there. and abroad. #h" precio s blood !hall never lose its power.

He is sifting o t the hearts of men before His 8 dgment seat. hallel 8ah* &lor"* glor". O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 1I have seen Him in the watchfires of a h ndred circling camps.lory0 glory. #he" have b ilded Him an altar in the evening dews and damps.ach step of the wa". CHORUS . A#en0 I believe It. let s die to make men free. I live for the moment. I walk in His shadow. . EA CH " TE # O' THE %AY (') I%m following 6es s. hallel"/ah0 His -r"th is #ar hing on. . (1 I "H ALL NOT BE MOVE + (Ab) 1F . He told the prairie people of a blessed 1romised 3and. hallel 8ah* His #r th is marching on. power. (. power. AM EN (') A#en0 A#en0 A#en0 A#en. to answer Him* -e 8 bilant. wonderworking power. 3eaning. He is trampling o t the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored. 2 be swift. A#en0 A#en. In His love divine. A#en0 Are you going to love Him? A#en0 Are you going to praise Him? A#en0 Are you going to worship Him? A#en0 A#en. and it%s hanging on the wall.$ine e"es have seen the glor" of the coming of the 3ord.lory0 glory. As he went riding. +ith a rifle on his sho lder and a -ible in his hand. 3eaning on the everlasting arm. +hile &od is marching on. A#en0 $ome% &or 'esus. &lor"* glor". $" fears are all gone. I can read His righteo s sentence b" the dim and flaring lamps. #here is power. leaning.TH E CI RC& IT RI+ ER (Bb) #he circ itIrider preacher went riding thro gh the land. stronger. A#en0 A#en. A#en0 Do you love Him? A#en0 Will you serve Him? A#en0 Do you believe Him? A#en0 A#en. A#en0 The Bible’s true. m" so l. In the blood of the 3amb. He preached the coming 8 dgment of fire and brimstone. hallel 8ah* &lor"* glor". A#en0 We believe "ou’re #oming. and it%s seldom to ched at allD . $" spirit grows O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 2. As he rode across the mo ntains "o co ld hear him sing this song. A#en0 We’re rea y to meet "ou. 3eaning on the everlasting arm. His da" is marching on. singing along. +h" think of tomorrow. As he went riding on. #here is power. His tr th is marching on. His -ible%s worn and d st". 6 st live for toda". leaning. m" feet* 2 r &od is marching on. As He died to make men hol". He hath loosed the fatef l lightning of His terrible swift sword. I%m following 6es s. wonderIworking power. A#en0 It’s the Wor of !o .t his $essage from this -ible will meet s at 6 dgment 5a". 3eaning. 2ne step at a time. For 6es s is leading . . For &od%s #r th keeps marching on. $. #he pathwa" is narrow.ach moment. And a glorio s. A#en0 $. His rifle%s old and r st". In the bea t" of the lilies 7hrist was born across the sea. In the precio s blood of the 3amb. each da". hallel"/ah0 .t He leads me on.lory0 glory. hallel"/ah0 . endless Heaven of the 8 stified alone. +ith a glor" in His bosom that transfig res "o and me. He has so nded forth the tr mpet that shall never so nd retreat.ach step of the wa".

He%s the 2ne that%s leading. 6 st like a tree that%s planted b" the waters. .t . I shall not be moved. 7heer the mo rner. b"t !es"s never0 . !inner. In His love I%m hiding. 0ever need%st tho fear. I shall not be moved. !oon again we shall behold Him. I shall not be moved. lost one.lory to His na#e. Hasten. &o and sin no more. I shall not be moved. I shall not be moved. . I shall not be moved. All #ay hange. He who pardoned erring 1eter. b"t !es"s never0 . 3ord. He who . He that came to faithless #homas. In His love and favor. 6 st like a tree that%s planted b" the waters.lory to His na#e. As of old He walked to . I shall not be moved. I shall not be moved. I shall not be #oved. now. !till can h sh o r wildest tempest. #ho gh all hell assail me. I shall not be moved. In &ethsemane. &lor" to His name* CHORUS 1esterday. +alked pon the sea. !es"s is the sa#e. Anchored in 6ehovah. !till He loves to save the sinf l. !eeks thee. 2n the @ock of Ages. I shall not be moved. with love as tender. I shall not be moved. He who gave His healing virt e. I shall not be moved.mid the raging billows. I shall not be moved.ver near o r side. 6 st like a tree that%s planted b" the water. 6 st like a tree that%s planted b" the waters. In m" 7hrist abiding. He who let the loved disciple 2n His bosom rest. He who wept and pra"ed in ang ish. 6es s is the same. #o a O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 21 woman%s to ch. 6 st like a tree that%s planted b" the waters. All #ay hange. In His love abiding.lory to His na#e. I shall not be #oved. 5rinks with s each c p of trembling. 6es s will not fail me. !"st li'e a tree that%s planted by the (aters. I shall not be moved. #ho gh the tempest rages. Yesterda". 6 st like a tree that%s planted b" the waters. As on &alilee. I shall not be moved. . I shall not be moved. I shall not be moved. I shall not be moved.lory to His na#e. I shall not be.twill still be 1G . All th" do bt will clear. In o r agon". I shall not be moved. and at His footstool 1enitentl" bow. 3ean pon His breast. toda". As in da"s of " s.6es s is m" !avio r.( !peaks to thee that word of pardon. $orever. I shall not be moved. !till o r sicknesses and sorrows &o at His command. !o thro gh all life%s wa" He walketh. how sweet the glorio s message. 'I%ll not condemn thee. forever. I shall not be #oved. I shall not be moved. today. 2ft on earth He healed the s ff%rer -" His might" hand. still the tempest. (2 YE "T ER+ AY! TO+ AY! 'ORE VER (Bb) 2h. He who was the friend of sinners. I shall not be moved. 6 st like a tree that%s planted b" the waters. CHORUS I shall not be. &lor" hallel 8ah. He who said. And in Him confiding. 2n His word I%m feeding. I shall not be moved. Heal the sick and lame. #o the faith that claims His f llness. the da"* . -ids thee still. !imple faith ma" claim. 6 st like a tree that%s planted b" the waters. come. He will fail me never. +ith them to abide. If I tr st Him ever. I shall not be moved. !till will give as m ch.

= <$akes me love ever"bod" . It will start the devil fl"ing. 2n earth I long to be like Him. CHORUS 6. It has landed m" old father. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 22 (* TO B E LI0 E HI M (Ab) From -ethlehem%s manger came forth a !tranger. !ome bright da" I%ll go and see Him. the" fail not. . 2n the other shore. an heir of heaven. . +on%t that be a happ" meeting* +on%t that be a happ" meeting* +on%t that be a happ" meeting* 2n the other shore. 1ardon for sin and a peace that end reth.reat is -hy $aith$"lness. #hat bright da" ma" be tomorrow. &et on board. = <It will take s all to Heaven .( As He went awa". obedient. . . CHORUS -o be li'e !es"s. It%s the old ship of Bion. It will make "o stop "o r l"ing. !trength for toda" and bright hope for tomorrow. I%ve got a Father over "onder.reat is -hy $aith$"lness07 )orning by #orning ne( #er ies I see. 3et the 3ight from the lightho se shine on me. It will save "o when "o %re d"ing. !ome bright da" I%ll go and see Him. . <It was good in the fier" f rnace . moon and stars in their co rses above.7 Lord.= <It was good for 1a l and !ilas . 6oin with all nat re in manifold witness. merc" and love. For It makes me love m" brother. #ho changest not. with ten tho sand beside* 2H . -" grace forgiven. 2n the other shore. And it%s good eno gh for me. ! n. And It brings things from nder cover. All thr" li$e%s /o"rney $ro# earth to glory I only as' to be li'e Hi#. . . = <It was good for o r fathers . (3 TH E O L+2 TI ME REL IG IO N (Ab) It%s the oldItime Hol" !pirit. All I have needed -hy hand hath provided. lowl". and springtime and harvest.'this same 6es s. #h" compassions. "nto #e0 ! mmer and winter. GR EAT I" T HY 'AIT H'& LN E" " (Eb) '&reat is #h" faithf lness. On earth I long to be li'e Hi#. It%s so good I want no other.( 2 &od m" Father. #here is no shadow of t rning with #hee. !hine on me. . !erene and hol". . (. 3ord. #hat bright da" ma" be tomorrow. #h" own dear presence to cheer and to g ide. = ( GE T O N BO AR + (Ab) It%s the old ship of Bion. 3et the light from the lightho se shine on me. 3ord. -lessings all mine. As #ho hast been #ho forever wilt be. . = <It will do when I am d"ing . get on board. It has landed m" old father. $" faithf l !avio r. . . I%ve got a Father over "onder. shine on me. #o #h" great faithf lness. It%s the old ship of Bion. . #hat bright da" ma" be tomorrow. to be li'e !es"s.t It%s good eno gh for me. how rich His favor* 2n earth I long to be like Him. = <It was good for -rother -ranham . 2n earth I long to be like Him.reat is thy $aith$"lness0 . And the devil won%t go near It. shine on me. &et on board. 6. . ($ ON TH E O THE R "HO RE (Ab) I%ve got a Father over "onder. get on board. #hat%s the reason people fear It.. 2n earth I long to be like Him. !ome bright da" I%ll go and see Him. 2n the other shore. And It%s good eno gh for me. (( "H IN E O N M E (Ab) !hine on me. . It has landed m" old father.

and let me prepare. 2pen m" mo th. *1 I 0N O% IT %A" THE BL OO+ (') I know it was the -lood. won%t "o watch with me one ho r. #here in the !pirit beholding His face. 2 #ho !pirit divine. and tell of His love. His perfect salvation to tell* *."% EE # O VER MY "O& L (Ab) !weep over m" so l. and we follow Him there. and let me bear &ladl" the warm tr th ever"where. *. 2ver s sin no more hath dominion. He%s ever"thing. sweep over m" so l. #hen go to a world that is d"ing. He died pon the 7ross. #ill the bea t" of 6es s is seen in me. -elieve Him. He%s ever"thing to me. Ready. He%s ever"thing to me. all m" nat re refine. All His wonderf l passion and p rit". +e%ll give the glor" to 6es s. *$ TH E B EA &T Y O' )E "& " ( Eb) 3et the bea t" of 6es s be seen in me. CHORUS Silently no( I (ait $or -hee. -hy (ill to see. I know it was the -lood for me. 2pen m" heart. He promised. I%m overcoming. 3ove with #h" children th s to share. Loo' $"ll in His (onder$"l $a e. that I ma" see &limpses of tr th #ho hast for me. For He%s m" father.od. He%s m" !avio r. and all will be well. won%t "o watch with me one ho r. m" sister and m" brother. +hile I go "onder. that I ma" hear Joices of tr th #ho sendest clear. #y . I know it was the -lood.(. Spirit 3ivine0 2pen m" ears. For I love 6es s. *( "H &T IN %IT H GO+ (C) !h t in with &od in the secret place. And the things o$ earth (ill gro( strangely di# In the light o$ His glory and gra e. while I go "onder? 2h. * "# IRI T O' T HE LIVI NG GO + (') !pirit of the living &od. *. For more than con. m" mother. And life more ab ndant and free* CHORUS -"rn yo"r eyes "pon !es"s. HE /" EV ER YT HI NG TO M E (') He%s ever"thing. ** T& RN YO& R EY E" &# ON )E "& " (') 2 so l. sweep over m" so l. And tell of His wonderf l love.ver"thing false will disappear. %E/LL GIV E GLOR Y T O )E" &" (Bb) +e%ll give the glor" to 6es s. and set me free. -reak me* $elt me* $o ld me* Fill me* !pirit of the living &od. 1lace in m" hands the wonderf l ke" #hat shall nclasp.O# EN MY EYE "! THAT I "E E (Ab) 2pen m" e"es. fall fresh on me. I%m overcoming. +hile I go "onder and pra"? O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 23 *3 I/M OVER COM IN G (Bb) I%m overcoming. And He smiles and He loves me too. fall fresh on me. Open #y eyes. are "o wear" and tro bled? 0o light in the darkness "o see? #here%s light for a look at the !avio r. I%m overcoming. I love to be sh t in with &od. He%s ever"thing to me. And while the waveInotes fall on m" ear. fall fresh on me. 2ne da" when I was lost. . *2 OH ! %ON/ T YO& %ATCH 3 (Bb) 2h. !pirit of the living &od. #hro gh death into life everlasting He passed. %rors we are* His +ord shall not fail "o . I know it was the -lood for me. !weet !pirit. ill"#ine #e. $" rest is complete while I sit at "o r 21 . And tell of His love. &aining new power to r n in the race.

He will be "o r Friend and g ide. A friend when life%s short race is o%er. +hen "o come to cross the river. I have all for Him forsaken. and all m" idols torn From m" heart.feet. the -right and $orning !tar. A friend when others fail. Hallel 8ah* He%s the 3il" of the Jalle". Hallel 8ah* He%s the 3il" of the Jalle".ver"where that "o ma" go. He%ll never. and now He keeps me b" His power. He will drive awa" the gloom. And the clo ds are hanging low. #hat one so vile as I !ho ld ever have a friend like this #o lead me to the sk". He%s the fairest of ten tho sand to m" so l. HE CARE TH 'OR YO& (') He careth for "o .hen He spea's. and !atan tempt me sore. -reathe a pra"er to 6es s onl". #hen sweeping p to glor". +hile I live b" faith and do His blessed will. #hro gh 6es s I shall safel" reach the goal. the -right and $orning !tar. I%ve nothing now to fear. Hallel 8ah* He%s the 3il" of the Jalle". A friend who gives me 8o" and peace. and all m" sorrows borne.2 HE /" COM IN G AGAI N (') +o ld "o be n mbered as one of His fold? +o ld "o be n mbered as one of His fold? -e spotless within. He%s ever"thing to me. Yo can live with Him forever. In temptation He%s m" strong and might" tow%r.. yes. 2 what bliss. !"st be a"se He loves yo" so. He careth for "o . +ello(ship divine. A friend when other friendships cease. A friend when sickness la"s me low. . +ith His manna He m" h ngr" so l shall fill. CHORUS !es"s is the one. . be watching and waiting that sight to behold. A friend when home at last. #hro gh s nshine or shadow. we%ll see His blessed face. s(eet o##"nion. the -right and morning !tar. A friend when death draws near. #he 3il" of the Jalle" in Him alone I see. 3ife is b t an empt" tomb. . in tro ble He%s m" sta".3 TH E LIL Y O' THE VALL EY (') I%ve fo nd a friend in 6es s.$ %H EN I GE T T O THE EN + (C) #he sands have been washed in the footprints 2f the !tranger on &alilee%s 22 . A friend when foes assail. Let Hi# have His (ay "ntil the day is done. CHORUS +riendship (ith !es"s. He tells me ever" care on Him to roll. . !weet !pirit. He%s the fairest of ten tho sand to m" so l. #ho gh all the world forsake me. . O (hat a blessed. He careth for "o . A wall of fire abo t me. . All I need to cleanse and make me f ll" whole. 2 if "o are sad and lonel". O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 2 .1 )E "& " I" TH E ONE (Ab) +hen the da" is dark before "o . never leave me. A friend when earth is past. . He%s coming again. He all m" griefs has taken. A friend as thro gh the vale I go. A friend to meet on heaven%s shore. He%s the fairest of ten tho sand to m" so l. 2ver on the other side. !es"s is a $riend o$ #ine. +here rivers of delight shall ever roll. He%s the fairest of ten tho sand to m" so l. yo" 'no( the lo"ds (ill have to go. sweep over m" so l. In sorrow He%s m" comfort. 'RIE N+ "H I# %I TH )E" &" (Eb) A friend of 6es s. He%s the only one. #here is 2ne who watches o%er "o . nor "et forsake me here. A friend to help and cheer.

