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IECEP QUIZ BOWL August 2012 1.) A 92-cm length of wire is cut into two parts.

Each part is formed into a square with a total area of 269 sq. cm. Determine the length of the sides of two squares. Ans. 46 cm 2.) In the Inverse Square Law that we use in RF and Acoustics, what is the corresponding decrease in the intensity of the signal in dB as the distance away from the source is doubled? Ans. 6 dB 3.) It determines the stability of an oscillator circuit which states that the circuit must have a tank circuit which will produce damped oscillation; must contain an amplifier whose gain must be greater than unity; and must have a feedback circuit which provide positive feedback Ans. Barkhausen Stability Criterion 4.) Two boys and two girls enter a music hall and take row seats at random in a row. What is the probability that the girls take the two ends? Ans. 1/6 5.) It is the apparent speed of propagation along a waveguide based on the distance between wavefronts along the walk of the guide. Ans. Phase Velocity 6.) A timing parameter in sequential circuits which requires the amount of time needed for data to be held in the input line before the clock latching action. Ans. Setup Time 7.) What is the absolute value where the surface area and volume of a cube will be equal? Ans. 216 8.) A world-wide network of large antennas and communication facilities that supports

interplanetary Spacecraft missions. It is used by curiosity Mars rover to communicate directly back to Earth. Ans. Deep Space Network 9.) In Thermodynamics, what is known as the energy that changes the temperature of a substance? Ans. Sensible Heat 10.) An investment company promised to double your money in five years. Determine the effective interest rate if interest is compounded quarterly? Ans. 14.87% 11.) It is one of the most basic topology for switching regulator. It is a type of dc-to-dc converter that always produces a negative output voltage when driven by a positive input voltage. The magnitude, however, can be greater or less than the magnitude of the input. Ans. Buck-Boost 12.) It is the typical transport protocol used by TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol). Ans. UDP (User Datagram Protocol) 13.) An amplifier has an input resistance 10kΩ and output resistance of 100 Ω. A 5 mV input resulted to 10 V output. Determine the power gain (in dB). Ans. 86.02 dB 14.) Function of the splitter connected to the home telephone and DSL modem. Ans. Low Pass Filter 15.) In double sideband amplitude modulation (AM), the carrier is represented by the equation c(t) = 10 sin(ωt) and the modulating signal is m(t) = 9 cos(ωt). Determine the modulating index. Ans. 0.9

B and C are points on a circle where the line AC is a diameter of the circle.3 degrees.0 s it has returned to where it started. Kite 17. What was the magnitude of direction? Ans.) ___ effect is the ability to generate a heat variation due to a voltage difference across a two dissimilar metals at the junction. Ans.) Getting a telecommunications franchise to own and operate a public network on Philippines is done via ___. It thus consists of two adjacent sides of the same length and two adjacent sides are of the same length. The ball is initially moving at a velocity of 4. Legislation 21.0 m/s. then the angle ABC is a right angle. the ball has a constant acceleration.) What si the air interface used in 46 wireless systems? Ans. Ans. but in the opposite direction. It was discovered in 1834. 29057. A= +0.16. At the end.) An LC tank circuit is used to resonate a transistor oscillator circuit. comes to a halt and rolls back down again. Special case is rhombus. Ans. OFDMA 22. The satellite azimuth and elevation is 247.75 cm 24. the line x=1. Find the distance (in cm) of the feed antenna from the vertex of the dish for optimum signal reception. units 19. and after 10.) A convex quadrilateral having a symmetry axis. Ans. y=x³.) Find the area bounded by the curve. 93. Peltier 18. What is the oscillation frequency (fo)? Express your answer in two decimal places.) States that if A. Ans. the line x=4. If the shunt capacitance is negligible and the resonant circuit uses 300mH and 100pF.) A person kicks a ball which rolls up a sloping speed. Ans. The dish has a diameter of 3m and depth of 60 cm.58 Hz 23. Ans.8m/s² . 63 ¾ sq. and the x-axis. Thales Theorem 20. it has sped back up to the same speed it had initially.5 degrees and 60.) A satellite parabolic dish is mounted to receive fashion TV broadcast from AsiaSat-5 satellite. respectively.