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Beyond Genes – The Intelligent Design

Physics of Self-Organizing Life, Information and

The Death and Destruction Facing Humanity and
the Path to Order and Life

By John Paily

Grace New Age Research


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1] Abstract

2] Introduction

3] The Logics of New Realm

4] Exploring the Fundamental Design, principle, law, structure and
functioning of building blocks and whole.

5] The Secret of Quantum Creation - Many World formation in Time and its
Dissolution in time to Create New World by the Creator Force

6] Fundamental interaction between Nature and Life and arguments for
Intelligent Design

7] Creativity, Complexity and Life

8] The Nature and its functioning and its comparison with life

9] Beyond Genes the Wave that Sustains -Taking leaves from biology to
understand the Truth of Nature

10] Conclusion and Discussion



Under overwhelming influence of physicists, biologists have come to visualize life as
information, its evolution and its expression in predictable manner. However
observation of life from a point of freedom tells us that life is more than information.
Information is a developed aspect in the process of survival. Something beyond
information, possibly a particle or a system and its wave seem to exist, that is
capable of perceiving even minute changes, making decisions and functioning
relentlessly to self-organize and perpetuate in nature. It is capable of making
qualitative changes in addition to quantum changes. This particle or system
seems to control the initiation of winding and unwinding phase of the DNA
multiplication and every other process of life. The complexity of living system seems
to emerge from this particle as a result of its interaction with random and directed
changes in energy in nature. In other words the whole information, its development,
its enfolding and unfolding expression from time to time, is held up in a particle as
quantum waves of energy. It is subjected to constant qualitative and quantum
changes in relations to energy changes in nature in which it survives.

This conclusion is not only perceived from nature but also is arrived at, after in depth
review and study of quantum world and fundamental process of action and reaction
and energy flow in it. It is presented based on discovery of simple Fundamental
Design, Principle and process of interaction between life and matter, which at
length answers many fundamental questions of physical science and gives science a
new platform to understand the unity and oneness of nature. The knowledge that
a particle exists behind life and the wave associated with it is responsible for the
whole process of life has great significance to influence every field of human interest.
The fundamental nature of quantum action and reaction and energy flow discovered
here adds new dimensions to our knowledge of nature. It unites the ancient spiritual
knowledge with modern scientific knowledge. It takes physical, chemical, medical,
agricultural and social knowledge to a new realm. It has the potentials to answer the
secret of Cosmos and brings out the Living Universe Theory.

Preface and Introduction

Science has explored life, falling line with physicist. Biologists have always played a
second fiddle to physicist when it came to explaining life and its processes.
Newtonian world-view seems to be the one that is still influencing biologist. Biologist
kills a system and seeks its secret by dissecting it. The approach has led to discovery
of DNA and gene as the building blocks and exposed them to immense
complexity of structure and process in biological system. They are confused and
lost in this complexity. Modern biological science and biotechnology is surviving by
creating more and more questions than it has solved. They set out spending billions
dollar to unearth the human genome as means to cure for all diseases, and ended in
finding that human genome has nearly same number of genes as the mouse. It left
them to answer why such a complex diverse system such as human has the same
number of genes as mice? If you look back, biologist has no answers to the
fundamental questions such as, why gene is triplet code? Why DNA is double-helical?
Why dominant and recessive gene? Why a mitotic and meiotic division, and so on.
These questions have been increasingly sidelined under the commercial thinking.

As a farmer residing in a interior villager, with a hobby of observing living system in
nature, as a researcher trying to clone many plant systems, thus observing
thousands of living cells transforming in test tubes, I felt that the fundamentals of
biology is wrong. I felt serious flaws not only in our understanding of the functioning
of the information in biological system but also began to feel that life is more than
just information. Information seems to be built up one to facilitate the survival of
some thing more than information with in life. Information and the whole body are
supportive of some thing else that is surviving. Life seems to be built and functioning
on some universal principle of space and time in which it exist and there exist some
simple thing inside life that is perceiving and evolving in relation nature and change
in it.

