The following is a collection of editorials from my radio talk show Red, Right, and Blue. I had done a couple of series on various topics, and will rewrite them here. Hope all enjoy! Red, Right, and Blue is a political talk show hosted y !alerie "antiago and I #my former co$hosts on the show were Harriet Baldwin, %atricia Ba er, and Billie &otter' which airs on "aturdays at ()*+ %, -astern, (.)*+ %, &entral, on a site called /wn The 0arrative. Right now the show is on hiatus as the producers of the show have offline issues to deal with. However, the show will e on BlogTalk Radio under the 0ot %olitically &orrect anner #which is run y former Red, Right, and Blue co$host %atricia Ba er' temporarily until the producers handle their offline issues. 1hat we do for two hours is go through the news and give our own take on it from the citi2en3s point of view from the right side of the political spectrum. 1e invite you to join us and engage the conversation when the show comes ack on the air.

History of Red, Right, and Blue
Red, Right, and Blue started when I decided to ranch out into the talk radio arena in "eptem er, .+((. 4t the time I was a 56 with 5ream"cape Radio over on a roleplay site called %ortal of 5reams, and was a part of the Herman &ain &ampaign with a few hundred other online supporters. I was an avid listener of a flagship show on &ain 0ation Radio #0ow called &onservative 0ation Radio' on Blog Talk Radio and kept asking if I can have my own show. The host #who was also the purveyor of &ain 0ation Radio' had kept saying he will think on it. 0ow at the time 5ream"cape Radio had an e7cluvisity clause to where any who 56 for them /089 stay with them for everything online radio related, though I had come to find out later that was not the case. I had decided to resign from 5ream"cape Radio with the option of coming ack after the .+(. election, as I was planning on only eing a talk show host during the .+(. election season then return to 563ing right afterward. 4fter a couple of months the host decided to grant me two hours of time a week, and so Red Right and Blue was started on :e ruary .;, .+(.. In ,arch, .+(., I was also a panelist for a show called TB$T!, which was started y a man who called himself Te7as or Busted. /n 6anuary *, .+(*, I was unceremoniously

released from &onservative 0ation Radio, and came to /wn The 0arrative full time starting my show that "aturday. I have had some memora le guests and interviews during the year that I have een on the air, talking to people like 46 Reissig $ the author of -scape to :reedom $ ,elanie 5ianiska $ mother of &orey &laggett who is spending time in :ort 8eavenworth for following orders $ and Tony <at2 $ Tea %arty "peaker and host of The Tony <at2 "how every "aturday on =>.( Talk out of "t. 8ouis, ,issouri.

%4RT /0-) 405R-1 BR-ITB4RT
The first series I am working on is on the &onservative Blogger and &iti2en 6ournalist 4ndrew Breit art. Born :e ruary (, (=;=, Breit art is est known for his news aggregation we site Breit which consisted of what he called ?The Bigs,? also known as Breit, Big @overnment, Big Hollywood, Big -ducation, and Big %eace. He also wrote two ooks) ?Hollywood, Interrupted) Insanity &hic in Ba ylon $ The &ase 4gainst &ele rity? #with ,ark &. - ner' as well as ?Righteous Indignation) -7cuse ,e 1hile I "ave The 1orld? as well as appearing as a commentator on various talk and news shows. He was a very freAuent panelist on the :o7 0ews &hannel 8ate 0ight show ?Red -ye with @reg @utfeld.? He also appeared at the &onservative %olitical 4ction &onference #&%4&' from .+(+ to .+(., most famously #or infamously' confronting the /ccupy 5& %rotesters in .+(., which was his last ?viral storm on the 1e ,? according to 5avid &arr. 4lso during &%4& in .+(+ Breit art had a memora le confrontation with 5aryle 6enkins of the /ne %eople3s %roject. Breit art was married to "usannah Bean, daughter of famed 4ctor /rson Bean, and had four children. He was out walking his dog in the Brentwood section of 8os 4ngeles, &alifornia, on ,arch (, .+(., and collapsed. He was rushed to Ronald Reagan B&84 ,edical &enter where he died at the age of C* years old. Bill 1hittle, a conservative logger and commentator as well as a close friend of Breit art, said he had a serious heart attack just months efore his death.

4pologi2e for 1H4TD
#1ritten :e ruary ., .+(*' 9esterday would have een 4ndrew Breit artEs CCth irthdate. I

admit I had not followed him all that much efore watching his speech at &%4& last year, and I am kicking myself for that. However, in the (( months since his une7pected death, I had een looking at all the videos and articles I could find on him, and even reAuested #and gotten' his ook FRighteous IndignationG for &hristmas. In FRighteous Indignation,? he had written a F%ragmatic %rimer for Realistic RevolutionariesG where he lays out the rules which ever conservative activist needs to do in order to fight the left and also even those on our own side now. I mention those on our own side ecause of what happened during the last election cycle where many did not vote for Romney ecause of one reason or another. 4s 4ndrew said at &%4& last year #which had een my motto throughout the .+(. election season', FIf youEre not for this candidate, more than shame on youH youEre on the other side.G /ver the ne7t (C shows or so I am going to go through 4ndrewEs %ragmatic %rimer and say just what we could do in order to take ack the "enate in .+(C and also possi ly the 1hite House in .+(;. 1e had lost those two attles in .+(. ut with enough inspiration and know$how we will win the I14R in the future. ThatEs right, ladies and gentlemen. I say to the left and even to those on our side who cost us the .+(. election, FIThis,eans14R!G 4fter all, I think this is what that 4ndrew Breit art, that happy warrior, that fearless warrior, would have wanted. This is how I will cele rate his CCth irthdate.

4linsky v. Breit art
#1ritten :e ruary =, .+(*' In my * years of eing involved politically, I had seen the war out there. However, it is not just conservative v. li eral as many think. In all actuality, it is 4linsky v. Breit art. 1hat do I mean y the war is 4linsky v. Breit artD The answer is comple7 ut it is also simple. It is comple7 ecause of the media &omple7 that those on the left use. By the media &omple7 I am referring to not only the mainstream media ut also the way they handle the news. :or instance, the media in the northeast had een reporting on the li22ard ut failed to report on the conservative march against gun control inside one of the state capitals. It is simple ecause we can "-what they had een doing for some time.

-R :/R R-48I"TI& R-!/8BTI/04RI-".. If you had not heard it efore.++=' and doing it with class and dignity. .arch. He had written down rules #with an e7planation as to why they should e used' that 488 &onservative activists need to use to use when fighting the left. ut to sum it up he lays out his plan for the FHave$0otsG against the ?HavesG in his ook Rules for Radicals. 1e have the will and capa ility. However.aher in . 1hile 4linsky had put out a way to divide 4merica.The difference etween then and now is that we had no way to com at it until now. I had made the following mention way of introduction) y 4ndrew Breit art will forever e remem ered for many things in his life. 4ndrew Breit art had put out a way to unite 4merica. one main thing he will forever e known for is engaging the 8i erals on their turf #see his appearance on Real Time with Bill . He had left us with good . he made mention of what 4linsky looked for in a community organi2er as well as how he uilt his tactics. from going out to get the real dirt on the /ccupy movement to speaking at Tea %arty events. 4nd TH4T is where 4ndrew Breit art comes into play. . Intro to 4ndrew Breit art3s %ragmatic %rimer for Realistic Revolutionaries #1ritten :e ruary . I will get into the full e7planation of how 4linsky did that later. 1hile I had not had the privilege and the honor of meeting 4ndrew Breit art prior to his death in . 4ll we have to do is not e afraid to go out there and actually 5/ it.+(*' /n the we page 405R-1 BR-ITB4RT3" %R4@. I encourage you to do so as he put himself on the wall and said that he would fight side y each with whoever would support our candidate. 1hile many people deride &onservatives and Repu licans for going on 8i eral talk shows. with the warning that anyone who is not supporting our candidate is on the other side. In his ook Righteous Indignation. Breit art shows that we can walk into the 8ions3 5en and come out unscathed.*. I felt a kindred spirit with him after hearing his legendary &%4& speech last year.+(.4TI& %RI.

.+(( was the year of II4m6ohn@alt in memory of the movie F4tlas "hrugged) %art (G which opened on 4pril (J.+((. If there is anything we will take away from this year. . and those words they did ack then. supporting the Repu lican nominee against whoever the 5emocrats roll out to try to succeed / ama. I might not have met 4ndrew Breit art. one war you first have ago today that he had died.+(. Through those incidents I feel as if I had known 4ndrew Breit art.arch .+(. when we will support whoever we can during the primaries and then ultimately come together and put up a united front. I had written this to 4ndrew Breit art. and we lost a great &onservative %atriot .+((.+(*' /n . and will uphold his legacy of citi2en journalism and low the whistle on those who seek to cause harm to the country. 8ast month. . This will e a preparation for the fight for &ongress in . /ver the ne7t * to C months I will spend one entry a week to speaking on one of the rules 4ndrew had written out and going over just how we can use it to our advantage in speaking to others. 4ndrew Breit art was a who knew that in order to win the political to conAuer and win the cultural war.+(C when we will challenge for the "enate and defend the House. ut this has to e said. 4lso.e 1hile I "ave The 1orldG which he had pu lished in 4pril. ut had seen him on Red -ye with @reg @utfeld and also in a few 9ouTu e videos where he confronted the /ccupy 1all street people as well as some who opposed the Tea %arty.arch >. log entry paying tri ute I know we are only .instructions to fight the progressive left in his ook FRighteous Indignation) -7cuse . Remem ering 4ndrew Breit art #1ritten . it is the tag of II4mBreit art. .. this will e good for the fight for the 1hite House in . . Breit art and ased on what I had seen over the past year from those on .G and is worth reading and applying to our daily lives. It has een a year ring true today as happy warrior. just like . The instructions he had left us are found in &hapter > which is entitled F%ragmatic %rimer :or Realistic Revolutionaries. I had written the log entry 4linsky vs.J days into the year. days ago.

They would say I shouldn3t have appeared on . the fight still wages on. Rather.' 5on3t e afraid to go into enemy territory) This is the most important rule you3ll read in this ook. more than shame on you! 9ouEre on the other side!G 1hile there is no nominee to stand ehind now. 4ndrew Breit art. Barack / ama has een so successful in using 4linsky tactics to further divide and tear this country apart that at times it seems like no ody will e a le to stand up to him.the 8eft and even from those on the Right. They3re 4linsky$ed y the activist left. and the one most likely to e ignored y the Repu lican %arty and the /ld @uard in the conservative movement.e 1hile I "ave the 1orld for us to use. cell phones. 1ell 4ndrew Breit art had provided the tools to stand up to / ama and push ack against the false narratives in his ook Righteous Indignation) -7cuse . li eral or even Repu lican v. Remem er Rush 8im aughD /r their . saying the following) (. it is "aul 4linsky v. This attle is not conservative v. academia.eans14R. targeting specific hosts and specific outlets. But that3s the same mentality that led toe right to a andon Hollywood. :o7 0ews. 1e just have to actually go out there and 5/ it and not e afraid of whatever the conseAuences might e. The right figures that talk radio. 5emocrat. now letEs go out there and make him proud of his work. which is insists :o7 0ews is :au7 0ews and talk radio is hate radio. 4ndrew paved the way for us. The internet is our attlegroundH our key oards. and the media $ and the effects have een disastrous. There3s one pro lem) those outlets are e7ponentially outnum ered and outgunned y the &omple7. Breit art Rule () Bring The :ight to the -nemy The first rule 4ndrew had written in his %ragmatic %rimer for Realistic Revolutionaries is to not e afraid to go into enemy territory. and some independent Internet sites will allow us to distri ute our ideas to the masses. we cams. and i%ods are the weapons we use. 4ndrew said this is a I14RH I say IThis. it just goes to show that I was right. or are you against meD 8ike 4ndrew said at &%4& last year. / ama is leading the charge. ecause it was an audience stacked against me. FIf youEre not in that unker ecause youEre not satisfied with a certain candidate. digital cameras. The Auestion is) 1ill you e willing to stand with me in using those tactics to fight the 4linsky tactics.aher.

y ignoring 6on "tewart. 1e can do the same. that Rush was a racist. 5uring the . There3s no time to continue acking away. If we3re standing still we3re moving ackward. on it3s ack.insistence that :o7 0ews isn3t a real news outlet like &00 or . The army of the em oldened and gleefully ill$informed is growing. 9oung people suckle at the teat of pop culture $ ut y refusing to fight for their attention. . proud of who we are and what we stand for. just like I did when I was a li eral."0B&. we lose y default. I knew. the political war. homopho ic igot that only <<<ers listened to while driving their roken down pickups and drinking moonshine. negative opinions a out those outlets. &B" 0ews. and 5avid 8etterman $ we allow them to distort and demean us as they romantici2e and elevate themselves. How did that happenD It3s what the comple7 tells her to do to e cool. defiant. In my neigh orhood. and est idea$ makers need to go into hostile territory and plant the seeds of dou t in our ideological enemy and the apolitical masses who simply go with the media flow. I3d never listened to Rush in my life. we should have cele rated them for . %eople who don3t watch :o7 0ews or listen to Rush have strong. Rather than emoaning them. 4B& 0ews. heads held high. and we have to confront them face$to$face. Herman &ain. and other li eral stations and talk show hosts. ut we have to e willing to enter the arena. and other Repu licans and conservatives had given interviews on &00. and we have to take it head$on. our strategy of disengagement isn3t working too well. "tephen &ol ert. presidential campaign."0B&D The pro lem is that it works with the vast majority of apolitical voters in 4merica.aher. 1e have to use their media control against them y walking into the lion3s den. @et in the game. ut I knew $ I knew! $ that Rush was the epitome of evil. lika le faces. By neglecting The !iew or. It3s harder to attack people to their faces than ehind their acks. /ur a ysitter has an / ama umper sticker on her car. .itt Romney.+(. 1e can3t win the political war until we win the cultural war. worse. . @roupthink happens. se7ist. @et in the fight. just as the &omple7 wanted me to know. The :rankfurt "chool knew that $ that3s why they won the cultural war and then. /ur most articulate voices. I had seen posts on :ace ook and Twitter emoaning the fact that 0ew @ingrich. ut admits she knows nothing a out politics.

to analy2e them. is as . and who will go for usDG and Isaiah said FHere am I. nay.' -7pose the left for who they are $ in their own words) It3s easy to la el the left. Back in (==C or so I had read a ook y Inter!arsity %ress #a part of Inter!arsity &hristian :ellowship' entitled /ut of the "altshaker K into the 1orld y Re ecca . the parks. However.) -7pose the 8eft for 1ho They 4re &ontinuing with 4ndrew Breit artEs %ragmatic %rimer for Realistic Revolutionaries. The 5aily "how with 6ohn "tewart. Hard all. 1e need to actually go and engage the culture in the malls. The Auestion is will you stand on the sidelines and retreat to the safety of :o7 0ews and conservative talk shows. I also thought of this ecause just as @et out of the "altshaker dealt with getting out of the church and into the world. 1hile most of us are not of the cali er to go on those shows. anywhere we can. 1e need to take ack war.anley %ippert.eet the %ress with 5avid @regory. is the Internet as well as right in our own ackyards. 1hen I was involved in Inter!arsity &hristian :ellowship ack in (==* and (==C. or will you get out there and join in the fightD Breit art Rule . to take them apart using your rationality $ their program fails every time it3s tried. here is his e7planation for Rule I. "end me.)L @od asked F1hom will I send. and their le7icon.G His asis for that was from the Bi le where in Isaiah . The !iew.doing so. after reading 4ndrewEs %ragmatic %rimer Rule (. and we cannot do that if we remain in our and not engage the li erals on their attlefield.. what 4ndrew is saying is our est and rightest conservative minds need to get off of :o7 0ews and conservative talk shows and go on shows like %iers . 4s cultural war the cultural small sphere I had mentioned last week.aher.organ. one person would always point to the door efore he left the meeting and say FThe mission field is right out that door there.G I am here to say that the attlefield for the hearts and minds of 4mericans. Real Time with Bill .) . once you know it. the li erals won the and then the political war. and others to get our word out there. . The ook deals with evangelism. the 1/R85. there is one way we can do it.

the &iti2en 6ournalist #who employ Breit art tactics' first and foremost. though. we all have the power to e citi2en journalists via the internet $ there3s no &omple7 gatekeeper to stop us from posting the truth a out enemies of freedom and li erty in this country. @o out and use them.%* recorder. and the logosphere. is making news y reaking news. 1hat3s much harder than understanding the left is e7posing it. That3s where citi2en journalists come in.ainstream .edia #who employ 4linsky tactics' v. In the past few years alone.edia and hold them accounta le for putting the politiciansE feet to the fire.ake it impossi le for the &omple7 to ignore you. The Internet has ecome the shining eacon of journalistic freedom. 4nd judging y the speakers Thursday. The war is the . .+(* for the simple reason that the speakers and panelists are empowering us with the skills and tactics to go up against the 8eft.ainstream . I had followed the proceedings on Twitter #with the hashtag I&%4&. as he did to 6oe the %lum er during the .iddle -astH raised the Auestion whether Barack / ama3s auto iography.predicta le as the sun rising in the east. 4nd that means that conservatives need to use their new est technological friends) the . and we have to adapt to that age. citi2en journalists have deposed 5an Rather for his scurrilous and aseless attacks on @eorge 1. -ven though I was not a le to attend &%4& in person. The key to the success of the 0ew . I find it a little it ironic ut mayhap led y 4ndrew himself that this rule is eing written during &%4& . not te7t.+(*' and also in a chatroom from Right "coopEs 8ive :eed .edia. the phone camera. 5rudge was a citi2en journalist. even when our own legislators won3t read them. 1e live in an age of sound and light. BushH e7posed 6ohn <erry3s true war record during the . 9ou are the soldiers in this war against the Institutional 8eft. 5reams from .y :ather. It3s one thing to say that the left likes socialism. 9ou have een issued your weapons. and he took on a president. ut it3s a real story to get Barack / ama to admit it on camera. Today.++L election cycle.++C election cycleH de unked Reuters3 photography fraud in the . yesterday and today I personally have never felt more empowered to take on the . was ghostwritten y domestic terrorist Bill 4yersH gotten rid of communist !an 6onesH and the list goes on. tearing apart congressional ills piece y piece for the enefit of the pu lic. !ideo journalism is the most potent kind of journalism.

If he3d admitted he was gay right off the at. The left never gets cited for hypocrisy #see &linton. monolithic. Bush did the same thing during the .+(*.edia venture. that only served to em olden many of us to do all we can to call out the li erals and any on our own side who support / amaEs policies. 6ohn 1aters3s movies and 6ohnny <no7ville3s 6ackass series are more up my alley than . I know I am em oldened to do my part. @eorge 1. the left wouldn3t have had much to pillory him with. that is his third rule *. ut the right is cited with it all the time ecause we actually have standards. 1ho will stand with me in that unker defending those who spoke and in a sense are on that wall defending our freedomD Breit art Rule *) Be /pen 4 out 9our "ecrets /ne of the things that 4ndrew had mentioned in his %ragmatic %rimer for Realistic Revolutionaries is to put everything out in the open. The days of the left forcing us into a small. 1e will never -!-R forget what happened on 0ovem er .ark :oley.' Be open a out your secrets) If you3re going to go out in pu lic. and monochromatic o7 are over. :rankly. The speakers I had heard definitely fired me up and inspired me to continue this fight through my logs and this radio show as well as my 0ew . In this ook. By way of contrast.. /nce it was out there. the li erals had etter e very afraid. Take a page from Barack / ama. In fact. Bill'.el @i son3s The %assion of the &hrist. e a solutely open a out what you3ve done in the past. 4ctually. That means we have to out ourselves efore the left does it for us. In fact. and hung out with commies and assorted lowlifes. and I dare say that all of the speeches were wonderful. and we have to fight their caricature of us. who revealed in his pro a ly 4yers$ghostwritten auto iography that he had done a lot of low. I will go more into the speakers later in the show. there wasn3t much that the right could do with it $ he3d already admitted it. take a look at . ut all I have to say is after listening to the speakers over the past three days. I3ve already admitted to li ertine sensi ilities that were taken to a surd heights during my collegiate stint in 0ew /rleans.of &%4& . I am not a puritan.

+++ election. 1hat they do is lie a out it and cover it up then when they do come up a year or a decade later they always deny it /R they pull a Hillary and say F1hat difference does it make 0/1DG 1hat we should do is em race the mistakes and put them out there in the open and say Fyes I did this. The slings and the ar s from the ully li erals will e rendered useless once we em race our lemishes and move on to etter ourselves.. though if it were a conservative or a Repu lican that committed those same mistakes. /nce he had come clean. 6ust don3t screw up adly now. I learned from it and grew into a etter person ecause of it. reveal them at the first availa le opportunity. -m race those mistakes. the 8eft was stuck $ they couldn3t do anything. 1hat we do not do is em race and move on from them.? he said. The li erals have concealed their mistakes and moved on from them. It3s no wonder 4linsky relied heavily on his rule C) . I was young and stupid. another for me.G 8i erals are kind of like the ully who picks on others in school ecause they are insecure in themselves /R they feel that if they cannot e happy then none else can e happy. &onservatives are kind of like that child who got straight 4Es ut if there is one lemish on their record they admit it and then move on from it. But mistakes in the past don3t need to e skeletons waiting to come out of the closet. -m racing your mistakes makes you invulnera le to their slings. they would e strung up y their shorthairs over it. 1e have more rules than they do with regard for morality. which means we have to live up to them more often. Breit art Rule C) 5on3t 8et the &omple7 Bse Its %& 8e7icon to &haracteri2e 9ou . However. /ne thing to remem er is that we are all human and we all make mistakes. TH4T is the main difference etween them and us. Hypocrisy is such a powerful argument for the left ecause it appeals directly to the emotional heart of politics) one standard for you.ake the enemy live up to their own ook of rules. 5on3t talk a out how you regret them $ talk a out how you lived through them and how they made you who you are today. If you3ve made mistakes. ?1hen I was young and stupid.

8eftist assassins like .' 5on3t let the &omple7 use its %& le7icon to characteri2e you and shape the narrative) If you3ve got a ig story. /3<eefe sided with 5er yshire and .artin against Taylor.+(+ &%4&. "id . He makes scurrilous. I don3t pull out my record on civil rights or my lack friends.a7 Blumenthal. he3s ending. 9ou can stop their ullets ecause their ullets aren3t real. and 4frican$4merican conservative <evin . 6ohn 5er yshire of 04TI/048 R-!I-1 #who ripped into Taylor for his racism during the forum'. I don3t let them get away with it. 9ou immediately ecome a racist. they can3t harm you. /nce it hits him that he3s not ound y the rules of the game. 1hile I was at the . if you refuse to ack down in the face of those intimidation tactics. I make sure that my righteous indignation registers on the Richter scale. jingoistic nativist. 4nyway. have tried to la el me and many of my allies as racists.artin. I don3t just call them out. I was confronted y 5aryle 6enkins of the /ne %eople3s %roject ased on my defense of 6ames /3<eefe $ he had een slandered online as a racist y Blumenthal ecause he had attended a conference at the @eorgetown 8aw &enter that included racist 6ared Taylor. here3s how the incident went down) Breit art) . and he reveled in it so much that he made it Rule C in his %ragmatic %rimer for Realistic Revolutionaries) C. unsupporta le accusations against people and he smears them using the political correctness he learned so well in the post$modern academy and the politics of personal destruction he learned firsthand from his father.a7 Blumenthal is a political hit man.and "hape the 0arrative 4ndrew Breit art was a lightning rod to the left. 4t the event. a one$trick hit man. he can literally stop ullets. the &omple7 will do what it always dies) attack you personally using the %& le7icon. I simply point out that what they3re doing is pure 4linsky and that it has no asis in fact or reality. se7ist. 5on3t let them do it. 1hat he does is he rapes the reputation of people mercilessly. 9ou3re 0eo in the hallway with 4gent "mith after he figures out that the &omple7 is a sham $ the spoon isn3t ending. and that they3re showing themselves to e racists in their own right y citing race every time they meet someone with whom they disagree. homopho ic. The fact is this) if you refuse to uy into their le7icon.

He was at that white supremacist forum. The reason #according to those who called me racist' is ecause I do not like / ama ecause he is lack. Breit art) It wasn3t a white supremacist forum. you suck. uddy. 6enkins walked away. He isolates threats to the reign of the far left and the reign of his father3s ca al of &lintonM%odesta and the organi2ed left. That was it. 6enkins) 9es it was! Breit art) Then why was <evin . 4s . It then devolved into a series of accusations regarding details of the event. and you shouldn3t let them characteri2e you. yes I am. Breit art) /kay.artin 8uther <ing 6r. 1ill some ody please take this guy out of hereD 9ou punk. 0ame$calling is their est strategy. it is clear that the content of his character is ad for 4merica. He falsely slandered 6ames /3<eefe as a racist.artin thereD 4t this point.. you win. and if you don3t lend it credence. and instead force them to ack up their charges with specifics.. Breit art) 1ell. asest tactic. then. The key to the conversation was that I didn3t start defending myself against his aseless charge of racism. He was a punk for leveling that kind of charge without any asis whatsoever. I dismissed it out of hand as ridiculous ecause it was ridiculous. 6enkins) I3m the one who put that story out there first. sirD Breit art) I3m eing interviewed right here. He3s a vicious guy. 4nd judging on / amaEs past. have a nice day. said during his famous FI have a 5reamG speech. Revel in the name calling $ it means you3ve got them reduced to their lowest. and the one that carries the least weight if you refuse to a ide y their definition of you. . I don3t let my enemies characteri2e me without any evidence. we disproved it $ 6enkins) How did you disprove it.?!icious? Blumenthal. 6enkins started pointing his finger inches from my face and moving his face close to mine. He destroys people. there should e a day when people are judged not on the color of their skin ut on the content of their character. :inally. 9ou3re lying . 6enkins) 9ou3re lying. 6enkins got to his point) Breit art) 4re you accusing me of eing a white supremacistD 6enkins) I3m accusing you of eing a racist. There had een many times I was called racist or un$4merican for posting articles against / ama.

ase tactics to ack up their claims.arco Ru io #and now even Ted &ru2' are not eligi le for president ecause they are not a natural$ orn citi2en. . ut on the majority many are held silent ecause they reali2ed they had een forced to using low. He got 6ones and his defenders to come out of the closet and attack him. How many incredi le pieces of journalistic revelation have een lost ecause they weren3t properly presented to the pu licD "eriali2ation is good. Then he calmly laid his cards on the ta le. one y one. &urrently I am attling many who say . Rule for Realistic Revolutionaries. I tell them to ack up their claim and some of them do. It3s the same strategy I saw 4rianna pursue during the 8arry 8awrence scandal. he then went &omple7 control whatever J in his %ragmatic %rimer J. 1hen I am called names ecause I do not support / ama or any li eral for that matter.' &ontrol your own story $ don3t let the &omple7 do it) 4 one$and$done story isn3t worth anything. Then and only then do we win and put the &omple7 on their heels. many people only see skin color and as such they do not see the content of the character.+(*' 6ust as 4ndrew Breit art did not let 8e7icon to control him and shape the one step further and did not let the story he had. I present to you. Breit art Rule J) &ontrol your own story $ don3t let the &omple7 do it #1ritten 4pril . /ne fact can e posted on the Internet and flushed down the memory hole faster than anyone can imagine. and have even een accused of eing an /$ ot or an / ama supporter. the &omple7 use its %& narrative. !an 6ones was taken down y @lenn Beck ecause Beck had the goods $ and ecause he revealed them piece y piece. Those people are even accusing me of using "aul 4linsky tactics.However. Then I move on to saying that they really have no claim if they resort to name$calling. I calmly #at first' let them know that they have no specific claim to ack up their charge. there y owning the narrative which they tried to shape on us. %eople came out of the woodwork to ..

I had calmly said that he is. 9ou have to give it little its of steak over and over and over again until it learns its lesson. and it will remain in me until I take that eternal celestial dirt nap. I told him that I am calmly owning the narrative. weeks a year. The main thing to remem er is this) we need to /10 TH04RR4TI!. 4nd she smiled and let them come at her. In fact. keeping the story alive. 4nd in fact just recently I had seen a thread on a site which mentioned a paper from the &ongressional Research "ervice on natural orn citi2enship and presidential eligi ility. "o I . :eeding the media is like training a dog $ you can3t throw an entire steak to a dog to train it to sit. and the news makers have every right and a ility to feed that leech little y little instead of letting it suck them dry all at once. /wning the narrative has een a part of my life ever since 4ndrew died. and he didn3t let the media3s cries for him to reveal all his information control his decision$making process.C hours a day. and every time they said something which mentioned Romney and / ama eing the same I just calmly said they are not and showed them links a little at a time. He roke the story in pieces rather than in a long essay laying out all the facts. election I had dealt with the third party supporters. Instead. owning the narrative is a way of life. one person even called me Rick FThe 0arrativeG Bulow ecause when he would ask me what I am doing. he controlled the media. Rather. <eep your story alive y planning its release down to the minutest level. The important thing to remem er here is that the media are like a leech hanging on the ack of the news makers. J. 1hen . Then she put her evidence into the pu lic eye it y it. It3s the same thing 5rudge did with 8ewinsky. 0ow what is funny a out it is that I had rought up that paper in another thread on the same site and got ashed for it. That3s what 4rianna did.attack her as a scurrilous human eing slandering a dead war hero. as I had mentioned last week.arco Ru io was mentioned on RomneyEs !% short list and the irthers came out of the woodwork saying he is not eligi le.+(. one that lives with us . I am of the elief that owning the narrative is not just a fancy saying or something that can e focused on for an hour or so a day or even a every single opportunity. 5uring the . > days a week. and de unked their articles a little at a time with certain links of my own.

) B iAuity is key #1ritten 4pril (*. Breit art Rule ... 4m I upset a out itD 9es I amH however. 4nd online. not just against 4&/R0. It is another to <--% the narrative going. The only way the &omple7 can own and control the narrative after eing confronted with facts is to shut you up. when 4B&0B&&B"&00. whatever it may e. 1hile the cru7 of a story can e weaponi2ed and launched on one of my we sites.had waded in and mentioned a couple of things a out eligi ility. 4nd. at all costs. 4nd for that you might need a little help. apparently that means anning someone from sites. created a parallel line of attack.+(*' It is one thing to own the narrative. . Hence. u iAuity is a key weapon That means developing relationships with like$minded allies or even enemies and news junkies and allowing them to share in the good fortune of a good scoop. ut against its myriad defenders. pageviews are a desired commodity. we have to own the narrative.+(. one thing I did not do when I commented was let them own and control the narrative. in 4ndrew Breit artEs %ragmatic %rimer for Realistic Revolutionaries. Rule . there are often peripheral angles that can e developed elsewhere with a separate ut related media life of their own. The 4&/R0 story couldn3t have een the success it was without others $ talk radio and alternative news outlets that were invested in the story and . and wound up getting anned from the entire site. :or instance. I knew legal minds were needed to weigh in on these aspects. If we want to win in . But when playing for political or cultural keeps."0B& and the dailies are working against you and ignoring you. . who lied and misdirected to try to kill the story.' B iAuity is key) 4s a capitalist and as a we pu lisher. who runs the indispensa le %atterico we site. %atrick :rey.+(C and then in . 4 key component of e7posing the scandal was a detailed analysis of 4&/R03s structure and its past scandals. the acorn story was un elieva ly comple7. Remem er that owning the narrative is not just a fancy saying ut a way of life. impact matters most.