2n that bright and clo dless morning when the dead in 7hrist shall rise. 'it shall be as m" da". +hen I get to the end of the wa". +hen all that now seems so m"sterio s +ill be bright and as clear as the da". And the roll is called p "onder. . 3et s labor for the $aster from the dawn till setting s n. 24 . #ho gh millions have fo nd Him a friend And have t rned from the sins the" have sinned. And deep is its fo ntain. there%s still roo# $or one. And !atan can never claim s ch. CHORUS -here%s roo# at the ross $or yo". I%ll be there. All His people have been dearl" p rchased.( ROOM AT T HE CR O" " (Ab) #he cross pon which 6es s died Is a shelter in which we can hide. . -here%s roo# at the ross $or yo". And the toils of the road will seem nothing. And the bea tif l songs of the angels Float o t on m" listening ear.hen the roll is alled "p yonder. . /nows 8 st what is needf l and best.hen the roll is alled "p yonder. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 2$ . #hro gh s nshine or rain.shore. . 1es. CHORUS . He loves me too well to forsake me 2r give me one trial too m ch. I%ll be there. -" and b" I shall see Him and praise Him.t the path of that lone &alilean +ith 8o" I will follow toda". thro gh loss or in gain. And the glor" of His res rrection share. And welcome a sinner before it%s too late. +hen I get to the end of the wa". I%ll be there.hen the roll is alled "p yonder. #he hand of m" !avio r is strong And the love of m" !avio r is long. And the roll is called p "onder. And the toils of the road will seem nothing. In the cit" of nending da".t He who appoints me m" pathwa". And the toils of the road will seem nothing. And the roll is called p "onder.( And the toils of the road will seem nothing. -ho"gh #illions have o#e. #he !avio r still waits to open the gates. And the gates of that cit" appear. And the toils of the road will seem nothing.hen the roll is alled "p yonder. +hen I get to the end of the wa". I%ll be there. +ill be heard in 6 dea no more. then when all of life is over. . +hen I get to the end of the wa". And the voice that s bd ed the ro gh billows. bright and fair. there%s roo# at the ross $or yo". as wide as the sea. +hen I get to the end of the wa". +hen the last feeble step has been taken. #hen the toils of the road will seem nothing. #hen the toils of the road will seem nothing. #he blood flows from 7alv%r" to cleanse ever" stain. I often am longing for rest. +hen the saved of earth shall gather over on the other shore. +hen I get to the end of the wa". And its grace so free is s fficient for me. And the toils of the road will seem nothing.* %H EN TH E R OLL I" CALLE+ (Ab) +hen the tr mpet of the 3ord shall so nd. 3et s talk of all His wondro s love and care. +hen I get to the end of the wa". +hen I get to the end of the wa". I know in His word He hath promised #hat m" strength. and time shall be no more. +hen His chosen ones shall gather to their home be"ond the skies. #here are so man" hills to climb pward. . And the morning breaks eternal. and o r work on earth is done.

!o b rdened with sin and distressed. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 2* -1 I/M GO IN G THR O& GH (Ab) 3ord. At &od the Father%s own right hand. *lessed be the na#e. yes. @edeemer.t 2: .M& "T )E "& " BE AR AL ONE 1 (Ab) $ st 6es s bear the cross alone. so blest. -.. CHORUS I%# going thro"gh. anchor "o r so l in the haven of rest. And His dear name repeat. Friend of men 2nce r ined b" the fall. 3ike 6ohn. BLE "" E+ BE T HE NAM E (Ab) All praise to him who reigns above In ma8est" s preme. . stor#y deep. there%s a cross for ever" one. down At 6es s% pierced feet. +ith 8o" I%ll cast m" golden crown. +here angel hosts adore. I%ll sail the (ild seas no #ore. I "ielded m"self to His tender embrace. 7ome.) His name above all names shall stand. +hose reign shall never cease. #ill death shall set me free. And all the world go free? 0o. I have started to walk in the light. #he might" 1rince of 1eace. I bade the world and its follies adie . #he song of m" so l. 2 there are man" who start in the race. For tho hast died for all.( And I entered the 'haven of @est*( CHORUS I%ve an hored #y so"l in the haven o$ rest. $" fetters fell off. #he consecrated cross I%ll bear. I%# going thro"gh. . !avior. !ec re in the 'Haven of @est*( 2 come to the !avio r. 2f all earth%s kingdoms 7on.O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 2( . -he te#pest #ay s(eep o%er the (ild. +ho gave his !on for man to die. who%ll save whosoever will have A home in the 'Haven of @est*( How precio s the tho ght that we all ma" recline. #hat he might man redeem. . TH E H AVEN O' RE "T (Ab) $" so l in sad e9ile was o t on life%s sea. 2f 6es s. I%ll pay the pri e (hatever others do. His name shall be the 7o nselor. *lessed be the na#e o$ the Lord. Has been the old stor".t with the light ref se to keep pace. I%# going thro"gh. . #ho hast devised salvation%s plan. 2n 6es s% strong arm. blessed be the na#e. !hining pon me from heaven so bright. And then go home m" crown to wear. !es"s. And faith taking hold of the +ord. I%ve started in 6es s and I%m going thro gh. . blessed be the na#e. *lessed be the na#e o$ the Lord. since the 3ord made me whole. 2thers accept it beca se it is new. where no tempest can harm. And sa". And there%s a cross for me. In !es"s I%# sa$e ever#ore. ) ()agni$y His &a#e . .( . and I anchored m" so l. CHORUS *lessed be the na#e. Epon the cr"stal pavement. I%ll ta'e the (ay (ith the Lord%s despised $e(.9alted more and more. He patientl" waits #o save b" His power divine. the beloved and blest. D($ake $e "o r choice. '$" -eloved is mine. I%# going thro"gh. (!es"s is the &a#e .. #ill I heard a sweet voice sa"ing. #he Haven of @est is m" 3ord. 2 precio s cross* 2 glorio s crown* 2 res rrection da"* Ye angels from the stars come down and bear m" so l awa". eror. . For there%s a crown for me.

#eet yo" there In that ho#e beyond the s'y. spea'. #y Lord. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 2. &od%s love. #hen go thro gh with 6es s and those who end re. I do de lare0 And . never heard by #ortal ear. CHORUS -here is going to be a #eeting in the air. S" h singing yo" (ill hear. And pardoned from his sin. ho( ri h and p"re0 Ho( #eas"reless and strong0 It shall $orever#ore end"re. His erring child He reconciled. now will "o take p the cross? &ive p the world and co nt it as dross. Yo have heard of fearless 5avid and his sling. #y Lord. '+ho will go and work for $e toda"? +ho will bring to $e the lost and d"ing? +ho will point them to the narrow wa"?( CHORUS Spea'. well done.( -3 TH E L OVE O ' GO+ ( Eb) #he love of &od is greater far #han tong e or pen can ever tell. here am I. $an" things will there be missing. 3iving each moment with His face in view. 2 brother. For the mo rners bench 2> . And of 6onah and the whale "o often sing. 6Lord. And ever" man a scribe b" trade. 9-(ill be glorio"s. #ho gh stretched from sk" to sk".od.not ver" man" e9pect to go thro gh. 0or co ld the scroll contain the whole. Spea'. #here are man". and I%ll be 8"i ' to ans(er -hee. $aking him as p re as p re can be. In the s(eet. !oon we%ll gather for the harvest home. #han shrink from m" pathwa" and fail to go thro gh. love . 7o ld we with ink the ocean fill. I sho ld like to meet them all. -he saints and angels song. so s re. brother. #he g ilt" pair. CHORUS Oh. &od gave His son to win. send me.( !oon the time for reaping will be over. +hen the voice of &od. It goes be"ond the highest star. s(eet by and by. -2 "# EA 0! MY L OR+ (G) hear the 3ord of harvest sweetl" calling. $a" the 3ord of harvest smile pon s.od%s o(n Son (ill be the leading one At the #eeting in the air. '7hild. . @edeeming grace to Adam%s race. and I (ill ans(er. send #e. And reaches to the lowest hell. 3isten to their sad and bitter cr".TH E M EE TI NG I N THE AIR (Ab) Yo have heard of little $oses in the b lr sh. I%d rather walk with 6es s alone. +hen hoar" time shall pass awa". Hasten. I do declare* -" and b" the 3ord will s rel" let s meet them At the meeting in the air. Have for a pillow. spea' #y Lord. man" others thro gh the -ible. ill. 'Here I am . Spea'. 2n rocks and hill and mo ntains call.( $illions now in sin and shame are d"ing. Spea'. hasten to the resc e. !ell all tho hast and give to the poor. K ickl" answer. bowed down with care.7 +hen the coal of fire to ched the prophet. like 6acob. in that meeting. '$aster. #he saint% and angels% song. I a# going to #eet yo". +hen men who here ref se to pra". a stone. #o write the love of &od above +o ld drain the ocean dr". All meas reless and strong. +ere ever" stalk on earth a . said '+ho%ll go for s?( #he he answered. And earthl" thrones and kingdoms fall. #y Lord. Yo have heard the stor" told of dreaming 6oseph. shall still end re. $a" we hear His blessed. And were the skies of parchment made.

And I have the wedding garment on. #here will never be a sermon preached to sinners. A$ter !es"s shall o#e ba ' to earth again. Heaven and earth are praising #hee. Heaven and earth are f ll of #hee. #he" mingled their blood. #here%s so ls nder the altar. An" moment I%ll be gone. All who have the wedding garments will be present At the meeting in the air. All the skeptics will be absent on that da". Yes. O& R LOR+/" RE T& RN (G) I am watching for the coming of the glad millennial da". +hen o r blessed 3ord shall come and catch His waiting -ride awa". #here will be no mo rning over wa"ward loved ones. +hen o r !avio r shall come back to earth again.t there%s going to be more who%ll give their life%s blood For this Hol" &host &ospel and its crimson flood. 2 3ord $ost High. #hen cam the 3ord 6es s. . &od shall take awa" all sickness and the s ff%rer%s tears will dr". For o r 3ord is coming back to earth again. 1erfect peace shall reign in ever" heart. -( HO LY! HO LY! HOLY (') Hol". For the knowledge of the 3ord shall fill the earth and sea and sk". watch and pra". After 6es s shall come back to earth 2A . Satan (ill be bo"nd a tho"sand years. All o r b rdens and o r ang ish will be lifted At the meeting in the air. and 6ohn the divine. 2h* $" heart is filled with rapt re as I labor. CHORUS Oh0 O"r Lord is o#ing ba ' to earth again. (e%ll have no te#pter then. Hol". 6es s% coming back will be the answer to earth%s sorr%wing cr". the ransomed of the 3ord shall come to Bion then with 8o". yes. #here was 1eter and 1a l. and love witho t allo". #hen the" stoned !tephen. Hol". !o the tr e +ord of &od co ld honest be told. -. CHORUS It%s dripping (ith blood. -his Holy . He ta ght that the !pirit wo ld save men from sin. and gave p the O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 2ghost. 3ord &od of hosts. -he blood o$ dis iples (ho died $or the -r"th. cr"ing. o"r Lord is o#ing ba ' to earth again.( 5ressed in raiment none b t ransomed ones can wear. And the Achans will be b s" far awa". -* TH I" %ORL+ CA N/T H OL+ ME (Ab) this old world can never hold me. -$ IT/ " +RI ##I NG %I TH BL OO+ (') #he first one to die for this Hol" &host plan. in that lifeIgiving host.will have no place at all. he preached against sin. #here will be no gr mblers present to dist rb s. 'How 3ong?( For the 3ord to p nish those who%ve done wrong. He made them so angr". #here the do bters will be missing altogether. #here the saints will have His 'seal pon their foreheads. -his Holy . it%s dripping (ith .t he died in the !pirit. 1es. #he" gave p their lives so this &ospel co ld shine. And went to 8oin others. the" dashed his head in.ospel is dripping (ith blood.ospel is dripping (ith blood. b t he died like a man. +as 6ohn the -aptist. And in all His hol" mo ntain nothing h rts or shall destro". For the sinner had ref sed to heed the . For I%ve made m" consecration. #here will be no lonel" nights of pleading pra"er. the" cr cified Him. like the prophets of old. .

1. #hen 6es s came and dwelt Himself within. pain and death of this dark world shall cease. 5emands m" so l. In a glorio s reign with 6es s of a tho sand "ears of peace.again. 5id e%er s ch love and sorrow meet. !ee these 8ewels rich and rare. repent o$ all yo"r sin. -he path to glory yo" (ill s"rely $ind. his hands. !o men toda" have fo nd the !avio r able. #hat were a present far too small.2 TH E %A TE R %AY (') 3ong ago the maids drew water In the evening time. His e"es were blind. !orrow and love flow mingled down. I sacrifice them to His blood.. the d mb. -he Holy . the light he co ld not see. 2C . cr"ing for that da" of sweet release. #hen 6es s came and cast o t ever" fear. . All the earth is groaning. 1.hen !es"s o#es the te#pter%s po(%r is bro'en.hen !es"s o#es the tears are (iped a(ay. #hen 6es s came and bade his darkness flee. It is the light today. so divine. He%s the 2ne who alwa"s cares and nderstands. that I sho ld boast. +o ld%st tho not his lovel" bride be In that co ntr" over there?( CHORUS It (ill be light in the evening ti#e. 2ne da" Isaac sent his servant #o stop @ebekah on her wa". I shall 'no( Hi# *y the prints o$ the nails in His hands. the" sa". . m" all* 1. 3ord. CHORUS I shall 'no( Hi#. 2r thorns compose so rich a crown? +ere the whole realm of nat re mine. I shall 'no( Hi#. er passion. #hen the sin and sorrow. -hr" the (ater (ay. $" richest gain I co nt b t (ill s"rely enter in. l st and sin. He c t himself as demon pow%rs possessed him. disease had gripped its victim. All the vain things that charm me most. CHORUS O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 3. And po r contempt on all m" pride. TH EN )E "& " CA ME (C ) 2ne sat alone beside the highwa" begging. He cl tched his rags and shivered in the shadows. '$" master sent me here to tell thee. !ave in the death of 7hrist. #he deaf. Forbid it. 3ove so ama)ing. For o r 6es s to come back to earth again. #he" co ld not con.I "H ALL 0N O% HIM (') !tanding somewhere in the shadows "o %ll find 6es s. #hen 6es s came and set the captive free. Among the tombs he dwelt in miser". -. m" life. *"ried in the pre io"s &a#e o$ !es"s Christ. !tanding somewhere in the shadows "o will find Him. in helplessness stood near. #heir broken hearts had left them sad and lonel". Enclean* Enclean* #he leper cried in torment. As redee#ed by His side I shall stand. 1o"ng and old. I shall 'no( Hi#.1 %H EN I "&R VEY T HE CR O" " (') +hen I s rve" the wondro s cross 2n which the 1rince of glor" died. m" &od. from his head. -he evening Light has o#e. And "o %ll know Him b" the nail prints in his hands. He ta'es the gloo# and $ills the li$e (ith glory. !ee. his feet. +or all is hanged (hen !es"s o#es to stay. #he fever raged. From home and friends the evil spirits drove him.

