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With News of the Heart of Denver
Hilltop • Belcaro • Bonnie Brae • Glendale • Country Club • Cherry Creek
Volume 9 Issue 7  July 25, 2009
Zoning code update moves ahead
by Art Vogel motes more efficient use of transporta-
Cherry Creek North was spe- tion systems, expanded transportation
cifically exempted from BluePrint choices, appropriate and mixed land
Denver. An uses, stabilization of existing neigh-
go online to effort to borhoods, and the revitalization of make Hilltop declining neighborhoods - all of which
for links to comment on a historic dis- ultimately will improve our quality of
Denver’s proposed zoning code trict to stop life. Greenprint Denver is Denver’s
Learn more Wednesday, s c r a p e o f f s action plan that identifies city practices
August 25, 2009 - 6:00- failed a cou- and policies that can support environ-
9:00pm, National Jewish, Molly ple of years mental health, economic opportunity
Blank Conference Center, ago. Country and smart growth strategies over time.
1400 Jackson Street
Club already Greenprint Denver envisions a sus-
has historic tainable Denver that promotes earth-
district protections. Lowry, with its friendly practices, such as promoting
master plan-
ning, won’t get
new zoning at
So what does
the zoning code
update mean
for the neigh- New construction— this home for sale marks a new trend in
borhoods sur- redevelopment in Denver — a quality built single family home
rounding Cherry
Building single family
homes a toughsizesproposition
and setbacks in keeping with
The Cherry Creek News
Caryn Wenzara With rezonings coming across existing neighborhood types, build-
responds with the city, the policy direction and ing those single-family homes isn’t
goals for the community sentiment has pointed simple, even when the market is call-
new code: towards redevelopment focused on ing for them.
“The New high-quality single family housing. To really understand the reali-
Code doesn’t But while neighborhood advocates ties of redevelopment in Denver, we
just put and city planners have identified this exhaustively interviewed two devel-
Blueprint Denver to work - it also water conservation and alternative as a goal, including housing forms, opers building new single-family
puts Greenprint Denver to work. see ZONING on page 2 homes in Denver. Both describe the
Blueprint Denver is Denver’s inte-
grated land use and transportation
plan that launched The New Code.
Jeanne Robb to serve second efforts to build high-quality homes
as risky, because of the costs, and
Blueprint Denver outlines a clear path
for smart growth and a sustainable
term as Council President difficult because of the rarity of rede-
velopment compared to the lot-to-lot
On Monday, July 20, 2009, the Council as members of the “Class of duplexes and triplexes that have been
future. The plan encourages and pro- Denver City Council re- elected its 2003,” the year that saw the swear-
see SINGLE FAMILY on page 9
standing leadership team of Jeanne ing in of ten new members, with all
Robb and Rick Garcia to second terms but one of those members still seated
as President and President Pro-Tem in office. Although the City Carter
Inside the

for 2009-2010 year. President Robb, requires Council leadership elections


representing District 10, and Garcia, each year, the 2007 cycle saw the re-

Cherry Creek


representing, District 1, were unchal- election of Council member Michael
lenged and received unanimous Hancock to a second term as well.
support during the annual council Councilwoman Elbra Wedgeworth, News &
election which takes re-elected to Council
place on the third in 2003, also served as Central Denver
Monday of July. President for two con-
Robb and Garcia
will lead council
secutive terms before she
spear- headed Denver’s
through two major support to host the 2008 • Pull and save
challenges in the
upcoming year –
Democratic National
AUGUST free events
cutting $120 million “I am honored that calendar page 10
from the General in light of the histori-
Fund Budget for cally strong leadership
2010 and the adopt- of Denver’s legislative • Cutting Denver’s Budget
ing a new zoning branch, Council col- page 2
Central Denver Dispatch

code. “I’m proud leagues chose to sup-
of Council’s collab- port the leadership
orative style. We do Council President Robb
• Taos page 4
have our work cut and I have begun. We
Denver, CO 80246

out for us this year. Councilman will continue to work together as the
P.O. Box 460142

Garcia and I hope to build on the voice of our constituents as we move •Mixed Tastes page 13
relationships we have established forward to address serious budget
with the Mayor, his cabinet, and and service constraints as well as to
• Division West comes to Cherry
staff,” said Robb. adopt a zoning code implementing
Both Robb and Garcia are in their Denver’s vision for the 21st century,” Creek North page 8
second terms as Council members commented Garcia.
and have served seven years on
Page 2 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch July 25, 2009