"o I planted scoops with what usiness school types would call my ?competitors. ut developing relationships with like$ minded people who are also news junkies can allow them to share in the fortune of a good scoop is key. Rather. my pageviews would go through the roof.c&ain of The /ther . the resources around so that the entire movement can enefit. That is what the 8eft does. ecause our chunk of the pu lic sAuare gets igger and igger each time we reak something huge. ecause in 5& there are too many fighting over too little ground for their own fifteen minutes. But on that I do not take all the credit for it ut rather give credit to Ro ert "tacy . :rom outside 5&. post it on your social media tools and get the word out there. If some ody3s throwing you traffic. I even do the same thing when I do my news aggregates on my rant log. 1hile we all have different viewpoints or perspectives as to what conservatism is. "he is one who hunts down stories on relatively unknown sites and put them out on Twitter.etal 6acket Reach$4round? where he says) Reciprocal linkage is the essential lu ricant that makes the logosphere purr with contentment.c&ain who has a log entry entitled ?How to @et a .? and I watched the story e7plode. which he calls the F:ull . spreading the stories. it does not help to keep it to yourself. one thing to remem er is that we are all in the same fight. "tacy has Rule . In ne7t weekEs editorial I will go more into how to engage in social media as 4ndrew has it as his Rule >. The scarcity mentality is strangling the growth of the conservative movement. who used to e my co$host on this very show. The pro lem is that conservatives are so divided that it gives the 8eft a chance to gain the edge on the narrative. I love living in 8os 4ngeles and not 5&. "ometimes the est ideas are counterintuitive. /ne of my good friends who likes to share in the fortune of a good story is %atricia Ba er. you should either #a' give them a link$ ack . and my rand flourish.G In fact. and they succeed y coming together for a common purpose.illion Hits on 9our Blog.G That means spread it around. If you find something newsworthy.could deliver scoops of their own. then it gets picked up y her followers and spreads to others. the channels of distri ution. 0ote what 4ndrew had said) Fdeveloping relationships with like$minded allies or even enemies and news junkies and allowing them to share in the good fortune of a good scoop. I can see that u iAuity is a out growing the pie for everyone.

flash mo s. 9es. where you3re always taking and never giving.edia outlets. I know I usually do it. These are gatherings spawned over the Internet on hours3 notice. The /ther . ut well$socially$networked person can soon carry more weight than a household$name columnist at your local news daily. headlines. The key is.edia as a whole' one of the key points and rules in his %ragmatic %rimer for Realistic Revolutionaries.y"pace.' -ngage in the social arena) . Take. whether it3s for snow all fights or for rioting in the streets of %hiladelphia. and paragraphs form. Because you don3t want to end up on the wrong end of a kharmic un alance in the 3sphere. the citi2en journalist isn3t always reporting in the ledes. ut the past couple weeks I had slacked off ecause of certain things away from the computer.y first instinct a out :ace ook was my first instinct a out Twitter was my first instinct a out . ut now it can e done in a few hours with with the right connections and the right posts on a few we sites. and they gather thousands of people.+.y"pace $ it sucks. 4nd with that in mind. . Building a movement used to take time.c&ain has a whole plethora of articles and the like to link to on your own logs and also on "ocial . "ometimes a status update can lead to the mother lode.+(*' /ne of the est things I like a out 4ndrew Breit art in the short time I had followed him on Twitter prior to his untimely death is how engaged he was on Twitter. I was definitely wrong a out :ace ook and Twitter. >.update. "ometimes a tweet or a re$tweet can grant an idea more legs. . or at a minimum # ' keep them in mind for future linkage. will you e u iAuitous or will you e a loner in this warD Breit art Rule >) -ngage in the social arena #1ritten 4pril . I am making a concerted effort to go ack to doing it. there are slick advisers falsely promising a social networking @old Rush. Bsing my ?u iAuity? rule. for e7ample. I was right a out . However. he made Twitter #and indeed "ocial .

There are no leaders to the Tea %arty.comM' "tephen . /n it will e the following) 6ohn 8aRosa $ %artner of :our Tier "trategies. I will e having a panel on this very topic. it was ased on conservative people partying.edia to defeat the 8eft and own and keep the narrative.edia. which is a great thing.The Tea %arties have used the power of social media to get their message out there in a new and incredi le way. and it3s already spawning actual creative projects. 88& # http)MMwww.arco Ru io groups. logspot. 0ow.comM' Breit art Rule L) 5on3t pretend to know more than you do . "ocial . 4nd to wrap up the trifecta. former Romney supporter. what is one way to do all of thisD The est way I can think of is y using the power of "ocial . His fifth rule was a out us controlling our own story and not letting the &omple7 do it. It3s also particularly true in Hollywood.aloney $ 4dmin of a few .edia advocate . If any li eral attended a Tea %arty event.fourtierstrategies.iryam "ha ak $ 4dmin of the :ace ook @roup Help @/% . this rule is a culmination of the three prior rules.edia C !ictory 5iane "ori $ %urveyor of The %atriot :actor #http)MMthepatriotfactor. which is all a out owning the narrative.aster 0ew . his si7th rule was all a out u iAuity eing the key to keeping the narrative. and there3s no formal program to the Tea %arty $ it3s truly a party of the people. which is what the 8eft has een known to do on "ocial . they3d e shocked to see that it isn3t a <<< rallyH it3s a social gathering of thousands of like$minded people of all races and ages. and originally. people looking for others who elieve in the same values. "eek out other people and uild an army. If you think on it. where sociali2ing is the asis of usiness. 4ndrewEs fourth rule was a out not letting the &omple7 use their %& le7icon to characteri2e you and shape the narrative. 4fter all. /n todayEs show. That3s why I3ve tried to put people in Hollywood together.

. policy wonks who can pull facts from the /ffice of . That was the e7tent of my then$Aualifications to pontificate on such legal matters. It rarely ends well. I would only accept media invites where I could dictate the terms of engagement #i. L. But just ecause we have reason on our side doesn3t mean that everyone is Auipped to e &harles <rauthammer or . etc. 4s I recall there was a case called .y takeaway from the revealing moment a out the low standards for T! punditry was that if I valued my career. .#1ritten 4pril . I would have had nothing to say. or that I readily accepted.' 5on3t pretend to know more than you do) This one trips up conservatives all the time. /ne of the low points of my media life was getting a call after the nomination of 6ohn Ro erts for the Bnited "tates "upreme &ourt. 4ndrew Breit art also gave us a few tips on how to keep the narrative. /hio.>. I am not sure what demorali2ed me more) that I was asked to do so y a leading ca le news network. Had 1ikipedia not een invented. 1e want to argue policy ecause when we know policy. .+(*' 4fter giving us a few tips on owning the narrative. ecause all they have is their le7icon of name$calling and societal e7pulsion. . .ichael Barone. asking pointed Auestions rather than citing facts we may not e sure of. perhaps I limit my a ility to appear on more shows. my own perspectives. and I survived. 4 producer from &003s now$cancelled 4aron Brown "how asked me to go on T! and discuss the wisdom of %resident Bush3s choice. ut that doesn3t mean we3re powerless $ it means we get to play "ocrates. 1e have reason on our side. Here is Rule L in his %ragmatic %rimer for Realistic Revolutionaries.' or where I could change the su ject to war footing. But I did.anagement and Budget out of every orifice. there3s no way they can eat us. But I definitely limit my a ility to screw up. I remem er taking a &ivil 8i erties course at Tulane in summer school.ost of us aren3t e7perts on the latest udget package or stem$cell line v. By avoiding talking a out that which I do not know. ring my own stories. %ut another way) don3t e the guy with a knife at a gunfight.

. and even a few . Twitter. 1e need to do our research every time we find an idea or a narrative that people are putting out as false and then disprove it with what we had researched. and it3s even more fun asking them to provide the sources for that evidence.+(*' 6ust as we should not pretend to know more than we do. This is where research comes in. Reason is not their strong suit $ emotion is. ut is it reallyD 0ow I will get more into that in ne7t weekEs editorial ut one thing I will say a out it is that we might not know everything. Breit art Rule =) 5onEt let them pretend to know more than they do #1ritten . ecause you can always puncture their alloon with one word) why.any out there do not take the time to go into the research and actually ack up what they talk a out with facts or they do ut get it all jum led up. 4s 4ndrew said. we should not let the 8eft pretend to know more than they do. and the various message oards and sites that we visit. other than their own utopianism and their dyspeptic view of the status Auo and 4merica.0ow this is !-R9 important in the arena of social media as we look at :ace ook. . 9our opponents will pretend to e e7perts if you don3t. :orce them to play on the foot all field of reason. ut we need to not pretend or give others the false impression that we do. Then and only then can we eat the progressives and the 4linskyites at their own game. too $ if they tell you health care is a right.ay C.' 5on3t let them pretend to know more than they do) This is really the converse of the last rule. there is one word which we can use to puncture the false narrative propagated y the left. 4sking them to provide evidence for their assertions is always fun. There are many people out there who claim that they know it all and that their way is the est. Hence Rule = in 4ndrew Breit artEs %ragmatic %rimer for Realistic Revolutionaries) =. ut that3s okay. 8i erals don3t have a why. 4ttacking the fundamental asis of their arguments if fun. ask why. as I had discussed last week.

". it is clear that 4ndrew Breit art had found a way to use 4linskyEs rules to /BR advantage. "he saidG cases as well. 4s we all know. The thing of it is do we have the 1I88%/1-R to confront them and force them to play on that foot all field of reason.ay ((. ut in the conversations I have had with them. This way. It3s the truest of 4linsky3s statements. then they will have to come up with a reason.kooks on our own side. Tina :ey. reason is not their strong suit ecause they always rely on emotion.++. the kooks on our own side say their strong suit is reason. and it3s the most effective.. sullied "arah . This is also handy in the classic FHe said. The more research we do and the more we know. If we ask why they think that. 1e have the tools to force our opponents to play on the foot all field of reason. @ranted. This way if they say something which they had een corrected on in the past I can go right to the file and say that this had een talked a out efore and that they were wrong then and are still wrong. /ne thing I had een doing since . a simple three$letter word with a lot of power and oomph ehind it. if people say something that I know is false.+(*' It is rare to see someone on the right agree with 4linsky.' Ridicule is man3s most potent weapon) Here. That word is why. or are we afraid to do itD Breit art Rule (+) Ridicule is manEs most potent weapon #1ritten . it seems like they do not have a reason e7cept FRead the &onstitution!G and F1e need to get ack to the &onstitution!G THI" is where doing research and knowing what we are talking a out comes into play. 4linsky and I agree. is saving every conversation I have with people. . I know that in my own conversations at first I had not had a lot of good research on my side to puncture their alloon. Hence Rule (+ in his %ragmatic %rimer for Realistic Revolutionaries) (+. not the . I go right to a certain article and show them where they are in error. the etter we can e at puncturing the false narrative that is out there. ut over the past year I had read and listed all of the sites and articles I had read. whether in a chatroom or even on instant messenger. ut in studying him and also Rule :or Radicals.

6on 4nd we3ll ring down / ama. /ne main person who can do such is Reggie Brown who does a 1/05-R:B8 impersonation of Barack / ama. That video goes to show that the 8eft has the keys to pull out the merry pranksterism on 4merica and get away with it. &ase in point is Tina :ey with the legendary "aturday 0ight 8ive skit where she impersonated "arah %alin with the ever popular saying FI can see Russia from my HouseG which many low$information voters think that those words actually came from "arah %alinEs mouth.had done to promote &apitol %unishment.. their %ay %er !iew which was held in 1ashington 5& in 6une . ut not unless we3re willing to get unserious. ut the key is to not just talk a out it ut actually 5/ it. 1e have seen the 8eft roll out a few people to impersonate our presidents or even political heroes. Breit art Rule (() 5onEt let them get away with ignoring their own rules #1ritten . 1e can do the same in our own way. rought down @erald :ord. I had seen a couple of ways that we could do it. "tuffy old white guys wearing ow ties and talking a out the danger of national deficits don3t get much done $ talented people who can translate political chaos into merry pranksterism do.ay (L. 4nother way is what the 11. 1e have to turn the ta les and take the merry pranksterism away from them. They had spliced some clips of / amaEs press conferences with Auestions pertaining to their %ay %er !iew.+(*' 0ot only did 4ndrew Breit art say 4linsky was right a out ridicule eing manEs most potent weapon. he also agreed with .+(. That is one of the ways they won in . Instead of eing a stuffed shirt spouting off num ers and pretending like we know what we are talking a out. we need to let our hair down and just have some fun doing what we do est.%alin3s image. &hevy &hase "tewart rought down Bush.++L and again in .+((. .

we need to force them to ack down and apologi2e. . Ro ert Byrd was ?a lion of the "enate? even though he was a former <leagle of the <<<. Hence. . These were forced out of office while the 5emocrats only get a slap on the wrist. and they have to e held accounta le to it. They3re 5emocrats. they would have een hounded from office. Rule (( in the %ragmatic %rimer for Realistic Revolutionaries. so they3re not. we need to force these hypocrites to stand up against their own %& regime in order to defend themselves. :rankfurt "chool tactics can3t work here $ standing for li eralism doesn3t mean you3re allowed to violate the conventions of %&. which killed /sama Bin 8aden' at every turn. They set up this %& &omple7. -very time they say things like this. 6ohn -nsign #Repu lican from 0evada' resigned from the "enate ecause of ethics violations.4linsky on another rule. If these had een Repu licans. or / ama with the 4m assador and company in Bengha2i as well as 0avy "-48 Team . even get away with murder #a la Hillary &linton with !ince :oster and 1hitewater. if only for honesty3s sake. 6oe Biden is still vice president of the Bnited "tates even though he called the first lack president ?clean? and ?articulate. ((. 1hat makes these three different from the 5emocrats 4ndrew mentioned in his ruleD The fact that the 5emocrats can do anything. there had een a vast difference in the way Repu licans and 5emocrats are handled. But that doesn3t mean we can3t hold them responsi le for reaching their own standards.' 5on3t let them get away with ignoring their own rules) 4linsky is right again. Bntil his death in .? Harry Reid is still "enate majority leader even though he said / ama was ?light$skinned? and could drop his ?0egro dialect? on cue.ark :oley #Repu lican from :loridaEs (.ississippi' was forced out of the "enate Repu lican 8eadership ecause of his words at the cele ration of "trom ThurmondEs #Repu lican from "outh &arolina' (++th irthdate.+( 5istrict' resigned from the House ecause he was caught in ed with a minor. /ver the past (+ years or so. and we3re the only ones who will do it. 4mong the ones I can think of) Trent 8ott #Repu lican from . and we can3t allow their allies to let them off the hook with e7cuses a out how they stood for the right policies. 4t the very least.

1e can3t let them. It3s truth) I know that some of you are going to feel rotten a out using some of these tactics.set of rules that they e7pect us to live y. in the theoretical heavens $ the :rankfurt "chool was successful only ecause they were a le to shift . 1e start y uncovering the truth and telling everyone a out it. making . In fact. ItEs truth #1ritten .1e need to turn the ta les on the 5emocrats and make them live y the -N4&T "4.ar7ism3s asis from real$world predictions to descriptions of supposed historical processes. It is time those in politics do the same thing.' Truth isn3t mean. .J. ut if there is one thing in religion that speaks to me. Breit art Rule (. then they will run roughshod.ay . and I3m certainly no theologian.. 1e can ignore the tactics. 4nd a solute truth will set us free from the grip of the &omple7. In my travels on Twitter.. which is why they rely on 4linsky Tactics and smears. (.+(*' 4s 4ndrew Breit art had come to the close of his %ragmatic %rimer for Realistic Revolutionaries.) Truth isnEt mean. he rings a out a !-R9 important issue and rule which many on the left do 0/T want to think a out. or say that I donEt know . the left continues to rely on our honesty and a ove oard good nature in order to achieve theirs. it is the idea of a solute truth. I have met many who spread lies a out anything and everything. I3m not religious. 1e have to falsify their theory y presenting unvarnished truth after unvarnished truth until the light dawns on everyone just how right we are. In sports. ecause the &omple7 lives in the clouds. and when I confront them with the truth they call me racist.ar7ism unfalsifia le. oth teams play y the same set of rules. If we do not. ut the left will continue to use them to their enefitH just as the :rankfurt "chool relied on the good nature and honesty of 4mericans who wouldn3t engage in un$&hristian tactics in order to achieve their massive victory. the word truth has meaning only if it3s a solute. mean.

Hence his (*th and final rule in the %ragmatic %rimer for Realistic Revolutionaries. 4nd that cannot happen if we go ack to the way things were. well all we have to do is channel our inner 6ack 0icholson from 4 :ew @ood . It can3t happen without hope for 4merica and faith in its people $ two things / ama and his leftist ilk don3t have. It won3t e which many use. 0o matter what. 4pathy in the face of determined :rankfurt "choolM4linskyMcritical$theory$trained activists is national suicide. Breit art Rule (*) Believe in the 4udacity of Hope #1ritten 6une (. (*. which is why they try to shut it down in others. ut we3ll do it. To paraphrase his victory speech after the . ut he gives us one more thing to elieve in. ecause he3s terrifically agile with his prepared words.what IEm talking a out. 1e have the power to unravel the &omple7 and destroy the Institutional 8eft. /ne of the many things I also like to ring up is that F&ommon sense dictates OG which I use to say that those who even have any sort of common sense and decency would look at what is read and determine for themselves if it is true or not. It cannot happen without you. Then when I provide them with links which show where I know what I am referring to they proceed to say that the site or log has errors even though it is a HI@H89 R-%BT4B8. "ometimes people just need a (+ pound sledgehammer of common sense upside the head or a cheese grater of decency right in the yam ag region to see that what they had said or read has een wrong. ecause we have to do it.+(*' 4ndrew Breit art has given us all the tools to help defeat the &omple7. the rise of the 0ew . there are times in which you have to use it on people more than once to try to get it to sink in. and for those who do not want to hear it. politically correct automaton. However. we need to reach out to people with the truth.++L election.edia alone is not the change we seek $ it is only the chance for us to make that change. . It will take time and effort. .en and let them have it. and there will e false starts and road locks.' Believe in the audacity of hope) It3s too ad %resident / ama is such a joyless.

Breit art wrapped it all up in a short. then the 4merican people would one day awaken to find they have communism. It can only e7ist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largess from the pu lic treasury.++ years. this change had not een done overnight ut over time. like the /rgani2ing for 4merica group.4s one who loves to shine a light on the progressive left and ecome a rod for the truth and for conservatism.. the people would have had none of it. ?The average age of the world3s greatest civili2ations has een . However.. if 4merican leaders dished out small doses of socialism. one of the "oviet 8eaders. then it is just national suicide ecause the :rankfurt "choolM4linskyMcritical$theory$trained activists like the /ccupy movement.most people didn3t reali2e it was happening. 1e are at that path as we speak.... with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy. 9es ladies and gentlemen. simple paragraph. However.J+ years ago) ?4 democracy cannot e7ist as a permanent form of government. like the . These nations have progressed through this seAuence) ?:rom ondage to spiritual faithH from spiritual faith to great courageH from courage to li ertyH from li erty to a undanceH from a undance to selfishnessH from selfishness to apathyH from apathy to dependenceH from dependency ack again into ondage. have had the upper hand for close to * or C decades now.ove /n crowd. and if all of the socialist changes had taken place at once. 1e indeed have the power to unravel the &omple7 and destroy the Institutional 8eft.. always followed y a dictatorship. But a gradual change. Right now is 0/T the time to give up and give in to the 8eft and even to those on our own side. we take C steps ack. and even 4le7ander Tytler spoke of it a out . ?:rom that moment on. 1e need to get out there and take the fight to them and push them ack. Remem er what <urt 5illon said in the ook -scape to :reedom y 46 Reissig) 4 long time ago. the majority always votes for the candidates promising them the most enefits from the pu lic treasury. 1e didn3t get here overnight. If we do not.said that 4mericans will never jump from capitalism to communism.? .and I can3t remem er which. we also know that there will e times in which for every step we take forward.

is .. putting our knowledge of the %rimer to good use. /ne of the main things that 4ndrew said.+(. 5uring that speech he said that many are on to the F"aul 4linsky Bullshit waysG of the %rogressive 8eft and that the . and I use it as my own motto ever since. House and "enate elections. Repu lican.itt Romney only to have it gra ed away from us at the last minute.+(C midterms. This attle is one step 5--%-R than that) 4linsky v. The seeds for the major part of this attle were laid when 4ndrew gave his wonderful speech at the . as well as the kooks on our own side. 8i eral v. Breit art. It also showed down the ticket as we arely kept the House and failed to gra the "enate. 1e were right on the cusp of victory with .Breit art must have known and reali2ed that we are on our way ack to ondage. Right. &onservative.edia &omple7 and the %rogressive 8eft. or even 5emocrat v. election would e forever known as the FdogwhistleG election. I reali2e that I am an 4ndrew Breit art &onservative. 1hen I egan introducing the %ragmatic %rimer. 4ll we have to do is not e afraid and to go out there. Then when we find out where we went wrong we have to learn to not repeat the same things if 405 /089 I: we are serious a out winning in .+(. 1ell I would like to toss another term into the mi7) 4ndrew Breit art &onservative. which is why he came up with the %ragmatic %rimer for Realistic Revolutionaries as a way for us to destroy and dismantle the . In order for us to win the "enate and increase our lead in the House in the . &%4& just a few weeks efore his death.+(C and carry that momentum into . . and in my research on the topics.+(*' 4 while ack on :ace ook I had read somewhere that a couple of people call themselves :rederick 5ouglass Repu licans. I am an 4ndrew Breit art &onservative #1ritten 6une L.+(.+(. /ver the past (* weeks I had een going through the %ragmatic %rimer for Realistic Revolutionaries during these editorials. I mentioned that this attle is not 8eft v. we have to learn where we went wrong in the .

. 0ow. he would still e a natural orn citi2en on the asis that his mother was an 4merican &iti2en from .-RI&40 -N&-%TI/048I". 0ow for the record. I will e in that unker. ut did not fully em race it until after I got his ook Righteous Indignation for &hristmas and then went through the %ragmatic %rimer. ut there is no dou ting the fact that he is a natural orn citi2en ased on the fact that he was orn in Hawaii. I knew I was an 4ndrew Breit art &onservative.G %4RT T1/) 4.+(*. we had ruined his eliefs on what 4merican -7ceptionalism is. after reading it many times and going over the %ragmatic %rimer on my radio show. :or this I have to thank . on 4merican -7ceptionalism. I am a conservative Repu lican and do not like / ama. . in the hard ack edition) FThese are the years that we will look ack on and Auestion whether we did enough for our country and for out children. However.ichael B. 4merican -7ceptionalism . and if youEre not in that unker. The second series I will e posting here is a section I had just done in 6uly and 4ugust.aryland who married a man from the British colony of <enya. so righteously indignant. I fully em race it ecause just like 4ndrew said at the end of the ook on page . so pissed. more than shame on you.artisko for as he and I had gotten into a very heated discussion on :ace ook a out %resident Barack Hussein / ama eing a natural orn citi2en.ike had said that ecause another person and I argued with him on / ama3s irth. -ven if he were not orn in Hawaii. .*. so I decided to do a series of editorials on 4merican -7ceptionalism as a part of my talk show. 9ouEre on the other side!G 4fter hearing that speech.F4nyone thatEs willing to stand ne7t to me and fight the progressive left. we had gotten into a discussion on 4merican -7ceptionalism. ThatEs why IEm so determined. regardless of what some people say. -7cuse me while I save the world. that is another topic for possi ly another ook.

To ecome a full$ fledged 4merican.+ years of F4merican -7ceptionalismG for him. 8et me say a few words a out three of them in particular. 1hat this meant was that its :ounders aimed to create a society in which. ut y his own freely chosen pursuit of his own am itions. of lineage. it was only necessary to pledge allegiance to the new Repu lic and to the principles for which it stood. these rights . and therefore no such factors came into play. Here is the first part) /0&. :irst of all. in all other nations. if any. there was an interesting article y 0orman %odhoret2. for the first time in the history of the world. enjoyed y their citi2ens were conferred y human agencies) kings and princes and occasionally parliaments. of lood. and in the Hillsdale &ollege pu lication called Imprimis. the Bnited "tates of 4merica was different from all other nations. In other words. But 4merica was the incarnation of an idea. it took the loodiest war the nation has ever fought. 4merica was to e something new under the sun) a society in which hereditary status and class distinctions would e erased.B%/0 4 TI.aga2ine. "econdly. . That got me to thinking. Thirdly.#1ritten 6uly (*. There remained. the rights. 4s such. hardly anyone dissented from the idea that. entitled FIs 4merica -7ceptionalDG /ver the ne7t few weeks I will e reading from it during this editorial. former -ditor$in$ &hief of &ommentary . as in the case of the former. foreigners who were admitted for one reason or another could never ecome full$fledged mem ers of the society. the individualEs fate would e determined not y who his father was. of course. in all other countries mem ership or citi2enship was a matter of irth. of rootedness in the soil. This is not surprising.+(*' 4 couple of weeks ago I had said that someone had said that a friend and I just destroyed . since the attri utes that made it different were vividly evident from the day of its irth. Thus. for etter or worse. this one accepted as a self$evident truth that all men are created eAual.-. the two atavistic contradictions of slavery and the position of womenH ut so intolera le did these contradictions ultimately prove that they had to e resolved$even if. unlike all other nations past or present. leaving individuals free to act and to e judged on their merits alone.

the citi2enEs rights were declared from the eginning to have come from @od and to e Finaliena leG$that is.amounted to privileges that could e revoked at will y the same human agencies. ut for the purposes of todayEs editorial I will focus on these three just riefly ecause these three have caused a lot of controversy today. almost everyone agreed that 4merica was different. This too went ack to the eginning. it was only necessary to pledge allegiance to the new Repu lic and to the principles for which it stood. immune to legitimate revocation.artin 8ipset. where it has mistakenly een thought to have originated. 4s it happens.+th century that also made 4merica e7ceptional. when the denigrators outnum ered the enthusiasts. other characteristics that were uniAue to 4merica gradually manifested themselves. "talin reputedly shouted something like. in the .' In 4merica. In 4merica. when an 4merican &ommunist leader informed him that 4merican workers had no intention of playing the role . . 4s time went on. the citi2enEs rights were declared from the eginning to have come from @od and to e Finaliena leG$ that is. 0um ers ( . of all people. If. however. /ther characteristics had come a out in the . *. Thus. immune to legitimate revocation. F4way with this heresy of 4merican e7ceptionalism!G 4nd yet "talin and his followers were themselves e7ceptional in denying that 4merica was e7ceptional in the plainly o serva le ways I have mentioned.+th century. who used it in connection with the a sence in 4merica of a strong socialist party. social scientists egan speculating as to why 4merica was the only country in the developed world where socialism had failed to take root.ore recently I have discovered that the term may actually have originated with 6oseph "talin.ar7 had assigned to the worldwide proletariat as the vanguard of the coming socialist revolution. there was a great deal of disagreement over whether its e7ceptionalism made it into a force for good or a force for evil.' 4 self$evident truth that all men are created eAual. 0otice the three things that %odhoret2 said which made 4merica e7ceptional) (. ut in a ook y the sociologist "eymour . who coined the term in the same connection ut only in order to dismiss it. :or instance. y contrast.. I myself first came upon the term F4merican e7ceptionalismG not in 4le7is de TocAuevilleEs 5emocracy in 4merica. .' To ecome a full$fledged 4merican.

and I will e devoting an entire show to it. and the %ursuit of Happiness.-0 #i. 0ot only were we the first nation to say that if you pledge allegiance to the Repu lic and the principles for which it stood.4 04TBR48 B/R0 &ITIP-0. I can spend an entire show on this in the future. then you 4R. 4merica I" and 48149" H4" B--0 e7ceptional.' #1ritten 6uly . that 488 . . that among these are 8ife. anti$4merican passions were understanda ly fuelled y the dangerous political challenge posed to the monarchies of -urope y the repu lican ideas of the 4merican Revolution. However.e7ceptional.+(*' Barack / ama says that there is no such thing as 4merican -7ceptionalism as much as there is British -7ceptionalism or @reek -7ceptionalism. he would e livid.G This proves that 4merica was founded on a 6B5-/$&HRI"TI40 heritage. 0ow we will discuss just how people had lost sight of 4merican -7ceptionalism. 4t first.. 4merican -7ceptionalism #%art . and I rought it out in last weekEs editorial. then you are a citi2en ut I will go /0."T-% :BRTH-R and say that if you recite this when you are a child 405 you are orn here. ut today is not the day to do it. and I aim to ring that out more on this show.e. The second cause of what made 4merica e7ceptional deals with citi2enship./R.RI@HT". 8i erty. irregardless of your parentsE citi2enship status. and that is so far from the truth it is unreal. But the political side of anti$4mericanism was soon joined to a cultural indictment that proved to have more . humankind' are created eAual.any people say that the /089 time children are national orn is if their citi2ens are parents. I will say to start of with that if 6efferson were to see what people had done to the phrase F"eparation of &hurch and "tateG today as opposed to when he wrote it in (L+. . and I will. that they are endowed B9 TH-IR &R-4T/R 1ITH &-RT4I0 I048I-04B8.+. not many elieve we were founded on a 6udeo$&hristian heritage. 8ook for me to ring these three issues out in a later editorial and possi ly show. 1ell there are many reasons to make 4merica .and * go together ecause we see them in the 5eclaration of Independence with the phrase F1e hold these truths to e self$ evident.

.any years later.G The main reason for the enduring power of the cultural critiAue was its fervent em race.G and it was only their pro7imity to -urope that allowed them Fto neglect these pursuits without lapsing into ar arism. 0o foreigner of that day$neither poet. love of money was the most conspicuous and most common trait of the 4merican character . or philosopher$could detect in 4merican life anything higher than vulgarity . . went TocAueville one etter) F4merica.G were so fi7ated Fupon purely practical o jectsG that they neglected Fthe pursuit of science. .G . when the putative materialism and crassness of 4merican life are harped upon in movies..+(. and intellectuals who followed TocAueville. nor ideas of any kind in the 4merican reast. moreover. honor. television shows. 4nd so it still goes in . artists. Fis the only nation in history which miraculously has gone from ar arism to decadence without the usual interval of civili2ation. . sno ishly recoiling from the changes wrought y rapid industriali2ation following the &ivil 1ar. 1e see a similar conflict in TocAueville. these more recent works attri ute this crassly . volumes of social criticism. and op$ed pieces too numerous to count. 5emocracy in 4merica was mainly a defense of the countryEs political system and many of its egalitarian ha its and mores. . novels. TocAueville e7pressed much the same contempt as the critics cited y Henry 4dams. In his younger days. -nglishmen especially indulged in un ounded invective against the sordid character of 4merican society . literature. he wrote. 8ike TocAueville and the foreigners cited y Henry 4dams. and the arts.G he Auipped. @eorges &lemenceau. .staying power. he would hurl the same charge at the 4merica of the so$called @ilded 4ge. The 4mericans. . eginning in the late (=th century. economy. . &ontemporary critics could see neither generosity. But where its cultural and spiritual life was concerned. . painter. with Ftheir e7clusively commercial ha its. y the vast majority of the writers. Here is how the rilliant ut volatile historian Henry 4dams$the descendent of two 4merican presidents$descri ed the cultural indictment as it was framed in the earliest days of the Repu lic) In the foreignerEs range of o servation. 4dams defended 4merica against these foreign criticsH ut in later life. another :renchman.