is o rs toda". He said. 3ooking for a hol" people #o be His bride soon. b" and b". I love. #hese words He said to him. !o &od%s servants come to tell "o 2f a -ridegroom in the sk". O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 2F . Oh. '7ome see this $an from &alilee. $ro# . A babe was born to save men from their sin. CHORUS Oh.od and Christ are one. He%s $orgiven all #y sins. If we%re faithf l we shall go there b" and b". #he woman at the well. #o get in the 7h rch tri mphant Yo m st go the water wa". He will take "o r ever" care. "TAN + ON THAT ROC0 (') 7r"ing 'Hol"( nto the 3ord. I love that )an $ro# . pla ed the Holy . It%s the cit" where the 3amb is the light.3 +O N/T 'OR GE T #RA YER (') 5on%t forget the famil" pra"er. He asked the !on of man what m st he do. and a deep peace placed within. I know it%s reall" so.( -" the !pirit of that $an from &alilee. If I co ld. 1. Yo %ll find He%s not too b s" to hear "o r heart%s cr". 0icodem s came b" night. CHORUS In that ity (here the La#b is the light. 1. #here%s a cit" where there never comes a night. At last the faith O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 31 He once delivered #o the saints.$ TH AT MAN 'R OM GALIL EE (') In a manger long ago.alilee. and a deep peace came within. be mercif l to me*( He was forgiven of ever" sin.alilee. Have "o looked and often wondered +h" the power is slack toda"? +ill "o sta" in that back n mber And go on in the manImade wa"? 2 saints who never have been b ried In the blessed name of &od. 2h. I s rel" wo ld !tand on that rock where $oses stood. 7hrist. '7ome see that $an from &alilee*( 1. It%s the wa" apostles trod. He sends to s refreshing water In this wondro s latter da". '2 3ord. "o r needs to s ppl". #he p blican went to pra" in the temple there one da". #he blind was made to see. @each o t and to ch the 3ord as He goes b".( #he lame was made to walk. He cried. 6ohn saw Him on the shore. 3et the tr th now sanctif" "o . 6es s wants to meet "o there. Are "o on "o r wa" to r in.alilee. I know it co ld onl" be #he merc" of that $an from &alilee.It is a $a t that . He all her sins did tell. 7r"ing 'Hol"( nto the 3ord. the d mb was made to (ithin. #hen she cried. He%s passing b" this moment. 1.( REA CH O &T! TO&C H T HE LOR+ (') @each o t and to ch the 3ord as He passes b". 2h. the 3amb forevermore.* IN THA T CI TY! LA MB I" LI GH T (Bb) #here%s a co ntr" far be"ond the starr" sk". I love that )an $ro# . #he" who reall" will be rapt red $ st go thr the water wa". to know the wa" of right. +or He%s done so very #" h $or #e. the 7r cified of 7alvar". ick work &od is doing #hat so His glor" "o ma" share. 7 mbered with a load of care? !ee the . #hat power was spoken with love pon the sea. !he was forgiven of ever" sin. don%t forget the famil" pra"er. 1. How five h sbands she had at that time. 'Ye m st be born again.

long vacation. #hen let s nlight fade.hen I ta'e #y va ation in heaven.32 -he ity (here there o#eth no night.%H EN I TA0E MY VACA TIO N (Bb) Here so man" are taking vacation. and no earth. !oon there%s O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 33 going to be an e9c rsion. I%m so glad 6es s set me free. And His 2G . In that cit" where the 3amb is the light. +ith its fo ndation walls all so precio s. Sitting do(n by the ban's o$ the river. For I know that p in heaven there is room.t it seems not m" lot to be like them. Here we have o r da"s of s nshine. let twilight bring its gloom. 0ot a shadow can m" blissf l so l affright. #o the mo ntains. and (hen $ree $ro# toil and are. In that cit" where the 3amb is the light. And the $a e o$ #y Savior I%ll see. OH ! IT I" )E "& " (C) 2h. All the da"s will be one. sho ting victor" . +here from gladness of heart I shall sho t* 2 no sights ever witnessed b" mortals. I%m so glad 6es s set me free. #ho gh b" night we weep. b t we know #hat the s n which shines pon s now so bright +ill be changed to clo ds and rain ntil we go #o the 7it" where the 3amb is the light. . &lor". +e ret rn to o r homes b" and b". I a# going (here the La#b is the light. <I%m so glad 6es s lifted me .. And o r tears shall be forever wiped awa". Here on earth when we take o r vacation. 7an compare with the glories p there I shall spend m" vacation with 6es s. +hen I take m" vacation in heaven. And o r fondest hopes b t meet with bitter blight. I am booked for a ride in the air. 9&eath the shade o$ the ever green tree. Yo %re invited to share m" vacation. 11. +hen m" !avior takes me to His home. 1. the lakes or the sea. -ringing wanderers back to the fold. the morning brings a smile. And the feast with o r -ridegroom to share. . CHORUS . . I shall dwell with m" !avior forever. I shall rest $ro# #y b"rdens $orever. +here the" rest from their cares and their worries. +hat a wonderf l time that m st be* . . Here we have o r disappointments all the while. 0ot a clo d shall sweep over the sk". . In the land of the '!weet b" and b"(. In the place He went on to prepare. .on%t yo" spend yo"r va ation (ith #e. it is 6es s* It is 6es s in m" so l. = <I%m on m" wa" to Heaven. it is 6es s* Yes. I%ve a #ansion over there. For I have to ched the hem of His garment. In those mansions of gold in the sk". In that cit" where the 3amb is the light. I m st toil thr the heat and the cold.hat a (onder$"l ti#e that (ill be. #here the flowers bloom forever and the da" !hall be one eternal da" witho t a night. +ith Him sit on His Heavenl" #hrone. hallel 8ah. Hearing on erts by the heavenly Chor"s.. !eeking o t the lost sheep on the mo ntains. akes or c"clones shall threaten. #here the weather will alwa"s be perfect. )E "& " "ET M E 'RE E (Ab) I%m so glad 6es s set me free. = 1. 6es s set me free. 0ow some da" I shall take m" vacation #o the cit" 6ohn tells s abo t.

CHORUS Leave it there. And each one stands facing his record and the great -ook is opened L +hat #hen? +hen the actors have pla"ed their last drama and the mimic has made his last f n. He (ill s"rely bring yo" o"t. faith in the !on. And the salesman sold his last drink and gone o t in the darkness. 111 %H AT T HE N1 (') +hen the great plants of o r cities have t rned o t their last finished work. I can. (hat then4 . these three are 2ne. Faith in 6ehovah makes an"thing shake. or stores and beer 8oints have been closed. I will. +hen the people have heard their last sermon and the so nd has died o t in the air. 11 I CAN ! I %ILL ! I +O BELI EVE (Ab) I can. I will.blood has made me whole. +hen the crowds seeking pleas re have vanished and all the li. +hen "o r "o thf l da"s are gone and old age is stealing on.hat then4 . 5on%t forget that &od in heaven answers pra"er.hen the great *oo' is opened. -a'e yo"r b"rden to the Lord and leave it there. #ake "o r b rden to the 3ord and leave it there. +hen the 6 dge of the earth sa". He%ll go with "o to the end. And the wo nded afield checked in and a world that re8ects its !avio r is asked for a reason L +hat #hen? 112 'AITH IN )E HO VAH (') Faith in the Father. 6 st remember. +hen "o r enemies assail and "o r heart begins to fail. If "o r bod" s ffers pain and "o r health "o can%t regain. I do believe.hat then4 . +hen the tr mpet of ages is so nded and we stand before Him L +hat #hen? +hen the b gle call sinks into silence and the long marching col mns stand still. And "o r so l is almost sinking in despair. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 3 I$ yo" tr"st and never do"bt. And "o r bod" bends beneath the weight of care. He can save and He can heal. I do believe. 5emons will tremble. I will. +hen the -ible lies closed on the altar and the pews are all empt" of folks. in His +ord. Faith in the Hol" &host. 113 LE AVE I T THE RE ( G) If the world from "o withhold of its silver and its gold. #ake "o r b rden to the 3ord and leave it there. . And "o have to get along with meager fare. leave it there. I do believe 4H . 6es s knows the pain "o feel. +hen the film has flashed its last film and the billboard displa"ed its last r n. And the captain repeats his last orders. and sinners awake. I can.hen the ones that%s re/e ting this )essage tonight. +hen o r banks have raked in their last dollar and paid the last dividends. He will make a wa" for "o and will lead "o safel" thro gh.( and asks for a balance L +hat #hen? CHORUS . #ake "o r b rden to the 3ord and leave it there. He will never leave "o then.ill be as'ed to give a reason : . And the flag has been ha led from the mast. +hen o r merchants have sold their last "ard of goods and dismissed the last tired clerk.hat -hen4 +hen the choir has s ng its last song and the preacher has said his last pra"er. how he feeds the little bird. #ake "o r b rden to the 3ord and leave it there. 'closed for the night. -a'e yo"r b"rden to the Lord and leave it there.

b t his mone" Had melted and vanished awa". . +hen death came. Upon the golden shore. For the knowledge of the 3ord shall fill all the O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 3$ earth +hen the !pirit of the 3ord shall fall. shall #eet. flow. #hen let s all take co rage. river. It shall fall like the rain. His debts were too heav" to pa". O"r trials (ill soon be o%er. Flow. ears have heard. b"t their prayers (ere too late. CHORUS And O.t then we hear the $aster sa". #he great man was there. was left far behind. A pa per he stood in the 8 dgment. And if "o %ll onl" tr st $e. #he widow was there with the orphans. 11* IT " HALL 'L O% LI 0E A RIV ER (C) It shall flow like a river. 0o sorrow in heaven 41 . flow. 0ot a trace of his greatness co ld find. &od heard and remembered their cries. +hile she is passing b".( cries the 7aptain. And stood on the land and the sea. 11. '&et read".e%re see'ing a ity to o#e. For we%re not left alone. wonderf l. TH E G REA T )& +G EM EN T (C) I dreamed that the great 8 dgment morning Had dawned. 7a se life to spring forth. . . CHORUS -hen heer. <I%m tr sting onl" in the 3ord . -hey ried $or the ro 's and the #o"ntains. #y brother. #he rich man was there. (hat a (eeping and (ailing. I%ll g ide "o to that land. -o gather the !e(els ho#e. flow. +e have not long to sta". now%s the time to get on board. #he lifeboat soon is coming #o gather the 6ewels home.( #he lifeboat soon is coming. 'I%ll lend "o a helping hand. .#hat 6es s heals me now. flow. b t his greatness. From the throne came a bright shining angel. As the lost (ere told o$ their $ate. Flow o t thro gh the nations wherever man ma" go. she%s almost here. I dreamed that the nations had gathered #o 8 dgment before the white throne. heer. river. #he fare is paid for one and all. And swore with his hand raised to heaven.t if "o stand and wait too long. look. 2h. river. . and the tr mpet had blown. -hey prayed. #hat time was no longer to be. !he%ll carr" "o safel" home. -" e"es of faith I see As she sweeps thro gh the waters #o resc e "o and me. #he storm" clo ds of darkness +ill t rn to brightest da". '2h. -he li$eboat soon is o#ing. O"r loved ones (e shall #eet. Yo shall forever die. !ometimes the 5evil tempts me. And sa"s it%s all in vain #o tr" to live a 7hristian life And walk in 6es s% name. what%s recorded in &od%s +ordD Isn%t 6es s m" 3ord wonderf l? 11( TH E LI' EBO AT (G) +e%re floating down the stream of time. And land s safel" in the port +ith friends we love so dear. wonderf l? Isn%t 6es s m" 3ord wonderf l? ."es have seen. #he angel that opened the records.e%re pilgri#s and (e%re strangers here. = 11$ I" N/ T HE %ON +ER' &L 3 (Bb) Isn%t He wonderf l. It shall rise as the dew in morning o%er the plain. . that all men ma" know #hat Yo %re the river of the !pirit. And get on board the lifeboat. flow.( 2h. #he 7aptain bids "o come.

#here%s room at the fo ntain for thee. +hen I get a to ch. #he moral man came to the 8 dgment. Yo %ve sent a ra" of light. His blood was shed b t once for all. there is roo#. 11. Hallel 8ah. #here%s room at the fo ntain for thee. #here was room at the fo ntain for me. 2h. +here there%s peace. 0o time now to think of religion*( At last the" had fo nd time to die. +e%ll sing with all the saints above. And praise Him for redeeming love. #here was room at the fo ntain for me. #he gambler was there and the dr nkard. roo#. . in e9ile. 121 CO ME AN+ G O %I TH ME (Ab) 7ome and go with me to m" Father%s Ho se. 7ome. #here%s room at the fo ntain for thee. peace. His blood has washed me white as snow. don%t re8ect sweet $erc"%s call. m" heart was blest. And now He keeps me p re within. Roo#. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 3( I fo nd the crimson stream I know. there is roo#.t his selfIrighteo s rags wo ld not do. m" sins confessed.I HA VE CR O" "E + RIVE N VE IL (Ab) I have crossed the riven veil where the glor" never fails. #here was room at the fo ntain for me. #here%s room at the fo ntain for thee. peace. I%ll praise Him while He gives me breath. I have crossed the riven veil where the glor" never fails. CHORUS Roo#. #here%s room at the fo ntain for thee. he trod. 122 )& "T A NO THE R TO&C H! LOR+ (Eb) 6 st another to ch. And the man that had sold them the drink. from "o . yes. $ine e"es shall its glor" behold. I pl nged beneath the crimson tide. Roo# at the $o"ntain $or thee. 123 TH E # EAR LY %HI TE CI TY (Eb ) #here%s a hol" and bea tif l cit". #here was room at the fo ntain for me. And when m" frail tent here is folded. CHORUS In that bright ity. wash the stains of sin awa". from "o . +hen I gave p.forever. 3ord. #here was room at the fo ntain for me. to m" Father%s Ho se. massive wall is of 8asper. #o help in hard trials I go thro gh. ROOM AT T HE 'O &N TAIN (Eb) I heard m" loving !avior sa". #here was room at the fo ntain for me. '0ot tonight. Its high. #here%s room at the fo ntain for thee. I%ll get saved b" and b". #here was room at the fo ntain for me. +ith the people who gave him the license. He saved me from an awf l death. I came to Him. #here%s room at the fo ntain for thee. #ho gh dark ma" be the night. For I%m living in the presence of the /ing. 6ohn saw it descending from heaven +hen 1atmos. and a 42 . #he men who had cr cified 6es s Had passed off as moral men. +hose b ilder and r ler is &od. #here%s room at the fo ntain for thee. #ogether in hell the" did sink. Hallel 8ah. #he so l that had p t off salvation. 7ome and go with me to m" Father%s Ho se. #he cit" itself is p re gold. -here%s roo# at the $o"ntain $or thee. a harp. I have a #ansion. He cleansed m" heart from inbred sin. 12. too. And now b" faith am sanctified. #here%s room at the fo ntain for thee. roo# yes. &od wiped all the tears from their e"es. pearly (hite ity. #o m" Father%s Ho se. 3ord.

who cares? +ho with me m" b rden shares? 0one b t #hee. 0o tempter is there to anno". $" loved ones are gathering "onder. 12 )& "T A CL O" ER %AL 0 (C) I am weak b t #ho art strong. 0o tears ever moisten the e"e. are passing awa". none b t #hee. #here%s nothing to h rt and destro". to #h" shore. 7ame rippling thro gh vessels of cla". . His coming now is pending. 0o pain and no sickness can enter. #he"%ve reached that fair cit" at last. +ho has promised life to all who tr st His grace. And soon we%ll see o r 3ord face to face. 3aily (al'ing lose to -hee. +or the (hite ity !ohn sa( o#ing do(n. In the midst of His people 44 . safel" o%er. 3o. that we are near the end can be seen. 7oming back to earth to catch awa" His own. And speaks words of 3ife and of wisdom.arth%s sorrows and cares are forgotten. #hen ma" we all be read". the message being given. *"t get ready $or the $inal all. #heir trials and battles are past. +e%re pra"ing for the advent of o r blessed !avio r. 0o sin is allowed in that cit".ro(n. ye saints o$ the Lord. 0o heartaches are known in that cit". #he" live in sweet harmon" there. (hy sl"#ber (hen the end is nearing. #he"%re safe now in glor" with 6es s.ladly #ay (e herald the #essage o$ His blessed appearing. $" heart is now set on that cit". #hr this world of toil and snares. 3ord. dear Lord. is #y plea. And soon I shall 8oin their bright n mber. when midnight cr" is given. 1ress ever bravel" onward. 0o crape on the doorknob is seen. 12$ TH E M E" "A GE O' HI " CO MI NG (C) +e%re looking for His coming. As I walk let me walk close to #hee. CHORUS !"st a loser (al' (ith -hee. too. $" friends. 0o parting words ever are spoken. 6es s keep me from all wrong. #here%s no disappointment in heaven. And dwell in eternit"%s da". His voice like the so nd of slow waters. #he" O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 3* overcome sin and the tempter. 12( TH E " HE E# O' HI" #A"T &R E (') #he sheep of His past re have gathered #o hear what the !hepherd wo ld sa". & ide me gentl". CHORUS . #ime for me will be no more. And some da" its blessings I%ll share. behold the fig leaves now becoming green. I%ll be satisfied as long. . +e%re longing for the glor" that awaits the faithf l. +hen m" feeble life is o%er. (aiting and longing. 0o env" and strife in the sk". the pri)e is life eternal #o all who win the fight over sin. Let it be. #he saints are all sanctified wholl". Soon He%s o#ing in glory. -hen a(a'e. dear 3ord. . &o( I a# (at hing. !es"s. +ho shall overcome. +e see the signs appearing of His blessed coming. #o #h" kingdom shore. let it be. #he gospel of His kingdom has gone to ever" nation. tell to one and all. in the clo ds of heaven. And nothing defiling nor mean. and ever" conflict win. If I falter.rant it. #o go and reign with 7hrist on His throne.#is the voice that bro ght forth creation And set all the stars in arra".

