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Online-Blended ELMT Program Details

Program Description
The Online Blended ELMT program is a 12-week course, which
combines self-paced online training and instructor-guided facility- MT Training Package
based training for entry-level medical transcription (ELMT).

The trainee receives a study guide and student manual from TTSI that Your enrollment in the Online-Blended
stipulates the required materials the trainee needs to study and Entry-Level Medical Transcription (OB-
activities that need to be accomplished every week. ELMT) training program entitles you to a
Student’s Manual and Study Guide, user
Objectives name and password and a complete e-
TTSI program CD installer.
• To provide an accessible, affordable and appropriate online platform
for entry-level medical transcription.
The package also includes enrollment to
• To measure and evaluate basic skills and competencies sought after TTSI’s award-winning program, the
by potential employers. Assist users in developing basic competencies Online On-the-job Simulation (OJS) for
to meet minimum screening standards. Medical Transcriptionist. This program
provides trainees 160 hours of pure
•Demonstrate basic skills in the use of computer and transcription online medical transcription on-the-job
equipment. training.
• Transcribe medical and health records utilizing appropriate
capitalization, punctuation, abbreviation, and symbols. The OJS has been awarded Most
Outstanding Consumer Application of
• Produce quality healthcare documentation following medical and the Year by the e-Services Awards 2008.
English convention.

• Acquire and apply the fundamental theoretical and practical
knowledge, skills, techniques, and etiquette of professional medical
Online-Blended ELMT Program Details
What is Online-Blended ELMT?
Online-Blended ELMT is a combination of online and facility-based
training. The whole training will be for 12 weeks and an option for an On- Required Computer Specifications
The-Job Simulation after that for 160 hours. A portion of the training will
be done at a designated training facility during the weekends for a total Operating System:
of 12 weekend sessions for feedback and skills measurement and Windows XP – Service Pack 2 or higher
How long will the facility-based training be? Internet browser, medical transcription
The facility-based training will be done on a weekly basis. This will be software like electronic medical
scheduled at a TTSI accredited facility six (6) hours per week. dictionaries and drug references

How long is the online training? Hardware:
At least Pentium 4 processor, 256MB
The online training is a self directed learning with prescribed study
RAM, 10GB free hard disk space, sound
guides. The trainee has the prerogative in terms of the number of hours
card, a serial port (for foot pedal), and
he/she has to spend daily for the training. The trainee will be provided
lectures and activities which is equivalent to approximately 17 hours of earphones.
actual training time. It is the responsibility of the trainee to study and
review these materials during the week since these sessions will be the Internet Connection:
topics covered during the weekly facility-based training and validation. At least 256mbps internet connection

What are the requirements for the training? Optional Device:
Serial foot pedal
The student should have the required hardware, software and internet
connection. He/She should be able to attend the weekly feedback and
validation sessions and pay the training fees.
Online-Blended ELMT Program Details
What if I do not have a computer or internet at home? Can I
still enroll for the online-blended program?
MT Training Package Cost
Yes. The student can still do the online training at any internet café
provided that a reliable internet connection is available and there is an
area ideal for online training like the quiet rooms at Netopia Internet Total cost of the Online-Blended ELMT
Café. training is Nineteen Thousand Pesos
(Php19,000.00) or Three Hundred
Where do I go to enroll? Eighty US Dollars (USD380.00).

You can visit TTSI Training Center at:
Installment Scheme:
Total Transcription Solutions, Inc.
Pacific Corporate Centre
131 West Avenue, Quezon City
Down payment: Php7,000.00
1105 Philippines After 1st month: Php3,500.00
After 2nd month: Php3,500.00
You may also enroll online by sending TTSI a copy of your resume, After 3rd month: Php5,000.00
deposit payment to TTSI account and email deposit slip.

Where can I get additional information? Discount for Outright Payment:
You can reach us at: One Thousand Pesos (Php1,000.00) will
be deducted from the total amount if
Trunk lines: +632 4104733 to 34 local 155
Mobile: +63920 9835245 trainee opts to pay the full amount
Email: outright.
Yahoo IM: mt_tutor
Online-Blended ELMT Program Details