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A proposal of Legalization For The Industrial use of Hemp

By Joseph DeCecchis



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Increased *u+lic A(areness%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%,

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Legalization proposal & Introduction Overview America is currently fighting a (ar of prohi+ition on canna+is (hich includes hemp% This (ar on drugs di'erts +illions of dollars (orth of go'ernment and state funding e'ery year% The $%" 0o'ernment sits at the center of the de+ate1 (hich has consistently reinforced and held its ground on fighting the mo'ement for legalization% The follo(ing proposal (ill outline and detail (hy this stance is unreasona+le and )illing our economy% As (ell as the necessary steps to change the current 'ie( on hemp to further push the mo'ement for(ard%

Background "ince America (as first founded hemp has +een a large part of our history% 2e gre( it as a means of sur'i'al1 ma)ing it illegal not to gro( hemp for e-port or production of goods in order to generate re'enue% The first draft of the constitution (as (ritten on hemp paper1 Americans (ore hemp clothes +efore cotton came to po(er% 2e used it for medicine1 industrial goods1 clothing1 paper1 food for li'estoc)% 2e used it for the (ar efforts of +oth (orld (ar I and II% Hemp (as a crucial part of American culture until its current +an shortly after (orld (ar II% "ince then1 the presence of industrial hemp in America is near none-istent%

Statement of Problem "ince the implement of the C"A in &345 classifying canna+is as schedule & drug1 America has seen a rise in costs e'ery year since to enforce this prohi+ition% 2hile the fight to legalize canna+is as a (hole is strong and gro(ing (ith the American people1 the fight to legalize industrial hemp is far more crucial% 2ith the C"A +anning all forms of canna+is1 hemp (as thro(n in (ith mari6uana as a schedule & drug1 (hen in reality hemp is not a drug% Industrial hemp is a lo( THC content plant that is a cousin to the actual mari6uana plant% Actual mari6uana contains any(here from &57,89 in direct THC% 2hereas hemp contains less than one percent and is not smo)a+le for

any form of recreational use% This is a staggering difference in THC content that ma)es it unsuita+le for personal consumption in its plant form to achie'e a :High;% Ho(e'er1 it does ha'e other1 more promising applications% Industrial hemp (as until the &345s a totally legal commodity that (as a )ey ingredient for hundreds of industrial applications% $sed in e'erything ranging from clothing1 paper1 plastics1 fuel1 medicine1 fertilizer1 food1 high tensile strength cord and so on% This remar)a+le plant has o'er &81555 recorded uses industrially and commercially% The pro+lem ho(e'er is that it falls (ithin the schedule & classification under the C"A% This is due to its similar nature1 physically and 'isi+ly1 to mari6uana% This classification came as a political mo'e 'ersus a factual one% To increase the (ar on drugs the #egan administration came up (ith the +ogus concept of reefer madness% The depiction of mari6uana smo)ers as crazed1 'iolent and un(anted aspects of American society%

Legalization *roposal ,

If industrial hemp could +e made e-empt under the C"A1 America could see a turnaround in its economy% The simple matter of ta-ation and e-portation of hemp products could change the current im+alance of importation from other countries (hile eliminating the cost of funding to enforce its illegality% America could once again see a strong economy (ith the e-istence of a thri'ing hemp industry%

The Solution Industrial hemp could +e the first stepping stone to a +etter1 sustaina+le future% <a)ing it e-empt under the C"A and legalizing its use as a cash crop is the proposed end result% In order to do this1 increased a(areness in the 'oting pool is needed in order to create go'ernment reform% As the central go'ernment is the source of the current prohi+ition1 this (ill not +e easy% As of right no( the num+ers are gro(ing in acceptance and understanding on the su+6ect of hemp% Compared to ten years ago the percentage of support for the legalization of canna+is has increased o'er .5 percent% ,5 indi'idual states ha'e legalized canna+is in almost any form including hemp1 as (ell as ta-ing it hea'ily% By pooling each states a+ility to lo++y1 the push for hemp legalization (ould +e +oth formida+le and possi+le%