#here is b t one wa" to enter in it. CHORUS Are yo" in the Ch"r h tri"#phant4 Are yo" in the Savio"r%s *ride4 Co#e and be bapti.#ill the Hol" &host had come. CHORUS 1es. And "o r vessel all filled and bright? Yo will be among the foolish virgins If "o do not walk in the light. )E "& " LOVE" ME ( Eb) 6es s loves me* #his I know. 7omes to watch me where I lie. 3et His little child come in. #here%s a fo ntain flowing for the so l nclean. And set in the -od" for service. -ride or -od". -he *ible tells #e so. 7leansed and s rrendered and filled. 12* ARE Y O& %A "H E+ I N BL OO+ 1 (Ab) Have "o been to 6es s for the cleansing pow%r? Are "o washed in O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 3.toda". 3ittle ones to Him belong.BA# TI ZE + INT O THE BO+ Y (G ) Have "o been bapti)ed into the -od"? -apti)ed with the Hol" &host. 12. #ho gh b" the world we%re all despised. In the so"l5 leansing blood o$ the La#b4 Are yo"r gar#ents spotless4 Are they (hite as sno(4 Are yo" (ashed in the blood o$ the La#b4 Are "o walking dail" b" the !avior%s side? Are "o washed in the blood of the 3amb? 5o "o rest each moment in the 7r cified? Are "o washed in the blood of the 3amb? +hen the -ridegroom cometh. 1 re and white in the blood of the 3amb? +ill "o r so l be read" for the mansions bright And be washed in the blood of the 3amb? 3a" aside the garments that are stained with sin. b" faith with !aints of old departed. As the Head of the -od" hath willed.ver" creed has claimed to be the -od". O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 3+hen the -ridegroom comes. tr e. the blood of the 3amb? Are "o f ll" tr sting in His grace this ho r? Are "o washed in the blood of the 3amb? CHORUS Are yo" (ashed in the blood. will "o be read". +e%ve crossed over 6ordan to 4: . b" precio s blood p rchased. 6 st as the" did on 1entecost. #he" entered in. !es"s loves #e. 1es. #here is b t one 7h rch. #ho gh I%m ver" weak and ill. . Heaven%s gates to open wide.ed into the *ody. From His shining throne on high.t the 'pl mb line( proved ntr e All their dreams. +hen the +ord of &od was opened to them. 6es s loves me* He who died. !es"s loves #e. #he" are weak b t He is strong. for &od has so determined #o bring His !on%s tr e -ride to view. -" the one. #hose who died before the Hol" !pirit 7ame pon s from on high. and "et there%s room. 13. promised Hol" !pirit. #hro gh prophets. 1es. $an" tho ght that the" were in the -od". And $orever#ore abide. be washed in the blood of the 3amb. 2h. . 12. . 6es s loves me* 3oves me still. And into it we%re all bapti)ed. $a". will "o r robes be white. He will wash awa" m" sin. TH I" I" LI 0E HEA VE N TO ME (') +e find man" people who can%t nderstand +h" we are so happ" and free. !es"s loves #e. And be washed in the blood of the 3amb. For the -ible tells me so. Arise to meet Him in the sk".

hen He rea hed do(n His hand $or #e. 2h. . & ide m" feet. And all that is held in bondage now #he 3ord will that da" release. grant with #hee I ma" stand.hat (o"ld yo" give4 . !afe home ever"one at last. And this is li'e Heaven to #e.hat (o"ld yo" give in e= hange $or yo"r so"l4 $erc" is calling "o . 2h. +hat wo ld "o give in e9change for "o r so l? CHORUS . #he devil don%t believe It. CHORUS Oh. when He came to me there. the 7reator. 2 r conflicts and trials passed. I see. there isn%t a do bt.hat (o"ld yo" give in e= hange $or yo"r so"l4 Oh. #hen He lifted m" feet. 131 %H AT % O& L+ YO& E4 CHAN GE (G) -rother aIfar from the !avio r toda". $ore than all 8ewels th" spirit is worth* &od. For "o reached down "o r hand for me. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship . . 13 BRIN G T HE M IN (Ab) 4> . (<raise . +hen "o are weighed in the balance on high. +hat wo ld "o give in e9change for "o r so l? 132 %ON+ ER' &L TIM E (Bb) A wonderf l time is 8 st ahead. +hat wo ld "o give in e9change for "o r so l? $ore than the silver and gold of the earth. CHORUS . . I (as lost and "ndone. 133 %H EN HE RE ACH E+ + O%N (C) 2nce m" so l was astra" from the heavenl" wa". when I get happ". 3ord.od sho"ld all it a(ay. I%ve rossed over !ordan to Canaan%s $air land. when "o stand at the bar b" and b". CHORUS A (onder$"l ti#e $or yo". And He showed me that I co ld be free. #he groans of creation cease.hen He rea hed do(n His hand $or #e. I sing and I sho t. (itho"t . i$ today . 0ow I lean on His arm I%m sec re from all harm.7anaan%s fair land And this is like Heaven to me. How m" heart doth re8oice since I made Him m" choice. $or #e. A (onder$"l ti#e it (ill be. #he 3ord +hom we love and own +ill open the gates of glor"land @evealing His glor" throne. +hen He reached down His hand for me.od0) 1es. has given it birth* +hat wo ld "o give in e9change for "o r so l? If. for me. it is precio s indeed. A wonderf l time is 8 st ahead. this is li'e Heaven to #e. !ince he reached down His hand for me. .od or His Son. for me. gave me glor" complete. And that%s what%s the matter with me. heavenl" 8o"s never cease. Yo sho ld be sentenced forever to die. won%t "o give heed? $ st the dear !avio r still tenderl" plead? @isk not "o r so l. I give all m" life nto #hee. 2 r wilderness 8o rne" at an end. @isking "o r so l for the things that deca". hold m" hand. And was wretched and vile as co ld be. 8o" and love. !ince the 3ord gave me peace. From the tempest to Him now I flee. this is li'e Heaven to #e. +hen He reached down His hand for me.t I%m filled with the !pirit.t m" !avio r above. if toda" &od sho ld call it awa". I was nearing despair. I$ (e are prepared to #eet !es"s the >ing. A (onder$"l ti#e $or #e.hen He rea hed do(n His hand $or #e. for me. .hat (o"ld yo" give4 . A wonderf l time is 8 st ahead. gave me peace. for me.

#he" were all with one accord. #y Savio"r . +hen I look down from loft" mo ntain grande r And hear the brook and feel the gentle bree)e. 4A . power in the blood. how great #ho art* 13( OL+ 2T IM E #O%ER (') #he" were in an pper chamber. +ho%ll go and help this !hepherd kind. (onder(or'ing po(er In the blood o$ the La#b. -here is po(er.od to -hee. I hear the rolling th nder. CHORUS -hen sings #y so"l. bring the# in. #hat on the cross.od to -hee. +o ld "o o%er evil a victor" win? #here%s wonderf l power in the blood. po(er. this power from heaven descended +ith the so nd of r shing wind. O Lord. Ho( great -ho" art. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 1 +hen 7hrist shall come with sho t of acclamation And take me home. (onder(or'ing po(er. +o ld "o be free from "o r passion and pride? #here%s power in the blood. ho( great -ho" art0 -hen sings #y so"l. His !on not sparing. *ring the (and%ring ones to !es"s. send the po(er /"st no(. I scarce can take it in.Hark* . 7alling the sheep who%ve gone astra". Ho( great -ho" art. I see the stars. 7onsider all the worlds #h" hands have made. #h" pow%r thro gho t the niverse displa"ed. Far from the !hepherd%s fold awa". power in the blood. '&o find $" sheep where%er the" be. po(er. And we all ma" have it too. !in%s stains are lost in its lifeIgiving flow. Hark* . Yes. 2 t on the mo ntains wild and high. O Lord. #here%s wonderf l power in the blood.tis the $aster speaks to thee.tis the !hepherd%s voice I hear. +o ld "o be whiter. *ring the# in $ro# the $ields o$ sin. #ong es of fire came down pon them. what 8o" shall fill m" heart* #hen I shall bow in h mble adoration And there proclaim.e every one. *ring the# in. ho( great -ho" art0 +hen thro gh the woods and forest glades I wander And hear the birds sing sweetl" in the trees. !ent Him to die. send the po(er /"st no( And bapti. +hen the Hol" &host descended As was promised b" o r 3ord. Yes. CHORUS O Lord. #here%s wonderf l power in the blood. Help Him the wand%ring ones to find? +ho%ll bring the lost ones to the fold. 13* TH ER E I" #O%ER I N BL OO+ (Bb) +o ld "o be free from "o r b rden of sin? #here%s power in the blood. m" &od. #his is promised to believers. send the po(er /"st no(. power in the blood. He bled and died to take awa" m" sin. #y Savio"r .( 13$ HO% GRE AT THO & AR T (Bb) 2 3ord m" &od* +hen I in awesome wonder. 7ome for a cleansing to 7alvar"%s tide. CHORUS *ring the# in. this 'oldItime( power was given #o o r fathers who were tr e. bring the# in. As the 3ord said He wo ld send. m" b rden gladl" bearing. m ch whiter than snow? #here%s power in the blood. +here the"%ll be sheltered from the cold? 2 t in the desert hear their cr". In the pre io"s blood o$ the La#b. CHORUS -here is po(er. 2 t in the desert dark and drear. And when I think that &od.

+or the Co#$orter abides (ith #e. $" anchor holds within the veil. I rest on his nchanging grace. +hen darkness seems to hide His face. redee#ed. His oath. and forever. I know that the light of His presence +ith me doth contin all" dwell. CHORUS On Christ. @edeemed thro gh His infinite merc". TH E " OLI + ROC0 (G) $" hope is b ilt on nothing less #han 6es s% blood and righteo sness. And there came a peace so sweet. and $orever. I dare not tr st the sweetest frame. CHORUS He abides. I think of m" blessed @edeemer. His love is the theme of m" song. I think of Him all the da" long. RE+ EE ME + (Ab) @edeemed. power in the blood. His covenant. His hild. And He knows m" ever" care. #hat the 7omforter abides with me. I know I shall see in His bea t" #he /ing in whose law I delight. CHORUS Oh. 0ow the 7omforter abides with me* 1 . 5ressed in His righteo sness alone. Fa ltless to stand before the throne. I a#. . He then is all m" hope and sta". 2h. 3ong ago I gave them p. redee#ed. +hen He shall come with tr mpet so nd. For the !pirit has control. the solid Ro '. I%m as happ" as a bird and 8 st as free. pre io"s is the $lo( -hat #a'es #e (hite as sno(. !ince the 7omforter abides with me* #here%s no thirsting for the things 2f the world. I stand. &othing b"t the blood o$ !es"s. 6es s satisfies m" so l. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 2 13. His blood. He abides. As I (al' the narro( (ay. And the reason of m" bliss. Redee#ed. +ho lovingl" g ardeth m" footsteps. 13. Yes. All other gro"nd is sin'ing sand. 0othing b t the blood of 6es s. +hen all aro nd m" so l gives wa". His child. For the hand of &od in all m" life I see. CHORUS Redee#ed. +o ld "o live dail". @edeemed and so happ" in 6es s. Hallel"/ah. 2nce I had no peace within.t wholl" lean on 6es s% name. For m" cleansing this I see. 0othing b t the blood of 4C . I sing. Redee#ed by the blood o$ the La#b. His praises to sing? #here%s wonderf l power in the blood. for I cannot be silent. the"%ve taken wings. He abides (ith #e0 I%# re/oi ing night and day.HE ABI+E " (Ab) I%m re8oicing night and da". &o other $o"nt I 'no(. how I love to proclaim it* @edeemed b" the blood of the 3amb. 0ow the 7omforter abides with me. 1 1 NOTHI NG B &T THE BL OO+ ( G) +hat can wash awa" m" sin? 0othing b t the blood of 6es s. ! pport me in the whelming flood. #ill I heard how 6es s died pon the tree. He is with me ever"where. For m" pardon this m" plea.+o ld "o do service for 6es s "o r /ing? #here%s power in the blood. 2nce m" heart was f ll of sin. I am. All m" b rdens rolled awa". As I walk the pilgrim wa". #hen I fell down at His feet. and instantl" All m" night was t rned to da". All other gro"nd is sin'ing sand. And giveth me songs in the night. ma" I then in Him be fo nd. 0o lang age m" rapt re can tell. In ever" high and storm" gale. the secret all is this. +hat can make me whole again? 0othing b t the blood of 6es s.

8 st go to Him in pra"er. Father. +ash me in the blood of the 3amb. Li$e%s trials (ill see# so s#all. 1 2 )E "& "! TH E LI GH T (Ab) All "e saints of light proclaim. 6es s. #ho gh I%ve wandered far from His fold. a crown. Shine all aro"nd "s by day and by night. 6es s. 2nl" b" His stripes we are healed. And I shall be (hiter than sno(. . !ometimes the sk" looks dark.hiter than the sno(0 . to glor" safe at last. 0othing b t the blood of 6es s. +e%ll share the 8o"s of heaven. 1 3 %H EN %E " EE CHRI" T ( Eb) 2ft times the da" seems long. 0ow b" this I%ll O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship 3 reach m" home. the light of the world. #hen the bells of heaven will ring. +h" not seek Him then toda". confess Him as "o r /ing. 0a ght of good that I have done. to m rm r and despair. the light of the world. CHORUS It (ill be (orth it all. (hen (e see Christ. all sorro( (ill erase. 0othing b t the blood of 6es s. the light of the world. 6es s. &lor"* glor"* th s I sing. CHORUS .t 7hrist will soon appear. +e%re tossed and driven on. the light of the world. 6es s. 3et 6es s solve "o r problem. Hear the !avior%s earnest call. 0othing b t the blood of 6es s. I have wandered from #hee. Co#e (here the de(drops o$ #er y are bright. CHORUS .t there is 2ne in heaven. And I shall be whiter than snow. 6es s. !es"s. All m" praise for this I bring. 7leanse me b" #h" washing divine. 6es s. the light of the world. all storms forever past. 0othing can for sin atone. 1 $ ALL HAIL )E "& "/ NAM E ( G) 4F . with not a ra" of light. the light of the world. 0othing b t the blood of 6es s. 0ow b" this I%ll overcome. -lessed be the dear !on of &od. . 0othing b t the blood of 6es s. to catch His bride awa".hiter than the sno(0 . I go. bea"ti$"l light. And I shall be whiter than snow. All tears forever over. 6es s. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship to that Fo ntain of #hine. So bravely r"n the ra e till (e see Christ. #o a world of sinners revealed. 0othing b t the blood of 6es s. no h man help in sight. +e%ll cross the great divide. 0othing b t the blood of 6es s.e%ll (al' in the light. #his is all m" righteo sness. 2ften has m" heart gone astra". #he tempter will be banished. !end the &ospel tr th to all. #his is all m" hope and peace. -ringing to m" heart pain and woe. a home. 7rimson do m" sins seem to me +ater cannot wash them awa". the light of the world.6es s. +e%re tempted to complain. (hen (e see !es"s. 1 %H IT ER THAN THE "N O% (Eb ) -lessed be the Fo ntain of blood. 3eaning on #h" promise. who knows o r deepest care. a harp. 6es s. 6es s. the light o$ the (orld. o r trials hard to bear.ash #e in the blood o$ the La#b. we%ll la" o r b rden down. &o with tr th the narrow wa". 3ife and merc" in His name. One gli#pse o$ His dear $a e. 0othing b t the blood of 6es s. in &od%s eternal da". the light of the world. 7ome. 3ife%s da" will soon be o%er.

