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Retail Advertising Rate Card

Effective January 2011

Don't miss your opportunity to reach more than 50,000 readers on the Main Line, from Bala Cynwyd to Malvern

1. Personnel
Elizabeth A. Wilson ...................................................Publisher Alexander Gould ..........................................General Manager Michele Meckler....................................... Advertising Director

2. Representatives
Journal Register Newspaper Network, 48 West Huron, Pontiac, Michigan 48342 Mid-Atlantic Newspapers, 3899 North Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17710 Robert Hitchings & Company, Inc. 580 West Germantown Pike, Suite 108, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

j. Except where specifically noted in the rate card, the Publisher neither sells nor guarantees position. Every effort will be made to accommodate reasonable position requests. Failure to meet position requests will not constitute cause for adjustment, refund or return. k. Advertiser hereby warrants and represents that the advertisement is neither false nor defamatory. Advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Publisher from and against any cost or expense, including legal fees and court costs, which are incurred as a result of or in connection with any claim or action brought against the Publisher which arises out of any alleged false or defamatory matter.

5. Group Rates
Main Line Media News is part of the Journal Register Company. Contact an account executive for details about the AllAroundPhilly Newspaper Network which includes numerous daily and non-daily newspapers in the Greater Philadelphia area.

3. Commission & Cash Discount
All rates are net. Advertising agencies can qualify for a 15% agency discount provided ad cost is grossed up by 17.65%.

Credit Terms
a. All first time advertisers must pre-pay their ads until billing approval is received from the Credit Department. b. All invoices are due upon receipt. Payments received after the 30th of the month will be subject to a service charge of 1.25% per month on all outstanding balances of 30 days or more, with a minimum service charge of 50 cents per month. The annual periodic service charge rate is 15%.

6. Pre-Print Insert Rates
• Reservations & Delivery are to be no less than 5 working days prior to insertion date. • Full Print & Deliver services are available, ask your account rep. for a personalized quote. • Pre-Print rates are billed net. • Partial run Pre-prints are charged an additional rate

4. General Requirements
a. The subject matter, form, size, wording, illustration and typography of all advertising copy received by Main Line Media News shall be subject to approval, revision, classification, cancellation or rejection at any time by Main Line Media News in its sole and absolute discretion. Previous acceptance of any advertising copy by Main Line Media News will not operate as a waiver of Main Line Media News’ rights here-under to edit, revise, classify, cancel or reject any advertising copy at any time. b. In cases of typographical error, Main Line Media News will not be responsible for losses sustained by advertisers through the sale of goods at prices less than those quoted in the original manuscript of the advertisement. On request, an affidavit will be furnished to the advertiser to show customers the correct statement. c. Advertisers are requested to check the first insertion of their advertisement and notify Main Line Media News of any errors. Main Line Media News will not be responsible for typographical errors beyond the first insertion. d. Main Line Media News shall not be responsible for anything beyond the cost of the actual space occupied by an error. e. Main Line Media News shall not be liable for omissions or failure to publish. f. All volume rates require a signed contract. Non-fulfilled contracts are subject to short-rate. g. We reserve the right to insert the word “advertisement” in all ads, especially those that may be mistaken for news articles. h. All rates are net. i. All rates subject to change with 30 days written notice.

Preprint Policy
Due to variances in newspaper circulation draws on a dayto-day basis the quantity you send us may be over or under what we need to fulfill your distribution instructions on a given day. To assure efficient coverage we will, depending on whether your supplied quantity is over or under our need for that day, add distribution closest to each store or subtract furthest away based on your buy in home-delivery. In addition we will subtract from or add to single copy distribution based on variances in draws. In both cases, we understand that home delivery is most valuable and will act accordingly.

Deliver to:
Journal Register Offset 390 Eagleview Blvd., Exton, PA 19341 610-280-2295 Hours of acceptance: Mon - Fri 9:00a.m. - 4:00p.m. • Skids should be Max. size 5’ high x 3 1/2’ x 4’ • Maximum Skid Weight: 2,000 lbs • Cartons pr. Bundles: Max. weight - 50 lbs. • Turns of 50 requested for all shipments


Shipping Instructions
• Delivery no less than 5 working days prior to insertion date. • Deliver to: Journal Register Production Facility 390 Eagleview Blvd., Exton, PA 19341 610-280-2295 • Hours of acceptance: Monday - Friday 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. • Skids should be maximum size 5’ high x 3.5’ x 4’ • Maximum skid weight - 2,000 lbs. • Cartons per bundles: Maximum weight - 50 lbs. • Turns of 50 requested for all shipments.

