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HiPath HG 1500

Multimedia Communication in Medium-Size Companies

HiPath® HG 1500 is the economical communication solution for companies with a medium volume of data traffic. HiPath HG 1500 transforms the Hicom 150 H communication system into a communication server in the LAN. HiPath HG 1500 permits the direct connection of Ethernet LANs (10/100 Mbit/ s) to Hicom 150 H OfficePro, OfficeCom, OfficePoint and OfficePoint C. This makes voice, fax and data communication possible via the ISDN carrier network from any PC networked via the LAN. HiPath HG 1500 includes an H.323 gateway which supports standardized voice communication over IP networks (Voice-over-IP). The Hicom 150 H Communication Server thus forms the interface to the company’s Ethernet LAN, allowing communication solutions and applications with multistation capability to be implemented with Hicom 150 H:

optiClient 130 with optiset E functions LAN-LAN Link via ISDN Remote LAN Access / Teleworking Access to the Internet Telematic Services such as fax transmission and Eurofile Transfer Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) via TAPI and CAPI It can be incorporated in a standardized network management system with SNMP , i.e. administration, alarm and performance management in a central management platform. A simple expansion capability in stages of 2 B-channels and soft migration to multifunctionality of the individual workstations protect investments.



Depending on the required bandwidth, HiPath HG 1500 makes flexible use of the ISDN lines and LCR intelligence of the Hicom system for voice, fax and data communication. No external routers, no additional servers or ISDN PC cards are required for LAN PCs because the router functionality, firewall functions and security are already integrated in HiPath HG 1500.

The routing functions Voice-over-IP In addition to data and fax communication. G G Integration into the Microsoft NT environment with a modern. G G Enhanced functions like on a system telephone. and data. G G Use of individual access rights and parameters. Access to the corporate LAN from remote workstations with only one B-channel for voice. Connection of optiset E telephones to the Ethernet LAN via the optiPoint IPadapter. optiClient 130 supports communication with any type of telephone. Use of the same internal station numbers regardless of current location. Networking of Hicom systems via IP with CorNet features. professional user interface. fax. G G G . Parallel support of application sharing. Support for standard H.323 clients with basic functions.323 clients and even remote optiClient 130 systems. such as those for key programming. including standard H.

cost-effective solution for all PCs in the network Dynamic or static channel bundling (load-based B-channel switching) G Dynamic Channel Bundling In the case of a LAN-LAN Link via HiPath HG 1500. Internet Access In addition to the LAN-LAN Link. it is possible to enable an authorized group of people to access central DP applications and information sources from outside. i. e-mail. The threshold values for dynamic channel bundling can be set. Internet routing can offer the following features: G Dynamic reference of the IP address from the Internet provider Access to the Internet using just one IP address of the Internet provider. PC programs). up to 8 or 16 B-channels are automatically bundled depending on the transmission volume and the application packages implemented. G The Internet provider must also support the features. Remote LAN Access By linking PCs that are installed outside the corporate LAN. This makes it possible for outside locations to access central files or files at other locations. using ISDN dial-up lines. The number of B-channels can be configured for each routing partner. .e. This means that the home workstation will have access to the same LAN services as the PCs connected to the corporate LAN (data.The routing functions LAN-LAN Link The LAN-LAN Link turns Ethernet LANs at several locations into a single corporate network. and thereby meets the demand for an interactive combination of working procedures in organizational units at different locations.

