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Indian Lentil Recipes

Low Calorie & Delightful ‘Dals’ of India
By S Raji
Author of Nutty Chocolate Delights

Published By ne!inuteBoo"s

#ll Rights Reser$ed You may not modify this document in any way, under any circumstances This e-book is supplied for information purposes only and, as experienced in this subject matter as the contributors are, the material herein does not constitute professional advice The information presented herein represents the view of the contributors as of the date of publication Because of the rate with which conditions chan!e, the contributors reserve the ri!ht to alter and update their opinion based on the new conditions This e-book is desi!ned to provide accurate and authoritative information with re!ard to the subject matter covered "t is sold with the understandin! that the publisher and the contributors are not en!a!ed in renderin! le!al, accountin!, or other professional advice "f le!al advice or other professional assistance is re#uired, the services of a competent professional should be sou!ht The reader is advised to consult with an appropriately #ualified professional before makin! any business decision $e do not accept any responsibility for any liabilities resultin! from the business decisions made by purchasers of this book Any perceived sli!hts of specific people or or!ani%ations are unintentional

%a&le of Contents
%a&le of Contents Coo"ing Indian 'ood at (o)e * +here to Start, C N-.RSI N %#BL.S /lossary of %er)s Lentils & Legu)es Dal 0ala" ‘!asoor Dal’ * Red Lentils ‘#rahar Dal’ * 1ellow Lentils /reen !ango Lentil Lentil and -egeta&le Soup Chana Dal Channa Dal ‘0ayasa)’ * # Sweet Lentil Recipe Dal !a"hani * !aa 2i Daal 0ancharatna Dal %he Indian Lentils and (ow %hey 'or) an 3n&eata&le Co)&ination with Rice 0unja&i Rongi !asala * Blac" .ye Bean Curry Dal Nawa&i /ujarati Dal Recipe 0unja&i Dal %ad"a Red 2idney Beans r ‘Raj)ah’ !asala !i4ed Chili Lentil 5 ‘Dal’ Chili +hy Indian Lentils are /reat /lo&al Cuisine #&out %he #uthor
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!outhwatering ‘Dals’ of India
"ndian &uisine has been influenced by '((( years of history and traditions of the subcontinent and its re!ional and ethnic diversity that is very much uni#ue to "ndia "n all its diversity the overall culinary deli!hts have a bindin! thread across the re!ion of the extensive usa!e of spices, herbs, and ve!etables

coriander and red and !reen chilies "f you are health food aficionado or nature lover you have the added benefit of consumin! some excellent and of course tasty proteins 2entils leave very little carbon footprint while bein! cultivated and you may !et some solace as a nature lover that you have contributed to the preservation of the world while you are enjoyin! the most delicious of Dals or lentils ."t is interestin! to note that over the centuries the subcontinent. cumin. !in!er and a combination of spices 1 turmeric. ve!etables and a wide variety of !rains unified with the spices formed the core of the delicious "ndian cuisines $hile . from sweet to sour and from creamy thick soups like to dry with hardly a little !ravy $hile each re!ion has a different type of lentil the main in!redients apart from the lentils remain as !arlic. the British and &hinese who especially came to "ndia as spice traders .eams could be written on the history of the "ndian cuisine but this is a book about recipes *o let us strai!ht away dip into the delicious world of "ndian cookin! The core of the "ndian meal is the Dal $hether you are in the plains of Punjab or Hills of Kumaon. or in the coast of -umbai or the sultry &hennai in the south of "ndia. embraced a ve!etarian diets durin! the )edic period and culture *ubse#uently this was stren!thened with the advent of Buddhism +ruits. Dal is truly a dish which every "ndian worth his salt loves and can hardly do without in any of the meal Dal or lentils are a versatile dish and nature/s best food 0ach re!ion of "ndia has their own uni#ue blend of lentils ran!in! from spicy to burnin! hot.indu culture played an important role in the development of "ndian cuisines. it also embraced and evolved into mouth waterin! delicacies with influence of -on!ols.