Scope The plan includes the follo(ing &% utline for increasing pu+lic a(areness

,% *ro6ected ta- re'enue to +e generated +y ma)ing hemp legal and sa'ed go'ernment funding .% =ey points of interest on hemp uses >% "hared 'olunteer attitudes and e-pectation

Proposed Plan Creating a ne( source of re'enue and resources (ithout compromising reasona+le and needed drug enforcement la(s%

Increasing public awareness. As far as facts goes1 hemp has a lot of statistical information in its fa'or% The pu+lic ho(e'er (ill only ta)e in a finite amount of information and only that (hich relates to them on a personal le'el% To increase the amount of information retained1 topics such as fuel production1 te-tile costs and +uilding materials (ill +e focused on in detail% This is to pre'ent opponents from siting the dangers of allo(ing a :drug; onto the streets% "iting factual

Legalization proposal .

data such as hemps a+ility to create a product called Hempcrete ?A hemp and lime +ased product that creates material stronger than concrete at a fraction of the (eight and cost@ Is )ey in dri'ing home cogniti'e retention%

Tax Revenue% A single dollar in America on a'erage1 (ill ha'e si- to ten cents added to the final price on a product to accommodate sales ta-% The e-ceptions to this rule are to+acco and alcohol% Alcohol on a'erage +rings in 859 ta- re'enue1 (hich constitutes o'er half its final cost% 2hile to+acco is massed produced to )eep costs do(n and still co'er o'erhead% Hemp ta-ation can implement +oth approaches% Hemp can +e gro(n (ith little to no effort and produce roughly thirty tones a hectare in usa+le plant material% This allo(s gro(ers to )eep costs do(n (hile still generating income% Ta-ing hemp then can +e a simple matter of percentages% 2hile gro(ing costs are lo(1 +ase prices can also +e lo(% Introducing a hea'y ta- then +rings hemp products closer to price as regular commercial products% This effecti'ely creates a multi7+illion dollar ta- stream for indi'idual states and the central go'ernment%

ses. As pre'iously stated hemp has thousands of uses% A fe( of those uses include fuel production1 +uilding materials1 plastics1 and high tensile strength cord% These applications all share from hemps lo( production (aste% n

a'erage1 the entire plant can +e used in production purposes (ith (aste attri+uted to lo( Auality eAuipment% As an e-ample1 Hempcrete only uses the core fi+ers of the stal)1 te-tile plants use the much finer fi+ers that Hempcrete production cannot use% This relation means that there is no unused part of the plant +ecause other products use the lefto'ers% Fuel is another +ig tic)et% *ound for pound hemp can +e made into crude +iofuel1 that (ith some refinement can +e made into commercial gasoline% This process relies on the plants natural a+ility to +rea) do(n and ferment1 (ith only a ,89 loss of product after refinement% Compared to the +ro)en petrol industry that is su+sidized one dollar per gallon +y the $%" go'ernment in order to refine the final product%

!olunteers. The scope of the pro6ect reAuires that 'olunteers share the (ill to succeed% <ost if not all of the personal for this proposal (ould +e 'olunteer staff1 categorize +y e-perience and su+6ect )no(ledge% The main source of income for this proposal (ould +e from a colla+oration of non profits such as ! #<L since there are no central grants for supporting a proposal li)e this% ! #<L is a non profit1 pro7canna+is group that has a large net(or) of resources ranging from legal1 scientific and manual la+or personnel% ! #<L is familiar and (ell 'ersed (ith promoting the canna+is culture and (ould +e e-cellent for this purpose%

Legalization *roposal >

"onclusion The need for hemp is large and ali'e in America and only hindered +y nonsensical legislation% "tartup costs related to hemp production are lo( and far more re(arding than some other cash crops that farmers rely on for income% The plant is hardy and hard to )ill (ith a gro(th rate that allo(s for a har'est e'ery 87B months% As of right no( America is missing out on a (onderful opportunity for gro(th that countries such as Canada1 0ermany and France are capitalizing on% <a)ing the only non7feasi+le part of the current pro+lem the C"A and its attitude to(ards hemp%


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