This multistation solution can be implemented with analog and digital terminals. it does not support channel bundling. the Fritz!32 telematic software. combine. Dialing from the telephone directory Caller identification. it is an adapter and serverindependent solution. On its own. directory number of the terminals) Caller list “Still to be called” list Private and business telephone directory Connection of databases via TAPI or DDE open interfaces G G G G Authentication Protocol The PAP (Password Authentication Protocol) and MS CHAP (Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol) have been developed to meet the increasing demand for security in data networks. however. and order in sequence data packets over several data connections. g. G Access Control An Access Control (firewall) prevents unauthorized persons from accessing the corporate LAN.The main functions Software applications Point-to-Point Protocol The PPP protocol represents a data connection protocol that makes it possible to transmit data packets (IP and IPX) over ISDN lines. This protocol provides more than just a simple connection between two host computers. This ensures a single-terminal license (per PC) for transmitting fax reports and files. This protocol has been designed to make it possible to use several parallel slow connections together in order to improve the performance and elasticity of the connection between two systems (combination of a series of 64 kbit ISDN channels. i. using the telephone directory entry Evaluating incoming directory numbers (e. channel bundling). the PAP/MS CHAP procedures can be used to authenticate the subscriber. ISDN.400 bit/s Fax on Demand in receive direction ISDN file transfer Short Message Service Point-to-Point Multi-Link Protocol The PPP Multi-Link Protocol makes it possible to subdivide. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) The CTI software “Smartset for ISDN” is a single-terminal license (per PC) and supports the direct setup of outgoing and incoming connections via a LAN. mobile call number. i. G G G G Group 3 fax up to 14. for example.e. The firewall mechanisms are: G G ISDN call number checking Automatic callback without setting up an ISDN toll call Checking the IP or IPX addressing MAC firewall (checking the MAC / IP address in the internal LAN) Port filtering Enabling and disabling services according to IP addresses G G G . Other features are: G G Telematic Services Access to Telematic Services is provided via.e. If an external connection (WAN) is set up via HiPath HG 1500.

the connection is automatically cleared down if no data is transmitted. e.0 At least one Euro-ISDN basic access (connection to carrier network or another Hicom system) At least one free slot in the basic system Pentium.g. and data) in the company by means of common call charge recording Data transmission costs debited to the company and not the home workstation with the “automatic callback” function Search for the most cost-effective connection path with Least Cost Routing. i. G System requirements G G Hicom 150 H V1. fax. G G G G Max. PC / LAN G G Windows® 95/98/2000 Windows NT 4. 64 MB DRAM G Joint use of the Hicom system’s existing ISDN trunk connections Transparency of all communication costs (voice. directory number and IP addresses of external partners. Integrated in Hicom administration (Service Tool Assistant) Intuitive Windows user interface Administration. not only for voice communication but also for data transmission Minimizing of Internet connection costs or Internet access licenses by the simultaneous use of a connection by a number of subscribers in the LAN (multiple access) Cost saving during data transmission with the Shorthold function. maintenance and software upgrading on site or via remote A&M Own administration by the customer via LAN SNMP (Single Network Management Protocol) for a corporate network consisting of several manufacturers’ components. e. is equipped as standard with a twisted pair port (RJ45). timer settings and the required security mechanisms. HiPath HG 1500 automatically re-establishes the connection when there are new data packets to be transmitted. as a module. e. number of HiPath HG 1500 gateways that can be used in the system G G G Hicom 150 H OfficePoint / OfficePoint C: 1 gateway Hicom 150 H OfficeCom: 2 gateways Hicom 150 H OfficePro: 3 gateways G G G G Network topology HiPath HG 1500 supports LANs of the “Ethernet” type and.0 client PC TCP/IP or IPX/SPX network protocol G Voice-over-IP clients supported G G G G optiClient 130 Standard H.323 client optiPoint IPadapter System environment G Shared/switched LAN 10 / 100 BaseT Client/server and peer-to-peer networks with TCP/IP protocol Networks with Novell Netware and IPX/SPXprotocol G G .Software applications Technical data Cost Saving and Controlling The integration of router functionality in the Hicom system and the simultaneous use of fax and CTI application software via HiPath HG 1500 offers significant cost advantages for the company: G Administration The administration program can be used directly via the LAN to customize all important functions. i. at least 166 MHz.