Zoning changes look to Cutting Budgets by Investing Up Front
“We’ve got tight budgets too, ya rising health care costs and employee
reshape Denver neighborhoods know,” said a woman at one of the
city’s budget briefings last month. This
The city needs to change the way
continued from page ONE tricts (recently applied to the entire sentiment was repeated by others, con- it does business if we are to meet our
energy systems (e.g., solar, wind); Colfax Avenue corridor). These suc- cerned that the city might raise taxes long-term budget challenges. Rather
encourages healthy growth and pre- cesses will be continued in The New or fees in than spending millions of dollars
serving resources, such as encourag- Code. The audit also endorsed the response to on problems after they occur, in our
ing local food production and rein- context-based approach as an effec- this year’s jails, child welfare offices, emergency
vestment in, rather than demolition tive strategy to achieve stabilization b u d g e t rooms and homeless shelters, we need
of, older buildings; and promotes the of existing neighborhoods and, in shortfall. to invest in people, and especially in
health and livelihood of the entire the process, better conserve what Denver ’s young people, up front.
spectrum of city residents, such as is already in place (since the most b u d g e t Did you know, for example, that
enhancing neighborhood walkabil- “green” building is one that already office has there are more people working for the
ity, improving accessibility to build- exists!). been hold- Denver’s Sheriff’s Department than all
ings from the street or sidewalk, and The city is currently solicting com- ing meetings of Denver’s high schools? Or that the
encouraging a wide variety of hous- ments on the code, and city coun- throughout money that our Human Services depart-
ing and lifestyle choices. cilmembers are canvassing neigh- the com- ment spends to help kids who have
In summer 2008, the Zoning Code borhood organizations for views. munity to fallen through the cracks is enough to
Task Force commissioned a sustain- On Tuesday, June 30 the Planning explain the educate 5,000 kids?
ability audit and made final recom- Department hosted a meeting specifi- city’s budget predicament and collect The good news is that we are get-
mendations for The New Code. The cally designed for Council District 10. ideas and opinions on how to solve it. ting smarter about how we spend our
audit foremost recognized the signifi- Over one hundred neighbors in atten- The city, which has already cut over money. For every $12,000 we invest in
cant strides achieved in the city’s cur- dance to learn how their neighbor- $96 million from this year’s budget, housing for the homeless we are sav-
rent zoning practices, such as signifi- hood and property would be zoned. now has to cut another $70 million by ing $40,000 in emergency rooms, jails
cant flexibility to install roof-top solar For more information go to next year. and other costs. The Crime Prevention
panels, wind turbines, or xeriscape for links to Participants in the community and Control Commission is investing
landscaping, and the city’s promotion map and commenting tools. meetings were given a survey listing $2 million in alternatives to jail save the
of mixed-use and walkable places alternative ways to cut expenditures or city $5 million. Many city departments
though its new Main Street zone dis- raise revenues. If you have not had the have found ways to save energy and
opportunity to complete a survey there water through investments in sustain-
is still time. Just visit www.denvergov. ability.
For Breaking News org or call 311 to get a survey. These kinds of investments are the
While Denver’s budget and the key to saving money in the long run.
Throughout the Month, Visit state’s budget both face challenges, They involve not only investing in ser-
we are relatively better off than many vices at the city level, but in our schools areas. At the same time, we face long- and state programs for mental health,
term challenges in the form of a struc- preschool and other areas. The best part
tural decline in sales tax revenues and is that these investments not only save
ever-escalating expenditures. us money; they also improve our qual-
Sales tax revenues are declining for ity of life.
Denver and other cities even in good
years, as people buy more services
than goods and use the internet. Our — Dong Linkhart is a Denver City
expenditures, on the other hand, will Councilman at-large
rise automatically over time because of


AUGUST 15 2009 11 AM – 5 PM

We’re sending the best band in the ‘hood
to rock the SMF stage on September 12.
Enter by July 18 at
BC.qxd 11/24/04 5:09 PM Page 1

Full Circle Wellness
Full Circle
Acupuncture • Herbal MedicineWellness , LLC
• Massage Therapy
Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

Runners • Cyclists • Skiers
Rachael Sylvester, MS, LAc
Full Circle Wellness center can help your
2931 West 23rd Avenue, #2
Denver, CO 80211 performance...
For performance enhancement, speed recovery times,
decrease healing times, achilles, rotator cuff, plantar fasciitis,
Acupuncture is your answer.
Sports medicine acupuncture and massage
therapy works!

Rachael Rose MS, LAc.
Anne Carruth, LAc, M.S.
2931 W. 23rd Avenue photo by Jeff Navarro
July 25, 2009 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 3

Nordstrom opening
discount store
by the Cherry Creek News nal Nordstrom prices. Nordstrom Rack
Seattle-based Nordstrom, Inc. , also offers an incredible selection of
a leading fashion specialty retailer, brand-name apparel, accessories and
announced it will open a 39,000-square- shoes for the entire family-from many
foot Nordstrom Rack, a unit of the of the same hot vendors carried in
company’s off-price retail division, in Nordstrom stores-purchased specially
Cherry Creek in Denver, Colo. in spring for Nordstrom Rack, with most at sav-
2010. The new store will be located ings of 30-70% off.
at the intersection of South Colorado If you are interested in employment
Boulevard and Florida Avenue. at Nordstroms, head to their website:
“We think this is a great opportuni-
ty for us,” said Scott Meden, president
of Nordstrom Rack. “We look forward
to building a strong team of local
Mortgage Product
employees to help us serve our Cherry
Creek customers.”
The new Nordstrom Rack will
be located just two miles away from
First-Time Homebuyer
the Nordstrom store at Cherry Creek Tax Credit
Shopping Center, which opened in
October 2007. It will be the third • Up to $8000 for purchases
Nordstrom Rack in the state joining before December 1, 2009
a Rack at South Denver Marketplace • Credit does NOT need to be
adjacent to Park Meadows Mall in repaid
Lone Tree, Colo. and a Rack at Flatiron • Eligible if you have not
Marketplace in Broomfield, Colo. owned a home in 3 years
Nordstrom Rack is also scheduled to with mention of this ad. Offer expires 07/31/08
open a new store at Belmar shopping 30 Year Fixed Rate
center in Lakewood, Colo. in fall 2010.
Nordstrom Rack carries mer- • 5.0% with no discount points
chandise from Nordstrom stores and (as of 5/29/2009) 5.125% APR at 50-60% off origi-
New CHFA Program
• Down payment assistance
• No first-time homebuyer
• Interest rate 6.25% (as of
5/29/2009) 6.89% APR

Big Bank Benefits,
Boutique Service
but Jay Rabideau,
Loan Counselor
Ordinary 303-572-2850
1535 Grant Street, Ste.300
Phone: (720)941-7600 Denver, CO 80203
Fax: (720)941-7601

Every day should be Sunday!
Buy 3 adult Sunday brunch buffets and get 1 free!

Join us at Randolph’s Restaurant and Bar for Sunday brunch and eat free with the purchase of 3 adult buffets!
How ’bout them apples?
To make reservations please call 303.318.7272
Randolph’s Restaurant and Bar at Warwick Denver Hotel
1776 Grant St. • Denver, CO 80203 •
Seniors’ and children’s pricing available. Complimentary valet parking when dining with us.
Page 4 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch July 25, 2009