$hen you discover the joys of the "ndian cuisines. however The endless list of spices. have fun6 .owever. a curry evenin! is really the best way to sociali%e. seasonin!s and flavorin!s which one need to !et familiar with and !et used to and you may also think it may cost a fortune 5ot to worry You may already have #uite a few of them . it may put #uite a dent in the pocket The best alternative to this is to start learnin! to cook the "ndian dishes at home and enjoy the deli!htful varieties of the spicy home cooked "ndian food You/ll then discover the 3real4 "ndian cookery as you keep learnin! how to cook the stuff yourself There are a few stumblin! blocks. choose another recipe with similar in!redients so it is easier to learn and familiari%e with the "ndian style of cookin! *oon enou!h you would be an expert and may even start teachin! others the fine art of "ndian cookin! and build a reputation as an expert The flavors are !reat. which appear in a lot of "ndian recipes -ost often you will need !round cumin and coriander but if you may buy the whole spices and !rind them as necessary $hen startin! with "ndian cookin! choose fairly simple recipes and that is what we did in this book on lentils The next time you want to cook an "ndian meal.ere/s a list of items you re#uire Blac" peppercorns * &ay lea$es * chili powder * ground ginger 5 nut)eg * clo$es and cinna)on * )ustard seeds * sesa)e seeds 5 cu)in 5 coriander * tur)eric * carda)o) That takes care of the most of the basic in!redients. so !o on. most of us end up !oin! to fine "ndian restaurants and enjoyin! various dishes in such exotic eateries .Coo"ing Indian 'ood at (o)e * +here to Start.

> #uarts= 7 peck 8 ? #uarts 7 bushel 8 > pecks 7 pound 8 >'> !rams 7 @unce 8 :? !rams 7 &up 8 7<' !rams approxA ABifferent in!redients will have a different measure accordin! to volume All -easures are approximate and vary accordin! to preparin! conditions.ere/s a conversion table. and in!redients As in all types of cookin! use your experience and jud!ment to moderate water and other in!redients #&&re$iations Tsp 8 Teaspoon Tbsp 8 Tablespoon & 8 cup . heat. water #uantity.: pints or 9: fluid ounces= 7 !allon 8 7< cups .RSI N %#BL.S &ookbooks and authors use different measures in different parts of the world . which you can print and put up on the pin board in your kitchen This can help you convert different measures #uickly 7 teaspoon 8 ' milliliters 7 tablespoon 8 7' milliliters 7 fluid ounce 8 9( milliliters 7 cup 8 :'( milliliters 7 pint 8 : cups .C N-.7< fluid ounces= 7 #uart 8 > cups .

ara &hana .Available in "ndian *tores= *aunf 1 Aniseeds .ed 2entils &hana Bal 1 *plit Ben!al !ram -attar 1 Peas AraharGTuvar 1 Pi!eon Peas split 2obhiya 1 &ow PeasGBlack 0yed Beans Besan 1 Ben!al Eram +lour Ehee 1 &larified Butter Earam -asala 1 -ixed *pices .ed Beans -asoor Bal 1 .indi words are also italici%ed The !lossary may not be exhaustive and covers only the recipes in this book Bal 1 2entils and 2e!umes Dala &hana .Brown 2entil $hole .&hickpeas white -oon! 1 Ereen Eram .Black Eram *abooth -asoor Bal ./lossary of %er)s Lentils & Legu)es As all the 2entil C 2e!ume preparations are of "ndian ori!in.&hick peas Ereen Dabuli &hana .in! 1 Asafetida Tej Patta 1 Bay 2eaf Tulsi 1 Basil 2eaf Bhaniya 1 &ilantroG&oriander -ethi 1 +enu!reek Heera 1 &umin *eeds Pudina 1 -int .ajma 1 Didney BeansG. most of the terms used to describe the in!redients are in the .aldi 1 Turmeric PowderGEround Turmeric . a lan!ua!e commonly spoken in most parts of northern "ndia and understood in rest of "ndia +or the convenience of the western !ourmets the translations are provided for the terms used in these recipes The .Ben!al Eram whole or &hickpeas Dali Frad Bal .indi.