-uropean philosophers and poets could see only rapacity and vulgarity here.+(*' 8ast week we had e7plored what 4le7is de TocAueville and Henry 4dams had said a out 4merican -7ceptionalism.G It was this dream. That is 0/T what 4merican -7ceptionalism is supposed to e a out. to speak personally. that eckoned to the poor of the old world. I have taken my . Henry 4dams charged 4mericaEs foreign critics with lindness to the countryEs ama2ing virtues. Today we see many not interested in politics #when it is all around us' or even sat that greed is ad and we need to share the wealth. 1e had seen the decline of 4merican -7ceptionalism in the late (=th century with the advent of the @ilded -ra. practical money$getting 4merican democrat was in truth living in a world of dreamG and was Falready guiding 0ature with a kinder and wiser hand than had ever yet een felt in human history. This week I will just ask a simple Auestion) &ompared to what is 4merica so adD /n the other hand. This was also a out the time that the government decided that they are est suited to teach out students and also when many had thought 4merica was a democracy and not a Repu lic. to the species of freedom that has done more than anything else ever invented to lift masses of people out of poverty and that would later e known as capitalism. several decades efore switching sides. . there have always een defenders of 4merican e7ceptionalism as a vital force for good. calling upon them to come and share in the limitless opportunities it offered$ opportunities unimagina le anywhere else. 4merican -7ceptionalism #%art *' #1ritten 6uly . 4dams went on to say. 1hereas. the poorest -uropean peasants could discern that Fthe hard. 4dams wrote. or even downright evil. these critics were declaring. ut I will get to them in a later editorial.>. :or a long time now. was e7ceptional all right$e7ceptionally ad. 4merica.philistine attitude to the love of money and Fthe e7clusively commercial ha itsG that went with it$in other words. Thus. and the more we fall down that path the worse off 4merica will e.

and it is in them that we have indeed e7celled the most. 9es. we and our fore ears have fashioned a country in which more li erty and more prosperity are more widely shared than among any other people in human history. to the preservation of the lessings of li erty to ourselves and our posterity. 4fter more than C+ years of pondering the Auestion F&ompared to whatDG I have come to elieve with all my heart that the Bnited "tates elongs on that e7alted list. despite policies unfaithful oth to the letter and to the spirit of the traditional 4merican system that have resulted in a series of political and economic set acks. It is true that we have not earned a place on it. racism. It rarely occurred to me or my fellow leftists to ask a simple Auestion) &ompared to what is 4merica so adD :rom our modern perspective. political. #In his original draft of the 5eclaration.edicis. These ends were social. even today that holds true. much more was wrong with %ericlean 4thens. and many others attest that we have. I was on the 8eft. we have not done too adly. or (=th$century Russia under the Romanovs. To speak only of literature. . Ro ert :rost. or the Italy of the . or -ngland under the first Queen -li2a eth. to whom it had ecome e7ceptionally ad. The Auestion %odhoret2 asked #&ompared to what is 4merica so . But this has not disAualified them from eing universally ranked among the highest points of human civili2ation and achievement. it was the flaws in 4merican society$the radical (=. names like 1alt 1hitman. to whom 4merica was e7ceptionally good.ark Twain. as the others mainly did. as well as to the pursuit of happiness tacitly understood y the 5eclaration of Independence to reAuire prosperity as a precondition. of course. and from the utopian vantage point to which leftism invaria ly transports its adherents. against his em ittered older self.+s trinity of war.G' By remaining faithful in principle$and to a considera le e7tent in practice$to the ideas y which the :ounders hoped to accomplish these ends. as our &onstitution e7horts us to do. and economic. done far etter than might generally have een e7pected of a nation conceived primarily to achieve other ends.stand with the young 4dams. y our contri ution to the arts. In my own younger days. -dith 1harton. and poverty$ that stood out most vividly. 1e have e7celled y following our :ounding :athers in directing our energies. 9et it is worth pointing out that even in the sphere of the arts. in fact. 6efferson used the word FpropertyG instead of Fpursuit of happiness.

. other than their own utopianism and their dyspeptic view of the status Auo and 4merica. reason is not their strong suit ecause they always rely on emotion. there is one word which we can use to puncture the false narrative propagated y the left.G 4s 4ndrew said. ask why. ut that3s okay. The thing of it is do we have the 1I88%/1-R to confront them and force them to play on that foot all field of reason. a simple three$ letter word with a lot of power and oomph ehind it. thought that we had too much freedom for our .adD' is one we should e asking all of our li eral friends. :orce them to play on the foot all field of reason. In fact. too $ if they tell you health care is a right. 4sking them to provide evidence for their assertions is always fun. "ee if this will get them to think and find out just 1H9 they think 4merica is so ad. 4s we all know. That word is why. F9our opponents will pretend to e e7perts if you don3t. let me read just a small e7cerpt from it when I did my editorial on that particular rule. 4ttacking the fundamental asis of their arguments if fun. dismayed y such phenomena as the spread of pornography and se7ual license.+(*' "o far as li erty is concerned. This will force them to do what 4ndrew Breit art had said in Righteous Indignation when he rought up his %ragmatic %rimer for Realistic Revolutionaries. If anything. If you remem er. Rule = of the %rimer dealt with not letting them pretend to know more than they do. 8i erals don3t have a why. or are we afraid to do itDG 4merican -7ceptionalism #%art C' #1ritten 4ugust *. and even a few kooks on our own side. Reason is not their strong suit $ emotion is. 4s I had said at the end of that particular editorial. ecause you can always puncture their alloon with one word) why. If we ask why they think that. until recently no one ut li ertarians have een arguing that we were insufficiently free in the Bnited "tates. F1e have the tools to force our opponents to play on the foot all field of reason. then they will have to come up with a reason. and it3s even more fun asking them to provide the sources for that evidence. some conservatives.

oynihan wrote in (=>.ason Bniversity asks an e7cellent Auestion) F1hat standard of fairness dictates that the top ten percent of income earners pay >( percent of the federal income ta7 urden while C> percent of 4mericans pay a solutely nothingDG To which an editorial in the 1all "treet 6ournal replies) FThere is nothing fair a out confiscatory ta7 policy that reduces growth.oynihan was talking a out was the Bnited "tates of 4merica and the party of economic eAuality was the socialist countries of what was then called the Third 1orld. and what they assign a higher value to. not to mention the threat posed y / amacare to religious and economic freedom. . 9et here is what the late 5aniel %atrick . 1e are of the li erty party. 4nd just as . modern li erals are not all that concerned a out li erty. and it might surprise us what energies might e released were we to unfurl those anners. Fspread the wealth aroundG'.oynihan predicted. if in a milder form. 6r. many conservatives are now echoing these li ertarian arguments. . . the economist 1alter 1illiams of @eorge . 1hat they really care a out. with the Repu licans constituting the party of li erty and the 5emocrats more and more ecoming the party of redistri ution. the result was the release of new political and economic energies that reversed the political and economic decline of the &arter years and that led to our victory in the &old 1ar. But within 4merica today. Hence the 5emocrats never stop claiming that the rich are failing to pay their fair share of ta7es. But thanks to modern li eralismEs arely concealed hostility to the free market. that those nations which have put li erty ahead of eAuality have ended up doing etter y eAuality than those with the reverse priority . . an analogous split has opened up.G 0ormally I would not agree or endorse anything a 5emocrat . Ronald Reagan came along to unfurl those anners. 9et after surveying the num ers. /f course. and keeps more people in poverty. 6udging y what they say and the policies they pursue. Buckley. :our years later. This is our case. is economic eAuality #as reflected in the now famous phrase. the party of li erty . what is the recordD The record was stated most succinctly y an Israeli socialist who told 1illiam :. denies opportunity. a out this very issue in connection with the redistri utionist ideology then regnant at the Bnited 0ations) 4nd eAuality .own good. .

who was a sociologist. ?4 democracy cannot e7ist as a permanent form of government. In doing so. ut that is only (. and I will go so far as to say under the other two 5emocrats #&arter and &linton' as well. These nations have progressed through this seAuence) ?:rom ondage to spiritual faithH from spiritual faith to great courageH from courage to li ertyH from li erty to a undanceH from a undance to selfishnessH from selfishness to apathyH from apathy to dependenceH from dependency ack again into ondage.++J' in which 4merica was successful ecause we put li erty ahead of eAuality. ?The average age of the world3s greatest civili2ations has een .++ years.++C' the presidents put eAuality ahead of li erty. It can only e7ist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largess from the pu lic treasury. ut I think . Bush3s first term from . the nation had ended up doing etter y eAuality than those who put eAuality ahead of li erty.says.oynihan.oynihan hits the prover ial nail on the head with this statement in regards to 4merican -7ceptionalism. ?:rom that moment on. Bush for reelection in .++( $ . Read that one part once more) The record was stated most succinctly y an Israeli socialist who told 1illiam :. with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy. Today under / ama. always followed y a dictatorship. that those nations which have put li erty ahead of eAuality have ended up doing etter y eAuality than those with the reverse priority #emphasis mine' -ven . There had een a couple of times #from (=L( $ (=L= under Ronald Reagan and also in @eorge 1. This also leads to the Tytler &ycle that I had mentioned many times in the past. years in the past *. and as such we are failing. 4ll the other times #and granted I did vote for @eorge 1. 6r. recogni2ed the need of putting li erty ahead of eAuality.? There had een a few times in which oth Reagan and Bush C* . 4merica is putting eAuality ahead of li erty. years. Buckley. and this is the mess we are in now. the majority always votes for the candidates promising them the most enefits from the pu lic treasury.

oth the assumption and its correlative concept of social justice run counter to the 4merican grain. and as the petering out of the /ccupy 1all "treet movement has recently confirmed. 4merican -7ceptionalism #%art J' #1ritten 4ugust (+. . with / ama doing his damnedest to put us in to the dependency to ondage stage. . daring. what TocAueville o served on this point in the (L*+s remains true today) 4mericans.G 1hich is to say that most 4mericans are not prone to the envy of the rich that eats away at their self$appointed spokesmen on the 8eft. and spirit in producing uneAual outcomes in Fthe pursuit of happiness. and those who put eAuality ahead of li erty. unlike -uropeans. 1hat e7plains the a sence of . . character.+(*' 8ast week we talked a out the differences etween a nation which put li erty ahead of eAuality. he wrote. Fdo not hate the higher classes of societyG even if Fthey are not favora ly inclined toward them . this assumption stems from a highly Auestiona le concept of social justice$one that rules out or minimi2es the role played y talent. 9et far from eing self$evident. ut more often than not the presidents had moved us into the selfishness to apathy or even apathy to dependency stage. lithely accepted y the party of economic eAuality. 4s study after study has shown. .G :urthermore. This week we will discuss more from de TocAueville and what he had said on the differences etween 4mericans and -uropeans as well as the gap etween rich and poor Then too there is the assumption. work. 0or are most 4mericans su ject to the accompanying passion for economic egalitarianism that made for the spread of socialism in other countries. that the gap etween rich and poor$or even etween the rich and the middle class$self$ evidently amounts to a violation of social justice. am ition.maintain those traits which make 4merica great and e7ceptional.have kept or put us ack into the courage to li erty stage. The reason he has not is ecause of we the people and how 1. initiative.

and the laws do not ind them together y the ties of irremedia le and hereditary penury. instead of forming the immense majority of the nation.G 4 story I was once told y a "oviet dissident provides an amusing illustration.(st &entury you would have considered de TocAueville cra2y for writing that. as is always the case in aristocratic communities. Feven the peasants own trucks. it was 4:T-R the &ivil 1ar #or the 1ar Between the "tates. But contrary to e7pectation. as well as some of the homes in the 0orth.G 8ooking at 4merica of the .that levelling passion is that it has een starved y the opportunities 4merica has afforded millions upon millions to etter their lot and the advantage they have een free to take of those opportunities$which in turn e7plains how unprecedented and unmatched levels of prosperity have een created here and how they have come to e shared more widely here than anywhere else. Fthe poor. as he wrote in the last paragraph. It seems that the "oviet authorities used to encourage the repeated screening of The @rapes of 1rath. Instead they came away marvelling that in 4merica. during the times efore the &ivil 1ar you would think different. TocAueville also put his finger on a second and related reason for the persistence of this particular feature of 4merican e7ceptionalism) FThe word poor is used here in a relative. The "outh had to re uild somehow during reconstruction.(. ut the economy had undergone a change in the south. a movie a out the @reat 5epression$era migration of starving farmers from the 5ust Bowl to &alifornia in their roken$down pickups. not an a solute sense. whatever you want to call it' where you see the lack of the nouveau riche and the sophistication that was popular efore (L. are comparatively few in num er. the war of "outhern Independence.G /ne thing I had found interesting is what de TocAueville o served in 4merica.G TocAueville further o served that in 4merica. %oor men in 4merica would often appear rich in comparison with the poor of -urope. <eep in mind the "outh was in a total state of disarray and their main lifestyle was almost o literated. and the laws donEt ind them together y the ties of irremedia le and hereditary penury. ut if you look at some of the plantations in the "outh. 4ctually. what "oviet audiences got from this film was not an impression of how wretched was the plight of the poor in 4merica. that the poor are Fcomparatively few in num er. and as such the poor #not only in the south ut in the north as well' egan to form the immense majority of the .

it is still the case that the poor in 4merica Fare comparatively few in num er. 4nd if you look around the world. 4merican -7ceptionalism #%art . .any of todayEs low$income households will rise to ecome tomorrowEs high$income households.ark %erry writes) In the discussions on income ineAuality and wage stagnation. we freAuently hear a out the Ftop (RG or the Ftop (+RG or the F ottom ==RG and the pu lic has started to elieve that those groups operate like closed private clu s that contain the e7act same people or households every year. and some will even . and if we fail to heed his words. the economist . .' #1ritten 4ugust (>.G This week I will continue on that and then speak a out the B. But the empirical evidence . . of those who live on the ne7t rung of the economic ladder.+(*' 8ast week I e7panded on the notion that the poor are Fcomparatively few in num er. .G 4nd e7cept for the lack underclass$whose si2e is generally estimated at somewhere etween two and ten percent of the lack community and whose plight has thus far resisted every attempt at alleviation over the past J+ years$it is also true that penury in the Bnited "tates is neither irremedia le nor hereditary. only three percent get stuck in the ottom fifth of the income distri ution for more than eight years. 4s "owell shows. more of whom are white than lack." in world affairs 4s the great economist and social critic Thomas "owell has demonstrated time and again. then we will wind up like what we had read and seen in 4tlas "hrugged. tells a much different story of dynamic change in the la or market$people and households move up and down the earnings Auintiles throughout their careers and lives. -la orating on "owellEs analyses. I am thinking %odhoret2 is warning against this in the article.nation. this is what "ocialism and socialistic policies ring a out as well. and the laws donEt ind them together y the ties of irremedia le and hereditary penury.

though we had dealt with Islamofascism in one form or . <osovo. 4 similar divide separates li erals and conservatives as to the role 4merica has played in world affairs. 1ith all e7ceptions duly noted. reinvigorating.uslims and the other two #4fghanistan and IraA' had the side enefit of li erating .uslim world in particular. la or market. and that since =M(( we have spilled yet more lood and treasure fighting against Islamofascism. the totalitarian successor to 0a2ism. it is still e7ceptional where the degree and the distri ution of prosperity are concerned.G /ver the past L+ years or so.G 4nd many of todayEs Ftop (RG or top income Auintile mem ers are tomorrowEs middle or lower class households. Fof the last si7 wars in which the Bnited "tates was involved #<uwait. By sharp contrast. modern li erals are willfully lind. reflecting the significant upward and downward mo ility in the dynamic B. and now Islamofascism trying to take over the world.ona &haren puts it. conservatives see a comple7 of traditions and institutions uilt upon the principles that animated the 4merican Revolution and that have made it possi le$to say yet again what cannot e said too often$for more freedom and more prosperity to e enjoyed y more of its citi2ens than in any other society in human history. &onsider the many apologies %resident / ama has issued for the misdeeds of which he imagines 4mericans have een guilty in our relations with other countries in general and the . or anywhere else for that matter. I think it is fair to say that what li erals mainly see when they look at 4merica today is injustice and oppression crying out for redress. never mind that. as the columnist . 4nd as to the . 0o such mo ility can e found in any of the mem er countries of the -uropean Bnion.".uslims $to what end remains an open Auestion. we had to deal with 0a2ism. But to this. four were undertaken to rescue . It follows that what li erals$ who concentrate their attention on the relatively little that is wrong with 4merica instead of the enormous good em odied within it$seek to change or discard is precisely what conservatives are dedicated to preserving. &ommunism.uslim world in particular. IraA and 8i ya'. 0ever mind that the Bnited "tates has spilled lood and treasure to li erate and protect many millions of people from the totalitarian horrors first of 0a2ism and then of &ommunism. -ven in the dismal economic state our nation has fallen into today.eventually e in the Ftop (+RG or Ftop (R. and defending. Bosnia. 4fghanistan.

. I hope and trust. / ama is all a out the fundamental transformation of 4merica and rooting out those things which made 4merica e7ceptional. so to speak. and elect instead to return to the principles that have made this nation so e7ceptional$yes. we need to continue to e the shining light for hope and capitalism in the world. election. with 0a2ism and &ommunism. 4merican -7ceptionalism #%art >' #1ritten 4ugust . ut most conservatives do not elieve that a radical diminution of 4merican power and influence would e good for us or for the world. 4s we had seen in the . no matter how hard / ama is trying to change that with his apology tour and whatnot. or at least with it following the policy of Fleading from ehind.+(*' %odhoret2 wraps up his speech on 4merican -7ceptionalism with a very e7ceptional challenge to us In spite of all this. I think we are ultimately the last stand in the world in preventing it.G 4dmittedly there are paleoconservatives like %at Buchanan and li ertarians like Ron %aul who agree on this point. then$candidate / ama declared that his election would usher in Fa fundamental transformation of 4merica. 4s 0orman %odhoret2 wrote this in /cto er. 1ith everything that is happening in -urope with the e7pansion of "haria 8aw. and for the past (. years some people had put the lame on us for the rapid rise of Islamofascism since the attacks on "eptem er ((. 1e had always een the worldEs savior.G The desira ility of such a transformation$which would entail the wiping away of as many more traces of 4merican e7ceptionalism as it will take to turn this country into a facsimile of the social$democratic regimes of western -urope$is the issue at the heart of our politics today.++L. . "hortly efore the election of .+(. he was .++(. and again in the .know it.++L election. If we want to keep 4merica e7ceptional as 1. 4nd in the long run.C.another since the (>L+Es. the li eral community seems to think that the rest of the world would e etter off without the Bnited "tates. 4mericans will reject such a transformation. e7ceptional$a force for good oth at home and a road.

y good friend 4lan 5. ut the dum ass.TH. 3/ne nation. 6ust look for the /cto er .-RI&40 if) 9ou ow your head when someone prays. which is put out y Hillsdale &ollege. I know just what a TRB. This led me to wondering just what a TRB4."TB::G and if Romney were elected.+(.3 9ou might e a TRB. 9ou might e a TRB.4. under @od..-RI&40 if) 9ou3ve never protested a out seeing the (+ &ommandments posted in pu lic places.4. you can find it on the Imprimis 4rchive site.-RI&40 is.4.and not 1.4. then he would cut that out.//&H-R. entitled FIs 4merica -7ceptionalDG y 0orman dou t warning us not to vote for / ama during the 0ovem er elections. :or now.-RI&40 really is.-RI&40 if) 9ou treat !iet 0am vets with great respect.TH%-/%8. and always . 1hat will 9/B do to keep 4merica e7ceptionalism foremostD 1hat will 9/B do to make 4merica the greatest country on earthD 1hat . 9ou might e a TRB. from /cto er .+(*' /ver the past > weeks on this very show you had heard me go through the article in Imprimis.-RI&40 if) 9ou stand and place your hand over your heart when they play the 0ational 4nthem. /therwise we will e heading ack into slavery #the last step in the Tytler &ircle' and we will e living in the same conditions we have seen in 4tlas "hrugged and during the @reat 5epression. I might read more Imprimis articles as an editorial series in the future.akes a True 4mericanD #1ritten 4ugust *(. I will end with this. !era had posted the following on :ace ook and after reading it. . dum masses #as 0eal Boort2 calls the low$information or no$information voters who do not give a rip a out politics' decided to vote / ama for a second term ecause they wanted their F:R-. 1e have one more chance in . issue. 9ou might e a TRB.4.-RI&40 if) It never occurred to you to e offended y the phrase.4.+(C to elect those who will look after the will of 1.4. If you want to go ack and read the article as a whole. .3 9ou might e a TRB.+(.-RI&40 if) 9ou still say 3&hristmas3 instead of 31inter :estival. 9ou might e a TRB.

and Blue y To y <eith is &/BRT-"9 of the Red.+(. %4RT THR--) TH.04TI/048 40TH-. It is a term which should 0/T have happened if people like @ary 6ohnson. 1hite. .-RI&40 if) 9ou3ve never urned an 4merican flag. 9ou might e a TRB. 6ust listen to the chorus) I am a real 4merican fight for the rights of every man I am a real 4merican fight for what3s right fight for your life :or those of you on Twitter who had seen the IRedRightBlue hashtag you might have seen me mention that it is time for IRedRightBlue on I/T00 $ a R-48 "H/1 for R-48 4. Roseanne Barr #yes she actually was on a couple of . 9ou might e a TRB.-RI&40".have. and Blue that I was a le host this very show.4.-RI&40 if) 9ou respect your elders and e7pect your kids to do the same. "H/B85 /089 B.. out as it to think 4fter Barack / ama stole the election on 0ovem er . %R-"I5-0TI48 -8-&TI/0 Here we are. 1hite. the same thing can e said for Real 4mericans. and as you heard at the top I had found a good one in Real 4merican y Rick 5erringer. @od Bless the B " 4 ! 4men 405 9/B 4R.4 TRB.-RI&40. one year into Barack / ama3s second term. which I took the title from if you on it. when I started this show I started with &ourtesy of the Red. I got to thinking of a new theme song for the show.4.-RI&40 if) 9ou know what you elieve and you aren3t afraid to say so. 6ust like what 4lan said a out true 4mericans.4. 1ell it is true. no matter who is listening.4. 9ou might e a TRB. I: 9/B THI0< TH.."B0@ 4s some of you know.

It was those third parties that destroyed the election for . this election is 149 to important to waste it on a third party ecause of the destruction / ama has een doing. .+(. 1. and others had not have decided to run as a third party candidate.) FIf youEre not in that unker ecause youEre not satisfied with that candidate. a mem er of his then$transition staff. election and talk of a third party #1ritten . we had elected Barack / ama.+(.C. :or a classic e7ample of this. lost to Bill &linton due to Ross %erot siphoning a large amount of votes. /utside of that. I think on this allot there are C+$J+ third parties who would e fielding a presidential nominee. election.' This week in the %atriot Pone there was one person who had said that ecause it looks like .+(. . we have egun to properly vet Barack / ama.arch .+(. In it I will also include two open letters #pre$ convention and post convention' as well as my own eulogy on 4merica. 0ow thanks to 4ndrew Breit art and "ean Hannity.G /n Red. we need look no further than (==.itt Romney will e the Repu lican %residential 0ominee. %residential election was important to 4merica and how we should defeat Barack / ama. one who was not properly vetted y the media and when he came in to office did so with the goal of fundamentally transforming our nation.itt Romney and caused / ama to sneak ahead and win.+(.allots for %resident'. History has shown that third parties serve nothing ut heart reak for the sitting president. In . 9ouEre on the other side... ready to rule form day one according to !alerie 6arrett. . ut it is the third party looks which caused more of it. we will in a sense e handing / ama the keys to the 1hite House for another four years. The . third party candidates #and there are many of them. @ranted. I feel that if we vote third party come 0ovem er . This section is devoted to those editorials I had wrotten on the .++L. when @eorge H. and Blue. Right. 4s 4ndrew Breit art had so effectively said at &%4& in . there were some other factors which caused Romney to lose. I had gone through many editorials on how important the .+(. he will e voting third party and encouraged others to do so as well. Bush. more than shame on you. aka Bush C(.

@et informed. @ranted. like the other Repu lican nominees this year.!I4B8./"T important election in our lifetimes. The /089 TRB. !oting for Third %arty or sitting on your sorry a22 is unaccepata le. It looks like . -nd of 4merica.. ut let3s e realistic here. the other three are not Auite as electrifying to me as 0ewt is. -ither way.+(. However. Imagine what this 4merica$hating Bsurper will do as a 8ame 5uckD @ive me a reak.itt Romney is the presumptive nominee. we will have . @et involved.after . are etter than / ama. I am a Repu lican and a 0ewt @ingrich supporter. ut thanks to the esta lishment suits on oth the Repu lican and the 5emocrat since he was forced to suspend his campaign.y good friend and co$host Harriet Baldwin had posted a couple of things to really put this election into perspective when she posted the following two comments in The %atriot Pone. /utside of %erot3s serious run in (==. The only one who electrified and e7cited me this election season was Herman &ain. 9ou are either with 4merica or against 4merica. where it e .. ut his resolve has never een stronger and it ecause of that resolve that the Repu lic has een reorgani2ed into the :irst @alactic -mpire for a safe and secure society &/B85 !-R9 1-88 e our future if / ama wins re$ . 4 vote for 409 of the third party candidates this year.I: we want to get / ama out of office in 0ovem er. . or whoever comes out of a rokered convention in 4ugust. I will vote for him in 0ovem er ecause he.alternative to Barack Hussein / ama in 0ovem er is the Repu lican nominee. 8et me e clear) This is the .B"T get ehind the nominee$whoever it may e. If he is not the nominee this year. 4 vote for 409 ?third party candidate? is a vote for The :raud aka Barack Hussein / ama.itt Romney. 1e . I feel that this year the third party candidate will serve to aid / ama in keeping the 1hite House for another C years ecause of this current crop of candidates.B0I&4T-. and the clip from ?"tar 1ars -pisode *) Revenge of the "ith? where &hancellor %alpatine said that the threat on his life y the 6edi has left him scarred and deformed.. we have to do so with the right candidate.+ days to coalesce around that candidate and do whatever it takes to defeat / ama. This ?Third %arty? talk is :I0. third party candidates have only served as spoilers for the sitting president in history. 0ot now. and if he keeps his position. &/. whoever comes out of the Repu lican 0ational &onvention on 4ugust *+. the other three candidates running now.

in the %atriot Pone y Harriet Baldwin. @et involved.. I: we do not vote for the @/% nominee in 0ovem er. then our /089 /TH-R &H/I&.. The only one that can do that is the Repu lican nominee. ut if this does not go into a rokered convention.THIR5 %4RT9! In other words. &/. 4llow me to reiterate two comments made my my co$host. This ?Third %arty? talk is :I0.I0--.+(. The Auestion is. 8et me e clear) This is the . ?5o 9ouD? The . 4 vote for 409 ?third party candidate? is a vote for The :raud aka Barack Hussein / ama.%/RT40T T/ !/T. THI" -8-&TI/0 I" 149 T// I. 1e .after . @et informed.arch *(.+(*' 1ell apparently it seems like many people either did not read my entry from last week or they did and just rushed it off as nonsense so let me reiterate this once to come together as a party or a group and vote / ama out. I know I do not want this to happen. 0o third party candidate #outside of Ross %erot in (==. the /089 T1/ !I4B8. 0ot now.&H/I&-" for this election are B4R4&< /B4. . Imagine what this 4merica$hating Bsurper will do as a 8ame 5uckD @ive me a reak.election.B"T get ehind the nominee$whoever it may e./"T important election in our lifetimes.B0I&4T-.' had gotten enough traction to make a dent in the election count. If you sit at home or vote for anyone else then it is a throwaway vote for / ama.R-%BB8I&40 0/. then the clip from "tar 1ars -pisode *) Revenge of the "ith that I .+(.' #1ritten . election and talk of a third party #%art . whether it is popular vote or electoral vote.4 405 TH. -nd of 4merica.any of us have our own reasons why we are not going to vote for any of the @/% candidates in the primaries. . 9ou are either with 4merica or against 4merica. !oting for Third %arty or sitting on your sorry a22 is unaccepata le.

THIR5 %4RT9! In other words.4TH 405 HI"T/R9 4@4I0"T IT! "o let me reiterate one more time THI" -8-&TI/0 I" 149 T// I.1. then go ahead and vote for Barack / ama or those fronts known as third party candidates this year. or Third %arty' and place it ne7t to the other two.arch . . 0o$!ote. If you take even /0. that cup has C== while the other cup has J++. 0ow put J+ pennies in that cup for those who do not vote. (+(. This election the third party votes sway 4@4I0"T Romney and are :/R / ama. Therefore.+(. where I spoke out 4@4I0"T voting for a third party. when Ross %erot hindered the %eople from C more years of @eorge H.%-009 from the Repu lican /R the 5emocrat cup right off the at for a write$in or a third party vote.%-/%8. either a tyrannical anti$4merican dictator to lead us into the fall of the Repu lic.%/RT40T T/ !/T.mentioned last week will term e our future during an / ama second If you want this to happen. or the chance to sing @ood ye to him in 0ovem er.4 or you are 488 I0 :/R R/.*. I hear many of you say that is impossi le ut it is so true.arch *(. Take two cups and la el one Repu lican and one 5emocrat. Then take a third cup and la el it /ther #for 1rite$I0. I am voting for the Repu lican nominee ecause I want to e a le to sing ?0a 0a Hey Hey @ood ye? y "team come 0ovem er >.C.+(. . The choice is yours. it seems "/. %lace J++ pennies in the other two cups. Had %erot not have run. you are either 488 I0 :/R /B4.0-9! If you sit at home or vote for anyone else then it is a throwaway vote for / ama. . Bush. I feel Bush C( would have won ecause most of the %erot votes were 4@4I0"T Bush.still speak on voting third party even 4:T-R I had provided 8/@I&48 . 1e need look no further than (==.' 4pparently it seems like after I had presented a thought out argument on .. 4 vote for any ut Romney is a vote for / ama #1ritten 6une . 5onEt elieve meD 1ell try this out. and continued it on .

thereEs no room in the middle. for another e7ample. !oting for Third %arty or sitting on your sorry a22 is unaccepata le. you have in a sense removed one personEs chances of winning.. presidential election) This election. Bush had *=.L.+(.1. . it is interesting to note the -lectoral !ote count. The only way for that person to have a chance of winning #or if the one cup wants to have more pennies' is if you take one of the J+ pennies from that third cup and put it in the cup that has C==. 0ot now. I: we do not vote for . @et informed. Bill &linton had CC.. Right. This ?Third %arty? talk is :I0. To put it into a historical perspective. If ased on those two e7amples you still feel that a third party or a write in vote is the way to go. then the scene from "tar 1ars -pisode Three where %alpatine reorgani2ed the Repu lic into the :irst @alactic -mpire 1I88 e our future during an / ama second term I do not know a out you. &linton had *>+ electoral votes to BushEs (. 0ow Ross %erot #the only via le third party candidate on the allot as the others were crum ums and shoe clerks' had ( have one cup with more pennies. %erot and the other third party candidates had 0/ -8-&T/R48 !/T-" so they did not make much of an electoral difference ut they did as far as the popular votes go.=+=. If you look./"T important election in our lifetimes.L+. -nd of 4merica. Therefore. ThereEs no room in the middle it doesnEt make sense.(+C.after . 1ith the close margin &linton won over Bush #si7 million voters or so' those . 4 vote for 409 ?third party candidate? is a vote for The :raud aka Barack Hussein / ama. Imagine what this 4merica$hating Bsurper will do as a 8ame 5uckD @ive me a reak.B0I&4T-. then you are voting for / ama.+(.>C*. 1e .L. ut the opening lyrics to the song ?0o Room in the . 4llow me to posit these two Auotes from former Red. &/. no room on the fence.+ million votes %erot siphoned away from Bush would have een enough to give Bush a second term. and Blue &o$Host Harriet Baldwin) 8et me e clear) This is the . votes and @eorge H. look at the map from (==.B"T get ehind the nominee$whoever it may e. !ol2 sum up the .JJ+ votes.itt Romney in 0ovem er. @et involved.( votes. 9ou are either with 4merica or against 4merica.iddle y @reg N. 4lso.

