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The plan, now, is to recap points already established by re-ID’ing their associated Action-Items, and then to tackle

a few “elephants in the room” [pun intended] related to the underlying political forces -at-play and…next, finally…to articulate/confront accumulated hyperlinks regarding explicit dangers looming due to BHO’s-foreign-policy-disasters [and to explore what has been done by the “good guys” in this r egard]. This was “blasted” to supporters of the Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center by its President (Chuck Feldman): “Great news! The Appropriations Committee of the State Senate approved HB 1424 WITH A MANDATE FOR HOLOCAUST EDUCATION by a margin of 21-4. This was an overwhelming bi-partisan vote supporting this important piece of legislation. We cannot let up now. Please contact your and other State Senators and urge them to vote for the amended version when it reaches the Senate floor. Please contact your State Representative and urge them to vote for the amended version when it comes back to the House for a new vote. Let us join with our neighboring states of New Jersey and New York in providing necessary Holocaust and Genocide education for our children and grandchildren. Time is of the essence. Thank you for your support.” {Anyone wishing further elaboration on what’s happening, call me.} These “blast” e-mails were initiated when it was deemed desirable to document BHO’s Scandal -Sheet, and it constantly appears that the “time is right” for public testimony to decimate BHO’s rationalizations in a number of realms [e.g., Obamacare Whistleblower: I Was Told IRS Retaliation 'Came from the Top'; and Snowden continues to fuel fear of 'Big Brother USA,' even if he was Time-Mag’s first-runner-up; and NSA, FBI, local police are all spying on US citizens (with the help of telecom companies)]; nevertheless, points that have been discovered while acquiring updated-data [preparatory, for example, for a follow-up chat with my childhood (liberal) friend who now lives in the D.C.-environs] burgeoned and, thus, will be invoked (recognizing, again, that he continues to be the most strident defender of BHO’s policies, recalling intense discussions that date back to the 60’s…when we agreed on everything). In any case, future debates will presumably be initiated by ID’ing “common ground” without deigning to “compromise.” For example, we will probably concur with the choice of POPE FRANCIS as TIME'S PERSON OF THE YEAR [noting he is Hugely Popular Among American Catholics. Perhaps we’ll also both acknowledge that, as Glenn Beck had noted (and others had observed the overtly left-wing speaker-list), the Mandela Memorial had been 'a Disgrace,' due, in part, to the fact that Turnout had been 'Embarrassingly Poor' [without swallowing the Interpreter’s claim at the that he had hallucinated…visions of angels]. It will be fascinating to explore if he will concur that the media have been (per the Iconoclast) Misrepresenting Mandela in a partisan fashion or that Reagan was right on south-africa, recognizing that sanctions provoke anti-USA sentiments without affecting governments. As noted initially, the intellectual process that has been pursued in all venues has been [with all due respect to my Latin teachers @ Ogontz Jr. High and Cheltenham High, Miss Slyoff and Mrs. Warner] “aggregatum….puto….actum….peto.” [“I aggregate, I think, I act, I request.”] As I initially explained, laborious as it may be [after accruing a database and formulating a plan, I act upon my beliefs and hope that others will concur with my approach], it imposes discipline that—it is hoped—will prove convincing. Guzzardi’s Coattails It is increasingly apparent that Guzzardi’s campaign has “taken off” [with his having received requests from all over the Commonwealth from volunteers who are eager to help him acquire petition signatures]; he is assembling a tight, computerized campaign apparatus without yet feeling compelled to solicit $$$. Antipathy among the GOP is so rampant that Guzzardi doesn’t feel tempted to emulate archetypical conduct of politicians (“manipulative cynicism”) and, therefore, it appears the time-frame has narrowed for the GOP-Establishment to assemble a potent “Hugh Scott Delegation” (which could be invoked to visit Corbett and to dissuade him from seeking re-election), thereby ID’ing a suitable substitute. {BTW, Corbett might consider consolidating his conservative base by attending a Right-to-Work press conference.}