"mli 1 Tamarind .otiG5aan 1 An "ndian bread Pulao 1 A .ice preparation Tandoor 1 Traditional &harcoal +ired *tove .

red lentils= ?oo ml water 7G: tsp salt 7G: tsp !round turmeric 7G: teaspoon chili powder '(( !ram spinach. chopped 7 tsp !round cumin 7 tsp mustard seed 7 tsp garam masala Direction 67 87 97 :7 . chili powder and Dal &over let it boil for about '-I minutes Turn the heat to low and let simmer for about 7(-7: minutes 5ow add the spinach and cook ' more minutes &heck whether the Dal is soft and !ets easily mashed with hand Add some more water of not fully soft and tender enou!h *et aside ?7 Take another small pan .&larified or melted butter= 7 onion. melt !heeGbutter and add the cumin and mustard seeds 6@7 Add the @nions and stir fry till the onions turn a !olden brown 667 Add the fried onions to the Bal and add the !aram masala and let it cook in low heat for another ' minutes 687 You are now ready to serve the pipin! hot JBal Palak/ .Dal 0ala" Ingredients :'(-9(( !ram masoor Bal . well rinsed and finely chopped 7 tbsp !hee . turmeric.7 <7 =7 >7 *oak the lentils for about :( minutes after rinsin! Take a lar!e pan and add in the water and let it come to a boil Add in salt.

inse dal in cold water of about ?'( ml and soak for :( minutes 87 "n a lar!e lentils= 7G: teaspoon salt 7G: teaspoon !round turmeric 7G: teaspoon chili powder '((! spinach.7 Add a few lar!e spoons of !hee or clarified butter . then let it simmer for 7' minutes in low heat :7 Add in the spinach and cook for ' minutes. dal. rinsed and finely chopped 9(! !hee 7 onion. brin! water to the boil and stir in salt.‘!asoor Dal’ * Red Lentils Ingredients :'(! masoor dal .eat it in a medium fire @nce the !hee is melted fully add and stir fry onions with cumin and mustard seeds <7 *tir often until the onions turn a !olden color =7 5ow add it to the dal and stir in the garam masala and cook until it reaches a boil This is excellent accompaniment alon! with other ve!etables and dishes for the traditional "ndian basmati rice or "ndian bread .Ehee= in a small pan . chopped 7 teaspoon !round cumin 7 teaspoon mustard seed 7 teaspoon garam masala 7(( ml coconut milk A Kuantities su!!ested serves > Directions 67 . turmeric and chili powder 97 &over till the water boils. or until dal is soft Add more water if necessary .

ed &hili broken up 7 tsp chopped Ein!er 7 onion finely chopped : Bay 2eaves 7(! -ixed *pices fenu!reek seeds.‘#rahar Dal’ * 1ellow Lentils Ingredients :((! *plit yellow 2entil 7G: tsp !round Turmeric 7 tsp &umin *eed Powder : Ereen &hili split : Bry .&larified Butter= 7G: tsp *u!ar *alt to taste Directions 67 . and su!ar 97 Deep aside one half of the chopped !in!er and add the rest to the lentils :7 Add the cumin powder . cumin seeds and mustard seeds : tbsp Ghee . remainin! chopped !in!er. turmeric. !reen chilies and the red chilies >7 +ry for a couple of minutes and pour over the lentil in a servin! bowl ?7 -ix well the ‘Arahar Dal’ preparatory to servin! 6@7 *erve hot to enjoy the spicy ‘Arhar Dal’ with rice or "ndian breads .7 $hen the lentil is well cooked and soft remove from the fire <7 Take a pan and heat the !hee Add the spice mix and allow the mustard seeds to crackle fully =7 Add the bay leaf.inse the yellow lentil and cook in a pan over a medium flame 87 Add in the salt.

salt and the su!ar till the lentils turn soft 87 Add the man!o to the pan 97 Add a part of the !in!er to the lentils alon! with the cumin powder and the garam masala powder *tir well :7 $hen the lentil and the man!o is cooked remove from fire .ed &hilly .clarified butter= in a pan <7 Add the mustard seeds.7 .ed 2entil 7 cup chopped Ereen -an!o 7G: tsp Turmeric Powder *alt to taste 7 tsp chopped Ein!er 7 tsp &umin *eed Powder : Ereen &hilies : tbsp &larified Butter . curry leaves. when they crackle.Ehee= : dry .eat the Ehee .$hole= 7 tsp *u!ar 7 tsp -ustard *eeds 7 spri! &urry 2eaves 7 tsp Garam Masala Directions 67 $ash and cook the lentils with the turmeric powder./reen !ango Lentil Ingredients 7 cup *plit . slit !reen chilies and the broken red chilies =7 +ry for : minutes over a low flame and pour over the lentil *erve hot . add the !in!er.

