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Students Get Early Look at Career Like Running Family, "Mrs. B." Says
(In Section 6] (Parade Magazine)

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Postal Pay Boost Bill
No Try For
Faces Vote In House
By Carl P. Leubsdorf for house debate Tuesday, with Popularity
WASHINGTON (AP.) — House final action scheduled Wednes-
members who have voted twice day.
New York Times News Service
! WASHINGTON — President
in recent weeks for curbs on Both the postal rate and the
federal spending get another federal pay increases in the bill Johnson vowed Saturday eve-
chance this week when they exceed Johnson's recommenda- ning that he would not play for
consider a multibillion dollar tions. The net effect will be to popularity in the opinion polls
pay increase for federal em- increase the federal deficit each abandoning any of his major
ployes. jyear.
Pay Boost policies at home or abroad.
And although there is little Surveying his low estate in the
likelihood of action soon on Democratic leaders expect the polls before an audience of par-
President Johnson's tax in- combined measure to pass, al- ty contributors, the President
crease proposal, members will though many congressmen are said he was getting much ad-
vote on what Rep. H. R. Gross a bit hesitant about approving vice on how to escape his trou-
(R-Iowa) calls a "stamp tax" the big pay hike in the current bles "cheaply and fast." But his
in the form of increases for all budget-cutting mood. plan, he added, was to hold firm
classes of postal rates. The bill calls for a 6 percent in Vietnam, to keep asking for
The two proposals are com- pay boost for postal workers and a tax increase, to go on fight-
bined in a bill that comes op a 4% percent increase for other ing discrimination and working
federal employes, retroactive to for the poor.
Oct. 1, for a fiscal 1968 cost of "I have made my choice."
C.R. Population some $628 million.
Additional pay increases in
Johnson asserted. "And I pray
hat I — and we — will have
Set at 107,577 July 1968 and April 1969, which
are expected to come under
enough of that bravery, unself-
shness and wisdom Jack Ken-
heavy attack, would bring the nedy said we would need to see
By Post Office cost to $1.9 billion in fiscal 1969
and $2.6 billion in fiscal 1970.
it through."
As a politician, the President
C«d»r Ripidj News— said, he valued popularity and
The postal rate section, which
C e d a r Rapids' population, would raise letter stamps from support as much as any man
which continues to grow at an five to six cents and airmai and he knew he could increase
annual rate of 2,000 plus, has from eight to ten cents effective it — temporarily — by abandon-
passed the 107,000 mark based a month after the bill is en- ing some of his policies, espe-
on statistics kept by post office acted, would eventually raise cially "by renouncing the strug-
officials. $885 million once all provisions gle in Vietnam or escalating it
Charles Seda, superintendent take effect in fiscal 1971. to the red line of danger."
of mails, said Saturday the cur- Rough Road
rent family count in the city Deficit
puts the estimated population at This, however, is only abou Gazette photo by John Mclvor He said he would do neither,
107,577, an increase ot 2,026 one-third the amount of addi SENATOR SPEAKS AT KENNEDY SCHOOL DEDICATION— Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts is pictured speak- though he also knew better than
from a year ago. tional costs from the pay sec anyone except the soldiers in
ing at the dedication Saturday of Cedar Rapids' new John F. Kennedy high school in northeast Cedar Rapids. The senator is a Vietnam, that this was a rough
Based on the official census tions. road to travel.
of 103,545, reported in October, Post Office department offi brother of the late President for whom the school is named. Shown in profile in foreground is Robert Fitzsimmons, principal of the 'But the road does lead to a
1965, postal officials use a fac- cials estimate that if the bill i free Asia — and a more secure
tor of 3.2 persons per family enacted by Nov. 1 and there school. (More photos on pages 3 and 10, section A.) America," he added. "I believe
to figure new population esti- fore takes effect Dec. 3, i the American people will fol-
would bring in some $487 mil