Here we sit at LJ days from the 0ovem er . have to make your choice RI@HT 0/1! Romney has the delegates needed so he I" the nominee. If you are not for Romney then you are for / ama. and as 4ndrew Breit art had said at &%4& ack in :e ruary. It was also in 4pril when he focused primarily on where the target of all of our disdain and degradation "H/B85 e. 9ouEre on the other side. 4s the last clip shows. the primaries were over with ack in 4pril when Romney got out to that early lead. which meant that he was a le to coast all the way through until the last Tuesday in .' 5ear all Registered Repu licans. 4n open letter to 488 Registered Repu licans #1ritten 4ugust ((.-RI&40" or are you on the other sideD Those of you who are fence$sitters. we have een spending the past C months griping a out how Ffi7edG the primaries had een and also a out how Funelecta leG Romney is. and the only one to do it is Romney. . Instead of whining that our Fpreferred candidateG #whether it e Herman &ain or 0ewt or "antorum or even Ron %aul' is not the nominee we &40 get ehind .9ou are either all in for / ama or all in for Romney. @eneral -lection #as well as (. . are you with us %atriots and R-48 4. that eing on Barack / amaEs failed policies and no positive record. we need to save 4merica.itt Romney #who I" the nominee' and do whatever it takes to get Barack / ama out of the 1hite House in 0ovem er. It "H/B85 have een ack in 4pril when we all needed to coalesce ehind Romney and focus on / ama.+(.G 8adies and gentlemen. days away from the start of the Repu lican &onvention' and yet here we are still griping and complaining over something which we a solutely. those of you who are just toeing the line until you see who will come out of the convention. positively &400/T change. Instead. more than shame on you.ay. :or all intents and purposes. FIf youEre not in that unker ecause youEre not satisfied with that candidate #in this case Romney'. 4ny other vote this election is a vote for / ama which is the same thing as a vote against 4merica. when the primary in Te7as put him over the top of the ((CC delegates needed for the nomination.

atthew (. 8et us put our differences a out who is the est candidate to defeat / ama in 0ovem er and actually get ehind the one who the %-/%8. of /wn The 0arrative considers Fshiny o jectsG' and not what are TRB89 I. then we might as well kiss this country good ye ecause we are playing RI@HT I0T/ / amaEs hands. all the things which my good friend Titan=.chose /!-R1H-8.%/RT40T.T of de t.That is 0/T a way to take 4merica ack in 0ovem er. I am not one to complain a out it ecause it does nothing ut derail me from my overall purpose of ensuring that / ama is defeated in 0ovem er.++ %ennsylvania 4venue #commonly called the %-/%8-E" 1hite House ut now is &ommunism &entral' just ru ing his hands as 4merica urns. the ta7 records. all hang together. due to some false accusations y some women who I like to term as Fone$hit wondersG ecause they were /089 out to harm his successful campaign. the (JR R-48 unemployment rate the C+S months of unemployment over LR. indeed. which 4 raham 8incoln Auoted a ove' 1e must.%-/%8. H/1-!-R.I0@89 to go up against / ama.TH.*R R-%/RT-5 unemployment rate. Rather. #the L. 1e would do well to heed these wise words from great historical figures) 4 house divided against itself cannot stand $ 4 raham 8incoln #spoken in (LJL at the acceptance of the Repu lican nomination for the Bnited "tates "enate. 1e are also letting / ama dictate what should e talked a out #the social issues. the T(. 4nd why is 4merica urningD Because 1. 0ewt @ingrich' is not the nominee. the fact that the 5emocrats in &ongress have not passed a udget in almost (*++ days' .+((. the millions of people leaving the workforce. He is sitting up there in (. $ Benjamin :ranklin #said at the signing of the 5eclaration of Independence' I: we do not get ehind . . Auoting the Bi le' 4ny kingdom divided against itself is laid waste and any city or house divided against itself shall not stand $ 6esus &hrist #found in the Bi le in .).itt Romney etween now and the &onvention. that is a way of taking your all and going home just ecause you are not willing to play y the rules and want things 9/BR way! 0ow I admit I am also upset that my candidate #first Herman &ain and then when he was forced out on 5ecem er *. or assuredly we shall all hang separately.J.are fighting amongst ourselves instead of taking the fight to / ama and the 5emocrats 1H-RIT TRB89 B-8/0@".

%aul Ryan is young and smart.G That verse is also applica le today. then the clip from "tar 1ars -pisode Three where %alpatine turned the Repu lic into the :irst @alactic -mpire 1I88 e our future during an / ama second termG 4s was mentioned y 6oshua after the initial conAuest of &anaan #found in the i lical ook of 6oshua . we will serve the 8/R5.+(. more than shame on you. /therwise. .C)(J' FU4ndV if it disagreea le in your sight to serve the 8/R5.youtu e. then you will get ehind . Fif you3re not in that unker 3cause you3re not satisfied with this candidate. we will vote for Romney. as 4ndrew Breit art had said ack at &%4& in :e ruary of this year.itt Romney #1ritten 4ugust (L. .comMwatchD vW*>>Llu7npI+KfeatureWplayerXem edded $ 4fter urner with Bill 1hittle) 4 @reat 1ay to 1in and 8ose 1hittle hit it on the head.itt Romney no matter what your principles or eliefs are and get / ama /BT of office. choose for yourselves today who you will serveH whether the gods which your fathers served which were eyond the RiverH or the gods of the 4morites in whose land you are livingH ut as for me and my house. %aul Ryan is a perfect pick for .itt Romney had made the %-R:-&T decision in selecting %aul Ryan as his !ice %residential pick.itt Romney in 0ovem er. choose for yourselves today who you will vote forH whether / ama who has led 4merica into the hell it is inH or the other minor candidates who will only serve as a front for / ama this yearH ut as for me and &onservative 0ation Radio.itt Romney. If it is disagreea le in your sight to vote for .' I would like to start this editorial y playing this video from 4fter urner with Bill 1hittle entitled F4 @reat 1ay to 1in and 8oseG) http)MMwww. 9ou3re on the other side. and I will say it again) FI: we do not vote for .If you TRB89 want to save 4merica.? I said it efore. two things which li erals do not like. This pick also scares li erals ecause this race will .

4ccording to an article y &olorado Bniversity.issouri "enate race.+(. F1e want this de ate a out .>+S electoral votes #I say Romney will get *. In picking Ryan.=R of the popular vote will go to Romney as opposed to C>.' I have mentioned on /wn The 0arrative a few times. or *.any people have told me that Romney should write those states off as unwinna le ut I feel that if he holds / ama to within a single digit margin in those states. and we are definitely seeing that with the Todd 4kin v.+(.+ electoral votes for Romney with .. This just leads more credence to my theory a out all J+ states eing up for gra s. The reason for that is ecause social conservatism loses elections. and HeyX"herm also of /wn the 0arrative says *. /h sure there will e states #like &alifornia. as well as on :ace ook and Twitter. we 0--5 this de ate a out .) 488 J+ states are up for gra s #1ritten 4ugust . Though the study mainly focuses on the -lectoral &ollege. .B&H / ama will win y in those states.focus on the main issues of jo s and the economy and not the shiny o jects. which I will get into later in the show. 0ow it is our turn to do what all we can do in order to make / ama a one$term president.(R for / ama. &laire . Those signs which point to a Romney landslide focus mainly on 6o s and the -conomy. 4lso. and "andra :luke that all J+ states are up for gra s. of /wn The 0arrative says *(.+' or a pyrrhic victory should / ama somehow win a second term.. and 0ew 9ork' which will vote for / ama ut the key is y H/1 .J.. especially as in the article it says that Romney will win all the swing states / ama won in . that ased on :ast and :urious. as Ryan had said during one of his speeches.edicare. .++L. Titan=.>. all signs point to a Romney landslide with *. There are no social conservatism issues mentioned in this study at al. Illinois. then it will e a victory for him. 4kin had a (+ point lead until last . the study also said that J. The key will e whether it will e a moral victory if Romney gets the .(L for / ama.G Ryan is e7citing and has done what / ama and the 5emocrats had not done in * years) produce a udget. Romney has galvani2ed the &onservatives and made this race e7citing.edicare.c&askill race in the . -lection . / ama&are.

. which you can read at my **rd rant and my *Cth rant as well as my CJth rant and also listen to at my show on the 6une . e7actly . months from today we will vote for the direction we want 4merica to go. and Blue.409 times since . /utside of the . 4nd with that in mind we have to all we can to make . ecause he did not energi2e the ase. If you do not elieve me.issouri "enate seat will remain unwinna le to Repu licans as long as 4kin stays in the race. This year we saw a Repu lican &onvention where =+R of the speakers had given us enough oomph and impetus to vote for Romney."aturday when he mentioned the thing a out Flegitimate rapeG and then it saw the polls shift to . Right. -ven 0ewt @ingrich. ut I have espoused the failures of a third party vote many .issouri "enate seat.' Here we sit at J= days until the election.c&askill leading y (+ points in the span of * days. I say L years as we all know that Bo 5ole would have lost to &linton in (==. a write$in vote. many people are still pushing the third party olshoi of either @ary 6ohnson or Ron %aul or others.itt Romney and going so far as to compare him to Ronald Reagan during his speech. or a no vote this year I" a vote for / ama. 4n open letter to 488 4mericans #%ost$&onvention "peech' #1ritten "eptem er L. 0ow.arch. a vote for a third party. leading to the &ook Report stating that 4kin is unelecta le and that the . 1e have also heard speeches from many future stars of the . 4llow me to reiterate those rants and the entire show once more so those of you who insist that voting third party is the way to go) THI" -8-&TI/0 I" 149 T// I.+(.*rd edition of Red. who was harshly critici2ed y Romney during the %rimaries. where Ross %erot gave us L years of Bill &linton.+(. I am confident we will keep the House. a Repu lican victory. then you need look no further than (==. had even praised .THIR5 %4RT9! In other words. take ack the "enate 405 win the 1hite House with Romney.%/RT40T T/ !/T.

there has een a attle over it. 4s I mentioned in my rants. we will serve the 8/R5. The ottom line is that the Repu lican &onvention had shown that we have a good ench to support Romney. 1e see that in who they have as speakers. I am also thinking Haley and . 4s 4ndrew Breit art said at &%4& ack in :e ruary #which is my motto for this election'. and we even see that they are the most divisive of all. and I will say it again. Be on the lookout for :ortuYo and Ru io sometime in the future as they will e the ne7t president. 8i eral and Repu lican vs. choose for . or stay at home. this election you are either 488$I0 for Romney or you are 488$I0 for / ama. 8uis :ortuYo.G I said it efore. FIf you are not in the unker ecause you are dissatisfied with this candidate. write in a vote. I do not want that.itt Romney. then the transformation of 4merica from a Repu lic into an -mpire much like %alpatine reorgani2ing the Repu lic into the :irst @alactic -mpire in "tar 1ars -pisode * 1I88 e our future during an / ama second termG I said it efore. 4nd yes.artine2 could make a run for the %residency as well.arco Ru io.C)(J' FU4ndV if it disagreea le in your sight to serve the 8/R5. 4s was mentioned y 6oshua after the initial conAuest of &anaan #found in the i lical ook of 6oshua .as they are natural$ orn citi2ens. 5emocrat. 9ou are on the other side. 4nd if you vote third party. choose for yourselves today who you will serveH whether the gods which your fathers served which were eyond the RiverH or the gods of the 4morites in whose land you are livingH ut as for me and my house. they 4R. only to put it ack in after eing called out y not only Bret Baier of :o7 0ews &hannel ut also y many others. and . If it is disagreea le in your sight to vote for .B/TH -8I@IB8. 1ith the comparison and the attle of &onservative vs. 0ow on the 5emocrat side of 1ashington. more than shame on you. 0ikki Haley. and also in their removal of @od and Israel from the platform. and I will say it again) FI: we do not vote for .itt Romney in 0ovem er.G That verse is also applica le today.Repu lican %arty such as "usana . 4nd even then. we do not see that much of a ench from them. then you are in fact y default voting for / ama and the destruction of this nation.artine2. all a third party will do :/R THI" -8-&TI/0 will serve to continue the divisiveness and thus ensure another C years to / ama to destroy this nation. and I know in all of your hearts you do not want it either.

The Tea %arty and this particular presidential election #1ritten "eptem er . . we will vote for Romney. "mith wrote a letter which really puts this election in perspective This %articular %residential -lection for . 1e3re making solid inroads in this endeavor in each election. The only way we are going to effect the kind of changes many &onstitution loving and 8i ertarian leaning 4mericans espouse to is through the legislature not the %resident.y iggest disappointment in this election cycle so far is that 1e The %eople flushed T(++ millionS down the figurative toilet chasing this silly %residential %ageant decoy that the political esta lishment distracts us with every four years. our &ulture and our "ociety. as many people want to frame it.+(. &an you imagine what we could have done if those dollars had een invested in the campaigns of (++ real conservative House and "enate candidatesD But we3re just * or C years into learning how this game is really played and we3re learning fast.yourselves today who you will vote forH whether / ama who has led 4merica into the hell it is inH or the other minor candidates who will only serve as a front for / ama this yearH ut as for me and &onservative 0ation Radio. 4nd I have no Auestion of the 5ali ama3s hate and disdain for our &ountry.y Tea %arty &ompatriots 5o you know why I3m willing to vote for. Romney3s love and respect for our &ountry.=.r. the lesser of two evils this 0ovem erD Because the other real choice in this %residential %ageant is truly evil to the core. The determining factor to me is thisH I have no Auestion of . 1e3ll make major changes in the operation of the @/% over the ne7t couple of years ecause we3re learning how that part works too. -verything else only rates a far distant second in this particular %residential %ageant. my friend @uy R. .' 4 couple of days on :ace ook. 4nd . our &ulture and our "ociety.

' In the /wn 9our 0arrative at the /wn The 0arrative 0etwork group yesterday. This election.+(+ in the elections of . "addam in my mind was the military Hitler while right now / ama is the political Hitler.r. the only one who has the /089 R/45 to do it is . I elieve he has the right stuff to e a good. 4gain ecause we3ll have this election cycle under our elts and we3ll adjust. 1e didn3t get here in a couple of election cycles and we won3t ack to where we need to e a couple of election cycles either. 1hat @uy had said is oh so true indeed. But we3ll get ack there a lot Auicker than they got us here. he would invade "audi 4ra ia and then the rest of the 4ra ian %eninsula and 0orthern 4frica. the /089 choice is to get rid of / ama. Romney. That3s why voting for the. as well as the distortions of the 5imocrats. In (==+ I had said that "addam Hussein was like Hitler when he invaded <uwait and that if he were not stopped.++L he was elected on the promise of Hope and &hange. <eep in mind how Hitler came into power in the late (=.eansI14R' #1ritten /cto er . period. there might not e any more elections to where we can make a difference. . Romney is and his actual record. improvise and improve etween now and . and he is indeed doing that y changing 4merica from a &apitalist society to a socialist one.+(C. ?lesser of two evils? in this particular election is not a choice.+(C. If we do not stop him in 0ovem er. 4nd after doing real research into who . I came across this wonderful post y Bill . 4nd as I had een saying in the past. "antorum. %erry and the rest of the @/% esta lishment candidates recruited y the %arty to lock . if not great %resident. /therwise. taking over the country using the political system for his gains. In .we3ll eAual or e7ceed the &ongressional progress we made in .+(. not the distortions put out in the primaries y @ingrich.itt Romney.. it3s the only choice.+Es and early (=*+Es. The attle for 4merica the ne7t month #I14R and IThis. He did it through manipulation and deceit. then he will continue to fundamentally transform this country into a "ocialist nation.r. as they put it.

y3all that know me well enuf know that I was one of the earliest supporters of .+R Idiocracy portion of the voting pu lic. truth K evidence e damned. &hat her up. ..ane on Twitter') /<. I said it.? Then the outrage started when the I reported was an impossi le >.8aRussa 6r. . only ((C< jo s added in "eptem er. :R4B5B8-0T' stat to shepherd the (+$. I elieved then K I elieve even more now after 1ed de ate that . Thinking #and te7ting to . . I had my iggest moment of dou t a out . days to get this won K the way to com at these B" tactics y the &hicago Thuggery campaign is y channeling the 8ate 4ndrew Breit art #@od rest .$fers on the other side will just win no matter how they can win. may e not so Auick $ T1""') I was 8IT-R4889 outraged when when I clicked on 5rudge in the wee hrs of the morning to see that ?1ow.? In that moment I was snapped ack to reality of what3s in front of us) *.? Then I read a story posted y one of my est amigas on the Internets. g$damn days after / ama gets pu licly humiliated in front of >+.' Having said all this.R.itt3s chances of victory minutes efore I clicked offline K finally went to catch some 2222. "crew it all.LR. 0ow. <aren "iegemund #who I hope I get to some day meet in the real world. I will. imagine that!' was ?I14R. political uddies' ?9ou know. #?Titan. #aka Titan=. ?How a solutely fucking convenient? I howled to Te7as or Busted on a skype call.ay e the Bnemp rate even went up a tad to L. when the ru er finally meets the road. may e this country really cant handle this whole self$governing e7periment. I3ll spare y3all the laundry list of reasons. 1hyD 0ot to sound hokey.itt Romney during the primary season #around /ct .itt Romney was meant for us as %resident at this moment in time. will you get to the effing point alreadyD? /kay. ut I still elieve them. Blah lah lah lah lah. He3s even grown as candidate since the primaries. so Auick thing #4lright. I stood my ground against all comers K made my arguments $ and pissed the shit out of a I of fellow conservativesMli ertarians too.y random response to the story $ a out / ama team taking a woman Z %aul Ryan town hall out of conte7t with her Auestion K %aul3s su seAuent response #9eah. she3s good people $ even for a Blue "tater )''. ut I elieved in this guy when most conservatives $ and almost all activist ones $ did not. now he can change the su ject for the weekend #and likely any momentum' while his sycophants in the media trump up this fraudulent #9es.+(('.y crisis$of$ confidence moment now arely a month away from election day. on /wn The 0arrative and ZTony<at2. <aren. 0ot even . These &hicago political . But to me it was worth it. people at de ate.

you /ccupy sycophants. In the words of 6ohn %aul 6ones. ut state that there are over .+(.+. That is right ladies and gentlemen. and . I14R 1hat Titan said is oh so very true.'. "o for all of you who are voting for Barack / ama or any of the irrelevant third party candidates who want a fight. then more than shame on you ecause you are on the other side.. "eptem er L. I3m snapped ack into it.:/R R/. you third party H4&<".arch *(. you got more than that.eans14R! .*. Hope everyone will e in the fo7hole with me for *. . then the only moral decision you have to make is to !/T. if you are not ehind . 1e must continue to press ahead if we must endure.itt Romney right now.arch . @ive upD H-88 0/. *. 6une . 4ugust ((. ecause the tough part hasn3t even started yet.ore on this %residential -lection #1ritten /cto er . more days.' 4 vote for anyone BBT Romney this year I" a vote for / ama.*' that a vote for a third party.C as well as the entire show for 6une . "eptem er . I: you want / ama out of the office this year. "aturday /cto er . Hell I have his damn pic as my freaking avatar.=. days to go K everything we do to help turn out BH / ama should e with one Breit art Auote in mind) 14R! &oncede no point to the other side. . 4nd to e7pand on Breit artEs famous Auote I14R.itt Romney of lying during the de ate.eans14R. 14R! 4ccuse . and we have not even gotten through the toughest part yet. 1e are *( days away from the election.C million people out of work K millions of others working shitty part$time jo s ecause they have to. we Fhave not yet egun to fight!G This election is 149 T// I. a no vote.%/RT40T to just give up now. I had said this in many editorials on this very show #see editorials for /cto er . 14R! 9ou see the point..0-9. I will go on to say that IThis. or a write$in vote . 9ou just got a I14R! 9es that is right you li erals. my declaration to you is IThis. 14R! 5on3t even refer to B" manipulated statistics like the reported unemp rate. while your own spokeslady "tephanie &utter asically concedes / ama lied a out the TJT Romney ta7 cut.his soul. Titan had used the famous Auote I14R in his speech.

The other part is holding the politiciansE feet to the fire.itt Romney in 0ovem er. state. 4nd one way to that is y checking out The %eopleEs !ote. "ure voting is a part of it. If it is disagreea le in your sight to vote for . &huck <irkpatrick and 5aria4nne 5i@iovanni are the two purveyors of the site which seeks to keep the elected politicians $ whether it is national. and I will say it again) FI: we do not vote for . our work is not done #1ritten 0ovem er *. ut it is not the only thing. or local $ honest y giving the people a voice in ills and issues on the . FIf you are not in favor of this candidate for whatever reason. more than shame on you. 4s was mentioned y 6oshua after the initial conAuest of &anaan #found in the i lical ook of 6oshua . 9ouEre on the other side!G I said it efore. They feel that all they have to do is vote and that is it.C)(J' FU4ndV if it disagreea le in your sight to serve the 8/R5. . and I will say it again. then what took place in "tar 1ars -pisode * when %alpatine turned the Repu lic into the :rist @alactic -mpire for a safe and secure society 1I88 e our future during an / ama second termG I said it efore. we will serve the 8/R5. choose for yourselves today who you will serveH whether the gods which your fathers served which were eyond the RiverH or the gods of the 4morites in whose land you are livingH ut as for me and my house. choose for yourselves today who you will vote forH whether / ama who has led 4merica into the hell it is inH or the other minor candidates who will only serve as a front for / ama this yearH ut as for me and &onservative 0ation Radio.G That verse is also applica le today. the only time they worry a out politics is only from the week efore to the year efore -lection 5ay. we will vote for Romney. 4s 4ndrew Breit art had said at &%4& ack in :e ruary of this year. ut is it reallyD Is there more to politics than just votingD The answer is that politics is more than just a one phase operation.+(.itt Romney. -ven after the election.I" a vote for Barack / ama and the destruction of 4merica as we know it.' :or many people.

"he was non$denominational..+(. ut could e heard whispering. Tuesday. . .legislative docket..' "omeone had posted the following Auote on my wall a couple of days after the election on Tuesday. In order for 4merica to remain the est country in the world. ?In @od 1e Trust.artha 1ashington. seeking freedom and li erty.-.. to the oppressed of the world. Born in %hiladelphia. she was the daughter of @eorge and .) The Bnited "tates. and inspiration. "he was a eacon of hope. 4nd with the current presidential election. :riends of . she was preceded in death y untold patriots and great armies that have protected her lessed name and dedicated spirit. we need to keep the Repu licans in line y telling them to not give in to anything / ama does which ypasses &ongress.. the call to hold the politiciansE feet to the fire is needed now more than ever. "he encouraged everyone who visited. This election is !-R9 1-88 the most important election of our lifetime in the fact that if / ama wins a second term.? "he was an artist that enjoyed painting picturesAue mountains and flowing fields of grain.iss 8i erty are asked to share . planting flowers. The death of 4merica and who is to lame #1ritten 0ovem er (+. "he has een a light. &onversely. In her younger years she was an avid e7plorer and pioneer. If / ama wins the 1hite House for a second term and the Repu licans win the "enate and keep the House. landscapes and wildlife of all kinds. to enjoy and engage in her favorite activitiesH gardening. sewing.*./RIB. .m. then 4merica as we know it will cease to e7ist if we do not hold &ongressE feet to the fire. "he is survived y countless children of all ages. oth ends of %ennsylvania 4venue should e held accounta le. died at (()J= p. to the masses who have em raced her open arms. if Romney wins the 1hite House and the Repu licans win the House and keep the "enate. and cooking her many ethnic dishes. then we need to keep the Repu licans in line y telling them to hold Romney to many if not all of the promises he had made regarding the repeal of / ama&are. %ennsylvania. Auilting. of 4merica.+(. 0ovem er . and it is oh so very true I0 . devastated y her untimely passing. In addition to her parents.

6ill "tein and more importantly @ary :B&<I0@ 6ohnson I think .youtu e. 0ow.' The Bniversity of &olorado prognostication J. asic Auestions a out who was in charge of our nation.C(L votes' voted for Romney. Romney is losing #as the count is still going on' y . since 4 raham 8incoln was elected in (L.' The /ccupy movement) 9es I know they are not around in as full of a force as they were this time last year.. then he would have won :lorida outright. Had the third party candidates #who com ined had .' The Redskin Rule #1here there is a high correlation .comMwatchDvWI*P86jXAC7I is the link to the (+ minute video' and you will see what I mean. I do not mean prosecuted in an actual court ut rather in the court of pu lic opinion. .L. Here in :lorida. who 0ancy %elosi and Harry Reid were.-0" are irrelevantD 4s I went to get the paper on 1ednesday #and also walk into a tree with my fist in the process' I was thinking a out the following trends and omens we had on our side this election) (.#14R0I0@) graphic language ahead' (. C. 4nd while I am at it. Roseanne Barr.' The voting electorate as a whole. Hell.+ had gone to the Repu licans .J>.itt Romney would have won the election. *. In . 1hen I say this. ut these three groups I mentioned deserve the runt of it and should e prosecuted to the full e7tent of the law.' The last * times incum ent %residents have lost. as far as who to lame for Romney3s loss Tuesday which evidently led to the death of 4merica.. votes with @ary 6ohnson gra ing CC. can we all agree that TR-05" and /.++= a video had first een floated a out where people who had voted for / ama #who ranged in ages from (L $ L+' were asked simple.her legacy and pray for her deliverance.' The last * @overnors to e nominated to run v incum ent %residents have won. I think it would have en the same in the other states as well. and they had no motherfucking clue on 409 of them! Take a look at this video #http)MMwww. where it rightfully elongs. I think we ought to lay the lame on the three groups that deserve it.C.(LJ votes.' -!-R9 election held on 0ovem er . ut they were the major lynchpin in the downfall of 4merica.' The third party H4&<") If it were not for the third party candidates like !irgil @oode. I know there are others who deserve it as well. *. they were defeated y a @overnor. and other Auestions a out politics that a Jth fucking grader should know.

+(*' I have picked up a lot of haters in my *L years of eing vertical and walking the earth. 488 of them got tossed out the window thanks to / ama and the joke of an election! Herman &ain had said that stupid people are ruining 4merica. and he is oh so correct. ut that is not the case.any would think that ecause I am a &onservative that it would come from the 8i erals. Roughly =JR of the haters had come from those who call themselves &onservative. the non$incum ent party wins. Thanks to you. 1hile I understand we each had different candidates through the %rimaries.wikipedia. and we have seen it come out in full force not only in the presidential election. The answer will e posited on this show and in future editorials.etween the outcome of the last 1ashington Redskins home foot all game prior to the B. It is ecause of you and your egotistical ullshit that we are . when Romney had the nomination all locked up in 4pril we should have put our differences aside and supported him as the candidate to go up against / ama in 0ovem er.ruining 4merica. the 8eft had controlled the narrative and that led to / ama winning the 1hite House for C more years. . The Auestion now we have to consider is what we need to do a out it.C $ CL hours from the coronation of Barack / ama. the incum ent party wins the electoral vote for the 1hite HouseH when the Redskins lose. %residential -lection and the outcome of the election) when the Redskins win. . ut also in a few of the senate races as well. However. . "ee http)MMen. that was not the case as had een mentioned on my rant log as well as this very show on several occasions. 4n /pen 8etter to the Haters #1ritten 6anuary (=.orgMwikiMRedskinsXRule for more' I know there are other trends and omens that I had also heard somewhere ut do not know them right off the top of my head. The following goes out to them on ehalf of myself and a few close friends) 5ear haters and other doucheno22les. However. "tupid people 4R. over the past three years that I had decided to actively log a out politics #as opposed to passively log now and then' they had come out of the woodwork.".

1hatever narrative we do not have.any of you had said that Fa vote for Romney is a vote for / ama ecause they oth elieve the same thing.+(C and eyond. it is a way of life. 1e 1I88 0/T e denied. you have awakened a sleeping giant. ut rather ecause we were not a solid unit. more recently with the e7ecutive orders he signed this past 1ednesday tightening gun control. you are 488 li erals in my eyes! "incerely.But you would not see that through your rose$colored glasses. In fact. you etter e prepared to see all that the :ounding :athers fought. 1e own the narrative ecause it is not just a fancy saying or something that can e turned off like a light switch. I told you this is e7actly what would happen. 9ou might think that you have silenced us. ut instead you have made our drive to take ack 4merica that much more in the fore. 1e are ound and determined to own and control the narrative. and I speak for myself on this. ut the haters and doucheno22les had only given me more incentive to got to I14R and ensure that I can do all I can to save this nation in . Richard %. #Rick' Bulow 4 R-48 4merican fighting for whatEs right I do not know a out you. 1hile . In the immortal words of <aty 4 ram to 4rlen "pecter. ut you were so ull$headed that you could not see an inch from your own face. I also know that you had told a few conservative BlogTalk Radio show hosts to get off the air and you have ragged that you ran off a couple of others. I know you had told me to go ack to my log ecause I know nothing. 9ou might have run us off of BlogTalk Radio ut you have 0/T silenced us. 1ell. and died for crum le and 4merica as we know it go to hell in a hand ag even faster.G I had disproven that as well ecause we had all seen how / ama hates 4merica in many ways. 9ou are no etter than the li erals. /n the other hand. Rather. 1e lost the 1hite House not ecause of 1H/ we ran or H/1 we ran. you had not run us off ut rather we are igger and etter than ever efore. and we are determined to make your lives a living hell the only way we know how.. we will do all we can to take the narrative away from the li erals and also you haters. 0ow. something that is in us every second of our lives. led. if you had heard Romney with an open mind then you would know that he loves 4merica and would do all he could in order to make this the est country on the earth. ecause we were not a solid unit.

