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1) Firstly, customer identify himself by giving his name.

2) Then the order process will be happen when the customer place an order. This order
could be submitted via mail, telephone, fax, EDI, internet end so on.

3) Amount of the order might be compared to a credit limit stored in the customer master
data record.

4) Then the inventory master data have to check to allocate the quantity order to the sales
order. It is the process of verifies the availability of the requested inventory (order by
customer) by consulting the inventory master data.

5) Account receivable master data have to check to reduce the credit risk. The credit check
might add the amount of the order to accounts receivable balance, open sales orders and
compare that total to the credit limit.

6) Sales order have to been disseminate by the sales order master data about the sales price,
shipment plant quantity, description and the terms of payment.

7) After all the verification of credit limit and inventory, the orders have to save in the
record order.

8) Then have to make sure an acknowledgement to the customer that his order had been
approved by the company, and the expected shipment date.

9) Create the sales order master data to indicate that a completed sales order has been

10) Then picking ticket is prepared to the shipping department to prepared shipment. It
authorized the warehouse to pick the goods from shelf and send them to shipping. It
identifies the goods to be picked and usually indicates the warehouse location.
11) From shipping department access the inventory master data to locate the placement

12) The inventory are gathered and taken from warehouse’s shelf shipping department.

13) After prepared all the goods, to be shipped to shipping department.

14) The shipment are prepared and send to carrier along with the packing slip.

15) This packing slip will attached at the customer package to identify the customer and the
content of the package.

16) Then the shipping department will send a billing due list data to the account department
later to be bill to customer.

17) Shipping department update the sales order master data after shipped the goods.

18)It will appear on the screen about the dissemination of the sales order.

Part 1

Customer manually key in the computer to log onto web site for inquiry.

Part 2

The Company check the customer status from the customer database and present the product list
from the inventory database. The information we sent and display the product list on customer
screen. The customer manually keying to select products, authorized billing and summit his
order. The computer process allocate inventory in the inventory database for customer and record
the customer order. The updated information from inventory database are send back. Then it is
sent to order database.

Part 3

The order database process download the outstanding order and send to warehouse department.
The information are received by warehouse personal handheld device. Then the handheld device
display the information of electronic picking list on the screen. The warehouse department
manually pick the goods from inventory and then send for scanning.

Part 4

In the scanning process each item are scan and boxed. The information of recorded scanned item
are send to computer department. Then the information have to updated in inventory database
and communicated back. After that it is send to order database. The computer department later
print the bar code for the goods. There are error routine in printing the bar code but it is not
shown. Example ; wrong code.

Part 5

Then the bar code document are sent to warehouse department clerk attaches bar code to goods.
The goods with bar code are later send to delivery service department.

Part 6 & part 7

The delivery service department then scan the bar code and send request to computer department
for conformation. The computer department access and acquire the clarify information are sent
back to delivery department. The order will be display on the delivery department screen.

Part 8

Based on the order display a re-check order are done manually to the goods contents. There are
error routine happen but not shown for example ; wrong goods being pack.

Part 9

After the checking is done, delivery department manually key in conformation of order in the
computer. The information are the send to computer department. The computer department
acquire information of customer order from customer database. Then they print delivery
directions and receipt. The document of receipt and delivery direction is then sent to delivery
department. Goods are then check and match with the receipt.

Part 10

Receipt is taken to scan. The bar code also scan to select confirm delivery. Then a notification is
send to computer department. After that the receipt and goods are delivered to the customer.

Part 11
The record completion of order and record for billing from delivery department are updated to
the customer database and order database.




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