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Two Stage Compressors: A compressor having two chambers & one air discharge.

Temperature, Discharge: The total temperature at the discharge flange of the compressor.

Thermal Compressor: An ejector used to compressor waste or any gas through moderate
compression above atmospheric pressure.

Tilting Pad: A type of journal bearing in centrifugal air compressors.

Theoretical Power: The power required to compress a gas isothermally through a specified
range of pressures.

Trunk Compressor: A compressor belonging to the group of displacement reciprocating

Trunnion: A cylindrical projection used as a mounting and/or pivoting point.

Tugger: A device which is operated by air to pull or tug in an effort to move something.

Two Step Control: Load/unload control system which helps maximize the efficiency of
compressor by matching air delivery & air demand.

TXV Valve: Thermal Expansion valve.

Ultrasonic Leak Detector: An instrument which helps to detect ultrasonic emissions & alter
them to audible signal.

UNC: Unified National Coarse. It is a thread form with rounded roots & flat crests with 60
degree flank angle. As for a given diameter it has larger thread pitch.

UNF: Unified National Fine. It is a thread form with rounded roots & flat crests with 60 degree
flank angle. As for a given diameter it has smaller thread pitch.

Unit Type Compressor: A machine in which compressors of 20 HP or less are combined with all
the required components to start the operation.

Unloaded Horsepower: The power consumed to overcome the frictional losses while operating
in an unloaded condition.

Vacuum Pumps: Compressors that operates by in taking atmospheric pressure & discharging
atmospheric pressure or slightly higher.

Valves: A device with passages that helps directing the flow of air into alternate paths.

Vane Compressors: A single shaft positive displacement rotary compressor.

Vapor Pressure: The pressure exerted by the vapour bounded within the given space. The
vapour can be a sole occupant or associated with other gases in the space.

V Belt Drive: A drive that transfers power to compressors.
Volute: A spiral shaped stationary passage that converts velocity head to pressure.

Voting Alarm: A 3 sensors alarm system that is connected to compressors or turbines & requires
at least 3 alarms before the alarms act.

Water-cooled Compressor: Compressors that are cooled by water circulating jackets
surrounding the cylinders or casings.

Whipcheck: Safety cables that help restrain air hoses if any end breaks.

Working Pressure: A normal working pressure required to operate an air motor.

Xenon: An inert gaseous element.

Yoke: A portion of safety valve that surrounds the spring.

Zero: The temperature of pure melting ice under standard atmospheric pressure on the
Centigrade & Réaumur scales.