Corbett did attend a press conference sponsored by Pennsylvania medical leaders, who cited good supply of doctors, but who say state efforts needed to make it more appealing; problematic is his effort to “split the baby in half “ [recalling the Solomonic adjudication] when he officially-asked the obama-admin to approve hybrid-medicaid-expansion, for this pa-medicaid-plan was panned-by-health-care-advocates while an influential conservative group told Pennsylvanians to oppose CorbettCare. This exemplifies the problem Corbett will have when trying to convinced many independents of his socio-political “moderation”; true or not, he will be countered by the claim that he has allowed Philly-Schools to remain underfunded, following expiration of the Stimulus package (recall the $75M ping-pong). If GOP-leaders wish not to advise Corbett to hang-it-up, they will be confronted with the national trend within the GOP (characterized charitably as a “civil-war”); they will need to stick with Corbett through a predictably-rough primary-season or to endorse Guzzardi’s Constitutional Conservatism, as detailed exhaustively on his “Liberty Index” website. Indeed, Guzzardi knows the Harrisburg-environs is awash with lobby-$, for pennsylvania-pac-spending is dominated by unions-leftists and, specifically, the pseapours-38-million-into-politics. But, perhaps as a mentally-strong person who avoids 13 flawed-behaviors, he is beginning to align himself with like-minded thinkers (Shuster challenger Halvorson irked by 'tracker'). Consider his newly-minted upload: 2014 Pennsylvania State Campaign for Governor The Issues That Affect People’s Lives: The Forgotten Taxpayer Pays Pensions. He notes that Pennsylvania Pensioners need to be told that there is reason to worry; even Philadelphia’s Controller, Alan Butkovitz, a Philadelphia Democrat and “team player ,” who notes the danger to Philadelphia’s fisc [“Butkovitz is concerned about the city’s steadily declining fund balance, which is projected to rea ch only $8.5 million by 2017.”]. The Numbers can be ignored only at the pensioners’ peril [recalling Detroit and Chicago]. He most likely has found commonality with the Commonwealth Foundation, particularly regarding unions, and he will easily be able to rebuff those who claim such pieces (published 11/20/2013) have been composed by a radical pundit such as Matthew Brouillette. [Unionists claim Brouillette's organization is funded by right-wing billionaires, and is not looking-out for teachers and average taxpayers; furthermore, they claim he should focus on issues that really matter to students, parents, taxpayers, and teachers (including the author of the essay) instead of inventing a problem. In short, he claims it is a “fantasy that teachers are somehow forced to join a union,” for he claims to have done so voluntarily. An example of the type of people whom Guzzardi would champion, consider Bill Marsh; FreedomWorks supports this small-businessman who is standing-up against OSHA (as per Anastasia Przybylski) and note his depiction of his plight [Part 1, Part 2, and part 3]. The “Lame-Stream” Media The “fruit of the labor” of exhibiting “journalistic malpractice” was manifest in the november cable-newsratings, which demonstrate the dominance of fox-news over msnbc/cnn; perhaps people should only dip into MSNBC/CNN to test their ability to detect deceit noting, for example, that o’reilly again has called-out sharpton [reinforced last night by Goldberg/Kurtz] for a deceptive-video-edit. This is part of a pattern, inasmuch as the MSM admitted that GRASSROOTS ACTIVISM BROUGHT DOWN BASHIR because Outrage Never Abated [and Sarah simply observed that “it’s-par for the course” after bashir’s-resignation]; this is the only way to cleanse ideologues @ MSNBC who do Everything the Left Accuses FNC of Doing. There is no other way to explain why MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell was Left Speechless by a GOP Congressman's ObamaDon’tCare Admission, noting this excerpt from their testy exchange [explaining how far Andrea has fallen from cherished objectivity when she worked for KYW in Philly, decades ago]: What was supposed to be a discussion on MSNBC Tuesday over the effects of the government shutdown on military veterans’ families became a tense argument about the news media’s coverage on ObamaCare, and even left the news anchor speechless.

