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605 Queensland Dr. S.E.
Calgary, AB T2J 4S8
Phone: 777-6860
Fax: 777-6863 Trevor Barkley - Principal

September 2 9
August? Really? Wow! Despite the early start and one school, within the walls of Haultain Memorial.
being pulled away from the revelry of a spectacular While HMS will be full of students, our local
summer, I came into the building refreshed and population currently sits near 125 students. Our
amazed at the energy bubbling within the walls. class configuration and staff assignment are as
Staff was eagerly preparing for a new group of follows:
learners, Mr. Rochon had polished the school to a Mrs. Dobson AM Kindergarten
remarkable gleam, our "tunnel" had been Ms. Lougheed Grade one/two
transformed into a beautiful pillar and landscape Mrs. Brewis Grade two/three
scene, and two schools were keenly preparing to Mrs. Chipman Grade three
begin a great school year together. Mrs. Brosh/Mrs. Kerr Grade four/five
Ms. Summers Grade five/six
Once again, we would like to extend a warm and Mrs. Kerr-Hall Resource teacher
affectionate welcome to all of our returning Ms. Gannon Early literacy
Haultain families. We hope you too enjoyed an Mrs. Brosh Music
exciting, restful summer with your loved ones,
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Kipp
filled with memories and adventures. We would
School Assistant Ms. Adams
also like to extend a special welcome to families
Facility Operator Mr. Rochon
new to our school. We are truly excited about the
Educational Assistants Ms. Urvald
possibilities that this new school year brings. Mrs. Kraus
The month of June flew by with remarkable speed, Ms. Hynes
a touch of grace, and a flurry of activity. The end Library Assistant Mrs. Binks
Lunchroom Supervisors Mrs. Nichols
of year gatherings such as our Talent Show, Year 6
Mrs. Cote
Farewell, and our Activity Day left me with an
amazing sense of pride. Your children As we have mentioned in previous messages, any
accomplished remarkable things during the past final adjustments to staffing may be made in
school year, and I am sure they enjoyed summer September as we finalize enrolment.
displaying outstanding character, tremendous
citizenship, and amazing academic progress. These Please be sure to read this newsletter carefully as it
achievements are a product of a solid partnership is full of important dates and information. Our
between home and school. Thank you for your school agenda also plays an essential role in
ongoing support of Haultain Memorial. communication and also includes information
concerning student expectations, general school
As you may know, our Haultain population has information, and elements of our work with the
decreased as our students from McKenzie Towne Virtues Program. Please take time to review the
will be moving to their new school in the months student/parent handbook information located in the
ahead. Prior to that move, the two schools will first section of your child's agenda. Welcome back
operate cooperatively and in many instances, as and get ready for a great year ahead!

Grade 1 – 6 Once again we'd like to invite all of our
Mon – Thursday Friday families to the Parent Association “Back
to School Ice Cream Social.” This event will be
8:20 – 10:25 8:20 – 10:25 held on Thursday, September 10 at 6:30 – 7:30 pm
10:25 – 10:40 recess 10:20 – 10:40 on the playground or in the gym, depending on the
10:40 – 11:50 10:40 – 11:50 weather. It is a great opportunity for
11:50 – 12:45 lunch 11:50 – 12:45 parents/guardians to meet your child’s friends and
12:45 – 2:51 12:45 – 2:25 teachers in a relaxed atmosphere. We do ask
parents to accompany all children during this event.
Kindergarten Further, if you can help out, we require 8
AM volunteers to help set up or serve ice cream. If you
8:20 – 10:57 M-F can volunteer that evening please contact Monika
at 282-2668. See you all there!!!
To accommodate times for Profession Learning The first session of Parent/Teacher Conferences
Community (PLC) work, we have extended the will be held in the evening on Thursday, September
lunch hour of 18 school days. Each "extended 17 and in the morning of Friday, September 18,
lunch" will occur on a Thursday to maintain 2009. These meetings are an important component
consistency. This time will be used to allow of our reporting process. This first session is
teachers to meet in flexible groupings and designed as an opportunity for parent/guardians to
collaboratively plan, assess, and develop learning highlight information about their child and to meet
activities. This will also allow teachers to discuss their teacher. Telephone bookings for appointments
what is happening in other classes to help maintain will take place starting at 9:00 AM on Monday,
consistent levels of expectation in regards to September 14 by calling the school office at 403-
student achievement. When possible, we will tie 777-6860.
these days to "special" lunch events for students.