Not Receiving Truth Ike Favors Ted Kennedy At C.R.
mates. low its course — not blithely,
lion in the current fiscal year-
The post office now reports some $140 million less than th not cheerfully — for they la-
there are 33,618 families in the cost of the pay raises. ment the waste of war; but with
city, an increase of more than Gross, who dissented sharp! Group For Dedication, Reception
* a firm determination to see it
600 from a year ago, and up 1,298 from the Post Office commit
since the official census. tee's report on the bill, plan
This rate of growth maintains to make efforts to send th
On Vietnam: Romney Viet Peace through."
Johnson did not discuss the
factors that would go into his
half-million boys tied in a land Capacity Crowd 650 On Hand For
the average increase for Cedar whole thing back to committee By Phyllis Fleming decision on whether to stand
Rapids of recent years. The city to reduce the first-class postag Assistant Stati Editor war in Asia, fighting where our WASHINGTON (AP)-Former At JFK Ceremony Political Gathering for re-election next year. But
had a 1950 population of 72,296, increases and to knock out th IOWA CITY - "American President said three years ago President Dwight D. Eisen- By Ken Sullivan By Dale Kueter few men around the White
and a 1960 official count of 92,- second — and third-year pa people are strong. They can that Asian boys ought to be hower Saturday said he is sup- Sen. Edward (Ted) Kennedy House doubt that he will run.
stand the truth." fighting." "No cause was closer to the
035. porting a new organization with rubbing his still ailing back with They found his speech this eve-
Postal officials believe the raises. Michigan Gov. George Rom- Romney, speaking to more a simpler approach to the mind of President Kennedy than ning consistent with his private-
present method of estimating a He is expected also to attac ney made it clear to a group than 500 Republicans at the education," Sen. Edward M. one hand, greeted hundreds at ly expressed view that he was
population is more accurate than commission toformake
provision a federal pa of Republicans Saturday night Iowa Memorial Union, drew problem of ending the war in (Ted) Kennedy (D-Mass.) told a Culver for Congress reception doing the right and responsible
recommei that he doesn't think they are several standing ovations. The Vietnam. a capacity crowd Saturday aft- Saturday afternoon at Armar things and that he could in the
that used prior to 1965, when dations every four years on a
mail carriers kept track of de- government salary levels, in being told the truth about Viet- crowd also accorded standing Eisenhower, who made his ernoon at the dedication of Ce- Ballroom. end so persuade the nation's
livery points. The number of de- eluding the President and con nam and about other parts of ovations to Mrs. Romney and comment upon leaving Walter dar Rapids' new John F. Ken- For the senator from Massa- voters.
livery points was multiplied by gress. Congress would have 3 national life. First District •Congressman Reed Army hospital after a nedy high school. chusetts his day in Iowa was as Acknowledgment
a 3.34 persons per point factor. days to veto any proposals, bu Romney said, "The American Fred Schwengel (R-Daven- routine physical checkup, said "As a senator and later as. rigorous physically as was But the speech that he pre-
people apparently believed the port). former Sen. Paul H. Douglas of President he dedicated himself pared for delivery at the Presi-
Nevertheless, the present
(Continued: Page 3, Col. 6.) Johnson promises when they Romney said, "I say again Illinois was a prime mover in to providing for better intellec- Iowa's at Notre Dame. dent's Ball, a $l,000-a-couple
method of counting families on tual and physical achievements An estimated 650 came to see
mail routes probably produces voted in 1964 and maybe tbjp tonight: America is suffering theDouglas, new group.
reached at his Wash- among our young people." Kennedy, who earlier spoke at "und-raising dinner and dance
a conservative population esti- Viet Cong and the North Viet- from a crisis in credibility. The ington home, would say only the dedication of John F. Ken- at the Washington Hilton hotel
mate, postal officials said. Today's Chuckle namese believed him, too. Democratic administration is that "a group of us have been The young senator observed nedy high school, and later began with a candid acknowl-
If the current growth rates It is said that a woman nev- "The sad story today is that simply not being candid with forming a Committee for Peace that the young generation of spoke in Des Mnines at the edgment of the turn against
we now have suffered m o r e the American people, and this with Freedom in Vietnam." today often has been accused Democrats' Jefferson - Jackson him in the opinion polls.
continue, Cedar Rapids should er loses an argument. The of a split between themselves Day dinner. Those polls have recently
hit a total population of between worst she can do is f a i l to than 100,000 American casual- is dangerous.
ties in connection with the con- "I'm talking a b o u t unkeptj and the older generation. "The shown that Sen. Robert F. Ken-
113,000 and 115,000 by the time make her position clear. BULLETIN young generation of today," Casual Reception nedy (D-N.Y.) was preferred
the next official census is taken flict in Vietnam. We have a promises and unfulfilled oppor-'
unities in the unrealized poten- L O N D O N (AP) - Lord he said, "is the most intelli- He left Cedar Rapids about by a majority over Johnson as
in 1970. Attlee, the former British gent, articulate, independent 5:30 p.m. — by car. Iowa air- the Democratic party's candi-
ial of America."
Romney concentrated on what prime minister, died in a Lon- and demanding generation of ports were locked in by fog. The date for President next year.
don hospital Sunday. He was (ContinuedTPage 10, Col. 4.)
(Continued: Page 3, Col. 7.) 84. (Continued: Page 3, Col. 4.) | (Continued: Page 10, Col. 1.)