. 1e already know what plans / ama has for the second term.the past is ehind us. His ho ies include gardening. Born in (=>*. 1e have C more years of Barack / ama. he egan to pursue writing as a part$time freelancer. the Repu lic will e reorgani2ed into the :irst @alactic -mpire.+(. he said his resolve had never een stronger and that ?in order to ensure our security and continuing sta ility.. 4fter spending several years as an analyst in manufacturing. the latter is just a movie. / ama3s "econd Inauguration and 4merica3s :uture #1ritten 6anuary . If you had not seen that movie. /hio. woodworking. However.onday. ut it is still powerful nevertheless. /hio with his lovely wife &hristina and children..(. .+ is the official day when the %resident and !ice %resident egin their term. I say officially on "unday ecause according to the &onstitution 6anuary .+(*' 1ell. the unthinka le which we had failed to prevent on 0ovem er .? Is there any way to prevent this from happening in our world todayD :ortunately.. . and anything . there might e a way.oscow. He is a graduate of the Bniversity of &incinnati with a ackground in chemistry. there is a very interesting clip which has een removed on 9ouTu e where &hancellor %alpatine was speaking to the "enate and spoke of the 6edi attack on him.. 6anuary .. 46 lives in 0ew Richmond. and possi ly serves as a warning for us today) ?"o this is how li erty dies. he grew up in the small river town of . @ranted. had officially happened this past "unday.with thunderous applause. thus leaving him scarred and deformed. 46 Reissig has written a ook entitled -scape to :reedom) Book /ne in the :reedomRedu7 "eries.. home improvement.for a safe and secure society!G The reply from "enator %adme 4midala is rather alarming. with the pu lic inauguration occurring on .. that in turning the Repu lic which the :ounding :athers had fought and died to create into an -mpire like that of "oviet Russia a century ago or #even worse' like that which we had seen come a out in "tar 1ars -pisode III) The Revenge of the "ith. I will do all I can to learn from it and move ahead so as not to let the past repeat itself. and that which I had long feared might just occur in his second term.

there y slapping the 4merican %eople in the face. In it 5r. %resident of Hillsdale.+((. His novel series. Time to give up. had posted his interview on the Hugh Hewitt show from 0ovem er >. In .ajority 1hip <evin .+(*' 8ast night the House voted to pass the :iscal &liff deal. . revolves around a Bnited "tates of the future that is governed y a totalitarian regime that is ent on world domination. and Blue for 5ecem er L. 46 has long followed politics.+(. . or time to fight onD #1ritten 6anuary J. Right. 8arry 4rnn.ajority 8eader -ric &antor #Repu lican from !irginia3s >th congressional district' and House . They are just various things I had read or heard which caused me to go off on a massive major rant on my log and then mentioned on Red.+(. This whole fiscal cliff de acle reminds me of the most recent issue of the Imprimis newsletter from Hillsdale &ollege.. There was a very interesting dialogue at the eginning of the newsletter . 88& to pu lish political novels. In . "peaker 6ohn Boehner #Repu lican from /hioEs Lth &ongressional 5istrict' voted for the deal #there y proving that he deserved the title of "chmuck of the 1eek on Red. there y dividing the House 8eadership and also possi ly firing Boehner as "peaker. and Blue. he started the political log :reedomRedu7 to e7press his li ertarian political eliefs.' as well as Budget &hairman %aul Ryan #Repu lican from 1isconsinEs (st &ongressional 5istrict' while House .nd congressional district' voted against the deal. :reedomRedu7. and those who wish to restore the Bnited "tates to the nation that the founding fathers intended.c&arthy #Repu lican from &alifornia3s . Right. /ver the years. In fact. %4RT C) !4RI/B" -5IT/RI48" This section deals with any other editorials that I had written which do not fall under any specific topic..outdoors. 46 has ecome increasingly distur ed y the trend toward ig government in the Bnited "tates. he founded :reedom 0otes %ress.

civili2ation is compromised. The o vious contradiction is that we have a divided government. opinion polls have pointed towards the e7istence of a road majority of 4mericans who favor smaller government. for instance $ and give up on the repu lic. 4rnnEs answer is one in which many people should read many times and commit it to memory. and the making of it lies ahead of us. If you donEt live under good laws. as 4ristotle says $ and since we do live in the greatest modern country $ founded that way at least $ we owe it a lot. 4nd since politics is natural to us $ man is essentially political. ThatEs right. there are good reasons to know that the game isnEt over. and the House of Representatives and most governorships are in the hands of the other. 4nd the reason you canEt do that. 4 second contradiction is that a large majority of people continued to say in the e7it polls that they were against raising ta7es in order to cut the deficit. even at the . 5r. itEs a duty not to give up. 4nd many of the people who have seen the repu lic through to where we are today have gone through things that are worse than this. 4nd one cannot acAuiesce in that.G 5r. 5r. The presidency and the "enate are in the hands of one party. This o viously contradicts the re$election of the president and the 5emocratic gains in the "enate. But it doesnEt mean that thereEs een a resolution. The country is still a house divided against itself. /ne might e cynical and put that down to an irresponsi le refusal to pay for e7isting enefits$to get more and more Ffree stuff. 4rnn went on to say that Reagan and &hurchill were Ftwo statesmen that regarded the "oviet Bnion as weak. injustice ecomes customary. 1hen pressed y Hugh what he meant. y the way $ the reason you canEt retreat into private life and give up on politics $ is that the cost of doing it is overwhelming. It means in fact the opposite) there is not a resolution. /ne has to e involved. /ne of them is that the election is shot through with contradictions.G But for a long time now. and thatEs dangerous. That resolution still has to e made. But second. But you have made your lifeEs work the studying of leaders who have refused to do that. life ecomes truncated and less happy. "o first of all. 4rnn went on to say. and not ehind which Hewitt had mentioned that Fthere are a lot of people who are close to saying Fgame over.G who are tempted now to retreat from politics $ to go do missionary work.

But you have made your lifeEs work the studying of leaders who have refused to do that. ecause it was uilt on self$ contradictory propositions and its system led to o vious and repeated injustices. If you donEt live under good laws.hillsdale. 6ohn Bolton. as 4ristotle says $ and since we do live in the greatest modern country $ founded that way at least $ we owe it a lot.pdf and also su scri e to Imprimis for free at http)MMimprimis. columnists. ThatEs right. 4nd many of the people who have seen the repu lic through to where we are today have gone through .X(.eduMfileMarchivesMpdfM. and radio hosts like Thomas "owell. or will you fight onDG Time to give up. /ne has to e involved.XImprim is.G who are tempted now to retreat from politics$to go do missionary work. life ecomes truncated and less happy.hillsdale.G 9ou can read the entire interview at http)MMimprimis. civili2ation is compromised.height of its power. 4rnn. The main Auestion here is. for instance$and give up on the repu lic.+(. .=.' #1ritten on 6une . Here is just a short sampling of that editorial) There was a very interesting dialogue at the eginning of the newsletter in which Hewitt had mentioned that Fthere are a lot of people who are close to saying Fgame over. and others.+(. issue of Imprimis where Hugh Hewitt had an interview with the president of Hillsdale &ollege 8arry %. 4nd since politics is natural to us $ man is essentially political. y the way$the reason you canEt retreat into private life and give up on politics $ is that the cost of doing it is overwhelming.eduMsu scri erMnew. . .argaret Thatcher. I strongly recommend su scri ing to Imprimis as it rings the est and rightest from well$known politicians. or time to fight on #%art .ark Helperin. 4nd one cannot acAuiesce in that. . 4nd the reason you canEt do that.G 5r.ark "teyn. injustice ecomes customary. Fwill you give up.+(*' In my editorial on 6anuary J. I read from the 5ecem er . 4rnnEs answer is one in which many people should read many times and commit it to memory.

4rnn went on . 8ater on in the same interview. 4 second contradiction is that a large majority of people continued to say in the e7it polls that they were against raising ta7es in order to cut the deficit. /ne of them is that the election is shot through with contradictions. But second. you can read the entire issue at http)MMimprimis.pdf and also su scri e to Imprimis for free at http)MMimprimis. will not work. The country is still a house divided against itself.any conservatives have een anned from :ace ook for certain things. It means in fact the opposite) there is not a resolution. The presidency and the "enate are in the hands of one party. That resolution still has to e made. .X(. Hewitt said someone will go and the transcription and say that 4rnn is comparing / ama and our government now to Hitler and the Third Reich. 1e definitely see that with :ace ook and how it ans conservatives for speaking out against / ama ut allow sites such as FIt sickens me to wake up and see "arah %alin is still aliveG to remain. and the making of it lies ahead of us.eduMsu scri erMnew.hillsdale. lead to policies that cannot work. that is what this show today is a out. whether it is sending too many friend reAuests or posting things that they knew :/R "BR. and the House of Representatives and most governorships are in the hands of the other. "o first of all. 5r.+(.G But for a long time now. opinion polls have pointed towards the e7istence of a road majority of 4mericans who favor smaller government.they did not post or y Hugh what he meant. itEs a duty not to give up. which are antithetical to the principles of the 4merican :ounding.things that are worse than this. This o viously contradicts the re$election of the president and the 5emocratic gains in the "enate. and thatEs dangerous.eduMfileMarchivesMpdfM. 4rnn then replied y saying that the principles of %rogressivism that animate our government today. In fact. there are good reasons to know that the game isnEt over. But it doesnEt mean that thereEs een a resolution.hillsdale.XImprim is. The o vious contradiction is that we have a divided government. and not ehind us. 1hen pressed to say. and result into o vious injustices. /ne might e cynical and put that down to an irresponsi le refusal to pay for e7isting enefits$to get more and more Ffree stuff.

or will you fight onDG / ama is no Reagan #he is no &linton. . 5iane and 6oe are two people who had not given up the fight against / ama and are continuing to fight on even when :ace ook shows its li eral ias. 1hat so I mean y thatD 1ell. Here are the facts.+(*' 5uring Barack / amaEs first term.ajority. 0ow oth Reagan 405 &linton had the decency to reach across the aisle to the House "peaker #Reagan with Tip /E0eill and &linton with 0ewt @ingrich' and try to avert or #in &lintonEs case' end a shutdown. either' #1ritten /cto er . .%4TRI/T" and two people I am glad are on our side. the past two major times that the economy was on the verge of a shutdown was during the Reagan years and then in (==J when &linton was president. ut will say that there is no comparison etween / ama and Reagan. there were (> prior shutdowns among the five presidents and they were 488 negotiated. we had heard comparisons etween him and Ronald Reagan or him and 4 raham 8incoln. I asked the Auestion at the end of the editorial on 6anuary J. Bush pro a ly ecause of what happened on "eptem er ((. 0ow under / ama this is the largest shutdown and this is ecause oth / ama and Harry Reid #"enate 5emocrat. :rom @erald :ord to Bill &linton. I do not think we had read where Reagan or &linton had deprived guests or veterans from going to the 1orld 1ar II memorial and paying homage to the greatest generation like / ama has done recently. 4lso.even speaking out in many ways against the / ama regime. 8eader .atthews wrote a out in his ook a out Reagan and /E0eill. he was one who maintained a cordial relationship with /E0eill and would go out for a eer even though they were itter enemies and possi ly rip into each other over the argaining ta le if we take what &hris . In ReaganEs case.. F1ill you give up. and I will ask it again. there is not even any comparison etween him and Bill &linton.++( to ring oth Repu licans and 5emocrats together. Hell. They are TRB. 0ow I will not touch the 4 raham 8incoln comparison. aka . That is why this Thursday there is an event put on y my guests 5iane "ori of The %atriot :actor and 6oe 0ew y of The -7aminer called :reedom from :ace ook 5ay. There were no shutdowns under @eorge 1.

is 0/ Ronald Reagan or Bill &linton.++=. have awakened a sleeping giant. ut his downfall is coming. is what makes one a suicide om er. Fyou.G /h sure you might have maintained the majority in the "enate and your golden oy / ama has maintained the 1hite House. and suicide om ers. jihadists. Reid. away from the fog of the controversy. If supporting and defending the &onstitution of the Bnited "tates. . 1ell let me tell you something . dear sir. well then I do not speak for my listeners or my co$host ut count me in that num er if 409THI0@ to deprive you of that cushy . It seems that Reid had not read / ama5oesnEt&are nor does he care to find out what is in it.+(+ is ecause they had seen / ama ram / ama5oesnEt&are #fMt to Herman &ain' down out throats. &ongress. and other 5emocrat donors. The reason the Repu licans took over the House in . 6ust like <aty 4 ram told 4rlen "pecter at a town hall meeting in . dear sir.+(*' It really frosts me when I hear people say how we should impeach Barack / ama ecause of Bengha2i and :ast and :urious. There have only een two sitting %residents who have een impeached in the history of the . Impeaching / amaD 0ot a wise idea #1ritten 6une (J. and when %rincess %elosi said that they Fneed to pass the ill to find out what is in it. as well as wanting to get ack to the founding principles that made 4merica e7ceptional. leading the charge in the &ongress and in the media y calling the Tea %arty anarchists. stage left evenG from eing su ject to / ama5oesnEt&are. give the common people the same waivers that / ama has 48R-459 given to Big &orporations. Bnions. Barack / ama.r. I have lived under the administrations of Ronald Reagan and Bill &linton. and here is why. I know Ronald Reagan and Bill &linton.ajority 8eader office and position you so enjoy in the "enate. impeachment is not the way to go. 4nd the %eople have seen it and are rising up to try to do whatever they can to make sure / amaEs reign of errors comes to an end in a legal fashion.G they are looking at it now and are wanting to pull a "nagglepuss and Fe7it. 1hile I do feel that / ama should e held culpa le for Bengha2i and :ast and :urious.from 0evada' have shut down the :ederal @overnment ecause they R-:B".

the "enate.=. in the "enate. Bnfortunately. /: the two charges which passed in the House.. impeachment gives credi ility to his presidency and all his misguided policies and laws would still stay in placeO something we surely do 0/T want. the vote fell short y one vote. The perjury count failed CJ $ JJ and the o struction of justice count failed J+ $ J+. and o struction of justice passed .Bnited "tates. The second count of perjury fell . with . 4fter all. failed to do so.( $ .(.+J $ .L and the second one was Bill &linton in (===.. o struction of justice. The charge was !ote to impeach the president of high crimes and misdemeanors and the House voted to file the impeachment charges (. The two impeachments went as follows) In (L. Information /fficer "ean "mith.> senators out of a total of (++ reAuired to vote guilty in order for the impeachment charges to stick. with the current 5emocratic controlled "enate this is 0/T likely to happen.BR5-R" of 4m assador "tevens.L 4ndrew 6ohnson was impeached in a fierce attle with the Radical Repu licans after the &ivil 1ar.+. remem er that once . this time his neck is on the lineOliterally. /ne count of perjury passed . 4lso.LJ. 4nd even if he was y an outside chance impeached.+(C elections to try to take ack the "enate. $ C>. 5iane "ori of The %atriot :actor had written a very interesting /p$ed on this very su ject. so the Repu licans are looking forward to the . However. *J $ (L In (=== Bill &linton was impeached on four charges #two counts of perjury.. and the charge accusing &linton of a use of power fell (CL $ .> votes' is needed. In order to impeach a sitting president the House of Representatives needs a simple majority vote. as the votes in the "enate to impeach failed with . and e7$ 0avy "-48" Tyrone 1oods and @len 5oherty. and a use of power' and only two stuck. where *. ut to o tain a conviction in the "enate a two$thirds majority #. "enators out of a total of JC were reAuired to vote guilty in order for the impeachment charge to stick.. Both 6ohnson and &linton were acAuitted... But another year is too long to wait to avenge the . Too long and with 0/ guarantee that the Repu licans will even take ack control of the "enate for we all know that / ama will [fi7E the mid$terms with voter fraud and machine [irregularitiesE just like he did in 0ovem er. The first one was 4ndrew 6ohnson in (L.L $ .M* of the "enate not voting guilty.

and crimes against 4merica is the way to go. giving them 4id and &omfortOG . without &ongressional approval. 4nd treason fits / ama to a tee for this man 0/T only sends monies to our enemies #like the . FTreason against the Bnited "tates.-RI&40 in 5iane "ori! 4n apology to the :ounding . convict. "he then finishes it up y saying) "o my friends.charges are rought for impeachment and they fail in the "enate. "ection * of the &onstitution which states. shall consist only in levying 1ar against them. Read the whole thing on The %atriot :actor. 4 military tri unal is a military court designed to try mem ers of enemy forces during times of war. murder. which would e the case with Hillary &lintonOa now private citi2en who knew of the gun$runningOwho covered it upOand who lied a out it all thus aiding and a etting the enemy. FIf we cannot impeach / ama. is a mem er of our enemyEs forces. try.eaning in 0/ uncertain terms that the etrayal of the Bnited "tates of 4merica y consciously and purposely acting to aid her enemies is indeed grounds for treason. and support a TRB%4TRI/T. 4nd itEs also appropriate to su ject a private citi2en to a military tri unal if that person is eing tried for treason. 4nd along with 4rticle *. itEs over and cannot e rought ack again. 4 definitive case can e made that Barack HB""-I0 / ama. aiding and a etting the enemy. ut I elieve that Barack HB""-I0 / ama was sending. impeachment is ut a slap on the wrist and wonEt do for Barack HB""-I0 / ama or for Hillary &linton for that matter. or in adhering to their -nemies. 4rrest.uslim Brotherhood and Hamas'. y his actions or should I say deli erate lack of actions in regards to Bengha2i. a R-48 4. got caught y 4m assador "tevens. re els with direct ties to al$Qaeda. guns and weapons to "yrian re els. 5iane gives us the answer later on in her log entry) The simple fact is that Barack HB""-I0 / ama can and should e arrested for treason under 4rticle *. then what &40 we doDG 1ell. who then had to e silenced at all costs. and sentence carried out for treason. "ection * of the &onstitution there is a possi ly that the military could arrest / ama and ring him efore a military tri unal.

IEm sorry that good is eing called good. IEm sorry that we have instead of on ourselves. thinking that nothing or no one will harm us. IEm sorry that we have een so arrogant as a 0ation.oreno had written something on 5ecem er (J. IEm sorry that we are fast ecoming the government from .+(*' . which really put things in perspective nowadays. IEm sorry that we have come to a point where free speech is considered a hate crime. .. IEm sorry that we are electing people to /ffice without vetting them. ecome so dependent on government IEm sorry that we care more for our enemies overseas than we do our allies. IEm sorry for those who think we are on the right track when we are coming so close to falling off a cliff. and morally.:athers #1ritten 6anuary (. IEm sorry that we have ecome a nation where we can sit ack and watch someone die without even trying to help them.+(. . economically.y friend 8aurin . 5ear :ounding :athers) IEm sorry that after all we have een through as a nation that we cannot see when something is wrong under our very eyes. financially.. IEm sorry that in times of tragedy that people will use their political eliefs to get their agendas across. eing called evil and that evil is IEm sorry that people who live today do not reali2e the struggles you all went through to get yourselves from under the thum of the British and make 4merica what it is today.

IEm sorry that ignorance. the death of Team "-48 "i7. they continue to intentionally hurt 4merica and its people emotionally and physically. racism. and "aul 4linsky. the theater shooting in &olorado. IEm sorry that the murdering of the un orn is just all . /peration :ast and :urious. socialism. year after year. IEm sorry that we elected a president whose ackground includes) growing up around those who worshiped terrorism. the oil spill in :lorida. day after day. 4dd to that the fact that anyone who knew the president for what he really is and who tried to come forward and warn B. In his opinion. especially when he was running for %resident the first time. the &onstitution is flawed.ar7ism.". IEm sorry we have a president. have een killed. citi2ens. or have disappeared. IEm sorry we have a president who gets our men and women in uniform killed ecause he keeps owing to our enemies and making their missions much more dangerous with ridiculous Rules of -ngagement. that people still canEt see our %resident as someone who is only looking out for himself. a "enate.which you fought so hard to reak away. forcing anks to make ? ad loans? in order to e 488/1-5 to e7pand and in the process killing 4merican jo s. and just recently the shooting in an elementary school in &onnecticut. and gulli ility is the new norm. communism. and a House of Representatives who continue to dig our country even deeper into de t while imposing disastrous regulations on small usinesses while catering to ig usinesses. IEm sorry that we try to see the good in people$especially our elected officials$$ when. IEm sorry we have a president who supplies our enemies with /BR weapons. Bengha2i. stupidity. IEm sorry that we have a president who has een spitting on the &onstitution ever sinceOever since efore he got into /ffice and after. . IEm sorry we have a president who apologi2es to other countries for 4merica eing 4merica. IEm sorry that after such tragedies like :ort Hood.

or will you fight onD -lections are like &ollege :oot all and Basket all %ostseasons #1ritten . law$a iding citi2ens are having everything taken from them y those who do the opposite. citi2ens take their rights$something that most countries do not have$for granted. "he had summed up in >*= words what many have tried to say in in the past . li erty.' 1ith the &ollege Basket all tournament in full motion. you would pro a ly look at us in disgust and think. IEm sorry that everything you all have fought and died for is eing thrown away. we would not have ever roken away from Britain. 4merica is suffering.+ years. IEm sorry that hardworking. GIf we knew 4merica was going to e like this. 1e need to do all that we can to take this country ack. . instead of telling people of certain religions and ethnic ackgrounds to integrate. daily.+(. anti$ 4merica president that we have ever had. IEm sorry that even 4mericaEs most patriotic people canEt even see the evil that pervades most of our elected officials.".ost of all. IEm sorry that. especially our current president who is the most evil. when in the 5eclaration of Independence it clearly states that people have the right to 8I:-.G 0o truer words have een spoken. and the pursuit of happiness.right. If all of you were here right now. and .arch (>. no thanks to / ama and his cronies. . we have to treat them like they are someone special. -veryone should ask themselves one Auestion which I had spoken of in my editorial last week) 1ill you give up. IEm sorry that B. and the :ounders are pro a ly spinning in their graves seeing the once eautiful country that they led and died for eing turned into the despotic cesspool that it is now.

in the insipid Bowl &hampionship "eries standings.%-/%8.TH.%-/%8. I got to thinking a out the past three election seasons. In a way. or will your candidate e a 5ukeD . Rick "antorum.itt Romney' and we have also seen many gaffes #like %erry3s oops comment during a de ate' However. "ometimes we see upsets #like mid$major Butler Bniversity making it to the :inal :our the past couple of years only to lose in the 0ational &hampionship game' and sometimes we see the favorites survive and win #like I( seed 5uke Bniversity in . the past two presidential elections are like the &ollege :oot all postseason in that the esta lishment #on oth the Repu lican and 5emocrat sides' have forced their candidate on us.+(+ 0ational &hampionship @ame vs. ut that is for another show' to vote for whoever your candidate may e.are deciding.L #current' teams play to see who will e the 0ational &ollege Basket all &hampion. just like our two choices in the form of I( vs. #the last primary' or y way of a rokered #or contested' convention the week of 4ugust . whether said nominee gets (. I. 1.+(+'.reading all of the results from the past four days. &ongressional elections #as well as the 5emocrat %residential %rimary in . and we will continue to decide the for who we want as a nominee. and . these election seasons are like a mi7 of oth the &ollege asket all and the &ollege :oot all %ostseason.TH. 1ill your candidate e a Butler. 0ow while the past two presidential elections have our candidates already named for us. 1e also see u22er$ eater shots making people heroes #like &hristian 8aettner3s u22er eater' and also shots making people goats #like @ordon Hayward missing the final second shot in the .. one constant has remained true throughout this primary. 5uke' This year3s Repu lican %residential %rimary has seen many people as front runners #Rick %erry. 0ewt @ingrich.++L and the Repu lican %residential %rimary now' are like the 0&44 &ollege Basket all Tournament in that just as the .>$*+ at the Repu lican 0ational &onvention. 1hy do I also mention &ollege :oot allD "imply put.(CC delegates etween now and 6une . Herman &ain. That is 1. as there is no right to vote in a presidential election. If you are an 4merican and have not voted as of yet #in the states and territories that have primaries and caucii coming up' please e7ercise your privilege #0ote) it is not a right to vote.

If it were not for a Tea %arty. 0o.6.yers 4nd then on the ne7t page to see the Headline y -. However. Brendan 8ally. . I do not mean the Tea %arty protests and the elections of . /n .onday. It had also granted the &ompany the right to directly ship its tea to 0orth 4merica and the right to the duty$free e7port of tea from Britain. and in many colonies successful efforts were made to prevent the tea from eing landed. 5ionne of the 1ashington %ost entitled FTea %arty tosses traditions of conservatism over oardG really got my lood pressure soaring. I am affiliated with a couple online and also know a lot of Tea %arty supporters.' I am not a mem er of any tea parties here in :ort .The Tea %arty #1ritten on 4pril (C.+(. which was supposed to convince the colonists to purchase &ompany tea on which the Townshend 5uties were paid. 8et us step into the time machine and take a trip to &olonial Boston in (>>*. 4t the time @reat Britain had ruled over the colonies. The group #led y "amuel 4dams' num ered somewhere etween *+ and (*+ colonists dressed as . is real distur ing to me . thus implicitly agreeing to accept %arliament3s right of ta7ation. and as such recogni2ed the implications of the 4ct3s provisions. :lorida. 4pril . . and a coalition of merchants and artisans similar to that which had opposed the "tamp 4ct of (>. I am going further ack.+(+. <ing @eorge had put the royal seal of approval on the Tea 4ct.. :ort . so to read this letter to the editor in The 0ews %ress on . The company3s authori2ed consignees were harassed.ake Believe Tea parties are for little girls with imaginary friends.+(.J mo ili2ed opposition to delivery and distri ution of the tea. The &olonists were not pleased.ay (+. although the ta7 imposed y the Townshend 4cts and collected in the colonies remained in force.++= $ . This culminated in the Boston Tea %arty where colonists #some disguised as 0ative 4mericans' oarded tea ships anchored in the har or and dumped their tea cargo over oard.yers. there would e no 4merica today.

Twitter. @ranted.itt Romney for president. take ack the "enate. ut the Boston Tea %arty set the stage for the final straw to the colonists to reak ties from -ngland. In .++= after <ennedy died as well as the massive election in . there would e no 4merica now. and others who have acked . .. and evict / ama from the 1hite House in . 5ear %resident / ama. as well as a few laws like 5odd$:rank and "ar anes$/7ley. The Tea %arty /nline "ocial .. is (>>*. The Tea %arty I" alive and well in . also.+(.assachusetts in 6anuary. which is what many have said on :ace ook. a talk radio host as well as a columnist for TownHall. there were other events which precipitated the colonists to revolt. and -leanor and destroyed and tossed *C. That led to the election of "cott Brown to fill Ted <ennedyEs seat in .ohawk Indians who had oarded the 5artmouth. Beaver. 0ot with throwing tea into har ors or even going out into the streets with guns and hacksaws. those "ons of 8i erty. Retrospectively 9ours. .++= with / ama&are on the forefront and also the stimulus ill. chests of tea over oard into Boston Har or in the span of three hours. Back in 6uly during the de t ceiling de acle Hugh Hewitt. @ranted. ut rather with loud voices and constitutions in their hands and confronted their "enators and &ongressmen who had put in their support for / ama&are and the stimulus.ay we do what we can to keep the House. The answer to . ut they are in no way esta lishment ased now.+(. Ryan. and other Representatives acked y the Tea %arty. . there have een many of the Tea party darlings like Ru io. . mentioned that a FTwitter Tea %artyG is needed. If it were not for those patriots. and other social media outlets. I had tweeted a couple of .+(.+(+ when the Repu licans took ack the House with victories y 4llen Bachman. To Auote 5arrell 8ee in The %atriot Pone on :ace ook. This was one of the fuses which led to the 4merican Revolutionary 1ar.edia Tea %arty #1ritten 4pril (C.+(.' There is a reason I had titled this rant like I did. people were fed up with / amaEs policies that they revotCed.

Twitter. 4lso. Tum lr. or national $ and post on their sites. and think that another one is needed right' 9ouTu e #http)MMwww. state. This way we can get the word out and others up to date on what is' any and all logs any and all message oards #0/T-) If there are any others I am forgetting. an /08I0. or 5igg y others."/&I48 .com' 5igg #http)MMwww. Tea %arty %atriots. :ace ook and Twitter are good sites to post articles and other items to let people know what is happening not only in 4merica ut all around the world. 4lso.-5I4 Tea %arty. like we did with ook and Twitter.tum lr.twitter. as well as your thoughts on how they had voted on prior pieces of legislation. we should' Twitter #http)MMwww. I would propose we find out the online pages of 488 of the political figures $ whether they are local. Tea %arty 0ation. and post them to our pages to let people what is happening. /nly thing is I will go one etter.edia online right now) :ace ook #http)MMwww. Retweet.face ook. and 5igg. please let me know. 1hat we need is just as I had mentioned in the title of this log entry. ut I have included them in the final two forms. I reali2e I am missing sites like Red"tate. In the event that the articles we had found are already posted to :ace ook. andMor even comment on' Tum lr #http)MMwww. we have a choice of either uploading a video of our own opinions on certain events.' 1ith sites like :ace ook and Twitter. telling them how you think they are doing and just let them know what you would like to see enacted on either a ill or some other pending legislation. 1ith that :ace know keep sites like Tum lr. 1ith 9ouTu e. 5igg. or commenting on the videos which are .com' 8inkedIn #http)MMwww. uploading videos of rallies or speeches. 8inkedIn.digg. there are L forms of "ocial . and :reedom1orks and :reedom&onnector as well.youtu e. share. 4s far as I know.things during that Tea %arty. I would propose we find articles and other items. 8inkedIn.

9ou might have different friends on :ace ook than you do on Twitter #for e7ample' and as such your Twitter friends might not e aware of a certain issue if you had only posted it to :ace ook. we can employ the same methods we used a ove. please let me know and hopefully we can try to work something out. log entry.already out there. That is why we should cover 488 of the social media outlets. 1hy do I say post the same articles on all forms of social mediaD The answer is real simple. though on a terrestrial :.edia Tea %arty.ichelle Ray. Hugh Hewitt. I consider to e in this genre ased on her involvement with the Tea %arty'. station out of "t. 8ouis. especially sharing them on the other social media outlets. :or the various logs and message oards out there. to those relative unknowns like "tephen !andergast #The voice of BlogTalk Radio'. If you are interested in a "ocial . In the various methods used. and get the word out there. #The dean of BlogTalk Radio'. and others.' In my last editorial. and others. Toni 1alsh. . 5ana 8oesch #who.+(.edia Tea %arty.M"atellite Radio'. <ira 5avis. That form is online radio. In this online radio station and talk show host genre you could even include those outside of BlogTalk Radio.essengers are always open and availa le for discussion a out this.y email and Instant . @$"ki Rocks. 8arry /E&onnor.(. I mentioned how we needed an online "ocial . or anything else. from those who are nationally known like Tony <at2 #who I consider to e FThe @odfather of online radioG ecause he is doing for online radio what Rush 8im augh had done for 4. like my good . I use all of the a ove social media outlets and there are some friends who are one outlet ut not on others. Tessler. 4nnie the Radio &hick #aka "outhern "ense'./. This way the same articles get multiple coverage. There are a lot of online radio stations and talk show hosts out there. regardless of what they are. 5ana "mearman. . it seemed like I had neglected one other main form of social media. If you only post to one social media outlet and then tell your friends on another they might feel out of the loop if they had not read a certain article. .M:. . How the Right owns talk radio #1ritten 4pril .

having limped to the end os the show eing attered and loodied under the crushing stones of fact and logic. 4t the end of the day oth the columnist and the talk show host go home. The columnist with a sense of pride that his word is out there and he had not seen any contrarian response ecause of his secretary. 6ohn runs a column which is featured in J++ papers across the country and 6oe is a host of a talk show which is heard on J++ stations across the country. But there is a vast difference. 8i erals applaud their words. 0ow the talk show host does not have that li erty. is in a dilemma. 1hat is that difference you askD The columnist goes into his cushy office and lights up a cigar while his email and newspaper office o7 is filled with letters of outrage as well as columns and articles sent y readers with proof that what he says is totally de unked y research and facts. as well as how individualism is not the way .friends at the Te7as /r Busted . /h sure the li eral talk show host might not have to tell his producer not to put any calls on the air. 9ou see. Ro 4lloy I!. However. on the other hand. and even Te7as or Busted himself. The talk show host. Both of which are listened to or read y millions of people nationwide. Titan =. %rarie5og "5. 6ustin <endall. the columnist has an isolation which allows him to protect his image as a genius. and there are many other listeners and readers who are of the opinion that what they had heard and read is the iggest unch of ovine e7crement they have heard in a long time. They oth say the same thing in the column and radio show daily.edia -mpire. facing challenges only when he wants to. 1hat I am getting at is that online radio #and I will even take it one step further and say Talk Radio as a whole' is one method that we as &onservatives are good at. with differing results. he has a secretary which screens every letter and email he receives. He is seeing the phones light up and has to defend his position against the same arguments which the readers to the columnist had sent via email and postal mail. and as such he does not read the hate mail that comes in.. ut with all of the talking points of the left a out how evil 4merica and &onservatives are. 1hyD 8et us take two hypothetical li erals) 6ohn 5oe the li eral columnist for the 0ew 9an Times and 6oe "chnook of a li eral talk show ased out of 0ew 9an &ity. The talk show host with a sense of humiliation. 06 8i ertarian. He crum les under the onslaught of the callers with a different viewpoint and argument.

like 8ive and 5irect with @$"ki Rocks and the &aptain. 8et us do what we can to maintain that edge. is fast coming to an end elieve it or not. /nline.+(. talk radio is one social media venue where we as &onservatives own and control the narrative. 8adies and gentlemen. 9ou can also plug your favorite shows oth online and offline via the other social media venues I mentioned last week. to keep owning that narrative. "ome of you more than others and I will get into that later. Rather. like Hannity. like "avage. /nline you can also host your own show via B"tream. like Boort2. There are still a couple of issues we disagree . There are many ways to get involved in talk radio oth online and offline. you welcomed me into your online world as a FnormalG person. oth event$ wise as well as the friends I had made online.' 1ell. and even right here on BlogTalk Radio. like TB$T! and itEs companion the &ontingency "how. -ach of you had rought much joy and passion into my life in . and call in to participate. like "oldiers of %atriotism. /ffline you can call into your local talk shows or even to good national syndicated shows like Rush.itchell and Ray. like "ocialism is not an /ption. ut at least for the most part we have een civil to each other and handled our disagreements like gentlemen and not like animals. you can tune into good shows like this one.+(. I would like to say to everyone first. like The T%P :orum.the edge. 0ow granted there might e some things we disagree on.L. . like The &onservative 1atchtower. like 1omen %atriots. we /10 the narrative as far as talk radio goes. -nd of the 9ear Retrospective #1ritten 5ecem er . thank you for eing an inspiration to me this year. 1e H4!. like 8evin. 8ive"tream. and for a few we even came down to ver al lows to the point I wished I would have clim ed through the computer monitor and throttle go. "o much had happened that it is hard to fit into a log. and call in to participate.+(.. like 0oBamanation. /ne main thing is though we had not met face to face #and for L+R of you I would like to just ecause you mean a lot to me' you had treated me not as one with a handicap like many I had met in my real life have done. they might have a difficult time filling up the remaining two hours and thirty minutes to two hours and forty$ five seconds of their show. like . .