Lunch period 11:50 - 1:14 - 18 days
(Thursdays, outlined below) All notices that are to be filled out and returned
to Haultain Memorial will be sent home on
Sept. 10, 2009 Feb. 18, 2010 YELLOW paper. All notices that are to be filled
Sept. 24, 2009 Mar. 4, 2010 out and returned to McKenzie Towne will be
Oct. 8, 2009 Mar. 18, 2010 sent home on BLUE paper.
Oct. 22, 2009 Apr. 15, 2010
Nov. 5, 2009 Apr. 29, 2010 ATTACHMENTS
Nov. 19, 2009 May 6, 2010
Attached to this newsletter you will find various
Dec. 10, 2009 May 20, 2010
forms that are to be completed and returned to the
Jan. 14, 2010 Jun. 3, 2010
school as soon as possible. We appreciate the time
Jan. 28, 2010 Jun. 17, 2010
it takes to keep this pertinent information up to date
on a yearly basis. For parents/guardians who are
wishing to volunteer, each classroom, has a room
Our first Staff Development/Organizational Day parent, you may expect this person to contact you.
will be held on Monday, September 28, 2009. We • School Fee Agreement
have set aside this day should we require any re- • Emergency Fan Out Information
organisation due to increased numbers in our • Consent to Post or Publish Student
classrooms. This will also afford us organisational Information and Work
planning time for the upcoming year. • Volunteer Forms
• Severe Allergy Form
Registration for Lunchroom Supervision began in
June and many students have already registered. Welcome back everyone! I hope you had a great
We offer a user pay self sufficient program with all summer.
participants paying for the service. The registration This school year will see the beginning of a new
form is to be completed and returned to the school decade, and some big changes at the school. I’m
by September 2, 2009 in order for your child to looking forward to working with the parents and
participate in the lunchroom supervision in a full the Council on the challenges we will undoubtedly
time or drop-in basis. Payment should be made face. A few quick points:
payable to “Haultain Memorial School" for
$270.00 per child for the school year or in two - Please keep reading the blog and your email
$135.00 instalments. This total includes an activity updates for all the information we have.
fee of $10.00. Drop-in service will be unchanged at - The volunteer forms are changed a bit this year
a fee of $5.00 per day. to help with organization – please sign up for
what you can; we are nothing without your
- First Council/Association (AGM) meeting will
The staff provides playground supervision at the
be Wed. Sept. 9 in the Haultain library.
following times throughout the school day:
- This is an election year for many positions on
Morning 8:05 – 8:20 am the Council so our first meeting will be very
Recess 10:25 - 10:40 am important for our future. If you are interested in
Afternoon 12:30 –12:45 pm. joining the Council as an executive member
and have any questions, please let me know.
There is no supervision provided after school. In - The email list is very large now and growing.
order to provide maximum safety for students, we Everyone is welcome to continue receiving the
ask that they go home directly after school to check updates but if you want off the list – send me
in with an adult. Children who wish to return to the an email.
playground should be supervised.
Shane Campsall – Chair

Each year students at Haultain DROPPING OFF STUDENTS
Memorial and throughout the world
will have an opportunity to participate in the Terry Please do not use the school parking to drop off
Fox Run. As part of this celebration, students, staff, or pick up students. This creates a safety concern
and families will be participating in our Terry Fox as staff may be arriving and leaving the school.
Run on Friday, September 25th in the afternoon. Students are taught not to cross the parking lot.
We will venture to the beautiful Fish Creek Please help us by dropping children off in front of
Provincial Park to help raise money for this worthy the school or in the community center lot.
cause. Each year this event demonstrates the SCHOOL AGENDAS
generosity and determination of all who participate
and serves to honour the efforts of an outstanding Each student in grades 1 – 6 receives a
Canadian role model. Please join us if you are able. complementary copy of a student agenda thanks to
This annual event continues to bring our the fund raising endeavours of the Parent
neighbourhood together for a common purpose. Association. Students in kindergarten receive a
Watch for more information to follow. separate edition. Please be sure to read and review
this updated Student Handbook with your child as
SCHOOL PHOTOS it includes pertinent information about school
expectations and key information about the
Individual student photos will be taken on operation of the school.