Horse's Death Prompts Rumors Today's Index

ALAMOSA, Colo. (AP) - said he would come back, and they said high radiation mother and his wife saw three Late News 1'3,10,H
ring-shaped objects flying in Deaths 3
The mysterious demise of since he didn't bring along readings were recorded at the i
triangular formation o v e r Editorials
Snippy the Horse — whether any earth money the first scene. Denver. They were accom- City Hall Notes
Youth Beat
at the hands of celestial trip, she reported. Officials of the air force- panied by a loud, humming SECTION B
Reports of UFO sightings in financed UFO study at the noise, he said. Iowa News 1-7
varmints in a flying saucer or University of Colorado, ap- 2
southern Colorado's San Luis The painter is Mrs. Charles Political Notes
earthbound critters — has Valley — where Snippy died parently not wanting to kick Blundell, who operates a gift
You and Iowa
summoned forth tales of other — are not uncommon. O n e a dead horse, didn't say what and souvenir shop near Pa-
School Days
Television Tablt
strange happenings in Color- woman said eight UFOs were they thought, but they are gosa Springs in southwestern Marion i
ado. sighted one evening last week. aware of the situation. It was Colorado. She said a pallid- Food 8
A judge in Denver reported Record Reviews 1
Other recent reports tell of a a year ago Saturday, incident- complexioned, slightly - built 9-11
sighting orange-red, ring- football-shaped object follow- ally, when that project got its man of about 35 came to her
shaped objects, flying faster ing a car and a cigar-shaped contract to proceed. A report shop about four months ago Farm 16-17
than jets, about three hours craft hovering over a field. is expected late in 1968. and tried to buy her painting SECTION C
after a Houston man tele- Friday night, Mrs. Harry of a blue, crescent-shaped Social 1-24

phoned a woman here t h a t But until the death of Snip- Around the Town
. py, whose mutilated carcass King of Alamosa said she got UFO she and her family saw New Books
UFOs (unidentified f l y i n g a telephone call from a Mil- in December, 1966, at the SECTION D
—Gazette photo by L. W. Ward objects) were heading from was found in a remote area 1-8
ton Graves of Houston, Texas, Sand Dunes National Monu- Sports
CAMPAIGNER AT WORK — When the weather forced Michigan Gov. and Mrs. Texas toward Colorado. near here, all the reports in- Outdoor Iowa I
dicated the objects — though telling her two UFOs had been ment near here. Ml
George Romney to drive instead of fiy from Newton to Iowa City Saturday afternoon An amateur painter in seen over Houston shortly aft- The man told her he didn't

southwest Colorado said she weird — kept their distance. New York Stocks 10

the official reception for them was moved from the airport to Iowa Memorial Union on er 6 p.m., another appeared have any er.rth money with W»nt Ads 12-20
has had one visit — and was Snippy's owners, Mr. and Crossword is
the University campus. Here Gov. Romney shakes hands with someone out of picture Mrs. Berle Lewis, said they to be headed toward Colora- him, but would return in Oc-
promised another this month do. tober. She said he drove away
to the right. Mrs. Romney is in center. At right is Judy Bontrager. 18, of Iowa City, ho.d- —by a strange-looking man believe a flying saucer was Parad* Magazine 1-24

responsible. Every trace of About three hours later, in a car bearing Arizona li- Comics 1-S
ing Katie Hoy, 7'/j months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Don Hoy, Iowa City. State Rep. who said he was "not of this cense plates. "I hope he
universe" but wanted to buy flesh had been stripped from Denver Superior Court Judge
Earl Yoder of Iowa City, Miss Bontrager's uncle, is at the left of Mrs. Romney. Another
the animal's head and neck, Charles Bennett said he, his doesn't return," she said.
her painting of a UFO. He
picture: Page 10A.
>Tfa« Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sun., Oct 8. 1967
Accidents and
a re
Add to Misery
j'v Accuse Administration
.. .
It was a soggy, foggy miser-j
able day in Cedar Rapids andj
Of No/ Be/'ng Candid
j Eastern Iowa Saturday, and be-j (Continued from Page 1.) The dinner, originally sched-
'fore it was over there were' uled for 6:30, did not start
!««„ accWen, and ^jJ^-J £*?% iH Sf M^ C &
;of lightning striking. iformance. j forced to drive to Iowa City
Fortunately, the more than 20 He pointed out that farm par- {rom Newton rather than fly
accidents on Cedar Rapids' ity is back to 73 percent "al- as faad been originally intend-
rain-slickened streets produced most to where it was in 1934."! ed Tne governor requested
He also commented on the; some time to rest before the
no serious injuries. "great disparity" between ag-| dinner.
Police and firemen were busy ricultural and industrial prices.1
for a period Saturday night saying "many farmers earn- Both Mrs. R called o m n e y and
upon for
after lightning apparently struck | ing $1 an hour net have to buy
lines in the 300 block of A a tractor made by persons mak-j "Children"
avenue NW. ing $6 to $7 an hour. This must;
be corrected." j Schwengel brought a laugh
Police said hot wires were Romnev also said, "We
on the ground in that area. everse the increasing concen-j^y mheg greeted the audience
them fellow Repub-
ca n
I rot;,™« nf
!lsibilit of anvornmpnt
§overnment rpsnnn- jjcans and friendly Democrats.
in Washin ton or Following a glowing introduction
| will >' ? "
destrov the constitution of! bv Schwengel, Mrs. Romney,
WELCOME — Principal Robert Fitzsimmons of Kennedy high school in Cedar Rapids A section of the near west i the United States. 'who was wearing a gold dress,
welcomed Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Kennedy to the school Saturday afternoon side north of Third avenue was Romney was highly critical \ emphasized her support for ' 'her
prior to the dedication ceremony. The senator in his dedication talk praised teen-agers,
i without power for a period. of increased federal spending, i husband and the Republican
P o l i c e headquarters had to He said there has been an es-'p ar ty.
saying "our future is in secure hands. They are prepared to meet the challengers." .switch to emergency power. The calation of more than 10Q per-: She sald , „_,. , M „th,t
—Gazette photos by John Mclvor
i blackout occurred shortly after cent inn non .defense spending
non-eense s p e n n .| 'to Thetter onlyisthing
how our
i7 *•p.m. ! since the Democrats took LV/UIY back|
uai-iv| *, .? . . *,*,,_,------
C. Culver of Cedar Rapids introduced his long-time friend, DEATHS School Demonstrates C.R. IS1IH-C me uciiiuLictis
Light Co. officials said less|the white House. <- No wonder children turn out.