The back and forth took place between Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.) and Andrea Mitchell. “You need Jon Stewart on Comedy Central to ask [Health and Human Services Kathleen] Sebelius, ‘Hey, why won’t you treat these two equally,’ and she can’t answer it,” Duffy said. “That’s how pathetic I think news reporting has become when we won’t ask tough questions to the administration.” Stewart, host of “The Daily Show,” asked Sebelius Monday whether it’s a “legitimate concern” that individuals are being forced to pay into ObamaCare while big businesses have been given a year-long delay. Mitchell rebutted the charge that MSNBC hasn’t challenged administration officials on the efficiency and fairness of ObamaCare. (It’s noteworthy that an online search of Mitchell herself asking a question similar to Stewart’s renders no matches .) “The response,” Mitchell said, “that Kathleen Sebelius gave to Jon Stewart was, ‘If we got what we wanted, which was a single-payer plan, this wouldn’t be a problem.” (A singlepayer health care system did come up in the Stewart interview, but Sebelius’ s response to Stewart’s specific question was to say that “nothing that helps an individual get health insurance has been delayed at all.”) Duffy went on to say that the President and officials in the administration should also be made to sign up under ObamaCare. “They have their own gold-plated health care plan that they’re in,” Duffy said. “So do you,” Mitchell asserted. Duffy shot back: “No, I’m not. I’m in ObamaCare. I’m in ObamaCare, Andrea. All members of Congress are and my family.” Mitchell said nothing. At the end of the segment, Duffy gave a final dig at Mitchell: “I think the media should start doing its job.” If the highly-experienced Andrea Mitchell is so tainted [and she should know better, noting that she must be exposed, if nothing else via her husband (former Fed-Chair, Alan Greenspan), to quality input], then note the favoritism links/behavior of her colleagues: Unions Paid MSNBC's Schultz $177K in 2012, $75K in 2013; Host refuses to meet with workers accusing NBC UNIVERSAL of union-busting; and the debut of RACHEL MADDOW ’S WASH POST COLUMN was themed, predictably, on the desire to BLAME BUSH. It’s not surprising that an MSNBC Panel was Genuinely Confused Over Negative Reaction to Obama Saying He Believes in 'Redistribution' ; furthermore, it’s disgusting that two younger hosts continue to be using NBC’s air, noting what was said [and not challenged] this past weekend by Melissa Harris-Perry [who issued the vile and provably false claim that the word "ObamaCare " -- like the N-word -- was “conceived by wealthy white men who needed to put themselves above and apart from a black man, to render him inferior and unequal, and to diminish his accomplishments” ] and by Touré [who lashed out racially at Don Lemon (a black, gay CNN anchor) as a "white Leader" for suggesting young black men might have a better chance of getting ahead in life if they were to pull up their pants]. These behaviors prompted allen b west to observe that such msnbc-hosts prove a mind is a terrible-thing-waste {recalling the Negro College Fund}. This contrasts with what is routinely occurring across-the-street @ FNC where “the hits keep coming”; note that Megyn Kelly Pulled Off Something MSNBC's President Said Was 'Impossible,' because her ratings did double on the second night of her primetime Fox News show, despite the president of MSNBC calling it “impossible.” Indeed, GawkerHuffPoSoros Slimed FNC Boss with Coordinated Hit after Ex-FNC exec Brian Lewis was paid $8 million to keep quiet, but no one blinked. And would it be a pleasant event

were MCNBC to cite a new-york-top-court’s ruling that a fox-reporter-cannot-be-forced-to-reveal-sources; continuing its effort to dominate all demographics in the market, mtv’s-kennedy is slated to-host a new fox-business-show @ 9 p.m.]. {Meanwhile, The NY-Times has been reduced to scooping itself.}