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Claims for unemployment insurance can be filed online at

us or at any
of the local IDES offices located throughout the state. Once you file your claim, you can
State of Illinois
obtain information on the status of your claim by calling Tele-Serve at 1-888-337-7234
or TDD/TTY 1-800-662-3943.
Department of Employment Security

At IDES local offices you can also get help with your job search. Our online job matching
service,, can match you to employers’ job openings
Last revised: 11/08

instantly. To find the IDES office nearest you, call 1-888-367-4382.

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Unemployment Insurance
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Notice to Employers
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When workers are laid off for a period of seven days
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or more or are separated from the payroll for any
Decatur Lombard Waukegan reason, employers are required to provide them with
DeKalb Marion Woodstock a copy of this publication. If it is not practical to pro-
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Effingham Moline be mailed to employees' last known address within
five calendar days of separation. Enter the firm's
In Chicago: name and address in the space below:
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Note: The information contained in this brochure is subject to change at
any time. For the latest information, visit the IDES Web site at

Printed by Authority of the
State of Illinois
Illinois Department of Employment Security
IOCI 0356-09 07-08 9.4M
The Illinois Department of Employment Security administers the unemployment 6. You must be actively seeking work and willing to accept any suitable job offered.
insurance program for the state of Illinois. You are entitled to unemployment insurance You must keep a log of your job search activities in every week for which you
benefits while you are unemployed if you meet the legal requirements. Benefits are claim benefits. If your eligibility is challenged, you may be required to produce
financed solely by employers' payroll taxes – not by any deductions from your wages. that document.

Who Qualifies for Unemployment Insurance? When and Where to File:
1. To qualify, you must have earned at least $1,600 during a recent 12-month period File your claim for unemployment insurance benefits during the first week after you
known as the base period (see chart below). You must have earned at least $440 have become unemployed. You can file for benefits online at or
outside of the base period quarter in which your earnings were the highest. The at a local IDES office or Illinois workNet Center. If you are uncertain about your eli-
staff of your local IDES office can explain the rules in more detail. gibility for benefits, ask your local IDES office for further information. Receipt of this
pamphlet does not necessarily mean you are eligible. You must also register for job
If Your Benefit Year Begins: Your Base Period Will Be: placement service at an IDES office or online at

Information Needed to File for Benefits:
Last Year Between:
This Year Between:
Jan. 1 and Sept. 30, and the year before between
Jan. 1 and March 31
Oct. 1 and Dec. 31
This Year Between: Last Year Between: This pamphlet
April 1 and June 30 Jan. 1 and Dec. 31 Verification of your Social Security number

Last Year Between: Names and addresses of past employers and the number of days worked
This Year Between:

April 1 and Dec. 31, and this year between
July 1 and Sept. 30 for each
Jan. 1 and March 31

Last Year Between: Records showing wages earned, including dismissal wages and vacation pay
This Year Between:
July 1 and Dec. 31, and this year between Records of any pension payments you are receiving, including Social Security
Oct. 1 and Dec. 31

Jan. 1 and June 30
Any odd-job or part-time earnings while you are unemployed

If you have been awarded temporary total disability benefits under a workers’ compensation act or other similar
acts, or if you only have worked within the last few months, your base period may be determined differently. Contact
Your spouse's employment status and Social Security number

your local IDES office for more information.
Names, social security numbers and birth dates of your children, including

2. Your employer must be subject to the state's unemployment insurance law.
stepchildren, adopted children under 18, disabled children regardless of age, and
Among the types of work not covered are certain agricultural, domestic, railroad

any child of whom you have court-ordered custody.
and government work, and certain work done for one's family and on commission.

3. You must either be entirely out of work or be working less than full time because
no more work is available. Your earnings must fall below a certain threshold If, within the past two years, you have worked (1) in a state other than Illinois, (2) for
determined at the time you file your claim. a railroad, (3) for the federal government, or (4) if you have served in the armed
forces, tell the claimstaker.
4. Your unemployment must be involuntary. You may be disqualified if you: quit
your job voluntarily without good cause attributable to your employer; were dis- Note:
charged for misconduct in connection with your work; were discharged for a The law provides jail sentences and fines if you attempt to obtain benefits
felony or theft in connection with your work; or are out of work because of a fraudulently by withholding pertinent information or by making false state-
labor dispute. ments with your claim.

5. You must be able and available to work. Benefits are not paid for any period in
which you are on vacation, when your principle occupation is that of a student IDES is an equal opportunity employer and complies with all state and federal
(you may be eligible if you are attending a training course approved by the IDES nondiscrimination laws in the administration of its programs. Auxiliary aids and
director) or while you engage in any other activity that makes you unavailable services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. Contact the
for work. Benefits are not paid for any day or days on which you are unable to manager of the IDES office nearest you or the IDES Equal Opportunity Officer at
work because of illness, disability, family responsibilities, lack of transportation, (312) 793-9290 or TTY (888) 340-1007.
Information on Emergency If you previously exhausted your rights to extended benefits,
eligible individuals will be notified of their eligibility to receive
Unemployment up to seven additional weeks of benefits for weeks beginning
Compensation (EUC 08) on or after November 23, 2008. If you have not received this
notification by December 10, 2008 and feel you might be
eligible, please contact your local office.
How do I know if I am eligible for the
extension? How do I get my extended benefit payment?
Up to 13 weeks of extended unemployment You must certify for extended benefit payments, just as you did for
insurance benefits are payable for weeks starting regular unemployment benefits. You will certify bi-weekly via Tele-
July 6, 2008, and up to 7 more weeks are payable Serve unless you have been otherwise instructed. Once your
starting November 23, 2008, for the duration of the extended benefit claim has been established you will be notified of
program, if you meet the following criteria: the date you should call Tele-Serve.