Ithan 100 homes were affected. thev want a tax increase." Tickets to the Iowa City event
Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, Saturday
I They said a brg feeder line The Michigan governor said Isold for $15 per head or $25 for
afternoon during dedication of Kennedy high school in John P. Swehla ^ " "* ~f** -' ** j leading from a sub-station near "theVeaTesTThVeTts^tolhe^u'itwo. Marion" Neely, J o h n s o n
Cedar Rapids. He referred to the "long, lean year be- (Continued from Page 1.) ;ferred the representative key | police headquarters was knocked.ture of thls natjon are not from : county Republican chairman,
Services for John P e t e r to Principal Pnhort
in Di-inninal Robert TH-rcim
Fitzsim- ' out. nut. ...:ii ~ ! caiH_ the thp event
event was so SUCC6SS-
tween his (Senator Kennedy's) graduation from law school Swehla, 1112 Nineteenth avenue any this country has ever ; mons. and Fitzsimmons pre- i R j d f without,t *u_.. they are ,..:tu:-within."» uHe' W3S "SO

a n an og were dominant cited these threats as "decline i we intend to do it again next
and his first big break . . . election to the U.S. senate at SW, who died in a car-motor- known.
sented it to Tom Peckosh, stu- j throughout Saturday. The fore- in religious life, decline in mor-:vear- .
the age of 30." Senator Kennedy responded in kind. cycle accident near "We read and hear that young dent council president. cast called for partly cloudy al character, decline in family': Despite the rainy and foggy
Friday night, will be n !people are not patriotic and are, Sen. Kennedy was presented skles Sunday with tempera- life and a decline in the prin- weather, the Romneys planned
Turner Chapel east at -lU.OU j not interested or concerned with an honorary life membership in tures continuing around the ciple of personnel rcsponsibil- to return to Michigan by plane
a.m. Monday by the Rev. crucial questions of today.!the Kennedy High School Boost-j go-degree mark. jity upon which America v:as Saturday night.
---Daily R e c o r d — D.. A.. Loferski.
in the Balik funeral home at tion is
.Those serving
Further services will be held Aammtetratlt
demonstrate that
s in Vietnam . . .'er club by Dwayne Hartkemey-j
that thi . ™np
this ra Jpr
, .
! A warming trend is seen for tounaea.
, i founded ''
Up To Business
Spillville at 2 p.m. Tuesday. challenges of today. concert choir sang "Man and The r or
Edward^ m: Shakin8 hands was definitely ."{"Q $ O I V 6 "lum
The Weather Iowa Deaths Burial will be in the Bohemian Hls World", me B cedS , en -
Not Unpatriotic
npatnotic i
I His World",
,s centennial< the theme for
lor Can-
Can-l^ L
|Kennedy >/^
, ,;,— V *7 V - st\ style during the Romney • ..
High and low temperatures Saturday! Belle Plaine—Joseph Drahos, cemetery near S p i l l v i l l e . ':ada's
!ada centennial.£Expo6?67. | KennedyofofMassachusetts,
Massachusetts,who |dinne - r. Romrey interrupted his! PpODIGrni
and inches of precipitation:
Atlanta «2 60 Miami
83 701.4:
Services Monday at 9. St. Friends may call at the chapel "Are the accusers (of the; The schooi was £pened for | spoke in .CedarRapids; Saturday f to go out into the crowd
Chicago 61 .oj Minnspoiis
.. .. «„ 43
« .6? ,j Michael's church. Rosary Sun- after 2 p.m. Sunday. young, generation) r, „ - e , , . ^ , introduce himself and shake NEWTON. Iowa
Denver 63 6 New York 62 45
Hrabak's. tion) aware of the! public inspect ion at the end of ^LlStl^ T >tu int.
Des Momes Saturday night The. not Qnl with tjcket.buv. Michigan Gov. George Romney
Belle Plaine—Glen Carl, 59. Mr. Swehla had been an em- Peace Corps volunteers in dis-l'the proceedings.
Los Angeles 94 <2 St. Louis 7J 60