+(.' I know I had not posted here in a while. ut I have to thank many people whom I had met throughout the .+(. ut no matter what we always make the show as interesting and intriguing as can e. I am ever thankful to you for allowing me . ut will say it here once more.+((. .+((. I know there are others I might e forgetting. I am thankful you had stepped in for %atricia that one time on Red. "mith $ we have een through thick and thin from our days on the Herman &ain 5ash oard ack in the "ummer of . and Blue.+(. "mith $ we have een through thick and thin from our days on the Herman &ain 5ash oard ack in the "ummer of . ut as I said at the outset you all have een an inspiration to me over the past year. HereEs to good friends and good times now and in the year to come! . 1hile we might have parted ways ack in late 5ecem er .+(( to early 6anuary . and Blue family as well as a part of the &onservative 0ation Radio family. 0ewt.+(* I will get into why I elieve the way I do a little more. 0o matter what.J. <eep up the good work. due to you supporting "antorum when I supported .on and in . However. 1hile we might have parted ways ack in late 5ecem er . To Harriet Baldwin and %atricia Ba er $ Thank you oth for eing former co$hosts with me on Red.ichael B. more or less dealing with my rant log and also my radio show log.ichael B. To . 1e might disagree on a couple of things. I had done so in my log entry on &hristmas 5ay. and Blue and that catapulted you into making your own log and now your own we site at 8owering the Boom.r. To Billie &otter $ Thank you for stepping up and eing my co$ host on Red. To Becca 8ower $ 9ou have come a long way in the year or so since we had met. I also reali2e we are all on the same page and have the same goal in mind $ the etterment of 4merica.erry &hristmas! #from my &onservative Blog' #1ritten 5ecem er . Right. hours every "aturday to vent and let my cra2ed mind roam on &onservative 0ation Radio. campaign. Right. To . There are certain people I would like to thank personally. I still consider you a part of the Red. I would like to wish you all a very happy 0ew 9ear. Right. and Blue. Right.

.+(( to early 6anuary .+(. due to you supporting "antorum when I supported ,r. 0ewt, I am ever thankful to you for allowing me . hours every "aturday to vent and let my cra2ed mind roam on &onservative 0ation Radio. To Te7as or Busted and the gang at /wn The 0arrative $ I know I have not een with you since the eginning, ut I thank you for welcoming me into the fold and letting me say some of the most off the wall things from time to time. To Harriet Baldwin and %atricia Ba er $ Thank you oth for eing former co$hosts with me on Red, Right, and Blue. 0o matter what, I still consider you a part of the Red, Right, and Blue family as well as a part of the &onservative 0ation Radio family. To Billie &otter $ Thank you for stepping up and eing my co$ host on Red, Right, and Blue. 1e might disagree on a couple of things, ut no matter what we always make the show as interesting and intriguing as can e. To Ro ert "tacy ,c&ain $ I know we had not talked all that much on Twitter, ut in the few conversations we had, you are a very wise person. <eep up the good work with The /ther ,c&ain, one of the est log out there as far as news goes. To Becca 8ower $ 9ou have come a long way in the year or so since we had met. I am thankful you had stepped in for %atricia that one time on Red, Right, and Blue and that catapulted you into making your own log and now your own we site at 8owering the Boom. <eep up the good work. To Tamara Holder $ I knew the first time I heard you on "ean HannityEs Radio "how that you are one of the few li erals #or leftists' that I can tolerate, and I was right. 9ou and "ean have the est interaction I have ever seen, and every time I see you on his show or anywhere on :o7 0ews &hannel I always grin ecause you are passionate in your eliefs ut you do it with class. I know there are others I might e forgetting, ut you all have een an inspiration to me over the past year. I would like to wish you all a very ,erry &hristmas and a wonderful 0ew 9ear. HereEs to good friends and good times now and in the year to come!

,y thoughts on the horrific

shooting in &onnecticut
#1ritten 5ecem er (J, .+(.' 1ords cannot descri e the feelings and emotions I am going through right now over this shooting. 8uckily there have een others like Ro ert "tacy ,c&ain and Becca 8ower for their wonderful pieces #which I will link to toward the end of this entry' on this situation. /ne thing I have to say $$ and I had said it after the shooting in 4urora, &olorado, earlier this year and after other shootings $$ is that guns donEt kill peopleH gun 841" kill people. This can e seen in other parts of the world where strict gun laws were in effect throughout history, nota ly in &am odia under %ol %ot, 0a2i @ermany under 4dolf Hitler, Russia #the old "oviet Bnion' under "talin, and other places. "trict gun laws, where the government says that citi2ens cannot have firearms, lead to the government taking over every aspect of the citi2ensE lives to the point that it ecomes a totalitarian society. 4nd regardless of what we all think of / amaEs policies, I think he spoke right from the heart when he addressed the nation at *)(J %, -astern. In my mind, this was 48,/"T like his speech after the 4urora shooting earlier this year and also the heinous shooting in 4ri2ona which took the lives of ; people and severely wounded then$&ongresswoman @a rielle @iffords #5$4ri2ona' where he spoke truly from the heart. 5o I elieve himD ,ayhap not, ut then too now is not the time for politics ut rather for prayers and healing. If he were to speak this way all the time, then who knowsD 4fter all, there is a saying I hear often #do not know how it originated' which goes F4 roken clock is right twice a day.G ,ayhap this is the time in which / ama got it right. 0ow tomorrow he might say something which might make me despise his policies as normal, ut today he spoke not as a %resident ut rather as a father. 8I0<" &/!-RI0@ &/00-&TI&BT "H//TI0@ http)MMtheothermccain.comM.+(.M(.M(CMconnecticut$school$ shootingM $ Ro ert "tacy ,c&ainEs updates on the &onnecticut shooting #The /ther ,c&ain' http)MMwww. eccalower.comMconnecticutM $ Becca 8ower3s story on the &onnecticut shooting #8owering The Boom' http)MMlonelyconservative.comM.+(.M(.Mshooting$at$ elementary$school$in$newtown$ctM $ The 8onely &onservative3s

article on the &onnecticut shooting http)MMvictorygirls log.comMDpW=+(; $ The !ictory @irls3 article on the &onnecticut shooting #with video' http)MMwww. reit art.comMBig$6ournalismM.+(.M(.M(CM8i s$ Immediately$%olitici2e$&onn$"chool$"hooting $ 8i erals immediately make the shooting a out politics #via Breit art' http)MMwww.twitlonger.comMshowMk mkm= $ &B" 0ewsE ,ark <noller with the transcript of / amaEs speech http)MMthepatriotfactor. logspot.comM.+(.M(.Mop$ed$tears$ horror$and$sadness$on.html $ 5iane "ori3s /p$-d on the &onnecticut "hooting in the %atriot :actor http)MMwww.thenationalpatriot.comM.+(.M(.M(JMweekend$ edition$its$not$less$guns$its$more$godM $ &raig 4ndersen3s piece on what we need more after this crisis in the 0ational %atriot http)MMwww.teapartynation.comMforumMtopicsMli erals$are$ responsi le$for$the$tragedy $ 6udson %hillips on who is really responsi le for this tragedy on Tea %arty 0ation http)MMwww. igdawgmusicmafia.comMprofilesM logsMthe$same$ old$story$in$a$newtownD7gXsourceWactivity $ &hip ,urray3s log entry on the same old story in a 0ewtown on Big 5awg ,usic ,afia http)MMclashdaily.comM.+(.M(.Mnew$rule$all$teachers$ should$ e$reAuired$to$carry$gunsMIi722.:Cg9+8:N $ 5oug @iles on a new rule that should e implemented after the &onnecticut shooting on &lash5aily

3Twas the night efore &hristmas $ ,arine style
#1ritten 5ecem er L, .+(.' 6ust saw this in a link in my email Thursday) ,erry &hristmas, ,y :riend 3Twas the night efore &hristmas, he lived all alone, In a one$ edroom house made of plaster and stone. I had come down the chimney, with presents to give and to see just who in this home did live. 4s no 0o /n I looked all a out, a strange sight I did see, tinsel, no presents, not even a tree. stocking y the fire, just oots filled with sand. the wall hung pictures of a far distant land.

1ith medals and adges, awards of all kind, a so ering thought soon came to my mind. :or this house was different, unlike any IEd seen. This was the home of a B.". ,arine. IEd heard stories a out them, I had to see more, so I walked down the hall and pushed open the door. 4nd there he lay sleeping, silent, alone, &urled up on the floor in his one$ edroom home. He seemed so gentle, his face so serene, 0ot how I pictured a B.". ,arine. 1as this the hero, of whom IEd just readD &urled up in his poncho, a floor for his edD His head was clean$shaven, his weathered face tan. I soon understood, this was more than a man. :or I reali2ed the families that I saw that night, owed their lives to these men, who were willing to fight. "oon around the 0ation, the children would play, 4nd grown$ups would cele rate on a right &hristmas day. They all enjoyed freedom, each month and all year, ecause of ,arines like this one lying here. I couldnEt help wonder how many lay alone, on a cold &hristmas -ve, in a land far from home. 6ust the very thought rought a tear to my eye. I dropped to my knees and I started to cry. He must F"anta, I fight ,y life have awoken, for I heard a rough voice, donEt cry, this life is my choice for freedom, I donEt ask for more. is my @od, my country, my &orps.G

1ith that he rolled over, drifted off into sleep, I couldnEt control it, I continued to weep. I watched him for hours, so silent and still. I noticed he shivered from the cold nightEs chill. "o I took off my jacket, the one made of red, and covered this ,arine from his toes to his head. Then I put on his T$shirt of scarlet and gold, with an eagle, glo e and anchor em la2oned so old. 4nd although it arely fit me, I egan to swell with pride,

This is the most interesting thing I3ve read in a long time. "chmidt The greatest danger to our freedom #1ritten 5ecem er (..y hope is that 488 of you will read to the last line of this email and if you do elieve that this man of wisdom. had this to say a out the fall of the 4thenian Repu lic some .' Here is a very interesting piece that Blake "tephens had posted in The %atriot Pone. "anta. 4le7ander Tyler in (>L>. .erry &hristmas my friend.3 34 democracy will continue to e7ist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves . How 8ong 5o 1e HaveD 4 out the time our original thirteen states adopted their new constitution in (>L>. too. you will share this information with your clientele and friends. It is interesting to see it in print. and in a voice clean and pure. -ven thoE we have a representative repu lic. a "cottish history professor at the Bniversity of -din urgh. @od help us.G /ne look at my watch and I knew he was right. this guardian of honor so willing to fight.+++ years earlier) 34 democracy is always temporary in natureH it simply cannot e7ist as a permanent form of government. hit the nail on the head with his statement a out 5emocracies. 4le7ander Tyler. all secure. I think it does apply to 4merica today $ %"\ 4ma2ing statistics on the recent election. "ome of you print notices to groups of folk. you can see it coming. The sad thing a out it. .and for one shining moment. said F&arry on. I was .. But half asleep he rolled over. not that we deserve it.+(.arine &orps deep inside. "emper :i and goodnight 1ritten y &orporal 6ames . I have always heard a out this democracy countdown. itEs &hristmas 5ay. I didnEt want to leave him so Auiet in the night.. .

generous gifts from the pu lic treasury.. from spiritual faith to great courageH *.3 3The average age of the world3s greatest civili2ations from the eginning of history. with some forty percent of the nation3s population already having reached the 3governmental dependency3 phase. from dependence ack into ondage3 %rofessor 6oseph /lson of Hemline Bniversity "chool of 8aw.innesota points out some interesting facts concerning the . Repu licans) . "t...> million Repu licans) (C* million . which is always followed y a dictatorship. those nations always progressed through the following seAuence) (.++ years3 35uring those . from apathy to dependenceH L. the map of the territory Repu lican won was mostly the land owned y the ta7paying citi2ens of this great country. If &ongress grants amnesty and citi2enship to twenty million criminal invaders called illegal3s and they . the majority always vote for the candidates who promise the most enefits from the pu lic treasury. from complacency to apathyH >.++ years. .= "Auare miles of land won y) 5emocrats) JL+. from a undance to complacencyH .urder rate per (++.. %aul.3 /lson elieves the Bnited "tates is somewhere etween the 3complacency and apathy3 phase of %rofessor Tyler3s definition of democracy.( %rofessor /lson adds) 3In aggregate. 5emocrat territory mostly encompassed those citi2ens living in government$owned tenements and living off various forms of government welfare.>. from courage to li ertyH C.. with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy.+++ Repu licans) .++L %residential election) 0um er of "tates won y) 5emocrats) (= Repu licans) .C.+++ residents in counties won y) 5emocrats) (*.3 3 :rom that moment on.+++ %opulation of counties won y) 5emocrats) (. has een a out .. from ondage to spiritual faithH . from li erty to a undanceH J..

+(. "taff "ergeant . The sAuad then approached one of the homes and discovered three military$aged males using two women as human shields..+(. I think we can see it more with the . and uncovering numerous caches of weapons and e7plosives. 4l Qaeda cells. I am thinking that when we reach the final stage of TytlerEs circle #from dependence ack into ondage' that it will e too late for this country as we know it. then y all means. -ven though the piece Blake posted had mentioned the num ers from the .++L election. The ackdrop was /peration IraAi :reedom. /n . . &oreyEs sAuad handcuffed and detained the three men while the sAuad leader. (+(st 4ir orne 5ivision #4ir 4ssault' and worked with IraAi 4rmy soldiers throughout "alah ad 5in province defeating insurgents. then pass this along to help everyone reali2e just how much is at stake.' The year was . and if we do not do anything that the weight of the world will cause 4tlas to throw it off of his shoulders. IraA. then we can say good ye to the B"4 in fewer than five years. / ama and the 5emocrats are fiddling while 4merica is urning. He sent 4lpha &ompany to "amarra to assist the Rakkasans.ichael 5. *rd Brigade &om at. Those people are the ones who 0eal Boort2 calls the F5um ass dum massesG who do not care a out politics or if they do. "teele commanded the *rd "pecial Troops Battalion. I had mentioned in past log entries that 4tlas is shrugging right now.++. it is only for C months and then only want a handout and not a hand up. &olonel . election which put / ama ack in office on the acks of the mooches. leaches. The place was near the .vote. &orey &lagett #1ritten 0ovem er (>. If you are in favor of this.ay =. delete this message. knowing that apathy is the greatest danger to our freedom. The target was a suspected al$Qaeda in IraA training facility southwest of the city of "amarra. (L>th Infantry Regiment #also known as Rakkasans'. and parasites of this nation.uthana &hemical &omple7 south of 8ake Thar Thar. a Blackhawk helicopter dropped &oreyEs sAuad off on an island consisting of two homes. If you are not.

The intention is to garner pu lic support for &orey and also get media attention for him. 1illiam Hunsaker.coreyclagett. soldiers. with one even eing promoted and su seAuently redeployed to IraA. &orey was a used y 4merican guards. told the detainees to run away and then egan to shoot. 1hile the others who were charged were let off easily.@irouard.". to kill the three detainees. &orey decided to follow the order and accompanied y Hunsaker. @irouard cut off the detaineeEs 2ip$ ties and ordered &orey and Hunsaker to shoot them.G &orey was aware of the Intelligence and knew that under the new Fcatch and releaseG program. 1hen the sAuad was charged and detained. radioed &ommand to report the three detainees. killing two of them. F1hy arenEt these terrorists dead yetDG @irouard held a meeting of the entire sAuad. 4s the youngest and lowest ranking mem er of the sAuad. :ollowing the meeting. with the site http)MMwww. These conseAuences weighed heavily on &orey as these detainees. often going unfed and eing forced to sleep in the fetal position while chained. /ne of her efforts is taking his case to the internet. The third detainee was mortally wounded and then shot in the head y "pecialist @ra er. &orey recogni2ed that he had een given an unlawful order. he knew the Rules of -ngagement were to Fshoot to kill. would most likely provide damaging intelligence to al Qaeda or even kill other B. &orey and Hunsaker were coincidentally the two lowest$ranked mem ers of the sAuad. the detainees would likely e released very Auickly. once released. However. His conditions were harsher than those at @uantanamo. His mother. is trying to spearhead all efforts for the military to grant clemency for &orey. .com and also taking it to various radio shows online. It is unfair that others had een handled with kid gloves and received lighter sentences while &orey has een handled with iron gloves and received a harsher sentence. The response was. &orey was charged with (L years and spent C years in solitary confinement in 8eavenworth. He then ordered &orey and another soldier. . he was fearful of the conseAuences of diso eying the order.elanie 5ianiska.

c&ain and heard him recount the ordeal of his dealings with <im erlin and his associates. and why he needs to e stopped. Teresa Hein2 <erry. had to move away or #possi ly' even lost their life. This past Tuesday nightM1ednesday morning.ay .' The year was (=>L. The om also severely injure the !eteran3s left leg.. %atterico. The place was "peedway. and the damage was too great for him that he committed suicide in (=L*. -ight om s were set off in the span of several days. <im erlin is the perfect model for the 8eft3s alinskyesAue ways. . /ne of the om s lew up a police car. 4lso. and another lew the right leg off of a !ietnam !eteran. He was somehow paroled in the early (==+3s and is now a left wing activist for !elvet Revolution along with Brad :riedman. %olice suspect a man.+(. Brett <im erlin.c&ain of The /ther . the late 4ndrew Breit art. It is interesting to note that he claimed that while in prison he sold drugs to 5an Quayle.Brett <im erlin #1ritten . The Tides :oundation and #mayhap' even @eorge "oros himself. I was fortunate to sit in on a call with Ro ert "tacy . and now Ro ert "tacy . 4lso during this time an elderly lady was shot in the head ecause she disapproved of <im erlin3s relationship with her granddaughter. <im erlin was arrested along with others in a massive drug smuggling operation in Te7as and was sentenced to J+ years in federal prison on impersonating a military official in addition to his convictions for the om ings and the drug smuggling charges. yet <0/10 domestic terrorists like Brett <im erlin and Bill 4yers are still out there roaming the streets without a care in the world.andy 0agy the 8i erty &hick. Indiana.c&ain' who have een harassed y him to the point some had lost jo s. 8adies and @entlemen. 1hy am I ringing all of this up nowD It has come to my attention that there have een several conservative loggers #such as . . I think it is messed up when the Tea %arty is eing derided and also when a man who had helped us get Bin 8aden in %akistan is sent away to jail for ** years. of the om ings after several store clerks mentioned that he procured om making materials. it is interesting to note that he is receiving funds from such li eral organi2ations and people such as Bar ra "treisand..

personal friend of 4ndrew Breit art and the host of 5ar y "tranahan on BlogTalk Radio.edia know just how dangerous <im erlin is and that we are putting him on notice for causing ordinary citi2en journalists to live their lives in fear daily.' :or the past . had put together a wonderful video as to who Brett <im erlin is. ut thanks to a site known as The Trenches. Thanks to his wife 5ana 8oesch #Z58oesch'. "ince then. including when he was only ack for CJ minutes efore eing locked again. what the 8efty jerks discovered is that the F lock and report for spam featureG I" &/. . Here are a few e7cerpts from the article) Thanks to the work of Twitter user Z"emperBanB #"BB' #give a follow. many conservatives have had their Twitter account suspended. I know he had said that he declared .4T-5. :or some time it was unknown as to how accounts get suspended. 4ccording to "BB.alkin #Zmichellemalkin' Twitchy Team #ZTwitchyTeam' and others. &hrisE account was reinstated.c&ain and 8i erty &hick for opening our eyes to this menace' ITwitter@ulag and its ties to Brett <im erlin #1ritten 6une .ichelle . #Thanks to %atterico and also to Ro ert "tacy . most recently 5avid . . . we have the inside story as to how ITwitter@ulag was formed and what we can do to stop it.+(. hours. and how it was disseminated among 8eftyEs has ecome apparent. months.. a new term had come into our voca ulary called Twitter @ulag #or as is well known on Twitter ITwitter@ulag' ut no ody really knows a out it or why it is a out.organ.J as ?Blog a out <im erlin 5ay? ut after hearing a out this I am of the elief that -!-R9 549 should e Blog a out <im erlin 5ay as we need to get the word out there daily and let the Blame"tream . the e7ploit. who goes y the Twitter account ZBlue8antern+. if you feel like it'. I had initially ecome aware of it a out the end of 4pril when I had heard that Twitter had suspended &hris 8oeschEs #Z&hris8oesch' account three times in the span of .8ee "tranahan. There is not a human sitting at the other end to review the reports..%8-T-89 4BT/.ay .

"9"T-. here comes the system e7ploit. like 5ana 8oesch #Z58oesch'. and start following certain prominent conservatives. "o if some of the 8eftyEs that are aware of this e7ploit happen across you . 1ell he is. as he is an associate of none other than Brett <im erlin. they can hit you with the FBlock and Report for "pamG utton. or "ean Hannity #Z"eanHannity'. diving into a hashtag too vigorously can also make one vulnera le. 0ow. meaning you are tweeting the person without them having asked you to./%-R4TI0@ 1ITHI0 TH. TH. e "o letEs say youEre a new Twitter user. #"hocking I know'. it can fooled.thereEs just a computer. the infamous "peedway . and 6a22ytail passed it along to HI" followers and comrades. Think I"T/%RB"H and some of the users who seemed to get dinged y this attack when they wandered into that tag.uch like "pam ots do. ITE" H/1 9/B 4R. "BB also notes that along with Z replies.' 0ow. "o asically the system is automatically run and there is no ody working it. ut is there more ehind this systemD 8et us read further on shall weD 4ccording to "BB. #. the originator of this attack seems to e one 0eal Rauhauser. the Twitter system sees this as an Funsolicited replyG. with the specific intent of targeting conservative types.%/RT40T. along with an im alanced followingMfollower ratio. a large Auantity of FunsolicitedG replies. 9ou see that they will sometimes reply to random fellow conservative users. and suspend the account. and what will that computer thinkD That youEre a spam ot yourself. and like any machine. Rauhauser passed this fun little e7ploit along to 6a22ytail #&harles $ see) his ponytail'. in hopes of ecoming part of the conversation or getting a retweet. and the Twitter computer at the other end will look at those factors. 4t the eginning of 4pril.. 9ou find your way to the Itcot realm. 0ow I know you are pro a ly thinking that the name 0eil Rauhauser sounds familiar. see that it meets the criteria. "o when you Z reply them.&/0T-0T /: 9/BR T1--T" I" 0/T I. "o you start to Z reply their tweets. Rauhauser egan to contact &harles 6ohnson #Zli2ardoid and of 8ittle @reen :oot alls fame'. :air enough. an unholy alliance if there ever was one.

+L+L.usM. Bntil then. especially as what had een rought out over the past week on not only this show ut other shows like TB$T! and even on :o7 0ews. 9ou can read the tweet at https)MMtwitter.comM randondar yMstatusM. is simple. 1e can adjust our ha its. something might actually happen.+(. The "upreme &ourt 1eek in Review #1ritten 6une *+. ut IEd rather not. talk. It is in this manner that we can shut down Twitter @ulag..(+*=J>J=++(. and a unch of utthurt 8eftyEs start complaining to Twitter a out this particular e7ploit. 0ow that we have <im erlin on the defensive. Brandon 5ar y #ZBrandon5ar y' had recently engaged /ccupy Re ellion #Z/ccupyRe ellion' with the fact that he is Brett <im erlin or associated with him.comMnyancatlovesyouMaaron$ walker$peace$hearing' and got a peace order against 4aron 1alker so 1alker cannot log.M+. In fact. and winning the "enate in 0ovem er. Hit one of 6a22ytailEs criteria. what can we do to maintain itD The answer.Bom er and the one who had just this past Tuesday won a hearing #4B5I/ at http)MMsoundcloud. 1e need to use this information and turn the ta les on the left en route to winning the 1hite House. seeing as how TwitterEs li eral ias is pretty well confirmed.Mtwittergulag$how$it$works$and$ what$to$doM This election has taken on a whole new spin. according to The Trenches. and there can e no dou t that it is. . maintaining the House of Representatives. But. we need to keep the pressure on Twitter to free those who are held in Twitter @ulag. an attack on free speech. This is an attack meant to discourage people from freely associating with those they want to. and heEll send his henchmen your way to click that Block and Report utton. and I will keep an update as to who is in there and also their accounts so we can get them freed. indeed. 9ou can read the whole thing at http)MMthetrenches. or even mention <im erlin for the remainder of the year.+(.' . perhaps if fire was fought with fire here.

8et us egin with the / ama&are ruling first. 4lso. These words are the opening words to &harles 5ickens3 epic novel ?4 Tale of Two &ities? which was written in (LJ=. we had nothing efore us.onday. he will repeal / ama&are. If he does not like a ruling or a vote. the other driver is to lame. we had everything efore us. the professor is to lame. we were all going direct the other way$$in short. They never look in the mirror and say they are doing the things to get themselves in the position they are in. The reason I say such is ecause he had handed the election over to Romney in voting the way he did. it was the epoch of elief. it was the epoch of incredulity. for good or for evil. it was the age of wisdom.It was the est of times. not the . it was the season of 8ight. which is typical / ama fashion. They get into a car crash. once he is elected president. the oss is to lame. ut they could indeed fit what had happened with the "upreme &ourt. and then ending with the mi7ed ruling on / ama&are. he asically lames every ody ut himself for it. it was the spring of hope. it was the worst of times. the period was so far like the present period.++=. 0ow on to the ruling for 4ri2ona in "B(+>+. this past week. it was the age of foolishness. / ama would have &8-4R89 derided the decision as a ruling right down party lines and say that the "upreme &ourt is T// &onservative. In this way he will not lame the "upreme &ourt for him eing a "&/4. They do ad on a test. what Ro erts has done was made it a ta7 which means that it only takes J( "enators to vote for repeal.+ that it took to ram / ama&are down our throats in . That is also typical 8i eral mindset. that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its eing received.:. nay in all of 4merica. we were all going direct to Heaven. in the superlative degree of comparison only. 1ith the "upreme &ourt3s ookmark rulings eginning with the ruling for 4ri2ona in part and for / ama in part with the "B(+>+ ruling on . it was the season of 5arkness. If they do not get a jo . it was the winter of despair. 4fter / ama had heard the ruling he in a sense told Homeland "ecurity to tell 4ri2ona that they are on their own. 4nd as Romney himself has said. If he had voted the other way. . There are many who say that it was a ad decision y &hief 6ustice Ro erts. ut I say that he was correct in his ruling.

' 4nother election season is in the works. we must Repeal / ama in 0ovem er. &areer %oliticians #1ritten .ay (=. . In order to repeal / ama&are. This 0ovem er.(.8adies and gentlemen. this "upreme &ourt had shown us just how important this election is in 0ovem er.' 8et me start this out y playing a segment to The 1ilkow . Too much weight and stress is eing placed on us and sooner or later we are going to throw that weight off or collapse underneath it. If you are not seeing .indset #1ritten 6uly . I referred to the ook 4tlas "hrugged y 4yn Rand and also to the movie 4tlas "hrugged %art I which had come out last year. or do we want to throw the weight offD Think a out that when you go to the polls this 0ovem er. The worst part is that this caller is typical of the selfish F. The ook is so very true. This is what the /ccupy @roups are fighting for. The 8i eral .+(.ajority where a &ommunist calls in trying to de ate 4ndrew 1ilkow on healthcare. and it is insane. The "upreme &ourt left us no choice now. we have a choice. 4tlas is shrugging ased on all of the stress that has een placed on his shoulders.+(. . 4s I had mentioned in a tweet on Thursday. 5o we want to keep the stress that / ama and the 5emocrats have placed on our shoulders the past C years. The li eral mindset is to keep adding the weight on y letting others shoulder the urden. 8adies and gentlemen. That is similar to the economic issues here.-G generation where instead of working for their necessities they want the necessities handed to them. and one of these days the stress is going to e too much and he will have to throw that weight off his shoulders or collapse. the caller is typical of your run of the mill &ommunist 8i eral who always wants government to supply for everything.

and healthcare reform among others. &hances are said politician has een in office for .++J.ath . and he will e representing the (=th 5istrict of :lorida. Is there someone out there who has 9/BR est interests at heartD 1ell there is. and refreshingly willing to put a stake in the ground on a wide variety of critical issues such as the economy and ta7es. 9ou are wondering why you continue to vote for that politician and had nothing to show for it. let us tell the career politicians to @///H! 5o the . . straightforward. which stands for @et /ut /f /ur House. He has never efore competed for nor served in pu lic office. sometimes less depending on the district' of intense. @///H has people in all J+ states and C*J &ongressional 5istricts with that sole purpose.+(+. 5onalds is a usinessman and a self$descri ed constitutional conservative.r..them already. -ach district has three rounds #sometimes more. or do you want a citi2en statesman looking out for your interestDG /n todayEs show you will e hearing one of these citi2en statesmen. ut do know that it will e up to the people of that particular district if they are.ack I! #who is vacating his seat to run for the "enate' since . That organi2ation is called @///H. . /n 4ugust (C. competitive Fciti2en conventionsG designed to pick a single candidate which is represented y @///H and also y the people of said conventions.r. 5onalds is highly intelligent. Beginning now and through 0ovem er . The Auestion to ask is) Fare you happy with the same old career politicians who are working for the lo yists. 1ill they e successfulD I do not know. Before that it was the (Cth 5istrict and had een represented y &onnie . you will e seeing commercials on T! or mailings in your email or through the Bnited "tates %ostal "ervice from your Representative wanting more money andMor your support for them in the upcoming election.+ or C+ years and done nothing for your district.. de t reduction. His name is Byron 5onalds. It is very fitting as the organi2ation intends to vote out all C*J mem ers of the House of Representatives and replace them with citi2en activist. where I reside. 6ust a it of history the (=th 5istrict was renum ered due to the &ensus of . he will e involved in a primary to see who will advance to the @eneral -lection on 0ovem er . citi2en statesmen if you will.