10. Mechanical Requirements
Broadsheet Page: 9.89” X 20.295” Double Truck Broadsheet Page: 20.295” X 20.955”
1 column .............................................................................1.56” 2 column .............................................................................3.22” 3 column .............................................................................4.89” 4 column .............................................................................6.56” 5 column .............................................................................8.22” 6 column .............................................................................9.89”

ROP Column Sizes

Gutters .11”

7. Special Services
• Creative Services: Layout and design by professional artist provided at no charge. ability, tearsheets and memo bills. • Market Research: An in-depth analysis of the market and its demographics is available upon request. • Online Advertising: Available to all advertisers.

Single Tab Page: 9.89” X 9.89” Double Truck Tab Page: 20.295” X 9.6”

• Co-Op: Full service department providing program terms and avail-

8. Special Days, Pages, Features Each Week
Local News, Sports, Ticket (Entertainment), Classified, Real Estate, Automotive, Special Sections throughout the year. Ticket is Main Line’s weekly tabloid entertainment guide and is distributed to over 23,000* households. Ticket appears in Main Line Times, Main Line Suburban Life and King of Prussia Courier. Ticket can also be purchased in combination with Montgomery Newspapers. Ask your representative for details.

• Ads can be submitted through email, on CD, on Jump Drive, or uploaded to our FTP site. See sales representative for details. • Ads can be in Quark XPress 3.3 format, Mulit-Ad Creator format or as an EPS file. CorelDraw PC files should be converted to a Macintosh EPS format. • For best results, scanned line art should be 300-400 DPI and in bitmap mode. • All scanned photos should be 200 DPI, preferably in Photoshop EPS format, although TIFF files are acceptable. If your ad contains full color photos, they must be converted to CMYK. • Fonts must be in Macintosh format. • PDF files may be sent through email. See sales representative for details.

11. Special Classification Rates
• Premium positions inside the newspapers are on a first come, first served basis. Positions are guaranteed with a 25% rate premium. • Strip ads on section fronts and backs and sky boxes available along with other premium positions. See sales representative for details. • Complete online packages are available. See sales representative for details.

9. Deadlines
Main Line Suburban Life ...........Mon. 11 am ............. Wed.



12. Classified
See Classified rate card.

Main Line Times ........................Mon. 11 am ........... Thurs. King of Prussia Courier ......................Mon. 11 am ................ Fri. Ticket ........................Fri. 12 noon ..Wed./Thurs.

13. Group Rates
Main Line Media News is part of Journal Register Company. Contact a sales representative for details about the AllAroundPhilly Newspaper Network which includes 66 daily and non daily newspapers and magazines in the Greater Philadelphia area.


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Introducing Modular Ad Units.
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Modular ad units on the newly designed pages of Journal Register Company newspapers will help make your advertisement stand out and achieve better results. Utilizing logical page portion - full, half, quarter, eighth, etc. - instead of inches will make planning and buying print advertising easier. An added benefit: complicated rate cards are history - pricing is now provided for each advertising unit. Our intention is to provide similar standardized advertising units found in other media like magazines, online, television and radio. In addition, your advertisements will easily fit other newspapers that have adopted this strategy. Inside you’ll find thumbnails and dimensions of our 26 modular advertising units. Of course, we will continue to offer creative ad shapes.

Line Media Name: Main


Concerns surround USPS letter

Is Radnor estate history?

On tap for this

ews Name: MLmedian

■ What you think and Tell us what a signed World you can win Series game ball. s pitcher Phillie ■ Podcast: talks about Ryan Madson Line and Main living on the all. playoff baseb Sports MLB ■ Video: Fox nthal talks insider Ken Rosei Young. Phillies with Jabar

By Blair bladd@mainli United States out from the lA letter sent ning a feasibi e (USPS) explai Southeastern the Postal Servic under way at ity study now Processing and Distribution has Pennsylvania W Valley Road, Wayne, . Center, 1000 confusion and unanswered led to some letter says the USPS is facing ge due to the questions. The difficult challen decrease in a historically urn and the ge, economic downt es. Due to this challen its certain mail volumhas decided to “realign e the Postal Servicdelivery network to match that processing and mail volume,” and with its resources some postal operations only g “consolidatin business sense.” logical buzz around makes of this letter, rned that the Upon receipt residents conce town has some being conducted at the cenit’s feasibility study post office even though that of custer will close with long lines the constantly busy to Cathy Yarosky, ding tomers. Accorcontact for the Philadelphia USPS media no plans to close the post area, there are possible changes being conthe ts. office and not affect residen es sidered would will not notice any chang facility will “Customers services at that n because all retail said Yarosky. “In additio le,” still be availab change either.” hours will not ? 9 ’s Werth’s worth See USPS, Page