17“ monitor.0 interface Support for PAP/CHAP/MS CHAP security protocols H.Technical data Interfaces and protocols G Expansion options G G G G G G G G G G G Possibility of using up to 48 ISDN Bchannels in HiPath HG 1500 (depending on the system) Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s autosense SNMP CAPI 2.0 G G – 3-channel version with VoiceMail.323 (ITU standard) G. Linkup to Win NT and MS Exchange as of V4.0 interface TAPI 2.723.0 interface Operating instructions SNMP interface for fault signaling G G G G . 16 B-channels) “Smartset for ISDN” (CTI application for PC-supported telephony) in steps of 4 clients Hicom CTI TAPI 1st Party (TAPI driver for connecting customer’s proprietary telephone directory programs) in steps of 4 clients Hicom CTI TAPI 3P (TAPI driver for connecting CSTA-compatible 3rd party applications for 30/80/250 users “Fritz!32” telematic software (application for Group 3 fax machines. Linkup to Win NT and MS Exchange as of V4. fax.110 bit rate adaptation for remote access via GSM QoS as per DIFFSERV and IEEE 802.1 voice coding PPP and PPP Multilink protocol V.0 G G Routing application package optiClient 130 (software for Voiceover-IP client) in steps of 4 clients PC with Windows NT for HiPath HG 1500 (SCENIC PC.711.34bis for remote analog access V. multimedia.keyboard and sound card) optiPoint IPadapter Connection of optiset E telephones to the Ethernet LAN.1p Expansion in steps of 2 additional Bchannels (to max.0 HiPath HG 1500 with two ISDN B-channels Administration program Windows driver for CAPI 2. and SMS Unified Messaging server solution for sending SMS messages and sending/receiving voice and fax messages integrated in MS Outlook and DTMF remote retrieval. G. Fax on Demand. G G G G G G Basic package G Product software HiPath HG 1500 Version 1. ISDN file transfer) in steps of 4 clients Siemens ixiServer packages – 2-channel version with fax and SMS Fax server solution for sending SMS messages and sending/receiving fax messages integrated in MS Outlook.

Product software optiClient 130 Version 1.320 gateway support G G Taking full advantage of PC technology.. wrap-up off – Call distribution. dedicated Home workstation (remote access with G. Ethernet.711. IP . G G G G G G G G G G G Technical data G G G G G G Effective transmission bandwidth for voice connections max. G. call queue status Telephone lock. Intuitive operation. Features Combined with Hicom 150 H. 50 MB free RAM) 100 MB free hard disk space Fast Ethernet 100 Mbit/s switched LAN CD ROM. on/off/change Reset services for own station Electronic telephone directory (personal) Electronic telephone directory (global) Terminal identification Error indication. FDD (optional) Graphics card min. 8 MB with 65536 colors VGA monitor (1024x768. night destination off – Call distribution. night destination on – Call distribution.optiClient 130 System description optiClient 130 is a computer-compatible approximation to the functionality of the optiset E telephone. the L2W 343 gateway is implemented together with an additional TC server. logon – Call distribution. unavailable – Call distribution. The HiPath HG 1500 gateway integrated into the Hicom 150 H system can be used to communicate with all voice telephones connected to Hicom.323 standard. With VoIP and support for the H. UDP . The client is also equipped with ACD functions: G G Full duplex sound card (Turtle Beach Montego PCI is recommended) Windows NT 4. cancel/answer Display charges for active call Display charges for own station System components G G G Software solution on CD ROM Documentation on CD ROM Operating system: Windows NT V 4.0 Workstation as of Service Pack 3 or Windows 2000 Windows 98 (with limitations) G G Advantages The features familiar from the optiset E telephone offer the following characteristics: G G G G ACD keys/display – Call distribution. wrap-up on – Call distribution.723.711. The client is a software-only solution. Optional UIF user prompting. Variable arrangement of visual elements.0 (Windows 2000 is in preparation) Characteristics G Supports all important features in accordance with CorNet-TS Voice compression: G.1 (software codec) G G Other advantages G Improved process support for the user using functional integration of voice and data in a single terminal Protection of customer’s current investment in voice and data infrastructure Potential cost savings through use of a single infrastructure for voice and data services. 65536 colors) G G G G G G .723) Message waiting.) H.323 protocol Interoperability with Microsoft NetMeeting via T. TCP .g.323 client with H. available – Call distribution. RTP . For use with Hicom 300 E.1 optiClient 130 system requirements G G G Pentium 450 MHz 128 MB RAM (min. which can be combined individually and flexibly.120 H.723. 64 kbit/s Audio compression: G.. G. Clear separation of functions in easyto-read windows.323/H. logoff – Call distribution.. send Message waiting. if desired. if combined with Hicom. Running conveniently in the background to avoid interfering with normal workflow. optiClient 130 uses all optiset E functions.1 Standard LAN protocols (e. read Message waiting. this client gives customers all the main Cornet TS features directly on the PC.

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