"ndian bread= .7 &heck if the lentils are tender and soft <7 Deep stirrin! fre#uently to disperse the froth that collects on top =7 Add butter and !round turmeric and simmer for : minutes >7 . cinnamon in a sauce pan and let it reach boilin! point 97 Add the Moong Dal or Ereen !ram to boilin! water :7 &ook for :( minutes on low to medium fire .Lentil and -egeta&le Soup Ingredients 7 cup Moong Dal .oti/Nan .eat clarified butter . drain water and set it aside 87 Add water.inse the Ereen !ram.!hee= in a small panL add cumin seeds and red chilies *tir and add !in!er paste and fry for a few seconds ?7 Add the now ready seasonin! into the lentil preparation 6@7 Add in cut ve!etables cover the pan and cook until ve!etables are soft and tender 667 Add the tomatoes as well and let it cook for :-9 minutes more 687 *erve the lentils hot with rice or .clarified Butter= 7 cup chopped Ereen -an!o 7G: cup ve!etables of your choice cut in cubes 7 tomato finely chopped : tsp cumin seeds : red chiliesGcayenne peppers 7 tsp !in!er paste cilantro leaves chopped 7 7G: tsp salt Directions 67 . bay leaves. salt.Ereen Eram split= < cups of water cinnamon 7 tsp !round turmeric 7 Tbsp Ehee .

coriander. turmeric.Chana Dal Ingredients 7 cup &hana Dal .7 *oak Chana Dal in >(( ml hot water for : hours Boil >(( ml water with the salt in a lar!e pan Add the water from the soaked Chana Dal to the pan as well &over and cook with medium heat for 9( minutes Deep stirrin! the Dal a few times in the interim so that it does not lump to!ether <7 $hen the Dal is cooked soft add cumin. su!ar and tamarind extract =7 *tir well and let it simmer Deep the pan uncovered >7 Take a separate fryin! pan and heat the ve!etable oil or butter oil over low heat ?7 Add the mustard seeds and let it crackle 6@7 Add the chopped !arlic and stir fry till it turns !olden brown 667 Add this to the simmerin! Dal in the pan 687 &over the pot and let it simmer for a few minutes more 697 Fncover and cook for ' more minutes to a thick !ravy 6:7 Dal is ready to be served with rice or bread .split black chick peas= I cup water 7G> tsp cayenne pepper or red chilies 7G> tsp cumin powder 7G> tsp black mustard seeds 7G> tsp coriander powder 7G> tsp turmeric powder 7 tsp salt 7 tbsp tamarind extract 7G: tsp su!ar 7 tbsp ve!etable oil 7 chopped !arlic clove Direction 67 87 97 :7 . cayenne.

add part of the !rated coconut and fry to a !olden color over low flame 97 *train the Ehee and set aside :7 +ry the cashew nuts to a !olden brown in the left over !hee over low heat and set aside .clarified butter= in a pan. !arnished with the fried coconut and cashew nuts .Ha!!ery= 9-> &ardamom powdered : tbsp &oconut finely chopped ' -I diced &ashew nut Directions 67 .Ben!al Eram= :-9 tbsp !rated &oconut >-' tbsp Ehee .&larified Butter= 7 cup Gur .inse and soak the ‘Chana Dal’ in warm water 87 -elt a portion of the Ghee .7 *oak rest of the !rated coconut in a cup of water for 7' minutes and extract the milk by passin! the mixture throu!h a strainer <7 Boil the !ram in a pot with just enou!h water to cook the !ram =7 Add the ja!!ery and coconut milk when the ‘Dal’ is fully cooked >7 &ook for '-7( minutes or till the mixture is a little thick but thin enou!h have the li#uid pourin! consistency ?7 *tir often so that it does not !et burnt 6@7 Add rest of the clarified butter and the cardamoms *tir and mix well 667 *erve the delicious ‘Payasam’ hot.Channa Dal ‘0ayasa)’ * # Sweet Lentil Recipe "f you want to rustle up a #uick sweet dish to alon! with the meal nothin! like the typical south "ndian ‘Payasam’ or a preparation of split Ben!al !rams cooked with butter and sweetened with su!ar and ja!!ery The JPayasam/ is !enerally served midcourse durin! a meal Ingredients 7G: cup split Chana .