ce is SE Pa. post offi ntion the center of atteft


Vol. 48

Foo No. 33 d,

By Blair nemedianew bladd@mainli ted mailas the dedica After many years areas of Buttonwood Poll Result that n the man in the Berwy ugh Woods and g any signs esboro ski Are you seein Farms, Wayn esborough, Joe Zielin over? therecessionis Greens at Wayn d it was time 26% decide Yes: torch. to pass the e in No: 61% when I find a While a chang I’ll let you know person mail-delivery ced 13% job: could go unnoti orout this week’s Be sure to check Page 2. Then in many neighbt going to be the case here. g, uestion hoods, that wasn’ learned he was retirin poll question on clickonMain nts When reside to join together for a tribute visit our Web site,Life and cast they decided make their beloved mailLine Suburban . to and sendoff one he’ likely never forget d your vote. man’s last day of e-mails, phone calls and After weeks the neighbors came up in-person visits,

Mailman gets special delivery on his last day

Vive la

King of Pr can folloussia Courie r re w us on Faceboaders www.m Go ok. ainlinem to ediane .

By Sam sstrike@mainline ely largest privat The second tract in Radnor ntial owned reside be developed and Township could lished. mansion demo ,” as it is called, is its “Poplar House mansion with alist-style has sat a Feder al elements that Greek Reviv between Maplewood in Wayne on 36 acres in Brooke Road Avenue and built in 1902. oper since it was r and devel Local builde way asked the Hollo Caswell F. a demolition Sept. 28 for News’ township Line Media permit. Main application names copy of thatJill Nerney of Wayne Thomas and ble owners. rty’s equita as the prope for sale for a year. alive and ener,” Paoli was t It has been ng the blues states that the Fest and Stree Far from “singi Paoli Blues of The applicationis 14,800 square 2nd Annual ed energy which and unsurpass gized for the main house, day. With the co-chairs, this be demolished Fair on Satur and Pattye Benson as feet, will cost of demolition is all projected ult the site removed (the t exceeded Marie Thiba $190,000), and d. unity even siastic direc estimated at and seede exciting comm ers. Under the enthu d tors member numb backfilled, grade , one of the propattendance Board of Direc tent-rental B. John Duffy , said this week Blues Fest’s crew, agents tion of Paoli and sound d to erty’s listing ent of sale has been ene, the stage Fest volunteers worke John Fattib the that an agreem the settlement date oyees and all. Some of that company empl of was had by reached but d. a good time ed (above) Christie Hunt make sure is unconfirme demolition of these rthe day includ the day as Jack Toma “Allowing be a wake-up call to scenes from Md., enjoying a bite of his sandwich; properties should comprehensive hisSt. Michaels, a re takes hat; and Radnor to enact ordinance, strengthNewtown Squa trying on a firefighter chio of music. Visit toric-preservation and Architectural Mia Tanzill ic 2-year-old g into their day. en the Histor (HARB) so it has bers gettin a video of the band mem for Review Board create a tough demoineMediaNe www.MainL some teeth, and historic properties to for lition process review, HARB review rs review,” include public Commissione y presiand Board of Historical Societ said Radnor . dent Ted Pollardy of life in Radnor “The qualit historic fabric of the of this comes from when pieces our community; yed all of Radnor fabric are destro d said. loses,” Pollar rty is not in any of the ts. The prope historic distric township’s three any construction or Demolition buildings outside of done to to any work not subjected the districts are ical review or type of histor r Township. Radno approval by known what will be It is not it will be property or if built on the Zoned “agriculturalrty is subdivided. n,” the prope conservatio one thing, to singlerestricted, for s on lots no smaller family home than two acres. Page 9 an Life photos See HISTORY, Line Suburb

mansion Unique Wayne ed; may be demolish ivided land could be subd

fun and music? Fest Paoli Blues It must be the


M ne erion Township for 48 Fallen of ws... years fic Earlier sta ers honored at M rt K of P w wanted for 9/ ontco service: Free 11 mem Page 3 oman he oria Valley Fo ads Rac e for Cur l: Page 6 rge Patri ots win e IN S ID softball team: Page 8 NEWS A E title: Pa ROUN D TOW ge 10 OBITUA N...... RIES... ...... ...

In the

Servin g Upper

, 2011 Call 610 -642-430 0 for ho me de livery.

May 12


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Where your customers look before they buy.