Don Bain
Denver Notions
Just four and a half hours away is sion church. The Pueblos of New Mexico
the charming little town between the are understandably proud of their tra-
mountains and the desert known as ditions, which predate the coming of
Taos, New Mexico. A pleas- Europeans to the Americas.
ant drive down I-25 through Take time In the Plaza, you will find
Walsenburg and southwest a delightful array of shops,
through San Luis will take
for Taos boutiques and galleries. If
you to this vibrant commu- feeling a bit peckish, you
nity adrift in a time somewhere between might want to sample the interesting
Spanish colonization and our modern Southwestern take on steak, fish and
day. pasta to be found upstairs at Ogelvies
We actually made the trip over the Taos Bar and Grill. Down below you’ll
Memorial Day Holiday to get a look at find the Open Space Gallery, an artists'
the annual Red River Motorcycle rally co-op with a number of unusual and
and it was easy to see why the bikers like striking pieces. You may have the plea-
this part of the country. Beautiful scenery sure of talking with Robert MacGregor,
and winding roads abound and are not one of two artists who take turns staffing
the shop.
More stunningly
creative art can be
found in the shop
of Leandro M.
Rodriguez, a mas-
terful working art-
ist with a room full
of sculpture, fine art,
jewelry, ceramics and
rugs. Everything in
his shop, Acuarelas
Studio Gallery, is
carefully chosen to
enhance your liv-
ing environment –
many of the pieces
are Rodriguez’ own
Wheeler Gallery (above): This colorful and whimsically decorated hacienda is the Wheeler
Studio Gallery along the back way to Red River. Taos Plaza (below): Taos' Historic Plaza is
one of the many places well worth visiting day or night with galleries, shops and restaurants
for refined tastes. Photos by Don Bain.

Announcing Our
Birthday Bash!

only good for motorcycles, but bicycles However, the most intriguingly mes-
and auto enthusiasts as well. merizing shop we have ever ventured
One of the landmark places to stay into can be found at the east end of the
in Taos is the famous Kachina Inn, dis- plaza: Maison-Faurie Antiquités. Here
tinguished by its striking Southwestern you will find a collection of antiques
décor accents and an extensive collection and treasures to boggle the imagina-
of artwork – Taos is known as an artists’ tion. There are items of exquisite beauty
colony after all and the arts are around and quality from first edition books to
every corner. Tiffany lamps. Furthermore, this is one
Help us celebrate our fifth anniversary in Denver The inn is a functioning gallery as of the most remarkable collections of
and the one year anniversary of our store expansion! well and many of the pieces on display Art Noveau sculpture, curious medical
Each Saturday in August, we’ll be drawing names are for sale. Most are varied and visually apparatus and finely crafted scientific
for great give-a-way prizes like Morris chairs, clocks, even intriguing pieces by nationally known instruments you will ever find crowded
artist Charles Collins, who also has a gal- into 1,000 square feet.
a queen bed and matching nightstands. Just drop in, lery on the Plaza in the center of town. There are numerous activities read-
sign up, and if your name is pulled from the hat... Something is always going on in this ily available nearby and at 6,952 ft. the
it can be your birthday, too! friendly vivacious town, and this month warm days and cool nights of summer
it runs the gamut from the Taos Pueblo are most inviting. We think you’ll find
Pow Wow Gathering of Indian Nations plenty to do and appreciate in Taos, and
(July 10-12) to the High Country Arts & though it’s relatively nearby it may be
Crafts Festival (July 25-26), with folkloric just exotic enough for your 2009 budget.
markets, blues festivals, writers’ confer- For help planning and booking your Taos
2594 South Colorado Blvd. • 303-300-3332 • ences and sports car rallies in between. vacation the following links will prove help-
Daily 10-5 • Sunday 12-5 • Mondays by Appointment The Pueblo is worth visiting even ful:, and
when the Pow Wow isn’t happening for a***
look back in time and its remarkable mis-
July 25, 2009 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 5

Trust In Stellar! ANNIVERSAY
SPECIALS! Transform your

Spring Saturday, July 18th

Interior & Exterior Painting Kitchen & Bath Specialists 10:00 - 6:00 only
Faux Finishes & Mural Art Basement Finish
Stain & Finish Work Exterior Carpentry $99.00 Intro Special

Stucco Repair & Coating Systems Window Replacement
Wallpaper Removal Tile Installation
Drywall Repair & Texture
$150.00 for affordable
10-Class Package
$400 off all Painting Services minimum $1,000 or
New customers only
10% off Labor on all Interior Home Remodeling minimum $2,000.
Coupon cannot be combined with other offers. FREE introductory
Pilates Class
720-981-STAR (7827) For more
Saturdays at 11:30 am.
Registration required.
information visit
3440 W. 32nd Avenue • 303.594.9508
from just $62/month*
“The Most Trusted Name In Home Care”
discounted for term commitment

Bales Custom Gardening Services • FREE In-Home Assessment
• Caregivers are Trained, Bonded & Insured,
Background Checked/Finger Printed
• Live-In & Hourly Care
• Errands & Shopping/Transportation
• Meal Planning & Preparation
• Medication Reminders
Care for
for High-End ResidentialLandscapes
High-End Residential Landscapes Combining Quality, Compassion and Care
• Hospital Sitters
• Bathing & Personal Care Assistance
Specializing in Spring, Fall & Curb-Appeal Clean-ups • Light Housekeeping
Scheduled in Maintenance,
Spring and FallPlanting
Clean-Ups. Scheduled Gardening
& Container Maintenance,
Plantings & Container Gardening . Call
2008 ALCC Excellence in Landscape Award for a Free Consultation 303-756-9322 • Employment Opportunities for
Full/Part Time Caregivers

Amy & Clint Bales - 303-507-2586 w w w. s y n e r g y h o m e c a r e . c o m
Certified Colorado Gardener Insured


• Car Accidents • Insurance Disputes
Richard M. Kaudy • Truck Accidents • Wrongful Death
Attorney • Slip and Falls • Nursing Home Neglect
Over 25 years No Charge
Legal Experience
• Dog Bites • Insurer Misconduct
for first consultation

303-623-1885 WWW.KAUDYLAW.COM 303-623-1885





For more information please contact:
Kerri Honaker, LPC, Clinic Director LEARNING DISABILITY

303-417-1797 | ASPERGERS
Kerri Honaker, M.S., M.A., LPC
Earle Shugerman, MD
2501 Walnut Street, Suite 205, Boulder, CO 80302
495 Uinta Way, Suite 120, Denver, CO 80230 ATHLETES

We accept most major credit cards. Insurance coverage may apply
Page 6 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch July 25, 2009

