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The Finnish Mosin Nagant Rifle-Carbine Production Information And Notes

Brent Snodgrass

In the chart below one will be able to quickly find information on the Finnish manufacture of the Mosin Nagant rifle and carbine. The production numbers on the chart come from a number of sources, these include official Finnish records as found in the works of Markku Palokangas, other outlets in Finland, data collecting with various researchers in the USA and Finland, as well as research information on serial number ranges. In some cases the exact production numbers are known but there are cases when the exact numbers are a bit of a mystery and one has to apply logic to set a total. As such while the numbers below can be used a guide one also has to view these numbers with a bit of leeway. It is suggested that if you want more detailed information read the various articles on Mosin Nagant Dot Net, as you will not find more detailed information anywhere in the English language. Also please see Sotilaskasiaseet Suomessa 1918-1991 Volumes 1-3 by Markku Palokangas: Vammalan Kirijapaino Oy. Thanks Brent

RifleCarbine Model 1891 SAT

Barrel Manufacturer
Suomen Ampumataruikehdas Marked SAT Riihimaki

Production Years

Production Totals

One of the most rare of the Finnish Mosin Nagants, the so called SAT M91's were the first Finn attempt at creating new barrels for the M91 rifle. Very few of these rifles are in known collections today. There were 3,000 barrels that are unstepped while the rest are the heavier

Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft of Neuhausen am

1924-1928 ~ 27. The rifles were assembled at AV 1 and AV3. The M24 is one It is possible that With only 5.450 Model 1891 Tikka (1940's) Model 1891 VKT 1940-1944 Tikka ~45. rifle.490 were made in 1926.000 of these older “rejected” barrels were fitted to rifles. It is not uncommon to see these early rifles with added Civil Guard district numbers. These dragoon rifles are very rare collector’s items.000 of the total of the more interesting Mosin Nagant since this is the first Civil Guard production some prototypes were being SIG made barrels. There was also testing of this relining method on dragoon barrels as 1.000 M91 production began in 1940 to assist in the need for rifles. The B barrels were blanks supplied by Belgium that were worked by VKT in to the finished barrel.000 Model 1891 PSeries Older Russian barrels relined by Arms Depot Number 1 (AV1) 1925-1927 13. A segment of these barrels were cutdown postwar being made into M39 rifles. By May of 1940 over 8. VKT also began production of barrels in 1940 with the rifles assembled at AV1 or AV3.000 barrels produced that were a stepped version such as seen with the M24.000 Model 1891 Early Tikka Tikka 1925-1927 ~10. year of full production. They were made in low numbers and made in 1923 but it is are nice collector's items.Rheinfalls or SIG Model 1924 Venus Waffenfabrik (Germany) Oscar Will / Venuswaffenwerk (Germany) Wilhelm Foss (Germany) stepped versions. The first rifles made in 1925 and 1926 will be dated under the barrel while mid production 1926 and all 1927 barrels will have the date marking on the top of the barrel shank. It was later found this was not the case and the rifle barrels were refitted in the time frame of the Winter War. A carbine not 100% clear if this version of the M24 was also made but in took place or very low numbers.000 B: . The unstepped barrels can be Swiss or German. There were 3. There are no known not. The rifles were assembled at Arms Depot 1. All B M91's were VKT: 1940-1942 VKT VKT: ~32. 1924 is the first totals for M24 carbine production. Production of the barrels was halted in 1927-28 as a committee deemed the barrels substandard.

400 SAKO Total Production: ~35. These were issued to soldiers in the elite Cavarly Brigade.000 VKT 1932: 2150 1935: ~400 Model 1927 Rifle What was to be the standard battle rifle of the Finnish Army.000 barrel blanks were assembled post war and are a rather provided by Belgium and uncommon version of the M91 rifle since made into rifles most of the barrel blanks were made postwar.000 Three plants produced barrels for the M28 but the rifles were assembled at SAKO. In a 1951 inventory there were 26.700 M28 rifles were in Finnish depots* *Sotilaskasiaseet Suomessa 1918-1991 One of the best rifles the Finnish produced these rifles saw hard issue and service life. some of the best soldiers in Finland. There is also a later date version of these put together from older parts.100 Tikka: ~11.000 listed. Tikka ~69. so the end totals of the number of M91 B barrels M91 barrels is lower than the 32. In the postwar years M91 M91 barrel blanks were VKT barrels were also cutdown and made made into M39's so the total into M39 barrels.500 SAKO: ~1.& Belgium Barrel Blanks B: Postwar exact years unknown Model 1891 B Barrel Tikka Tikka 1927-1940 13. VKT: Less than 225 Tikka SIG: 22. Many of these into M39 rifles.700 M27's in Finnish stocks* *Sotilaskasiaseet Suomessa 1918-1991 VKT VKT 1932 and 1935 Model 1927 Carbine Tikka Tikka: 1933-1934 VKT: 1937 but reusing older barrels not creating new barrels Tikka: ~2000 VKT A very rare version of the Mosin Nagant with only 250-300 in the world today. In a 1951 inventory only 16. A very interesting rifle with a number of sub-variations.000 ~4. These will be Model 1928 SIG 1928-1932 . There was also a sniper version of the M28/30 but only 11 were produced.000-5. SAKO began barrel production quite late so there were many fewer SAKO barrels made compared to SIG or Tikka.

the 48 stamped version.500 For SKY Contract VKT: ~30. A safe bet would be to place these in the 8.300 Note .000 done postwar from Tikka M91 barrels.000 dated 1968-1970.* *Sotilaskasiaseet Suomessa 1918-1991 SAKO: 60. The number above is from the first production. Tikka: 5. VKT barrel production was from 1940 to 1944.Some VKT M39's were done postwar by making use of VKT M91 barrels so the end total of M39's is higher. They are accurate. Model 1939 SAKO VKT B Tikka 1940-1945 Postwar work done in the 1960's early 1970's B: Production totals are not known as these rifles were made from cutting down M91 blanks from Belgium. as well as The M39 is one of the most commonly seen Finnish Mosin Nagants in collections. well made.Model 1928/1930 SAKO 1933-1940 ~40. In 1951 the Finns held 22. Other Postwar Versions: This to include the no maker no date version. VKT barrels were fitted to recievers at AV3. They are quite uncommon to locate as the totals were low. and interesting rifles.000 M39 rifles in Finnish depots.000 of these rifles in their depots.000+ range.000 For Army Contract 10.* *Sotilaskasiaseet Suomessa 1918-1991 . In 1951 there were 78. It is not clear how many of these M91 barrels were cutdown to M39 specs. SAKO produced rifles from 1940-1945 with the SKY contract starting in 1942 and ending in 1944.

.000 rifles.the 1967-1970 1973 version. All later versions: ~3.000+ The rifles were assembled at Arms Depot Number 3 with most of the rifles being built in the 1950's.000-3.000 Model 1891/1930 1943-1944 Tikka Post war as well Note .500 total 1943: 5. At the war's end in 1944 the Finns had assembled only 5.this is barrel production only not finished rifles 1944: 9. These are rifles made from unfinished or unused parts of earlier production rifles.