Black 2entil= 7tbsp Rajmah .. !round turmeric. and salt +ry a!ain for a couple of minutes .ed chili powder to taste N tsp coriander powder *alt to taste Directions 67 *oak .7 "n a pan heat oil Add the cumin seeds and let it splutter. cumin powder. !reen chilies and tomatoes and fry fry for :-9 minutes till tomatoes soften >7 *prinkle the spice mix.Dal !a"hani * !aa 2i Daal Ingredients 7 cup Arhar Dal .ed Didney Beans in water either overni!ht or in hot water for a few hours 87 Add water with the salt in a pressure cooker alon! with the . chili powder. add the !arlic paste <7 +ry for a few minutes Add the onions and fry till !olden brown =7 Add !in!er.ed kidney beans= 7 finely chopped @nion 7 finely chopped Tomato 7M Ein!er piece :-9 finely chopped !reen chilies chopped coriander leaves 9-> chopped !arlic or Earlic paste 7G: cup stirred curd 7G: cup fresh cream : tbsp butter 7 tsp cumin seeds N tsp turmeric powder N tsp Garam masala .ed Didney Beans and Black lentils 97 &ook for :' minutes The lentils should turn soft -ash the red kidney beans and boil a!ain for 7' minutes :7 Add cream and curd to the cooked lentil and heat for :-9 minutes .

oti/Naan or rice .?7 Add the lentils and cook on medium fire 6@7 As it starts to boil remove from the oven 667 *prinkle some Garam Masala powder 687 Earnish with coriander leaves 697 +inally add : tsp of butter on top 6:7 *erve the ‘Dal Ma hani’ hot 0xcellent accompaniment with .

red lentil= : tbsp split moog dal Green !ram : tbsp split tuar dal Red lentil : tbsp urad dal split Black !ram : tbsp !hana dal split Ben!al !ram $ater about ?'( ml or as re#uired 7G: teaspoon round turmeric 7 teaspoon red chili powder 7 teaspoon garam masala 7 teaspoon coriander powder 7 teaspoon !in!er !arlic paste 7G: teaspoon !reen chili paste 7 tomato finely chopped 7 onion finely chopped 7 tsp *alt .inse all the the Dals to!ether and cook in a pressure cooker with ?'( ml of water for about I-7( minutes The Dals or lentils should be soft and should easily be mashed by your fin!ers 87 .0ancharatna Dal Ingredients : tbsp split masoor dal .)ary to taste= &oriander chopped 9 tablespoon !hee or oil 7 teaspoon cumin seeds : bay leaf : red dry chili >-' whole black pepper curry leaves 7G: teaspoon red chili powder 7G> teaspoon asafetida Direction 67 .eat : tbsp !hee in lar!e pan and fry onions to a olden brown 97 Add the tomatoes and stir fry for : more minutes .

!aram masala. a rice preparation= plain rice. coriander powder.:7 *tir in the turmeric powder. asafetida. bay leaf.7 &rush the black peppers and add them in with the salt <7 5ow add in the cooked dals =7 2et it &ook for 9-> minutes >7 "n a small pan heat 7 tablespoon of butter oil and add in cumin seed . curry leaves and 7G: teaspoon red chili powder 2et it simmer for about 7-: minutes ?7 Add all this in!redients to the Dal and cook for another >-' minutes 6@7 Earnish with coriander leaves 667 &an be served hot as an accompaniment with Pulao. red chili powder. chili paste *tir for a minute or two . whole red chili. . both are a type of "ndian bread= . rotis and naan . !in!er !arlic paste.

