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Lead-Free Soldering System


500mm 50〜500mm 100〜500mm SNR-825 5. Display in English or Chinese. achieving a profile to reduce voids.000kg 200VAC. 48kW. Time(sec) ■ ECO REFLOW SNR Series Standard Specification Spec.240mm 1.[Option] R-8 25 Equipped with a newly automatic flux recovery system to keep the inside of oven free of sticky residues. 36kW 1. 2009 2 R l on gZ le -8 e 25 ■ Dragon-Air-Blower Heater SNR-825 ha Ex th rin in y b La urta C Flu us tD t uc xR n Zo Re rU nit .6m/min 50〜250mm 100〜400mm Upper side:10mm;Under side:5mm(Variable) SNR-625 2. FR = 4) Over 80% flux recovery(compared with conventional Reflow Oven SNR-725) Dimensions Width Muffle structure oven features airtight sealing and 500 ppm or less oxygen concentration 100〜250mm PCB access height Heater system Cooling unit Power supply Operation control Weight Far-infrared panel heaters and hot air blowers used in combined 16 units 8 heating zones 3. SMIC's new. SMIC is a leading manufacturer of soldering materials with extensive experience and offers advanced Soldering SolutionTM. [Option] tus Sta t Ind ica tor E a xh us tD uc SNR-625 Nit ro n ge Am bie O nt ven PC B yS nc ch wit Em n Zo e &C lo P se ne an tics e erg o Co ec ry ove flow Un it e ling um Op Ch ille en Individual heater temperature setting provides high degree of freedom in profile setting.Nitrogen Ambient Reflow Oven for Lead-Free Soldering     ECO-REFLOW SNR Series    . 250mm x 180mm x 1. proprietary Dragon-air-blowing system dramatically minimizes ⊿T by a best thermal efficiency in the industry.3〜1. S 6 zones tin lC on so N © SMIC. Automatic conveyor width adjuster.P] High-efficiency adiabatic structure saves power consumptionand achieves a quick startup. Customer-specified color. Thermal profiler. Passline Conveyor speed PCB access Width Length Model Length Height SNR-850 5. m/ mW 250 B PC-sized Sma ll Innovative Dragon-air-blower and the latest flux recovery system achieve high quality lead-free soldering. contact us.240mm 1.800kg ■ Automatic Flux Recovery System Options PCB warp prevention mechanism. Labyrinth air curtain.490mm 1.500mm Reflow temperature profile (Test board: Double-sided PCB. English. Chiller unit.700kg Top-and-bottom cold blast cooling by coolant circulation 1 zone 200VAC. ■ Labyrinth Flow Curtain shutter 1 ★ Design and specifications are subject to change without notice for improvements of system performance. Far infrared rays panel heaters and Dragon-air-blowing heating system jump thermal efficiency by 30% or more.6mm. 500 B PC-sized Lar ge . 3-phase PLC + Microcomputer 3.800mm 1.300mm 1.930mm 1. UPS power unit. ECO-operation mode is also available.500mm 900±20mm 0. [PAT. In-out feeder. ★ For more information on ECO-REFLOW SNR Series. The top-bottom heating system improves the consistency of the reflow profile. or Chinese. m/ mW M o ntr Co D ter C pu tion L m o a o c er icr Op Pre a he n Co tro a Lo din o gC r eye nv itch Sw cy en oard g r e yb Ke Em PC le h idt and BWgH PC ustin j Ad SNR-850 Temperature(℃) SM IC SN PLC + PC operation touch panel Display in Japanese.

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