C. R. Weather : Services Monday at 2, Hrabak's. ploye of the Colonial Baking jtant - - -lands • . or the VISTA! Cedar Rapids airport was closed . Republicans, but the kitc'h- toured Iowa in a drizzling ram
: Rosary Sunday at 7, Hrabak's. Co. for the last 12 years. (workers who are in poverty; by mid-afternoon. staff and most of {he Saturday, criticizing the John-
High Saturday 62; _ Anng M 2 Born July 19, 1924. at Spill-!areas of our country because' * * * in attendance. son administration's proposed
6 p.m. Saturday W j Services Monday at 2, Trinity ville, he was married to the I they are concerned about their i Two persons suffered minor, ten percent surtax and saying
in n m 60! Lutheran church. Friends may former Hazel Seeman. Surviv- fellow human beings?' •?" j injuries in Saturday accidents.' it is up to American business
Rainfall ':.:'.'.:'.'.'.".'.'.".'.'."..'.. .10Icall Sunday at French's.
Central City- Amv Bennett, n>g, in addition to his wife, are Young people, Kennedy ob-
Speech by
of 264
to solve the problems of Amer-
Camp Good Health
Total for Oct ^ fifi jtwo d a u g h t e r s , Judy and served, are not unpatriotic just ican slums.
Normal through Oct
Total for 1967
29.391™'.*»«»«—*».d. Spencer Maud- iSusan, both at home; two broth- because they question the di-
_I!.ilin, 85. Services Sunday at_ 2 ers, Daniel and James Swehla, rection in which we are mov-
Ted Kennedy
bump on the head when the car . i,
I in which she was riding was in-.previously reporled ..$9,341.17 Delegates" to the Iowa a r e a
i Romney told a group of 750
Barometer, falling 29.75 in Victor Baptist church. Mc- both of Spillville, and a sister, t |By Bruce Bakke ivolved in an accident at First council of the National Manage-
Aninch's. From parents of re-
Humidity Mrs. John Griffin of Marion. tarded children who : ment Assn. here the job of
Sun rises Monday. 7:12; Sun Lowden— Matthiesson Pauls, Edward Kennedy declared Sat- Drivers were Julia Hale. 39. of a t t e n d e d Camp 'fighting slums "is too big for
sets 6:36: moon sets 10:27. i 79. Services Monday, 1:30, fam- vances; the misery and rivers
Year Ago Today — High 82; ily home. Body will be taken Ralph Stuart dogged, they ask "Why?" urday that Americans must re- the same address, and Donald Aug;. 13 to Aug. 25 910 00 : government alone. Government
low, 52; rainfall, none. to family home Monday morn- pv wan wina r e s for or all elect President Johnson be- E. Smith, 49, of 1251 Second ave- From usil Rexco
*».tjv\.v Equip-
»JM. »I*~
' ' !doesn't have the resources." • M

cause no Republican president- nue SW. Smith was charged, ment, Inc
W., *J&) L CLl**At»i* T **v*-^-- ~- " 7 _.

Wind direction and velocity!ing from Chapmans in Clar- Ralph E. Stuart, 53, of 706 . . J ™ ' ™* L

