Prepozitiile sunt in mod normal asezate in fata substantivelor sau pronumelor si dupa verbe. Ele pot de asemenea pre ede verbele in !I"#. E$emplele de mai %os nu sunt e$&austive' i sunt (rupate dupa utilizarile lor ele mai fre vente pe ) ate(orii* miscare, pozitiie, timp, diverse. A. +is are 1. +is are in sus , in %os* • down* -am bro.e &is arm /&en &e fell down t&e slope. 0o mis are in %os1 T&e Conservative #overnment /ent down at t&e last ele tions. 0o s adere a respe tului' statutului1 • up* T&e at al/a2s limbs up a tree to &ide /&enever it &ears our do( bar.. 0o mis are in sus1 3ill &as ome up in t&e /orld sin e &e /on 14' 444' 444 5 on t&e lotter2 last sprin(. 0a se deplasa in sus pe s ara so iala' a dobandi respe t1 • on(to)* I &ad to move t&e boo.s on(to) t&e top s&elf so m2 &ild ouldn6t rea & t&em. 0o mis are spre o suprafat mai inalta1 • off* 7&en t&e at sa/ a mouse runnin( a ross t&e floor it %umped off t&e sofa to &ase it. 0o mis are atre o suprafata mai %oasa1 "OTA* 8tilizarea spe iala a stru turilor!tip' pre um* up / down t&e street up to / down to t&e supermar.et on / off a bus' bi 2 le' plane' s&ip et ' 9AR* into / out of a ar 2. 9eplasare printr!un spatiu. • across* It ta.es a lon( time to sail across t&e Atlanti . 0o mis are dintr!o parte in ealalta' pe sau aproape de o suprfata1 • along* If 2ou /al. along t&e C&amps El2sees 2ou /ill eventuall2 rea & t&e Eiffel To/er. 0a par ur(e lun(imea a eva1 • by* If 2ou pass by t&e s&ops toda2' /ill 2ou (et me a litre of mil.: 0a se mis a de!a lun(ul sau in apropierea a eva1 • past* +2 ollea(ue /al.ed strai(&t past me /it&out even sa2in( &ello. 0a se mis a in tre ere pe lan(a eva , ineva1 • through*

T&e (ate/a2 /as so narro/ t&at t&e tru . driver &ad problems (ettin( through it. 0a se mis a printre lu ruri1 over* It6s ;ui .er to fl2 over t&e Atlanti t&an to sail a ross it. 0a se mis a pe deasupra unei suprafete dintr!o parte in alta a eva1

<. 9ire tii* • around* I /ent all around t&e &ouse to find an open /indo/' but I ouldn6t. 0mis ari pe o traie torie ir ulara1 • at* =e loo.ed at me is if I /ere a riminal. 0 atre ineva sau eva1 • away from* 7&en I /as a bo2 I ran away from s &ool be ause I didn6t li.e it. 0a parasi' a ple a de la ineva sau eva1 "OTA* Away from poate fi folosit si in sens abstra t* I an6t /ait to (et away from it all. 0> free from ever2t&in(1 • • • • • • for* -&erlo . =omes left for #las(o/ as soon as &e re eived t&e ne/s of t&e murder. into* T&e last /&en t&e2 sa/ 0of1 t&e e$plorer /as /&en &e /ent into t&e %un(le to &unt for ti(ers. onto* T&e professor put &is papers onto t&e boo.s on t&e table' and be(an &is lesson. 0a aseza eva peste alt eva1 out of* T&e prisoner /as let out of prison after a ten 2ear senten e. to* Can 2ou (ive me a lift to /or. tomorro/ mornin(' please: 0a se deplasa In dire tia unei anumite personae sau a unui lu ru1 towards* I t&in. /e s&ould &ead towards t&e mountain? it6s mu & ooler t&ere at t&is time of t&e 2ear.

"OTA* at versus to* T&e tea &er (ot ver2 an(r2 and s&outed at t&e pupil. 0 and esti nervos1 I s&outed to +i &ael from m2 (arden. 0 and vrei sa atr(i atentia1 I s&outed @Cat &A6 and t&re/ t&e .e2s to Louis. 0 and vrei sa prinda e arun i1 T&e opera sin(er san( so badl2 t&at someone in t&e audien e t&re/ an e(( at &im. 0 and vrei sa lovesti pe ineva sau eva1 ). +is ari omparative*

• • •

after* T&e s&op!.eeper ran after t&e bo2 /&o smas&ed &is /indo/. 0a urma sau urmari1 ahead of/ in front of* I6ll (o ahead of / in front of 2ou and find a pla e to amp for t&e ni(&t. 0a pre ede pe ineva sau eva1 behind* T&e old lad2 drove so lose behind me t&at' /&en I &it t&e bra.es' s&e ras&ed into me. 0a urmari pe ineva sau eva' a urma uiva1