Fran Schroeder
Denver Icons
The Salvation Army is a Christian Great Britain, resulting in
church. The Army shows practical its name being changed
concern and care for the needs of to The Christian Mission.
people regardless of race, creed, status, In 1878 the Mission’s name was
color, gender or age. changed once more — this time to
The Salvation Army’s founders, The Salvation Army. Such a military
William and Catherine Booth, were name fired members’ imagination
Methodists and and enthusiasm,
William was a minister and uniforms were
in that denomination.
The Salvation adopted and military
They both believed that Army terms given to
William was called by aspects of worship,
God to be an evangelist
1370 Pennsylvania administration and

and they did not agree with the decision practice.
of Methodist officials that he should be The Salvation Army’s in the United
confined to a local church situation. States began disaster relief efforts after
So strongly did the Booths believe the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 and
William should be an evangelist that he the San Francisco earthquake of 1906.
resigned from the Methodist ministry The establishment of Victorian bell-
and they moved to London with their ringers today “helps complete the
young family. After being invited by American portrait of Christmas”, with
a group of Christians from a small over 25,000 volunteers over the holiday
mission to preach on the streets to period in the U.S. alone. The church
the crowds thronging the Mile End in remains a highly visible presence in
East London, William was sure he had many parts of the world.
Lowry Apex Dermatology Office found his destiny.
The group made William its leader,
While over the years the Army has
adapted its military image to changing
and became known as The East London times, it still retains a distinctive
is open Tuesday through Friday Christian Mission. The Mission grew
rapidly, its work spreading through
uniform and structure.

from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. ����������������
Spa… ������

130 Rampart Way NOT just ���������������������
Ladi anymore!���������������������
Suite 250 Spial ���
Wellness Center & Spa
� ������������������
Gift Certificat �����������������
Denver, CO 80230 for Father’s Day������������������

303.261.1525 303-477-1652
4907 W.��������������
29th Ave����������������
(3 blocks east����������������
of Sheridan)�����������

July 25, 2009 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 7

New area clinic offers unique
take on mind, body health
by Guerin Lee Green from culture, trauma and stresses,
Healthcare reform isn't just about distort the informational state of the
sweeping changes in government mind-body; NMT uses the body to
policy. It can be about changing the look for what is going on; some part
practice of health itself. of your system knows how to fix
There is a new wellness center what is wrong. NMT accesses that
in Denver's Highland neighborhood system and uses the information.
with a unique approach to both men- NMT treats many forms of ill-
tal and physical health. ness that are provoked by faults in
It is a focus on whole body health the functioning of the autonomic
and happiness, with a particular nervous system. This list includes
emphasis on "unblocking what is all allergies, chronic degenerative
in the way." Husband and wife Gail diseases such as arthritis; multi-
and Melanie Smithson are two parts ple sclerosis and other demylenat-
of a one-of-a-kind pairing, an acu- ing diseases; Crohn's disease, IBS,
puncturist who has embarked on a and gastric reflux disease; infec-
lifetime journey of exploring alter- tious disease processes; colds; flu;
native means of healing, and a psy- all autoimmune diseases; acute and
chotherapist with a body-oriented chronic musculoskeletal conditions;
approach, and one of the few practic- addictions, emotional, psychologi-
ing the Sedona method in Colorado. cal and sensory/motor neurologi-
According to Melanie Smithson, cal disturbances. Many clients with
the clinic's goal is to "restore the ‘incurable’ diseases have respond-
body's innate health and happiness ed positively to NMT. Masses of
state." That includes acupuncture research have pointed to psycho-
and bioenergetic modalities, and logical and emotional effects upon
recapturing the body's ability to immune response— and NMT pro-
heal, both the physical and the emo- vides another direct route to reach
tional side. the body's own system of balance INVEST in ‘HIGH-END’
For the skeptical, used to the nar- and healing.
row focus of western medicine driv- Smithson isn't just about chronic FORECLOSURES!
en by differential diagnosis to focus illness. Melanie says, "When we
on single cause and single symptom, aren't moving emotions, they are Specialist in: Hilltop, Mayfair, Bonnie
it can be a stretch. But with the held in the body-- as children do."
near epidemic of auto-immune dis- Her approach to pyschotherapy
Brae, Wash Park, Cherry Creek &
orders and allergies, reactions to the hinges upon "connecting to your Country Club
environment inside the body and body-- a friendly relationship with
without, broader approaches have our bod. When we have tummy * Investment Properties!
met wider acceptance, and more ache— is the right question what
importantly, solid results. When the did I eat, or is it what did I feel or
* 1st-Time Homebuyers too!
prescription is lifelong dependence experience?" Debbie Ferguson 303-359-8333
upon a drug, even over-the-counter Melanie is a graduate of the
ones, or surgery, alternatives ought Sedona method, and has been Ferguson Rlty & Investments

Central Denver Dispatch &
to be explored. accepted into the certified coach-
Gail came to one of his princi- ing program. "I use it because it

Cherry Creek News
pal approaches, something called is the easiest, most effective way
neuromodulation technique (NMT), of working through any issue, in
through "personal experience with the moment or in the past," says
overcoming back pain and other Melanie. "Sedona, the amount of P.O. Box 460142, DENVER, Colorado 80246
issues." It relies on the intent of the freedom that it offers, moment to Phone: 303.458.7541
practitioner, and muscle testing, and moment, the ease of use, you can
with Gail, sometimes accompanied do it yourself..." all are keys. It is the
by acupuncture. "I came into it as a tool, "how we let go of habitual life-
• The Central Denver Dispatch & Cherry Creek News
skeptic— it seems like weird medi- long patterns, i.e. worrying..." and is published MONTHLY free of charge to its readers. It
cine," because of what we are accul- get back on track. Melanie teaches is mailed to more than 8000 residences in Denver, and
turated to--- working with an ener- workshops in stress management,
getic state. It may seem crazy, but relationships, health and the body
nearly 300 area businesses.
we don't care because it works." In a (pain management), and attaining • The Central Denver Dispatch welcomes news releases,
nutshell, NMT views the body as an goals. calendar events, photos and letters.
information system, where a variety Smithson is located at 2825 Vallejo
of hormonal, nervous, and muscular St., and offers free consultations. On
• Send releases and other information to
systems trade information and con- the web at or by
tinually readjust in an internal bal- telephone at 303.762.8994.***
ance we know as good health. We do not accept press releases or calendar materials
Gail continues, "All this input by fax.
More advertising information, along with additional
editorial content, can be found on-line at:
Letters to the editor must be signed. We reserve the right to
edit letters and other contributions for space. Publisher assumes
no responsibility for return of unsolicited manuscripts or art. We
attempt to verify all matters of fact but hold contributors liable
for the content, accuracy and fairness of such contributions.
The Cherry Creek News is a legal, independent newspaper
of general circulation in Hilltop, Crestmoor, Belcaro, Bonnie
Brae, Glendale, Virginia Vale, Cherry Creek, Lowry and
surrounding neighborhoods.
For advertising information, call 303.458.7541. Discounted rates
for new advertisers with special promotions.
Guerin Lee Green, Publisher and Editor
Laura Douglas, Managing Editor
Page 8 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch July 25, 2009