;ffv, avenue
„„«„,„> SF 100.00 '• Earlier, at Perry, he spoke
et Gazette weather station at|ence. Fifth SE, HipH
died FriHav that other young "people are ial possibility
Friday fighting for 8,000 miles away,
„„.,.,.,;, can „„_ match
„„,„;. his...•„ with having no Iowa driver's li-j
Sanitary Farm Dairies 50.00 to 700 persons at a fund-raising
10 p.m., NW at 6 m.p.h. Quasqueton— Almond Sauer, after a brief illness. ability and training to lead the cense.
63. Services Tuesday, 1:30, Born in Cedar Rapids Feb. 11, he said. "Young people," he ™.i -_j /-! T>:__I- op. -r i7c In
in memory of
ui W.
»». r.
F. . luncheon
•— sponsored
-i by- .the Dal-
Births —St. Luke's Hoover church. Friends may added, "challenge injustice; they nouen G. Dmg.c 28 », 175; 25.00 las county G.O.P. organization
after noon Monday at Har- 1914, he was a lifelong resident welcome dissent. "There is no Republican on /^U«»...* herry Hill road NW, also
LJill *-no<4 (VTlA/
re- In TTWI*
olcrt T*o_ !
"It's time to get this country
Oct. 6 — To the families of call here. jthe horizon with the skill, and ceived head injuries in an acci- Lick from friends at
memory of J. Clyde
James Shope, 921 Old Marion ris-McClecry. away from the welfare system
road NE, a daughter; David Sifourney— Mary Heisdorff- Surviving is a sister, Mary "I believe in the younger gen-!,, and the heart to dent in the 100 block of Second! McKesson and Rob- ^nd to assure that anyone who
Fisher, 2711 Bever avenue SE, er, 92, Keota. Services Monday AllQ6rSOn, V/nlCagO* eration so much. Our future fcl^^bu^rfST^ avenue SW in an accident in-
a son; Eugene Ridenour, 2723 at 2. Bethel Methodist church, Services: Tuesday at 1:30 at m secure hands. They are pre- }d fa a 0
p < **«»•»* %/«* MIV. VUAUVSUO \/* mv. u m
bins 22.00 i has training can get a job in
volving a city bus.
I .« «n*»i*w« V*n«trJ« T^n/MT *1T*Q T"\F**>_

n p r i v a t e enterprise. We're
rural Sigourney, Holm's. In memory of Fred
Dalewood SE, a d a u g h t e r ; Kuba funeral home east by the pared eu to meet the challenges j been done by Lyndon Johnson," Dingle was riding with Merle
_ _ •• . . .• «««n«J 4** *Mnnf- 4-tvn rtt-trtllftt^flQC' , * *

Richard Verschoor, 225 Twen- Springvill*—Wayne Edmund
w inwi UK ««-»««8»- Smith and Harry destroying initiative and self-
In behalf of my brother, Mrs. \ . Ma 'hll4f, npmn(,raf. E. Dudley, 48, of Ottumwa. Driv-
ty - ninth street drive SE, a Wads worth, 12, son of William Rev. William B. Harnish. Burial John Kennedy and our parents, j f respect with our present pro-
daughter; G a r y Heiserman, Wadsworth and Bonnyle Hum- Linwood. Friends may call Mon- er of the bus was Conrad D. Chadima from Mr. 15.00 gram," Romney said.
Mcchanicsville, a son; Richard phrey. Services Sunday at 2:30, day. may I express our deepest; QUr Presjdent fe . Wernett. 34, of Center Point. No and Mrs. H. C. J. . .
i Romney said one way Amer-
f » \_,i H^bVt V a* V* v*-»» vv.» ,»«»»••••-.•• * » »

Timnis, Central City, a daugh- Viola Methodist church. Mur-
ter; Dennis Sprecher, 2729 Bcv- j doch's. ! !"!!, in
school ?M his
J!! ' i !, ° ' sured against his opposition, in- charges were filed. Neither in- j 1«James
C a 01 f r th S
memory °
memory of Mrs.
L i g h t•
n e r
1 t •* 1* !
ican business could help elimi-
Yn*w«n T . I o r n t n A t *