'Almost pers aded. !pirit. Angels are ling%ring near. the might" $aker.All hail the pow%r of 6es s% name* 3et angels prostrate fall. 2n this terrestrial ball. And crown Him 3ord of all. I A$ the &od of Abraham. I A$ was before old Abraham.#is all that I can do* 1 * TH E G REA T I AM (Ab) I A$ that spoke to $oses in the b rning b sh of fire. (ho do yo" say I a#.t drops of grief can ne%er repa" #he debt of love I owe. I A$ the @ose of !haron.( t rn not awa". we believe "o %re 8 st a man. -ring forth the ro"al diadem. spread "o r trophies at His feet. 2 that with "onder sacred throng +e at His feet ma" fall. 3ord. ALM O" T #ER "& A+ E+ (G ) 'Almost pers aded( now to believe. And love be"ond degree* +ell might the s n in darkness hide. !es"s is the great I A). +hen 7hrist. !ome more convenient da". 1 . And crown Him 3ord of all. spread "o r trophies at His feet. 1ra"ers rise from hearts so dear. 6es s invites "o here.( Abo t three tho sand so ls were b ried in 6es s% precio s 0ame. &o. 1 ( AT T HE CR O"" (Eb) Alas* And did m" !avio r bleed. whose love can ne%er forget #he wormwood and the gall. grace nknown. And crown him 3ord of all. He groaned pon the tree? Ama)ing pit".( +hen 6es s spoke these precio s words. 'He re8oiced to see $" da". and an yo" tell His &a#e4 In !es"s d(ells the $"llness o$ the . And no( I a# happy all the day0 +as it for crimes that I have done. 3o yo" 'no( the +ather. #hen 1eter told the m ltit de. at the ross (here I $irst sa( the light. And crown Him 3ord of all.( It was on the 5a" of 1entecost. and 6es s is $" 0ame.( come. 'Almost pers aded( 7hrist to receive. in a hol" sweet command. Ye seed of Israel%s chosen race. 2 wand%rer. the creat re%s sin. don%t yo" see. on #hee I%ll call. And sh t his glories in. Hail Him. And crown Him 3ord of all. And the b"rden o$ #y heart rolled a(ay. come. And did m" !overeign die? +o ld He devote that sacred head For s ch a worm as I? CHORUS At the ross. how the fire did fall. 4G . '&o. from beginning whence I came. come toda". &o. the -right and $orning !tar. . Ye ransomed from the fall.( 'Almost pers aded. It (as there by $aith I re eived #y sight. oh. and (hen e do yo" say I a#e. #o Him all ma8est" ascribe. !inners. who saves "o b" his grace. #o Him all ma8est" ascribe. the" stoned Him right awa". +e%ll 8oin the everlasting song. '@epent of all "o r sins. . who saves "o b" His grace. '-eca se "o sa" "o %re O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship $ the great I A$. Hail Him. and the Lord o$ lords is He.odhead. go #h" wa". '+h" do "o stone $e?( 6es s said. And crown Him 3ord of all. ever" tribe. And crown Him 3ord of all. -ring forth the ro"al diadem. I A$ the whole creation. CHORUS Oh. +e%ll 8oin the everlasting song. 3et ever" kindred. And crown Him 3ord of all. I give m"self awa". died For man. !eems now some so l to sa". Here. And crown Him 3ord of all. And crown Him 3ord of all. #he Hol" &host descended and filled them one and all.

( harvest is past* 'Almost pers aded. one o$ the#. And pow%r for service came. . 0o hearts that are bleeding and broken. #he old will be "o ng there forever. that seals m" vows #o Him who merits all m" love* 3et O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship ( cheerf l anthems fill His ho se. -apti)ed in 6es s% name. I%# so glad that I an say I%# one o$ the#. #he" were bapti)ed with the Hol" &host.lory07 aro"nd the (hite throne. 'Almost( is b t to fail* !ad. One o$ the#. #ransformed in a moment of time. 0or boast of +orldl" fame. All glor" to His name* I%m so glad that I can sa" I%m one of them. All pra"ing in His name.t alwa"s be fadeless and new.hen !es"s (ashed #y sins a(ay0 He ta"ght #e ho( to (at h and pray. And live re/oi ing every day. And the glories I there shall behold. #he ta9es will never come d e. 0o song with a minor refrain. 7harmed to confess the voice all the redee#ed o$ all ages Sing 6.hat a /oy that (ill be (hen #y Savio"r I see. 1$1 ON E O' TH EM (Ab) #here are people almost ever"where. CHORUS I%# bo"nd $or that bea"ti$"l ity )y Lord has prepared $or His o(n. Happy day. that bitter wailD 'Almost L b t lost*( 1 . +hich cleansed and made them clean. +hile to that sacred shrine I move. +e%ll never be h ngr" nor thirst". one o$ the#. sad. 0o graves on the hillsides of glor".'Almost pers aded.hen !es"s (ashed #y sins a(ay0 2 happ" bond. 0ow what He :H .#is donD the great transaction%s done* I am m" 3ord%s and He is mine. +ith never a sob nor a sigh. . 2 r garments will never grow threadbare. . m" !avio r and m" &od* +ell ma" this glowing heart re8oice. and I followed on. 1$. #he clo ds of o r earthl" hori)on +ill never appear in the sk". Immortal we%ll stand in His likeness. In that bea"ti$"l ity o$ gold0 +e%ll never pa" rent for o r mansion.NO +I "A# #O IN TM ENT (Eb) #here%s no disappointment in heaven. both far and wide. So#eti#es I gro( ho#esi ' $or heaven. +hose hearts are all aflame +ith the fire that fell at 1entecost. And are telling now.( doom comes at last* 'Almost( cannot avail. CHORUS One o$ the#. #he" have all received their 1entecost. happy day. I a# glad that I an say I%# one o$ the#. 0o weariness. . CHORUS Happy day. HA ##Y +AY (G) 2 happ" da". For all will be s nshine and gladness. . #he" were gathered in the pper room. It is b rning now within m" heart. sorrow or pain. #here%ll never be crape on the doorknob. 0or lang ish in povert" there. He drew me. #ho gh these people ma" not learned be. 0o f neral train in the sk". For all the rich bo nties of heaven His sanctified children will share. His power is "et the same. I%m so glad that I can sa" I%m one of them. For there we shall nevermore die. #he stars and the s n to o tshine. happy day. And tell its rapt res all abroad. that fi9ed m" choice 2n #hee. .

CHORUS I%ll be so#e(here list%ning. 2 3amb of &od. sometimes the heav" cross. I%ll be somewhere list%ning for m" name. If m" robe is white when He calls me.e%ll have a harp that%s #ade o$ gold. . If m" heart is right I will hear. +hen the !avio r calls I will answer. I%ll be so#e(here list%ning.t what%s inside those gates of pearl will be worth ever"thing. I come* I come* 1$$ #E ACE IN T HE VALL EY (Eb ) +ell. oh. 7ome. I%m so glad that I can sa" I%m one of them. -he $irst ten tho"sand years. I%ll be somewhere list%ning for m" name. #he shadows now begin to fall. 1$ )& "T A " I AM (Eb) 6 st as I am. I%ll be so#e(here list%ning. And that #ho bidd%st me come to #hee. b t I m st go along. praise &od. whose blood can cleanse each spot. 1$3 TH E HOM EC OM IN G %EE 0 (G) Epon o r 8o rne" here below we meet with pain and loss. CHORUS . 1$2 I/LL BE LI "T EN IN G (Ab) +hen the !avio r calls I will answer.hen (e%re inside the gates o$ pearl. <erhaps a tho"sand strings. I%m so glad that I can sa" I%m one of them. relieve. we%ll sho t and sing. the bitter goad and sting. I%m tired and so wear". #he drear" road to 7alvar". +hen 7hrist o r 3ord shall come again like lightning from the sk". "es. If m" heart is right when He calls me.did for them that da" He%ll do for "o the same. #ho gh here neglected and despised. . #h" love nknown Hath broken ever" barrier down. m" brother. if m" robe is white I will hear. #ho wilt received. #he precio s blood of &od%s own !on has saved and sanctified. "ea. !ometimes there is a crown of thorns. +ell the morning is bright. I come* I come* 6 st as I am. and the 3amb is the :1 . . +ilt welcome. -he La#b (ill dry o"r tears. pardon. And while we wait and s ffer here. For one glimpse thro gh those gates of pearl will be worth ever"thing. #hat will start the 8o"I bells ringing And will keep the so l aflameD It is b rning now within m" heart. I come* I come* 6 st as I am. cleanse. I%ll be so#e(here list%ning. one da" the 3ord will bring His chosen ones within the gates. 2 3amb of &od. +hen He calls for me I will hear. witho t one plea.t that #h" blood was shed for me. If m" robe is white when He calls me.e%ll sing and sho"t and dan e abo"t.e%ll have a grand ho#e o#ing (ee'. All glor" to His name. . O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship * . If m" heart is right when He calls me. I come* I come* 6 st as I am. I%ll be so#e(here list%ning $or #y na#e. #o #hee.e%ll learn a lot o$ things. -eca se #h" promise I believe. seek this blessing #hat will cleanse "o r heart from sin. I%ll be so#e(here list%ning $or #y na#e. 2 3amb of &od. the time is drawing nigh. A wondro s people for His name and the" are called the bride. and that%s worth ever"thing. #ill the 3ord comes and calls me awa". and waiting not #o rid m" so l of one dark blot. 2 3amb of &od. . I%ll be somewhere list%ning for m" name. 0ow to be #hine. #hine alone.

I%ve an hored in !es"s. great is the Son. oh. He calmed the angr" waters and He walked on the sea. He is the dear !avio r of men. 6es s is His 0ame. oh. the stor#s o$ li$e I%ll brave. He died on the cross 8 st to show s His love. blest anchor of m" so l. in Him m" anchor%s cast.reat is the Lord0 . O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship . And the night. -here%ll be no sadness. -e"ond the s nset. -here (ill be pea e in the valley $or #e. 1$. 1$( GR EAT I" T HE LOR+ (Bb) #here is a 0ame I love to hear. oh. 6es s is His 0ame. -e"ond the s nset forevermore. I $ear no (ind or (ave. -" faith I%m looking pward be"ond life%s tro bled sea. the wonderf l 7o nselor. no sorro(. And no clo ds there will ever be seen. CHORUS -here (ill be pea e in the valley $or #e so#e day. He is m" Friend and !avior. "es. His words of welcome. I%ve an hored in !es"s. no fears anno". It%s the 0ame of 6es s 7hrist the 3ord. Lord. in this valle" of dreams. no tro"ble I%ll see. 2 da" nending. I%ve an hored in the Ro ' o$ Ages.arth%s toiling ended. And the skies will be clear and serene. yes. and these three are One. He%s at m" side. 1$* I/VE ANCH OR E+ IN )E" &" (Bb) Epon life%s bo ndless ocean where might" billows "es. 2 glorio s dawning. and the grass will be green. "es.reat is the Holy . it falls like m sic on m" ear. #here I behold a haven prepared for me. 2 da" of gladness. I%ve fi9ed m" hope in 6es s. He came from the Father in Heaven above. $" pilot and deliv%rer to Him I all confide. +ell the beast from the wild. +ith o r dear loved ones who%ve gone before. His glorio s presence. when da" is done. !es"s. He drives awa" m" sorrows and shields me from the blast. . 2 blissf l morning. 6es s. +hen trials fierce assail me as storms are gath%ring o%er. 2 glad re nion. -e"ond the s nset. and the wolf will be tame.A CHIL+ O ' THE 0I NG (') :2 . "es. His voice has stilled the waters and bid their t m lt cease. the $an from &alilee. night is as fair as the da". -here (ill be pea e in the valley $or #e. a hand will g ide me #o &od. In that fair homeland we%ll know no parting. He keeps m" so l from evil and gives me blessed peace. +ell the s n ever beams. And I%ll be changed.reat is the +ather. 1$. I pray. It%s the 0ame of 6es s 7hrist the 3ord. #here the flow%rs will be blooming. $or He hath po(%r to save. changed from this creat re that I am. I rest pon His merc" and tr st Him more. !es"s is His &a#e. . And the lion shall la" down b" the lamb. BEY ON + TH E "&N "E T (Eb) -e"ond the s nset. CHORUS . For alwa"s when I need Him. -e"ond the s nset now clo ds will gather. 0o storms will threaten. oh. CHORUS I%ve an hored in !es"s. He gave His own life 8 st to free s from sin.reat is the Lord0 . "es. shall be led b" a lit%le child. +ill be m" portion on that fair shore. -e"ond the s nset. -e"ond the s nset. the Father. +hen with o r !avio r heaven is beg n. oh. +ell. "es. "es. the bear will be gentle. whom I adore. oh. eternal 8o". 6es s.

wh" sho ld I care? #he"%re b ilding a palace for me over there* #ho gh e9iled from home. #he &entile da"s n mbered. stranger on earth.od%s "n hanging hand0 #r st in Him who will not leave "o . and 8oin this hol" band. #hat leads "o into rest. her latter rain%s falling. and man" are mistaking &od%s meaning to be of the sk". #he fig tree is growing. I once was an o tcast. . 6es s is the #r th. ever" so l b" sin oppressed. 1l nge now into the crimson flood #hat washes white as snow. . CHORUS -he day o$ rede#ption is near. Yo r enrapt red so l will view* 1(1 TH E + AY O' RE +E M# TI ON (Ab) 0ations are breaking. CHORUS I%# a hild o$ the >ing0 A hild o$ the >ing0 . &od%s 7h rch is the power that%s shaking this ho r. If b" earthl" friends forsaken. Israel%s awaking. !till more closel" to Him cling* 7ovet not this world%s vain riches.od%s "n hanging hand0 Hold to . m" name%s written down. to "o r own.ternit" soon will nfold. 7ome. An heir to a mansion. If to &od "o have been tr e. For 6es s shed His precio s blood @ich blessings to bestow. Hold to . 2nce wandered o%er earth as the poorest of them.od%s "n hanging hand0 *"ild yo"r hopes on things eternal. Only tr"st Hi# no(. Hold to &od%s nchanging hand* CHORUS Hold to . False prophets are l"ing. with horrors enc mbered. #hat 6es s the 7hrist is o r &od.t I%ve been adopted. He has riches ntold. +hatsoever "ears ma" bring. &od%s #r th the"%re den"ing. . And He will s rel" give "o rest. the !avior of men. +e%ll walk where the apostles have trod. )en%s hearts are $ailing $or $ear. CHORUS Only tr"st Hi#.ild "o r hopes on things eternal. A sinner b" choice. #hat so rapidl" deca". *e $illed (ith the Spirit. I%m a child of the /ing* 1(. long dethroned. He (ill save yo". then. Fair and bright the home in glor". He (ill save yo" no(. and a crown* O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship A tent or a cottage. "et still I ma" sing. Yes. And will give me a home in heav%n b" and b". #oda" she is calling.( Heaven%s powers are shaking. #he signs that the prophets foretold. -" tr sting in His +ord. #here%s merc" with the 3ord. Loo' "p0 1o"r rede#ption is near. of silver and gold. He (ill save yo". only tr"st Hi#. #he da" of redemption is nigh. an alien b" birth* . '@et rn. 0a ght of earth nmoved can stand. 6er salem%s restoring Her national life. #ho gh this generation sp rns &od%s revelation. -elieve in Him witho t dela". HO L+ TO GO+ /" HAN+ ( G) #ime is filled with swift transition. And "o are f ll" blest. !eek to gain the heavenl" treas res. He holdeth the wealth of the world in His hands* 2f r bies and diamonds. 1(2 ON LY T R&"T HIM (Ab) 7ome. a robe. the +a". All glor" to &od. His coffers are f ll.$" Father is rich in ho ses and lands.ith !es"s #y Savior.t now He is reigning forever on high. :4 . 2 dispersed. I%# a hild o$ the >ing0 $" Father%s own !on. #he" will never pass awa"* +hen "o r 8o rne" is completed. yo"r la#ps tri##ed and lear.