Division West — Skies, sneaks, and month, with a ping pong paddle
art show benefiting Big Brother and
ranges of apparel, the store works to
find a unique set of offerings in the
boards in Cherry Creek North Sisters on August 14th.
Divison West has also partnered
Front Range.
That effort extends to their snow-
A new ski, board and lifestyle skis, and snowboards,” plus related with Vail resorts to sell and renew boards and skis as well.
store has come to Cherry Creek apparel, according to the store’s Joel season passes to all of the Vail- For sneaks, the store carries DC
North. DeJong. owned ski mountains in Colorado. Shoes, Ipath as well as Supra. For
At 2632 E. Third Ave, Division The store is also hosting gallery Passes are available beginning skate decks they carry High Society
West is now open, with “sneakers, openings the first Friday of each Labor Day and continuing through as well as range of long boards for
Thanksgiving. the old school.
According to DeJong, Division For apparel, you can finds
West works to offer products that Ambiguous, Mischa, Spinning Vinyl,
cannot be found in other boutiques Roots Life, Alter Ego and DC.
of big box outlets. With styles and There’s art too. Be sure to check
designs from hard to find and lim- out local artist Adam Rose’s hang-
ited run designers, to the newest ings.

Brokerage for Buyers
and Sellers Since 1994
3354 Tejon Street 3749 Eliot Street 4781 West 36th Avenue 3209 Shoshone Street

Bradford Real Estate
Offering Rental
New Pr
ice Management Services
$299,900 $364,900 $465,000 $559,000
Modern Sprocket design, open floor plan, upgrades You will love this Potter Highland home. High ceilings, Rare Highland Garden Village Home w/ Carriage Amazing views, amazing location! 2 car garage, roof- Bradford Real Estate
galore. This place has it all, hardwood flrs throughout, chef’s kitchen, built-ins, gas fireplace & gorgeous House! Open kitchen layout and floor plan , outdoor top deck! Sleek finishes, tons of light, an entertainers
2 balconies and a porch, sleek finishes, large bedrms staircase! Large bedrooms plus a study or nursery patio, 3 bedrooms on upper level with 2 full baths! dream! Walk to downtown, shops and restaurants.
& living space. Walk to restaurants, shops & LODO. and a brand new architect designed garage. Hurry! Steps to Sunflower Market, Starbucks and more! New Sprocket project- Must See!!
Jordana Lebowitz 303.921.0332 Brad Lewis 720.971.1200 Brad Lewis 720.971.1200 Kristen Moore 303.726.7597 ■ 303.433.0211 ■ 2550 15 th Street, Denver
July 25, 2009 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 9