ice !rains must be whole and distinct The . it is important to see that the .ice and as Pulao which is fried rice $hatever be the method used. as it contains much nutritive material This water may be utili%ed in preparation of soups or sauces Stea)ed RiceABas)ati RiceA0ulao Ingredients 7 cup or :((! to serve > persons . steamed Basmati .ice should not be over cooked nor become pasty with constant stirrin! "deally .ice should be cooked in a rice cooker with the ri!ht amount of water Boiled Rice 7 cup of rice 7G: tsp *alt or to taste 67 $ash the rice well and add it to the boilin! salted water Boil rapidly until the water be!ins to appear milky because of the starch comin! out of the rice into the water or until a !rain can be easily crushed between the fin!ers 87 Boilin! is about the simplest way Properly boiled rice not only forms a valuable dish itself.%he Indian Lentils and (ow %hey 'or) an 3n&eata&le Co)&ination with Rice Bals or various types of lentil preparations are often mixed and eaten with rice The book on Bals would not be complete without learnin! how to cook . but is an excellent foundation for other dishes that may be served at any meal The water in which rice is boiled should not be the best way A well prepared and !rainy rice makes the Bals that much tastier You may cook .ice in many different ways 0ach method re#uires different amounts of water These methods are boilin!.

use the lowest heat. fry small cubes of Paneer to a !olden brown 97 Add the rice fully drained of water to the fried cumin seedGcotta!e cheese *tir the . without liftin! the lid <7 The easiest way to cook rice is to use a pressure cooker =7 +or makin! different type of pulao you may need to add ve!etables or fried &umin seeds .&otta!e &heese=Pulao.Heera= or &otta!e &heese while sautOin! with oil or clarified butter . trapped steam helps cook the rice.Pinch of salt > cups of $ater Directions 67 $ash the rice well in a lar!e bowl filled with water *lowly pour the water away usin! a strainer 87 Add *ome Ehee and sautee the Heera . so keep the pan covered ti!htly $hen you steam rice.Ehee= .ice in !hee for a few minutes or until the !rains become translucent before you add the water :7 $hen cookin! rice the water ratio is about 7 N parts water for one part of rice .&umin *eeds= Alternately if you are makin! a Paneer .7 "n most recipes.

eat > tbsp oil. foliate and )itamin A Ingredients : cups Black eyed Beans 7 tbsp @il 7 tsp cumin seeds 7 tsp !rated !in!er 7tsp !rated !arlic : !reen chopped chilies 7 chopped onion : chopped tomatoes N tsp turmeric powder N tsp black pepper powder 7 tsp garam masala *alt to taste . add onions .finely chopped= and sautO till fried !olden brown Add black pepper and sautO for a moment Add diced tomatoes. turmeric.0unja&i Rongi !asala * Blac" .ed pepper to taste &hopped coriander for !arnishin! Directions 67 *oak the Black eyed Beans overni!ht 87 Add > cups of fresh water to the Black 0ye Beans and add salt. !in!er &ook for about 9( minutes till the Black 0ye Beans are soft 97 .oti or "ndian bread . !in!er and !reen chilies +ry for a minute Add Rajma Masala :7 *immer till the oil separates from the water Add the boiled Black 0ye Beans 2et it simmer for 7' minutes on medium heat till the seasonin!s mix well Add yo!urt and heat for ' minutes .ye Bean Curry Rongi or the lentil curry made with black eyed lentils are a very popular dish of the north "ndian plains especially Punjab $hile it has a delicious taste it is also rich in calcium.7 *erve hot the health !ivin! Black 0ye Bean &urry !arnished with cilantro Eoes well with .

!rind to!ether the !arlic buds.ed Didney Beans= 7 piece diced !in!er > onion chopped fine <-I !arlic buds :'(! tomato finely chopped 7 tsp of tamarind extract .Ben!al Eram split= 7G: cup Rajmah .erePs an all time favorite black !ram lentil yummy and spicy dal with rajmah .. remove seeds and extract the tamarind water= : !reen chilly few coriander leaves '( !m cotta!e cheese 7G: cup curd 7 cup cream 7 tsp cumin seeds : tsp salt 7G: tsp turmeric powder 7G: tsp red chilly powder 7G: tsp black pepper powder 7 tsp su!ar 9-> tbsp Ehee . fiber and )itamin A and calcium Ingredients 7 cup JKala Chana’ .Dal Nawa&i .Black Eram= 7G: cup ‘Kali "rad’ .clarified butter= Directions 67 Take about ?(( -l of water and soak all the JBals/ and Rajmah overni!ht 87 Before startin! to cook. onions and the !in!er *et aside .optionally soak tamarind in water for N hour. Didney Beans= 5utritionally it is a rich source of ve!etable protein.