CHORUS 3on%t yo" hear the bells no( ringing4 3on%t yo" hear the angels singing4 9-is the glory hallel"/ah !"bilee. +hen o r da"s shall know their n mber. +onderf l da". ! ffering ang ish. despised and re8ectedD -earing o r sins. 2ne da" the" nailed Him to die on the tree. bright and blessed. He /"sti$ied $reely $orever? One day He%s o#ing :oh. 1(3 ON E +AY3 (C) 2ne da" when heaven was filled with His praises. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship $. m" !avio r is He* 2ne da" the grave co ld conceal Him no longer. 2ne da" the skies with His glories will shine. 1($ %H EN TH EY RI NG TH E BELL " (') #here%s a land be"ond the river. *"ried. 7oming for to carr" me home. +hen the /ing commands the spirit to be free. Co#ing $or to arry #e ho#e. 2ne da" the stone rolled awa" from the door. Angels came down o%er His tomb to keep vigil. over death He had con. 6es s came forth to be born of a virgin L 5welt amongst men.And on to glor" go. m" e9ample is He* CHORUS Living. And we onl" reach that shore b" faith%s decree. +hen th" ring the golden bells for "o and me. . He saved #e. e shall sail be"ond the silver sea. +hen in death we sweetl" sl mber. m" @edeemer is He* 2ne da" the" left Him alone in the garden. m" 3ord evermore* 2ne da" the tr mpet will so nd for His coming. from s ffering free. Rising. 7oming for to carr" me home. +here 8o"s immortal flow. 2ne b" one we%ll gain the portals. In that $ar5o$$ s(eet $orever. there to dwell with the immortals. #o dwell in that celestial land. this 6es s is mine* 1( "% IN G LO%! "%E ET CHARI OT (') I looked over 6ordan and what did I see 7oming for to carr" me home. He%ll prepare for s a place. CHORUS S(ing lo(. Co#ing $or to arry #e ho#e. #hat we call the sweet forever. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship $1 1(( %H EN %E ALL GET TO H EA VE N (C) !ing the wondro s love of 6es s. +hen the" ring the golden bells for "o and me.hen they ring the golden bells $or yo" and #e. 2ne da" He rested. 0evermore with ang ish laden. #ell all m" friends I%m aIcoming too. +e shall know no sin or sorrow. If "o get there before I do. ered. In the mansions. !"st beyond the shining river. He arried #y sins $ar a(ay. !ing his merc" and his grace. +hen o r bar. A band of angels coming after me. +e shall reach that lovel" aiden. &lorio s !avio r. He loved #e. glorio"s day0 2ne da" the" led Him p 7alvar"%s mo ntain. #hen He arose. dying. Hope of the hopeless. In the haven of tomorrow. +hen the" ring the golden bells for "o and me. s(eet hariot. m" beloved ones bringing. s(eet hariot. CHORUS :: . +e shall onl" know the blessing 2f o r Father%s sweet caressing. 0ow is ascended. 2ne da" when sin was as black as co ld be. 7oming for to carr" me home. S(ing lo(.

I can hear m" !avio r He leads #e I (ill $ollo(. For the dear 3amb of &od left His glor" above. I%ll go (ith Hi#. I%ll go with Him thro gh the garden. serving. !es"s is to #e. free from condemnation. 0ow the sins of the past have been all He leads #e I (ill $ollo(. CHORUS . And go with me. And e= hange it so#e day $or a ro(n. %H ER E HE LEA +" M E (') I can hear m" !avio r calling. 3iving here with m" 3ord in a hol" nion. and follow. praise His na#e0 2nce a slave. I%ll go with Him. . For a world of lost sinners was slain. #hen He%ll call me some da" to m" home far awa". 1(. CHORUS So I%ll herish the old r"gged ross. 2 what change grace hath wro ght in m" lowl" station* !ince m" so l has received f ll and free :> . 6es s gives libert" and a f ll salvation. not a sigh. +e shall tread the streets of gold. I%ll go with Him thro gh the 8 dgment.hen (e all get to heaven. !oon the pearl" gates will open. Co"nselor. that old r gged cross. (onder$"l. now I%m free. 3et s then be tr e and faithf l. stained with blood so divine. 6 st one glimpse of him in glor" +ill the toils of life repa". <rin e o$ <ea e.e%ll sing and sho"t the vi tory. with Him all the wa".twas on that old cross 6es s s ffered and died. I (ill ling to the old r"gged ross. & ilt is gone. so despised b" the world. I can hear m" !avio r calling. #o bear it to dark 7alvar". 6es s is wonderf l. He will give me grace and glor". with me all the wa". For . Saving #e. . O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship $2 1(. '#ake th" cross. with Him all the wa". 5a" b" da". #o pardon and sanctif" me. Has a wondro s attraction for me. 'eeping #e $ro# all sin and sha#e. 0ot a shadow. +here His glor" forever I%ll share. 6es s saves. I%ll go with Him. peace is mine. 7lo ds will overspread the sk". all the wa" holding sweet comm nion. #o the old r gged cross I will ever be tr e.t when trav%ling da"s are over.onder$"l.. I%ll go with Him thro gh the 8 dgment. )ighty . Its shame and reproach gladl" bear.hen (e all see !es"s. ever" da". He will give me grace and glor". I%ll go with Him thro gh the garden. #he emblem of s ff%ring and shame. .here He leads #e I (ill $ollo(. peace like to a river. banishes m" sadness. And m" name is inscribed on the book of heaven. -ill #y trophies at last I lay do(n. follow $e. . satisfies.hat a day o$ re/oi ing that (ill be0 . 2h. sings for 8o" and gladness. 2nward to the pri)e before s* !oon his bea t" we%ll behold. +hile we walk the pilgrim pathwa". might" to deliver. I%ll go with Him thro gh the garden.%ON+ ER' &L (Ab) 2 m" heart sings toda".( CHORUS . And I love that old cross where the 5earest and -est. A wondro s bea t" I see.onder$"l is #y Redee#er.od is He. In the old r gged cross. I%ll go with Him thro gh the 8 dgment. . 1(* TH E O L+ R&G GE + CR O"" (Bb) 2n a hill far awa" stood an old r gged cross. He will give me grace and glor". . (ith Hi# all the (ay. #r sting.

1*. #he flowers are blooming forever. #he" showed me Abraham. +hen I entered the gate I cried. S(eep over #y spirit $orever. !triving alone to face temptations sore. For I%m kept from all danger b" night and b" da". it will never go down. I am resting tonight in this wonderf l peace. And the s n. it will never go down. 1*2 TH E " &N ! NEV ER GO +O %N (') #he s n. +here co ld I go b t to the 3ord? CHORUS .od.t when m" so l needs manna from above. #o the 2ne who died for me. And oh. . 6acob. . And the s n. the sights I saw.7 I lapped #y hands and sang. sometimes I do. And His glor" is flooding m" so l. 7omfort I get from &od%s own word. I feel like traveling on.lory to the Son o$ . and #imoth". 1*3 I BO %E+ AN+ CRI E+ ! 5H OLY6 (Bb) I dreamed I went to that cit" called glor". . #he flowers are blooming forever. 6Holy. #he s n. Holy.t I said. And methinks when I rise to that 7it" of peace. !o sec re that no power can mine it awa". $" friends knew me well. . #he scenes are too n m%ro s to tell. O (here o"ld I go4 See'ing a re$"ge $or #y so"l4 &eeding a $riend to help #e in the end. 'Hol". . +hile the "ears of eternit" roll.lory. Holy. 3 ke. I feel like sho ting. I love them ever" one.t I said. 2h. #he" showed me from mansion to mansion. If feel like sho o"ld I go. 6. +hat a treas re I have in this wonderf l peace. I do. +here co ld I go b t to the 3ord? 1*1 %ON+ ER' &L #EA CE (Ab) Far awa" in the depth of m" spirit tonight @olls a melod" sweeter than psalm.onder$"l pea e. Co#ing do(n $ro# the +ather above. Hardl" a comfort can afford. accept this sweet peace so s blime. %H ER E CO &L+ I G O1 (G) 3iving below in this old sinf l world. #hat one strain of the song which the ransomed will sing. +e get along in sweet accord. #he" showed me all thro gh heaven. .( the angels all met me there. it will never go down. $arching down the ro gh pathwa" of time? $ake 6es s "o r friend ere the shadows grow dark. In celestialIlike strains it nceasingl" falls 2%er m" so l like an infinite calm.7 I tho ght when I entered that cit".here o"ld I go b"t to the Lord4 0eighbors are kind. !o bright and so fair. I feel like traveling on.( :A . #he 2ne who died for all. In that heavenl" kingdom shall be. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship $3 Ah* !o l.ried deep in the heart of m" so l. $ark.salvation. it will never go down. it will never go down. #he flowers are blooming forever. And the s n. +here the A thor of peace I shall see. Yet when I face the chilling hand of death. 'I want to give praise. @esting sweetl" in 6es s% control. I pray. I do. 'I want to see 6es s. in that cit". +here co ld I go b t to the 3ord? 3ife here is grand with friends I love so dear.( CHORUS -hen I bo(ed on #y 'nees and ried. are "o here witho t comfort and rest. In $atho#less billo(s o$ love. CHORUS <ea e0 <ea e0 . Isaac.

ith a Christian love to sho(. -his is #y story. Heaven%s doors will open for me +hen the !aints go marching in. +hen we gather . #r sting the" in their &od to lead the wa" #o the light of perfect da". 0ow I sing and pra" and sho t. perfect delight.hen the saints go #ar hing in. <raising #y Savior all the day long. !inging. 1*$ I/+ RATHE R BE CHRI" TIA N (Eb) In this world I%ve tried most ever"thing. +atching and waiting. whispers of love. 6es s is mine* 2h. For saving a sinner like me. . CHORUS :C . -here%s nothing li'e an old5ti#e Christian . washed in His -lood.I tho ght when I saw m" !avio r. #hat I%d rather be an oldtime 7hristian #han an"thing I know. CHORUS I%d rather be an old5 ti#e Christian -han anything I 'no(. <raising #y Savior all the day long. I%# (al'ing in the grand old high(ay. Jisions of rapt re now b rst on m" sight.choes of merc". when the hosts of Israel +ere compelled in the wilderness to dwell. And I want the world to know #hat I%d rather be an oldItime 7hristian #han an"thing I know. CHORUS -his is #y story.( I bowed down and worshipped 6ehovah. I know I%ll see m" !avio r If m" life is free from sin. 2h* &lor" to &od* I 8 st fell right down before Him. 1*( BLE "" E+ A" "& RAN CE ( Eb) -lessed ass rance. #here are man" things I%d like to be As m" 8o rne" I p rs e. 1erfect s bmission. Lord. For I wanted to give praise to 6es s. -hat I%d rather be an old5ti#e Christian -han anything I 'no(. 1erfect s bmission. +ith a million to bestow. 2n the clo ds I%ll ride to Heaven +hen the !aints go marching in. All the world is bright since I got right. 1** TH E CL O& + AN+ 'IRE ( Eb) As of old. All m" b rdens have been lifted !ince the !avio r bro ght me o t. p rchased of &od. &lor"( +hen the !aints go marching in. -orn of His !pirit. this is #y song. I%ll be sho ting '&lor". I (ant to be in that n"#ber . I have longed to be a leader 3ike a mortal man wo ld do. I am walking in the oldItime wa".ro nd the #hrone And the gates are closed within. looking above. CHORUS . 2n m" wa" to that fair cit". And I%# telling every(here I go. lost in His love. I wo ld like to be a millionaire. I%m waiting for the chariot #o swing low and I%ll step in. $" friend of 7alvar".hen the saints go #ar hing in.t I%d rather be an oldI time 7hristian #han an"thing I know. bring from above . And I%m happ" now to sa" #here is nothing like religion In the O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship $ good oldIfashioned wa".hen the saints go #ar hing in. this is #y song. 2h. 1* %H EN TH E "A IN T" MAR CH I N (Eb) I%m a pilgrim and a stranger +and%ring thro gh this world of sin. Angels descending. I in m" !avior am happ" and blest. +hen the !aints go marching in. . I will tell the world both far and near As I travel here below. Filled with His goodness. '1raise to the name of the 3ord. what a foretaste of glor" divine* Heir of salvation. all is at rest.

&ladl" will I toil and s ffer. !ee on the portals He%s waiting and watching. I won%t have to cross 6ordan alone. @arnestly. Shall a g"ide and a leader be. He has merc" and pardon. with #hee. All along m" pilgrim 8o rne". . !avior. close to thee. #ho gh we have sinned. in His o(n good ti#e Shall lead to the light at last. 1. #h s their fainting hearts to cheer. with #hee. !hadows are gathering."O 'T LY AN+ TEN +ER LY (Ab) !oftl" and tenderl" 6es s is calling. close to #hee. 7lose to #hee. 7lose to #hee. 7lose to #hee. 0ot a compass to g ide them thro gh the vale. He%ll be (aiting $or #e.. 3ord. #o and fro. Calling. 1romised for "o and for me. 7alling for "o and for me. 1*. let me walk with #hee. -" the hand of the 3ord in g idance s re. m" everlasting portion. o#e ho#e. 7hrist the !avio r will care for His own. !es"s is alling. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship $$ 1*. I (on%t have to ross !ordan alone. &ladl" will I toil and s ffer. 7lose to #hee. All the da"s of their wand%rings the" were fed. #o the land of the promise the" were led. the moments are passing. o#e ho#e0 +h" sho ld we tarr" when 6es s is pleading. close to #hee. tenderly. /"st be$ore.t the sign of their &od was ever near. CL O"E TO T HE E (G) #ho . . -ill the (ilderness be past. #he" were bro ght to 7anaan%s shore. 2ftentimes I%m forsaken. 7lose to #hee. m" so l He will keep. 0or for fame m" pra"er shall be. O sinner. 3ord. +hen it seems that m" friends have all gone. 2h* For the wonderf l love He has promised. 3ead me thro gh the vale of shadows. #here is one tho ght that cheers me and makes m" heart glad. 7lose to #hee. #ho gh the billows of sorrow and tro ble ma" sweep. +hen the last winds of sorrow have blown. 1assing from "o and from me. close to #hee. And the sign o$ the lo"d by day. $ercies for "o and for me? #ime is now fleeting. As they /o"rney on their (ay. #here%ll be somebod" waiting to show me the wa". let me walk with #hee. 2nl" let me walk with #hee. death%s night is coming.hen the dar'ness I see.od. o"r . close to #hee. #hen the gate of life eternal $a" I enter. I %ON/ T CR O" " AL ON E ( Eb) +hen I come to the river at ending of da". All along m" pilgrim 8o rne". close to #hee. !es"s died all #y sins to atone. 7oming for "o and for me. +atching for "o and for me. 2nl" let me walk with #hee. 1leading for "o and for me? +h" sho ld we linger and head not His mercies. I won%t have to cross 6ordan alone. I won%t have to cross 6ordan alone. !avior. -ear me o%er life%s fitf l sea. #hen the gate of life eternal $a" I enter. CHORUS I (on%t have to ross !ordan alone. $ore than friend or life to me. 1ardon for "o and for me. as a ship witho t a sail. 1. 0ot for ease or worldl" pleas re. #ill the end of the 8o rne".So the sign o$ the $ire by night. Hovering o%er.1 GOT ANY RIV ER" 1 (Ab) :F . and wear" and sad. +or the Lord. o#e ho#e. 1e (ho are (ary. CHORUS o#e ho#e.

