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Caroline Johnson (Sen. Vaughan)

From: David Congdon []
Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2009 B:58 AM
To:;;;;; David Congdon;;;;;;;;;
g pervier@ncnorthstar. com ; Greg Plemmons; h isaacson@iislaw. com

jimmorgan @morganherring. com; jmatheny@rtmc. net; Joh n_Kasarda@unc. ed u ;
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Cc:; Sen. Don Vaughan
Subject: FW:AerotropolisLeadershipBoard
Attachments: image002.gif; Aerotropolis Leadership Board.xls; Aerotropolis leadership board roster.doc

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Aerotropolis Leadership Board,

Attached is a spreadsheet and word document containing the members and contact
information of the new Aerotropolis Leadership Board as approved by the PTP Board of
Directors yesterday. This board replaces the Global Logistics Task force and represents a
cross functional, and cross jurisdictional leadership team charged with the oversight of our
iourney toward the development and realization of the "Aerotropolis" concept as presented by
Dr. John D. Kasarda and Dr Stephen Appold of the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise, UNC
Chapel Hill November12,2008. Their final report is entitled "The Piedmont Triad Aerotropolis
Plan: From Guidelines to lmplementation" This report is available from Dave Hauser at PTP
and accessible from their website.

Now for a few updates:

1. Friday 5129, GTCC held a press conference at the PTP office to announce the "Center
for Global Logistics" at their new Northwest campus. lt was a very good conference and
we are now underway with this exciting collaborative regional development.

2. P.T.l. Airport Authority is in the final stages of developing their Long-range land use, and
needs plan. The first draft of this plan was expected to be ready for discussion at their
Board meeting at the end of June. I have not obtained an update from Henry lssacson
on this. Perhaps he can update us. They anticipate calling a meeting of the key
adjacent county & city planning agencies thereafter to gain their input.

3. Another key planning step will be a meeting of all the regional planners and key
developers to review the Aerotropolis concept, and the P.T.l. (inside the fence) plan, so
as to begin thinking how their respective jurisdictions will fit into and can benefit the most
from the overallAerotropolis. We willtry to schedule this sometime in August.

4. Next Wednesday the 8th at 12:3O pm in Raleigh, Senator Don Vaughn has arranged a
meeting with the Triad Legislative caucus, Department of Commerce, and State
Economic development to present the Piedmont Triad Aerotropolis and what this means
to the state for growing business, jobs, and tax base. We need continued state support

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of our initiative. I know it is short notice, but members of the board are invited. Please
let Dave Hauser at PTP know if you can attend. Otherwise we will assume not.

5. Lastly, I want to schedule our first meeting as a group. lt is most important that we kick
off with an affirmation of our Vision, Mission, Success Elements, and begin the
development of an action plan to get us there. I was last considering sometime between
Tuesday, July 7th and Friday July 17th, but based on feedback received, this is not good
timing due to vacations. I would like for all of you to look at the weeks of August 10 and
August 17th, preferably the week of the 1Oth and PLEASE FURNISH DATES AND
TIMES YOU ARE AVAILABLE during this time frame to Dave Hauser at PTP so we can
nail down a meeting time that will suit the most.

Iwant to thank all of you for agreeing to serve on the Aerotropolis Leadership Board, and also
thank all the other leaders of the Triad Region that will drive our success this important

I welcome feedback and suggestions from anyone addressed or copied on this email.


David S. Congdon
Chairman Aerotropolis Leadership Board
President & C.E.O.
Old Dominion Freight Line Inc.
500 Old Dominion Way
Thomasville, N.C. 27360
336-822-5207 Direct
336-822-5289 FAX
336-210-8988 Cel

.az+"' rrr,""w"''

ne t "/K-)
.We. 4 .>J fi
Pie$m0rl*Weffiffi Aerotropolfis LesdershEp S**rd 38mP

Mr. Douglos Alkinson Mr. Greg Chobon
VP of Business DeveloPmeni Atiorney
WFU Boptist Medicol Center Wombie Corlyle Sondridge & Rice
Medicol Center Blvd. 300 N. Greene St., Suite
Winston-Solem NC 22157 Greensboro NC 27401
336-716-7846 336-574-8068 gchubon@wcsr.cor"n

Mr. Grohom Bennetl Mr. F. Hudnoll Chrisfopher Jr.
President Ex VP (retired)
Quoliiy Oil ComPonY Reynolds Americon Inc.
P.O. Box 2736 1 l0 Ookwood Dr., Suite 320

Winston-Solem NC 27102-2736 Winston-Solem NC 27]03
336-721-9505 336-724-2759
gbennett@qCIe fhcir@c*E.€cnr*

Dr. Joyendu "Joy"Bhodury Mr. L.B. Cloyfon
Associote Deon - Reseorch & Groduoie VP of MidSouth Region
UNCG - Bryon School of Business Old Dominion Freight Line Inc.
P.O. Box 26165 500 Old Dominion Woy
Greensboro NC 27 402-61 65 Thomosville NC 27360
335-334-5338 336-822-5377
joy*bh*dury@uncg"edu lb"cl*yt<>n@sdf!.e *nr