“Families Under Financial Stress” Single family home development
brings affordable support and relief can be tough road
By Angela Sasseville, MA, LPC, NCC in our family. Bill felt hopeless and continued from page ONE tially setting a fairly high floor for
Like many other first-time par- drained at times while my chest often built. any housing single-family or duplex
ents, I was simultaneously thrilled seized with anxiety. Our marriage Bruce Prior, of sprawlalternative. in Denver. The duplexes had offered
and intimidated by the birth of my coasted through the years, flourish- com, and Dave O’Brien, of Flatgrass, considerably more profit potential.
first child more than seven years ago. ing at times and faltering at others. are both chasing a dream. In a market Prior believes that future redevelop-
My daughter was everything I ever Learning to be supportive of one roiled by housing price declines and ment is likely to be smaller, because
wanted. Yet the realization that she another when cash was short seemed nervous lenders, it is a risky dream. of what can be financed. Based upon
was reliant upon my husband Bill almost impossible. O’Brien has built a brick home price per square, Prior believes the
and I for all of her needs sometimes With each passing month that I that mirrors the flavor of the neigh- future may be in 1900 or 2000 square
took my breath away. studied psychology, I gained new borhood; Prior, a single-family home feet homes, and “they’re going to be
As a middle-class, dual career insights and tools for Bill and I to use with solar— using a design he likes singles, because that’s what people
couple, we had diligently saved for at home to keep us afloat emotional- so much, he built it next to his own want.” Prior says that single-family
months so I could take a mater- ly. The more I studied the more I dis- home. Those decisions, with price homes present more opportunities.
nity leave, albeit mostly unpaid, and covered how very normal we were. tags in the five figures, have narrowed Single families are less risky than
spend her first three months at home Neither Bill nor I nor our marriage profits, and perhaps put their busi- duplexes, from a business standpoint,
with her. Two weeks after her birth I had permanent flaws – although at nesses at risk. Both share a commit- according to Prior.
received a phone call at home from times I had questioned all of it. We ment for building for the neighbor- Prior is a member of the Urban
my boss. My job had been eliminated were just stressed out. hood, rather than on it, that borders Land Institute, which is the largest
in a large lay-off during my mater- When our household emerged on evangelism. land use organization in the world.
nity leave and I no longer had a posi- on the other side of financial stress, The reality, of course, is stark. Participation, he says “gives me a lot
tion or a salary to return to. I found that money, home owner- People must support quality single- of perspective on sustainable devel-
I rationalized to myself that a ship and debt had taken on different family homes in infill redevelopment opment.” 
lay-off could work out in my favor. meanings in my life. They no longer if that is what they want our commu- Prior has a completed home that
After all, six weeks of severance pay controlled my happiness! Meeting nity to be. closed just before press time. O’Brien
bought me six more weeks at home both my needs and my husband’s Development comes down to lend- had his fingers crossed that Prior
with my newborn. I didn’t want needs came more fluidly to us and ing. Builders must be able to get loans would sell his home; without that
to search for a job while learning our children were thriving. to acquire property and for construc- sale, his potential buyers for his newly
how to nurse, change, and sooth my This month I’ll share my story and tion. Then at the end of the process, completed home don’t have a recent
infant around the clock. Yet I con- all of the psychological tools that kept a homebuyer must be able to obtain comp on which to base their mort-
vinced myself it could be done. me and my marriage afloat with oth- a mortgage (in the vast majority of gage underwriting. But the problem
The very next day, September 11, ers. “Families Under Financial Stress” cases). Loans must be underwritten; goes deeper. Without good and recent
2001, terrorists attacked the United is an unparalleled series of work- a process that really comes down to comps, neither O’Brien nor Prior has
States. Panic and the devastating eco- shops priced at under $30. Relief and value. What is the value of the land, an easy road forward. They can’t
nomic impact lingered for months. support begins on July 17th at the what is value of what is to be built? get loans to build more single-family
As my severance pay and maternity Highlands Park Presbyterian Church. Value is determined by comparable homes in the future without comps
savings ran out, there were no jobs (Additional locations are soon to fol- properties, known by the shorthand to take to the bank. While there are
to apply for. I remained unemployed low.) If you will do but one thing to of comps. Comps are rooted in time, comps for new duplexes and triplex-
for many, many months. help yourself or your family through generally within six months, proxim- es, even lenders that understand their
For my husband and I, the fall these stressful times – this powerful ity, distance of usually a couple miles, single-family vision are highly reluc-
of 2001 marked the beginning of a workshop is the one. as well as the nature of the home tant. That reluctance costs money in
prolonged period of financial duress. Go to itself. But when you are trying to increased interest rates, more risk for
In a period of 5 years we experi- for dates, to purchase tickets, or to learn build something nobody else has built the builder, and it means that their
enced a total of 3 lay-offs, 3 years of how to bring these workshops to your or bought— in this case, newly con- vision— sustainability and quality,
graduate school, and a tragic death community or workplace. structed single-family homes— the may go to the realm of the not-for-
problems multiply. profit. This goes for both builders,
People have largely stopped build- who want to continue building sin-
ing duplexes in the neighborhood, gle-family homes.
says Prior. The cost for land was “It’s my dream, it what I really
“$100,000 per door” at its peak, essen- want to do,” say O’Brien. “I want to
build homes that fit the neighbor-
hood.” But if O’Brien and Prior can’t
build the momentum, O’Brien says
he will concentrate on his real estate
small business business, at least for a while. It would
be a dream deferred.
accountants! Both O’Brien and Prior face the
tough realities of the small builder
-full charge bookkeeping that aims to do just a few homes a
year. The cash flow is uneven, and
- payroll comes long after the end of the road.
-sales tax Much like the contractors who have
made a living rehabbing and improv-
Be ready for tax time! ing our existing housing stock, the
financial crisis has made life a much
tougher, nail-biting exercise to please
QuickBooks® experts lenders, buyers and to watch costs.
Neither O’Brien nor Prior are will-
law & equity ltd ing to cut corners. “We need quality in Denver,” says Prior. Quality may
be sustainable energy in the form of
4450 tennyson st.
solar panels, or a real brick home. But
720.201.4975 both believe that quality is a matter of
building for the long run and fitting
established 1996 into the neighborhood, where build
quality equals hundred-year homes.
Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch
August.pdf 5/15/09 2:38:20 PM

Page 10 July 25, 2009

...A Summer Full of Free Events

Free Day
Colorado Railroad Museum
Denver’s Firefighter’s Museum
Denver Art Museum

Kids Saturday Nickelodeon
G-rated movies at Starz

Highland Farmers Market
1500 Boulder Street
9am – 1pm

Mile High Movies

Skyline Park
Willy Wonka, G

Kids Saturday Nickelodeon

Free Day G-rated movies at Starz

Denver Museum of Miniatures, Highland Micro-Market (Mima) First Friday Art Walks 3pm
Dolls and Toys Target Free First Tuesday 32nd & Newton
The Children’s Museum 2-6pm Highland Farmers Market
1pm-4pm Free Day
of Denver 1500 Boulder Street
Botanic Gardens

4 – 8pm River Flicks 9am – 1pm
City Park Jazz Tales for Twos at Chatfield
at the Bandstand Denver Public Library Confluence Park The Ballpark Market
The Otone Brass Band Bilingual Storytime Tuesdays with Mommies 10:30am The Transformers Audio Picnic Larimer Street
Denver Public Library The Bookery Nook Dusk Skyline Park Summer 8am – 2pm
Old South Pearl Farmers Market 10:30am 42nd & Tennyson Cherry Creek Farmers Market Concert Series
9am - 1pm 10-11 am (Wed & Saturdays) BAS Mile High Movies
Noon – 1:15pm in Skyline Park
Public Art Tour:

The Wizard of Oz, G

Denver Civic Center

2 8
11am Movies in the Park Dusk
Cheesman Park
Jurassic Park, PG-13

12 15


Highland Micro-Market (Mima)
Bilingual Storytime
Free Day 32nd & Newton Free Day
CM Denver Public Library Audio Picnic
Denver Museum of 2-6pm Clear Creek History Park
10:30am Skyline Park Summer
Tuesdays with Mommies Nature and Science 10an - 4:30pm
River Flicks Concert Series
The Bookery Nook Denver Municipal Band


City Park Jazz 42nd & Tennyson Tales for Twos Confluence Park: Highland Farmers Market
The Iron Giant Noon – 1:15pm
10-11 am Denver Public Library 1500 Boulder Street

at the Bandstand
Funkiphino 10:30am Dusk 9am – 1pm

11 13
Old South Pearl Farmers Market Cherry Creek Farmers Market Kids Saturday Nickelodeon
9am - 1pm (Wed & Saturdays) G-rated movies at Starz

16 18 Tales for Twos
20 Audio Picnic
Skyline Park
Denver Public Library 3rd Thursdays
Highlands Square Summer Concert Series Highland Farmers Market
Free Day 10:30am
Kai Lin Yong Project 1500 Boulder Street
Clear Creek History Park River Flicks Noon – 1:15pm
10am - 4:30pm Tuesdays with Mommies Cherry Creek Farmers Market 9am – 1pm
The Bookery Nook (Wed & Saturdays) Confluence Park