7 "n the same !hee crackle cumin seeds and fry the onions until it turns a !olden hue <7 Add in the tomatoes and cook for a minute =7 Add curd and stir continuously >7 Add red chilly powder. salt. Na#a$i Dal= preparation as it is known to your ea! the clarified butter .!hee= in a pan and fry the cotta!e cheese . and tamarind ?7 2et simmer for a minute 6@7 Add all fried in!redients to the lentil in the pan Add the cream as well and cook for 7( minutes 667 2et it simmer at very slow heat for ' more minutes 687 Earnish with coriander and serve hot the royal . black pepper powder. waitin! family and !uests 697 Eoes very well with the "ndian breads Naan G Roti but may well be taken with any type of bakers bread as well .97 Add all in!redients into a pressure cooker Add in ?-7( cups of water After 7( minutes remove and pour in a pan &ook on low flame for approximately 9( minutes :7 . su!ar.

cumin seeds.!hee= Directions 67 *oak JArhar Bal/ in water for 9( minutes 87 Transfer to a pressure cooker and add > cups of water or as re#uired 97 Add salt and !round turmeric and let it cook for 7'-:( minutes :7 &rush cloves and cinnamon sticks . spicy and sweet dal recipe.7 &hop !reen chilies and coriander leaves *et aside <7 Take a lar!e pan add !hee.seedless= 7 tbsp clarified butter . which is not only the favorite of the Eujratis on the western coast but for all "ndians This recipe is hi!h in proteins and micro nutrients Ingredients 7 cup red !ram split . and cinnamon +ry for a few minutes . coriander powder./ujarati Dal Recipe . mustard seeds and asafetida =7 $hen mustard seeds splutters put in the curry leaves >7 Add !reen chilies. Arhar Bal= 7 tsp mustard seeds 7G: tsp !round turmeric : tsp powdered coriander <-I curry leaves : cloves 7 piece cinnamon stick A pinch of asafetida 7 tsp salt : !reen chilly 7G: tsp cumin seeds 7 tbsp su!ar 7 tsp chopped coriander leaves 7 tsp tamarind extract .erePs a delicious.

?7 Add cloves and cinnamon stick 2et it fry for a moment 6@7 Add the pressure cooked JArhar Bal/ to the pan 667 2et it simmer for ' minutes 687 Add tamarind water and su!ar 697 *immer for ' more minutes for all in!redients to mix well 6:7 *erve hot with coriander leaves !arnished on top .

turmeric and chili powder &over with the lid and let it simmer in medium heat for :' minutes "f you use a pressure cooker it may be done in 7(-7' minutes Take a fryin! pan and add in the !hee Take a fryin! pan and add !enerous amount of !hee "f you are health conscious and countin! calories you may use olive oil instead of the Ghee .clarified butter= N cup finely chopped @nion 7 cup chopped Tomato Direction 67 87 97 :7 .clarified butter= *tir in the chopped onion till it is translucent or fry till !olden brown as per preference 5ow add tomatoes and sprinkle the Garam masala and cook for a few minutes constantly stirrin! Add this to the Dal and mix well and let it simmer for ' minutes on low heat *erve hot with Nan/Roti or Pulao . Black Eram= broken N tsp *alt N tsp .ed &hili Powder N round turmeric N tsp Garam Masala : tbsp Ghee.7 <7 =7 >7 ?7 .inse the lentils and soak them in >(( ml of water for 7 hr Take a lar!e pan add the soaked lentils with the water and boil Add salt .0unja&i Dal %ad"a Ingredients N cup Chana .&hickpeas= N cup "rd Dal .