Then it hit me. this was more like the stage eing rushed at a rock concert. It wasn3t a polite rope line like you3d see at a typical. which R. ut others in the throng liked it. and he shook it. 1e think fiscal sanity is se7y.c&ain and his irasci le thirteen year old. The FmathG poster. @/% event #a 8incoln$Reagan dinner. #He3s stopped for a photo. even in the level$headed . %aul Ryan to sign than a clipping from that morning3s &incinnati -nAuirer. station. "ince our local li rary is in the same system as /7ford3s. I could pop into that ranch with my li rary card and print the FmathG image off my email. It was unclear from his e7pression if he looked at the poster at all. when Breit art 0ews3 8arry /3&onnor saw it in his Twitter timeline during a commercial reak. I was kicking myself that I hadn3t rought anything etter for Rep. on my way to /7ford #home of .c&ain is on . "tacy . 6efferson #and others'.. . for e7ample'. I wished him good luck. But here3s proof that . permanent marker already.comM'.#1ritten 4ugust (. all this week. for &hris "tigall on a huge.' 4 Auick scan of Twitter and I found the image.' "o I reached out my hand. will have to wait. %hiladelphia 4. He na ed a fill$in gig. /r tonight. too. I first heard of it earlier this week. The story ehind meeting up with logger e7traordinaire "tacy .' @uest Blog y Becca 8ower "o as to not to overdo things. Ryan3s a rock star. Ryan had a lack. 9esterday.idwest. %aul Ryan event tomorrow. 4fter Ryan3s speech. if there3s more insomnia like last night$$ it3s not every day that you shake the hand of the future !%.+(.c&ain mentioned and pictured in his log today. so shoving the picture at him was all I needed to do to get an autograph. I reali2ed that he hadn3t moved far along the way. photos and autographs. 4fter a couple seconds. He said thank you.48H follow Zlarryoconnor for details. I raved the scrum for handshakes.typepad. #9ou can also hear him on certain "aturdays on 5&3s 1.iami of /hio'. 0o. was the rain$child of 5avid Burge #Twitter) Ziowahawk logH url) http)MMiowahawk. I3ll have another log on the Rep.

day$old restaurant tortilla chips' and to chat with a man who happened to e down from &leveland moving his underclassman son into his .c&ain and Becca 8ower more photos tomorrow.%"*@IM444444444BCMA!"*c!%u8HQMs*.. ut here3s the line of people waiting to get into the -ngineering Quad where he was set to speak #0ote) all images are y me. /h yes. e+L(J(. cut$up veggies.. #http)MM*.gHJoCmmIM444444444BwM0oI6jflas.G Have they talked to people in /hioD 0ot only did Ryan get some encouraging greetings from /hio seniors on 1ednesday.+MR". logspot. .c&ain+L (J(.jpg $ %ic of Ro ert "tacy . #http)MM. on his way to the .comM$ v-*<X84gR&QMB&. all in one night) conservative politics.+(. I think we3re lost? #1ritten 4ugust (>..c&ain eating "kyline &hili' The trifecta of &incinnati culture.c&ain.+MR".d. p. "o you had political junkies like Ro ert "tacy .' guest post y Becca 8ower It was strange to read today. too. I .comM$$ jdR>&fLI9. That was just enough time to finish our provisions #trail mi7. Reds ase all #.MB&.+Ms*.iamiB..ike 8eake on the tv in the ackground. ?6efferson.c&ain and me from points east and south #I3m from Butler &ounty'.. logspot.the right side of the :orce. throwing a complete game' and "kyline chili. Bpdate) HMT to 6. dorm. that some think that the %aul Ryan pick was ?The 4nnouncement 1ithout a Bounce) RomneyEs &hoice :alls :lat. in The Hill.iami of /hio event. and are clicka le to enlarge') It took a out an hour to move from the edge of the .jpg $ pic od Ro ert "tacy .iami. it was early move$in day.illett Hall parking lot to the gates.iami B. alongside frantic and lost mothers and fathers from all over. Bryden for the info a out IowaHawk.

#http)MM.*.. He contacted his friend and fellow logger 8isa @raas.@lm5Q64osMsC++MJ. seeing Ryan and meeting "tacy . can3t e separated. p.comMmediaM(M(MJX..+MJ.comM$ j&.5RoMB&>Bn(9BPXIM444444444-4M4PBA1*fv@wQMsC++MJ.*C+++L.* l7hohIM4444444445gM+.overheard a man speaking to the &levelander who3d come from somewhere in <entucky$$ roughly the same five hour distance. just from the other direction.i. was too good to resist.MsC++MJ. p. "tacy started tweeting and logging a out his surprise stop in /'. I Auickly left a comment at his log and at :ace ook.. #Bpdate) He appeared on .$.$9Q$ IM4444444445CMf5C%-v:pR*. . early 1ednesday.6%@ $ %aul Ryan speaking' #http)MM(. 4lthough that meet$up didn3t work out. this close to home.c&ain #writer of The /ther . #http)MM(.ay . which I3m lucky to e a part of. logspot.comM$ JJrnNhACRfLMB&.c&ain log'. logspot. p. /hio.*C++. he showed up #in the second or third radio interview in as many days' to tell his story on Te7as or Busted T!..) http)MM static.comM$ L:@r(>=yQ0QMB&>/P<duP1IM444444444-QMQcj-L!X=L7IMs*.J. note campaign anner placement for another race' #http)MMC.+/.c&ain3s story couldn3t have served as a etter counterpoint. just days after "tacy and his family were forced to go into hiding ecause of the actions of Brett <im erlin and his cohorts. I can3t imagine the e7perience of 1ednesday without either part. twenty minute phone call. and hoped to mingle with some Rick "antorum supporters as we watched a de*' 4nd then.arch .ITT (. logspot. logspot. Then in late .comM$0(Le>1%u9. we did have a good. He happened to e in /hio visiting family. the week efore the /hio contest #. The opportunity of a meet$up..+MB&>B5.*C++. 6%@ $ Rafters at Ryan event. to catch %aul Ryan. p. 6%@ $ %ost event scrum for Ryan meet and greet' .*C++(.' The two stories.ay. 6%@ $ /hio license plate at the event saying . 4nd really. 1e got acAuainted during the primaries somewhat y accident.X(.ownthenarrative.

song ?8ittle 4merica.-. He3s "tacy3s son. 4fter "kyline.? from their (=LC Reckoning al um. But he pointed to a ack corner ooth.M+LM(. really' that there were (+. :ourth of 6uly event that they presented this year. He did that. I met "tacy in the space etween the restaurant3s two doors. my mom and I attended a great. I mistakenly descri ed him as ?irasci le.comMwatchD vWJtw9C&=n@1Q' .4fter the event. To emphasi2e a point. #The title refers the R.+++ people. In fact.comM. at the "kyline &hili parlor on High "treet. The kid guessed #it was more of a statement. our group walked ack down High "treet. 9ou e7pect someone who writes like "tacy does to do a little ranting a out politics.+++. It was a nice surprise. %er the wiki. 9ou might call him the other. my mom went over a loaner /hio road map with 6efferson. 8i erty Township. But as we pulled away...Mpaul$ryans$nerd$wave$ wassupM 4lso) ?8ittle 4merica?$ R. we were antering a out the num er of attendees at the event. 8ess than a lock away. He picked up on the third ring. He3s a hugger. It3s under the same um rella as our town3s group. not a handshaker. He may have a future in %R.?' 4ddendum) ? %aul RyanEs 0erd 1ave $ 1assup!? The second picture was from this .iami of /H event.? He is precocious. I think we3re lost. then led them to the highway.. Two of them were mem ers of a local T-4 party. their car didn3t head in the right direction at all. I didn3t get the full story on the . But there was something I didn3t e7pect somehow. ut there was something a out getting lost. 4fter "tacy returned from his phone call. ?The song3s #and al um3s' last line UisV.-. Z4li. /n my last log. ?6efferson. though. 8/8.. which was full of people.c&ain. toward the parking lot.. /ther . It was closer to . "o as "tacy and I said our farewells.c&ain family3s trip to /7ford. their car had stopped. I called "tacy3s cellphone.$*.youtu e. He was ducking out to take a phone call. "ome locals were taking him to have his first taste of &incinnati chili. 4lso sitting in the ooth was a red$headed thirteen year old named 6efferson.http)MMviralread. 1e caught up to them. he3ll lightly rest his hand on your arm for a moment..+(. #http)MMwww.

:rom "howtime3s Rock of the L+3s $ Recorded live at the %alace $ 8os 4ngeles, &4 $ (=LC $ R.-.,. ) ,ichael "tipe $ 8ead !ocal InstrumentH %eter Buck $ @uitarH ,ike ,ills $ BassM!ocalsH Bill Berry $ 5rumsM!ocals

0ever :orget 1hat Happened (( 9ears 4go
#1ritten "eptem er ((, .+(('

I know I will not. In fact, I remem er e7actly where I was on this day J years ago when I first heard a out the plane striking the 1orld Trade &enter. I was at a ,c5onald3s enjoying reakfast and listening to a local sportsradio roadcaster roadcast live from there when he roke for his CJ minutes past the hour reak. I was a out to walk over to him during the reak and say that I wanted to speak a out ,ichael 6ordan3s return to asket all and play for the 1ashington 1i2ards when I looked at his face which is that of shock. 4t first report it seemed to me like a small plane and that it was a freak accident, ut when I heard of the second plane hit the 1orld Trade &enter I knew that this had to e some sort of planned attack. I spent the entire =)++ hour glued to his little roadcast station as he had a set of headphones which I listened to the producer ack at the station speak to him and updating him. There were other callers who chimed in with updates from the televised newscasts. 4fter the show ended I hung around for a small time listening, then the host3s dad offered to drive me to teh college where I could watch the T! in the li rary as well as get current updates on the internet. 1hile en route I phoned my mom and stepdad to tell them what had happened. ,y stepdad told me that he had heard a out it and that mom was going to get me and tell me ut she saw that I was gone. 1hen I went into the li rary at the college to watch the news, I almost fell to the floor upon seeing the planes striking the Towers and the %entagon. 4 out (()CJ I got word that the college was closing and called my grandma in &hicago to ask her if she and dad knew what was happening. "he said that dad was on the way to the store ut that they knew what was going on. 4fter I spoke to grandma I went home and kept the news on the T! all the time, gasping and getting angry as to what happened.

I urge people to 0-!-R forget this day for as long as they live. I encourage everyone no matter where they are that if they have the 4merican flag to unfurl it and wave it proudly, for as :rankin 5elano Roosevelt said of another terri le day in 4merican History, ?This is a day which will go down in infamy.? It is ama2ing how J years later, the horrific events of =$ (( still affects people. 4 lady who checked the terrorists onto that first flight that hit the towers killed herself ecause she couldn3t deal with the guilt. 4lso, another checker who did the second flight.... is still five years later in intense therapy. This I had found out from a woman who I had seen in a chat room where I visit often. I guess this is a lot like %ost Traumatic "tress "yndrome. Those words, written "eptem er ((, .++;, still hold true today. 1hile the main proponents of the "eptem er ((, .++(, attacks are either dead or still imprisoned awaiting trial, we must not remem er what happened that fateful day. 1e had een at war with ,uslim e7tremists ever since (>LC when the first 4merican vessel was sei2ed y ,oroccan pirates. That led to the formation of the Bnited "tates 0avy in ,arch (>=C and us taking the attle to them. The ,iddle -ast has always een in the interest of the Bnited "tates, as seen y historian ,ichael /ren in a speech given at &olum ia Bniversity entitled The ,iddle -ast and the ,aking of the Bnited "tates, (>>; to (L(J. In fact, /ren had said that the ,iddle -ast 3s Impact on 4merican 4ffairs Is 0othing 0ew. 0ot many know or reali2e this, ut it is true. The ,iddle -ast will always have an impact on 4merican affairs, regardless of who is in the 1hite House or has control of the House of Representatives and the "enate. The only Auestion is how the people in control of those offices handle the affairs coming out of the ,iddle -ast. -ven though many people hate %resident @eorge 1. Bush, he knew how to handle the affairs out of the ,iddle -ast. In fact, if it were not for the intelligence and the protocols already in place, / ama would not have had the opportunity to order the death of /sama in 8adin.

%4RT J) ://TB488 405 TH4,-RI&40 &H4R4&T-R

This part deals with an editorial I am just getting into now on my radio show ased on a speech in the Imprimis newsletter entitled ?:oot all and the 4merican &haracter.? This will last over several weeks and I will continue to update it every week.

:oot all and the 4merican &haracter
#1ritten 0ovem er (;, .+(*' 4s I was looking over the Imprimis for "eptem er, the entire newsletter was devoted to a speech y 6ohn 6. ,iller of Hillsdale &ollege on :oot all and the 4merican &haracter. He starts the speech off as follows) 1hen we talk a out foot all, we usually talk a out our favorite teams and the games they play. The iggest ongoing story in the sport right now, however, is something else entirely. ItEs not a out the Bears vs. the %ackers or ,ichigan vs. /hio "tate, ut rather the controversy over concussions and the long$term health effects of head injuries /n 4ugust .=, .+(*, the 0ational :oot all 8eague agreed to pay T>;J million to settle a lawsuit involving more than C,J++ players and their families, who had claimed that the league covered up data on the harmful effects of concussions. 4lthough medical research into foot all and long$term effects of head injuries is hardly conclusive, some data suggest a connection. 4 num er of legal e7perts elieve the 0:8, which will generate a out T(+ illion in revenue this year, dodged an even igger payout. :oot all, of course, is much igger than the 0:8 and its players, whose average yearly salary is nearly T. million. :oot allEs ranks include a out J+,+++ men who play for schools or in youth leagues whose pockets arenEt nearly so deep. 4 &olorado jury recently awarded T((.J million to a oy who suffered a paraly2ing injury at his high school foot all practice in .++L.How long will it e efore school districts egin to think foot all isnEt worth the costD -arlier this year, %resident / ama waded into the de ate. FIf I had a son, IEd have to think long and hard efore I let him play foot all,G he said. He also called for foot all Fto reduce some of the violence.G /thers have called for a more

In my mind we are seeing 4merica eing destroyed through the efforts of the current day %rogressive era prohi itionists.eduMfileMarchivesMpdfM. they might have erased one of 4mericaEs great pastimes from our culture. :rom %op 1arner through high school and onto college and the pro #or semi$pro' level. 4fter all.pdf so you can follow along throughout the coming weeks. The only thing is they are called "ocialists and &ommunists. jo s. :oot all and the 4merican . foot all was meant to uild character not only in others ut also in ourselves.G he said.+(*X+=XImprim is. 4lso. Had these enemies of foot all gotten their way. notice what / ama had said. ut in fact it is. In the meantime. :oot all ecame em roiled in a longrunning dispute over violence and safety $ and it was almost anned through the efforts of %rogressive era prohi itionists.dramatic solution) .eduMsu scri erMnew and read the "eptem er issue at http)MMimprimis. However. 0ow at first lush you might think that this Auote from the "eptem er issue of Imprimis is nothing. foot allEs pro lems today are nothing compared to what they were a out a century ago) In (=+J. the estselling author of The Tipping %oint and other ooks. But they lost $ and it took the efforts of Theodore Roosevelt to thwart them.alcolm @ladwell. thinks foot all should go the way of dogfighting. FIf I had a son. and I will get into that in a future editorial. He would like to see 4mericaEs favorite sport run out of polite society.illerEs speech little y little and pluck out salient points. "o foot allEs future is uncertain. the . But the past may offer important lessons.hillsdale. IEd have to think long and hard efore I let him play foot all. you can su scri e to Imprimis at http)MMimprimis. He also called for foot all Fto reduce some of the violence.hillsdale. in a way foot all leads to strengthen the 4merican &haracter. He has many more important things #The economy. I will go through .iddle -ast' and yet he sees a shiny and is easily distracted y other things. (L people died playing the sport. This shows that he is out to destroy 4merica one principle at a time.G /ne of the reasons this sticks out to me is the fact that / ama decided to wade into it in the first place.

Onl* goals4balls sailed o er a rope tied between two poles4kicked after touchdowns or kicked from the field during pla* would contribute to the score. In a split second# Oli er Thompson decided to take a chance on a kick from about 63 *ards awa* and at a wide angle.hat number of men would pla*/ . -* the rules of the da*# this meant that &ar ard earned no points. This week I will speak of a future Rough Rider and President who was at the second game between two of the oldest schools in America and his reaction to what he had seen. 9I am sorr* to sa* we were beaten#: he wrote# 9principall* because our opponents pla*ed er* foul. The ball soared into the air# o er the rope and through the uprights# gi ing +ale a lead of !4 7. On No ember !"# !"$%# Theodore Roose elt# a freshman at &ar ard who had 'ust turned !"# attended his first football game. At halftime# the game was a scoreless tie. The first would carr* a lasting legac*2 Rather than pla*ing with !3 men to a side# as was the current custom# the teams would pla* with ele en men.' Last week I started talking about Football and how it shapes American character. As Roose elt shi ered in the cold and wind* fall weather# he watched a game that was . )o this was the first football game to feature ele en pla*ers on the field per team.alter 5amp tried to sho el the ball to a teammate. &ar ard1s eterans agreed to a couple of suggestions proposed b* +ale.hat would count for a score/ &ow long would the game last/ The* were like school kids toda* who ha e to set up boundaries# choose between a game of touch or tackle# and decide how to count blit0es.: The football of Tedd* Roose elt1s da* is . -efore pla* began# the teams met to discuss rules. .uite different from the sport we know toda*. It was a poor lateral pass that hit the ground and bounced upward# taking one of those funn* hops that can befuddle e en skilled pla*ers. In the first half# &ar ard scored a touchdown but missed the kick. There were no . (estined for great things# he was enthusiastic about athletics in general and eager to see the new sport of football in particular. No more points were scored that afternoon. The second suggestion would not shape the sport1s future# but it would affect the game that afternoon2 Touchdowns would not count for points. After the break# +ale pushed into &ar ard territor* and a lank* freshman named . )o here he was at the second game e er pla*ed between &ar ard and its great ri al +ale.uarterbacks or wide recei ers# no first downs or forward passes. In a letter to his mother the ne8t da*# Roose elt ga e oice to the frustration that so often accompanies defeat in sports.&haracter #%art .uite different from the football of our da*# sa e .

=== Lo e for a college football team# whether it1s the Te8as Longhorns or the &illsdale 5hargers# is almost tribal.for one decision on that da*.uarterbacks# or wide recei ers that we see toda*. :oot all and the 4merican &haracter #%art *' Last week I talked about the first football game Tedd* Roose elt saw and how he was enthralled b* it. Thanks to the efforts of both teams# the number of pla*ers were decreased from !3 men on the field per side to !!# the same amount of men on the field per side that we see toda*. O er the course of an ordinar* football season in those da*s# a do0en or more people would die pla*ing it# and man* more suffered serious in'uries. And e en then the* would onl* count as one point. This was especiall* true in its earl* *ears# when e en the era of leatherheads la* in the future2 Nobod* wore helmets# facemasks# or shoulder pads. Football isn1t a contact sport4it1s a collision sport that has alwa*s pri0ed si0e# strength# and power. . In a letter after the game# Roose elt wrote his mother sa*ing that the opposition pla*ed er* foul which is wh* the* had won. -ut first# let me discuss briefl* wh* football matters. A lot of the casualties were kids in sandlot games# but big4time college teams also paid a price.". The most . The game would end in a soccer score of !47 because goals kicked off the foot would onl* count as points.uent pileups# hidden from the iew of referees# pla*ers would wrestle for ad antage b* throwing punches and 'abbing elbows. I will get into that ne8t week# as well as a letter Roose elt wrote to a pla*er of that &ar ard4+ale game who is considered as football1s founding father. &owe er# there were no first downs# forward passes# . &e was also eager to see how this new sport of football would pla* out# and as we will see later on#that would set him up as to how he would form his legion of Rough Riders during the )panish4American . (uring the of !". Now one thing about Roose elt is that he was enthusiastic about athletics and competiti e sports o erall. +et it almost died !77 *ears ago.hate er the origin# football has the power to form lifelong lo*alties and passions and has supplanted baseball as America1s fa orite pastime. <iller goes on to sa* how he had helped sa e football and how he had written to one of the pla*ers of that game <ore about Tedd* Roose elt and what he did for football in a moment. -asicall* it was like a rugb* game with scrums e er*where and an*where in between the field of pla*. That led to a group of people wanting to ban football and all of team sports. In some cases the affiliation is practicall* inherited# in others chosen.

uire umpires and referees/ 9A game that needs to be watched is not fit for genuine sportsmen#: he once said. Indeed# he is the closest thing there is to football1s founding father. In the ri alr* between >liot and 5amp# we see one of the ongoing contro ersies in American politics at its outset4 the conflict between regulators bent on the dream of a world without risk# and those who resist such an agenda in the name of freedom and responsibilit*. -ut football distressed him e en more. The New +ork > ening Post attacked the sport# as did The Nation# an influential maga0ine of news and opinion.uack cures such as ha ing him smoke cigars. &is mother and father tried e er*thing to impro e his health# e en resorting to . Time and again# he condemned the game as 9e il. The* encouraged him to go to a g*m# and he worked out dail*. And the* horrified a group of acti ists who crusaded against football itself4wanting not merel* to remo e iolence from the sport# but to ban the sport altogether. The* were not freak accidents as much as the ine itable toll of a iolent game. At the dawn of the Progressi e era# the social and political mo ement to prohibit football became a ma'or cause.: The New +ork Times bemoaned football1s tendenc* toward 9ma*hem and homicide. If baseball and football were honorable pastimes# he reasoned# wh* did the* re. The main figure in this mo ement to ban football was 5harles . Into this struggle stepped Theodore Roose elt. >liot and other Progressi es identified a genuine problem with football# but their solution was radical. Indeed# >liot hated team sports in general because competition moti ated pla*ers to conduct themsel es in wa*s he considered unbecoming of gentlemen. >liot# the president of &ar ard and probabl* the single most important person in the histor* of higher education in the Anited )tates. The deaths were the worst. The* wanted to regulate football out of e8istence because the* belie ed that its participants were not capable of making their own 'udgments in terms of costs and benefits.. The asthma would sta* with Roose elt for *ears# but b* the time he was an adult# it was largel* gone. The latter worried that colleges were becoming 9huge training grounds for *oung gladiators# around whom as man* spectators roar as roared in the ?Roman@ amphitheatre. As a bo*# he had suffered from chronic asthma to the point that relati es wondered if he would sur i e childhood. A decent pla*er# 5amp made his real mark on football as a coach and a rules4maker. For >liot# a pitcher who threw a cur e ball was engaging in an act of treacher*.: Two weeks later# the Times ran a new editorial entitled 9Two 5urable > ils. The second was football.: One of >liot1s main ad ersaries in the battle o er football was . In their higher wisdom# these elites would ban the sport for all. For . <ost of all# he despised its iolence.: The first e il it addressed was l*nching. Altimatel* the* concluded that he simpl* would ha e to o ercome the disease.alter 5amp# one of the pla*ers in the game Tedd* Roose elt watched in !"$%.unsporting participants would e en tr* to gouge their opponents1 e*es.

uisiteB but the second# and 'ust as important# is that he shall be efficient# and he can1t be efficient unless he is manl*.hether it is a tailgate part* in Cackson ille for the Florida4Deorgia .Roose elt# the lesson was that a commitment to ph*sical fitness could take a scrawn* bo* and turn him into a igorous *oung man. The* are both good e8ercises# but the* are not up to foot ball . &e remained a fan as he graduated from &ar ard# entered politics# ranched out west# and became an increasingl* isible public figure. A citi0en has got to be decent of course. sedentar* classes . . The rough pla*# if confined within manl* and honorable limits# is an ad antage. Nothing has impressed me more in meeting college graduates during the fifteen *ears I ha e been out of college than the fact that on the a erage the men who ha e counted most ha e been those who had sound bodies. and from this the athletic spirit has sa ed us. . . . .ar as a national hero4and as someone talked about as being of presidential timber4 he knew how much he owed not 'ust to the Rough Riders# but to the culture of manliness and risk4taking that had shaped them.3# shortl* before he became president of the New +ork 5it* police commission# he wrote a letter to . I do not gi e a snap for a good man who can1t fight and hold his own in the world."# he went out of his wa* to select men who had pla*ed football. . The (uke of . I am utterl* disgusted with the attitude of President >liot and the &ar ard facult* about foot ball . . One of the things that stands out in m* mind is how football has supplanted baseball as America1s pastime.alter 5amp that read as follows2 I am er* glad to ha e a chance of e8pressing to *ou the obligation which I feel all Americans are under to *ou for *our championship of athletics. . . In !".ellington reportedl* once said# 9The battle of . . I ha e no patience with the people who declaim against it because it necessitates rough pla* and occasional in'uries. -eing near4 sighted I was not able to pla* foot ball in college# and I ne er cared for rowing or base ball# so that I did all m* work in bo8ing and wrestling.aterloo was won on the pla*ing fields of >ton. The man on the farm and in the workshop here# as in other countries# is apt to get enough ph*sical workB but we were tending steadil* in America to produce . It is a good thing to ha e the personal contact about which the New +ork > ening Post snarls so much# and no fellow is worth his salt if he minds an occasional bruise or cut. This e8perience was deepl* connected to Roose elt1s lo e of football. &e saw it as a positi e social good. As this letter indicates# Roose elt saw football as more than a di ersion. That is the first re. Of all games I personall* like foot ball the best# and I would rather see m* bo*s pla* it than see them pla* an* other.: Roose elt ne er said an*thing similar about football fields and the -attle of )an Cuan &ill# but when he emerged from the )panish4American . .hen he was recruiting the Rough Riders in !". .

our society values sports. to play through pain. -liot who wanted to an not only foot all ut all team sports and 1alter &amp who ecame the de facto founding father for the sport of foot all. Dranted# there is alwa*s a hint of danger in football# but at least now it is not like it was about !77 *ears ago. and lacrosse. ut it pro a ly has something to do with developing a competitive .alter 5amp# football would ha e died at the hands of 5harles .y kids have played foot all. . 8ike Roosevelt. 4s a family. weEre fairly sports$oriented. with Teddy Roosevelt sending a letter to &amp thanking him for championing the cause of athletics. and why sports are important for the 4merican character. Dranted# as I had reported last week !" people died in !. Harvard %resident &harles 1. and so on. Another thing is that when people go to a football game# the* make a da* out of it# sometimes pulling into the parking lot at $ A< for a ! P< game. soccer. This week we continue with what Roosevelt also thought. &owe er# if it were not for Tedd* Roose elt and . TheyEll also discuss the intangi le enefits in terms of character uilding$sports teach kids to get up after falling down. to deal with failure. And we see that toda* where the progressi es like Obama want to eliminate football or make it safer. -mpirical research shows that kids who play sports stay in school longer. <an* more suffered serious in'uries# and as such certain measures were needed to make football more pla*able and less dangerous. hockey. to take direction from coaches. +ou rarel* if e er see that for a baseball game.. In fact# I will go so far as to sa* that football attendance easil* outpaces baseball b* about 3 to !. ase all. 4s adults. though we donEt always think a out why$or why we should. they vote more often and earn more money. It has forced me to think a out a Auestion that a lot of parents pro a ly ask at one time or another) 1hy do we want our kids to participate in athleticsD . It turns out that there really is something to all of this. >liot# President of &ar ard who despised all competiti e sports. :oot all and the 4merican &haracter #%art C' "o far. -7plaining why this is true is trickier.any parents will point to the o vious fact that sports are good for health and fitness. we had seen the major players in the attle for foot all choose or the )uper -owl# football has a habit of drawing a lot of people.73 in football games. to work with teammates.

Richie Incognito. ecause your character is what you really are. "ports give us a chance to uild our character.instinct and a desire for achievement. vote more often. and we see that in some of the soccer contests. /ne main downfall that we see prevalent nowadays is the fact that some athletes let that success and popularity get to their head and they forget who they were.yj. Ro erto &lemente and 5avid Beckham #who had reached out to help inner city youth through organi2ations they had started or helped to start' nowadays. oth in a good way and in a ad way. Bo y Bonds and 6erry "andusky #who are in the news for the wrong reasons' and less a out people like . most -uropeans are passionate for their team. 1e would e wise to remem er what the legendary B&84 asket all coach 6ohn 1ooden #who came up with the %yramid of "uccess at https)MMwww. @ranted. . They outnum er those who take their success and parlay it to help out those less fortunate than themselves or give other children a chance to have the same success they had.pdf' had to say a out character) Be more concerned with your character than your reputation. there are also a couple of downfalls.iller nailed it with the last paragraph in my mind. "ports also teaches us the value of sportsmanship and teamwork. and earn more money.ariano Rivera. . Roosevelt saw that sports influence the character of a nation. 5eion "anders. with all of those values and virtues. Roosevelt was surely correct in elieving that sports influence the character of a nation. It may e that sports are a manifestation$or possi ly even a source$of 4merican e7ceptionalism. However. and a new wardro e. Hence why you hear a out more people like 4le7 Rodrigue2. which allows them to get etter housing.ifwkwyJM6ohn1ooden%yramid/f" uccess. as opposed to luck. as well as how to deal with failure and also play through pain. ut over all $ outside of hockey $ we see more 4mericans likely to play sports than -uropeans. 1eEre also more likely to attri ute economic success to hard work. etter cars.comMsMln>. 4mericans are much more likely than -uropeans to play sports.drop o7. 1e also read that research has shown that children who play sports stay in school longer.. 0ow this is also true. especially given the fact that if you look a out you see the multi$million dollar contracts some sports stars get.

In committee meetings# Reid outmaneu ered 5amp while recei ing critical behind4 the4scenes support from Roose elt. Rules4makers also created a neutral 0one at the line of scrimmage# limited the number of pla*ers who could line up in the backfield# made the personal foul a hea il* penali0ed infraction# and banned the . make friendship a fine art.alter 5amp didn1t see an*thing wrong with the wa* football was pla*ed.alter 5amp of +ale to the .: &e encouraged the coaches to eliminate brutalit*# and the* promised that the* would. This week I will discuss how Roose elt has in ited .hether the* meant what the* said is another matter. Be hum le. Be grateful. help others. Be careful. In !. make each day your masterpiece. These were the three most important football teams in the countr*. At the end of the !. drink deeply from good ooks $ especially the Bi le. surround yourself with smart people who3ll argue with you. . uild a shelter against a rainy day.while your reputation is merely what others think you are. :ame is man$given. 9Football is on trial#: said Roose elt.hen Roose elt ascended to the presidenc*# football remained contro ersial and &ar ard1s >liot continued his crusade for prohibition. 1hatever you do in life.alter 5amp and a few other people to the . As a result# football e8perienced an e8treme makeo er2 The *ardage necessar* for a first down increased from fi e to ten. :oot all and the 4merican &haracter #%art J' Last week we had talked about Roose elt belie ing in sports building American character.hite &ouse# along with the coaches of &ar ard and Princeton.73# Roose elt was persuaded to act. Indeed# within weeks of meeting with Roose elt# he came to fear that >liot was on the erge of success in ha ing &ar ard drop the sport# which would ha e encouraged other schools to do the same. &e in ited . give thanks for your lessings and pray for guidance every day. &onceit is self$given.73 season# therefore# Reid plotted with a group of reform4 minded colleges to form an organi0ation that toda* we know as the N5AA and to appro e a set of sweeping rules changes to reduce football1s iolence. &e took Roose elt more seriousl*# because he took the threat to football more seriousl*. Talent is @od given. . &ar ard1s coach# howe er# was a *oung man named -ill Reid.hite &ouse# and how that meeting brought football into the modern era. . Be true to yourself. 9-ecause I belie e in the game# I want to do all I can to sa e it.