3. Pozitie. 1. Pozitie pe verti ala* • above* T&e .ite fle/ above our &eads. 0mult mai sus de at alt eva' &iar si la fi(urativ1. • below* I feel a pain %ust below m2 s&oulder. 0 eva imediat inferior unui alt lu ru' si la fi(urativ1 • on* T&e film star /as /earin( an enormous diamond rin( on &er fin(er. 0similar u above' dar in onta t u eva1 • to* Bane /as al/a2s se ond to top in &er lass at s &ool. 0estimari relative1 • under* T&e tunnel under t&e En(lis& C&annel /as opened in t&e summer of 1CC). 0similar u below' dar obie tul este mai aproape de eva1 • in* +2 little bo2 losed &imself in t&e bat&room and ouldn6t (et out. 0un spatiu in &is1 2. Pozitii relative* • against* 9on6t lean against t&at post. It6s %ust been painted. 0in onta t u alt ineva sau alt eva1 • around* =e must be around &ere some/&ere' I an see &is footprints. 0ve inatate1 • at* I al/a2s see &im at m2 lo al pub. 0o pozitie pre isa1 • by* 3ill6s ver2 lu .2? &e &as a summer &ouse by t&e sea. 0pro$imitate1 • near* I live near m2 offi e' so I an /al. to /or.. 0aproape de ineva sau eva1 • next to* I /ould &ate to live next to a fa tor2. 0similar u near' dar mai aproape1

<. Pozitii opuse* • behind* 9on6t turn around' Ba .. T&ere6s a sna.e behind 2ou. 0asezat in spatele a eva sau al uiva1 • facing* Turn 2our seat facing me so I an see 2ou properl2. 0privind in dire tia a eva sau a uiva1 • opposite* T&e2 built a mall opposite m2 &ouse. 0similar u facing1 C. Timp. 1. Timpul pe eas* • about* I s&ould be t&ere about noon. 0un timp apro$imativ1 • around* I s&ould be t&ere around noon. 0similar u about1 • at* T&e film starts at D o6 lo .. 0timpul e$a t1 "OTA* at se foloseste si pentru a fa e referiri la perioada din prea%ma sarbatorilor* I al/a2s (o visit m2 relatives for a /ee. at C&ristmas , Easter. • • in* I li.e to s/im in t&e mornin(. It doesn6t rain mu & in #ree e in summer. +2 dau(&ter /as born in 1CDD. 0o parte a zilei' luni' anotimpuri' ani1 on* T&e road /or.s /ill start on +onda2. I last sa/ &im on Bul2 )t&. T&e Eueen6s spee & is broad ast on C&ristmas da2. 0 u zile ale saptamanii' date' zile anumite1

2. Timpul de dinainte si de dupaF • after* I an6t see 2ou until after lun &' so ome at 2.44 o6 lo .. 0mai tarziu de at un timp sau un eveniment dat1 • before* Before /e start' I6d %ust li.e to introdu e m2self. 0inaintea unui timp sau eveniment dat1 • by* Appli ation must be submitted by Bune Gt&. 0 eva are se petre e inainte sau nu mai tarziu de un moment dat1 • past* I tired. It6s past m2 bed time. 0similar u after' dar mai olo vial' folosit si pentru a e$prima ora1

<. 9urata in timp* • about* T&e pla2 /ill probabl2 last about t/o and a &alf &ours. 0durata estimata1 • between* T&e period between leavin( s &ool and (oin( to universit2 /as a stressful one. 0de la un pun t dat in timp la altul1 • during* I mana(ed not to do an2 /or. during m2 &olida2' t&ou(& I s&ould &ave. 0o perioada stabilita in timp1 • for* 7orld 7ar II /ent on for si$ 2ears. 0duraat unei perioade date de timp1 • in* I6m (oin( s&oppin(. I6ll be ba . in an &our. 0o anumita durata1 • since* Ital2 &as been a republi since 1C)G. 0de la pun tul de in eput din tre ut pana in prezent1 • until* =on( Hon( belon(ed to En(land until 1CCI' /&en it /ent ba . to C&ina. 0durata pana la un pun t dat in timp1 9. 9iverse. • • because of* T&e 8H is sufferin( because of e onomi risis. 0 auza' si separat* doar of' u a elasi sens1 for* T&e mart2r died for &is belief. 0similar u because of' dar le(at in (eneral de redinte1 A .nife is used for uttin( t&in(s. 0s op1

