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MS6310 Flammable Gas Detector








alcohol. press the power key to start up. Note: In the preheating process. rotate the knob counter-clockwise to the critical emergency alarm set point. Main Parameters: l Resolution: 50 ppm (methane) l Alarm range: 10%—40% LEL l Response time: < 2S (40% LEL) Use method: Red light: alarm detection indicator Green light: power indicator and low voltage power supply alarm indicator l In pure air. This does not affect meter performance. the red light will flash and the alarm will sound. l Please power off when not using to prevent battery discharge. which is due to the sensor not being stable. ethane. The green light will turn on. l Rotate the knob clockwise to the lowest sensitivity position. When the meter detects a certain concentration of flammable gas. Specifications: l Operating temperature: 0~50ºC l Operating humidity: 10 ~90% (above freezing) l L×W×H: 172×70×46 mm l Power supply mode: 4x1. sulfide. organic solvent steam. l Hold the meter with one hand. Press the power supply key to power off. .5V AAA battery l Weight: 330g (includes batteries) U nR eg is te re d . volatile industrial solvents. butane. You may ignore this condition. The red light will not light without the alarm. At this time. ammonia. rotate the knob clockwise to the lowest sensibility position. the detection sensitivity is at maximum. The greater the concentration is. Wait for at least 2 minutes for preheating. Functions description: l Quickly recognize and determine the flammable gas leakage location l Manual sensibility adjustment l High sensibility l Visible sound and light alarm Important Notice: l Please use the product in pure air after preheating. smoke. Do not adjust the knob now. and the green light will turn off. hydrogen. the more intense the alarm will be. naphtha. methane (sewage gas). Move the sensor slowly close to the detected gas. l Please replace battery immediately when green light flashes. The red light will light only occasionally. propane. l After the completion of detection. paint thinner.带格式的: 边框:底端: (无 框线) Type of gases detected: Natural gas. gasoline steam. l After preheating. the red light will flash uninterruptedly along with alarm sound. acetone.

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