As I freed my self from “Plato’s science Chair” and became freelance researcher,
nature began to reveal her pages. I began to perceive certain “Fundamental
Design and Principle” that accounts for nature and the process going in it. I have
lived with it for more than two decades as I write this article.

During this time I reviewed science and found biological visions of the modern world
is closely related to physical visions of nature which the physicists have advocated. A
journey into conceptual evolution in physical science revealed that they have long
past evolved through uncertainty to vision of nature chaos and order. But biologists
have failed to grasp it and are still hanging on to the old mechanical world view and

Here we explore a new dimension of thinking that is based on simple observations
that exist next to our skin. We have failed to perceive it because our mind set. Our
mind in the modern world is preset and imprisoned by its culture and education.
Thus it has failed to see the simple truth and engaged it self in creating complexity
and seeking answers within the complexity. I in contrast take you back from
complexity to simplicity to show certain fundamental design, principle, structure
and law that governs the existence of life and nature.

Chapter -1

The Arguments and Logics for New Realm of Thinking

It is beyond this small book to take you along all the tracks my mind traveled. Let
me however lead you through some major arguments, facts and logics that are very
much sensible and give you a back bone to visualize Life Force and the Living
Universe Theory

1] Life exists in an environment [Space/time or energy flow] that is changing. It
constantly and dynamically self-organizes to survive in this environment. It
exchanges and mixes the information on the left and right constantly through three
principle processes - breathing, mitotic division and growth and meiotic division and
reproduction there by recreating the whole new body. This facilitates the system to
survive and conquer time and its force [death].

2] It exists in an environment which by itself is constantly and dynamically self
organizing in respect to change inflicted on it. Just as life, it mixes information
between its left and right, grows against time and tries to survive time and its stress.
In this sense environment seems to be living as much as life and is working by
information enfolding and unfolding.

3] The life we note continuously takes input [energy], exchanges and produces an
out put [energy]. The process is assisted by elaborate information developed by the
system. In other words life has two phases - an input and out put. This seems to
alternate with environment. The out put of life seems to act as input to environment
and vice-versa. In the middle there is a third phase of exchange, which we often
overlook. This is reflected in all living system and in all living processes, for example,
inhaling – exchange- exhaling, food intake -digestion /absorption - excretion. This
means life needs to be understood in terms of energy flow and its assimilation and
destruction. The sustenance of life exists in proper assimilation and proper
destruction. Nature also needs to be understood by the same yard stick – This line of
thinking led me to visualize a Living Universe Theory.

3] The central to this energy flow in life is something that perceives and acts to take
input, assimilate and create out put. The information and body is what this

perceiving entity has developed over a period of time. Information [DNA and gene]
here seem to assist the process, but it is not life or the Living Entity. Living Entity
is something else that exists Beyond Genes and it is responsible for perception and
control and Self-Organization.

4] If you observe a living system from a point of freedom, one notes that all living
systems by instinct are anti-gravitational. When energy flow in the
environment is gravitational or centripetal and pointed towards compression of
space/time, life is opposite to it. It struggles to grow out in to space/time causing an
unwinding of the system. Thus life is opposite to gravitational force and gives the
sustenance to the environment. In short it is the breath of the living universe. There
appear only two forces in nature gravity and anti-gravity.

Note – Einstein struggled to introduce anti-gravity, he once introduced it, but retreated, maybe

for want of simple observational support for this force.

5] This opposition of life and matter is well proven by science in the context of
second law of thermodynamics applied to living and material system.

6] When you review the development in science one notes that gravitational concept
and its law are built on the assumption of non-equilibrium. Non-equilibrium is a
necessity and is the fundamental design. Non-eqilibrium should exist in the
fundamental particle as well as nature as a whole to account for the fundamental
characteristic of nature - the flow. Without out non-equilibrium no flow can occur in
nature. If non-equilibrium is at the basis of gravity, logically at the foundation of life
there should exist equilibrium. It means there should exist a particle or system,
which has some form of equilibrium in space and this particle, or system is
constantly struggling to survive against gravity, building information, perpetuating
the information and self-organizing it self.