men of ever" birth? For an answer 6es s gave a ke". never gro( old. CHORUS O *e"lah Land.od spe iali.2 %H ER E %E NEV ER GR O% OL+ (Eb) I have heard of a land on the far awa" strand. 'I%ll draw all men nto me. &od is the same and His +ord is dependable. For all m" night has passed awa". .( 3ift Him p b" living as a 7hristian o ght. $o ntains and hills He will part for "o too. there we never shall die. BE &LAH LAN+ (G) I%ve reached the land of corn and wine. 'I%ll draw all men nto me. +hen o%er the river &od pointed the wa". O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship $( CHORUS . And o r tro bles and trials are o%er.ill dra( all #en "nto #e. +e shall be in the sweet b" and b". if I be lifted p from the earth. )y Heaven. In that bea tif l home where we%ll nevermore roam. . In a land (here (e%ll never gro( old. And all its riches freel" mine. and do not do bt the words that He said. never gro( old.#is a land where we never shall die.( &od spake nto 6osh a. &od never failed. He stood back of His in things tho"ght i#possible. +ill draw all men nto me.ilt b" 6es s on high. 6ericho%s walls. #r st Him.( 1. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship $* As on thy highest #o"nt I stand. 'I%ll draw all men nto me.'-e of good co rage. . +ith the loved ones who%ve gone on before. 6ordan ncrossable* #hings seemed impossible. 1.#is a land where we never grow old. And vie( the shining glory5shore. Here shines ndimmed one blissf l da". All o r sorrow will end.3 LI'T H IM &# (Ab) How to reach the masses. +hen o r work here is done and the lifeIcrown is won. 1.( 5on%t e9alt the preacher. #hen men will gladl" follow Him who once ta ght. 3ift the !avio r p for them to see. and o r voices will blend. He%ll make a wa" thro gh the waters for "o .#is a bea tif l home of the so l. i$ I be li$ted "p $ro# the earth.( CHORUS Li$t Hi# "p. 1rove Him and "o will find that promise is tr #ansions are prepared $or #e. don%t e9alt the pew. And He (ill do (hat no other po(er an do. 3et the world in "o the !avio r see. And sweet comm nion here have we. too. f ll and free. Happ" praise to the /ing. 6And I. 3ife%s sit ations b" Him are amendable. thro gh eternit" sing. . -attles to win* #he" wo ld meet with their obstacles. #y ho#e $orever#ore0 $" !avior comes and walks with me. 'And I. &ever gro( old. . 1reach the &ospel simple. I loo' a(ay a ross the sea.ot any #o"ntains yo" an%t t"nnel thro"gh4 . s(eet *e"lah Land. m st fall to the gro nd. In a land (here (e%ll never gro( old. CHORUS &ever gro( old. Still He spea's $ro# eternity. . li$t Hi# "p. +alls had to cr mble as the" marched aro nd. +aters divide as the" march and obe".7 2 the world is h ngr" for the living bread.ot any rivers yo" thin' are "n rossable4 . :G .

If it had not been for 6es s. From the earl" dawn till night we will labor with o r might. bea"ti$"l sheaves. bea"ti$"l sheaves. the !avio r bled and died. 1.* "& CH LOVE (Ab) #hat &od sho ld love a sinner s ch as I. &athering sheaves.. doing what o r 3ord commands. -hat . oh where wo ld I be? I%m so glad that the 3ord bro ght me o t.athering sheaves. I%ve been singing since the 3ord bro ght me o t. &athering sheaves. +here streams of life forever flow. we%ll labor far and near.athering sheaves. +O %N 'R OM HI" G LOR Y (') 5own from His glor".athering sheaves. If it had not been for 6es s. And now He takes me to His heart. to >H . A sweet perf me pon the bree)e Is borne from ever vernal trees. bea tif l sheaves. and o r $aster%s voice obe". . 0or rest till He had planned to bring me nigh. <raise the Lord. If it had not been for 6es s. As angels with the whiteI robed throng 6oin in the sweet @edemption song. oh where wo ld I be? I%m so glad that the 3ord bro ght me o t. !weet so nds of Heaven%s melod".od sho"ld love a sinner s" h as I. &athering sheaves. 5id ever h man tong e find nobler theme #han 3ove divine that ransomed me? #hat for a willf l o tcast s ch as I. bea tif l sheaves. -orn in a manger.$ TH E L OR+ BR O& GH T ME O& T (Eb) I%m so glad that the 3ord bro ght me o t. hill or plain we will harvest in the grain. I%ve been singing since the 3ord bro ght me o t. #he Father planned. a son. and 6es s was His 0ame. oh where wo ld I be? I%m so glad that the 3ord bro ght me o t. How wonderf l is love like this* CHORUS S" h love. 2n the mo ntain. #he )eph"rs seem to float to me. Yes. I%m so glad that the 3ord bro ght me o t. As we go in foreign lands. s" h (ondro"s love. never fear. . @edemption for a worthless slave to b ". S" h love. I%ve been happ" since the 3ord bro ght me o t. Aren%t "o glad that the 3ord bro ght "o o t? Aren%t "o glad that the 3ord bro ght "o o t? If it had not been for 6es s. !ho ld "earn to change m" sorrow into bliss. +e will sing and we will pra". Ho( (onder$"l is love li'e this0 #hat 7hrist sho ld 8oin so freel" in the scheme. ever living stor". I%ve been happ" since the 3ord bro ght me o t. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship $. 1. &athering sheaves. CHORUS . #he 'farIoff co ntr"( wand%rings all are done. oh where wo ld I be? I%m so glad that the 3ord bro ght me o t. (e%re on o"r (ay to that land o$ endless day. &athering sheaves. +ho long had law and grace defied. bea tif l sheaves. never falter.( GA TH ERI NG "HE AVE" (Bb) #o the harvest field awa" we will gladl" go toda". 1. $" &od and !avio r came. 1. bea tif l sheaves.He gentl" leads me b" His hand. s" h (ondro"s love. He asks me not to fill a servant%s place. bea"ti$"l sheaves. For this is Heaven%s borderland. that never fading grow. bea tif l sheaves. bea tif l sheaves. +ide open are His arms of grace. &athering sheaves. Altho gh it meant His death on 7alvar". And flow%rs.

let me look past the c rtain of hing yo". that sweet home of the so l."e watching "o .at hing yo". tears and agon". I will meet "o in the morning. +itho t rel ctance. b" the bright river side. let #e loo' past the "rtain o$ sorro(s and $ear. 3ord. not one faint hope in sight. #y all in all0 -he great Creator be a#e #y Savio"r. #here%s an . I%ll be standing at the portals.His own a stranger. As "o make life%s great flight. at the end of the wa". +hat condescension."e watching "o . #here%s an . and I want to see 6es s. And e9change the old cross for a crown.7 And (e%ll sit do(n by the river and (ith rapt"re 6a"ld7 a 8"aintan e rene(. +hen all sorrow has drifted awa". 1o"%ll 'no( #e in the #orning. by the s#iles that I (ear. I%m so homesick and bl e. 0ever t rn from the wa" to the kingdom of da". flesh and blood His s bstance. #here%s an . In that land.I/LL ME ET YO& (Eb) I will meet "o in the morning. #here%s an . Lord. 2 glorio s m"ster".. And hear the sweet harbor bells chime. &od will warn not to go in the path of the foe. to save m" so l."e watching "o . I will meet "o in the morning.od%s $"llness d(elleth in Hi#. alone. Fi9 "o r mind on the goal. revealed the hidden plan. gracio s. keep the pathwa" of right. . 3ord. when the gates open wide. And now I know #ho wert the great 'I A$. let #e loo' past the "rtain o$ ti#e. e%er the s n goeth down."e watching "o . drear" da".hen I #eet yo" in the #orning. +here we all can be together and be happ" for a"e. tender. to win. I wo ld like to hear those sweet harbor bells chime."e watching "o . It (o"ld strengthen #y $aith and (o"ld banish all $ear."e watching "o . #here will be no disappointments and nobod" shall die. bringing s redemption."e is awake. . It wo ld >1 . I%m helpless. 1-. &od. +here m" friends and dear loved ones are waiting for me. #here%s an . !acrifice of 7alvar". CHORUS . let me look past the c rtain of time. in the ity that is b"ilt $o"rs8"are. !tooping to woo. (at hing yo". CHORUS Oh ho( I love Hi#0 Ho( I adore Hi#0 )y breath. and I want to see 6es s. laid aside His splender. A $an of sorrows. this great . CHORUS I%ll #eet yo" in the #orning (ith a 6Ho( do yo" do. . #here%s an . Let #e vie( that s"nny bright li#e. #hat in the dead of night. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship $@very day #ind the o"rse yo" p"rs"e. 2n the streets of that cit" of gold.ver" step that "o take. in the sweet b" and b". And all . %ATCHI NG YO& (') All along on the road to the so l%s tr e abode. +hile the "ears and the ages shall roll. 1-1 #A" T TH E C&R TAIN O' TI ME (Eb) #here%s a c rtain that%s drawn between earth and Heaven. #y s"nshine. CHORUS Lord.% 1. (at hing yo". -here%s an all5seeing @ye (at hing yo". He took the form of man. At the close of life%s long. And 8 st be"ond lies a bea tif l clime +here the evils of this life no longer can to ch me.

He alone can be the giver. I will never do bt m" !avio r. Lo0 He is the #ighty on8"eror. 5o "o pra" nto &od the Father. He is with &od. And makes the blind to see. He has rent the veil in two. -he beginning and the end. -ehold what manner of man is this. . !ince He rent the veil in two. $en of earth give praises d e. !ince He rent the veil in two.onder$"l. +as veiled off from h man view. Leave yo"r sins $or the blood to over.) (I (ill give . do "o know the !avior.od the glory . #y brother. . the halt. For He cleanses me. #hen go o t thro gh the streets and b"wa"s. CHORUS O behold the #an o$ sorro(s.den +here the #ree of 3ife is blooming. +or He sets #e $ree0 (I (ill ever. #here is rest for me. '+hat wilt tho have me to do?( 0ever fear He will s rel" answer. For He is the might" con. . the Father. CHORUS !es"s brea's every $etter. -hro"gho"t @ternity. . He opens all the prison doors And sets the captives free. I will rest on His promise. I will never do bt m" !avio r. Heights and depths of love so tr e. >2 .t thro gh s ff%ring. For He is the well beloved. Sin e He rent the veil in t(o. Yes. 1-2 HO NEY I N TH E ROC0 (') 2 m" brother. kind and tr e? He%s the '@ock of "o r salvation*( #here%s Hone" in the @ock for "o . 1-$ HE /" TH E LOR+ O' GL OR Y (Eb) -ehold what manner of $an is this +ho stills the raging sea. +ho is wondro s.brighten m" path and wo ld vanish all fear. . His na#e is . eror. -he @verlasting +ather. -here%s Honey in the Ro ' $or yo". +hat manner of man is He* CHORUS He%s the Lord o$ . Lo0 He is the #ighty on8"eror. I will rest on His promise. !es"s brea's every $etter. O behold Hi# in plain vie(.)E "& " BREA 0" EV ER Y 'E TT ER (Bb) I am now on the altar. I am now on the altar +hich was made for me. 1-3 TH E & NV EIL E+ CHRI" T ( Eb) 2nce o r blessed 7hrist of bea t". . . -he <rin e o$ <ea e is He. #hro gho t time and endless ages. 1. 3ord. Sin e He rent the veil in t(o. Have "o 'tasted that the 3ord is gracio s?( 5o "o walk in the wa" that%s new? Have "o drank from the living Fo ntain? #here%s Hone" in the @ock for "o . I will rest on His promise. 2n the other side of 6ordon. Interceding there for "o . CHORUS Oh. He is the great I A). -here%s Honey in the Ro ' $or yo". let me look past the c rtain of time. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship (. #here%s Hone" in the @ock for "o . ever praise Hi# . -he Alpha and O#ega.lory. He heals the sick. I am now on the altar. 1reach the word to the man" or few. In the sweet fields of .) I will never do bt m" !avio r. the lame. !ince He rent the veil in two. there%s Honey in the Ro '. +hich is given to me. ) (I (ill sho"t Hallel"/ah . !es"s brea's every $etter. death and sorrow. #here%s Hone" in the @ock for "o . Hol" angels bow before Him. !a" to ever" fallen brother.

that soon L oh. 7a ght p.( Are "o read" for that da" to come? 1-. . #his hope we cherish not in vain. . O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship (1 $" ambitions. all shall rise +hen thro gh the portals of the sk" He shall come to prepare o r 1aradise. He stands as the might" Healer now.t its brightness shall onl" come to them that love the 3ord. #ho gh the wa" seemed straight and narrow. He%s o#ing soon. And we who. And cries look nto $e.e 'no( He%s o#ing soon. #hen &od%s fire pon the altar 2f m" heart was set aflame. Are "o read" for that da" to come? CHORUS Are yo" ready4 Are yo" ready4 Are yo" ready $or the /"dg#ent day4 Are yo" ready4 Are yo" ready4 +or the /"dg#ent day4 #here%s a bright da" coming. #he dead in 7hrist who . . HE /" COM IN G "OO N (Ab) In these. At m" feet in ashes la".t we comfort one another b" this word. the closing da"s of time. I know "e not. 1-. In co ntless n mbers. +or His blood an (ash a(ay ea h stain. +hen the sinner shall hear his doom. &lor"* glor" to His name* -lessed be the name of 6es s* I%m so glad He took me in.ver"thing to &od in pra"er* 2 what peace we often forfeit. I (ill praise Hi#. #ake p th" bed and walk.ver"thing to &od in pra"er* Have we trials and temptations? Is there tro ble an"where? +e sho ld never be disco raged. #here%s a bright da" coming b" and b". CHORUS He%s o#ing soon. /ing of kings and 3ord of lords. +hen the saints and the sinners shall be parted right and left. #here%s a sad da" coming b" and b". All o r sins and griefs to bear* +hat a privilege to carr" . He%s forgiven m" transgressions. +hat manner of man is He* 1-( I %ILL #RA I" E HIM (Eb) +hen I saw the cleansing fo ntain 2pen wide for all m" sin. I obe"ed the !pirit%s wooing +hen He said. &od%s faithf l witnesses declare #hat the coming of the !avio r draweth nigh. +hat 8o" the glorio s hope affords. a great da" coming. '5epart. #he signs aro nd.ive Hi# glory all ye people. plans. it #ay be night or noon. "et remain. I shall never cease to praise Him. <raise the La#b $or sinners slain. wondro s tr th s blime* He shall reign. 1-* TH ER E/ " A GREA T +AY COM IN G (G ) #here%s a great da" coming. 2r painted on the starlit sk". a sad da" coming. in earth and air. +ho said th" sins be forgiven thee. a bright da" coming. living.%H AT A 'RI EN+ (') +hat a friend we have in 6es s. #here%s a great da" coming b" and b". Are "o read" for that da" to come? #here%s a sad da" coming.neath s lie. He has cleansed m" heart from sin. 2 what needless pain we bear. It #ay be #orn. . '+ilt tho be clean?( CHORUS I (ill praise Hi#. -ehold what manner of man is this. All beca se we do not carr" . #ake it to the >4 . shall meet o r faithf l 3ord. All I claimed was swept awa".ith /oy (e (el o#e His ret"rning. and wishes.-ehold what manner of man is this +ho healed the lame and halt. .