• You are currently unemployed and have exhausted all regular What will be the amount of benefits I receive on the extension?
unemployment insurance benefits.
• The weekly dollar amount of extended benefits will be the same
• You are not eligible for any other state, Federal or Canadian UI
amount you received while collecting regular unemployment
insurance benefits. This includes any dependency allowance
received, if you remain eligible for this allowance.
• The “benefit year ending date” on your most recent qualifying
unemployment insurance claim is on or after May 1, 2007.
• The total dollar amount of extended benefits you may collect is
equal to the lesser of one-half the total amount of benefits payable
• Your total “base period” earnings on the qualifying claim are at
on the regular unemployment claim (including dependency
least one and a half times the amount of wages you earned in the
allowance), or twenty times the average weekly benefit amount
base period quarter in which your earnings were the highest.
(including dependency allowance) for the regular claim.
• You continue to be out of work though no fault of your own and are
able and available and actively seeking work. Funding for extended benefits

What do I need to do to file for the extension? While regular state UI benefits are funded by employer
contributions, these extended benefits are 100 percent Federally
funded, Illinois employers, including reimbursable employers, will
• Upon exhaustion of your regular benefits, an extended benefits not be charged for the cost of extended benefits.
claim will automatically be established for you if your benefit year
has not ended. Once this claim is established, you will receive a
“findings” letter in the mail informing you of whether or not you are
End dates of extended benefits
eligible for the extension based on the above eligibility
requirements. • At this time, no new extended benefit claims may be made for
weeks beginning after March 31, 2009
• If your benefit year ends while you are filing for benefits, and if you
are ineligible for regular benefits on your subsequent benefit year, • At this time, no extended benefits will be payable after the week
you will receive a notice to report to your local office to determine ending August 28, 2009. Please continue to check the IDES
your entitlement to extended benefits. website for future updates.
• Social Security Number and name as it appears on
your Social Security card
• If claiming your spouse or child as a dependent,
the Social Security Number, date of birth and name
of dependent(s)
• Employer's name, mailing address, employment
SAVE TIME – FILE ONLINE! dates, and separation reason for all employers
worked for since 07/01/2007 to 11/24/2008
• If you are not a United States citizen, your Alien
Questions and Answers about Registration Information.
Filing Your Unemployment • If you worked since Sunday of this week, the
amount of gross wages earned this week. (You
Insurance Claim must report all gross wages for any work
on the Internet performed, full or part time. Your gross wages are
the amount you earned before any deductions, not
Why apply for unemployment insurance (UI) your take home pay. Wages in the form of lodging,
online? meals, merchandise or any other form should be
included. Gross wages must be reported the week
Using the Internet can let you file your claim at the time in which they are earned, not the week in which
and place most convenient for you, without having to wait you receive the wages. If your gross wages earned
in line. To file, just go to and click in any week are less than your weekly benefit
on the link “Apply for Unemployment Insurance Online”. amount, you still may be eligible to receive a full or
partial benefit payment.)
Should everyone who has a UI claim file on the
Most everyone can file online, however if you worked for When does my claim begin?
the US Military, the Federal Government, or outside of Your Internet claim will be effective the calendar week in
Illinois at some point during the past 18 months, you which it is received by the IDES. For example, if you
should contact your local IDES office before filing online. complete your Internet application today, in most cases,
the claim will be effective this past Sunday. If you want to
When should I file my claim? request your claim to be dated prior to this date, you
You should file your claim on the first working day after must exit this system now and contact your local office.
you become unemployed.
How long should the claim take me to complete?
What information do I need if I file my claim via the About 30 minutes.
How do I navigate through the system? How are payments made?
While working your way through the Internet UI Claims
process is quite straightforward, here are a few tips to All Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits are now paid
keep in mind: through a debit card, unless you elect to receive payment
by direct deposit to a checking or savings account.
• To access the online application, you’ll need to use
a Windows PC, the Internet Explorer browser, and More information about debit cards and signing up for
Adobe Reader. direct deposit can also be found on the IDES website,
• DO NOT use the Back button on your browser to
return to a previous screen or your information will
be lost. Instead, use the navigation bar found on
the left of the screen.
• DO complete the application if at all possible. If
you exit before submitting the application,
you will lose any information that you have
entered. When done, be sure to click the FILE MY
CLAIM button to transmit the application to IDES
for further processing.

How do I get paid once my Internet claim is filed?

Approximately two weeks after you have filed your claim
you must certify for benefits on the claim by calling Tele-
Serve at 1-888-337-7234. Tele-Serve is an automated
system that enables you to claim weeks of unemployment
insurance benefits over the telephone.

You will receive a finding in the mail that will inform you
of the date you should first call Tele-Serve to certify. If
you do not receive this information sheet within two
weeks from the date you filed your claim, contact your
local office. After your first certification, you will continue
to call Tele-Serve on a biweekly basis on your call day.
Your specific date to call Tele-Serve will be printed on
your Statement of Certification which will be mailed to
you after each time you certify.