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The gods of the Seventh Century

The culture of Mohammed’s world was very
animistic. Every Arab tribe had its sacred magic stone(s)
that they believed protected the tribe, resident in the
Kaaba. Mohammed’s particular tribe had adopted a
black stone and had set it in the Kaaba. This magical
black stone was kissed when people came on their
pilgrimages and worshipped at the Kaaba. It was
probably an asteroid or a meteorite, a moonstone, which
they viewed as being divine. All the nomadic tribes had
their own tribal deities.

The dominant religion just prior to Mohammed was
Sabianism, a religion in which heavenly bodies were
worshipped. The moon was viewed as a male deity, and
they used a lunar calendar. Their pagan rite of fasting
began with the appearance of the crescent moon. Fasting
was later adopted as one of the five pillars of faith of
Islam. Fasting, based on the lunar calendar, in the ninth
month of Ramadan already pre-existed in the Arab
culture before Mohammed was even born.

What about the name “Allah?” Muslims claim that
Allah is the same God as Christians worship, just under
another name. Yet, if you look at the history of it, it is
very different. The term “Allah” is a purely Arabic term
used in reference to an Arabian deity. The tribe into
which Mohammed was born was particularly devoted
to their Allah, which was the moon god. It was
represented by the black stone they believed had come
down from heaven.

In Arabia, the sun god was viewed as female and
the moon was viewed as the male god. In pre-Islamic
times, Allah, the moon god, was married to the sun god,
and together they produced three goddesses called The
Daughters of Allah.

They were viewed as being at the top of the pantheon of
Arabian deities, those three hundred and sixty idols in the Kaaba, at Mecca.

Do not ever accept Allah as just another name of the true and
living God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This
Arabian deity was the god of the Ishmaelites. Ishmael
was not the son of the covenant. Isaac was the son of
the covenant.

The symbol of the worship of the moon god, Allah,
in pre-Islamic Arab culture, throughout the Middle East,
was the crescent moon.

Today, the crescent moon is on most flags of Islamic nations.
Go to any mosque. What is on top of it? A crescent moon,
the symbol of Allah, the moon god.