I m st tell 6es s all of m" tro bles. compassionate Friend. O (ho (ill o#e and go (ith #e4 I a# bo"nd $or the pro#ised land. I m st tell 6es s. 7an we find a friend so faithf l. 7 mbered with a load of care? 1recio s !avio r. there%s nothing between. #here &od the !on forever reigns. All glor" to the d"ing 3amb* I now believe in 6es s. #ake it to the 3ord in pra"er. ickl" and end. I/M BO& N+ 'OR #ROMI "E LAN+ (') 2n 6ordan%s storm" banks I stand. hear the voice of 6es s. He is a kind. >: . #he s"mpathi)ing 6es s. In m" distress He kindl" will help me. He all m" cares and sorrows will share. S(eetest arol ever s"ng. &o on "o r wa" in peace to heaven. #empted and tried I need a great !avio r. And cast a wishf l e"e. !es"s alone. 0o chilling winds. S(eetest na#e on #ortal tong"e. 2ne who can help m" b rdens to bear. I love the name of 6es s. And in His bosom rest? 2. hear the voice of 6es s. #oward 7anaan%s fair and happ" land. I love the blessed !avio r%s name. CHORUS S(eetest note in seraph song. CHORUS I #"st tell !es"s0 I #"st tell !es"s0 I annot bear #y b"rdens alone. 7an reach that healthf l shore. blessed !es"s. Are feared and felt no more. Yo r man" sins are all forgiven.3ord in pra"er. 2. #ake it to the 3ord in pra"er. I cannot bear these b rdens alone. !ickness and sorrow. I m st tell 6es s. 0o other name b t 6es s. And be forever blest* +hen shall I see m" Father%s face. 5o th" friends despise. forsake thee? #ake it to the 3ord in pra"er.. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship (2 Are we weak and heav" laden. 2. 0a ght of this world%s del sive dreamD I have reno nced all sinf l pleas re. 2 how m" so l delights to hear #he charming name of 6es s. nor pois%no s breath. His name dispels m" g ilt and fear. And wear a crown with 6es s. And scatters night awa". If I b t ask Him. 2h. 2%er all those wide e9tended plains !hines one eternal da". I a# bo"nd $or the pro#ised land. still o r ref ge. I #"st tell !es"s0 I #"st tell !es"s0 !es"s an help #e. 2. 2h. !es"s.3 NOTHI NG BE T% EE N ( G) 0othing between m" so l and the !avio r. He will deliver. #ho wilt find a solace there. +ho will all o r sorrows share? 6es s knows o r ever" weakness. CHORUS I a# bo"nd $or the pro#ised land. He speaks the drooping heart to cheer. In His arms He%ll take and shield thee. +here m" possessions lie.2 I M& "T TELL )E "& " ( Eb) I m st tell 6es s all of m" trials. $ake of m" tro bles . 6es s is mine. and He will help me 2ver the world the vict%r" to win. He ever loves and cares for His own. pain and death.1 TH E G REA T #HY "ICIA N (Eb) #he great 1h"sician now is near. +hen shall I reach that happ" place. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship (3 2 how the world to evil all res me* 2 how m" heart is tempted to sin* I m st tell 6es s.

hile on others -ho" art alling. 0o more clo ds in the sk". like pride or station. +ith its shadows o%er me. there%s nothing between. Hear m" h mble cr". 0ear the cross* 2 lamb of &od. I am resolved. !elf or friends shall not intervene. And ra"s of hope for tomorrow Across o r path were laid. #ho the !pring of all m" comfort. 3et me at #h" throne of merc" Find a sweet relief. 3o not pass #e by. It $lo(s $ro# Calvary. 2. a healing stream. keep me near the cross. with nothing between. #here%ll be no sorrow there. #ill I reach the golden strand. the One (ho saved #e by His gra e. broken spirit. /neeling there in deep contrition. glorio s da" that will be. glorio"s day that (ill be. And I loo' "pon His $a e.hen He ta'es #e by the hand. +hile on others #ho art smiling. no pain. $ st not m" heart from Him ever sever. Help m" nbelief. #here the -right and $orning !tar !heds its beams aro nd me. -ill #y rapt"red so"l shall $ind Rest beyond the river. Its (aves (hi h rea h the throne o$ . 0othing between like worldl" pleas re. 0o more sickness. 0othing between. 0ear the cross.$ NE AR THE CR O" " (') 6es s. >eep the (ay lear0 Let nothing bet(een. +hat a da". #ho gh it ma" cost me m ch trib lation.hat a day that (ill be (hen #y !es"s I shall see.* I "E E A CRI M" ON "TREA M (Bb) 2n 7alvar"%s hill of sorrow +here sin%s demands were paid.hat a day. CHORUS Savio"r. $ore than life to me. CHORUS . Free to all. a trembling so l. +atching with pra"er and m ch selfIdenial. . 2 gentle !avio r. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship ( 2. Heal m" wo nded. Are s(eeping over #e.( #A" " ME NOT (Ab) 1ass me not. +o ld I seek #h" face. 2. CHORUS In the ross. >> . &othing preventing the least o$ His $avor. in the ross. no more parting over there. no more tears to dim the e"e. tho gh harmless the" seem. ever. Hoping. Habits of life. there%s nothing between.od. #here a precio s fo ntain. And forever I will be with the 2ne who died for me. 0othing between. +hat a da". So that His blessed $a e #ay be seen. glorio s da" that will be. 6 st be"ond the river. He is m" all. I%ll tri mph at last. Savio"r. #ho gh the whole world against me convene. 5o not pass me b". Help me walk from da" to da". #r sting onl" in #h" merit. . All is peace forevermore on that happ" golden shore. Hear #y h"#ble ry. 3ove and merc" fo nd me. 0ear the cross I%ll watch and wait. %H AT A +AY THAT %ILL BE (Ab) #here is coming a da" when no heartaches shall come. tr sting. *e #y glory ever. CHORUS I see a ri#son strea# o$ blood. no more b rdens to bear. !ave me b" #h" grace. e%en man" hard trials. -ring its scenes before me. and leads #e thro"gh the <ro#ised Land. Flows from 7alv%r"%s mo ntain.CHORUS &othing bet(een #y so"l and the Savio"r. +hom have I on earth beside #hee? +hom in heaven b t #hee? 2. .

$" strength renew. &ever#ore to roa#. I%m coming home. 0ow I%m coming home. He%ll be with s at the meeting. He%s in m" heart to sta". I now repent with bitter tears.. 211 )E "& " #AI+ I T ALL (Eb ) I hear the !avior sa". CO ME TO T HE 'EA "T (Bb) 'All things are read". TH E E A" TER N GATE (Ab) I will meet "o in the morning. CHORUS Co#ing ho#e. believe #h" +ord. #he ransomed hosts grand final +ill be this glad refrain. I%m coming home. Lord. o#ing ho#e. 3inger near the . 3ord.( come to the feast* 7ome. Sin had le$t a ri#son stain. 6 st inside the . 0ow I%m coming home. 0ow I%m coming home. I%m tired of sin and stra"ing. come. 3ord.ate over there. feast pon the love of &od. m" heart is sore.astern &ate.( come to the feast* 3eave ever" care and worldl" strife. watch and pra". All to Hi# I o(e. I (ill #eet yo" !"st inside the @astern . 3ord. !o "o %ll not have long to wait. I%m coming home. Ye famishing. 7hild of weakness. happ" meeting. m" onl" plea. 0ow I%m coming home. I know. 3est with "o it be too late. I (ill #eet yo". 2. Open (ide -hine ar#s o$ love.7 'All things are read". And drink everlasting life.( CHORUS !es"s paid it all. He (ashed it (hite as sno(. I (ill #eet yo" in the #orning over there. m" hope restore. 'All things are read". O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship ($ I%ve wasted man" precio s "ears.od $or $"ll salvation +or 7(hosoever (ill. I%m coming home. Find in $e thine all in all. faithf l pilgrim. 6 st inside the . For I%m coming in the morning. 3ord.( come to the feast* 7ome. 7ome. I%ll tr st #h" love.#oda" no condemnation Abides to t rn awa" $" so l from His salvation. I%m coming home. >A . "e wear". '#h" strength indeed is small. 'All things are read". 3ord.LOR +! I/ M COM IN G HOM E (Ab) I%ve wandered far awa" from &od. #he paths of sin too long I%ve trod. CHORUS Hear the invitation. I (ill #eet yo". 2 wash me whiter than the snow.( come to the feast* 7ome. while He waits to welcome thee. 3ord. /eep "o r lamps all trimmed and b rning. 0ow I%m coming home. 5ela" not while this da" is thine. $" so l is sick. $" onl" hope. and died for me. If "o hasten off to glor". For the -ridegroom watch and wait. for the table now is spread. #hen be read". no se to pra".astern &ate. #hat 6es s died. for the door is open wide. 3ord.7 <raise .astern &ate. 6 st inside the . A place of honor is reserved For "o at the $aster%s side. And tho shalt be richl" fed. I%# o#ing ho#e. +hat a blessed. I need His cleansing blood. 0ow I%m coming home. 21. I%m coming home. 2 the 8o"s of that glad meeting +ith the saints who for s wait. 2. #omorrow ma" never be. 3ord. now indeed I find #h" pow%r. Co#e. +hen gloom and sadness whisper Yo %ve sinned..astern &ate. 6(hosoever (ill. I look awa" to 6es s And He tells me to sa"D And when we reach the portal +here life forever reigns. CHORUS I (ill #eet yo".

ever near me. And that%s wh" I%m happ" tonight. 8o".and #hine alone. /now not what the "ears ma" hold. !pirit al Food against this da". I%ve heard the $essage and Its signal #hat da"%s end is near at hand. And dwell in peace at home? CHORUS . He bade me cease to roam. 21$ #R ECI O& " MEM ORIE " (Ab) 1recio s memories. . 0o more m" steps shall roam.e%ll (or' till !es"s o#es. #he hoarding mobs for selfish gain. 21( TH E E N+ T IM E (') I look and see earth%s sorrowing pict re. And old home scenes of m" childhood. I believe. In fond memor" appear. In the stillness o$ the #idnight. #r st and obe". +ith Him I%ll brave death%s chilling tide And reach m" heavenl" home. And the sacred past nfold. And (e%ll be gathered ho#e0 O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship (( #o 6es s 7hrist I fled for rest. I remember scenes so precio s #hat can never pass awa". And melt the heart of stone. 8o" in m" heart. 1recio s memories. 1recio s memories in this storeho se +here the Food was laid awa". #heir toil of hand for ease and comfort. -he *ride is gathering. their doom is sealed. 212 I BELI EVE GO + (Bb) I believe &od* I believe &od* It shall be done. >C . glorio s meetings Across this land from sea to sea +here I heard the prophet%s $essage #hat bro ght 3ife and hope to me. loving mother. ho( they linger. As I ponder. 7an change the leper%s spots. look p and sa". In the stillness of the midnight. #he blessings are falling tonight. +e%ve ret rned to where he stored It. I believe &od. !ent from somewhere to m" so l.e%ll (or' till !es"s o#es. hope grows fonder. . For 6es s makes ever"thing right. nations are brea'ing% O"r prophet ta"ght "s. From that lovel" land somewhere. (e believe the end is here. CHORUS <re io"s #e#ories. 21 TH E % IN+ O%" O' HE AVEN (Eb) #he windows of Heaven are open. Ho( they ever $lood #y so"l. gladness bringing. #here%s 8o". 1recio s memories flood m" so l. 2ldItime singing. He gave me a robe of p re white. I%m feasting toda" on the $anna. it%s all in vain. sa red s enes "n$old. 1recio s memories of the prophet. nseen angels. it%s no( at hand. even as He said. Flood m" so l from da" to da".choes from the past I hear.e%ll (or' till !es"s o#es. . 1recio s father. CHORUS -he end is here. !ince nothing good have I +hereb" #h" grace to claim. Fl" across the lonel" "ears.t I remember that He promised He%d ret rn for those who%d stand. <re io"s. the (orld is $ailing. for thee I sigh* +hen will the moment come +hen I shall la" m" armor b". . 213 %E %OR 0 T ILL )E "& " C OM E" (') 2 land of rest. As I travel on life%s pathwa". How the" linger. Israel%s a(a'%ning. I gave Him m" old tattered garment. And lean for s ccor on His breast #ill He cond ct me home? I so ght at once m" !avio r%s side. I%ll wash m" garments white In the blood of 7alv%r"%s 3amb. 7an the" not see.

#he moon and the stars. He rolled ba ' the (aters o$ the #ighty Red Sea. believe His .( 3o d and clear the !ho t went forth. And often for each other flows #he s"mpathi)ing tear. $" e"es were opened. He never changes.ord. And He said. I met the prophet and he took me in. I%m convinced of thisD #he seventh angel. It is no secret what &od can do. '#ime is no more. Stay (ith the )essage that yo" have heard.li8ah promised in &od%s great plan. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship (* Have "o considered the endItime $essage? Have "o considered $alachi :? @evelation 1HDC and !t. And in this hope we can now re8oice. +e know the end time is s rel" here. #he mo ntain shook as His Joice cried o t. #he Angel came with a !ho t. HO% GRE AT I " O&R G O+ 3 (') +hen I consider the works of m" &od. the beast of the field. From his +hite 7harger the prophet cried. m" heart was stirred. 'Yet one more time shall I ride this trail( #HE! !AI#H #H. #he sheep and the o9en. walk in the 3ight. It is no secret I follow him. !o friend receive It.7 He sed o r prophet in man" a wa" #o show forth His greatness in this o r da". #he . His +ord of promise he gave the -ride. It is no secret. BLE "T B E TH E TIE T HA T BI N+" (') -lest be the tie that binds 2 r hearts in 7hristian love. his )essage heed."O )& "T B E 'AIT H'& L (Eb) In these da"s of trials so near the end. He%s alwa"s the same. o r hopes. 6I (ill lead yo". 22. #he -ride is waiting now for that Joice. +e po r o r ardent pra"ers. -efore o r Father%s throne.od0 Ho( great is His . 5o not be fearf l or filled with dread. 2 r fears. +hen 7hrist from &lor" doth now descend. $en%s hearts are failing and filled with fear. o r aims are one.0 +2@5. 21* IT I " NO "ECR ET (C ) It is no secret what &od can do. List% to His' in the Light (here His star doth lead. 3 ke 1C 1roclaims this $essage now. and then forevermore. !o worship and praise Him and love His dear 0ame. 21. 2 r comforts and o r cares. >F . 21. +e share o r m t al woes. . In this last ch rch age a star shines bright. he is not dead. $ore than a prophet. He%ll pardon "o . #o help &od%s people a #r th to find. I believe the +ord. <"t yo"r tr"st in )e. O N L YB E L I E V E ! A LL T H IN G " A R E # O " " I B L E Songs of Worship (. CHORUS So /"st be $aith$"l. In ever" ch rch age a star did shine. All of these wonders make me know that He%s real. It is no secret where I have been. the 3ight shone in. +hat He%s done for others. Yo r prophet sleepeth. the path that He trod. 32@5 can never fail. CHORUS Ho( great is o"r . He%ll do for "o .!irs. It is no secret of who he is. this is the time* 2 r prophet spoke of. 2 r m t al b rdens bear. +ith m" heart wide open.ord0 He%s the greatest one that ever (as heard. the son of man. +ith arms wide open. #he fellowship of kindred minds Is like to that above. I recogni)ed him the first I heard #he prophet bring s the !12/.

CHORUS <re io"s na#e.t we shall still be 8oined in heart. O ho( s(eet0 Hope o$ earth and /oy o$ Heaven. -ill (e #eet0 -ill (e #eet0 .+hen we as nder part. As a shield from ever" snare. It will 8o" and comfort give "o . !mite death%s threat%ning wave before "o .0eath His wings sec rel" hide "o . #ake it. If temptations ro nd "o gather. &od be with "o till we meet again* &od be with "o till we meet again* +hen life%s perils thick confo nd "o . -reathe that hol" name in pra"er. Falling prostrate at His feet. It gives s inward pain. (Go7 be 8 9t : . 221 GO + BE %I TH YO& (C) &od be with "o till we meet again* -" His co nsels% g ide. where%er "o go. +hen o r 8o rne" is complete. And hope to meet again. &od be with "o till we meet again* CHORUS -ill (e #eet0 -ill (e #eet7 -ill (e #eet at !es"s% $eet. &od be with "o till we meet again* 222 TA0E TH E NAM E O' )E "& " (Ab) #ake the name of 6es s with "o . +hen His loving arms receive s. <re io"s na#e. 1 t His arms nfailing ro nd "o . +ith His sheep sec rel" fold "o .o< = t9 l 8e >eet a ?a9n >G . /ing of kings in Heaven we%ll crown Him.od be (ith yo" till (e #eet again0 &od be with "o till we meet again* . &od be with "o till we meet again* &od be with "o till we meet again* /eep love%s banner floating o%er "o . #ake the name of 6es s ever. 5ail" manna still provide "o . 7hild of sorrow and o f woe. then. And His songs o r tong es emplo"* At the name of 6es s bowing. phold "o . . O ho( s(eet0 Hope o$ earth and /oy o$ Heaven. 2 the precio s name of 6es s* How it thrills o r so ls with 8o".