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8 œ theSun | WEDNESDAY AUGUST 26 2009

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Probe on CIA threats
to rape, murder children
rogators threatened to rape
women, execute children,
shoot suspects, even to torture
one with an electric drill, of-
ficial documents showed on
Gotcha ... The revelations came in a
de-classified 2004 report by
Hongkong superstar Andy Lau and his Malaysian
girlfriend of 24 years, Carol Chu, and an unidentified then-CIA inspector general
companion (centre) make no attempt to evade the John Helgerson which cata-
press as they make their way to board a plane for logued the harsh tactics used
Hongkong at the KLIA yesterday evening, ending days against prime terror suspects

of hide-and-seek with the paparazzi, and confirming at secret overseas prisons.
their relationship which they have never openly Its release coincided with
admitted. Lau, 47, and Chu, 43, flew in to attend the Attorney General Eric Holder
funeral of Chu’s father. A local daily has reported that naming a prosecutor to review
the couple plan to wed within three months. the interrogations and report
back to him on whether a full
investigation into their legality

Child, 3, is latest H1N1 fatality was warranted.
More than 100 pages of
previously classified material
provided a litany of evidence
by Karen Arukesamy and Giam Say Khoon In a fur- INFLUENZA A(H1N1) HOTLINE to pore over. Huge chunks of ther effort
to control » 03-88810200/300 Helgerson’s review had been
the spread » 03-88834414/415 blacked out, but even the bits
PETALING JAYA: The Influenza A(H1N1) death toll
of the virus, deemed appropriate for public
has risen to 70 after a three-year-old child, who
Mohd Ismail consumption were shocking.
died on Aug 18, was confirmed to be a victim.
said the ministry is organising a dialogue between Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, a
A Health Ministry statement said the child was
admitted to hospital on Aug 12 after suffering Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Liow Tiong Lai and suspect in the 2000 bombing
from seizures and cough. private medical practitioners on handling ILI cases of the USS Cole in which 17
“The patient was referred to the Intensive Care tomorrow in Putrajaya. US sailors were killed, was
Unit (ICU) the next day after the child’s conditioned Mohd Ismail reminded parents to monitor their told his mother could be raped
worsened,” said ministry director-general Tan Sri children’s activities during the school holidays in front of him if he did not
Dr Mohd Ismail Merican. to prevent them from visiting crowded places cough up information.
The patient was treated with Tamiflu and a lab like bazaar Ramadan, places of worship, public “We could get your mother
test on Aug 17 showed that the child was positive gatherings, buka puasa functions, cinemas or here,” said the documents,
for A(H1N1). shopping centres, to ensure they are not exposed quoting an interrogator and
“Despite treatment, the patient died the to infections from symptomatic individuals. explaining that the rape threat
next day due to H1N1 encephalitis with cerebral He urged the public to check the ministry’s web- was understood. “We can
oedema and multi-organ failure,” said Mohd Ismail, site for more information. bring your family in here,” his
adding that the Mortality Review Committee had In KUALA LUMPUR, Deputy Education Minister inquisitor continued.
confirmed the death. The statement also said 52 Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said schools will conduct Another interrogator told
new patients with influenza-like illness (ILI) were body temperature screening on students when Sept 11 mastermind Khalid
admitted to hospitals as of 9am yesterday. In classes resume after the school break. Sheikh Mohammed, “if
the same period, 162 patients were discharged, “Parents will be notified if their children are anything else happens in the
bringing the total number of patients still receiving found with fever to fetch them home, but parents United States, ‘We’re going to
treatment for ILI to 1,345, said Mohd Ismail, adding should send their children with influenza symp- kill your children,’” according to the docu- “Unauthorised, improvised, inhumane, and
that only 202 are confirmed positive for the virus. toms to the doctors immediately and not wait ments, the release of which had been ordered undocumented detention and interrogation
Of the confirmed cases, 42 are in ICU, 38 of until the school screening,” he said after chairing by a federal judge. techniques” were used and would be “referred
them from the high risk group including three the MCA youth wing’s political bureau meeting In another instance, a CIA interrogator to the department of justice for potential pros-
children and two Down’s Syndrome patients. yesterday. showed Nashiri a gun to frighten him into ecution,” it said.
thinking he would be shot. A power drill was The top secret report also contained testi-
also held near him and repeatedly turned on mony from one CIA operative expressing his
and off. fear of ending up on “some wanted list” and
Nashiri, captured in November 2002 and appearing before a court charged with war
held for four years in a secret CIA prison, was crimes because of what he was doing. Another
one of three leading Al Qaeda figures to be was quoted as saying, “Ten years from now
later subjected to waterboarding, a form of we’re going to be sorry we’re doing this ...
near drowning widely regarded as torture. (but) it has to be done.”
Earlier documents have already revealed President Barack Obama, whose admin-
that Mohammed – believed to be the prin- istration has forged a clear break from the
cipal architect of the Sept 11, 2001 attacks on war-on-terror era of former president George
the United States – was waterboarded more W. Bush, set up on Monday a new team of
than 180 times. Helgerson’s 2004 report was elite interrogators to grill terror suspects un-
damning about some of the interrogation der White House supervision. A White House
techniques employed, saying several had not statement said the president believed Holder
been approved by the CIA and stressing that should be left to make independent decisions
the waterboarding was far more severe than on whether someone broke the law during the
permitted. past CIA detentions. – AFP

New Jersey tells Gaddafi to stay away
NEW YORK: The possibility that Libyan President York City but said there was no information about
Muammar Gaddafi may pitch his tent in the town where he would stay. Gaddafi is scheduled to ad-
of Englewood, New Jersey, while attending the UN dress the assembly on Sept 23.
General Assembly next month had local officials “People are infuriated that a financier of terror-
in uproar on Monday. ism, who in recent days gave a hero’s welcome to
Englewood Mayor Michael Wildes said it would a convicted terrorist, would be welcomed to our
be offensive for Gaddafi even to be allowed a shores, let alone reside in our city,” Wildes said.
US visa after Lockerbie bomber Abdel Basset Relatives of US victims have strongly con-
al-Megrahi was given a “hero’s welcome” on his demned the Scottish government over its decision
return to Libya last week. Megrahi was freed from to release Megrahi, 57, the only person convicted
a life sentence in a Scottish jail on compassionate of the bombing of a Pan Am jet over the Scottish
grounds because he is dying of cancer. town of Lockerbie in 1988 that killed 270 people.
An official at the Libyan mission to the United “Gaddafi can be assured that he is not welcome
Nations confirmed Gaddafi planned to attend the here,” New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg said
General Assembly at UN headquarters in New in a statement. – Reuters