7] Closer observation of nature shows that all life has two phases, it accepts gravity
[input phase] and produces anti-gravity [out put phase]. This means all biological
system exists in two phases, gravity and anti-gravity together they form one. These
phases should exist as ratio, one of them being dominant at any moment the other
being recessive. If we imagine a living system and an environment, we note the
environment also should exist in two phases that are alternating with the life. In
other words when life is producing the output or exhaling then the environment

should feel the winding pressure, which after some critical point gives way to
unwinding pressure and vice-versa. Here the first act should exist with life. This
means life and the environment exist in certain ratio one dominant the other
recessive at any moment and the flow occurs between the two. Thus energy flow
occurs inside life, inside the environment and between the two. This takes us to a
conclusion that motion and energy flow in nature or the truth of nature cannot be
understood in isolation of life from matter. This brings us one circle back to the
foundation of science and forces us to move into higher level of knowledge that
brings the unity of life and matter.

[Note- science began its search to understand nature by isolating mind from matter
and went about searching the secret of nature in matter. But the evolution of science
to quantum science has led to conclusion that some how mind and consciousness of
human being influence motion].

Our arguments calls to us to visualize and develop Fundamental Design and
principle and laws on which all the system of nature and the whole functions

Chapter -2

Exploring the Fundamental Design, Principle, Law,
Structure and Functioning of Building Blocks and Whole

The Fundamental process of nature is flow and motion. This necessitates that all
particle however small or big, including the whole universal system should be
designed with a left and right and non-equilibrium between the two. The flow
manifest to seek equilibrium and the design should be such that this flow leads to
Quantum Dance and perpetual flow. So the Fundamental Design should be non
equilibrium and Fundamental Principle or Instinct is an attempt to seek the
equilibrium. However the design forbids it.

The above reality can be understood from number 8. To understand this take a
perfect sphere and twitch it using a 4:3 external force [Equal and opposite forces
cancels out hence a ratio]. Now in one quantum twitch, we end in a 4:3 non-
equilibrium state. [See fig – Quantum Dance] This is an unstable state. However
second quantum twitch will lead you to an externally stable state. The Creating
Principle or Force now becomes internal and wishes to stay in that state. See Fig –
4. It exists as witness and as the balancing element of the system which intervenes
only in critical state. The system is capable of winding and unwinding by a unit. The
apparent external symmetry is only misleading. The external symmetry is
maintained by the internal force which creates a Law forbidding the centripetal

The Creating Force not only exists at the center but pervades the whole system
and binds the left and right in to one. There can be no point in the whole system
where its force is not pervaded. Creator Force that binds the left and right now
exists as Conscious and Intelligent factor, capable of sensing any small changes
in the left and right of the system. The system is capable winding and unwinding by
a unit, but a unilateral winding can lead it to a collapse. This necessitates the
Creator Force to keep a law, which forbids the left and right to seek the center.
Any attempt to seek the center stresses the Spirit that binds the system. We are
seeing a form of Quantum Creation that is well inline with Biblical Creation.

The collapse of the system happens because the created right and left breaks the
law. It leads to turning inside out to cause contraction and expansion, which leads to
a Quantum Dance with Change in the direction of the Flow. [See Figure
Quantum Dance above and Anatomy of quantum Dance below]

Here we are visualizing the coexistence of two systems that mutually switch places
creating a sustained motion. The cause for collapse comes from the body or the
environment. Because of the Non Equilibrium Design, this collapse manifests as
spinning and curved displacement of the particle in space. The internal spirit here
goes out and then makes quantum recreation with a change in twist. See figure
Quantum Dance. We are visualizing the perpetual motion system.

This could be visualized as electromagnetic particle and its dance within limit.
Suppose this is twisted in space in favor of left or right, then the system manifest as
electromagnetic particle that is moving. See Fig below. This particle moves spirally
and accounts for wave particle duality and characteristics of light

The above figure is the simplest representation of Quantum Dance, but is not the
Reality of Nature and its force interaction. In nature force interaction is dynamic in
space. Space consist of 8 components with three left and right frame. To understand
this take an apple cut it vertically twice at right angles to one another through the
center and once horizontally through the center at right angles to the vertical.