"OTA* For' and arata s opul' e$prima 8TILITATEA PRI"CIPALA a subie tului. In impli a faptul a subie tul este doar O PARTE a pro esului. Jlour is used for ma.in( bread. -and is used in t&e produ tion of (lass. • with* -usana ried with %o2 /&en s&e read &er e$am results. 0un sentiment are determina o a tiune1 =it t&e (lass with a &ammer' if 2ou /an to brea. it. 0folosirea unui instrument1 by* Bo&n Lennon /as .illed by an assassin6s bullet. 0prin a tiunea uiva , eva1 Hamlet /as /ritten by -&a.espeare. 0 reatia uiva1 like* +2 &usband a ts like a &ild /&en &e an6t (et &is o/n /a2. 0un anumit omportament1 Even t&ou(& t&e2 are t/ins t&e2 don6t loo. like ea & ot&er. 0pentru a ompara fiinte , lu ruri1 as*

• •

• • • • • • •

-&e /or.s as a nurse in t&e Emer(en 2 Room. but* =e too. ever2t&in( but t&e .it &en sin.. 0e$presie? u e$ eptia a eva sau ineva1 at* +2 dau(&ter' Emma' &as al/a2s been (ood at dra/in(. 0abilitati intr!o anume a tivitate1 in* +2 dau(&ter' Emma' &as al/a2s been interested in dra/in(. 0similar u at' dar nu se poate folosi u good sau bad1 from* +2 famil2 omes from 7arrin(ton in C&es&ire. 0ori(inea1 I learnt to oo. from m2 friend Tom. 0ori(inea , sursa1 with* T&e little (irl al/a2s (oes to sleep with &er uddl2 tedd2. 0le(atura' atasament1 without* I al/a2s drin. offee without su(ar. 0opusul lui with1 for* T&is (rammar boo. is for forei(n students of En(lis&. 0 eva potrivit1 Romeo and Buliet /ere made for ea & ot&er' 0 ineva destinat' potrivit1

1. Completati te$tul u prepozitiile are lipses . A "oble #ift. One of t&e most famous moments FFFF 011 t&e /orld' t&e -tatue of Libert2' /as presented FFFF 021 t&e 8nited -tates of Ameri a FFFF 0<1 t&e nineteent& entur2 FFFF 0)1 t&e people of Jran e. T&e (reat statue' /&i & /as desi(ned FFFF 0G1 t&e s ulptor Au(uste 3ert&oldi' too. ten 2ears to omplete. T&e a tual fi(ure /as made FFFF 0L1 opper and /as supported FFFF 0I1 a metal frame/or. /&i & &ad been espe iall2 onstru ted FFFF 0D1 Eiffel. FFFF 0C1 it ould be transported FFFF 0141 t&e 8nited -tates' a site &ad to be found for it and a pedestal &ad to be built. T&e site &osen /as an island FFFF 0111 t&e entran e of "e/ Mor. =arbour. FFFF 0121 1DD)' a statue /&i & /as 1G1 feet tall' &ad been ere ted FFFF 01<1 Paris. T&e follo/in( 2ear' it /as ta.en to pie es and sent FFFF 01)1 Ameri a. FFFF 01G1 t&e end of O tober 1DDL' t&e statue &ad been put to(et&er a(ain an dit /as offi iall2 presented FFFF 01L1 t&e Ameri an people FFFF 01I1 3art&oldi. Ever sin e t&en' t&e (reat monument &as been a s2mbol FFFF 01D1 libert2 FFFF 01C1 t&e millions of people /&o &ave passed FFFF 0241 "e/ Mor. =arbour to ma.e t&eir &omes in Ameri a. 0from Practice and Progress N L.#. Ale$ander1 2. Ale(eti una din prepozitiile din paranteze pentru a ompleta propozitiile.

1. -imon and Penn2 &ave lived in Jran e ................... t/o 2ears. 0since , for1 2. T&e2 &ave lived ................... 1CC2. 0since , for1 <. I6m (oin( to t&e opera to see Aida ................... Jrida2 ni(&t. 0at , on1 ). It /as so &ot I &ad to ta.e m2 oat ................... 0off , on1 G. mma /as /ritten ................... Bane Austin. 0from , by1 L. T&e do tors sa2 &e died ................... &eart atta .. 0of , from1 I. -tep&en invited us to dinner ................... &is lub. 0to , at1 D. If 2ou pass ................... m2 mot&er6s &ouse' pop in and sa2 &ello. 0to , by1 C. Pi asso /ent ................... a blue period in &is paintin(. 0across , through1 14. It6s not &is fault. T&ere6s no need to s&out ................... &im. 0at , to1 11. I s&outed ................... =arr2 but &e ouldn6t &ear me. 0at , to1 12. Old +r. - roo(e never li.ed to (ive presents ................... C&ristmas. 0at , for1

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