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C o n t ro l Systems

Control Systems

Control System

When do you need it?

To monitor and control equipment in the water treatment system.

What is it?
A Control System uses a PLC as the main process controller. A power supply provides electrical power to the PLC and eld instruments. Input and output modules receive data and send out instructions. Communications modules transfer information between multiple PLCs and/or a higher level plantdistributed Control System.

How does it work?

A Control System performs the following functions: Monitors water treatment system with eld sensors. Processes data from eld sensors. Automatically sequences multi-step processes (such as resin regeneration). Adjusts control elements when required (i.e. opens, closes or modulates valves). Alerts operators to undesirable outside conditions. Communicates with other Control Systems as needed.

Control System


All PLC-based control systems include: Programmable Logic Controller. Input and output cards for all eld connections. Power supply. Free-standing enclosure for PLC and associated components. Pre-wired input/output points. Discrete outputs are individually fused. 20% extra memory and 20% pre-wired spare input and output modules. Option: Second PLC Processor Option: Communication Module.

Simplies eld changes without elaborate wiring changes. Simplies installation. Ensures accurate water treatment system operation.

Protects control system and its components from external electrical surges. Provides for future expansion. Ensures program changes and/or additions can be made in the eld. Provides 100% processor redundancy for added security. Communicates between PLCs and plant Digital Control System. Transfers information to the operations center. Operators and maintenance staff have almost instant access to information on any aspect of the water treatment system. Provides information in multiple plant locations plus interface back-up. Industry standard for installation in protected areas. Provides additional protection. Provides corrosion protection in aggressive environments. Meets your specic site requirements. Protects against moisture damage to components. Ensures long life and reliable operation in high ambient temperature conditions. Provides for orderly shutdown. Ensures safe and accurate operation under all line conditions. Enables on-site programming modications.

PC, Monitor & Keyboard

Option: Graphical interface provides easy operator access to the control system (Note: This is a standard feature in stand-alone control systems). Option: Extra operator interface terminals.


Standard: NEMA 12 painted carbon steel. Option: NEMA 4 painted carbon steel Option: NEMA 4X 304 stainless steel

Optional Equipment

Motor Starters Electric Heater Air Conditioner UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) PLC Isolation Transformer PLC Programming Computer & Software

Mounted locally or in a central motor control center. Prevents moisture build-up during temperature uctuations. Keeps control system and/or components from overheating. Powers system in the event of a line power failure. Reduces and controls incoming power supply to PLC. Laptop or desktop computer with appropriate software for system PLC.

Industrial Water Made Easy

With over 20-years' experience, building more than one thousand systems at Glegg, our extensive resources are fully dedicated to delivering innovative, cost-effective, reliable pure water solutions for industry. Our customers include leaders from around the world in the power generation, chemical, hydrocarbon processing, pulp & paper, electronics and pharmaceuticals industries. At Glegg, our industry-leading capability has enabled us to continually develop new technologies and ways of working that make specifying your pure water system easier than ever before from advances in electrodeionization to GRD2000.

A Revolutionary New Approach to Buying Pure Water Systems

The water industry's rst true reference design system, GRD2000 is a whole new way of designing, specifying and building pure water systems. The GRD2000 Tool Set available free on CD-ROM gives you all the process and technical information you need to design your system with total condence that your specication is comprehensive. Just point-and-click your way, step-bystep, through 3D interactive tutorials, product specications and data sheets using GRD2000 's proven design process.
The GRD2000 Tool Set contains:
Educator Module 32 Process Fundamentals Tutorials Pure Water Design Guide (1000-page) Technical Specications (450-page) Specier Module 42 Equipment Specication Sheets

The power behind GRD2000 is Glegg's 3D parametric design technology innovative proprietary software that turns your specication data into a nished design, enabling us to easily generate dozens of interrelated, detailed, accurate drawings for your project.


to receive your GRD2000 Tool Set

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