Another important point is that our vision introduces force as curvature or spiral
in space and three curvatures together form one Quantum Force or energy
quanta. Only this can account for qualitative changes, the stress forces that precede
the observed action in a system, and all the diversity of nature. It also explains why
the ratio of acceleration of two interacting bodies is always 3.

Now an intellectual reader should have noted that I have attempted give answers
and leads to solve many a questions that have remained unanswered, both in
modern science and the ancient spiritual science. It could turn out be an elaborate
exercise, if I turn my attention to it. I prefer to save my energy to bring out the
Living Universe Theory and hope to come back to them, if time energy and His
Grace permits.


Fundamental Interaction between Nature and Life and
Arguments for Intelligent Design

An important aspect that arises when we look at life and material environment as
one, is that the material environment acts as gravity. The life takes this gravity and
turn into anti-gravity, thus supporting the universal system against gravitational
collapse. For example when sunlight emerges and the material matter gains energy
and expands, the plants absorb this energy and matter. When the darkness sets and
the material nature begin to wind and collapse, the plant system assimilates the
energy and matter and grows against winding force of gravity. Thus it sustains the
system. This gets proven when we apply the second law of thermodynamics to
material system and living system. The material system tends to greater and grater
disorder but living system tends to greater and greater order.

No two opposing force can be equal for any action to take place. This means, one of
the forces here is dominant. Suppose we assume that material force is superior, and
apply the second law of thermodynamics, our vision ends in a nonsensical end
situation, where everything collapses to a point without any reason for origin [Big
Bang Origin]. This is as good as saying evil and death wins the race. Suppose we
turn the table and visualize life as the dominant force then we see an Intelligent
Design. Life fight and conquers time and death by three essential processes - the
breathing, mitotic division and growth and meiotic division and reproduction. This
simple thinking gave rise to seed of Living Universe Theory. It led me to
conclusion that the Big Bang Theory cannot happen even if one living cell exists.

All three basic process of life – breathing, mitotic division and meiotic division and
reproduction, basically appears to manifest as wave starting form a point in the living
system and returning back to it in time to start again. By all possibility the
perception and control of the whole process should exist at this point from where the
wave of breath, the wave of mitotic and meiotic information renewal originates. The
particle science tells that wave is always associated with a particle. This means
there exist a particle of life and an associated wave beyond information that

perceives and controls and self-organizes life. The wave in this particle should
generate from the quantum dance we visualized.

The particle science tells us that, when particle is split it gives a pair. This means
that the waves we witness actually are paired. Because of the non equilibrium design
one of them is dominant the other is recessive. We only see the dominant the
recessive lies hidden. We can visualize the origin of these pairs of wave from the
Quantum Dance of the particle that we discussed.

Earlier we visualized a Quantum Creation and Quantum Dance leading to
perpetual flow and existence. The law resists the collapse and the dance, but
becomes inevitable. Let us now see how this quantum creation and collapse occurs.
However this vision has limited potential to explain the nature in which we live unless
it is extended to explain the formation of many worlds and the complexity.


Creativity, Complexity and Life

Since there is some form of equilibrium in the living particle and it instinctively works
to oppose the non-equilibrium, we can visualize information build up and formation
of body by simple means of balance balancing itself by addition and deletion of
matter. This is the foundation of creativity, information build up and the process
behind the development of diversity in nature and life. Information I sbuilt near non
equilibrium state

But before we go into creativity we should speak of space and matter. The
quantum particle we visualized is a light or electromagnetic particle. It is not stable
in space that has 8 components with three left and right frames. A stable system is
formed, when one such Quantum Particle with right twist pairs with a particle with
left twist. The new system formed now has a higher level of stability. The law of
Non-Equilibrium Design becomes applicable here too. The two particles should exist
in a ratio of 4:3. This is a requirement for energy intake and expulsion or quantum
dance. We now have a system that is spread in four components of space and has
higher level stability. Let us understand the two particle as A/B and C/D here the
C=B. We can understand this as Hydrogen atom. They are possibly created in pairs
one with right twist and the other with left twist. Thus to H2 molecule

A still higher level of stability in space is formed when two atoms of Hydrogen fuse or
four particle combine is specific manner. Here the ABCB/EFGH should have ratio of
4:3 because of law as above. They also exist in pairs, one right wound and the other
left wound. This we know is the first inert element of the atomic table or
periodic table – Helium. The inert elements we know is not reactive but responds
only to heat induced winding and unwinding.

