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@klogram: RIP Sen. Kennedy...

he put his heart into his work and spent his life serving others.

@colleenstone: He represented a genteel brand of politics. passion for issues, respect for
detractors. fiercely loyal, ferociously effective.

@meerkatwhimsy: RIP Senator Kennedy. Thank you for never backing down from your efforts to
see that those born less fortunate were cared for too.

@boomermarketing: To baby boomers, Ted Kennedy personified egalitarian ideals in the
traditions of John and Bobby; he kept promises of Camelot alive.

@cwood3: Sen Kennedy carried the torch for dem's during Reagan, and 2 Bush admins. His
bipartisan skills in short supply today.

@coulon: (Etien Coulon) Ted Kennedy: one of the main reasons Obama clinched the nomination ;
one of the biggest figures of the Democratic party left-wing

@thecapecoder: (Marcia McLean) After the 2008 campaign, I'll remember Ted Kennedy as the
man who dishonorably blocked the first woman President.

@yourpeter: Sen. Kennedy constantly reminded us and inspired us that the American dream to
form a more perfect union shall never die.

@mindinggaps: (Thomas Lee.) Sen. Kennedy's long career is a story of redemption. He
recovered and grew. We need to learn how to forgive and move on.

@fastfoodmom: (Mary Murphy.) Kennedy provided a certain brand of old school stalwartness to
the Dem party that otherwise would be the unchallenged domain of GOP
@phi618: (David F. Chastain.) My2cents: Ted Kennedy redefined "liberal" regionalised
Democratic Party; moved from Jefferson/JacksonCleveland basics

@rini6: (Irene Haralabatos)\/ Sen. Kennedy was, of course, a positive and negative for the
democratic party. He was, I believe, a positive force for our country.

@PeterTwombly: Regardless of POV on his politics-Most would agree-Ted was tireless for his
party, & defined the modern role of a Senator.

@heavypen: (Ray Wyman, Jr.) The political irony of his controversial personal lifestyle versus
unflagging lifetime effort for fair public policy.

@maggiedo:(Maggie Kortchmar @nytimes HE really was a true bi partisan., respected as a
politician by the majority in Washington. Last of his kind.

@etsol: (Evie) his endorsement marked the change and upswing for President Obama's
campaign last year.

@jrowe8272: nytimes any progress we have made in this country on healthcare would be less if
not for Sir Ted.

@jeffdupler: Ted Kennedy - true elder statesman of Democratic Party, anchored it, kept it from
drifting to far from core values.

@robertjohndavis: Sen.Kennedy's passing saddens me. He was the last statesman in the
Senate. Perhaps Sen. Franken will fill the void.

@cavemandrawings: (Christian Rubio). He handled scrutiny and adversity, loss and pain in
such a public way that he showed how to be great and human, combined.

@lightsome: ( Lea Terhune)/T Kennedy role model for getting things done: effective,
committed, collaborative, people's representative

@nikitabroz: kennedy links the great society to the present; he served us in dark times for the
dem party and indeed, "the dream lives on".

@ncthe1: Sen. Ted Kennedy was a great liberal stalwart, fighting for policies to aid &
protect the neediest Americans / full of compassion
@tristy: I'm sad that the true Kennedy legacy ended with Teddy's passing, but I'm happy
that people haven't forgotten about Mary Jo.

@launicorn: RIP TedKennedy.Shining ex. of democratic principals,compromise,drive&passion.
Fought for those on the margins.US lost a great asset

@kristennicolet:Teddy dealt w/scrutiny and adversity, loss and pain, in such a public way
that he was a real example of how to be great and human, combined.

@adanylkiw: When the US congress does pass universal health care act they better call it
the Ted Kennedy Act!

@jmekoa73: R.I.P Edward Kennedy- a champion of civil rights and a man committed to
improving our country. Let your legacy continue to flourish.

@hughsanson: Impact of Kennedy? Principle of standing up for the less fortunate, something no
Republican does today and precious few Democrats.

@ksuri: truly dedicated public statesman! He overcame adversity and proved himself ultimately
an honorable man. With a twinkle in his eye.

@shirozora: Healthcare reform. 'nuff said.