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Jennifer Tena Discourse Community Map Response



According to Abraham Maslow one of the world’s most influential psychologist of the 20th century, we have all unconsciously developed a need to feel a sense of belonging and love. Whether we are aware of it or not there are different forms of communities that we have developed a relationship with and have individually become a piece of that society that makes it a whole. These communities do not have any limitations they rage from a wide variety of subjects such as academics, employment, athletics, even your own family and friends. At first glance these communities have nothing in common but as they are describe and explained in more depth theses communities represent our internal motivation to strive for self-actualization Subjects that are commonly discussed between these different communities are the motivations for self-accomplishment and success. As I have believed home is where the heart is, and in my home with my family is my determination and strength exceeds from. My push to go to school with the purpose of one day being someone of importance that can make a difference in everyday lives, and it is through my academics however that I have built initiative to become a studious student and outstanding dancer. Athletics has always been a part of my life, and dancing has always been my passion. No matter the type of dance, be it from modern, drill, floklorico, tap, or anything else I have always wanted to be the best that I could be. Dance is my sport and it has taught me to refuse the acceptance of failure but rather take it as a form of constructive criticism to only better myself and to never give up.

The forms of communication and genres used for discussion would vary based on the community being described. For instance when at home with our dearest loved one, we are at a more informal and relaxed language depending on age and relationships. When communicating with my sister it can be as simple text messages, phone calls, tumbler, or even tagging each other on Facebook. Rather the being so formal, between her and I we call each other nicknames, and pick one another. However when I am school, we have to always be formal with each other and a form of respect. Similar to my family I am able to text, e-mail, phone, classmates, and professors, but initially all forms of communication must be formal and proper. In the athletics department, I am involved and have been for years in ballet and different dance teams and academies. In my opinion I would say the dance team that I belong to has come to be like my second family, we communicate with each other in both formal, and informal languages. In practice, or in competitions there is a form of respect between us all that is always displayed and that is where the formality communication comes to play, but once practice and performances have come to an end and we retreat back to our locker room. We are all like sisters, we call each other names, laugh, text, call, tag, and tweet each other. Regardless of the laughter between and between any of these communities or in of the communities that any of us are involved in, there are always different social issues that arise throughout time. In the community of my friends and family one community problem that has constantly reoccurred is stereotyping. Unfortunately the society that we live in today is afraid of the unknown and is persistently labeling everything and anything that is different in the slightest way, and truth is told that is the reason why topics like this discourse community map exist. We are labeling people to into different groups and categories them based on their interests, beliefs, and hobbies.