Her we can visualize the formation of matters of periodic table by the collision of
electromagnetic or light particle. We must now recall Einstein’s equation E=mc2,
which gives the energy content of atoms. C here is the velocity of light.

The inert elements have spatial symmetry and structural design that makes it
capable with standing external stress by creativity and development of information.

When stressed by external winding force in space, they can counter it by unwinding
on the opposite plane. When stressed to near critical limit, they can add on matter to
counter the force acting on it. We have to visualize here 8 panned balances. This is
the starting point of information build up or double helicals or the DNA
formation in life. Since nature is connected and one, wherever a stress develops
on the right wound system, a similar and opposite stress develops in left wound
system. This gives male and female identity. This led me to propose that Gene is not
paired as we think, but four paired and is dynamic. They mix the information
regularly in order to survive.

The complexity of life, its functioning and its process from conception to death can
be reorganized in a sensible manner from this foundation. Any further discussion
here will go beyond the limits of this small book.


The Secret of Quantum Creation

Many World formation in Time and its Dissolution in
time to Create New World by the Creator Force

Earlier we did see a hypothetical imaginary Creation of a quantum particle
[electromagnetic particle] by the Creator Force. But the question rises where the
second particle comes for it to manifest into observable matter. The answer here
again comes from life and its perpetuation. Whole existed and will exist. Nothing is
created nor destroyed everything is only transformed in time cycles.

Life originates from a single cell. This cell comes to Life when the “Fathers Essence”
enters it. The Essence of the Father should be understood as Quantum Particle or
Light Particle. This particle can create two waves through a quantum dance one
dominant the other recessive as we saw earlier. Now this wave also mixes up with a
pair of wave that is contributed by the feminine or the recessive Light particle.

The two particles when they make a quantum dance inside the cell, the four waves
become templates for new creation. Recall here DNA replication. The wave and
particle for its duplication is taken from body or cell. No wonder God said I Created
humans in His own images from dust. What dominates the proceedings is the Light
particle of Father which is dominant.

The first step of creation is the union which leads to union of 2 pairs of wave,s one of
the Father and the other of the mother.

The second step now is the actual creation of the manifested state of the life. Here
the waves led by the dominant [Fathers] broods over the cells and creates its own
image using matter and energy taken from the cell. Now we end up with 4 particles
and 8 waves. This is the first step of quantum creation.

But the manifested state of quantum creation happens only when a second wave of
creation occurs which multiplies the 4 particles 8 pairs of wave into 8 particles and

16 waves. This leads to division of one cell into two. I have tried to explain them
figuratively in the following figure

This system that result is a dynamic system. The Creator force now simply
becomes a judge and observer and the resistance force binding the world into one.
The power of the Creator manifests on to the created world as a law – Not to eat
from the tree at the center. The created world is given the dominion to create as He

The law needs to be understood from the fact that, the life is anti-gravitational and
directed to away from the center against gravity. But in the process of creation of
tow new worlds out of one, matter was taken from body. So the created has
tendency to align with matter force and direct to the center and collapse. When the
souls created to the left and right aligns with matter and its force the Creator is
stressed to create more worlds. This disperses the center point by creating
complexity. The law was a resistive to death, but time and flow is inevitable. The
Creator works relentlessly and pays the price to sustain the system

Creator Force thus is integral part of the system. It forms the force that exists next
to the skin both internally and externally. It acts whenever the law is broken. The
action of the Creator force is simply a repetition process discussed above. Now the
two celled system goes to form the four celled state. The process repeats to form
many world and complexity. But the underlying principle and function remains the
same. The quantum creation and time can be understood from life cycle or time
cycle which reflects qualitative changes. [See Figure – Quantum Qualitative Dance -
Next page].