oti is cooked over coal fire called Tandoors .Red 2idney Beans r ‘Raj)ah’ !asala The plains of Punjab and the foothills of .ed kidney beans= soaked overni!ht 7 tsp !in!er paste 7 tsp *alt or to taste : onions chopped fine : tbsp !hee .clarified butter= > bell pepper sliced thin or 7 !reen chili chopped fine 9 juicy tomatoes diced 7M cinnamon stick 7 tsp Turmeric 7 tsp !in!er paste 7 !reen chili 7G> tsp garam masala or spice mix 7G: teaspoon fresh !round black pepper or to taste 7G> tsp su!ar 7 tablespoon of plain yo!urt .ajmah -asala is one such dish of which the le!ends of !randmas and mothers of the re!ion are proud to boast about $hile the coal fired stoves provide heat for the body the .ajmah or the kidney beans are cooked slowly overni!ht on the simmerin! fires of the coals without wastin! the heat +lavours are added to the beans and served by heatin! when re#uired over the next day *imple to make and delicious.. kidney beans are hi!h in proteins and inte!ral part of the daily menu Ingredients : cups or about :((! Rajmah .imalayas !et to be shiverin! cold especially at ni!ht durin! the months of 5ovember to +ebruary The cookin! is centered on providin! heat to the household as well as preparation of the delicious foods -ost of the food includin! the "ndian .

!in!er and cinnamon <7 "n a separate pan heat : tbsp !heeGoil =7 Add chopped onions and sautO till fried !olden >7 Add the black pepper and sautO for a moment ?7 Add the diced tomatoes.7 *prinkle some more black pepper and !arnish with cilantro 6<7 *erve hot one of the most delicious and mouthwaterin! "ndian Rajmah Masala alon! with "ndian bread preferably fresh baked tandoori Roti/Naan .7 Add turmeric. you can li!ht a traditional charcoal stove and cook overni!ht on slow coal fire on an earthen pot .Direction 67 Add Didney Beans to ' cups of water 87 Add the *alt 97 &ook the kidney beans in a cooker until they become soft for about 7 ' hours :7 "f you are the more adventurous type. !in!er and !reen chilies 6@7 -ix the tomatoes with the onions 667 Add the chili powder and garam masala 687 *immer for :-9 minutes 697 5ow add the boiled Didney Beans to the pan 6:7 *immer on a medium to low heat for 7'-:( minutes 6.

and chopped chili *prinkle the prepared spices as well +ry the mixture until the onions turn pink Add in the tomato and fry for a minute Add the cooked lentil to this mixture and stir well Add salt and a dash of lime juice *prinkle a little su!ar to taste and !arnish with minced cilantro .eat oil in a pan Add the onions.: tbsp of Garam Masala *pices *alt and lime juice and su!ar to taste 7 tbsp oil for cookin! 7 tbsp cilantro minced Direction 67 87 97 :7 .!i4ed Chili Lentil 5 ‘Dal’ Chili "ndian cuisine is often incomplete without a dal of the re!ion The variety of Dal preparations is mind bo!!lin! with hundreds of variations Dal or lentils are rich in protein and inte!ral part of the "ndian diet *ome of the spicy Dal preparations have to be tasted to understand heavenly impact they have on the taste buds Ingredients 7 ' tbs Moong split .Ben!al ram= 7 medium onion chopped >-' !arlic cloves chopped : !reen chilies chopped 7 small onion chopped fine or !rated 7.7 <7 =7 >7 -ix all the Dals and rinse and clean them well &ook the lentils with > cups of water until soft .Black Eram with skin= 7 ' tbs masoor or Pink 2entils 7 ' tbs *plit Peas 7 ' tbs Kala !hana .Yellow 2entils= 7 ' tbs Arahar . !arlic.

the freshness of the taste hot from the oven. micronutrients and fibers make them truly wonderful The creamy feel on the palate. the wonderful herbs and above all the healthy proteins.+hy Indian Lentils are /reat /lo&al Cuisine 5ot all the foods have transcended their borders and become international favorites The sharp tan!y spices. vitamins. the silky softness on the ton!ue that brin!s a deep lin!erin! satisfaction lon! past the meal is over That/s the delicious and exotic "ndian 2entils or JBals/ 1 the taste of "ndia "t is now the taste of the world .

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