-ut on No ember !# !. The* are tr*ing to drop the traditions of the game# and it is up to man* of us toda* to uphold them. Arm* was one of the best teams in the countr*# a national championship contender. There were . It took a few *ears to get the rule right4footballs needed to e ol e awa* from their watermelon4like shape and become more aerod*namic# and coaches and pla*ers had to figure out how to take ad antage of this new offensi e tool. Tedd* Roose elt was not one to sit idl* b* and watch as football died a slow death. +et the change that would transform the sport the most was the introduction of the forward pass.tossing of ballcarriers. The* had come up with some rules which molded the game into what it is toda*# And it led to the first true air war in college football between Notre (ame and Arm*# in which Rockne and 5ompan* threw again and again for receptions and touchdowns. Dushed the New +ork Times2 The . 9The football team . And the* won# 634!F. Ap to this point# football was a game of running and kicking# not throwing.!6# launched football into the modern era and ne er looked back. It had reduced the problem of iolence# and the game that we en'o* toda* was born.: . .: The little4known 5atholic school was Notre (ame. A .ants -ig )core. &e was on Arm*1s team but didn1t pla* due to in'ur*. The headline in the New +ork Times that morning read2 9Arm* . got beaten most gloriousl* b* Notre (ame. The Arm* pla*ers were hopelessl* confused and chagrined before Notre (ame1s great pla*ing# and their st*le of oldfashioned close line4smashing pla* was no match for the spectacular and highl* perfected attack of the Indiana collegians. These were important re isions# and each was appro ed with an e*e toward impro ing the safet* of pla*ers.e are seeing the same battle toda* and Obama is wading into it. . Instead# he grabbed the bull b* the horns and set up a meeting with 5amp and the coaches of &ar ard and Princeton to see what can be done to change football.ith that game# football1s long first chapter came to a close. Otherwise# it will 'ust be another aspect of American culture and character down the drain thanks to Obama1s 9fundamental transformation.: . 9> er*thing has gone wrong#: he wrote to his girlfriend.uarterbacks but not wide recei ers.!6# football mo ed irre ersibl* into the modern era. It was scheduled to pla* a game against a little4known 5atholic school from the <idwest. Not onl* do the progressi es of toda* want to sissif* the game b* enacting strict rules on helmet to helmet hits# spears# and hits below the waist but also there are some progressi es who want to ban certain nicknames like Redskins# Indians# )eminoles# and other names. Enute Rockne and his teammates launched football1s first true air war# throwing again and again for receptions and touchdowns. . No ember !# !.est Point cadet named (wight >isenhower watched from the sidelines.esterners flashed the most sensational football that has been seen in the >ast this *ear.

At the same time# his comments would ha e benefitted from some conte8t2 Dregg >asterbrook# who writes a football column for >)PN# has pointed out that a teen who dri es a car for an hour has about a one in a million chance of d*ing4compared to a one in si8 million chance for a teen who spends an hour practicing football. As a general rule# of course# we don1t want politicians interfering with our sports. If *ou want to read the entire speech# *ou can go to http2GGimprimis.ill# Custice 5larence Thomas# . The* not onl* make us distincti el* American# the* make us better Americans.pdf and if *ou want to subscribe to Imprimis *ou can go to http2GGimprimis. . After al# like <iller said# Americans are a self4go erning people and can make their own 'udgments# acknowledging the fact that sports can be dangerous but good for us.hillsdale. The* ha e other more pressing things to worr* about than sports.eduGarchi es where *ou can read articles form the best conser ati e minds like Ronald Reagan# <argaret Thatcher# )te e Forbes# -rit &ume# )arah Palin# Thomas )owell# Deorge . Americans are a self4go erning people. &owe er# the fact that 5ongress had to stick it1s nose in it made it e en worse.eduGsubscriberGnew.eduGfileGarchi esGpdfGH7!6I7. The -5) s*stem is b* far the .hillsdale.IImprimis. In fact# I feel that the presidents and commissioners of the sports leagues can police their own without an* congressional interference.illiams# <ichael <ed ed# <ichelle <alkin# Deorge Dilder# 5harles Erauthammer# and others.:oot all and the 4merican &haracter #%art .e can make our own 'udgments about whether to dri e or pla* football4and when we make these choices# we can make them in recognition of the fact that although sports can be dangerous# the*1re also good for us. And <iller ends his speech with what we can learn from Roose elt.alter >. . The onl* thing that could make the -5) s*stem worse is congressional in ol ement.hillsdale.73 which brought football into the modern era.OR)T thing that has happened in college football# and luckil* this *ear will be the last *ear for it. The e8ample of Roose elt shows that a skillful leader can use a light touch to sol e a e8ing problem. As a father m*self# I can s*mpathi0e with President Obama1s cautious statements about football. If *ou want to read past issues of Imprimis# go to http2GGimprimis. The* can promise a world without risk# or the* can send a different message.' Last week# we talked about the rules that came out of the meeting Roose elt held in !. . At the same time# our political leaders help to shape our culture and our e8pectations.

. I will also dedicate a couple of hours on Red.) :BTBR. and even dedicate a couple of hours on Red. and Blue to that very topic in the future. which I find fitting especially with the divide in the country where many on the right are saying that %resident / ama is currently shredding the &onstitution while those on the left say that :ormer %resident @eorge 1. The left would want 488 forms of religion out of the pu lic sphere as they feel that is what 6efferson had meant.any say that in order for someone to e a 0atural Born &iti2en that person would have to e orn to two citi2en parents. President Obama campaigned for office largel* on the claim that his predecessor had shredded the 5onstitution. Article II of that document begins with a simple declaration2 9The e8ecuti e Power shall be ested in a President of the Anited )tates of America.++(. The President is ested with all of it. Cust what are the e8ecuti e powers in wartime/ Former Attorne* Deneral <ichael <ukase* gets to the bottom of it in a speech that he ga e in . ut that is another false premise which I reject and will de unk with facts.5. /ne such editorial I have in mind is a series of editorials from Imprimis on -7ecutive %owers in 1artime. Right. Bush had shredded the &onstitution since "eptem er ((. -* the 5onstitution# he could not ha e meant the document signed on )eptember !$# !$"$.# on )eptember !3#H7!!# at the )econd Annual 5onstitution (a* 5elebration sponsored b* &illsdale 5ollege1s Allan P. . Eirb*# Cr. 5enter for 5onstitutional )tudies and 5iti0enship. -7ecutive %owers in 1artime <an* on the left sa* that President -ush had shredded the 5onstitution.ashington# (. 4lso in the 4merican -7ceptionalism series I had mentioned the topic of "eparation of &hurch and "tate. Right.: Not 9some: or 9most: or e en 9all but a teen*4ween* bit: of the e8ecuti e power.%4RT . <an* on the right sa* President Obama is shredding the 5onstitution right now.-5IT/RI48" This part will deal with future editorials that I have in mind. This is particularl* noteworth* when compared with the enumerated legislati e powers . 4nother editorial I have in mind deals with the 0atural Born &iti2en de ate that I had alluded to in the series on 4merican -7ceptionalism. and Blue to that topic in the future as well. I will go through and thoroughly de unk that false premise with the facts.

One such plot in ol ed airplanes attacking the Librar* Tower in Los Angeles.uickl* and decisi el* is the e8ecuti on Terror should be fought not from a militar* standpoint but from a legal standpoint. The list goes on. b* issuing a series of e8ecuti e orders. It was to be carried out b* a )outh Asian group headed b* a man named &ambali. Instead of these allegedl* disgraceful and unconstitutional interrogation techni. that the militar* commission was cancelled. Instead# E)< would be brought to the mainland Anited )tates to stand trial. As a result# the Duantanamo militar* commission trial for E)< and other detainees charged in connection with )eptember !! is back on. Three of these detainees4 Abu Kuba*dah# Ehalid )heikh <ohammed# and Abdel Rahim al Nashiri4ga e up a huge tro e of aluable information.). In fact# it has been a ailable on the Internet for *ears and has been used b* terrorists as a training manual for resisting interrogation. > en though the principal planner of )eptember !!# Ehalid )heikh <ohammed# or E)<# had announced that he would plead guilt* before a militar* tribunal at Duantanamo# the Custice (epartment announced in No ember H77. According to one# Duantanamo was to be closed within a *ear.ues4detainees who self4selected as both knowledgeable of Al Jaeda and resistant to lesser techni.). Other information resulted in the capture of people in ol ed in a plan to de elop a biological weapons capabilit* in the A.: The Founders understood# based in part on their unfortunate e8perience under the Articles of 5onfederation# that the branch of go ernment most likel* to be in need of the abilit* to act .ues# it was announced that an*one acting on behalf of the A. Not onl* did E)< disclose general information on how Al Jaeda mo ed mone* and people# but also specific information that helped disrupt other plots.ues4 we learned a great deal. . . -ut lea ing that . &e began dramaticall* in Canuar* H77. This manual4because it was drafted for general use4is pitched to the capabilities of the most 'unior recruit in the field interrogating someone he has 'ust captured.ested in 5ongress2 9All legislati e Powers herein granted.ues which were# in fact# completel* lawful. In response# 5ongress passed a statute# rel*ing on its constitutionall*4enumerated power of the purse# directing that no federal funds be used to bring an* detainee from Duantanamo to the A. Another e8ecuti e order in Canuar* H77. go ernment# e en a highl* trained 5IA operati e seeking sensiti e securit*4related information# is limited b* the Arm* Field <anual.).hen detainees were sub'ected to those techni. The abandoned 5IA program in ol ed4in what is probabl* the most disastrous marketing term since New 5oke49enhanced interrogation: techni. &ence# wh* he pushed for Ehalid )heikh <uhammad and others who had plotted the attacks of )eptember !!# H77!# to be tried in .uestion aside for now# let us consider how President Obama has fared in undoing the -ush policies he opposed. suspended the 5IA interrogation program. Perhaps# then# candidate Obama was thinking of the -ill of Rights in claiming that President -ush shredded the 5onstitution. The branch most likel* to o erreach is the legislature.hen Obama ran for President# he had said that within a *ear of his inauguration he would close Duantanamo because the .

arsame was apprehended and was thought to be in possession of aluable intelligence. From bombs that ha e shown up in packages originating in +emen# it appears that the same bomb maker is still in business# and he is belie ed to be responsible for a bomb that in'ured Prince <ohammed -in Na*ef# the man largel* responsible for )audi Arabia1s counter4 terrorism efforts. It should be fought from a militar* standpoint. Although Duantanamo remains open# the President remains committed to closing it. hi'ackers on . In a wa* this highlights the differences between how the left percei es the war on Islamic terrorism and how the right percei es it Not onl* has this interrogation program been abandoned# but when people toda* are apprehended in connection with terrorist plots directed at this countr*4and there ha e been more than H7 since )eptember !!4most are turned o er immediatel* to law enforcement authorities# informed of their <iranda rights# and treated as routine criminal suspects.e learned a month or two ago that a man named . . &opefull* in this small series I will go into 'ust how he is doing that and 'ust what is the TRA> >8ecuti e power in wartime.' <ukase* continues his speech with a couple of er* surprising remarks on what Obama is doing to the terrorists# treating them not as enem* combatants but rather as routine criminal on Terror.G!! did and also how Osama -in Laden and Ehalid )heikh <uhammad supplied those cards and passports to those who seek to do harm o er the world. The administration disdains militar* tribunals# notwithstanding the fact that the* ha e been used in our histor* from the Re olutionar* . As much as man* Americans do not like Deorge . . The* can e en attack us from short range b* falsif*ing identification cards and slip in through our defenses# like the !..ith the ad ent of those weapons# the enem* can attack us from long range. &e was placed aboard a na al essel and debriefed for two months# after which he was ad ised of his <iranda rights and brought to the II and are .). -7ecutive %ower in 1artime #%art . .ith the would4be 5hristmas (a* bomber Amar Farouk Abdulmutallab# we lost the chance at information about who had built his to .hat do we lose in this process/ .orld . For e8ample# no new detainees are being brought to Duantanamo. Dranted# there is this Dene a 5on ention that man* sa* )&OAL( be the rules of war but keep in mind that at the time it came about# there were no computers or high technological bombs or rocket launchers that we see toda*. If an*thing# Obama has ser ed to weaken this countr*# not build it up. -ush# keep in mind that he had the correct mindset when focusing on the .the shadows of Dround Kero.

orld Trade 5enter bombing in which a truck was detonated in the basement Lanother Ehalid )heikh <uhammad financed attack which was co4signed b* the 9-lind )heikh: Omar Abdel4Rahman and accomplished b* Ram0i +ousef# E)<1s nephewM which led to $ killed and !#7FH in'ured. It was done in a wa* that allowed us to e8ploit the tro e of intelligence that was found in his home4though one wishes that less had been said about it at the time# rendering it more effecti ided for specificall* in a statute passed b* 5ongress called the <ilitar* 5ommissions Act. I certainl* would not minimi0e that achie ement. And his death has great s*mbolic significance# because of the status he had attained during the ten *ears since )eptember !!.The administration also remains committed to figuring out a wa* to release those detained in Duantanamo# despite the fact that at least H7 percent of Duantanamo alumni ha e returned to the battlefield. And thanks to a igorous and courageous e8ercise of the Article II 5ommander in45hief power# and the splendid performance of a team of Na * )eals# Osama bin Laden is dead. )o after all this# where do we stand/ The intelligence gathering techni. for trial# the same wa* that -ill 5linton had handled terrorism especiall* after the !. &ow man* others are still in the fight is an*one1s guess. -7ecutive %ower in 1artime #%art *' <ukase* goes into the histor* of what Osama bin Laden stood for and also the histor* of the <uslim -rotherhood# which is what is ruling a ma'orit* of the <uslim countries and is taking o er other countries as we speak.hile Osama bin Laden and Anwar al4Awlaki ha e been killed under the Obama presidenc*# the* would not ha e been if it were not for the intelligence that began under the -ush presidenc*. If Obama had his wa*# the* would not ha e been killed but rather arrested# read their <iranda rights# and brought to the A. . . &e needed killing# and he and we needed it to be done at the hands of Americans. . -ut it is impossible to gauge the significance of bin Laden1s death unless and until we recogni0e the simple fact that our encounter with what he stood for began much earlier than )eptember !!# H77!.hat -ush did was reali0e that the enemies in this current war do not wear uniforms or all* themsel es with a particular nation# but rather a philosoph* and a mission.e know that figure because H7 percent ha e been recaptured or killed. . As such# he had taken the fight to Al Jaeda and fought them on their battlefield# using guerilla st*le tactics.ues adopted and followed during the preceding administration not onl* remain on the books but are acti el* pursued. In m* mind# that is wrong and one reason wh* -ush had it correctl*. Obama wants to either appease the <uslims or tr* them for crimes as criminals# and not fight them as enem* combatants..).6 .

$.ar II Dreele*# 5olorado# for a man like Jutb it was )odom and Domorrah.orld . Al4-anna founded the <uslim -rotherhood as a reaction to the moderni0ing influence of Eemal Ataturk# who dismantled the shell of what was left of the <uslim caliphate in Turke*# banned the fe0 and headscar es# and dragged his countr* into the H7th centur*. . ?as@ our first enem*.hat bin Laden stood for was Islamism# which4insofar as it holds the A. . with the taking of the American >mbass* in Iran through the . )o unlike what some people sa*# America has had a battle with Islam e er since the !"th centur*. -7ecutive %ower in 1artime . Regrettabl* for us# Jutb chose to tra el to Dreele*# 5olorado. It is 'ust that the battle had been escalated since about !. The <arine h*mn which starts out with the words 9from the &alls of <onte0uma TO THE SHORES OF TRIPOLI: basicall* showed that earl* Americans fought on the shores of Tripoli# in modern4da* Lib*a# against the <uslims. in a weird combination of awe and contempt4has been incubating for about as long as we ha e known about the other two 9isms: that we successfull* con. Therefore# the* are the new face of the enem*# and according to (a id -arton of .allbuilders# had been our enem* since the earl* da*s of America where the -arbar* Pirates along the African coast took American sailors.6 and H77!. And one other thing# e en the Islamic hol* book# the Eoran# sa*s that all infidels should be put to death if not con erted. Jutb caused enough trouble in >g*pt to get himself awarded a tra eling fellowship in !.orld Trade 5enter bombings of !.F"# the *ear al4-anna was killed. ?as@ our first enem*.H7s# when the loosel* organi0ed <uslim -rotherhood was established b* a man named &assan al4-anna.: I ask *ou. . &is conclusion was that Americans were 9numb to faith in art# faith in religion# and faith in spiritual alues altogether#: and that <uslims must regard 9the white man# whether >uropean or American ..uered in the last centur*. TRA> Americans# R>AL Americans are sick of it and we are not taking it an* more. Is this the t*pe of people that we need to be friends with and coe8ist with/ This regard of >uropeans and Americans as Islam1s first enem* is what bin Laden had proposed.). Al4-anna1s principal disciple was also an educator4a bureaucrat in the education department of the >g*ptian go ernment named )a**id Jutb.: Note what <ukase* said that Jutb had concluded about Americans2 &is conclusion was that Americans were 9numb to faith in art# faith in religion# and faith in spiritual alues altogether#: and that <uslims must regard 9the white man# whether >uropean or American . And although it would be hard to imagine a more inoffensi e place than post4. . As a mo ement distinct from the religion of Islam itself# Islamism traces back to >g*pt in the !.. &e hated e er*thing he saw2 American haircuts# enthusiasm for sports# 'a00# and what he called the 9animal4 like mi8ing of the se8es#: e en in church.

.. Jutb later returned to >g*pt# .orld Trade 5enter bombers demanded the freeing of Nosair from 'ail# it became apparent that the Eahane assassination had not been the lone act of a lone gunman. &e opposed Nasser# and was subse.6 on )eptember !!# H77!M an Israeli politician Las we had seen . .7# one of those men# >l4)a**id Nosair# assassinated a rightwing Israeli politician# <eir Eahane# in the ballroom of a <anhattan hotel.3H# but then became disillusioned with Nasser for failing to institute )haria law.#%art C' <ukase* continues peeling the la*ers open and tells us about the histor* of the <uslim -rotherhood and also bin Laden# going so far as to re eal that one of the !.hen the !. Authorities re iewed the amateur ideo of Eahane1s speech the night he was killed and disco ered that one of those !. Among his students were A*man al4Kawahiri# an >g*ptian who would become a leading Al Jaeda ideologist# and a then4obscure Osama bin Laden# the pampered child of one of the richest construction families in the countr*. &owe er# he continued to write and agitate for Islam and against . The* 'ust kill an* who the* percei e as a threat to their culture and philosoph*# whether it is a normal citi0en Las we had seen on Anited Flight .uentl* arrested and tortured.6 ..hen the* approached# the* were accused of what we now call racial profiling# and the* backed off.6 . .estern ci ili0ation# particularl* against Cews# whom he blamed for atheistic materialism and considered the worst enemies of <uslims. &e was released for a time# but e entuall* was re4arrested# con icted of conspirac* against the go ernment# and hanged in !..orld Trade 5enter# killing si8 and wounding hundreds. Jutb1s brother was among those who fled and taught the doctrine in )audi Arabia.uit the ci il ser ice# and 'oined the <uslim -rotherhood.6# when a truck bomb detonated in the basement of the . And the rest# as the* sa*# is histor*.%%.orld Trade 5enter bombers was present at the assassination of an Israeli politician in New +ork. &e welcomed Damal Abdel Nasser1s coup against the corrupt monarch* of Eing Farouk in !. For lack of a better word# <uslim terrorists ha e little to no regard for who the* kill.. It came at the latest in the !. Not man* people know about this# but it needs to be said. <an* members of the -rotherhood fled to )audi Arabia# where the* found refuge and ideological sustenance. That histor* did not come to these shores on )eptember !!4or e en on Februar* H%# !. In No ember !.6 bombers had been in the hall when Eahane was shot."7s# when a couple of F-I agents spotted a group of men taking what looked like particularl* aggressi e target practice in 5al erton# Long Island. Further in estigation disclosed that another was dri ing the intended getawa* ehicle.

In !. At the time# all of this was treated as a series of crimesNuncon entional crimes# to be sure# but crimes ne ertheless. Again the criminal law was in oked# this time in an indictment that named Osama bin Laden as a defendant."# Osama bin Laden declared that he and his cohorts were at war with the Anited )tates.orld Trade 5enter bombers# Omar Abdel Rahman# the so4called blind sheikh# along with Nosair and se eral others# were tried before me and con icted for participating in a conspirac* to conduct a war of urban terror against this countr*Na war that included the Eahane murder# the first ." and the bombing of the A)) 5ole in H777# prior to )eptember !!. The bottom line is that the <uslims seek to eliminate all those who stand in their wa* for world domination# and we need to do all we can to maintain our freedom and keep America as it is# not gi ing in to )haria <uslim Law."# the American embassies in Nairobi# Een*a# and (ar es )alaam# Tan0ania# were bombed almost simultaneousl*. Then came )eptember !!# and to the call 9bring them to 'ustice: was added the call 9bring 'ustice to them. Those goals are essentiall* political# and in ol e the recreation of an Islamic caliphate and the . The man who ser ed as the spiritual ad isor to Nosair and the !.orld Trade 5enter bombing# and a plot to blow up other landmarks around New +ork and assassinate >g*ptian leader &osni <ubarak when he isited the Anited Nations.6 .%# and again in !.% and then the bombings of the embassies in Africa in !.with Israeli politician <eir Eahane in No ember# !. The list of unindicted co4 conspirators in that case included Osama bin Laden.e were told that we were at war more than 37 *ears after )a**id Jutb determined that Islamists would ha e to make war on us# about !3 *ears after Islamists had made it clear that the* were training for war with us# and fi e *ears after Osama bin Laden made it official with a declaration of war... This despite the fact that in !. It would ha e carried out the bombing of another na al essel# but for the fact that the barge carr*ing the e8plosi es was o erloaded and sank.7M or e en an Israeli soldier Las we had seen with (aniel Lewin on American Flight !! on )eptember !!# H77!M.. -7ecutive %ower in 1artime #%art J' <ukase* continues his speech b* talking about bin Laden declaring war on the Anited )tates in !. Apparentl* he was unimpressed# or at least undeterred# because in H777# Al Jaeda bombed the A)) 5ole in Aden# +emen# killing !$ sailors..: .... In fighting Islamism# we are handicapped at the strategic le el b* the refusal of those in authorit* to acknowledge the goals of our ad ersaries.

<ukase* tells us 'ust what needs to happen to make sure it does not happen again.e see Obama wanting to take terrorist attacks back to pre4. This lack of clarit* also distorts the iew of polic* makers about what is happening in the <iddle >ast# and so the* da*dream about democratic mo ements when the realit* on the ground is more populist than democratic. People who wish to .G!! mindset. . One such person is the President1s Assistant for National )ecurit*# Cohn -rennan# who# before an audience at the 5enter for )trategic )tudies# ridiculed the idea of a war on terrorism or on terror# sa*ing it is impossible to ha e a war on a means or a state of mind. If the death of Osama bin Laden is more than simpl* a spasm# or an opportunit* to engage in self4congratulationNif it helps pro ide some insight into the nature of what it is we are fightingNthen it will ha e been significant indeed.G!!GH77!# terrorists were treated as criminals and not as militants. people who perpetrated the atrocit*. The principal beneficiar* of populism is more likel* to be the <uslim -rotherhood than the local spokesman for Facebook.e need to hit them where the* li e and not listen to the leftists who want to appease the terrorists.G!! would not ha e occurred.e see that in Cohn -rennan# Obama1s Assistant for National )ecurit*# sa*ing before an audience at the 5enter for )trategic )tudies that it is nearl* impossible to ha e a war on a means or a state of mind. &ence# 5linton had wanted the terrorists indicted for crimes and not strung up or e8ecuted. .uibble about what it is we are at war with take the discussion off into absurdit*. > en on )eptember !! itself# as was pointed out b* Fouad A'ami# there was no discussion whate er of the !. -7ecutive %ower in 1artime #%art . A'ami pointed in particular to Kiad Carrah# the most . Prior to . If 5linton had treated terrorism as a militar* threat and not a criminal one# then I think .G!! attacks on the American side.' . The credo of the <uslim -rotherhood is succinct and chilling2 Allah is our goal# the Prophet <uhammad is our leader# the Ju1ran is our constitution# 'ihad is our wa*# and death in the wa* of Allah is our promised end. Instead# we tr* to be inoffensi e b* using a term that originated in the administration in which I ser ed# and we refer to a war on terror or terrorism.e know that there was a problem of communication as to what happened which led up to the . That ga e bin Laden the idea that America is weak and that it gi es him free reign to attack at will. This is a profoundl* anti4democratic mo ement at its core# and it regards the whole idea of man4made law as anathema.imposition of )haria law o er as broad a swath of the world as possible. . The signs do not seem promising. bin Laden and compan* might ha e a state of mind# but the* ph*sicall* put it out there. If not# its significance will be substantiall* diminished.

. 5apitol.orld Trade 5enter and proceeded to fight back. If the -ureau partners with state and local law enforcement# then the kind of insular acti it* that allowed Carrah to be radicali0ed can be broken up. The F-I and 5IA need to partner with state and local law enforcement agencies to break up the closed ethnic 0ones# lest another .G!!# can bring the fight to the enem* instead of them bringing the fight to us. Duidelines ha e been put in place to allow the F-I to function for the first time in its histor* as an intelligence gathering organi0ation and not simpl* as a law enforcement agenc*. Those guidelines must remain in place# and must be defended. .6# was radicali0ed not in the <iddle >ast but in the . . -ush had proposed and then proceeded to do after . There is much to be learned from those facts. The* li e in some cases among us# and the onl* wa* of opposing them successfull* is to find out in ad ance what the* intend to do and to thwart it.e must be aware of those in our societ* who wish to create closed ethnic 0ones# where <uslims essentiall* run their own affairs and outsiders enter onl* at their peril.6 failed to hit the 5apitol or the .G!! happens on our shores once more. . It didn1t because the passengers learned what had alread* happened at the .e learn the importance of intelligence.est. )tart with the last.6 were able to act because of what the* had learned about what was going on elsewhere. This has alread* happened in the suburbs of French cities# in parts of >ngland# and in other places *ou would not e8pect it such as <almo# )weden# and it allows radicali0ation to go on undetected.est# in the &amburg cell in Derman*. )econd# note that Carrah was radicali0ed not in the <iddle >ast# but in the . .orld Trade 5enter and the Pentagon# figured out what was in store for them and their countr*# and chose to act. Now# if *ou noticed <ukase* brought out two ke* things which we must need to take note.6# the flight that was supposed to hit the A.).hite &ouse is because the passengers learned about the attacks on the .esterni0ed of the hi'ackers.. Dood intelligence# like what Deorge . The passengers on Flight . First is the fact that the reason Flight . Intelligence gathering must be our number one priorit*.e can see that because Kiad Carrah# pilot of Flight . Raised in -eirut# Lebanon# to be cosmopolitan in the spirit of that cit*# he then went to &amburg# Derman*# where he was radicali0ed# and he then wound up at the controls of Flight . If the* are among us# then we need to find out what the* intend to do and find some wa* to counter it and thwart it. The second thing <ukase* said was that we must be aware of those in our culture and societ* who wish to create closed ethnic 0ones# where those of that culture essentiall* run their own affairs and outsiders enter at their own peril. The people waging war on us are part of a mo ement that does not occup* an* particular place or countr* that we can demolish and then pronounce oursel es the winners.

In reading it I am reminded of what AC Reissig had written at the end of >scape to Freedom.-7ecutive %ower in 1artime #%art >' <ukase* finished his speech b* highlighting the 5onstitution and the amendments which protect and guarantee our rights as Americans and which will help keep the s*stem known as America intact. Nor does it guarantee that e idence of it cannot be presented in a court when and if it is appropriate to charge that the speaker and those to whom he spoke understood this protected speech and took it as a call to unprotected action. That is not meant to be a statement or a suggestion of a 'urisprudential standard# a standard of lawB but it is meant as a prudential standard# a standard of ci ics and public discourse. . (oing that will re. The Fifth and )i8th Amendments guarantee due process# counsel to those accused of crimes# and the right to confront witnesses# but their application is limited to trials occurring in Article III courts. This part of the 5onstitution pro ides robust protection to both public and pri ate acti it* that we alue# which is essential for the continuation of our ci ic life.uires a warrant# onl* that it be reasonable. That does not mean that a search conducted for intelligence purposes re. -ut it does not guarantee that such speech will go undetected. This standard will help keep intact the s*stem that we depend on to preser e the nation that Abraham Lincoln called the last# best hope of earthNwords that are truer toda* than the* were when he spoke them during another time of trouble.uire an intelligent understanding of the part of the 5onstitution I didn1t discuss at the outset# the part that animated so much criticism of the -ush administration b* those now in chargeNthe -ill of Rights. The Fourth Amendment protects against unreasonable searches and sei0ures# and contains a separate warrant clause pro iding that warrants ma* issue onl* on a finding of probable cause. It permits preaching e en iolence in the name of religion. The First Amendment protects free speech and freedom of worship. This includes action that itself consists onl* of speechNsuch as an agreement to commit a crime# which is itself the crime of conspirac*. Abraham Lincoln called America the last# best hope of earth. The message lurking in the structure of the 5onstitution is that those acting lawfull* under it deser e at least the benefit of the doubt when the* act to protect the common good.uire that we close our e*es when there are people plainl* setting the stage for acti it* that is in no wa* protected. -ut it does not re. &ow much process is due and what kind of e idence ma* be recei ed and under what circumstances in other tribunals# such as militar* commissions# is an entirel* different stor*.

. America is the last# best hope of earth in as far as freedom and libert* are concerned.hillsdale. and Blue gives the news of the week from the right #&onservative' side of the political spectrum. 1hile we might not have the same political preferences.eduGQ for more information.hat do *ou mean#: )ebastian asked.eduGfileGarchi esGpdfGH7!!I!7IImprimis.pdfQ as <ukase* is a wise man. Now while it cannot be changed totall*# it can be amended# pro ided people belie e in the strict construction and intent of the 5onstitution. 4:T-R.hillsdale. 9. It is my hope that after you have read my editorials and rants that we come to some sort of agreement a out this nation that we oth love and that we use those things we agree on to make this the est country on the face of the earth. And if *ou want to read more articles of Imprimis# go to Phttp2GGimprimis. 9Thomas Cefferson called the Anited )tates 5onstitution the ODreat >8periment#1: Eirk said.: The 5onstitution was called b* Cefferson to be the 9Dreat >8periment#: and if Obama and the socialist liberals ha e their wa*# it will fail. ut one thing I always like to do is engage the conversation with those on the other side.9I guess the great e8periment failed#: Eirk said. that does not in any way mean that we cannot sit down and come to some sort of consensus.eduGarchi esQ and if *ou want to subscribe to Imprimis# isit Phttp2GGimprimis. Right. If *ou want to read the entire speech# go to Phttp2GGimprimis. The* consider it to be a li ing document# changed at the whim and power of them and the people. I guess he was wrongB it didn1t last.hillsdale. An* else would ser e to destro* the estiges which make us the greatest countr* on earth.4TH Red.

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