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Armstrong Economics * Correlation of Cyclical Perspective Correlation of Cyclical Perspective Martin A. Ametrong omer chaimman of princeton Fcoremics International, Utd. and the Foundation For the study of Cyeles ince the dawn of time, mankind has tried to figure out why he exists, and what the bell 4s going on. He has developed all sorts of religious ideas even there is amster race’of gods le? by Zeus who just 1ike to mes with mman for fun. Yan began to observe the heavens and noticed patterns that Fopeated. In his primative wey, he had discovered the cycles within the universe. His accuracy becate astonishing, Auilding temples, and even strange fonusents suchas Stonchedge, were all aligned to the moveront of ‘the stars and the winter as well as the sumer solstice. The Preceasion of the Exuinox 4s said to have been discovered in Purcpo by the Greek astrononer Hipparchs who bad Published his star catalogue in 1296C. He noticed that the positions of the stars iri tod is gvtenatic vay fram earlier pabylonian seatureneis. 18 wea in fact ‘the Babylonians who funded perhaps the great effort ever to catalogue everyening: ‘ost Liked gave birth to astrology. Hipnarchus several hundred years later, was able to review that research and concluded it was the earth (platform) that was roving, not the stars. this is called the precession and it is the notorious date of 2012 also on the Myan calendar. Tt consists of a cyclic wotbling in the orientation of the Farth's axis of rotation with @ period of alnost 26,000 years. Fueryching but everything, roves with a cyclical force. We are horn, live, and die in cyclical harwony. So far in my effort to explain cycles What we are now about to ewlore is the art Cains tactile Sez fe tovemant of | multiple comelation of Cyclical Perspective. all things including the energy within a | ‘The ‘Gankidence Wodel is a cormosite soctal-political-ecmonic systenaccountins | of the world. Yes, it is perhaps views as for group behavior. fut everything T have | the model that "hot" money follows. We can Giscussed so far is still » flat model of | see 8 dinentions to this single view. But Gespite an G-dinenticnal complexity, it is | then there are miltiple views. as T stated still only one slice of perspective. early on, everything also has its om cycle. -conomic Canfidence Made! a Ee reper mtn Renard then T first began to develop the model, T had a personal experience that was quite revealing. During the 1970s, | was infallible, T'was cn top of all the fundarantals about’ inflation and eaw the Dirth of the floating exchange rate at least correctly as a steady decline for the dollar, I fad at least traveled in Puropo Guring the 1960s from tap to bot ‘tom and gained personal experience very | young in foreien exchange. X correctly saw gold rising fron $35 to $200 going into 1975, Thad a lot of Buropean friends and we kept in touch at that time mostly by telex. here they saw gold rising well beyond $200 because it was being legalized in the Us for the fir- ‘st time since 1933, T disagreed. They sav Americans Lining up to buy gold’ and hed ‘taken it up to $200 prior to the tmerican legalization. 1 sold that high, for 1 aid not see Anericans caring at ali about the gold market. Gold fell into 1976 to about $100, Fveryene was calling me for my mo- nent in the sun. But there vas something Seriously wrong. the fundamentals T had hhung ny “hat cn the way up, were atill there, yet gold dropped. Stagflation had ‘energed and there was talk of a great depression coning. Real estate sales had plumeted. Twas trying to sell my bone Snd cove, ‘Tt as onthe market for 1 year and nobody even cane to Took, Tt was a very bad real estate decline, Thad discovered the 8.6 year model years before. But T didn't use it for I id not understand it, Nevertheless, it vas clear, what T thought T knew fundamentally, was not any way to trade. I vas never wrond, ut it was just dumb luck. a broken clock 1 Still comrect twice a days This led me to use my computer skills to create something that programers had been reaming about for years. T rested a nedel that was entirely unique. Instead of writing code and establishing rules that a program follows Like an adding machine, T decided to adopt a daring approach. T would write a [procran and teach the corguter how €0 anal ‘ith no pre-detemined rules on what bo antljze. After creating the method, I then gave it the means. There vere no rules. T created a system that would actually learn itself as T Gia, record its knowledge base, and thus in thé future, consult with that knowledze Dace. The essence of experience. Instead of creating predetermined rules such as stocks up wien interest rates declined, TT assumed T knew nothing, and allowed the model ‘to Iearn on its om. As it would ‘every possible correlation and relationshin even if it made no sense to me, what energed was a Teal shocker. The compliter would find critical relationships around the world. the mre data fed it, the more accurate it became and the more astenished T vas at the results. the real problem becane, how to snquize, This led me. om the path of voice recognition, at first, the inquiry was by typing in questions. Te bad to also he taught language and how £0 use i, hat se sversing, T could never have dreamed