The figure speaks of the life cycle of a living system, where the Creator dances to
sustain the system. This is simply the superimposed figure of quantum creation. The

First phase here is the child hood, where the creation and Creator exists as one, with
least friction. Here growth prevails. In Vedic time cycle it represent the Golden age,
where justice and truth prevails. In Bible, it is a period immediately after creation,
when God has given the dominion to the created and rested. It is the period when
mind of humanity is illuminated with the Mind of God. Human kind is conscious of the

The second phase is early adult hood, where the mind of humanity begins to take
shape and the created exist in uncertainty, yet is he is conscious of Creator and life

The third phase is where human mind takes shape and its self begins to express. This is
the period when Adam and Eve or humanity is thrown from kingdom of God. The
Creator force now works against humanity. This is the period when uncertainty and
disorder prevails. This is the longest period in the life cycle. The time direction exists in
this disorder and eventually it reaches a third critical point where deterioration and
collapse becomes inevitable. Here the essence of the Father, or the Creator leaves it body
and gets deposited in the opposite world to create new world out of the old and to start a
New Time cycle


The Nature and its Functioning and its Comparison with Life

The most important aspect of nature is the time cycles or energy cycles. Every life
lives in this energy cycle. Most evident time cycle or energy cycle of nature is the 12
hour day and night cycle. The design of earth is such that, when west awakes to
sunlight, expands and goes into disorder. The east sleeps to darkness, winds and
creates order. When the sunlight peaks, the seed of darkness emerges in it
simultaneously the east peaks in darkness and the seed of light emerges in it. This
means two worlds coexist and dances to sustain the world. This energy flow in
nature resembles the working of a double pump or heart. This conclusion gives
impetus to Living Universe Theory

This day and night cycle is overlapped by 12 month climatic cycles, with its own peak
that gives way to the opposite. This is figuratively shown in the following figure. And
this could be compared to mitotic division and information exchange

Climatic cycle or
Day and night Cycle meiotic division
or Breathing and information

History shows that the 12 month climatic cycle is enclosed in 12 year cycles and such
bigger cycle to form whole universal cycle. This gives the notion of origin and end to
the universe. I have tried to express it in the following figure. We will discus it in
depth as we go on.

The time direction to nature is evident from increase in heat content of the system
unilaterally and human’s intervention into natural mechanism by which nature
sustains the order. Earlier we discussed the quantum creation and life cycle. The law
to the created was not to eat from the tree at the center. This law meant many

It was resistive law against time and death force. It was call of the Creator to the
created to be conscious and intelligent and to be connected to Him – the Life Force.
It was call to love the opposite and work with least friction and self. It was a call to
uphold truth and justice, it was call not to hoard and corrupt and thus stress the
Creator system to act to give justice. It was call not to align with material force.
When humanity breaks the law, the Creator pays a price to sustain the system. This
means the second law of thermodynamics is applicable to Creator and Creation.

Human kind created in his image becomes captive to material or centripetal force
directed to a center and collapse – Gravitational collapse. Beyond a point the Creator
is forced to give in and go into Recreation mode. When this happens human get
totally aligns with material force. He grows braking down the creation and its
existence. He interferes into natures time cycle and its inherent design and capacity
to repair herself.

The fast paced modern world is breaking all the barriers of time. This intervention of
human without understanding the truth of nature and its function, I conclude is the

fundamental cause all disorder and destruction humanity is facing, such as global
warming, Climate Change, increased natural catastrophes, instability of human mind
manifesting as unprovoked violence, war, and terrorism and so on. Our destructive
role in nature becomes evident if we care to stop for moment and try to visualize,
earth and its functioning with plants, with plants and animals, with plants animals
and adult humans. All life is anti-gravitational and they live by their instinct in
support of the whole. They do not disturb the design and energy cycle of earth. The
only exception is humans who live by his mind and seeks self. He thus causes a time
direction to nature, that disrupts the natures breath and it’s repairing capacity. By
his ignorance he is taking the world towards death