er avenue SE, a daughter; Wil- Vinton—Addie Fry, 89. Serv- Amy L. Bennett i stead of everybody's favorite jured person required hospitah-j from Mr. and Mrs. nate slums would be to "re-
Ham Engrlert, 401 Owen street ices Monday at 2, Fry and Hol- Amy L. Bennett, 66, of 1008 Most Attractive ideas, the strength of our party zation. Aaron Fanton, Mr. j evaluate job requirements.
NW, a daughter; Robert Lich- land. * * *
tenwalner, 5320 Harbet avenue Seventeenth street SE, a resi- Kennedy was introduced by comes er of
out," the youngest broth-
the late President John One person was injured in a and Mrs. Peter Al- I
Some jobs require a college
NW, a daughter. dent of Cedar Rapids for five Congressman John C. Culver
VrVllKl COO 111 Oil WV/1111 N>. ^/WtlT>*i __
three-car accident Saturday
1 - 1 • t dershof, .Mr. .and degree when it isn't necessary,"
Kenn d s ld ! a s eech
Oct. 7 — To the families of Services Monday years, died Saturday. Born Oct. (D-Iowa),' who recalled that his'pared ffor / f " P Pre' afternoon at Fifteenth avenue Mrs. Millard Keith. he said. "We need to subdivide
Albert Hotz, 1205 Thirty-third acquaintanceship with the sen- Iowa Democrats at a 'jobs so less training is needed
street NE, a son: Roger Rusche, For Crash Victim 2, 1901, near Coggon, she mar- ator spans 17 years. He chid- Jefferson-Jackson day dinner. and Tenth street SE. j Mr. and Mrs. Obie 7.00: to fill openings."
1703 E avenue NE, a son; John ried Jacob A. Bennett Jan. 26, Treated a n d released at! Peal
Burrell. 5025 First avenue SW, Services for Frank A. Holets, 1936. ed Kennedy with a reference Mercy hospital was Mamie Lou '1967 contribution to ; Romney also said private
a daughter. J59, of route one, Ely, who was Mrs. Bennett was a member to "that long, lean year be- "the voters are going to give Wright, 61, of 2082 High drive Camp Good Health" 5-00 enterprise should work in fields
killed Friday in an automobile of Berean Baptist church. tween his graduation from law President Johnson a vote of SE, driver of one of the cars. In memory of Mrs. such as developing "less costly
Births — Mercy accident north of Ely, will be Surviving besides her husband school and his first big break gratitude and confidence next The other driver, Aaron R. Mary M c l n t o s h : means of constructing and re-
November." 1
Oct. 6 — To the families of held Monday at 2 p.m. in the are two daughters, Mrs. Ken- ... his election to the U.S. sen- Muzingo, 17, of Shellsburg, was from friends at the habilitating housing." He said
Keith L. Carr, 1550 Fifth ave- Janeba-Kuba funeral home west neth Wells of Cedar Rapids and ate at the age of 30. Kennedy's pro-J o h n $ o n charged with disobeying a traf- Driftwood 4.00 business should "liberalize lend-
nue SE. a daughter; John E. in Cedar Rapids. Shirley E. Bennett of Fairfax. "Senator Kennedy is the most speech backed up repeated fic signal. - ing and credit policies to make
Harrington, 1185 First avenue,
Marion, a son; John L. Burke, The Rev. Arthur Nash will Services will be held Monday attractive politician-to come in- statements by another Ken- Also treated and released at Total 511,479.17 ^possible more low income hous-
680 Twenty - sixth street SE, officiate, with burial in the at Murdoch chapel in Central to the state of Iowa — at least nedy brother, Sen. Robert Mercy was Duane E. Griffioen, Budget for 1967 $13,290.00 ling, more small business and
a daughter. Czech N a t i o n a l cemetery. City by Reverend Glen High. since George Romney (Michi- Kennedy, (D-New York), that 24, of 917 Twenty-first avenue Yet to be raised . ...$ 1,810.83,more jobs."
Oct. 7 — To the families of Friends may call at the funeral Internment will follow at Oak he would not try to challenge SW. He suffered neck injuries
Philip K. Olivier, 1712 Twelfth home after 7 p.m. gan's Republican governor) ar- Johnson for the Democratic in a three-car accident at Sec-
avenue SW, a daughter; Ron- Hill cemetery in Central City. rived this morning." '
ald R. Clark, 1311 Karen drive Mr. Holets was born in Ely presidential nomination in ond avenue and Eighth street
SE, a daughter; Dennis R. Ru- Sept. 21, 1908. He married Albia Dorothy Browning Kennedy responded to the 1968.
zicka, 2214 J street SW-, a Serbousek April 29, 1936 in Rock gentle spoofing in his open- SW.
daughter; Dennis J. Young, 333 Dorothy E l l e n Browning, ing remarks. "I haven't seen Edward Kennedy told the Other drivers were Larry V.
Thirtieth street drive SE, a Island, HI.-He was a member two-month old daughter of Mr. so many young people," he Iowa Democrats at the $25-a- Miller, 19, of 222 Eleventh street
son. of Ely lodge IOOF. and Mrs. DeWayne W. Brown- said, "since I had lunch last plate dinner that no president NW, and Richard T. Martin, 24,
Out-of-Town Births Surviving are his wife; seven ing, 1432 Fifth avenue SE, died Saturday at my brother Bob- can .please everyone and that to of 3701 Sixteenth avenue SW.
At Monticello — To Mr. and
sisters, Mrs. J. W. Gaines, Mrs.
Mrs. Donald Ohlrichs, Monti- F. J. Stastny, Mrs. Adolf Kal- illness. She was born Aug. 10,
Saturday following a sudden by's house."
In his remarks, Culver said
criticize a president is an in- No charges were filed. Police
alienable American right.
"However," he said, "the
said the brakes on Miller's car does turner's
ous, Mrs. Paul Jerabek, Mrs. failed.
