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May 1, 2008

Mr. William P Foley, CEO
Fidelity National Financial
601 Riverside Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32205

Mr. Foley;

As founder of Fidelity National Financial, I felt it would be lackadaisical of me to forgo sending
this letter to make sure you know how your company is being operated.

As you know, Fidelity National Financial has sought to distance the negative stigma of its
association to Certegy Check Services and the former employee that misappropriated consumer
information by selling 8.5 million customer records to direct marketing organizations.

This senior level database administrator was responsible for enforcing data access rights at
Certegy and it is the publics understanding he used his access to remove the data from the
Certegy facility using physical processes to avoid detection.

While this Certegy issue involved some 8.5 million-customer records, Washington Mutual
involves some 5.7 million-customer records; Bank of America involves around 4.6 million
customer records; EMC involves around 3.3 million customer records and Keybank involves
around 1.9 million customer records. I say this because Fidelity has signed agreements with
these clients that forbids the sharing of passwords to access their systems. These clients
requested this strict verbiage because they are aware of the negative ramifications these Certegy
like issues raise and they want to prevent the likelihood of any similar incidents.

It has been my argument for sometime that everyone should have individual access and no
associates should be sharing access codes or passwords at anytime. After I received an email
from James Dorrian addressing this very issue, I reached out to him in accordance to the terms in
my FIS Employee Handbook. He said he was unaware of the sharing of passwords, it was
definitely against company policy and he would rectify this situation immediately. Within two
days I was verbally assaulted and my employment was threatened. Within two months, my
employment was terminated and no one has done anything to investigate any of these incidents.
In closing, I have a family to feed, I have a home that is on the verge of foreclosure and my
automobile will be repossessed at the end of the month. As a result of the aforementioned, I am
in the process of having the complaint for a Whistleblower Lawsuit drafted because this
company has blacklisted me and I am unable to work in my field.

In as much as it saddens me, it would appear as though I will need to have you deposed as a
result of this company’s lack of due diligence and I would be all too appreciative if you would be
so kind as make yourself available to participate in the litigation of this issue.

May God Continue to Bless You and Fidelity,

Adrian Lofton
4269 Timuquana Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32210

Galatians 6:7