The report from NASA clearly says that earth is unstable, the sun and planet system
are unstable. We are heading for huge Solar maximum in 2012. 2012 also
coincides with many vital stellar configurations. The earth’s magnetic pole is
expected to flip in 2012. We already witnessed an unusual solar minimum. Every
dip is associated with a peak. So the next solar maximum can be expected to cause
huge disasters to earth and disrupt life as never before, by breaking our
communication system, the energy systems and so on. Human intervention into
earth and its functioning has exceeded the limits and we are due for some backlash.
The reports say major volcanic eruptions are very much due. History tells us that
huge eruptions and volcanic dust is the means by which earth cools her self and
protects her stability. The earth and its forces have every reason to react against our
reckless intervention into her working.

NASA has even reported huge explosions in cosmos that are only next to Big bang.
In the interrelated world all these are expected to influence us. According to the
Great Mayans who are known to be time keepers of world, the present time is due
to end in 2012 December 21. We thus seem to be on the Edge of a Big Collapse
- The Big Bang that can destroy everything in the wink of an eye. The nations
and its rulers and most of us are very much engrossed in money and market and fail
to take notice of these signs of End Time. I as a scientist did not carry have any
hope for humanity, till I discovered my Lord and accepted death and came to life.
The deep insight into nature I speak comes from this spiritual initiation and call.

Chapter -7

Beyond Genes the Wave that Sustains - Taking leaves
from Biology to understand the Truth of Nature

Our thinking and exploration has already pointed that nature is living and its needs
to be understood as a Living Thing. We have already seen many logical aspects that
can defend the hypothesis. The ancient spiritual scriptures give us a huge platform
for defending and furthering this hypothesis. But the temples of science and modern
world will not take it. So let us explore it more logically and sensibly.

Life is a huge complex system that amazes our mind and inspires it too. The
cumulative length of the blood vessels of an adult human being is estimated to be
nearly 100.000 miles that amounts to encircling the earth twice! A pump of the size
of your left fist, pumps blood and collects blood from it effortlessly 12-20 times every
minute! It is wonderfully designed and is beyond our minds perception. The
information processing that human mind does in a second far exceed the hundreds of
super computers put together. This wonderful machine is capable of self replicating
and has originated form one single cell and is controlled by a pair of wave generating
from a point source. [This point contains two point one dominant and the other

To understand this, let us understand the reproduction process. The reproduction
process begins when the “Essence of the Father” leaves its body and enters one
selected egg cell and breaks into the nucleus. Here it pairs with the recessive and
begins the process of creation by dissolution. I have used deliberately the term,
“essence of the father”. The modern world thinks it is information, the DNA, the
genes and so on. But the DNA and genes are created entities. They are not life, when
life departs them it collapse and disintegrate. Here we are bound to give way to
notion of spirit/soul well written in ancient spiritual scriptures. Scientist would ask
me to define spirit/soul.

In the preceding chapters, I have laid before a picture of spirit/soul in the form of
an inert element and a quantum particle. Just give it a thought. At death the whole
system and the multiple worlds begins to unwind and collapses into this particle and

this particle unwinds and a speck of light particle escapes from the body to go to its
root world. This forms a cycle.

In the ordinary sense of biological thinking every thing exist in pairs. But when we
visualize universe as one living system, we run into some trouble, because there is
no second body into which “Essence of the Father” can go to create new world out
of the old to exist and perpetuate. The other possible way to look at is to assume
that the Superior Light Particle or the “Essence of the Father”, that gives life and
sustains life should leave its central position and enter its own body to recreate and
restore every thing before death strikes the universal system.

This vision and hypothesis appeared possible reality, but comprehending this was a
tough task. This comprehension and the truth of Universal Time Cycle sunk into me
when I died at the Lord feet to take Rebirth. I saw the conception of Universal
Time Cycle in Calvary and the sacrifice of Christ. This turned me inside out and I
saw a golden beginning in the darkest end scenario - A journey to Kingdom of God,
or Dharma Yuga right here on earth. I perceived a Great Attractor in Christ who
emerges at the peak of disorder as Living Light that awakens human
consciousness and give it New Life and illuminates human mind to defeat the death

In saying so I am not promoting a religion called Christianity, but the truth of the
universe, well written in many spiritual scriptures in different manner. The Vedas of
East considered as a great science, has very clearly and logically written that
Creation occurred through self-sacrifice of the Creator and that this sacrifice was
conducted by His own people. [YajurVeda Vs:30-31] This reference clearly points
to Calvary.