42nd & Tennyson The Italian Job Rocky Mountain Balloon Kids Saturday Nickelodeon
Old South Pearl Farmers Market
9am - 1pm 10-11 am Dusk Festival at Chatfield State Park

G-rated movies at Starz
Highland Micro-Market (Mima)
32nd & Newton

Bilingual Storytime Share Your Bounty
Denver Public Library 2-6pm Sunnyside Vegetable
10:30am Garden Contest
Chaffee Park

23 26 29
Bilingual Storytime
Denver Public Library
10:30am Tuesdays with Mommies Rocky Mountain Balloon Fest

The Bookery Nook Chatfield State Park
River Flicks
42nd & Tennyson Rocky Mountain Balloon Fest
Old South Pearl Farmers Market Tales for Twos Confluence Park
9am - 1pm 10-11 am Audio Picnic Chatfield State Park
Denver Public Library Young Frankenstein
Dusk Skyline Park Summer
Concert Series: TBA

Kids Saturday Nickelodeon

Noon – 1:15pm G-rated movies at Starz
Cherry Creek Farmers Market Highland Micro-Market (Mima)

31 28
(Wed & Saturdays) 32nd & Newton 3pm
Rocky Mountain Balloon Free Day Highland Farmers Market

Festival Chatfield State Park Denver Botanic Gardens 1500 Boulder Street
Bilingual Storytime 9am – 1pm
Old South Pearl Farmers Market Denver Public Library
9am - 1pm 10:30am
Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch
TCDtest6ad5x7.qxd:TCD 6/16/09 2:09 PM Page 1
July 25, 2009 Page 11

Eliza Graham
Denver Notions
Traveling without a set plan is my better room rates was a

favorite way to go. I land in the coun- cinch in May.
try of choice with no hotels booked, We got a screaming
no train schedules in hand, no day to deal on our flight to Málaga:

be in a certain place. $397 round trip, $525 once all
It’s not for everyone, and Traveling taxes and fees were tacked
you certainly can’t travel- without a on. (Recession? Whatever!

wander everywhere. For plan This is the year to travel on
example, forget going to just the cheap!) The connections
about anywhere in Europe in July or were tiring, but we figured that flying
August without having everything to Europe wipes you out regardless,
pre-booked. With virtually the entire- so might as well go with the rotten
ty of Europe on vacation at summer’s connections. Indeed, we were travel-

end, space is limited as crowds con- trashed and still sleeping soundly the
verge on the hip European beach spots next day at noon, when we got a
and cities that raucous call from
carry the largest the front desk to
“I trusted Dr. Brett because he really listened to me. Once he placed
tourist loads. either leave or pay
my temporaries I was really put at ease because they looked so real.
Which leads for another night.
me to mention Here’s a heart- They were exactly what I had in mind. When the final veneers were
one of my other felt piece of advice placed I was blown away. Now I love how my smile looks!”
favorite ways to when traveling to — Derick Hinkle, patient since 2005
travel: off-sea- Europe: CARRY Orthodontics may be a different way to enhance your smile.
son. ON YOUR BAGS. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Brett or Dr. Gina Kessler today.
Off-season Get down to the
travel-by-the- wrinkle-proof • Cosmetic Dentistry and Orthodontics for A Truly
seat-of-your- basics and it’s Spectacular Smile
pants was pretty easy to • Functional Dentistry for Real Relief from Pain
my approach carry on plenty of and Discomfort
to exploring clothes for a two- • General Dentistry for A Genuinely Healthy Life
Andalucía, the week stay. The last Now accepting referrals and new patients.
southernmost many times I’ve
province in been to Europe, I
Spain. have either been
My travel- very, very late
ing companion (16 hours was the Genuine Oral Care. Life-Changing Results.
and I agreed to
outline our three
worst), and/or my
checked bags were 303 321-4445 Located in the heart of Stapleton
priorities, com- lost coming and/
bine those priori- or going. If you’ve
ties, see what we ever connected
wanted to see, through Heathrow
couldn’t windsurf, the ferries couldn’t
and have a new or Gatwick in
cross the strait to Tangier, and walk-
experience based Margi and Eliza at the Alcazar, the London, or Charles
ing upright was impossible. A day of
on the other ’s extraordinary Moorish fort in Sevilla. De Gaulle airport
continual buffeting convinced us to
ideas. in Paris in a post-
move on to Ronda, a somewhat less-
My priori- Atlantic-crossing
traveled, profoundly beautiful Pueblo
ties were to see the Alhambra, go to stupor, you can understand how the
Blanco a couple of hours inland by
at least one of the Pueblos Blancos mass confusion and utterly idiotic
(White Towns) in the interior, and labyrinthine design of those airports
Ronda was so spectacular it mer-
have numerous evenings of tapas and would extend to the baggage han-
its its own article. For now, suffice
Rioja wine, maybe foregoing true din- dling.
it to say that this ancient town with
ners altogether. My friend’s priorities We breezed through Málaga,
its 18th-century bridge over a 130-
were to go to Tarifa, which had been Granada, and Sevilla, taking in the Additions & Renovations
meter deep gorge was my favorite
highly recommended by two of our Alhambra (buying tickets in advance
place. We spent some relaxing happy Kitchens
mutual friends, spend some time on online is the one thing we did do prior
days in Ronda and the beach resort
the coast, and go to the grand city to our arrival in Spain), the stunning
town of Marbella, a small gem on the
of Sevilla, which everyone I’ve ever Alcázar and the Sevilla Cathedral. Basements
Mediterranean. And with that stay in
talked to has raved about. Sevilla was lovely, but hot, hot, hot.
Marbella, we had both met all of our Porches / Pergolas / Decks
We initially considered renting a With no reservations dictating our
car so we would have complete travel schedule and zero inclination to be in
This was almost like a reconnais-
freedom, but because of the unfavor- 95° heat, we escaped south to Tarifa.
able euro/dollar exchange rate we Tarifa is an old fishing village with
sance trip, as we touched on several 3 03- 250 -59 11
places without getting in-depth in any
nixed that idea. We also didn’t want significant Moorish influence right
of them, except Ronda. And that recon
to try to navigate Spanish cities by across the strait from Tangier. It is
trip means there is more Spain in my Owned & operated in North
car. Shoot, it was challenging enough known as the windsurfing capital of
on foot. In Spain, buses and trains are Europe because of its constant strong Denver
absolutely the way to go in terms of winds. Less well known is that Tarifa
cost, ease of travel, and punctuality. has the highest suicide
We also decided that in late May, off- rate in Spain, with the
season, we would easily be able to find constant howling gales
hotels and negotiate decent rates. literally drive people
Which leads me to a third aspect mad.
of traveling that I love: Negotiating We got there on one
The Deal, especially in the language of of those days. It was so
the country you’re in. Bargaining for windy, the windsurfers Over 30 yrs experience in treating veins and Board Certified in Phlebology.