Dr. Donqld W. Cqmeron Mr. Dqvid Congdon
President CEO & President
Guilford Technicol Community College Old Dominion Freight Line Inc.
P.O. Box 309 500 Old Dominion WoY
Jomestown NC 27282 Thomosville NC 27360
(336) 334-4822 336-822-5207
dwe nrrleron@g* dqvid. e o nEdon@odf !. c o nn

Mr. Dqle Cqrroll Mr. Michqel L. Hermqn
Deputy Secretory Presideni
NC Dept. of Commerce Best Services Group
4301 Moil Service Center 829 Graves St.
Roleigh NC 27699-4301 Kernersville NC 27284
(9 r 9) 733-137 4 800-229-4787 x1406
dc srro!l@B'!c c s rfi nerc e. c *m
rni ke@bestservic esE rffi Lt P. c m m
NsRrH caFoLrHA'. _/

PiedmonffiY#dffi Aen*?nopoBBs L*cdersh$p Somrd gilGs

Mr. Mourice S.S. Hull Mr. Kelly King
President CEO
Copstone Property GrouP Inc. BB&T Corporotion
1208 Eostchester Dr., Suite 205 P.O. Box
High Point NC 27265-2382 Winston-Solem NC 27102-1250
336-8B3-6500 336-733-231 I Fcsking@bbcndi"**mt

Mr. Henry H. lsoocson Mr. Donold A. Kirkmon
Portner; Choir, PTAA Bd. President & CEO
lsoocson lsoocson Sheridon & Fountoin Piedmont Triod Portnership
l0l W Friendly Ave. Ste. 400 7025 Albert Pick Rd., Suite 303
Greensboro NC 27401 Greensboro NC 27409
336-27 5-7 626 336-668-4556
h!saqrcson@iislqw.acm d kirkms n@pied nr*s':i9ric d s':c. e s nt

The Honorqble Yvonne J. Johnson Mr. J. Edword Kifchen
Moyor Vice President
City of Greensboro Joseph M. Bryon Foundotion
P.O. Box 3,|36 P.O. Box 14829
Greensboro NC 27402 Greensboro NC 27415
336-373-2396 336-69 I -9803
yvon hns*n@greensboro - nc. g CIY ed ki*shen.imb@exol"cerrn

The Honorqble J. Allen Joines The Honoroble Jim Molheny
Moyor Commissioner
City of Winston-Solem Montgomery Co. Boord of Commissioners
P.O. Box 3099 NC-6756 Cheeks Mill Pork
Winston-Solem NC 27150 New London NC 28127
336-732-5473 (336) 301-0127
cllen.joi nes@wqc hovis. c o nr jmatheny@rfrnc.n*f

Dr. John D. Kosqrdo Mr. Thomqs McKim
Director Institute of Privoie Enterprise Choirmon, Airport Commission
UNC Kenon-Flogler Business School R.J. Reynolds
Compus Box 3440 401 N. Moin St.
Chopel Hill NC 27599-3440 Winston-Solem NC 27102
(9r9) 962-8201 (336) 7 41-3348
i*h n. kcscrds@u me ed u "
t'/"'(' '---
NoRrH.AFoLlnar 1-7 )

PieCmonffirM& .AerotropolEs Lesdershf;p Boord 2S09
MAa(ETtNc OUR RE6'oN lo aR€ Woqr D

Mr. Brenl McKinney Mr. Brion Quinn
Executive Director Plont Monoger
PART Steelcose Inc.
7800 Airport Center Dr., Suite 250 Swothmore Ave.
Greensboro NC 27409 High Point NC 27263
336-662-0002 (336) 434-8201
brentmG' bquinn@steelc<

Mr. Jim Morgon
F. Ms. Morlene M. Sonford
Monoging Portner President
Morgon Herring Morgon Green & Rosenblutt TREBIC
P.O. Box 2756 I Wesigoie Dr.
High Point NC 27261 Greensboro NC 27407
336-883-6177 336-855-.| 453
jimmorgo n@morgo mso nford@lrebic.org336-373-5 I 35

The Honorqble Down H. Morgon The Honoroble Rebecco R. Smolhers
Moyor Moyor
Town of Kernersville City of High Point
I l2 Rockford Court P.O. Box 230
Kernersville NC 27284 High Point NC 27261
336-993-9147 335-883-3305
dmorgo n2@trisd. bec ky.smof hers@hig hpointnc. gov

Mr. Grohom W. Pervier The Honoroble Ronnie K. Wqll
President Moyor
Rockinghom County Portnership City of Burlington
P.O. Box 205 6,l3 Meodowood Dr.
Wentworth NC 27315-0205 Burlington NC 27215
335-342-8r 38 336-222-5023
g pervier@nc narthsla r. c o rrl rwull@ci. burlinglon. nc. us

Mr. Greg Plemmons Mr. Rolph Womble
Vice President Portner
Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. Trode Street Poriners
500 Old Dominion Woy 635 N. Trode St.
Thomosville NC 27360 Winston-Solem NC 27,l0,|
336-822-5271 336-777-387 6
greg. rhw@trisdbiz.rr.corn

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