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How To Make Stuffed French Toast Lexie Tuz Rowan Cabarrus Community College


How to make Stuffed French Toast !reakfast" to break your fast" the meal usually eaten in the mornings to wake yourself u# from your little slumber $t can howe%er be en&oyed any time of day not &ust mornings ' classes breakfast delight with a twist Stuffed French toast can add a smile to anyone(s day Stuffed French toast is a sim#le way to mix u# the classic reci#e e%eryone has come to know and lo%e for French toast This can be a fun reci#e e%en kids can make with a little hel# from their #arents Cinnamon and sugar is a great holiday fa%orite so go out and try stuffed French toast this holiday season)

This is a %ery easy reci#e all you need is* Sliced bread + egg for each slice of bread Cinnamon ,anilla extract !rown sugar -utmeg Milk .owdered sugar or icing 'nd whate%er you wish to stuff the French toast with /Most use cream cheese but also fruit or &am is used0

To make stuffed French toast you will first need to turn on your sto%e to# to medium1 high heat and #lace your griddle or #an on the heat -ext you will need to #re#are your


mixture" crack your eggs into a large bowl and add in the %anilla extract about a teas#oon all of these ingredients are to your own liking so you can add more or less as you like 'dd in a few shakes of cinnamon enough to co%er all slices of bread 'dd in a #inch of nutmeg more if you like -ext add a few #inches of brown sugar to the mixture Milk should be added about to tables#oons #er egg 2isk or mix all of these together -ext you are going to #re#are the bread itself $t3s as easy as making a sandwich" &ust take whate%er filling you like" cream cheese" &am" or #ie filling and stuff it between two slices of bread -ext turn down your heat to medium1low you don3t want the toast to burn before it can cook through -ext s#ray the #an with non1stick s#ray or oli%e oil" or &ust use butter whate%er you ha%e handy so the bread does not stick to the #an Take your sandwiches and coat them in the mixture" make sure to get all sides with the egg mix .lace your sandwiches on the heat and cook both sides until golden brown cooking on low heat will take longer to cook but you want to make sure to get an e%en cook through the whole sandwich and to not &ust burn the outsides 4nce both sides are golden brown take them off of the heat and transfer them to a ser%ing dish" immediately s#rinkle with #owdered sugar as you like and syru# or add icing The next and final ste# is to cut and en&oy) The filling should be oozy and warm while the outside cris# and golden brown 5our final #roduct should be tailored to your liking" with all the different o#tions you can make the #erfect stuffed French toast Ser%e this on your Christmas morning or for brunch with your in1laws $t3s sure to im#ress) Make this at slee# o%ers so the kids can hel#" or &ust for an e%eryday fun breakfast Make this anytime of day" don3t worry about the stares some #eo#le may gi%e you" they are &ust &ealous they don3t ha%e tasty homemade stuffed French toast) $ ho#e you all en&oyed this reci#e it is sim#le yet su#er satisfying)