13 col. x 20” BUILD SIZE: 20.295” x 20”

Double Truck

6 col. x 20” BUILD SIZE: 9.89” x 20”

Full Page

5 col. x 18” BUILD SIZE: 8.22” x 18”

3/4 Page

6 col. x 10” BUILD SIZE: 9.89” x 10”

1/2 Page Horizontal

3 col. x 20” BUILD SIZE: 4.89” x 20”

1/2 Page Vertical

4 col. x 12” BUILD SIZE: 6.56 x 12”

2/5 Page

5 col. x 8” BUILD SIZE: 8.22” x 8”

1/3 Page Horizontal

2 col. x 20” BUILD SIZE: 3.22” x 20”

1/3 Page Vertical

6 col. x 5” BUILD SIZE: 9.89” x 5”

1/4 Page Horizontal

3 col. x 10” BUILD SIZE: 4.89” x 10”

1/4 Page Vertical

3 col. x 8” BUILD SIZE: 4.89” x 8”

1/5 Page

1/6 Page Horizontal
4 col. x 5” BUILD SIZE: 6.56 x 5”

2 col. x 10” BUILD SIZE: 3.22” x 10”

1/6 Page Vertical

3 col. x 6” BUILD SIZE: 4.89” x 6”

3/20 Page

3 col. x 5” BUILD SIZE: 4.89” x 5”

1/8 Page

3 col. x 4” BUILD SIZE: 4.89” x 4”

1/10 Page

2 col. x 5” BUILD SIZE: 3.22” x 5”

1/12 Page

Where your customers look before they buy.

3 col. x 2.5” BUILD SIZE: 4.89” x 2.5”

1/16 Page

2 col. x 4” BUILD SIZE: 3.22” x 4”

2/30 Page

2 col. x 3” BUILD SIZE: 3.22” x 3”

1/20 Page

1/30 Page Horizontal
2 col. x 2” BUILD SIZE: 3.22” x 2”

1 col. x 4” BUILD SIZE: 1.56” x 4”

1/30 Page Vertical

1 col. x 3” BUILD SIZE: 1.56” x 3”

1/40 Page

44” Web - 6 Column Broadsheet ROP and Classified
Column Width 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6 Column Picas 9p4 19p4 29p4 39p4 49p4 59p4 Inches 1.56 3.22 4.89 6.556 8.22 9.89 Points 112.00 232.00 352.00 472.00 592.00 712.00

44” Web - Double Truck
1 col. x 2” BUILD SIZE: 1.56” x 2”

1/60 Page

6 col. x 3” BUILD SIZE: 9.89” x 3”

Front Page Banner

BUILD SIZE: 2.5” x .75”

Columns 13 Column

Picas 121p75

Inches 20.295”

Points 1461

Broadsheet Modular Ad Sizes
Double Truck: 13 col. x 20” Full Page: 6 col. x 20” 3/4 Page: 5 col. x 18” 1/2 Page Horizontal: 6 col. x 10” 1/2 Page Vertical: 3 col. x 20” 2/5 Page: 4 col.x 12” 1/3 Page Horizontal: 5 col. x 8” 1/3 Page Vertical: 2 col. x 20” 1/4 Page Horizontal: 6 col. x 5” 1/4 Page Vertical: 3 col. x 10” 1/5 Page: 3 col. x 8” 1/6 Page Horizontal: 4 col. x 5” 1/6 Page Vertical: 2 col. x 10” 3/20 Page: 3 col. x 6” 1/8 Page: 3 col. x 5” 1/10 Page: 3 col. x 4” 1/12 Page: 2 col. x 5” 1/16 Page: 3 col. x 2.5” 2/30 Page: 2 col. x 4” 1/20 Page: 2 col. x 3” 1/30 Page Horizontal: 2 col. x 2” 1/30 Page Vertical: 1 col. x 4” 1/40 Page: 1 col. x 3” 1/60 Page: 1 col. x 2” Front Page Banner: 6 col. x 3” Skybox: 2.5” x .75”

Gutters and Margins
Page Margins: 40 points Page Gutter: 80 points Column Gutter: 8 points Page Depth: 20.295”

Inches 1 1.5 2 2.5 3

Depth Inches to Points
Points 72 108 144 180 216 Inches 3.5 4 4.5 5 5.5

Points 252 288 324 360 396

Inches 6 6.5 7 7.5 8

Points 432 478 504 540 576

Inches 8.5 9 9.5 10 10.5

Points 612 648 684 720 756

Inches 11 11.5 12 12.5 13

Points 792 828 864 900 936

Inches 13.5 14 14.5 15 15.5

Points 972 1008 1044 1080 1116

Inches 16 16.5 17 17.5 18

Points 1152 1188 1224 1260 1296

Inches 18.5 19 19.5 20 20.5

Points 1332 1368 1404 1440 1476