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1, the property of the Radio Button control restricts the users to select only one option

from a give set of options
a, Radio Name b, Group Name c, Button Name d, Panel Name
2, what is purpose of code behind?
A, to ignore HTML usage
B, to merge HTML layout and code into one file
C, to separate HTML layout and code different file
D, to separate different sections of a page into different file
3, who can access to sections state variables?
A, all users within a single tunnel
B, all users of an application
C, a single session
4, the…directive is used to set the caching duration of the output for a page
A, @output
B, @cache output
C, output cache
D, cache duration
5, what is default session time out?
A, 20 second
B, 1 hour
C, 20 minute
6, select the control which dose not have any visible interface
A, data grid
B, repeater
C, drop down list
D, data list
7, what data types do a range validator supports?
A, integer
B, string
C, data
D, all of above
8, what is default authentication mode for us?
A, windows
B, none
C, anonymous
D, basic authentication
9, how do you explicitly kill a user’s session?
A, session.clsoe()
B, session.abandon()
C, session.end
D, session.discard()
10, what is authentication?
A, ensure code can only perform legal operation
B, the process of accepting credential, from a user and validating those a credentials
against a designated authority
C, the process of determining whether the proven identity is allowed access to a
specific resource
D, allows.Net to control access to resources by an assembly
11, we can use…and…methods to ensure that application level variables are not update
more than one user simultaneously
A, server and session
B, bock and unblock
C, lock and unlock
D, lock and key
12, the directive is used to consume a created custom control
A, import
B, tag prefix
C, register
D, control
13, select the type processing model that ASP.NET simulate?
A, event-driven
B, top down
C, linear
D, static
14, the control is used when a field a field must not be left banal
A, required field validator
B, range validator
C, custom validator
D, regular expression validator
15, the …method of the…object is used to retrieve the data in the form fields submitted
by the user
A, from.get,Response object
B, from.get Request object
C, from.left response object
D, from.left request object
16, what is default mode of ASP.NET authentication
A, windows
B, forms
C, none
D, passport
17, the…method of the … object is used to redirect the user to anther page?
A, redirect.response
B, redirect.request
C, form.letresquest
D, form.get.request
18, which of the following is not a member of server object?
A, HTML decode
B, open
C, execute
D, transfer
19, what is the size of the session ID
A, 32 bit long integer
B, 32 bit long character
C, 32 bit long double
D, 32 bit long string
20, which of following field is not valid state management tool?
A, query state
B, hidden form field
D, application state
C, cookies
21, …. Variable can be accessed by all the pages in the application (choose 2 answer)
A, server
B, application
C, session
D, global
22, what is the server.machine name does?
A, none
B, gets the server’s machine name
C, gets the preferred website name one the server
D, get the client’s machine name
23, to add a custom control to web form, we have to register with
A, tag prefix
B, namespace of the all that is referenced
C, assembly name
D, all of above
24, custom control created using C# need to be saved using the extension
25, select the caching type supported by ASP.NET
A, output caching
B, data caching
C, both of them
D, none of them
26, which following sentence is not correct
A, data contract define the method signatures
B, data contract define the schema and versioning strategies
C, message contract defines specific message parts
D, service contract defines oprations, behaviors and communication shape
27, what is at the heart of Ajax programming?
A, dom
B, XML Http request object
C, cascading style sheets
28, the first event to be triggered in an .ASPX page is:
A, page.load
C, page.Init
D, render
29, when an .ASPX page is request from the web server, the output will be rendered to
Brower in following format:
30, what does response,end will do
A, stop the server process
B, stop the client process
C, none of above
31, which of following extension does a web service file will have?
32, how do you register a user control
A, add tag prefix tag name
B, add source, tag prefix
C, add Src, tag prefix tag name
33, what is extension of a web user control file?
34, what is significance of path
A, none
B, return the physical file path that corresponds to virtual specified path
C, returns the virtual path of the web folder
D, maps the specified virtual path to physical path
35, the number of forms that can be add to an ASPX page is:
A, more than 3
B, 1
C, 3
D, 2
36, which of following is not member of response object?
A, clear
B, write
C, execute
D, flush
37, which control support paging
A, data grid
B, repeater
C, none
D, both
38, how do you manage state in ASP.Net Application
A, session object
B, application object
C, view states
D, cookies
E, all of above
39, when the user control’s code is executed?
A, after the pager – Init event of web form
B, after the web form loads
C, before the page-Init event of web form
40, select the output the statement (form method = “post” action = “test.aspx”)
A, transfers all the form data to test aspx with Http header
B, transfers all the form data to test aspx without Http header
C, call post method on test aspx
D, none
41, validity a page can be checked using the … propertied
A, control to validate
B, is valid
C, validate control
D, Is valid control
42, a WCF massage contains (chose 2 answer)
A, address
B, binding
C, contract
D, service
43, the code will be process don web server when the run at attribute of the Script tag has
the following value
A, server
B, desktop
C, client
44, which property of the session object is used to set the local identifier
A, item
B, session ID
C, key
45, what is the life span for items stored in view state
A, 20 minute
B, 2 minute
C, 2 second
D, exit for the life of the current pace
46, which is the following sentence is true
A, Is postback is a method of system.UI.webpage class
B, Is postback is a method of system.web.UI.webpage class
C, Is postback is read only property of class
47, it is possible to check whether an ASPX page is posted back to server with the help of
the … property of the page.
A, Is Post Back
B, Is Posted
C, Is Post Forward
D, Is posted back
48, what is different between server.tranfer and response.redirect?
49, what is different between server.excute and server.tranfer?
50, what is WCF?