Thursday, October 8th in the morning at the school.

The Virtues Program continues to help focus on Back to school time is full of reminders
being positive members of our family, school and to parents. A very serious and
community as well as appropriate behaviour potentially life-threatening reminder
expectations and responsibility for learning. Our involves sending snacks to school with
virtue in focus for September will be Caring. your child. As you know, many students
Caring also ties in with our Three Pillars of Care. have a variety of food allergies that can
Watch for individual virtues to be posted on our have serious health implications. Nuts and products
school sign, and check our website for more containing nuts, such as peanut butter, can be life-
information. threatening to students with peanut allergies. As a
result, most schools in the CBE ask parents to send
THREE PILLARS OF CARE snacks and lunches that are "Peanut Free." We ask
Our school uses the "Three Pillars of Care" to that parents refrain from sending any snack and
guide our interactions. Everyone is encouraged to lunches that contain peanuts as we do have children
care for themselves, care for others, and care for with nut allergies.
PHONE CALLS TO THE OFFICE It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure
that the school has accurate up to date information
We ask that you do not phone the school to speak regarding your child. If any information changes
to your child or to have messages relayed to your during the year (work phone numbers, contact
child in the classroom unless it is an emergency. people, etc) please notify the office immediately.
Please make lunch and after school arrangements We appreciate your effort in helping us keep your
with your child before they leave in the morning. child safe.
These calls are very disruptive to the office and the
SCHOOL PATROLS Within the Alberta Education framework, funding
is available for students with aboriginal ancestry
Welcome to the new and returning students who (First Nations, Inuit, Métis). If your child meets
have volunteered their time to be School Patrols for these requirements, please contact our school
this school year. We anticipate that patrols will be office. Thank you.
assisting students cross at the crosswalk beginning
early-September. In the interim, please remind your SCHOOL NEWSLETTER ON SCHOOL’S
child to pause, point and proceed in order to cross WEB PAGE
the street carefully.
Each month, the school's newsletter can be
The school patrols will be operating at the accessed on the school’s web page
crosswalk of Queensland Drive and the Shopping or at
Centre during the following times: Simply click on the “School
News” button. A copy of the monthly calendar will
8:05 - 8:20 AM be sent home each month with your child.
11:50 - 12:00 PM
12:30 - 12:45 PM If you have no access to the internet please contact
2:51 - 3:01 PM Mrs. Kipp at 777-6860 and a paper copy will be
*2:25 - 2:35 PM Fridays send home with your child.
The school newsletter will continue to be one of
the main means of communication with
CLICK HERE to have the HMS newsletter
sent directly to your mailbox.

NATIONAL RECOGNITION FOR annually for all children who are taking any form
PHYSICAL EDUCATION of medicine at school. They are especially
important for those children with Severe Allergies
We are pleased to announce that we have received who keep an Epipen at school.
the Canadian Association of Physical Health,
Education, Recreation and Dance DIAMOND level Parents of these children should contact the office
award for physical education. Congratulations are immediately to have a form sent home if we didn’t
extended to all students and staff for achieving the send one home in the School Opening Package.
DIAMOND level for the third year in a row. This Please make your child’s teacher aware of any such
recognition is based on the following criteria: allergies or medical concerns immediately.
broad-based, in-class instruction, five physical
education periods per week, an intramural program, IRREGULAR DISMISSAL
alternate programs; swimming, in-line skating,
dance instruction and events like the Terry Fox When children are picked up during the school day
Run and Activity Day. The school’s commitment for appointments, we ask that the parent/guardian
to physical education helps students grow and come into the office to sign the child out of the
become stronger in both mind and spirit. school. Students will be dismissed from their
classrooms and will meet their parent in the office.
REMINDERS In the event that someone other than the parent is
picking up the student, the school is to be notified
AGM School Council Meeting in advance. We hope these procedures will ensure
Wednesday, September 9, 2009 student safety and security.
