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CARDINAL'S RESIDENCE 1452 MADISON AVENUE. New York. NY 10022 November 28, 1990 Dear Mr. Flaherty, Thank you very much for your recent inquiry concerning Father LeBar’s assessment of the Sword of the Spirit. He has studied this subject very carefully and has been in consultation with many other people knowledgeable in this area. ‘The Sword of the Spirit wants to have it both ways. They want to be known as a “Catholic” organization, but do not want to submit to the authority of the bishop. They wish to be known as an ecumenical organiza- tion, and yet have practices that are quite unecumenical, as Father LeBar notes in his book. In response to these criticisms, the Sword of the Spirit some time ago formed the Christ the King Fellowship, which is supposed to be the Catholic branch. It’ does not seem likely, however, that any branch would not be totally involved in the thrust of the parent organization. The Sword of the Spirit is presently making overtures to become allied with John Wimber and other Pentecostal groups that have no particular love for Catholics. Therefore, it does not seem prudent to recommend any such organization to faithful Catholics. Difficulties with the philosophy, tactics and conduct of the Bread of Life Community in Akron, Ohio, and the Lamb of God Community in Baltimore, to cite two examples, have led the Ordinary of these (Arch)dioceses to launch investigations into their practices. I hope these comments have helped to clarify your thinking in this matter. The Charismatic Movement is a very fine movement, fully approved by the Church. Thousands, if not millions of people give praise to God in this Movement and have become more active Catholics because of their involvement. Tt is the covenant communities which cause concern because of their total is- tic approach to things, and the undue emphasis placed on control of all activity, an obedience to the local coordinator (leader) instead of to the pastor or bishop that causes concerns. -2- You mentioned that you have read Father LeBar’s book. You might wish to contact him, or Father Debold for more information and insights. With every best wish, I remain Sincerely, LN) A Reverend Edmund J. Whalen Secretary to the Cardinal Mr. John P. Flaherty 745 Brady Avenue Steubenville, OH 43952 Dr sarly Novombn, Sie Cardeak Sole. J. 0 Conney Corkiich Wlonner Write tea votre daetion fo Kes. Jin Le Borr'a bork Cokts, Sects cad the Now Age , published un (7 i4 hy Gun Sinday Visito® Press. Rei. Le Baur focused dn the Sword f the Spitit mm q sector of “thin bok Qatitted The Shepherdmg /Dsepleship Anemoat J takul Carduid O'Connor iF his utlusness fo wete an mboduction b this bok Was anyway an gélienachen of Le Barr's assessment of the Sword of the Sprut. Rey Whalen , Secretary bf ‘the Cardinal responded as chine