When God and Light departed the central place what begins to rule is the inferior
knowledge of humans that is attached to matter. And consequently the world inches
quickly to disorder and destruction and darkness increases. Spiritual scriptures very
clearly write we are living in the dark-age. The cumulative knowledge that
humankind acquired till 1920 to 30’s doubled in the next 50 years. Since then it has
been doubling in a shorter and shorter period, because of the explosion of media
communications. The present knowledge of the world is expected double by 2010.

Unfortunately what is doubling is the inferior knowledge that creates disorder than
order. There is some hope in the revival of spirituality. But spirituality revived
within the frame work of religion is potent and ultimate tool for the evil. If humanity
has to awaken and get enlightened and win over evil and death force, then truth has
emerge as a simple science comprehendible to majority and beyond a religion. My
struggle against odds exist towards this goal

Yes the darkness is increasing and death and destruction is dancing over our head.
Yet I am full of hopes that in the midst of this disorder and darkness the Light of
Life will emerge and Humanity will come out of bondage to religion and become
conscious, get illuminated and Awaken to Truth. We will se the Golden period or
the Kingdom God manifest here on Earth. But I am not sure how much destruction
humanity has to witness before it awakens to truth.

Conclusion and Discussion
The truth of a nature is simple. Nature has a simple design and principle by which it
works. The complexity emerges and truth appears distant because we faced
ourselves opposite to the direction of truth. Truth does not reveal to us because our
questioning process to Nature and its Master is wrong. We stand before Him to seek
self and material power.

Truth existed before and it exists here after. It is well written in ancient spiritual
scriptures. Some of these scriptures are Gold mine of real scientific information and
wealth which needs to explored to bring enlightenment and sustain enlightenment
and cause constructive growth. I must admit Vedas of India, I-Ching of China, the
Mayans and Egyptian Scriptures reflect deep knowledge of nature. I am not a Master
of any of these scriptures, but a birds eye view, showed its depth. Unfortunately the
modern world under the influence of the west has gone subservient to the lesser
knowledge. The west is not even aware of the potential truth of its own spiritual
scriptures. They made idol worship out of the Good New that Christ spoke and turned
the scripture into a tool to rule the people than liberate them. There is much wanted
change and revival happening in Christianity now. This is a welcome sign

The vision of Living Universe Theory gives us foundation to develop many nature
compatible technologies that are simple, practicable in every field of human interest,
like energy and energy utilization, food and agriculture, health and medicine and so
on. It can lead to dusting and reinventing various spiritual practices, incorporated
into our culture by the ancient seers.

The Truth exists beyond human mind. It is beyond the comprehension of human
mind. No body can seek truth, but Truth reveals as a Divine Plan of existence. It is
time we receive truth and come to life and take guard of our endangered world. If
you feel I have opened a meaningful pathway to understand and explore nature,
then it is His Grace. It came to me as a gift from the Divine. I cannot take any credit
for it. I am only a prodigal son who returned to His Fathers abode. There was
nothing great in me. If there is any one reason for the Lord to reveal these simple

truths of nature to me, it could be my decision to do research with a mind based on
consciousness and the price I paid to stay put with it.

Though I lead a stressful taking his cross and walking, When I look back there is no
regret in me, in spite of the fact the society including my family looks at me as an
unfit to this society. In the scales by which they measure me, they have nothing in
me to measure. I hold no chair of power, own a house, a car, or any valuables,
except these bits of knowledge’s of nature and its Master, that I gained by dying. I
live to communicate this to you by dissolving the little parental wealth. The only
regret I have is my failure to communicate to the modern world, successfully. I have
done my best from my situation as small farmer. Any one of you reading this small
book, if you feel there is depth and insight, please help me spread it, such that the
world debates the Living Universe and Awaken to Truth.

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