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Indiana University Kokomo increases course offerings on Fridays: IU Home Pages: Faculty and staff news from the

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Indiana University Kokomo increases course offerings on Fridays

Students at Indiana University Kokomo will have more flexibility in scheduling classes this fall as the campus moves to offer 10 percent of its courses on Fridays. This adjustment will contribute to student retention and graduation rates. It is one of the innovative approaches being implemented to ensure academic excellence and student success. Chancellor Michael Harris challenged faculty to create a Friday schedule that is beneficial to students and their educational goals. Faculty embraced the idea and designed the courses in such a way that a student can take a one-day a week course that only meets on Friday, or a couple of courses back-to-back that only meet on Friday. "I am very pleased with the wonderful response our faculty had to the challenge I presented to them to offer 10 percent of our classes on Friday. The response was exceptional." Harris said. "The plan we developed is innovative and could lead to wonderful outcomes. We at IU Kokomo are on the move and this new schedule is a clear indication that we are moving as a united community in a very intentional manner." Harris added that IU Kokomo is committed to utilizing its resources in the most efficient and effective way, and adding classes to the Friday schedule is one way to realize that goal. "This initiative is one of the many innovative ways we are developing to enhance academic excellence and student success," Harris said. "We continue to work strategically toward fulfilling the vision of IU President Michael McRobbie for regional campuses. We are very much focused on degree completion and affordability."
Michael Harris

Last fall, more than 3,100 students enrolled, representing an all-time record of 70 percent of the student body attending full time. In addition, students registered for more than 30,000 credit hours, a first-ever milestone for the Kokomo campus. Meeting this changing need of students is another factor in this decision, said Susan Sciame-Giesecke, executive vice chancellor for academic affairs.

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Indiana University Kokomo increases course offerings on Fridays: IU Home Pages: Faculty and staff news from the campuses of Indiana University

"We are very excited about the new option of Friday classes for our students," Sciame-Giesecke said. "At IU Kokomo, we are always trying to find ways to provide students with more options for course delivery that increases convenience but not commuting time. I think we have found a new option that will be very popular with our students and faculty." The Office of Admissions currently is accepting applications for fall semester. For more information, visit, call (765) 455-9217 or toll-free (888) 875-4IUK, or e-mail to A complete list of course offerings for fall semester can be found at

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