6:30 PM in the library
Parent/Guardians are Welcome
If you are driving your child to or from school we ask
Please mark this on your calendar. that you use the Community Centre parking lot. The
children have been asked to walk around the staff
parking lot as opposed to through it. Please do not
stand in the school parking lot to wait for your child
as this does create a safety concern. Many parents
wait on the grass by the playground to meet their
children. If you are dropping or picking up children
POLICE SECURITY CLEARANCE from the front of the school, you are asked to cross at
the corner with our patrols, or park on the school side
Police Security Clearance Forms, once successfully of Queensland Drive SE. Thanks to everyone who
completed, are valid for 5 years and transferable has also left room for our busses. With four this year,
from CBE school to CBE school. Some new our bus zone has expanded considerably. Finally, a
parents may have not yet filled in these forms. It reminder to all drivers, the speed limit is 30km an
would be essential that you do so if you intend to hour in our playground zone. Thank you.
volunteer in any capacity at anytime during the
school year. These forms are available in the main DOGS ON SCHOOL PROPERTY
office. Two pieces of government ID must be Just a reminder that dogs are NOT PERMITTED
photocopied by school personnel before the form on school property. City of Calgary bylaw 23M89
can be submitted on your behalf. Hence, coming forbids dogs from entering school grounds. While
into the main office in person is a necessary part of many dogs are extremely friendly, and kept by
the procedure. Forms take approximately 2 weeks responsible owners, we need to ensure this bylaw is
to process. upheld. In interest of student safety and school yard
ADMINISTERING MEDICINE cleanliness, please refrain from bringing dogs onto
school grounds. Thank you for your cooperation.
One of the forms not necessarily included in every
child’s School Opening Package but available in
the office is a Request for Assistance to Administer
Medication Form. This is required to be filled out
An Exciting New Year!
New teachers, new books, new friends; it’s back to On August 27, 2009, I am honoured to begin my
school time. Whether you are one of our many term as the new Chief Superintendent of the
returning families or a family new to the Calgary Calgary Board of Education (CBE). In serving the
Board of Education, we want take this opportunity CBE’s Board of Trustees, I feel fortunate to be
to welcome you to the 2009-10 school year. supported by the strong personnel found
throughout this organization. Each department
Like many of you, we have been anticipating the and school is staffed with employees dedicated to
return to school and are excited that the new the academic, social and emotional development
school year is now upon us. The start of a school of our youth.
year is a new beginning; it is a time for us to reflect
on last year’s accomplishments and set our goals The beginning of a new school year is an ideal
for the coming year. time for reflection and future planning. In reflecting
on the past, I am privileged to continue the
August 27 is an important day. It is the first day of dynamic work initiated by my predecessors. Over
school for most of our students. It is also the first the past number of years, the leadership skills
day on the job for our new Chief Superintendent, offered by all levels of personnel within the CBE
Naomi Johnson. have provided our students with opportunities to
develop the necessary skills for effective
Following the announcement of Dr. Brendan functioning in life, work and future learning. In
Croskery’s retirement last year, the Board of looking towards the future I am excited to explore
Trustees began its search for a particular type of new opportunities and initiatives in support of
leader. The Board wanted a leader who would student learning. Many of the exciting plans for
build on the amazing work of the people in our improving student learning outcomes can be found
school system and lead the system into even within the Calgary Board of Education’s Three
greater attainment. The Board is pleased to have Year Education Plan 2009-2012, accessible on our
found this leader in its midst. Ms. Johnson has website at:
been a well respected member of the CBE for
almost thirty years and is deeply committed to the 009-12.pdf
CBE and its people. Most importantly, she has a
profound and deep dedication to each and every I am confident that with the guidance from our
one of our students. Board of Trustees, the hard work of our dedicated
employees and the support of our committed
We look forward to this new school year with parents, we can work together to provide the best
excitement and anticipation as we, along with our possible learning environment for our students.
Chief, teachers, support staff, administration, and
parents work together to make 2009/10 another
successful school year. Naomi Johnson
Chief Superintendent of Schools
Board of Trustees Calgary Board of Education

september 2009
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