cello, a son on Oct. 6: Mrs. 1967.
Ohlrichs is the daughter of Mr. Kenneth Sanborn and Mrs. Jack Surviving are the parents, the new $5.2 million Kennedy American people know what the
and Mrs. Morris Ludwick of Wheeler, all of .Cedar Rapids;
two brothers, Charles and Sam- high school gives evidence of Republicans s t a n d for. The
"very best"
20 Thirty-third avenue SW. - Pay Bill -
Mrs. Jim Wheeler of Baltimore; uel, both at home; the grand- the progress and educational American people don't want
and a brother, Lumir H. Holets parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. D. excellence
dar Rapids.
of the schools
wash. They
want eye-
(Continued from Page 1.) I cost more?
Uihr (Erfcar Sapt&s (g of Mechanicsville. Wilson of Cedar Rapids; and mascara. They want a the effect of the proposal would
Established in 1883 Dy The Gazette Co. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Morgan of no more fitting tribute to Pres- wood party which cares, and a man lawmakers' be to take away much of the Every family we serve receives
and published dally end Sunday at 500 Oklahoma City, Okla., and three ident Kennedy," he said. control over salary Turner's "very best" service be-
Second Class Postage paid at Cedar Rap- Troopship Name great-grandparents, Mr. a n d "His efforts in the senate and who can produce."
Third Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406.
Ids, Iowa. levels. cause it is the only Memorial
R. D. Cooper of Sulphur, Presidency were to help insure
Gets Free Trip Mrs. continued superiority and avail-
Some question was raised at
Service we offer. Cost is deter-
ability of education for every Paid One Fine,
Okla., and Mrs. H. V. Little of a rules committee hearing last
Subscription rates. By carrier: 55 cents :
a week. By mail: Night edition and Sun- TILBURY, LONDON (UPI)- Cedar Rapids. week on the Post Office com- mined only by the casket select-
day 6 Issues Si .50 e month, SIS a year;
afternoon editions and Svnday 7 issues When you're c a l l e d Royston
S1.40 a month, 516 a year. Other states
Services: Beatty-Beurle fu- American child." Facing Another mittee's decision to combine the ed, and at Turner's, families se-
and U.S. territories S26 a year. No mail Schoobridge, e v e n troopship neral home at 1:30 p.m. Mon- Ceremony Richard W. Thompson, 38, of two measures. This was done
subscriptions accepted in areas having
Gazette carrier service. names look good. Schoobridge, day by the Rev. Alfred A. Kel-
The dedication c e r e m o n y 205 Wilson avenue SW, came to
because of a parliamentary lect the casket in complete pri-
a 32-year-old bus driver, legally s e y of Calvin Presbyterian opened with a brief concert by police headquarters Saturday tangle in the committee, al- vacy. Every Turner facility is a-
The Associated Press Is entitled ex- changed his name three years church. Burial: Cedar Memori- night to pay a $2 parking ticket. though many" members of the
clusively to the use for republication of
all the local news printed in this news- ago to Dunera, a troopship on al. Friends may call at the fu-
the Kennedy high school band.
Actually, police said, he stag- Post Office committee feel the vailable at no additional charge.
paper as well as all Ap news dispatched.
neral home after 1 p.m. Sun- A squad of Explorer Scouts, combination would prevent a That's why we say, "Our very
which he had sailed. Steve Bucksbaum, Philip Bucks- gered into headquarters. They Presidential veto of a pay bill
The 12,000-ton Dunera sailed day. baum, Mark LaVane, Thomas promptly charged him with best service to all, with cost
that exceeds his budget.
last week on her last voyage Jones, Kevin Kelly and Glenn drunkenness. entirely a matter of personal
before the scrapyard — and the Memorial Services Sellers posted the American and
man who will carry on the name Castle, Minnie L. — 3 p.m. Iowa flags, under the direction choice."
was aboard, guest of the com- Monday at the Chapel of Mem- of Bill Kelly.
pany. ories by Dr. John P. Woods,
Burial: Cedar Memorial ceme- Kenneth Barrett of Hanford FINE MEMORIALS SINCE 1893
NOVAK MONUMENT CO. John b. turner and son
,tery. Friends may call at the American Legion post present- New Address—203 14th Ave. SE Phone 364-4439 MM... .v «v*.™», A NATIONAL SELECTED MORTICIANS
When Words Fail, Let j Cedar Memorial funeral home. ed an American flag to Supt. Markers, Monuments and Private Mausoleums
Flowers Speak For You Cherry. Nellie Mrs. — Re- Arnold Salisbury for the school. Turner Mortuary West Turner Mortuary
quiem Mass at 9 Monday in The building was officially 1221 First Ave. W«st 800 Second Ave. S.E.
PIERSON'S t h e Immaculate Conception presented first by Architect
church by the Rov. Roger E. SINCE
William Hukill to Ernest Pence,
Your F7D Florist
O'Brien. Burial: Mt. Calvary.
Kuba funeral home e;ist in i board president. Pence trans- FLOWERS
charge. !"
Kruir, John P e t e r — St. :
Most Complete Facilities
for every occasion *
Stephens Lutheran church a t j
Phone 362-7237
Atkins at 1:30 p.m. Monday by
the Rev. Robert Stohlmann.l
Burial: St. Stephens cemetery. I
Friends may call at the Turner j
Chapel west until 9 p.m. Sun-
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840 5th Ave. SE day and at the church after] AND CEMETERY
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