• Spider Veins • Large Blue Veins (Varicose Veins) before after
• Swollen or Discolored Legs • Leg Ulcers, Lymphedema

• Endovenous Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins
(Less side effects and downtime than standard treatments)
• Ambulatory Phlebectomy FREE
• Laser Spider Vein Treatment Consultations
• Sclerotherapy 303.355.4772 before after

Ken Oleszek, MD Renald Bernard, Board Certified Phlebologist
2774 East 2nd Avenue • Cherry Creek • Denver, Colorado • 303. 355. 4772
Lowry News
Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch
DMIS-2058- CentrlDenvrDispatch_5x3.85_07-15-09.pdf 7/10/09 1:00:37 PM

Lowry Officers quarters homes sell
out Learning a g e
St. Charles Town Company
recently sold its final Gallantry
home (Quebec and 6th Ave) cre-
ated from 20 redeveloped Lowry
and its history. The historic resi-
dences fit a distinctive niche and
compliments the diverse housing
options throughout the Lowry C
Thro u g h La n g u
Air Force base duplexes, formerly community. M
Photo by EricBa

used as junior officer quarters. David Weekley Homes, the Y

The Lowry officer duplexes Studies show language immersion increases students’
nation’s largest private home-
comprehension, communication, and problem solving skills.

were converted into 10 custom builder, received approval to
single-family residences on large break ground in June on its model
It enhances a child’s learning in all academic areas. Find
lots with detached garages. home in EastPark. The 22 single-
out how your child can learn through language by visiting
Although the homes feature family home lots will be open CMY or call to schedule a school tour.
all new open floor plans with for pre-sales in August with two K

European style kitchens, great spec homes to be completed in
strides were taken to preserve the September. Denver Montclair International School offers full-immersion bilingual
historical significance of the 1940 education in French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese pre-K through
“We are projected to have a
5th grade, starting as early as 3 years old.
exterior structures. model complete in July,” said
206 Red Cross Way (Lowry) 303.340.DMIS (3647)
These unique homes were Walter Watson, division president
accomplished by removing duplex of David Weekley Homes, “If buy-
walls and one staircase, creating ers commit to purchase in August,
3,100 sq. ft. of living space on the we can deliver new homes before
main levels and 1,400 sq. ft. of liv- the end of 2009.”
ing space in the basements. Designed specially for Lowry,
“This development opportunity David Weekley offers five
presented a unique challenge to Craftsman style homes priced
preserve the historic character of from the upper $300s to low $400s
the officer units, while still mak- with square footages ranging from
ing the homes appropriate for 2200 – 2800. Choose from main
modern living,” said Kurt Frantz, floor master bedrooms, one story
development manager St. Charles and traditional master upstairs
Town Company. “We had a solid plans. These models produced by
foundation to build from as these David Weekley use the latest tech-
homes were originally built with a nology in building construction
high level of craftsmanship.” and materials, providing up to 50
These military built colonials percent greater savings in heating
were constructed with such pre- and air conditioning compared to
cision that when the walls were a similar home built to code five
removed the combined duplexes’ years ago.
original hard wood floors lined More than 40 new homes,
up perfectly from the adjacent priced from the $100,000s to more
unit. To preserve the campus like than $1 million, are available at
setting of the homes, St. Charles Lowry in four distinct neighbor-
Town Company used “Green
Fence” landscaping to define the
property lines of each home.
hoods, with a diverse array of
product types including single-
family and multi-family homes,
Kids Consignment BoutiqueĐ
The Gallantry project started in lofts, paired homes, condomini-
2006 and has generated significant ums, town homes and custom TOYSĐ
interest throughout its transition homes.
from those connected to Lowry SHOESĐ DANCE CLOTHESĐ

Area mom writes guide for moms MaternityĐ BABY EQUIPMENTĐ

of multiples
As a career woman who asso- Sampson struggled for 10 years
Spring Clothes ArrivingĐ
ciated with world leaders, Amy with infertility, then had a sur-
Jewett Sampson never imagined prise pregnancy while preparing 600 South Holly St.Đ Tues 10-6Đ
that her life as a mother would to adopt from China and a second Leetsdale and Holly StĐ.� A unique resale experience!!Đ Weds-Fri. 10-5Đ
Saturday 10-4Đ
be more hectic and fulfilling surprise pregnancy, all within a 303-355-0191�
than her job as a spokesperson to short span of one and a half years.
Colorado’s 40th governor. She Her children are currently 5 ½, 5,
will be signing her newly released and 3 ½ years old.
book at The Borders in Northfield During her time in the
Stapleton on Saturday, July 18 Governor’s Office, Sampson spear-
from 2:00-4:00 PM. headed several statewide initiatives
Mamma Mania: Managing including the Governor’s Adoption
the Craze of 0-5 year olds (Tate Advisory Committee. Sampson
Publishing) offers a wide range managed the media during the
of tips to empower mothers who Columbine High School tragedy in
spend their days amidst the crazi- 1999 and served as the Governor’s
ness of young children. spokesperson during the Jon Benet
Sampson wrote Mamma Mania Ramsey grand jury probe.
because there was nothing in the In addition to her book,
marketplace for a mother of mul- Sampson reaches out to young
tiples who needed advice on how mothers through her website,
to care for very young children advice blog and monthly e-news-
close in age. Sampson thought she letter. She also connects directly
was busy in the Governor’s Office, with these hard-to-reach mothers
until she had three babies at home through her speaking engagements
to care for. She admits that she and workshops.
didn’t know what busy was.

Related Interests