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Fluidised Bed Technology
A fluidised bed is a type of chemical reactor, created when the fluid flow rate through a mass of solid particles is great enough to cause the particles to behave as a fluid. This results in the medium having many properties and characteristics of liquids or gases, such as the ability to free-flow under gravity or to be pumped using fluid type technologies. Fluidised beds are widely used due to their excellent mixing and heat/mass transfer characteristics. This enables accelerated chemical reactions that are not possible in typical reaction vessels. Other beneficial fluidisation properties include: Extremely high surface area contact between fluid and solid per unit bed volume. High relative velocities between the fluid and the dispersed solid phase. High levels of intermixing of the particulate phase. Frequent particle-particle and particle-wall collisions. In the bioenergy energy field, fluidised beds are particularly effective for conversion of lower energetic fuels such as low-rank coal or wet biomass into thermal energy (through combustion) or fuel gas and char (through gasification and pyrolysis).

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minerals processing. South Australian and North American low-rank coals and lignites. drying. Verified on 3 cold model systems. 2 de 7 08/11/2013 11:20 . Development of an early warning system for bed agglomeration based on pressure signal dynamics. metallurgy. Specialist design expertise in fluidized bed processes for high temperature processing (especially for waste feedstocks where a particular time-temperature history is critical for emission requirements). manufacturing expertise and hands on ability to take a potential biomass feedstock through the iterative process of development to a pilot. Experimental evaluation of a proposed distributor design for a pyrometallurgical process (METSO Minerals).Earth Systems Bioenergy » Fluidised Bed Technology http://www. a pilot plant fluidized bed combustor. Broad experience in operation and optimisation of a Winkler pressurised fluidised bed gasifier operating on a variety of Victorian. food processing.esenergy. Our PhD level research focused on scale-up approaches to minimise risk in developing full-scale commercial processes from bench-scale fluidized bed prototypes and involved extensive experimental trials including some of the largest verification tests ever undertaken anywhere in the world. Previous Experience and Expertise Our specialist fluidised bed engineers have decades of hands on experience. Optimisation of fines recirculation via residence time distribution studies and cold modelling and thermal gasification. an atmospheric fluidized bed gasifier and a pressurised gasifier. We also have the research and design skills. feasibility and commercial fluidised bed bioenergy solution. Our services include: Independent assessment of fluidisation project economics and technology feasibility. Relevant previous experience includes the following: Investigating scale-up approaches to minimise technical Services Earth Systems employs international experts in gas-solids fluidisation technologies and applications spanning biomass energy. Problem solving – our years of previous experience with fluidised bed technology and support systems such as feed and off-takes result in a practical approach to solving issues with this technology. implemented successfully on the actual process.

3 de 7 08/11/2013 11:20 . Development and proofing of the hybrid dual-fluidised bed gasifier design for processing of woody waste and biosolids to producer gas. Evaluation of wear rates on refractories in a titanium tetrachloride production process (Millennium Minerals).au/services/fluidised-bed-technology Identification of the mechanism and proposed solution for high windbox pressures in a fluidized bed mineral roaster (Zinifex / Oz Minerals). construction and operation of a large scale (15 m high) integrated fluidized bed cold model for a nickel smelter to investigate pressure pulse interactions between unit operations (Falconbridge Canada).esenergy. Design optimisation expertise for existing fluidisation systems in various applications such as in pyrometallurgical process. Here are some pictures of technology Earth Systems’ employees have assisted in development. Pilot-scale trials on a novel fluidized bed reduction process for mineral processing (BHP). Please contact us for more information on this technology consulting and technology R&D and development service. Evaluation of maximum feed rate and loading from a belt slinger on fluidized bed mineral roaster operations (Zinifex / Oz Minerals). Investigation on means of reducing gas offtake fouling rates on a fluidized bed coker (Syncrude Canada). Investigation on gas-liquid interactions in and around gas off-take scrubbers in a fluidized bed coker (Syncrude Canada) . activated carbon regeneration process. Design. Design of a fluidized bed cooler for activated carbon regeneration in gold processing (GFC Kilns). Preliminary experimental trials on fluidized bed drying of magnesium carbonate by-products (Mitsui Chemicals Japan). mineral processing. and in chemical compound manufacturing.Earth Systems Bioenergy » Fluidised Bed Technology http://www. This is a dual hybrid fluidised bed for biomass and biosolids processing for electricity and heat generation. Investigation on the cause of a bed fusion in a fluidized bed mineral roaster (Zinifex / Oz Minerals).com. Figure 1: Dual hybrid fluidised bed with sand as the main heat transfer mechanism for woody biomass and biosolids gasification to producer gas 4 de 7 08/11/2013 11:20 .Earth Systems Bioenergy » Fluidised Bed Technology http://www.

Earth Systems Bioenergy » Fluidised Bed Technology Figure 2: The dual hybrid fluidised beds – up close! 5 de 7 08/11/2013 11:20 .

au/services/fluidised-bed-technology Figure 3: Cold modelling of cyclone separators Figure 4: Geldart diagram for fluidisation of powders 6 de 7 08/11/2013 11:20 .com.Earth Systems Bioenergy » Fluidised Bed Technology http://www.esenergy.

Earth Systems Bioenergy » Fluidised Bed Technology Figure 5: Different fluidised bed phases © 2013 Earth Systems Bioenergy. 7 de 7 08/11/2013 11:20 .

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